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Utah (daughter of Hans Heinrich Mathis and Elizabeth
Hoojsmidt of Zurich, Switzerland, pioneers 1862, oxteam
company). She was born March 26, 1866. Their children:
Franklin b. Sept. 12, 1883, d. infant; Henry Alexander b.
Aug. 23, 1884, m. Arabelle Branch; James Levi b. Dec. 29,
1886, m. Caroline Frandsen; Ida Elizabeth b. Jan. 28, 1889;
William Ivan b. March 29, 1891; John Mathis b. April 7, 1893;
Barbara b. April 30, 1895; Reid b. Aug. 6, 1899; Evangeline
b. May 8, 1902; Fern b. Aug. 7, 1906; Fawn b. Aug. 7, 1906.
Family resided Price and New Harmony, Utah.

High priest; counselor to Bishop William A. Redd; presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school superintendent; ward
teacher. School trustee; constable at New Harmony. Set-
tled at New Harmony in 1861, remaining; moved to Price
1902. Helped to protect property against Indians in early
days. Farmer.

PACE, HENRY ALEXANDER (son of James Franklin Pace
and Mary Elizabeth Mathis). Born Aug. 23, 1884, New Har-
mony, Utah.

Married Arabelle Branch Sept. 9, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Henry Branch and Ella C. Coombs,
pioneers Oct. 14, 1850). She was born Dec. 19, 1887. Their
only child was Paul Harvey b. March 6, 1912. Family home
Price, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to southern states 1906-08; president
Y. M. M. I. A.; stake Sunday school superintendent; ward
clerk. Farmer; stockraiser.

PACE, JOHN ALMA LAWRENCE (son of William Pace
and Margaret Nichols). Born Feb. 2, 1841, in Tennessee.
Came to Utah with oxteam company.

Married Susanna Taylor May 30, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Allen Taylor and Hannah Egbert), who was
born Sept. 30, 1852. Their children: Mary Ellen, m. Carl
E. Lundqulst; Hannah Margarith, m. Isaac William Ode-
kirk; William Alma, m. Emma Reynolds; Evaline Corrilla,
m. Charles Bennett; Harvey Alexander, d. child; Alfred
Lawrence, m. Sadie Stagg; Effle Lerena. Family home
Thistle Junction, Utah.

Elder. Sheepman.

PACKARD, NOAH (son of Noah Packard, born Oct. 3, 1752,
Brldgewater, Mass., and Molly Hamblln). Born May 7, 1796,
Plalnfleld, Mass. Came to Utah 1850, Jonathan Foote com-

Married Sophia Bundy June 29, 1820. She was born Jan.
27, 1800, In Southampton, and died Aug. 30, 1858, Sprlngvllle,
Utah. Their children: Noah Jr. b. April 22, 1821, m. Esther
Pamelia Phlppin Oct. 27, 1844; Orren b. Dec. 25, 1822, m.
Matilda Stowell; Henry b. May 6, 1825, m. Mary Chase Jan.
16. 1851; Sophia Adelta b. Oct. 1, 1828, m. William Wallace
Meneray; Milan b. Oct. 7, 1830, m. Margaret Jane Haymond;
Nepht b. July 1, 1832, m. Elizabeth Clucas Nov. 10, 1861;
Olive Amelia b. July 5, 1837, m. Charles Jesse Craw.

High priest; bishop's counselor. Captain of the "Silver
Grays." Justice of peace; alderman. Surveyor.

PACKARD, MILAN (son of Noah Packard and Sophia
Bundy). Born Oct. 7, 1830.

Married Margaret Jane Haymond at Springville, Utah
(daughter of Edward Owen Haymond and Margaret Ann
Sissel, pioneers 1850, Thomas Johnson company). Their
children: Sarah Delilah b. Aug. 21, 1858, m. William Henry
Meneray Dec. 9, 1877; Milan Owen b. Oct. 7, 1860, m. Julia
Crandall March 2, 1884; Martha Amelia b. Nov. 16, 1862;

Noah Lovell b. Sept. 11, 1864, m. Sarah Crandall Jan. 10,
1886; Jacob Asa b. Feb. 26, 1867, m. Eliza Robinson Feb.
9, 1889; Chillian Fay b. Nov. 8, 1869, m. Phoebe Schuler
Nov. 17, 1897; Alpheus Oresta b. April 25, 1872, m. Sarah
Groesbeck Sept. 11, 1898; William Melvin b. Nov. 20, 1874,
m. Gertrude Harrison July 14, 1904; Ray b. June 2, 1878, m.
Edna Allred Aug. 26, 1897; Preal b. March 12, 1884. Family
home Springville, Utah.

Veteran Indian wars. Assisted in bringing Immigrants
and supplies to Utah. Located Pleasant Valley coal fields;
organized Utah and Pleasant Valley R. R. Co. (what is
now part of D. & R. G. R. R.). Merchant; vice president
Springville Banking company.

PACKARD NEPHI (son of Noah Packard and Sophia
Bundy). Born July 1, 1832, Parkman, Ohio. Came to Utah
Sept. 17, 1850, Jonathan Foote company.

Married Elizabeth Clucas Nov. 10, 1861 (daughter of Henry
Clucas and Elizabeth Martin, pioneers 1855, C. A. Harper
company). She was born Sept. 2, 1843, and came to Utah
with parents. Their children: Lucy Elizabeth b. Sept. 18,
1862, m. Phillip W. Tukett Sept. 4, 1879; Nephi Henry b.
July 15, 1864, m. Clara Jane Sanford Nov. 18, 1885; David
Hyrum b. July 26, 1866, d. Jan. 20, 1910; Sophia Amelia b.
Jan. 19, 1869; George Washington b. Sept. 8, 1871; William
Otto b. April 17, 1874, m. Lucy Clyde Jan. 1, 1896; Pearl
Shale b. Aug. 26, 1877, (d. March 24, 1909), m. Hyrum J.
Owen June 17, 1902; Ernest Walton b. Aug. 29, 1879, d.
Jan. 27, 1880; Jessie Maria b. April 5, 1883, d. Oct. 18, 1887.

Bishop of Springville, Utah 10 years. City councilman
two terms. Assayer; carpenter and farmer. Served in
the Walker, Tintic and Black Hawk wars.

PACKARD, NEPHI HENRY (son of Nephi Packard and
Elizabeth Clucas. Born July 15, 1864, Springville, Utah.

Married Clara Jane Sanford Nov. 18, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Cyrus Sanford and Happylona Clark, former
a pioneer Oct. 15, 1850, William Snow company). She was
born Oct. 19, 1866, Springville, Utah. Their children: Happy-
lona Floss b. Sept. 20, 1886; Reuel Nephl b. Sept. 6, 3888;
Othei b. March 18, 1890; Marell b. July 24, 1892, m. Clifford
Carter Feb. 23, 1909; Wendell Sanford b. Oct. 18, 1894; Rhea
b. March 6, 1897; Ira C. b. April 14, 1900; Clara b. May 2,

First counselor to bishop of Springville 2d ward July 24,
1904. City councilman 1902-04 and 1906-08; mayor of Spring-
ville 1907; member of public school board 1908-13.

PACKER, NATHAN W. (son of Moses and Eva Packer of
Pennsylvania). Born Jan. 2, 1811, In Jefferson Co., Ohio.
Came to Utah In 1848, David Evans company.

Married Elizabeth Taylor, who was born 1812, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Lewis W. b. March
15, 1831; James b. Oct. 10, 1833, m. Polly Mecham; Isaac H.
b. April 27, 1835, m. Lucy Bird; Samuel b. April 29, 1837;
William b. May 22, 1838; Nathan T. b. Aug. 8, 1848, m.
Mary E. Mecham; Walter M. b. April 23, 1850, m. Eliza-
beth Ames; Moses b. July 9, 1852; Jonathan b. Jan. 20, 1854;
Edson W. b. May 14, 1857, m. Vilda Mecham. Family resided
Salt Lake City, American Fork and Lehi, Utah, and Franklin,

Married Jane Win. Their children: John and Marrion.

Built grist mill at American Fork 1850; built ferryboat
on Bear river and later built first bridge across Bear river
In Cache Valley. Millwright.

PACKER, JAMES (son of Nathan W. Packer and Elizabeth
Taylor). Born Oct. 10, 1833, Belmont Co., Ohio. Came to
Utah 1850.

Married Polly Mecham Feb. 14, 1854, Lehi, Utah (daugh-
ter of Moses Mecham and Elvira Derby, pioneers Apple-
ton Harmon company). She was born March 15, 1833,
Mercer county, Pa. Their children: Samuel L. b. Jan. 9,
1855; James b. July 21, 1856, m. Celia J. Perkins Dec.
12, 1878; Elvira E. b. March 3, 1858, m. Thomas M. Perkins;
Orpha Maria b. Dec. 21, 1859; Ossian Leonidas b. Dec. 10,
1861, m. Annie S. Parkinson Jan. 1, 1885; Ann Eliza b. Dec.
27, 1863; Albert T. b. Sept. 2, 1865; Wllford b. March 10,
1868; Polly S. b. March 1, 1870, m. Andrew Shumway; Wal-
ter M. b. May 23, 1872; Josiah George b. June 24, 1874, m.
Chase Wallace.

President teachee' quorum and 18th quorum seventies.
Justice of peace. Settled at Franklin, Idaho, 1860.

PACKER, JAMES. JR. (son of James Packer and Polly
Mecham). Born July 21, 1856, Salt Lake City.

Married Celia J. Perkins Dec. 12. 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Perkins and Margaret Martin, pioneers
1855, Charles A. Harper company). She was born April
20, 1860, Franklin, Idaho. Their children: James Manuel
b. Feb. 6, 1880, m. Lonetta Johnson; Luda Celta b. Sept.
26, 1881, m. Albert E. Johnson; Joseph Clement b. June 22,
1884; Phllando Perkins b. Nov. 24. 1886, m. H. Veressa
Wanward; Laura May b. June 1, 1889, m. Ernest C. John-
son; Lionel b. May 29, 1892; Lizzie Alta b. June 11, 1894, m.
B. G. Weaver; twins b. 1897, died; Ha b. Aug. 7, 1905, died.
Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Settled at Franklin 1860. President teachers* quorum,
elders' quorum and 18th quorum seventies; high priest;
missionary to southern states. James and his mother were
first white child and woman to set foot on site where
Franklin now stands April 13, 1860.



PACKER. OSSIAN LEONIDAS (eon of Jame. Packer and
Polly Mecham). Born Dec. 10. 1861, Franklin, Idaho.

Married Annie Smart Parkinson Jan. 1. 1885, Logan temple
(daughter of Samuel Rose Parkinson and Charlotte H.
Smart) She was born Oct. 15, 1867. Their children:
sTmuel P. b. March 24. 1890. m. Martha Geddei , Sutherland ;
Clyde P b. Feb. 2, 1892; Anna P. b. Dec. 24, 1893: Edna P.
b. Jan 23 1896; Grant b. March 12, 1898; Eva P. b. Feb.
1 1901- Ora P. b. Oct. 17, 1903; Lee P. b. Aug. 25, 1906;
James Lyman b. May 14, 1908. Family resided Franklin

Fi a co S on Franklin ward Y. M. It I. A.; first
counselor in Oneida stake Y. M. M. I. A.; first counselor
to Bishop H. T. Rogers of Preston First ward; first coun-
selor to Bishop John A. Morrison of Preston Fjrst ward
1913. Justice of peace. Preston precinct, Oneida Co., Idaho.

PACKETT, CHARLES. Born in France. Came to Utah

MrAeerre. Their children: Jane, m Ervin
Wilson- Sarah, d. child: Mary Ellen, m. Andrew Dudley;
Martha m. Egar Houghten; Emily, m. Justus ManvUle
Dudley; Emeline. m. Aaron Gay; Julia, m. David MickeseH.
Joseph, m. Elizabeth Boyack. Family home Spanish J >rk,

Ut Seventy. Carpenter; cooper; farmer. Died at Spanish

PADFIELD, SA9TCEL, (son of Jeremiah Padfleld and Mary
Tayton of Somersetshire. Eng.). Born In 1835 in Somerset-

rredsncnn In 1871 at Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Hutchinson and Jeanette Crookston),
who was born in 1856. Their children: Samuel James b.
1872, m. Catherine Evans; David b. 1879; Thomas b. 1881,
m. Alice Pellman: Jessie b. 1883; Mary Jane b. 1885, m.
Ira Preston; Amelia b. 1887. m. Towell Larson; Violet b.
1900; George Washington and Daniel, died. Family home
American Fork, Utah.

PADFIELD. SAMUEL JAMES (son of Samuel Padfleld and
Christina Hutchinson). Born in 1872 at American Fork.

Married Catherine Evans (daughter of William Evans).
Their children: Pearl b. 1896; James b. 1898; Thelma b.

PAGE, JONATHAN SOCWELL (son of Daniel Page and
Mary Socwell). Born June 4, 1833, Newport, N. J. Came
to Utah Sept. 3, 1852, with parents and family.

Married Mary Leaver Aug. 12, 1855, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Samuel and Mary Ann Leaver of New York, N. Y..
formerly of Sheffield, Eng., pioneers Sept. 1852). She was
born Aug. 26, 1837. Their children: Jonathan Socwell b.
May 14, 1856, m. Lilyus Curtis May 23, 1878; Anna M. b.
April 26, 1858, m. Samuel J. Rich; Samuel Leaver b. Nov.
16. 1859, m. Cena Anderson; Mary L. b. Jan. 2, 1862, m.
Edward S. Reid; Ruth E. b. March 28, 1864, m. John J.
Powell; Hannah Elizabeth b. Jan. 26, 1866, m. George A.
Peery; Joseph Edmund b. Feb. 21, 1868, m. Gertrude Thur-
man; William Henry b. Sept. 22, 1869, m. Lucia Daniels;
Nellie Ingram b. Aug. 8, 1872, m. August J. Hanson; George
Milton b. Dec. 3, 1874; Hartlett Hall b. Feb. 9, 1877; Ethel
A. b. March 7, 1879, m. Thomas Crandall; Cora V. b. March
27, 1881. Family home Payson, Utah.

Bishop's counselor Payson ward; president high priests'
quorum Nebo stake; patriarch. Captain cavalry in Walker
and Black Hawk Indian wars and in Utah militia; partici-
pated in Echo Canyon campaign. Commissioner Utah county
15 years; justice of the peace; alderman and mayor Payson,
Utah, 18 years: member state board of equalization; member
state legislature house two terms, senate one term.

PAGE, JONATHAN SOCWELL, JR. (son of Jonathan S. Page
and Mary Leaver). Born May 14, 1856, Salt Lake City.

Married Lilyus M. Curtis May 23, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Curtis, born Oct. 27, 1823. Pontiac,
Mich., and Emma Whaley of England, pioneers Oct. 1848).
She was born June 10, 1859. Their children: Emma L.
b. March 25, 1879, m. Thomas W. Lerwill; Mary Page b.
May 3, 1881, m. Laban Harding; Jonathan Socwell b. Nov.
23, 1883, m. Clara Huish; Arza Curtis b. Jan. 7, 1887, m.
Ethel A. Taylor; Eva b. March 6, 1889, m. William Wan-
lass; George W. b. Feb. 19, 1893; Earl Leaver b. April 8,
1S89: Anna b. Sept. 29, 1901. Family home Payson, Utah.

Missionary to West Virginia Nov. 1899 to June 1901;
bishop of Payson second ward Nov. 1891 to Feb. 1901;
ordained president of Nebo stake of Zion Feb. 13, 1901.
Justice of the peace one term; recorder for Payson, Utah,
three terms; city councilman one term; postmaster at Pay-
son eight years. Merchant; farmer and horticulturist.

PAGE}, DANIEL (son of Joseph Page and Sarah Ingram of
Newport, Cumberland county, N. J.). Born July 11. 1300,
at Newport. Came to Utah September, 1852, Captain Out-

Ma < rr C ied nP Ma.ry Socwell April 18, 1822, In New Jersey
(daughter of Jonathan Socwell and Lorana Whitaker of
Dividing Creeks, N. J.). She was born April 26, 1805. Their
children: Ruth b. May 1, 1823, m. Samuel H. Rogers; David
b Nov 17, 1824; Daniel b. June 23. 1827, m. Caroline Petti-
grew Joseph b. Feb. 6, 1830, m. Elizabeth Mills, m. Alice
Mills; Lucy Ann b. Sept. 3, 1831, m. George R. Dare; Jona-
than S. b. June 4, 1833, m. Mary Leaver; Mary Ellen b.
March 1, 1835, m. Edward Davis Wade; George Washing-
ton b. Nov. 15, 1836, m. Abby Champion, m. Kate P. Stanger;
William Whitaker b. Feb. 15, 1839; Lorana b. Aug. 17,
1843. m. Samuel H. Rogers; Jeremiah Day b. Feb. 21, 1847,
m. Deseret Page. Family home Newport, Cumberland

C Higrh' priest. Indian war veteran. Farmer. Died Aug.

17, 1882, at Mount Pleasant, Utah.

PAGE JOSEPH (son of Daniel Page and Mary Socwell).
Born Feb. 6, 1830. near Newport, N. J. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Elizabeth Mills Aug. 8, 1863, Mt. Pleasant, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Mills and Alice Allen of Radcliffe,
Lancashire, Eng.). She was born March 16, 1844, d. Jan. 14,
1869. Their children: Joseph Thomas b. June 3, 1864, died:
Mary Elizabeth b. Sept. 12, 1866, m. S. H. Freston; Jona-
than Socwell b. Jan. 9, 1869, died. Family home, Mt.

Married Alice Mills May 3, 1869, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Thomas Mills and Alice Allen of Radcliffe, Lancashire,
Eng.). She was born Jan. 2, 1847. Their children: Joseph
Ulyssess b. June 23, 1870; Edward C_ b. Jan. 29, 1872, died;
William T. b. May 11, 1874; Jeremiah I. b. Feb. 21, 1876,
m. Ida Jensen; Alice Addle b. April 3, 1878, m. Daniel W.
Hancock; Ruth b. May 6. 1880, d. Infant; Lorana b. Nov.

18. 1881, m. Joseph Willard Anderson; Samuel R. b. Feb.
12 1884. m. Lydia Jane McClemonds; Renzie b. Feb. 6,
1886, d. aged 8; Eulalia May b. April 23, 1888, m. Niels S.
Nielsen. Family resided at Mt. Pleasant, Orangevllle and
Roosevelt, Utah.

High priest. Mayor of Mt. Pleasant 10 years; postmaster
at Mt. Pleasant 12 years. Assisted In bringing Immigrants
to Utah 1862. Indian war veteran; member Nauvoo Legion.
One of Mt. Pleasant's first school teachers. ' Farmer; stock-
raiser; apiarist. Died Jan. 29, 1911, Roosevelt. Utah.

PAGE, SAMUEL R. (son of Joseph Page and Alice Mills).
Born Feb. 12, 1884, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Married Lydia Jane McClemonds March 21, 1910, Vernal,
Utah (daughter of Samuel McClemonds and Mary Ann
Hartle of Vernal, Utah, pioneers 1853). She was born May
I, 1888. Their children: Joseph b. Jan. 28. 1911; Jonathan
Samuel b. April 21, 1912. Family home Roosevelt, Utah.

Deacon. Farmer and apiarist.

PAGE, JAMES. Born Aug. 21, 1815, Wyonondham, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 13. 1861, Joseph Home company.

Married Louisa Graves, who was born Dec. 28, 1820, and
came to Utah with her husband. Their children: William
b. Aug. 4, 1838, m. Mary Ann Clark March 24, 1863: Martha
b. June 28, 1840, m. William Waddoups Nov. 27, 1864; Maria
b. March 16, 1842, m. Henry Tingey 1862; Thomas b. Dec.
19, 1843, m. Mary Ann Waddoups May 11, 1867; Samuel b.
March 12, 1845, died; Louisa b. April 11, 1847, and Louisa
b. Feb. 7, 1849, died: Hyrum b. June 27. 1851, m. Emma
Jane Tingey March 21, 1873; Alma b. Oct. 5, 1852, m. Fanney
Ashby; Cyrus b. March 10, 1854, m. Susa Ashby March 12,
1875; Orson b. Oct. 14, 1856; Lorenzo b. Dec. 31, 1858, m.
Jemima Lewis Feb. 16, 1888; Hannah Bell b. March 15.
1860, died; James b. Feb. 12, 1862, m. Emma Kemp Dec. 12,

1886. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

PAGE, THOMAS (son of James Page and Louisa Graves).
Born Dec. 19, 1843. Birmingham, Eng.

Married Mary Ann Waddoups May 11, 1867, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Waddoups and Elizabeth Por-
ter, pioneers August, 1868, Horten Gate company). She was
born Jan. 3, 1845, Walgrave on Sow, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Willard James b. May 22, 1868, m. Lillian E. Thur-
good Nov. 16, 1892; Irvin Thomas b. Sept. 27, 1870, m. Martha
Jane Smith Oct. 12, 1892; Joseph Hyrum b. Nov. 2, 1873, m.
Ada We'st March 31. 1904; Orson Mark b. Oct. 6, 1876,
m. Annie M. Parker April 27, 1904; Porter Elizabeth b. Nov.
27, 1878, died; Louisa May b. Oct. 10, 1881, m. John Ray
George April 15, 1904; Hannah Pearl b. Oct. 24, 1884, m.
John Wolley Randall Dec. 14, 1910; Annabell b. Oct. 24,

1887. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Assisted in the construction of the line of the Deseret
Telegraph Co.; worked on Utah Central railroad. School
trustee district No. 2, Davis county.

PALMER, ABRAM WHITNEY. Born Dec. 14, 1307, New
York. Came to Utah In 1847, captain of own company of

Married Huldah Catherine Hill In 1857 (daughter of Rich-
ard Return Hill and Rhoda Wheeler of Missouri, pioneers
1850). She was born Jan. 7. 1842. Their children: Delilah
b. 1858, m. William Charles Mellor; Josephine b. 1861, m.
William Lltchfleld; Catherine Alfina b. 1863, m. Severln
Holger Grundvlg; Richard Marcellos b. 1866, m. Amanda
Stephens; Mary b. 1869, m. Brlgham Plckett; Frank Abram
b. 1871, m. Emma Keeneson.

High priest; bishop of Calnesville, Mo.; counselor to Lorln
Farr in Weber stake presidency. School teacher. Died May
25, 1875, Fayette, Utah.

PALMER, MIFFLIN (son of Joseph Palmer and Esther
-Leonard of Pennsylvania). Born June 21, 1813, Chester
county. Pa. Came to Utah 1861, Joseph Home company.
Married Kathrlne K. Dolbey Dec. 28, 1837, Chester county.



Pa. (daughter of Abram Dolbey and Katherine King of
Chester county). She was born April 6, 1817. Their chil-
dren: Rebecca W.; Phoebe C.; Belinda D.; Elesia E.; A.
Morris; Sarah Bethula, m. John C. -Sharp; Laura; Esther.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

May b. Nov. 3. 1892; Stephen Mack b. March 29, 1895; Royle
Spencer b. April 4, 1897; Helmar Covey b. June 9. 1899;
Lavon Ree b. Feb. 4, 1901; Thelma Mayne b. June 17. 1903;
Harold Ray b. Oct. 12, 1905; Roland Covey b. Sept. 12,

PALMER, THOMAS (son of Thomas Palmer). Born Jan.
16, 1820, Windsor, Berkshire, Eng. Came to Utah in 1856.

Married Frances Starkins in 1856, Salt Lake City, who
was born in England. Their children: William C. b. Nov.
30, 1857, m. Margrett Condle Oct. 13, 1881, m. Emily Jennett
Smith March 7. 1900; Thomas, m. Rath Stewart; Fannie,
died; John, m. Eliza Wainwright. Family home Enterprise,
Morgan Co., Utah.

Elder; high priest; bishop's counselor Enterprise ward
of Morgan stake. Farmer; stockraiser.

PALMER, WILLIAM C. (son of Thomas Palmer and Frances
Starkins). Born Nov. 30, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Margrett Condle Oct. 13, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Gibson Condie and Elizabeth Robinson), who
was born in 1858, American Fork, Utah. Their children:
Thomas C. b. Oct. 30, 1882; William G. b. July 16, 1884;
Heber C. b. Dec. 23, 1885; Jedediah Morgan b. Dec. 23,
1885; Joseph Earl b. Feb. 16, 1888; John Olive b. Feb. 16.
1888; Maggie Elizabeth b. Nov. 1, 1889.

Married Emily Jennett Smith March 7, 1900, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Nathaniel Smith and Sarah Ann Sim, pioneers
1847). She was born in 1875 in Morgan Co., Utah. Their
children: Elmer S. b. March 12, 1901; Lulu b. Nov. 29, 1902;
Jennie b. Feb. 4, 1905; Leone b. Oct. 23, 1907; Orvil Nathaniel
b. July 13, 1908. Family home Preston, Idaho.

High priest; ward teacher. Farmer; stockraiser.

PALMER, ZKMIRA (son of George A. Palmer and Phebe
Draper of Canada). Born Aug. 9, 1831. Came to Utah with
first detachment Mormon battalion in 1847.

Married Sally Knight Dec. 1, 1851, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Newel Knight and Lydia Goldthwait of Kirtland,
Ohio). She was born Dec. 1, 1836. Their children: Alma
Z., m. Alzada S. Kartchner; Martha and Mary, twins, died;
Lydia A., m. John Kartchner; Phebe, m. Mark Elisha Kartch-
ner; James W., m. Mary Ann Black; George A., m. Luclty
Stalworthy; Jesse M., m. Amanda Hoyt; Emma, m. Wil-
ford W. Heaton; Newel, m. Lydia Robertson; Joseph, m.
Helen Jane Robertson; Chloe.

Married Caroline Jacques in 1856 at Prove Utah (daugh-
ter of Thomas Jacques). Their children: Sarah A., m.
Amos Cox; Susan, m. Benjamin Black; George Edwin, m.
Kstella MacElprang; Daniel W., m. Violet Walker; Eve
m. Theodore Cox; Laura, m. Henry Walker. Families
resided at Provo.

Teacher. Veteran Indian war; took part in Echo Can-
yon trouble. Farmer. Died Oct. 22, 1880, Orderville, Utah.

PAPWORTH, JAMBS (son of Richard Papworth and Susan
Washington of Cambridge, Eng.). Born Jan. 2, 1826, Cam-
bridge, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 26, 1864, William Hyde

Married Elizabeth Tavener 1847, Cambridge, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Osborne Denton Tavener and Ellen Watson of Cam-
bridge, latter pioneer 1866). She was born Jan. 3, 1827.
Their children: Susannah b. Dec. 4, 1848, m. George Covell;
Ellen Watson b. Oct. 23, 1850, d. June 20, 1859; Richard
b. Feb. 14, 1852, m. Elizabeth Davis; Emma Elizabeth b.
Dec. 10. 1853, m. James Kemp; James Robert Hull b. April
8. 1856; Clara b. April 2, 1858, m. Oren Hadlock; Frances
Washington b. March 18, 1860, d. March 13. 1865; Mary
Ann b. June 19, 1862. d. June 29, 1864; Henry Tavener b.
Oct. 24, 1864. d. next day; Osborne Tavener b. Jan. 27, 1866.
m. Grace Christy Covey Dec. 24, 1883; George Washington
b. Jan. 7. 1869, d. Oct. 19, 1869. Family home Chesterton,
Cambridge, Eng.

He died March 23, 1898.

PAPWORTH, RICHARD (son of James Papworth and Eliza-
beth Tavener). Born Feb. 14, 1852. Came to Utah Oct. 26,
1864, William Hyde company.

Married Elizabeth Davis Oct. 21, 1874, Big Cottonwood,
Utah (daughter of John Meeks Davis and America Jane
Overland, former pioneer 1854, latter 1856). She was born
June 21, 1858, in Beaver Co., Utah. Their children: Flor-
ence May b. Dec. 31, 1875, m. Louie Ensign; Richard b.
Aug. 22, 1877, m. Miss Llewellyn; Lillian J. b. March 2
1879, m. William B. Hall; Raymond E. b. Feb. 2, 1881, m.
Bertha King; Parley A. b. Feb. 19, 1883, m. Edna Cottrell;
Ruby E. b. Jan. 9, 1885, m. John H. Parks; Marvie B. b.
Sept. 22, 1887; Charles E. b. Dec. 8, 1889, d. Infant; Leroy
J. b. Feb. 15, 1892, m. Ethel Duffleld; Clyde J. b. Jan. 9,
1895; Wesley G. b. Dec. 29. 1897; Lyle B. b. March 30, 1899.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

worth and Elizabeth Tavener). Born Jan. 27, 1866, Salt
Lake City.

Married Grace Christy Covey Dec. 24, 1883 (daughter
of Enoch Covey and Jannet Carruth Young of Salt Lake
City). She was born May 10, 1865. Their children: Jannet
Elizabeth b. July 17, 1885, m. Willard Lancaster; Ethel
Grace b. April 27, 1887. m. Thomas J. Call: Osborn Enoch
b. March 7, 1889; Elmo William b. Nov. 27, 1890; Leona

PARCEL,!,, JOHN C., of Wallsburg and Provo, Utah. Came
to Utah 1854, Captain Bullock company.

Married Esther Lewis. Their child: Martha Jane b.
Dec. 21, 1882, m. Ethan Allen Duke.

PARDEE, JAMES D. (son of William E. Pardee and Helen
S. Dickey of Cleveland, Ohio). Born July 27, 1863, Cleve-
land. Came to Utah Aug. 1. 1891.

Married Daisy S. Taylor April 29, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lev! Taylor and Emaline Owens of Kaysville.
Utah). She was born in November, 1876. Family home Salt
Lake City.


PARK, HAMILTON GRAY (son of Samuel Park and Isabell
Gray of Kilbarnie, Scotland). Born Nov. 25, 1826, at Kil-
barnie. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Annes Steele at Kilbarnie (daughter of John
Steele and Jenette Alexander of that place). Their chil-
dren: Jenette A., m. Heber Clayton; Hamilton G., d. Infant;
Marion M., d. aged 5; Isabel G., m. Scipio Kenner; Edwin
A., d. aged 7; Agnes S., d. aged 5; John S., d. infant; Edwin
A., d. aged 7; Annie, m. Joshua Midgley; Mabel, m. Joseph
Thomas. Family home, Salt Lake City.

President high priests' quorum Ensign stake; bishop's
counselor 13th ward, Salt Lake City; missionary to Scot-
land 1869-7S. Worked at Z. C. M. I. 32 years. Died May 1

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