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Ualdborg Amt, Denmark. Came to Utah September, 1858.

Married Anne Jens 1852, in Den-nark (daughter of Jens
and Johannah Marie Christensen). Their children: Jens
b. Dec. 12, 1852, d. Dec. 16, 1856; Niels b Sept. 3, 1855, d.
Sept. 9, 1861; Marie b. Dec. 18, 1857, d. Sept. 9, 1858; Emma

b. Oct. 10, , d. Oct. 28, 1859; Joseph b. Oct. 10, , d.

Nov. 2, 1859. Family resided Salt City and Goshen, Utah.

Married Johannah Sorensen Nov. 18, 1860, Goshen, Utah
(daughter of Niels Sorensen and Anne Marie Jensen, pio-
neers Sept, 24, 1860. handcart company). She was born Oct.
15, 1839, Aarup, Denmark. Their children: Anne Martina
b. Nov. 15, 1861, m. William H. Luke March 14, 1878; Otto b.
July 27, 1863, m. Lina Henrie Feb. 4, 1891; Jessie b. Nov.
30, 1866, m. B. D. Seigfus May 11, 1891; Nephi b. April 17,
1870, m. Lizzie Ahlstrom June 6, 1900. Family resided
Goshen, Salina and Manti, Utah.

Missionary to Denmark 1854-57. Dead.

OVARD, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Ovard and Anna
Stoaks). Born Dec. 23, 1850, in England. Came to Utah
Sept. 5, 1866, Samuel D. White company.

Married Phoebe Henefer Jan. 3, 1870 (daughter of James
Henefer and Sarah Hulks). She was born April 17, 1852.
Their children: Sarah Ann b. Nov. 12. 1870, died; Emily O.
b. Oct. 27, 1871, m. Thomas Grosse June 4, 1894; George Wil-
liam b. Nov. 14, 1874, died; John Alma b. Nov. 16, 1875, m.
Grace Livingston; Thomas b. June 4, 1878, m. Mary A. S.
Edgeworth Aug. 9, 1899; Fanny b. June 4, 1881. died: Joe
b. March 31, 1883; Rachel Adeline b. July 3, 1884; Sarah
Anna b. Oct. 3, 1885, and Margret Elizabeth b. Oct. 12, 1886,

Married Bangta Hegg Dec. 26, 1889 (daughter of Andrew
Randall Hegg and Anna Jensen). She was born March 25.
1848, Estervan, Sweden. Their child: Anna Rebecca Flor-
ence b. Feb. 18, 1894. Family home Henefer, Utah.


OVARD. THOMAS (son of William Ovard and Phoebe Hen-
efer). Born June 4, 1878, Henefer, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Shlll Edgeworth Aug. 9, 1899, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Joseph Edgeworth and Prudence
Jones, pioneers; former with Captain White company, latter
with Captain Chapman company). She was born Sept. 3.
1877, Henefer. Utah. Their children: Joseph William b.
Sept. 14, 1901; George Thomas b. March 21, 1903; Roy b.
Nov. 6, 1909. Family home Henefer, Utah.

Teacher. Laborer.

OVERLAID, ANDREW. Came to Utah ahead of Johnston's
army, 1857.

Married Caroline . Their children: Mary Krlstena,

m. John Williams; Andreas, m. Andrew Whltlock; Andrew,
m. Mary Anderson; Elizabeth, m. Edward Allred; Matilda,
m. David Thompson; Josephine, m. Nells O. Anderson, m.
Erastus Anderson; Caroline, m. Lehi Peterson Dorcas.

Participated In Black Hawk Indian war. Carpenter.
Died about 1890, at Ephralm, Utah.



OVKSON. <TE1TS ANDREAS (son of Ove Anderson and Anna
Marie Jensen of Ugelt, Hjorririg, Denmark). Born Sept.
17, 1816, at Ugelt. Came to Utah Sept. 5, 1863, John F.
Sanders company.

Married Kjersten Maria Petersen, at Ugelt, who was
born Sept. 14, 1813, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Ove Christian; Annie Kjerstine, m. Paul Poulsen;
Eliza, d. child; Lars Peter, m. Louisa Otterstrom. Family
home Ephraim, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher. Carpenter and joiner. Died
Jan. 11, 1904.

OVESON, LARS PETER (son of Jens Andreas Oveson and
Kjersten Maria Petersen). Born Oct. 25, 1852 at Taars,
Hjorring, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 5, 1863, John F.
Sanders company.

Married Louisa Otterstrom May 18, 1874, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jonas Otterstrom and Maria Klssa Nielsen,
pioneers 1856), who was born Feb. 16, 1858. Their children:
Louis Peter b. June 7, 1875, m. May Howard; Parley Parker
b. May 14, 1877, d. infant; Aurelia Maria b. April 12, 1878,
m. Peter E. Johnson; Urania b. Oct. 31, 1880, d. infant;
Louisa Alge Nora b. Nov. 18, 1881, m. Lars Peter Larsen;
Geneva b. June 5, 1885, m. Joseph J. Larsen; James and
John (twins) b. Nov. 14, 1887, d. infants; Clarence D. b.
March 9, 1890, m. Johanna Johnson; Sarah Jane b. Aug. 3,
1893; Moroni Irving b. Dec. 1, 1895; Merrill Mahonri b. Nov.
7, 1900. Family home Cleveland, Utah.

Member 47-81 quorums seventies 188<1-1890; missionary to
Denmark 1882-84; bishop, Cleveland ward, 1890 to 1910; pres-
ident Emery stake 1910; county selectman 1892-94. State
representative. Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer and

OVIATT, IRA (son of Benjamin and Frances Oviatt, of
Rensselaer county, N. Y.). Born Dec. 8, 1804, in Rensselaer
county. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1851, Kelsey company.

Married Ruth Bennett Jan. 29, 1829 (daughter of John
Bennett and Mary Sweet, of New York), who was born
Sept. 28. 1808. Their children: John Franklin, m. Mary
Jane Whitlock; Henry Herman b. June 17, 1832, m. Sallie
Ray Whitlock Feb. 1, 1853; Sarah Jane, Zera, and Willis
Murray, d. children; Judith, m. Albert Map, m. James D.
Wilcox; D., m. Josephine Workman; Lewis, m. Lydia Work-
man; m. Sarah Hovey; Mary Jane, m. John Jenkins. Family
home Farmington, Utah.

High priest; member high council of Council Bluffs. Iowa,
1846-51. Blacksmith and carpenter. Died July 1, 1868.

OVIATT, HENRY HERMAN (son of Ira Oviatt and Ruth
Bennett). Born June 17, 1832. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1851,
Captain Kelsey company.

Married Sallie Ray Whitlock Feb. 1, 1853, Spring City,
Utah (daughter of Andrew Whitlock and Hannah Allred
of Bedford county, Tenn., pioneers September, 1852, Captain
Tidwell company). She was born Oct. 9, 1828. Their chil-
dren: Ormandie b. Oct. 28, 1849, m. Joseph Barney; Henry
H. b. Dec. 1, 1853, m. Catherine Madsen; Adelaide b. July
19, 1856, m. Rasmus Rasmussen; Adeline b. July 19, 1856,
rn. Chris Madsen; Adelbert b. Sept. 7, 1859, m. Mellnda
Stevens Sept. 22, 1881; Angellne b. Sept. 21, 1861, d. child;
Beman b. Dec. 12, 1863, m. Sylvia Hill; Agnes b. May 17,
1866, died; George b. Oct. 18, 1S68, m. Gena Nielsen; Nora
b. May 4, 1871. Family home Ephraim, Utah.

Member 56th quorum seventies; high priest. Settled in
Circle Valley 1864. Treasurer Piute county, 1864; Member
Ephraim city council 1878-82. Veteran Walker and Black
Hawk war. Farmer and stockraiser.

OVIATT, ADELBERT (son of Henry Herman Ovtatt and
Sallie Ray Whitlock). Born Sept. 7, 1859, at Ephraim.

Married Malinda Stevens Sept. 22, 1881, Gunnison, Colo,
(daughter of Henry B. Stevens, and Elizabeth Whitlock,
pioneers 1850), who was born Jan. 26, 1866. Their children:
Elizabeth Ray b. Sept. 15, 1882, m. Charles Christensen;
Marion b. March 31, 1885, d. youth; Newton b. Jan. 30, 1888,
d. Infant; Maud b. Aug. 18. 1889; Angus b. May 2, 1892;
Orley b. Feb. 8, 1895, and Judith b. Dec. 7, 1896, d. young;
Olive b. May 26, 1898; Rodney b. Jan. 23, 1901, d. Infant;
Newel b. May 26, 1902; Helen b. July 24, 1904. Family home
Cleveland, Utah.

Elder. Constable at Cleveland 1900-02. Director of Cleve-
land Canal & Agricultural Co., 1894-1908. Farmer and stock-

OWEN, WILLIAM DAVID (son of David Morgan Owen and
Elizabeth Taylor, of London, Eng.). Born June 14, 1810,
Paddington, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 2, 1868, oxteam com-

Married Rhoda Moss In 1842, London, Eng. (daughter of
John Moss and Susanna Barber, of Friston, Suffolkshire,
Eng.). Their children: William David, m. Marianne San-
ders; Mary Ann, m. Thomas R. Jackson; Rhoda, m. Henry
Forrest; Horatio, Lavinla, Selina, and Alice Carolina, died;
Alvin Cyrus, m. Sarah Naylor; Susanna E., died; Clarissa,
m. James Jenkins; Sarah, m. George Luff; Daniel Whitney,
m. Maggie Kendall; Roslna, died.

Elder. Sailor in British navy nine years. Died Dec. 23,
1903, Salt Lake City.

OWEN, WILLIAM DAVID, JR. (son of William David Owen
and Rhoda Moss). Born Sept. 2. 1843, London, Eng. Came
to Utah Oct. 30, 1862, William H. Dames oxteam oompany.

Married Marianne Sanders Nov. 5, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Simeon Sanders and Frances Waterman of

Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, Eng.; latter a pioneer
1S64, Warren oxteam company). She was born March 28,
1846. Their children: William S. b. Nov. 11, 1867, m. Lizzie
McGee; John David b. April 18, 1869, m. Lucy Whitney;
Alice M. b. Oct. 19, 1871, died; Walter James b. Dec. 8, 1872,
died; Annie Mabel b. Feb. 6, 1875. m. R. William Roberts;
Ernest A. b. June 23, 1878, died; Rulon Moss b. July 13, 1880,
m. Eva Hudson; Alma Morgan b. Aug. 7, 1883, died; George
Washington b. May 2, 1885, died; Nellie E. b. Dec. 9, 1887,
died; Ruby Frances b. Oct. 25, 1891. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Married Huldah E. Wilcox Nov. 5, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Walter E. Wilcox and Elizabeth Hawkins).
Their children: Huldah Elizabeth b. Oct. 31, 1881, m. Nels
Bergeman; Ruth Emma b. April 3, 1883, d. infant; Moroni
Orson b. July 24, 1884, m. Dacy Cowart; lone Josephine b.
Sept. 19, 1886, m. Albert Poulsen; Reuben Joseph b. March
14, 1889.

President 4th quorum seventies; Sunday school superin-
tendent 11 years; member Sunday school union board;
member Salt Lake Tabernacle choir 40 years. Salesman for
Z. C. M. I. since 1869.

OWENS, JOHN E. (son of Edward Owens and Sarp.h Roberts
of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales). Born March 16, 1833, at Mer-
thyr Tydfll. Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1853, John W. Young

Married Mary Thomas Feb. 15, 1853, on shipboard (daugh-
ter of Richard Thomas and Margret Jones of Merthyr
Tydfll, Wales; former died in Wales, latter a pioneer Oct.
10, 1853, John W. Young company). She was born May 6,
1834. Their children: Richard Thomas, m. Susann Thomas,
m. Bell Regen; Sarah, m. Dan D. Thomas, m. John R.
Thomas; John T., m. Mary Thomas; Edward, m. Ellen Ellis,
and Ellen Peabody; Mary Blanch, m. Llewellyn Thomas;
Catherine Elizabeth, m. Daniel M. Daniels; Charlotte Jane,
m. David S. Jones. Family home Malad, Idaho.

Elder. Farmer. Died Nov. 3, 1895.

OWENS, RICHARD THOMAS (son of John E. Owens and
Mary Thomas). Born April 21, 1854, Ogden, Utah.

Married Susann Thomas April 11, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas W. Thomas and Ruth Morgan of
Malad, Idaho, pioneers Oct. 10, 1853, John W. Young com-
pany). She was born October, 1860. Their children: Ruth
Lovina b. Aug. 16, 1879, m. Henry McGee; Richard Evan
b. Oct. 23, 1880, m. Sadie Little. Family home Malad, Idaho.

Missionary to Wales 1885-87; assistant Sunday school
superintendent. County commissioner 1906-08. City coun-
cilman 6 years. Merchant.

OWENS, WILLIAM (son of John and Charlotte Owens, of
Wales). Born May 1, 1827, In Glamorganshire, Wales.

Married Jenette Lewis (daughter of William and Marie
Lewis). She was born Feb. 18, 1836. Their two children,
both boys, died infants.

Married Elizabeth Roberts Jan. 20, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hugh Roberts and Mary Owens, pioneers 1864).
She was born March 6, 1835. Little Church, Denbighshire.
Wales. Their children: Jennette b. March 24, 1857, m.
Walter Henry Shelsey; Elizabeth b. Feb. 9, 1859, m. George
W. Hendrlckson; William b. July 4, 1861, m. Etta Nelson;
John b. June 29, 1863, d. Feb. 14, 1887; Mary b. March 7,
1866, m. Thomas W. Thompson; Charlotte b. March 23, 1868.
d. Nov. 30, 1876; Hannah b. July 28, 1870, d. Nov. 1, 1876.
Families resided Salt Lake City, and Henefer, Summit
Co., Utah.

Hotel keeper, In Salt Lake City. Rancher at Henefer.
Participated in Echo Canyon campaign.

O'DONNEL, EDWARD G. Born March 1, 1865, Limerick,
Ireland. Came to Utah July, 1891.

Married Mary Ardean Miller April 19, 1891, San Fran-
cisco, Cal. (daughter of Grant Miller and Sadie Monahan,
of San Francisco), who was born June 17, 1872. Their chil-
dren: John E.; Margaret M.; Cornelius Grant; Edmund J.,
died; Mary Ellen; Edward James; Katherine. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

City councilman Salt Lake City. Undertaker.

O'DHISCOLL, JOHN (son of James O'Driscoll and Rachel
Knight, of Cape of Good Hope, South Africa). Born Dec.
21, 1845, at Cape of Good Hope. Came to Utah Nov. 8, 1865,
Miner G. Atwood company.

Married Sarah Ellen Nelbaur Nov. 16, 1867, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Alexander Neibaur of Ehrenbreitsteln,
near Coblenz, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia, and Ellen Breakell,
of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 20, 1848. Brigham Young
company, former was first surgeon-dentist In Salt Lake
City). She was born May 21. 1849. Their children:
Rachael b. Jan. 3, 1869, m. William Woolstenhulme; Ellen
b. April 6, 1870. m. James Davies; George Alexander b.
July 24, 1871; John Hyrum b. March 27, 1873, m. Jeanette
Holfeltz; Richard b. Oct. 16, 1874; William Henry b. Dec.
9, 1875; Leslie b. Nov. Nov. 5. 1877, m. Irene Cloward; Susie
b. May 13, 1880, m. Joseph Edward Wilde; Isaac Breakell
b. Nov. 27, 1884, m. Dora Taylor; Nathan Nelbaur b. March



23, 1882; Gladys b. Feb. 26, 1888; Jesse Paul b. July 30, 1890,
m. Ada May Bowers. Family home Kamas, Utah.

Veteran Indian war. Settled at Kamas 1869; moved to
the Provo river 1874. Assisted in surveying the South
Kamas Irrigating Canal; erected first wire fence in the
Kamas valley. Farmer.

O'NEIL, JAMBS (son of John O'Neil and Agnes Hair of
Delrye, Scotland). Born Nov. 5, 1848, Delrye, Scotland.
Came to Utah 1864, with oxteam.

Married Mary Elizabeth Alexander July 12, 1875, Salt
Lake Endowment house (daughter of Alvah Jedathan Alex-
ander of Vermont and Elizabeth Soule of Maine, pioneer
1853, oxteam company). She was born Jan. 21, 1855. Their
children: James b. Sept. 24, 1876, m. Rachel Jensigne Hards;
John Alexander b. Dec. 23, 1877, m. Mary Elizabeth Winn;
Mary Annette b. June 9, 1879, m. Robert Forest James;
Alvah Alexander b. March 22, 1881, m. Minetta Harriet
Hards; Elizabeth b. Dec. 19, 1883, m. James Alfred Winn;
Gertrude Dehon b. Oct. 28, 1885, m. Einar Johnson; Agnes
Ellen b. Jan. 24, 1887, m. David Olius Jacobson; Percy Leroy
b. April 2, 1889; George Bonner b. June 4, 1891; Ethel Kate
b. Aug. 18, 1893; Dessie Delberta b. June 17, 1898. Family
home Vernal, Utah.

Member 97th quorum seventies; ward teacher; Sunday
school superintendent. Black Hawk Indian War veteran.
Justice of peace at Vernal. School trustee; school teacher.
Farmer. Minuteman and guard during early Indian troubles.

O'HTBIl., JOHN (son of John O'Neil and Margarett Cum-
mings, of Grey Abbey, County Down, Ireland). Born April
6, 1828, at Grey Abbey. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Agnes Cochran, Delry, Ayrshire, Scotland (daugh-
ter of Thomas Cochran and Rachel Ellis of Armagh, Ire-
land). She was born Jan. 22, 1827 and came to Utah in
1864, Rollins, Warren and Canfleld company. Their chil-
dren: James b. Nov. 15, 1848, m. Mary Elizabeth Alexander;
John b. May 21, 1853, d. Oct. 26. 1866; William b. June 22,
1855, m. Susan Matilda Ross; Rachel, m. Louis Coleman;
Thomas, Thomas, Samuel and Samuel, dd infants; Samuel,
m. Ruth Rockwood; Helen Robertson b. Dec. 22, 1865, m.
Lev! W. Hancock; George, m. Letta Herdsman; Agnes, m.
Samuel Richie.

High priest in Wasatch stake; home missionary. Justice
of peace at Mound City. Captain in Black Hawk Indian
war. Died June 24, 1880, Midway, Utah.

O'NEIL, WILLIAM (son of John O'Neil and Agnes Cochran).
Born June 22, 1855, Delry, Ayrshire, Scotland. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Susan Matilda Ross Dec. 5, 1877, Midway, Utah
(daughter of James Jackson Ross and Susan Laverna
Roby, of Heber City, Utah). She was born March 22, 1860,
Provo, Utah. Their children: William b. Dec. 7, 1878, m.
Mary Elizabeth Wardle; Susan b. Feb. 4, 1881, m. Joseph
James Hards; Agnes b. Feb. 4, 1883, m. George Fuller;
George b. March 20, 1885, m. Lenora Abplanalp; Nancy b.
March 30, 1892, m. Louis Wall; Cora b. June 13, 1890, m.
Samuel Henry Summerall; Lycurgus b. Jan. 8, 1894; Nellie
b. March 4, 1896; Annie b. May 1, 1898; Ross b. Jan. 10,
1900; John Walter b. May 7, 1905. Family home Roosevelt,

Missionary to Scotland and Ireland 1889-1901; high priest;
president Uinta stake Y. M. M. I. A. 1893-96; 1st counselor
to Bishop Joseph A. McKee of Glines ward; 1st counselor to
S. A. Russell in Cedar View branch; assistant Sunday school
superintendent and teacher of Glines ward; home mission-
ary; member high council. Member 3d legislature from
Utah county. Secretary and treasurer Cedar View Building
Co. Delegate to eleventh national irrigation congress 1903;
school trustee and treasurer of Roosevelt school district
1911-12. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war.

PACE, GEORGE MILTON (son of EHsha Pace, born in
1801, In Pennsylvania, and Eliza Baldrom, born in 1802,
in Ohio). Born Jan. 9, 1837, in Perry Co., Ohio. Came to
Utah in 1848, David Pace company.

Married Sarah Alvira Standley (daughter of Alexander S.
Standley and Philinda Upson, pioneers 1852, John C. Howell
company). She was born in 1844. Their children: Sarah
Alvira b. 1860, m. James Prescott 1880; George Milton
b. Feb. 16, 1863, m. Elizabeth Lucretia Thomas Nov. 13,
1885; Emily b. 1864, m. William Lev! Prescott 1889; Henry
Rlley b. 1868, m. Emma Jeffs 1892; Freeman EHsha b. 1870,
m. Minnie Swenney; James Edwin b. 1872, m. Ellen Tree;
Amos Franklin b. 1874, m. Margaret Emma Tree; Ira Alva
b. 1877; Philinda b. 1880, m. Thurston Simpson 1898; Eliza
h. 1882, m. Daniel Franklin Mitchell; Lettie Jane b. 1884.
m. Edward James Tree; Alma b. 1888; Amanda b. 1890.

Bishop of Parley Park ward 1882-97. Veteran Indian wars.
Died in 1897.

PACE, GEORGE MTLTON, JR. (son of George Milton Pace
and Sarah Alvira Standley). Born Feb. 16, 1863, Bountiful,

Married Elizabeth Lucretia Thomas Nov. 13, 1885, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Charles Carter Thomas and Emetine
Sessions of Heber City, Utah), who was born Feb. 12, 1866.
Their child: Elvira Emeline b. Nov. 29, 1892, m. Leland
Attewall Wootton.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer; rancher; stockraiser.

PACE, JAMES EDWIN (son of George Milton Pace and
Sarah Alvira Standley). Born in 1872, Parleys Park. Utah.
Married Ellen Harriet Tree (daughter of Edward William
Tree and Julia Holland), who was born in 1882, in England.
Their children: Julia Alvira b. 1906; Harvey Edwin b.
1908; Ralph William b. 1910; Henry Alva b. 1912.

PACE, THOMAS (son of John Pace and Ann Barker, of
Durham, Eng.). Born Oct. 9, 1827, Durham. Came to Utah
Sept. 26, 1862. James Wareham independent company.

Married Mary Jane Blackett March 12, 1854 (daughter ol
Robert C. Blackett and Ellen Mitchell, pioneers 1861, Samuel
A. Woolley company). She was born April 6, 1834. Their
children: John Williams b. Sept. 9, 1857, died; Mary Ellen
b. May 27, 1859, m. John W. Schofleld 1878; Elizabeth Ann
b. May 26. 1861. died; Thomas Orson b. Feb. 14, 1863; Frances
b. May 28, 1865, m. William I. Norton 1879; Lorenzo b. Oct.
17, 1867, m. Elizabeth Garrett Nov. 2, 1898; Alexander b.
Dec. 14, 1869, m. Lizzie Broadhead Dec. 11, 1895; Alfonso
b. Oct. 17, 1874, m. Pearl Tidwell Aug. 20, 1900; Walter
Blackett b. June 11. 1879, died.

High priest; seventy; worked on St. George and Mantt
Temples. Early convert in England, having Joined the
church in September, 1849.

PACE, WILLIAM (son of James Pace born Jan. 23, 1778, in
Georgia, and Mary Ann Laven, of Pennsylvania. Born
July 3, 1806, in Rutherford county, Tenn.). Came to Utah
Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young company.

Married Margaret Nichols Oct. 21, 1828 (daughter of
Daniel Nichols, and Mary Alexander, of Kentucky, pioneer
Brigham Young company). She was born May 30, 1808, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: James B. b.
Aug. 12, 1829; Wilson D. b. July 27, 1831, m. Ann M. Redd
Aug. 1852; Harvey Alexander b. Oct. 12, 1833. m. Elizabeth
Ann Redd Aug. 28, 1853; William F. b. May 19, 1836, m.
Caroline Evans; Granvill M. b. Nov. 6, 1838, d. child; John
Alma Lawrence b. Feb. 2, 1841, m. Susanna Taylor; Joseph
A. R. b. Dec. 24, 1842, d. infant; Parley Pratt b. April 8,
1844, m. Eliza Simmons, who died, m. Annie Thomas; Eli N.
b. April 18, 1849, m. Nancy Lee; Mary Ann b. 1852, d. child.
Family home New Harmony, Utah.

Assisted in building fort at Provo 1849; moved to Spanish
Fork 1851. Missionary to England in early 50's; bishop
of Spanish Fork 1852-56; ward teacher. Member legislature
from Utah county 1852-53. Located at New Harmony 1861,
and opened first store. Postmaster 1861-75. Veteran Indian
wars. Farmer. Died in November, 1875.

PACE, HARVEY ALEXANDER (son of William Pace and
Margaret Nichols). Born Oct. 12, 1833, Murfreesboro, Ruth-
erford county, Tenn. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Elizabeth Ann Redd Aug. 28, 1853, Spanish Fork,
Utah (daughter of John H. Redd and Elizabeth Handcock,
of North Carolina, pioneers 1850, James Pace company).
She was born Dec. 16, 1831, in North Carolina. Their chil-
dren: William Harvey b. Nov. 25, 1854 (d. Feb. 15, 1898), m.
Hannah Goddard; John Hardison b. Nov. 1, 1856, m. Pauline
Ann Bryner; James Franklin b. April 30, 1858, m. Mary Eliza-
beth Mathis; Margaret Ann b. May 27, 1860; Mary E. b. Feb.

26, 1862, d. March 7, 1863; Marish Jane b. Jan. 12, 1864, m.
Albert Bryner; Ann Eliza b. Oct. 31, 1865, d. July 8, 1868;
Lemuel Wilson b. May 6, 1867, d. July 8, 1868; Eli Alex-
ander b. March 6. 1869, d. July 21. 1870; Levi B. b. April 16.

Married Susan E. Keel July 11, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Keel and Mary Jolly of New Harmony.
Utah, pioneers 1850). She was born Nov. 3, 1854, Spring-
ville, Utah. Their children: Margaret Angeltne b. April

27, 1871, m. Joseph Taylor; Susan Evaline b. Oct. 3, 1873.
d. June 16, 1874; Nancy Elizabeth b. March 29, 1875, m.
George Prince; Henry Alexander b. April 22, 1877, m. Abigail
Hammond. Families resided New Harmony, Utah.

High priest; counselor to Bishop Wilson D. Pace of New
Harmony ward 15 years; ward teacher; Sunday school super-
intendent. Justice of peace; constable; school trustee; post-
master three years. Veteran Indian wars. Assisted in
bringing immigrants to Utah. Moved from Provo to Span-
ish Fork 1851, and to New Harmony 1861.

PACE, WILLIAM HARVEY (son of Harvey Alexander Pace
and Elizabeth Ann Redd). Born Nov. 25, 1854, Spanish
Fork, Utah.

Married Hannah Goddard 1874, New Harmony, Utah
(daughter of William R. Goddard and Mary Ann Pace, of
Spanish Fork), who was born May 16, 1857. Their children:
William H b. April 7, 1875, m. Kathryn Mtddleton; Cecil
b. 1877, d. infant; Maggie M. b. Dec. 7, 1878, m. Francis
Hartley. Family home, New Harmony.

Farmer. Died Feb. 15, 1879, Panguitch, Utah.

PACE, WILLIAM H., JR. (son of William H. Pace and Han-
nah Goddard). Born April 7, 1875, New Harmony, Utah.

Married Kathryn Middleton May 29. 1898, Cedar City,
Utah (daughter of John Middleton and Jane Withers, of
Cedar City, pioneers 1857). She was born Jan. 27, 1879.



Their children: John William b. Dec. 31, 1899; Carlos M.
b. Jan. 8, 1902; Frank b. March 4, 1904; Blythe b. March
17. 1906; Dorothea b. Oct. 13, 1910. Family home, Price,

Deputy sheriff Emery county 1806-09; deputy treasurer,
1897-98; school trustee Green River, 1895-98. Merchant;
manager Eastern Utah Furniture and Undertaking Co.

PACE, JOHN HARDISON (son of Harvey Alexander Pace
and Elizabeth Ann Redd). Born Nov. 1, 1856.

Married Pauline Ann Bryner Dec. 25, 1875, New Harmony,
Utah (daughter of Hans Ulrich Bryner and Mary Mathis,
of New Harmony, pioneers Dec. 24, 1856, handcart company).
She was born Dec. 2, 1857. Their children: Elizabeth
Mary b. July 1, 1878, d. April 18, 1908; John Albert b. March
12, 1881, m. Ada Cottam; Albertine b. March 12, 1881, d.
same day; Harvey Alexander b. Nov. 24, 1882, m. Margarett
Moffatt; Edith Ann b. Oct. 1, 1884, m. John W. Prince;
Pauline b. Aug. 1, 1886, d. same day; Luray Hardison b.
Sept. 18, 1887, m. Natelia Mecham; Francis Marion b. Jan.
24, 1890; Rhoda b. Jan. 4, 1892; Earl b. Jan. 14, 1894; Irene
b. Dec. 27, 1895. Family home Price, Utah.

First counselor to President John Insley in New Harmony
ward 1875-77; worked on the Manti Temple winter of 1878;
called to settle San Juan county with Silas Smith company
1879; assisted In building up the country; took part In
Indian troubles; moved to Price, Emery county, 1884; was
1st counselor to Bishop George Frandsen of Price ward,
1886; missionary to southern states 1896-98; 1st counselor to
President Reuben G. Miller of Emery stake 1899-1910; senior

member of high council of Carbon stake May 1910 April

1913; after the reorganization of Carbon stake was chosen
1st counselor to President Arther W. Horsley of Carbon
stake. School trustee for 20 years in the Price district.
Member 1st corporate board of Price town.

PACE, JAMES FRANKLIN (son of Harvey Alexander Pace
and Elizabeth Ann Redd). Born April 30, 1858, Spanish
Fork, Utah.

Married Mary Elizabeth Mathis Feb. 21, 1883, St. George,

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