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PARK, JOHN (son of James Park and Marlon Allen of
Kent, near Glasgow, Scotland). Born May 11, 1802, Glasgow.
Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1847, Edward Hunter company.

Married Louisa Smith March 24, 1840, Plympton, West
Ontario. Canada (daughter of William Smith and Mary
Ann Staples of Lambton, Ontario, pioneers Sept. 30, 1847.
John Taylor company). She was born June 24, 1818, and came
to Utah in October, 1847, Edward Hunter company. Their
children: Jane, m. Albert Jones; Mary Ann, m. Isaac Brock-
bank; Marion, m. Daniel Vincent; Louisa, m. Harvey Har-
per; James William; John Smith, m. Martha M. Parker;
Joseph Smith, m. Maria Elizabeth Harding; Martha Ellen,
m. Thomas W. Allen; David Smith, m. Epsy Pace; Margaret
Naomi, m. John W. Hoover; Andrew Albert, d. aged 18.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Elder; high priest. Veteran Echo Canyon campaign.
Farmer. Died March 30. 1869.

PARK, JOHN SMITH (son of John Park and Louisa Smith).
Born Dec. 30, 1849, Provo. Utah.

Married Martha M. Parker Oct. 26. 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Wyman Minard Parker and Martha Simmons
of Morgan City, Utah). She was born Oct. 28, 1856. Their
children: Johnnie Parker b. Oct. 4, 1875, died; Hugh b.
Aug. 12, 1877, m. Nora Fillerup; Nora b. Aug. 29, 1879. died;
Albert Andrew b. Sept. 2, 1881. m. Ruth Dilworth- Louisa
B. b. June 21, 1883, m. Josiah Howard; William Smith b
Sept. 3, 1885. m. Lizzie Mecham; Eliza lona b. Aug. 16,
1889, m. Alfred E. Aston; Mary Ann b. May 20, 1893; Uella
Jane b. Nov. 6, 1896; Erma Uetris b. June 20. 1899. Family
home, Provo.

Member elders' quorum seventies; teacher; ward clerk
1888-1911 Timpanogos ward. Constable two years; Justice
of peace 14 years; water superintendent. Fruitgrower.

PARK, JOSEPH SMITH (son of John Park and Louisa
Smith). Born Aug. 1, 1852, Provo, Utah.

Married Mariah Elizabeth Harding Dec. 21, 1876, Provo
(daughter of Samuel Harding and Mary Jeannette Stowe
of Provo). She was born Sept. 16, 1858. Their children-
John Samuel b. Sept. 19, 1877, m. Mary Hann; Elizabeth
Jean b. May 20, 1879, m. Andrew H. Scott; Mary Ellen b
July 28, 1881, m. John Thurgood; Louisa b. May 2, 1883
m. John K. Gilbert; Estella Maud b. March 29, 1885. m.
S. Julius Duggins; Lydia Lynn b. April 27, 1887; Edna
Florence b. Jan. 26, 1889, m. George Wesley Meyers; Joseph
Earl b. March 8, 1891, died; William Vernee b. June 14
1892, died; Verl Reed b. Dec. 10, 1894; Erma Leree b. Aug.
25, 1897; Vera Lorene b. Dec. 24, 1900; Melba b. Dec 26

High priest. Gardener courthouse grounds. Farmer.

PARK, WILLIAM (son of James Park and Marion Allen,
who had emigrated to Ontario, Canada). Born Oct. 26,
1805, Camslang, Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1847,
Edward Hunter company.

Married Jane Duncan In 1828 In Canada (daughter of
John Duncan and Agnes Thompson of Canada, ploneera,
Edward Hunter company). She was born in 1808. Their
children: Agnes Thompson b. 1828, m. John Borrowman-
James D. b. July 15, 1830, m. Marion Park; John D. b.
Jan. 18, 1832, m. Elizabeth Hill; Marion b. 1834, m. James
Gordon; Jane b. 1836, m. Alexander H. Hill; William D
b. Nov. 25, 1837. m. Jeanette Gordon; Hugh D. b. Feb 24
1840, m. Agnes Hill; Mary b. 1843. m. Peter Sutton; Andrew



Duncan b. March 24, 1845, m. Jane Ann Ellison; Joseph
D. b. Aug. 18, 1848, m. Agnes Chappel; Martha Hannah,
died. Family resided Salt Lake City and Cottonwood, Utah.

Married Janet Finley (no date given).

High priest. Farmer and stockraiser. Died March 11,
1890, Mill Creek, Utah.

PARK, ANDREW DUNCAN (son of William Park and Jane
Duncan). Born March 24, 1845, in Canada. Came to Utah
in 1847 with parents.

Married Jane Ann Ellison March 14, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Ellison and Alice Halliwell of Nephi,
Utah, pioneers Oct. 14, 1853, C. H. Wheelock company).
She was born in England March 18, 1849. Their children:
Alice Ellison b. March 16, 1869, m. Reuben J. Bailey; Mar-
tha Jane b. Oct. 26, 1871, m. John Frank Pexton; William
Andrew b. June 22, 1874, m. Emma M. Miller; James Henry
b. April 9, 1877, m. Sadie B. Flory; Ethel Gertrude b. Nov.
23, 1880, m. William Eugene Watts; Lilly May b. May
11, 1883, m. Jesse Hulse; Amanda Fern b. Jan. 28, 1886,
m. Edward J. Mooney; Pearl Lyle b. Nov. 10. 1890, m. James
Ernest Neilson; Clive P. S. b. April 29, 1895, m. Elnora C.
Draper. Family home Mill Creek, Utah.

High priest. School trustee Mill Creek. Farmer.

PARKB, CHARLES (son of Harrison Parke and Hulda
Curtis of Albion, Idaho). Born 1834 in Illinois. Came to
Utah In 1848.

Married Lavlnna Coltrin Dec. 13, 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Graham Coltrin and Anner Norwood of Ohio,
pioneers 1850). She was born in 1832. Their children:
William Henry, m. Mary Lucinda Capener; Joseph, m.
Elizabeth Harris; Charles Ira, m. Sarah Vaughn; Jane,
m. James B. Hitt. Family home Conant, Cassia Co., Idaho.

Rancher and sheepraiser. Died May 2, 1902.

PARKE, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Charles Parke and
Lavinna Coltrin). Born Dec. 15, 1855, at Bountiful, Utah.

Married Mary Lucinda Capener, July 14, 1881, Center-
ville, Utah (daughter of William Capener and Ellen Rigby
of Centerville. pioneers 1852). She was born Aug. 11, 1865.
Their children: Clarence W., m. Christie Hatch; William
C., m. Alice Arbuckle; Dale H., m. May Rich Taylor; Ellen
Lavinna; Ralph G., m. La Verne Mason; Sarah M., m.
Edward R. Knerr; Lois I.; Grace E.; Marion. Family home
Riverside, Utah.

Rancher and sheepraiser. Died Feb. 2, 1907.

PARKE, DALE H. (son of William Henry Parke and Mary
Lucinda Capener). Born July 17, 1885, Malta, Idaho.

Married May Rich Taylor Dec. 14, 1910, Farmington,
Utah (daughter of John W. Taylor and May Leona Rich
of Farmington). She was born Dec. 30, 1885. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

Attorney-at-law. Member law flrm of Booth, Lee, Bad-
ger, Rich & Parke.

PARKER, ABEL (son of James Parker, a veteran of the
War of 1812, and Nancy Fulford of Brockville, Ontario
Canada). He was born June 27, 1816, Brockville, Canada.
Came to Utah June, 1863.

Married Isabel Marshall (Elliott) January, 1838, Brockville
(daughter of John Marshall and Mary Wilson of Deanston,
Perthshire, Scotland). Their children: James, m. Lucretia
Sherry; Nancy, m. George A. Follick; William, m. Bell
Gallagher. Family home Middle Canyon, near Tooele, Utah.

Child by second marriage: Abel, b. 1874.

Member of presidency of higrh priests' quorum of Tooele
stake. President Tooele City Cooperative Mercantile Insti-
tution, and of the Tooele County Milling Company. Farmer
and sawmill man. Died Jan. 22, 1896, at his home near

Isabel Marshall was the widow of George Elliott.

PARKER, HENRY. Born Sept. 26, 1807, Brindle, Lancashire,
England. Came to Utah Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter com-

Married Ann Comings, Beadle, Yorkshire, Eng. Her father
died Sept. 3, 1843 at Nauvoo, 111. She was born May 22,
1820. Their children: John Parker b. May 1, 1837, died
Aug. IB, 1846; William b. Aug. 30, 1843, m. Debora Greer.

Married Nancy Riley, who was born May 20, 1817, Lan-
cashire, Eng. Their children: Joseph H. b. Feb. 27, 1845.
m. Emarine Jenkins Jan. 13, 1865; Vilate b. June 30, 1"847,
d. Jan. 28, 1861; Heber T. b. Aug. 30, 1849, m. Sarah Ann
Cooper; Ruth b. Jan. 1, 1852, m. Joseph Cooper; Willard b.
Oct. 7, 1854, m. Isabel Hendry; Sarah b. Feb. 16, 1857, m.
William Murray; Henry A. b. Aug. 11, 1859, d. Jan. 23, 1861;
Nancy Ann b. Aug. 11, 1859, d. Feb. 16, 1861. Family home
WellsvUle, Cache Co., Utah.

Married Lucy Burgler who was born Jan. 23, 1828, and
died Feb. 8, 1899. No children.

Missionary to Great Britain 1878.

PARKER, JOSEPH H. (son of Henry Parker and Nancy
Riley). Born Feb. 27, 1845, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Emarine Jenkins Jan. 13, 1865, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Jenkins and Mary Roebarr, pioneers
Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter company). She was born Feb.
12, 1843, St. Louis. Mo. Their children: William J. b.
Nov. 26, 1867, m. Alta Hardman Jan. 23, 1907; Sarah b.
Jan. 9, 1869, m. Henry Durfee Dec. 13, 1888; Mary J. b. Aug.

22, 1871; Carrie b. Oct. 10, 1873, m. Samuel Miller Oct. 16,
1895; Joseph J. b. March 10, 1876, m. Mary Salversen, Jan. 24,
1907; Nancy b. March 27. 1878, m. Henry Curtis Nov. 14,
1907; Henry J. b. June 12, 1881, m. Emma Redford July 17,
1901; Emma J. b. Feb. 10, 1884, m. John Glenn Feb. 27, 1907;
Roy J. b. Nov. 4, 1886, m. Cloe Pearce March 23, 1910; Emma
Durfee (granddaughter) b. Oct. 20, 1889, m. O. W. Garrett
Dec. 20, 1911, Stella b. May 6, 1902; William b. Jan. 14, 1904;
Henry b. Oct. 30, 1905; Reese b. July 1, 1907; Elva b. Dec.
11, 1908; Pearl b. Aug. 14, 1911. Family home Mt Sterling,
Cache Co., Utah.

Missionary to Council Bluffs, 1864, for immigrants, and to
Arizona, 1876; superintendent of Wellsville and assistant
superintendent Mt. Sterling Sunday schools.

PARKER, JOHN. Born Aug. 17, 1775, Chalgley Lane, Eng.
Came to Utah Aug. 29, 1852, Captain Parker oxteam com-
pany, independent.

Married Ellen Heskins, who was born Jan. 23, 1778.
Their children: Isabella, m. Thomas Cotton; Ann, m. Thomas
Watson; John; Ellen b. July 7, 1817, m. William Corbidge
Jan. 1840; Alice, m. Edward Corbidge; William; Mary, m.
Samuel W. Richards; Elizabeth b. March 14, 1837, m. John
R. Winder Jan. 11, 1857.

High priest. Deceased.

PARKER, JOHN DAVIS (son of Abel Parker and Mary
Davis of New York). Born Nov. 22, 1799, Saratoga, N. Y.
Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Almeda Sophia Roundy Feb. 3, 1846. Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Shadrach Roundy and Betsy Qulmby of Nau-
voo, pioneers July 24, 1847). She was born March 7, 1829,
at Spafford, N. Y. Their children: Jared Curtis b. Dec.
29, 1847, d. infant; John Davis, Jr., b. April 12, 1849, d. age
1?; Malinda b. April 4, 1851; Charles b. Jan. 31, 1853; Mary
Ellen b. Oct. 16, 1856; Betsy Jane b. March 21, 1858; Otho
b. Nov. 29, 1861; Lauraette b. Feb. 26. 1865; Almeda Sophia
b. March 7, 1868; Samantha b. May 27, 1872. Family home
Kanarraville, Iron Co., Utah.

Member first quorum seventies; missionary; member
Zion's camp; high priest. Member of legislature; assessor;
collector. Wagonwright; farmer. Died Feb. 27, 1891.

PARKER, JOSEPH F. (son of Thomas Bryant Parker and
Martha Ann Nelson of Missouri, former born In Virginia,
latter Kentucky). Born April 7, 1841, Marion county. Mo.
Came to Utah in July, 1852.

Married Mary E. Ross June 30, 1861, Heber City, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Ross and Rachel E. Ross Smith),
who was born March 4, 1845, in Hancock county. 111. Their
children: Huldah Jane, m. James Leavltt; Joseph William,
m. Maggie Neil; Thomas Bryant, m. Ada Gilbert; John
Alma, m. Mary C. Gilbert Oct. 9, 1889; Mary Susannah;
Anna Elizabeth; Amy Elleanor; Rachel Estella; Ella
Minerva; James Marion; Alta Frances.

Married Adelia Cooley June 11, 1890, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin Osborne and Frances Rodebach
Cooley), who was born March 11, 1874, at Joseph, Utah.
Their children: Melvin b. May 27, 1891, m. Brlgham Young
Baird; Ada Lavern b. Sept. 22, 1893; Oriel F. b. Aug. 21,
1895; Frances Marie b. Oct. 11, 1897; Florence Adelia b.
Sept. 17, 1899; Byron Nelson b. Oct. 17, 1901.

Bishop of Joseph, Utah, for years.

PARKER, JOSHUA (son of Joshua Parker of New York).
Born Nov. 2, 1809, New York City. Came to Utah Oct. 7,
1852, Robert Wimmer company.

Married Drucilla D. Hartley In 1844 at Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Mary Dickey of Mercer, Pa.). She was born
July 23, 1824. Their children: Martin (adopted), m. Nora
Robbins; Orson H., m. Erne Minkler; Joshua, Jr., and Ben-
jamin, d. infants; Frank W., m. Elizabeth Tuckfleld; Melissa
M., m. Joseph W. Summerhays; Hannah Jane, m. Fred
Ballwlnkle; Parley P., m. Rhoda Lee; Fredrick A., m. Mary
Thomas; Charles H., m. Ida Zachrisson; Ann E., m. Alex-
ander D. Edward; Daniel, m. Annie Morris; Joseph A., m.
Fannie Westman. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member 24th quorum seventies; block teacher. Carpen-
ter and cabinetmaker. Died July 17, 1880.

PARKER, FRANK W. (son of Joshua Parker and Drucilla
D. Hartley). Born Sept. 2, 1850, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Came
to Utah in September, 1852.

Married Elizabeth Tuckfleld in Oct. 1883 at Ogden, Utah
(daughter of James and Elizabeth Tuckfleld of England,
pioneers 1862). She was born February, 1863. Their chil-
dren: Bessie, d. aged 6; Birdette b. 1889, m. Mr. Bertosh;
Franklin O. b. 1890. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Mining engineer.

PARKER, CHARLES H. (son of Joshua Parker and Dru-
cilla D. Hartley). Born March 31, 1861. Salt Lake City.

Married Ida Zachrisson March 25, 1885, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Methias Zachrisson and Emma Anderson of
G8teborg, Sweden, who came to Utah In 1879). She was
born Nov. 5, 1864. Their children: Charles L. b. Aug. 14,



1887; Ida F. b. Oct. 29, 1889, d. aged 1 year; Drucilla M.
b. Oct. 8, 1891, m. Edgar Craddock; Alice b. Jan. 31, 1894,
m. John Boyd; Theodore and Leo (twins) b. May 19, 1896;
Silvia b. April 6. 1899. Family home, Salt Lake City.
Elder. Teamster.

PARKER, THOMAS H. G. (son of Thomas Parker, born
Sept. 20, 1829, and Mary H. Peake, born April 14, 1834, at
Derby, Derbyshire, Eng.; latter died May 26, 1882). He
was born May 27, 1861, Derby. Came to Utah in 1863 with
mother, who married Thomas Miller.

Married Ellen Lovina Schofleld (daughter of Thomas J.
Schofleld and Sarah Foster), who was born Jan. 14, 1860,
nnd died Dec. 20. 1905. Their children: Mary Ellen b. May
23, 1885; Sarah Ida b. March 27, 1887; Elizabeth Wynona
b. March 9, 1890; Thomas Harold; Martha Manerva b. Nov.
14, 1893; William Schofleld b. Aug. 8. 1895; Florence Eloise;
Rulon Schofleld b. May 23, 1900; Flora Louise b. Feb. 10,
1902. Family home Nephi, Utah.

Married Goldie Itha Bigler June 20, 1907 (daughter of
Abner Chase Bigler and Elizabeth Tranter), who was born
June 20, 1881, Nephi, Utah. Their children: Itha Lovina
b. March 27, 1908; Nelda Alice b. April 11, 1910; Vera Dean
b. Feb. 21, 1912.

Bishop of second ward, TJephi, Utah; president of deacons
quorum; elder; priest; seventy; high priest; missionary to
Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia 1887-89. School
trustee 1898-1907. Farmer; miner; wheelwright.

PARKIN, WILLIAM JOHN (son of John Parkin and Eliza-
beth Brown of Bountiful, Utah). Born May 19, 1839, Loscoe,
Derbyshire, Eng. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Eliza Foulds Aug. 18, 1864, at Bountiful (daugh-
ter of James Foulds and Sarah Saxton of Hucknall Tor-
kard, Nottinghamshire, Eng.), who was born Dec. 7, 1839.
Their children: Sarah Elizabeth b. May 1865, m. Thomas
Hatch; Harriet b. .April 1867, m. William Varley; William
J. b. Oct. 1869, m. Eliza Birmingham; James Henry b. 1871.
died; George b. March 1873, m. Jessie Mann; Stephen b.
Oct. 1875 (died), m. Llllie Bell; Zipporah b. April 1878,
m. Samuel Nelson; Eliza Jane b. June 1880, m. Charles
Teiter; Grace Hannah b. Oct. 1883, m. Harry Dean; Mary
Olive b. May 1886, m. John Davis. Family home Bountiful,

Married Elizabeth S. Thurgood April 24, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Thurgood and Sarah A. Banks
of London, Eng., pioneers Oct. 6, 1864, William Hyde com-
pany). She was born April 29, 1863. Their children: Sarah
L. b. Feb. 5, 1885, m. William Hart; Alice E. b. July 9,
1889, m. Joseph Heaps; Thomas C. b. Feb. 21, 1890; Rella
A. b. Feb. 3, 1892; Roland T. b. March 24, 1894; Edith L.
b. Sept. 5, 1896; Lincoln D. b. Jan. 4, 1899; Carrie A. b.
March 14, 1901; Clifford F. b. Feb. 28, 1902; Erma b. Aug.
13, 1906.

High priest; Sunday school superintendent; ward teacher.
School trustee. Farmer.

PARKER, WILL.IAM COPE (son of George Parker, born
March 3, 1799, Bickerton. Chestershire, Eng., and Jane
Cope, born Feb. 23, 1806, Tattenhall, Chestershire married
about 1826). Born March 21, 1827, Bulkeley. Chestershire.
Came to Utah Oct. 28, 1854, Robert Campbell company.
He drove an oxteam across the plains for Thomas Beb-

Married Sarah Bebbington Edgely May 13, 1855 (daugh-
ter of William Edgely of Nantwich, Eng.). She was born
Feb. 19, 1835. Came to Utah Oct. 28, 1854, Robert Camp-
bell company. Their children: Sarah Jane b. April 22,
1857. m. Frederick Stimpson Oct. 21, 1876; Thomas b. Dec.
31, 1860, m. Jennett Mitchell July 5, 1883; Joseph b. Aug.
20, 1864, m. Minnie May Elmer Sept. 30, 1886; John b. Oct.
3, 1866, m. Laura Burch June 18, 1890; Edwin b. June 18,
1870, m. Ella Maud Elmer Nov. 27, 1891; Daniel b. April 22,
1877, m. Pearl Taylor April 4, 1900. Family home River-
dale, Weber Co., Utah.

Justice of peace 4 years at Riverdale.

Married Lydia Brewer Dec. 13. 1899, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Brewer and Elizabeth Stratton of Trow-
bridge, Wiltshire. Eng.), who was born Dec. 17, 1859, at
Trowbridge. Their adopted child: Ethel Elizabeth b. Dec.
23, 1897.

Seventy; high priest; missionary to Great Britain 1871;
Sunday school teacher; member of Sunday school super-
Intendency 25 years. Miller. President Riverdale Canal
Co.; superintendent Davis and Weber Counties Canal Co.
Helped to build first railroads in Utah.

PARKER, WYMAN MINER (son of Wyman Parker and
Maria Miner). Born April 2, 1828, Franklin, Delaware
county, N. Y. Came to Utah in 1850.

Married Eliza Ann Grover Jan. 15, 1860 (daughter of
Thomas Grover, pioneer Oct. 2, 1847, Charles C. Rich com-
rany, and Caroline Whiting, died in Nauvoo, 111.). She
was born March 13, 1839. Their children: Eliza A. b. March
27, 1861, m. A. L. Stoddard; Julia Maria b. Sept. 30, 1862;
Thomas G. b. Sept. 14, 1864, m. Cynthia Smith Jan. 1,
1884; Emeline b. Feb. 1, 1867, m. George Winegar Dec.
16. 1883; Henry M. b. Feb. 5, 1869, d. Jan. 21, 1870; Lionel
Parker b. Dec. 26, 1870, m. Laura M. Vaudrey Dec. 24, 1910;
Welrose b. Dec. 8, 1872, m. Alice Miller; 'Joel b. Dec. 31,
1874, d. March 16, 1875; David G. b. Jan. 23, 1875, m. Nettie
Dayley; Delia b. June 17, 1878, m. John R. Moon; Lucy
C. b. March 9, 1880, m. Franklin Oviatt; Albert B. b. June
14, 1882, m. Helen Stoddard. Family resided Morgan, Utah,
and Parker, Idaho.

Bishop In Morgan, Utah, and Egin and Parker, Idaho;
patriarch. Chairman board of county commissioners Fre-
mont county, Idaho.

PARKER, LIONEL (son of Wyman Miner Parker and Eliza
Ann Grover). Born Dec. 26, 1870, Morgan, Utah.

Married Laura M. Vaudrey Dec. 14, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nepht Vaudrey and Emily Crapo), who was
born in Draper, Utah. Family home Parker, Idaho.

PARKIN, JOHN (son of William Parkin and Annie Allen
of Loscoe, Derbyshire, Eng.). Born April 12, 1812, Loscoe,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Thomas E. Ricks company.

Married Elizabeth Brown Feb. 28, 1838, Duffleld church,
Derbyshire, Eng. (daughter of John Brown and Ann Wright
of Loscoe), who was born March 18, 1821. Their children:
William John, m. Eliza Foulds, m. Elizabeth S. Thurgood;
George; Harriet, m. Thomas Wardle Matchet; John, m.
Mary Ann Lewis; Joseph, m. Eliza S. Cooper; Hyrum, m.
Phoebe Stanley; Heber, m. Roanna Hatch. Family home
Woods Cross, Utah.

Elder. School trustee. Farmer. Died Nov. 4, 1886, South
Bountiful. Utah.

PARKI1VSO1V, JAMES. Born Feb. 5, 1811, Rauckliff-on-
Wyre, Eng. Came to Utah in September, 1864, John R.
Murdock company.

Married Sarah Evans at Liverpool, Eng., who was born
July 1, 1815. Their children: William; James, d. infant;
Thomas; Sarah E., d. aged 16; John, m. Josephine Osborn;
Margret A., d. aged 6: Joseph, d. aged 18: George, m. Mar-
garet Prescott. Family home Milton, Morgan Co., Utah.

High priest; home missionary. Merchant; farmer. Died
Feb. 26, 1875.

PARKINSON, GEORGE (son of James Parkinson and Sarah
Evans). Born Sept. 26, 1854, Salford, Manchester, Eng.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Margaret Prescott March 6, 1884, Bountiful, Utah,
Richard E. Egan officiating (daughter of James Prescott
and Margaret Westhead of Liverpool, Fng., pioneers 1855).
She was born July 30, 1853. Only child: William R. Pres-
cott b. Aug. 7, 1890.

Market gardener- dairyman.

PARKINSON, SAMUEL ROSE (son of William Parkinson,
born at Newklrk, Lancashire, Eng., and Charlotte Rose,
born 1805 in Kent, Eng. married 1827 in Kent). He was
born April 12, 1831, Barrowford, Lancashire, Eng. Came
to Utah May 5, 1854, Captain Field company.

Married Arabella Ann Chandler Jan. 1, 1852 (daughter
of George Chandler and Esther Glover, who died In Eng-
land). She was born Feb. 27, 1824, and came to Utah with
husband. Their children: Samuel Chandler b. Feb. 23, 1853,
m. Mary Ann Hobbs Dec. 9, 1872; Charlotte Chandler
b. Aug. 1, 1855, m. William J. Pratt April 10, 1873 (died),
m. Joseph Palmer 1910; William Chandler b. Aug. 2, 1855,
m. Ellen Elvira Nash Dec. 12, 1878, m. Louisa Benson Feb.
11, 1887; George Chandler b. July 18, 1857, m. Lucy Maria
Doney April 14, 1881; Franklin Chandler b. July 7, 1859,
m. Ada Elizabeth Nuttall Jan. 1, 1885; Esther Arabella
b. Feb. 2, 1862, m. Henry T. Rogers Oct. 2, 1893; Albert
b. Aug. 15, 1863. d. May 28, 1864; Clara Janet Chandler
b. April 18, 1865 (died), m. Charles D. Goasllnd March
25, 1885; Caroline Matilda Chandler b. Nov. 18. 1866. m.
Charles D. Goasllnd Feb. 23, 1898. Family resided Kays-
ville, Utah, and Franklin, Idaho.

Married Charlotte Smart Dec. 8, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas S. Smart and Ann Hater, pioneers
1852). She was born Nov. 6, 1848, at St. Louis, Mo. Their
children: Annie Smart b. Oct. 15, 1867, m. O. L. Packer
Jan. 1, 1885; Lucy Smart b. Oct. 7, 1869, m. Charles E.
Lloyd Dec. 23, 1898; Joseph Smart b. July 15, 1872, m. Ida
Maughan Dec. 9. 1900; Frederick Smart b. Jan. 8, 1875.
m. Bessie Ann Doney Sept. 2, 1896; Leona Smart b. March
25, 1877, m. Walter P. Monson Nov. 6, 1895; Bertha Smart
b. Sept. 24, 1879, m. Nephi Y. Larsen Oct. 7, 1898; Eva
Smart b. March 7, 1882, m. Rufus Wood Leigh Sept. 4.
1908; Hazel Smart b. March 31, 1884, m. Peter P. Peterson
May 4, 1903; Nettie Smart b. April 9, 1886, m. Isaac Albert
Smoot March 31, 1909; Vivian Smart b. Nov. 28, 1893.
Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Married Maria Smart Feb. 16, 1868, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas S. Smart and Ann Hater), who was born
April 24, 1851, at St. Louis, Mo. Their children: Samuel
Thomas S. b. March 27, 1869, m. Ellen Blnnlngton Sept.
2, 1891; Luella S. b. Sept. 23, 1871, m. Matthias F. Cowley
Sept. 22, 1889; Arabella S. b. Oct. 23, 1873, m. Robert H.
Daines May 25, 1898; Sarah Ann S. b. April 22, 1875, m.
George T. Marshall March 23, 1892; Olive S. b. May 25,
1877, m. Ezra P. Monson Oct. 16, 1895; Edmond S. b. Feb.
9, 1879, m. Ada West Sept. 11, 1901; Clarence S. b. Dec.
17, 1880, m. Charlotte Wright Oct. 8, 1908; Susa S. b.
March 8, 1882, m. Nell P. Neilson June 8, 1904; Hazen S.
b. April 1, 1884, m. Lena Allen May 12, 1910; Henry S. b.
June 19, 1886, and Chloe b. June 2, 1887, latter two died;
Glen S. b. June 20, 1892. Family home Franklin, Idaho.



School trustee. Helped establish mall route between Mis-
souri river and Utah; helped build flrst schoolhouse in
Idaho Veteran Indian wars. Farmer; stockraiser; dairy-
man and merchant. General manager Franklin Co-op. 20

Parkinson and Arabella Chandler). Born Feb. 23, 1853,
St. Louis, Mo. Came to Utah with father.

Married Mary Ann Hobbs Dec. 9. 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles R. Hobbs and Mary Ann Ems, pio-
neers 1863). She was born 1855 at Cheltenham, Eng., and
died Dec. 21, 1912. Their children: Nessy Estella, m. George
Hobbs; Edith Arabella, died; Samuel William, m. Harriett
Taylor (died), m. Ina Hatch; Albert Hobbs, m. Eva Monson;
May Hobbs; Leonard George, m. Emma Chatterton; Theresa;
Raymond Charles; Anita; Bernice Richard; Rowland Hobbs;
Myrtle; Roma. Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Missionary to southern states 1884-86, and to northwest-
ern states 1898; high councilor 1886-1907; president high
priests' quorum, Oneida stake; ordained bishop of Frank-
lin ward July 7, 1907; president Y. M. M. I. A. four years.
Vice-president Idaho State Savings Bank, Preston, Idaho.

Parkinson and Arabella Ann Chandler). Born Aug. 2, 1855,
Kaysville, Utah.

Married Ellen Elvira Nash Dec. 12, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Bartlett Nash and Hester Elvira Pool
of St. Louis, Mo., pioneers 1849 and 1863). She was born
Feb. 17, 1863. Their children: Mary Nash b. Jan. 26, 1883,
d. same day; Lillian Nash b. Feb. 3, 1884; Nellie Elvira
b. Sept. 13, 1885, m. Alfred L. Kelley; Irene Nash b. March
28, 1887, m. I. Eugene Thoresen; Ray Nash b. March 27,
1889, m. Ralph D. Smuin; William Nash b. Jan. 21, 1891.

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