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place. Sunday school superintendent 1833-95; ward teacher.
Justice of peace.

m. J. I. Shepard; John, m. Emma Traverler; Julia, m. William
Atkin. Family resided Hyrum and Richmond, Utah.

Tithing clerk for the Cache stake for many years. Book-
keeper of Z. C. M. I., Logan, Utah.

OLSEN, SHTJRE (son of Ole and Hannah Maria Olsen,
of Skudesnaeshavn, Norway). Born June 23, 1818, Island of
Skudness. Came to Utah Oct. 26, 1849, Charles Hopkins

Married Elizabeth Jacobs May 19, 1847, Ottawa, 111. (daugh-
ter of Jacob and Bertha Jacobs of Bergen, Norway), who
was born June 10, 1823. Their children: Ole, d. aged 20;
Gertrude and Elizabeth, died; Maria Hannah, m. Ethan
Pettlfrs Shure D. ; Andrew, m. Pauline Hookentumbler; Joseph,
m. Annie Hookentumbler. Family home Salt Lake City,

Married Ellen Jacobs Nov. 30, 1851, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Jacob and Bertha Jacobs), who was born Feb. 11,
1830. Their children: Shure D., d. infant; Sarah Ellen, m.
Jeremiah E. Langford; Jacob; Minnie, m. William Pickett;
Isaac, d. aged 22; Emma F., m. Joseph Evans.

Member of seventy; home missionary; high priest; block
teacher. Worked on Tabernacle organ seven years. Car-
penter and joiner. Died September, 1900.

OLSON, CARL M. Born May 27, 1836, In Sweden. Came
to Utah In 1861.

Married Maria Andersdatter Oct. 4. 1862, Lehi, Utah
(daughter of Anders Peterson of Velska Klava, Sweden),
who was born Nov. 30, 1831, and came to Utah 1862. Their
children: Maria Caroline b. June 22, 1863, m. Joseph S.
Larsen; Ole b. March 31, 1865, m. Mary Catherine Pettey;
Charles Henry b. March 9, 1867, m. Helen Anderson; Jose-
phine, m. Thomas Jones; Joseph b. Nov. 12, 1870, died;
Samuel and Joan, died.

Married Hannah Lindstein 1864, Salt Lake City, pioneer
1862. Their children: James, m. Annie Bolln; Christina, m.
Arthur Borang; Hyrum, m. Mary Larson; Anna; Martina;
Nora; latter three died.

Married Annie Okelof In 1881, Salt Lake City. She came
to Utah in 1880. She was born in 1858. Their children:
William, died; Amelia; Ella; Eva; Jennie, m. William Soren-
sen; Annie; Lillie; Herbert; Alice. Families resided May-
field, Utah.

Presiding elder; ward teacher. Died May 17, 1910.

OLSEN, OLE (son of Carl M. Olsen and Maria Andersdatter).
Born March 31, 1865, Lehl, Utah.

Married Mary Catherine Pettey Nov. 30, 1888, Mayfleld,
Utah (daughter of Eunice Snow and Heber C. Klmball
Pettey of Manti, and Sterling, Utah, pioneers Sept. 24, 1848,
Heber C. Klmball company). She was born Jan. 8, 1871,
at Manti. Their children: Harold b. Jan. 23, 1899, d. Dec.
1, 1896; Armlda b. Dec. 15, 1890, d. Dec. 11, 1896; Glenn C.
b. July 25, 1895, d. Feb. 4, 1905; Dewey Lamar b. July 4,
1898; Clinton K. b. June 19, 1901; Eunice Leona b. Aug. 10,
1904. Family home Emery Utah.

Elder. Pioneer of Emery county. Built many roads.
Irrigation ditches, bridges, etc.; road supervisor Emery
county. Farmer; beekeeper.

OLSON, BRICK ERICKSON (son of Erick Olson, born Jan
29, 1798, and Ingrid Larson, born April 20. 1804, Wingaker,
Sweden). He was born April 26, 1835, Wingaker, Sweden.
Came to Utah July 10. 1882.

Married Maria Christina Anderson (daughter of Olof
Anderson and Brita Katrina Anderson), who was born Aug.
29, 1834, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Anna Christina b. Sept. 23, 1859, d. 'Aug. 1868; Caroline b.
Sept. 13, 1861, m. J. P. Jonson; Maria Wtlhclmlna b. Sept.
22, 1862, d. Sept. 1868: Mathilda b. Sept. 19. 1864, d. Jan.
1866; Louis Erick Erickson b. June 22, 1866, m. Christina
Olson Nov. 6, 1890; Charles August b. Feb. 17, 1869. m.
Amanda Farnstrom; Hanna Maria b. Jan. 26, 1871, m. Peter
S. Olson; Augusta b. May 25, 1874, d. Nov. 1, 1890: Wil-
helm b. March 15, 1876, d. March 25, 1877. Family home
Wingaker, Sweden.

OLSON, GEORGE DANIEL (son of Daniel Olsen and Maria
Jorgensen of Hosterkyob, Denmark). Born Sept. 2, 1835, at
Hosterkyob. Came to Utah 1854.

Married Delilah King Nov. 14, 1861, Fillmore, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Rice King of New York state and
Matilda Roblson of Sylvanica, Ohio; pioneers 1851, Vincent
Shurtliff company). She was born July 10, 1841, at Syl-
vanica. Their children: George Daniel, m. Melissa Rus-
sell: Thomas Edmond, m. Emeline Little, m. Drora Moore;
Mary Evelyn, m. Alma Greenwood; William Francis, m.
Annie May duff; Bertha Matilda, m. George M. Hanson;
Culbert Levy, m. Kate Jeremy; Emma Eliza, died; Ethel
Laverne, m. Dean Bradley; Emmett K. Family home Fill-
more, Utah.

Missionary to Denmark 1884-85; high priest. Conducted
orchestra which opened Salt Lake theatre. Cabinetmaker
and musician.

OLSON. WILLIAM FRANCIS (son of Daniel Olson and De-
lilah King). Born May 26, 1870, Fillmore, Utah.

Married Annie May duff Nov. 27, 1895, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Wallace Cluff and Ann Whlpple, of
Coalvllle and Salt Lake City). She was born May 10, 1866.
Their children: William Bryan b. Oct. 27, 1896; Evelyn May
b. May 13, 1899; Francis Mack b. April 21, 1901; Josephine
b. Nov. 20, 1904; Frank Montague b. July 26, 1907.

Missionary to Germany 1895-98; president Y. M. M. I. A.;
teacher in Summit stake academy 1902-06. Mayor of Price
two terms; organizer and vice president Price Commercial
and Savings Bank. Engaged In implement and farm ma-
chinery business.

OLSON, ERICK LEHI (son of Lars E. Olson, born June 11,
1841. Wingaker, Sweden, and Anna Petterson, born Dec.
6, 1845, at same place). He was born May 25, 1864, at
Wingaker. Came to Utah July 8, 1883.

Married Ingrid Larson April 27, 1893 (daughter of Lars
Larson and Ingrid Olson, married at Wingaker; came to
Utah July 8, 1883). She was born April 2, 1867, at Wingaker.
Their children: Heber L. b. Feb. 23, 1894; Ester Ingeborg
b. June 10, 1897; Ella Florence b. Nov. 10, 1899; Anna Eve-
lean b. Aug. 25, 1905; Ingrid lone b. Nov. 16, 1909. Family
home River Heights, Logan, Utah.

Ordained bishop River Heights ward May 4, 1908, by
Apostle George F. Richards; president 3d quorum elders of
Cache stake 1908. School trustee three years in district
No. 12, Providence precinct. Cache county, 1905-08.


Married Caroline C. Johnson in 1858. Their children: Mary
M. b. April 26. 1859, m. David W. Ralney March 24, 1880;
Emma, m. T. H. Merrill; Nettle, m. William Merrill; Anna,

OLSON, JAMES C. (son of Ole Jensen and Mary Ann Dan-
lelson of Island Falster, Denmark). Born Jan. 25, 1841, on
Island Falster. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1864, William B.
Preston company.

Married May Frederlkke Jensen May, 1864, who was born
October, 1834. Their children: Mary Sophia, m. E. W.
Crane; sister of Sophia died, aged 1 year.

Married Lara Lund.

Married Anna Lund.

Family home Plain City, Utah.

Missionary to Denmark 1880-83; high priest. Blacksmith
Died October, 1878, Saltna, Utah.

OLSON, KNUT (son of Ola Jonson). Born March 4, 1811 at
Sandby, Malmo, Sweden. Came to Utah September, 1864.
William B. Preston company.

Married Elma Pherson, who was born May 10, 1816; came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Anna b. Sept. 20
1835, m. J. C. Hunt Nov., 1866; Hanna A b Feb 9
1837, d. May 25, 1840; Hans b. March 15, 1839, m. Elsa Nlel-
son; Hannah B. b. Feb. 24, 1840, d. 1840; Ola b. Dec 10
1842. m. Elna Jonson June 24, 1866; Hanna C. b. Feb 14*
1845, d. 1845; Anders b. Jan. 23, 1846, m. Mary Jonqulst-
James b. Aug. 4, 1848. m. Henrietta Sonderbere- Niels K'
b. Oct. 12. 1850, d. April 6, 1855; Hanna D. b. Feb. 27 185J
d. March 3, 1855; Niels b. June 8, 1855, m. Mathilda Johnson-'
Johana b. July 27, 1857, d. June 13, 1862; Maria b. Feb j'
1860. m. W. C. Humphreys; Carl b. March 22, 1862, m. Ida



OLSON, OLA (son of Knut Olson and Elna Pherson). Born
Dec. 10. 1842, In Sweden.

Married Elna Jonson June 24, 1866, on the Atlantic ocean
(daughter of Jons Jonson and Elsa Nielson, latter pioneer
September, 1866, Peter Nebeker company), who was born
June 21, 1847, In Sweden. Their children: George b. Nov.
19, 1868, m. Jean Lishman Jan. 13, 1894; Martin b. Jan. 21,
1870, m. Prances L. Jessop Jan. 22, 1M90; James b. March
15, 1872, m. Sarah De Grey Dec. 31, 190J ; Helma'E. b. Feb. 7,
1875, m. J. W. E. Scott Feb. 11, 1903; Orson b. April 18,
1877, d. May 12, 1878; Olive M. b. Jan. 16, 1880, m. Ernest
R. Scott March 2, 1900.

Married Elsa Jonson Oct. 11, 1878, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Jons Nielson and Kjarsti Isaacson), who was born
Nov. 12, 1852. Their children: HUdlng b. Aug. 10, 1879, d.
Feb. 24, 1892; Emma Mary b. July 14, 1881, m. James Jenson
March 14, 1901; Martha E. b. Nov. 10, 1884.

Filled three missions to Sweden 1876-78, 1886-89 and 1898-
1900; member high council of Hyrum stake.

OPENSHAW, JONATHAN E. (son of Job Openshaw and
Nancy Beswlck of Bolton, Lancashire, Eng. Came to Utah
1874). Born April 17, 1859.

Married Elizabeth Lees Dec. 8, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Lees, Jr., and Martha Needham, pioneers
October, 1855, Milo Andrus company), who was born Dec.
13, 1863, Salt Lake City. Their children: Martha b. Oct.
22, 1882, d. infant; Jonathan E. Jr. b. Oct. 6, 1883, m. Adaline
Coalter; Clarence R. b. Aug. 15, 1885, m. Margerite Coalter;
Edna b. Sept. 28, 1887, m. Daniel K. Rawllngs; Adelbert W.
b. April 12, 1890, d. aged 15 months; Melvin b. July 1, 1892.
m. Esther Roberts; Ida b. Nov. 19, 1894; Frank M. b. April
5, 1897; Florence b. Aug. 15, 1899; Glenn b. June 14, 1905.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

OK1>, THOMAS (son of George Ord and Mary Watson, of
South Shields, Eng). Born May 5, 1826, at South Shields.
Came to Utah 1856, Edmund Martin handcart company.

Married Eleanor Grant March 4, 1856, Leicester, Eng.
(daughter of John Grant and Mary Hall of Leicester), who
was born June 14, 1828. Their children: Mary Eleanor;
Thomas George; Elizabeth Ann; John William; Isabella
Maria; Samuel Grant; Robert James. Family home Nephl,

High councilor; high priest. Superintendent of schools;
county clerk; justice of peace. Lawyer; farmer. Died
Oct. 7, 1907.

ORD, JOHN WILLIAM (son of Thomas Ord and Eleanor
Grant). Born Oct. 5, 1863, Nephi. Utah.

Married Amelia Hendrlckson Sept. 18, 1890, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Andrew Hendrickson and Hannah Hansen, of
Levan, Utah), who was born May 3, 1867. Their children:
Amelia Isabella b. July 29, 1891; John Byron b. May 13.
1894; Eleanor Bernlce b. April 22, 1903; Mabel Hannah b.
March 30, 1905.

Member 71st quorum seventies; missionary to England
1894-1896; stake superintendent; high councilor. Member
school board 2 terms. Farmer; stockralser.

OKEM, ALBERT J. (son of Joshua and Martha Orem of
Indiana). Born March 2, 1851, Valparaiso, Porter county,
Ind. Came to Utah 1890.

Married Martha A. Leabo 1871, in Ray county. Mo. (daugh-
ter of Samuel and Mary Leabo), who was born March 21,
1853. Their children: W. C., m. Mabel Emery; Frank M.
m. Orla Mays; Archie J., m. Gertrude Butter; Mattie, m.
H. C. Joy; Mary; Deane. Family home Boston, Mass.

Mining; man and railroader.

OREM, W. C. (son of Albert J. Orem and Martha A. Leabo).
Born May 23, 1873, In Missouri. Came to Utah 1890.

Married Mabel Emery Dec. 19, 1894, In Iowa (daughter of
William W. and Jennie A. Emery of Wapello, Iowa), who
was born Dec. 19. 1871. Their children: William W. b.
1897; Gladys M. b. 1899; Margaret b. 1901; Albert b. 1904;
Horace b. 1911. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Mining man and railroader.

ORME, SAMUEL, WASHINGTON (son of Samuel Orme of
Coalvllle, Eng., born May 2, 1802, Sllesby, Eng., and Amy
JCerby of Leicestershire, Eng., born Jan. 13, 1804, married
about 1823). Born July 4, 1832, Mentor, Ohio. Came to Utah
Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin "Frozen" handcart company.

Married Sarah Cross October, 1857 (daughter of Joseph
Cross and Keziah Marshall), who was born March 3, 1833,
and came to Utah Sept. 12, 1857, Israel Evans handcart
company. Their children: Samuel W. b. Sept. 19, 1858,
m. Mary A. Smith Feb. 24, 1886; Joseph Cross b. Aug. 1,
1860, m. Margeret England June 27, 1888; John Klrby b.
Oct. 3, 1862, m. Janeta Park Dec. 1, 1887; Silas Cross b.
Dec. 26. 1864, m. Emma J. Smith Oct. 11. 1894; Arthur b.
Oct. 1867, d. Infant; Charles Alvln b. Oct. 21, 1869, m.
Ada Dunn Dec. 20. 1899; LaFayette b. March 14, 1872, m.
Emily J. Isgreen Sept. 20. 1905; Edwin Marshall b. July
18, 1874, m. Millie McLaws April 24, 1901.

Seventy; superintendent Batesvllle Sunday school 1876-
1879. Mayor of Tooele two terms; school trustee 1882-1889.
Settled at E. T. City 1857, moved to Tooele City 1858, and to
Lehl same year. Blacksmith and farmer.

ORME, SAMUEL WASHINGTON, JR. (son of Samuel Wash-
ington Orme and Sarah Cross). Born Sept. 19, 1858, Tooele,

Married Mary Agnes Smith Feb. 24, 1886. Logan, Utah
(daughter of John A. Smith and Mary Meiklejohn of Tooele,
Utah, pioneers 1849. Silas Richards company), who was
born Nov. 19, 1865. Their children: Samuel b. Jan. 14, 1887,
m. Laura H. Baker; Alberta b. Feb. 17, 1889, m. Ell M.
Jorgensen; Mllo S. b. May 30, 1892; Joseph R. b. June 3.
1894; Sarah C. b. Oct. 11. 1896; Dean b. Sept. 21, 1898;
Luetta b. Nov. 27, 1900; Elva b. April 8, 1904; Reed b. Oct.
15, 1906. Family resided Tooele, Utah, and Wllford, Idaho.

Second counselor to Bishop Thomas Atkin of Tooele ward
2 years; 2nd counselor In T. M. M. I. A., Wllford ward, 1901-
1st counselor to Bishop George A. Pincock, Wllford ward-
ordained bishop of Wilford ward April 24. 1903. Mayor of
Tooele 1892-94; county commissioner Fremont county,
Idaho. 1909-1910; school trustee three years. Director In
Wilford Canal company. Farmer and stockralser.

ORME, JOSEPH CROSS (son of Samuel Washington Orme
and Sarah Cross). Born Aug. 1, 1860. Tooele, Utah.

Married Margeret England June 27, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John England and Eliza Kennlngton; former
pioneer Sept. 14, 1860, Brlghara H. Young company, latter
Sept. 26. 1856, D. D. McArthur company). She was born
Oct. 6, 1867. Tooele. Utah. Their children: Joseph Arthur
b. June 1. 1889; Gilbert Charles b. Nov. 20, 1891; Ada Mar-
cell b. June 5, 1896; Eliza Luella b. Oct. 3, 1898; Parley b.
Aug. 16, 1900; Adrian L. b. Jan. 15. 1903; Julia b. April 16,
1905; Maggie Leona b. April 19, 1908; Sherman M. b. May 8,
1910. Family home Tooele, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1893-1895; 2nd counselor to
Bishop Thomas Atkln; member of high council Tooele stake;
2nd counselor to Tooele stake presidency; ward superin-
tendent of religion classes 1898-1899. City marshal; mem-
ber of city council 2 terms; county commissioner.

ORME, LAFAYETTE (son of Samuel Washington Orme and
Sarah Cross). Born March 14, 1872, Tooele, Utah.

Married Emily J. Isgreen Sept. 20, 1905, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew Jens Isgreen and Anna B. Stromberg;
former pioneer Aug. 29, 1859, James Brown company, latter
Oct. 1, 1862). Their children: Marcellus LaFayette b. Aug.
7, 1906, d. June 29, 1907; Emily Maurlne b. Oct. 13, 1908.

President Y. M. M. I. A. 1896-1899; stake aid Y. M. M. I. A.
1900-1906; religion class teacher 1894-1896 and 1899-1900;
assistant superintendent Sunday school 1902-1906; seventy;
stake secretary Y. M. M. I. A. Business manager of Tooele
City Milling' company 1903, 1906, 1909 to present time.

ORSER, EVERET. Came to Utah 1856, oxteam company.

Married Mary America Mecham at Provo, Utah. Their
children: Frank, m. Mary Rogers; Alice, m. A. N. Billings;
Everet, Jr.; Ellen; Laura, m. Joseph A. McKee. Family
home Vernal, Utah.

Stockralser. Died at Vernal.

ORTON, SAMTTEL, TAYLOR (son of William Orton and
Hannah Taylor of Nottinghamshire, Eng.). Born July 1,
1832, Carltonhill, Nottinghamshire, Eng. Came to Utah
1856, Edward Bunker company.

Married Julia Ann Johnson Nov. 29, 1862, Fort Johnson,
Utah (daughter of Joel Hills Johnson and Susan Briant of
Bellvlew, Utah, pioneers 1848, Wlllard Richards company).
She was born Feb. 20, 1847. Their children: Julia Ann, m.
Elmer W. Johnson; Samuel T., m. Sarah A. Taylor; Oscar
J.; Nephl J., m. Alice Benson; Mary A. H.; Charles B.; Joel
Hills, m. Eliza J. Warren; Susan A.; Hannah T.; Seth J.;
Osman T. b. Jan. 5, 1878; Minnie B. b. April 9, 1879.

Married Esther E. Johnson Dec. 26, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Joel Hills Johnson and Margaret Threlkeld),
who was born Dec. 23, 1861. Their children: Mary E. b.
March 11, 1880, m. Samuel A. Halterman; Silas T. b. Dec.
10, 1881, m. Mary B. Pendleton; Ernest J. b. Oct. 29 1883
m. Mary E. Benson; Ellis T. b. Oct. 27, 1885, m. Mary M.
Bentley; Donald T. b. Dec. 13, 1887; Rebecca T. b. Nov. 17,
1889, m. Charles C. Smith; William T. b. March 28, 1892-
Twenty T. b. May 21, 1894; Maggie J. b. Sept. 2, 1896; Verna
M. b. April 14, 1899; Jared J. b. April 2, 1901; Almon H b
April 1, 1905. Families resided Parowan. Utah.

Counselor to stake President W. H. Dane 1878; counselor
to Bishop McGregor 1877; member high council 1881. Mar-
shal, 1872; watermaster, 1873; road supervisor; city council-
man, 1880; treasurer, 1888; sexton, 1904; Vetei j.n Indian wars
Farmer and tanner. Died April 20, 1907.

ORTON, JOEL HILLS (son of Samuel Taylor Orton and
Julia Ann Johnson). Born March 4, 1871, Parowan, Utah.

Married Eliza J. Warren July 12, 1892, at Parowan (daugh-
ter of William Stockbridge Warren and Ann Fowler, of
Parowan; former a pioneer 1854, Amasa M. Lyman company,
latter a pioneer In 1863). She was born Feb. 8, 1872. Their
children: Julia Leon b. July 4, 1893; Mable W. b. May 22
1895; Osmond W. b. Feb. 13, 1897; Agnes b. May 26, 1899-
Wanda b. April 25, 1902; Virda b. Aug. 10, 1903; Elma b.
Dec. 3, 1906; Alva W. b. Dec. 27, 1908; Warren b. Aug. 7.
1911. Family home, Parowan.

Missionary to Southern states 1899-1901; president Y. M
M. I. A. of Parowan stake 1901; bishop's counselor 1892-1912.'
Deputy sheriff; road supervisor; city marshal; watermaster



OSGUTHORPE, JOHN (son of Thomas Osguthorpe and Ann
Kitson of Sheffield, Eng.). Borij March 10, 1823. Sheffield,
Enir Came to Utah late in 1853, Charles Wllkln company.

Married Lydla Roper about 1844, In Sheffield, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Abel and Sarah Roper, of Sheffield). She was born
Feb 4, 1828. Their children: Sarah A., m. Breneman B.
Bitner; Emma, died; Priscilla. m. Charles Bolton; Hannah, d.
aged 18; John H., m. Mary Gam; Lydia, m. Charles Bolton,
Abel d. aged 3; Thomas, m. Ida Roach; Joseph, m. Lueiia
Russell; Selina, m. Samuel Stillman; Mervin, d. aged i.
Family home East Mill Creek. Utah.

Seventy; block teacher; elder. Lawyer. Died April 13,

OSMOND, GEORGE. Born 1835, in England.

Married Georgena Huckvale 1853. She was born 1835,
In England. Their children: Clara, m. Adam Welk
George Anson. m. Alice Hart; Alfred, m. Frances Nelson,
m Annie Lloyd; Ira; Rosa, m. William Starkey; Ida, m.
Oiive? DunTord; Ella. m. Louie Newman; Nellie. -.=*
Hart; Georgena, died; Alice, m. Forest Reed. Family home

B1 MaTHed t0 Am I e1fa h0 Jacobson. Their children: Arthur and

^Miss'ion'ary in England 1884-91. where he had charge of
the Millennial Star, church paper. Bishop of Bloomington
ward, Idaho; counselor to President Budge of Bear Lake
stake; president Star Valley stake, Wyoming. Wyoming
state senator two terms. Judge and lawyer.

OSMOND, ALFRED (son of George Osmond and Georgena
Huckvale). Born Oct. 5, 1862, Wlllard, Utah.

Married Frances Nelson Dec. 30, 1888, Bloomington. Idaho
(daughter of Christian and Josephine Nelson). Their only
child was Pearl, born Dec. 23, 1889, died May, 1890.

Married Annie Lloyd June 16, 1897 (daughter of Thomas
Lloyd and Susanna Stone, of Logan, Utah, pioneers handcart
company). She was born Sept. 7. 1869. Their children:
Alfred Wendell b. April 24, 1898: Harvard Reginald b. March
31 1903; Waldo Lloyd b. Jan. 13, 1904; Constance b. Jan. 7,
1905; Mary Irene b. Sept. 16, 190Z; Annie Hermies b. Jan.
27, 1909. Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to eastern states 1893-95; president 153d
auorum seventies of Provo; president T. M. M. I. A. of Bear
Lake stake. Probate judge; county school superintendent;
member Idaho state legislature from Bear Lake county.
Professor and head of department of English of B. Y. U.
at Provo. Graduate of Harvard University 1903.

OSTENSEN, PETER. Born in Norway. Came to Utah 1858.

Married Caroline Anderson. Their children: Parley, died:
Mary; Edway Starr; Annie, m. Sim Brady; Clara, m. Daniel
Bigelow; Sarah, m. Joseph Fuller; Caroline; Olivia, m. Mar-
lin Cox; Vina, m. Lee Kelsey; Phillip, Ella McNeil. Family
home Fairview, San Pete county, Utah.

Seventy. Farmer. Died in June, 1911.

Ostermann and Johanne Jensen, of Copenhagen, Denmark).
Born Sept. 17, 1830, Randers, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept.
26, 1868, John G. Holman company.

Married Caroline Marie Berg Nov. 7, 1857, Grenaa, Den-
mark (daughter of Rasmus Rasmersen Berg and Caroline
Marie Tolboe of Grenaa). She was born Aug. 24, 1831. Their
children: Johanne C. b. Oct. 3, 1858, m. John T. Thorup; Hen-
rlette A. b. Dec. 26, 1859, d. aged 9; Johan C. b. April 21,
1861, d. aged 7; Mary J. b. Jan. 15, 1863, m. Brlgham C.
Ward; Frederick E. b. March 14, 1865, d. aged 3; Anne M.
A. E. b. March 21, 1867, d. infant; Eliza b. May 6, 1870, d.
aged 2; James b. May 9, 1874, d. aged 32. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Seventy at Sandy; presiding elder of Grenaa, Denmark.
School trustee at Sandy. Shoemaker and general merchant.
Died Oct. 20. 1883, Sandy, Utah.

OSTLER, DAVID, Born Sept. 28, 1841, In England. Came
to Utah 1861.

Married Anne Beagley on the plains. Their children:
Ellen, m. William Watson; Mary. m. William Buttle; Oliver
B., m. Ruby Merrill; David J., m. Martha Smiley; Emily,' m.
Joseph Love; Joseph, m. Pauline Hornbuckle. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Married Ann Scott Nov. 16, 1875, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Robert Scott and Jane Martin). Their children:
Henrietta, died; Lula Devet b. May 2, 1878, m. Ernest Winn.

High priest. Died Sept. 19, 1911.

OTTERSTROM, JONAS. Born Dec. 9, 1820, Carlsbad,
Sweden. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1856, Knud Peterson com-

Married Marie Kalsa Nielsen (daughter of John Nielsen
and Maria Jansen of Carlsbad), who was born Jan. 25, 1825.
Their children: Johan, d. child; Stlne Marie, m. Orson Hyde;
John Henry, m. Lena Olson; Augusta, died; Augusta K., d.
child; Josephine, m. Christopher Cramer; Louisa, m. Lars
Peter Oveson; Joseph, d. Infant; Caroline, d. child; Brlgham,
m. Minnie Balson. Family home Ephralm, Utah.

Member 47th quorum seventies; ward teacher. Veteran
Black Hawk war. Blacksmith and farmer. Died April 30.

OTTINGER, GEORGE MARTIN (son of William Ottlnger
and Elizabeth Martin of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born Feb. 8,
1S33, In Montgomery county. Pa. Came to Utah Sept. 12,
1861, Mllo Andrus company.

Married Mary Jane McAllister Jan. 9, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William McAllister and Eliza Thompson of
Philadelphia, pioneers Sept. 12, 1861). She was born Feb.
2, 1829, and died Dec. 19, 1862. Their only child: William,
married Hortense Goddard.

Married Phebe Neslen Dec. 3. 1864, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Samuel Neslen and Eunice Francis), who was born
Sept. 27, 1839, Lowestoft, Suffolkshire, Eng.; and came to
Utah Sept. 20, 1853, Claudius V. Spencer company. Their
children: John M. b. April 29, 1866, d. infant; Hannah E.
b. Dec. 1, 1867, m. George E. Romney; Esther D. b. Feb. 22,
1873, d. 1876; George N. b. Oct. 17, 1875, m. Dora Llngscog;
Sarah Jane b. Jan. 28, 1875; John S. b. Oct. 3, 1876, m. Elvina
Parkinson; Rowena b. July 6, 1879, m. Abram Hatch, Jr.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1879. Adjutant General National
Guard of Utah two years. Superintendent waterworks at
Salt Lake City; chief engineer in both volunteer and paid
fire departments 14 years. Lieutenant-colonel 3d Infantry.
Nauvoo Legion. President Utah Art Institution; artist in
Deseret Dramatic association. Veteran Indian wars of
southern Utah. Author of "A Boy's Voyage Around the
World," "Leaves from a Log-Bock." and "Old America."

OSTLER, J. S. (son of John C. and Mary Anne Ostler).

Married Hattie Kearns (Goddard) May 25, 1907, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Henry H. Kearns and Emma Guymon of
Sprlngville, Utah, pioneers 1850). She was born Oct. 12, 1868,
Their children: Pruette Kearns Goddard (child by previous
marrlag-e adopted); Oleva Ostler, and Lovell Ostler. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Member state board sheep commissioners. Sheepraiser.

OTTOSEN, JENS (son of Otto Nielsen and Kirstine Anders
of Denmark). Born June 20, 1813, Bedster, Woognfil parish,

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