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<j. March 14, 1891; Willis Nash b. July 20, 1893; Waldo

C. b. July 27, 1895, d. Oct. 25. 1897; Frank L. Feb. 27, 1900;
Bartlett Ross b. Dec. 10, 1903; Eda Nash b. March 30, 1907.

Married Louisa Benson Feb. 11, 1887, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of George T. Benson and Louisa Ballif of Whitney,
Idaho, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company).
She was born March 28, 1869. Their children: Louisa b.
July 5, 1889, m. Curtis Y. Clawson; Marie b. Dec. 13, 1891;
Charlotte b. July 16, 1894; Clara b. Aug. 8, 1897; George
B. b. Oct. 17, 1899; Adeline b. Jan. 2. 1902; Wilbur b. Oct.
10. 1904; Carmen b. Oct. 5, 1907; Evelyn b. March 30, 1910;
Wanda b. July 31, 1911. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

Missionary to England 1880-82, and to northwestern states
1898; bishop of Preston ward 1884-98; president Pocatello
stake 1898-1901; ordained president Hyrum stake April 30,
1901. Treasurer Cache county 1902-06; justice of peace and
school trustee at Franklin, Idaho. Dealer In cattle, sheep,
horses, farm produce and lumber. Furnished lumber for
the Z. C. M. I. and church assembly hall. Salt Lake City.
Freighter between Montana and Corrine 1872-73. Merchant
from 1883 to 1901.

Parkinson and Arabella Ann Chandler). Born July 18,
1857, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Lucy Maria Doney April 14, 1881, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Doney and Ann Temperance George,
pioneers Sept. 26, 1856, Edmund Ellsworth handcart com-
pany). She was born March 28, 1861, at Franklin. Their
children: George Doney b. May 11, 1884; Lucy Ann D.
b. Jan. 30, 1886, m. Preston Nibley Sept. 18, 1908; John Leo

D. b. Dec. 23, 1887; Vera D. b. Sept. 24, 1889; Parley Samuel
D. b. Oct. 16, 1892; Elna D. b. Sept. 7, 1894; Aleida D. b.
Oct. 5, 1897; Deanne D. b. Oct. 20, 1899. Family resided
at Franklin and Preston, Idaho.

Missionary to southern states and to Great Britain 1881-
83; second counselor to William D. Hendricks in presidency
of Oneida stake, Idaho, 1884-87; president Oneida stake
1887-1910; president board of education Oneida stake 1888-
1910; president northwestern states mission 1894-97. Super-
intendent public schools of Oneida county 1884-86; mem-
ber state senate 1894-96; regent University of Idaho 1895-
1907. President Idaho State & Savings Bank 1905-11; gen-
eral manager Buckhorn Land Co., Salt Lake City; director
Beneficial Life Insurance Co.; director Idaho, Western Idaho
and Utah-Idaho Sugar companies; president Preston Co-op.
Drug Co.; president Preston Commercial Club.

Parkinson and Arabella Ann Chandler). Born July 7.
1859, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Ada Elizabeth Nuttall Jan. 1. 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Nuttall, Jr., and Elizabeth Lawton, who
came to Utah In 1890). She was born Oct. 9, 1863, Man-
chester, Yorkshire, Eng. Their children: Franklin Stuart
Nuttall b. Nov. 13, 1885; Harold Nuttall b. Oct. 7, 1887;
Florence Nuttall b. Nov. 3, 1889; William Nuttall b. Dec.
20. 1891; Kenneth Nuttall b. Nov. 14, 1893; Edna Nut-
tall b. Nov. 21, 1895; Sidney Nuttall b. Sept. 11, 1899; Norma
Nuttall b. Sept. 6, 1901; Stanley Ross Nuttall b. March 10.
1904; Graham Nuttall b. June 30, 1906. Family home Black-
foot, Idaho.

Bishop of Blackfoot ward. Real estate.

Parkinson and Charlotte Smart). Born Jan. 8, 1875, Frank-
lin, Idaho.

Married Bessie Ann Doney Sept. 2, 1896, Logan, Utah
(daughter, of John Doney and Ann Temperance George),
who was born Jan. 28, 1875, at Franklin. Their children:
Frederic Doney b. June 26, 1897; Deverge Doney b. Oct.
3, 1898; Ross Doney b. April 17, 1904; Reed Doney b. June

13, 1906; Carroll Doney b. Feb. 14, 1909; Bessie Ann Doney
b. Nov. 11, 1910; Keith Doney b. Nov. 1, 1912. Family
home, Frankjin.

Secretary Y. M. M. I. A. Oneida stake; missionary to
northern states 1899-1901 and 1910-12. Moved to Rexburg,
Idaho, 1902. Assistant superintendent first ward Sunday
school at Rexburg 1904-07; president Y. M. M. I. A. 1907-08;
first counselor to President George Hyde Y. M. M. I. A.
Fremont stake 1908-10; one of presidents 84th quorum
seventies. Manager and secretary Smart & Webster Co.;
manager Parkinson Dry Farm at Rexburg. Member ad-
visory board of Pallroade National Forest.

PARKINSON, THOMAS. Born Jan. 1, 1825, Malen, Lan-
cashire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1853.

Married Elizabeth King, who was born Feb. 15, 1823.
Their children: John b. Aug. 29, 1847, m. Lulia M. Hall
1875; James b. May 6, 1850, m. Jennetta Harris Nov. 24,
1873; Thomas b. March 27, 1852; Isaac b. March 19, 1855;
Mary b. Aug. 9, 1858, m. Daniel B. Harris; Elizabeth b.
Oct. 26, 1861, m. Joseph E. Gibbs; Hiram b. 1863; David
b. Jan. 30, 1865, m. Annie Young.

Presiding elder over branch in England. Veteran Echo
Canyon campaign. Justice of peace. Settled at Salt Lake
City 1853; moved to Grantsville, Utah, 1854; Ogden 1856;
Wellsville 1859; Portage 1867; back to Ogden 1875.

PARKINSON, JAMES (son of Thomas Parkinson and Eliza-
beth King). Born May 6, 1850, Wray, Lancashire, Eng.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Jenetta Harris Nov. 24. 1873 (daughter of Rob-
ert Harris and Hannah M. Eagle), who was born Aug. 11,
1S54. Their children: James Thomas b. Oct. 19, 1874, m.
Leona John July 6, 1898; Elizabeth C. b. July 4, 1876, m. Wil-
liam Charles Bell; Mary Ann b. Aug. 7, 1878; Ray b. Aug. 21,
1880; Henrietta b. Dec. 20, 1882, m. Charles W. Yearsley;
Sarah Maria b. March 22, 1885, m. Hyrum J. Jones; Jen-
netta b. Dec. 7, 1886, m. Albert Dopp; John Robert b. Dec.
7, 1888, m. Geneva Southworth Nov. 22, 1911; Vilate b. Dec.
15, 1890, m. Amos Hawks; Laura H. b. Oct. 14, 1893; Chloe
b. Aug. 21. 1896. Family home Portage, Utah.

PARR, WILLIAM F. (son of John Parr and Barbara
McKechina of Salt Lake City). Born in England. Came to
Utah 1868.

In charge of the Deseret Telegraph Co., at Salt Lake City.
Died 1881, at Salt Lake City.

PARRISH, EZRA (son of Nathan Parrish and Rebecca
Rhodes, the former of Brownville, Jefferson county, N. Y.).
Born May 4, 1804, at Brownville. Came to Utah In Novem-
ber, 1850.

Married Susannah Sherwin (daughter of Azariah Procter
Sherwin and Sarah Kidder), who was born Sept. 17, 1808.
Their children: Charles Edward b. 1828, m. Jane McKenzie;
Henry Edwin b. 1829, m. Edna Ladd; Harriet Edltha b.
Aug. 17, 1831, m. M. L. Shepherd March 9, 1850; Esther
Susannah b. 1833, died; Enoch Kidder, m. Susan Merchant;
Rebecca Elizabeth m. Elijah Dunlap; Emma Jane, Ezra
Azariah and Sarah Elvira, three died; Maryette b. Nov.
29, 1847, m. Alexander Keir Aug. 10, 1869; Alonzo, died;
Alonzo Lafayette b. April 2, 1851. Family resided Salt
Lake City and Springville, Utah, and in California.

Assisted in building first grist mill at Springville.

PARRY, EDWARD W. (son of Edward Parry and Jane
Williams of Llanrwst, Denbigh, Wales). Born May 19,
1825, Llanrwst, Wales. Came to Utah In October. 1862,
Isaac A. Canfield company.

Married Anne Jones Feb. 4, 1860, Brynamman, Wales
(daughter of Thomas Jones and Lettalsa Thomas of Bry-
namman; latter came to Utah in 1878). She was born Jan.
31, 1832. Their children: Owen Jones b. Nov. 25. 1860, m.
Janle Holingberg; Anne Jane b. April 6, 1862; Edward
J. b. March 15, 1864, died; Thomas B. b. Nov. 30, 1866, m.
Mary Hale; John Henry b. Oct. 29. 1867. m. Elizabeth
Showles; William J. b. July 11, 1870, m. Christina Larson;
George Walter b. April 15, 1872; Lettaisa Eliza b. Feb.
6, 1875, m. Henry Crabb. Family home, 15th ward. Salt
Lake City.

Seventy; high priest; ward teacher. Mechanic. Died
May 29, 1907.

PARRY, OWEN JONES (son of Edward W. Parry and Ann
Jones). Born Nov. 25, 1860, Brynamma'n, Wales. Came
to Utah with parents.

Married Jahie Holingberg Nov. 19, 1892, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Carl and Anna Holingberg of Stockholm,
Sweden), who was born in November, 1864. Their children:
Lawrence b. 1892; Louisa b. July 13, 1893; George b. Janu-
ary, 1895; John b. Sept. 20, 1897; Mary b. April 5, 1900.
Family home Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Elder. Engaged with street department Salt Lake City
10 years. Farmer and stockraiser.

PARRY, JOHPT (son of John Parry and Winifred Barker
of Newmarket, Flintshire, Wales). Born Oct. 20, 1801,
Newmarket. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1856, Edward Bunker
handcart company.

Married Elizabeth Parry at Newmarket (daughter of
Edward Parry and Mary Faulkes of Newmarket), who



was born Jan. 13, 1809. Their children: Mary E. b. Dec.
21. 1834. m. Ellas Morris May 23, 1852; Ann, d. aged 4 years;
Winifred b. July 3, 1838. m. Caleb Parry; John b. Nov.
1841, m. Mary Ann Haight; Edward b. Sept. 8, , m.
Margaret Carlett; Elizabeth b. May 12, , m. William

High priest. Member city council Cedar City, Utah.
Architect and builder. Died at Cedar City.

PARRY, JOSEPH HYRUM (son of John Parry and Har-
riott Parry). Born Aug. 8, 1855.

Married Lydia Hanks July 19, 1886, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Sidney AJvarus Hanks and Mary Ann Cook of Salt
Lake City, pioneers July 24, 1847. Brigham Young com-
pany). She was born Jan. 21, 1868. Their children: Mary-
Hanks b. Aug. 8, 1890, m. Seymour B. Curtis; Harriott Eula
b. April 8, 1894; Lydia Hanks b. March 25, 1897; Alvarus
Hanks b. April 9, 1904. Family home. Salt Lake City.

PARRY, JOHN (son of Bernard Parry, born In 1745 at New-
market, Flintshire, Wales, died April 16, 1822. and Eliza-
beth Saunders, born In 1744. died Nov. 1, 1805, at New-
market married April 25, 1766). He was born Feb. 10,
1789, at Newmarket. Came to Utah Oct. 27, 1849, George
A. Smith company.

Married Mary Williams In 1807, who died In 1849 on way
to Utah. Their children: Bernard b. Oct. 9, 1809, d. Nov.
12, 1841, at Birkenhead, Eng.; Elizabeth b. July 21, 1811,
d. 1820; Mary b. May 4, 1813, d. Oct. 17, 1893, Mill Creek,
Salt Lake Co., Utah. m. John Williams; Sarah b. May 9,
1815, d. 1846, Flintshire, Wales; John b. Oct. 13, 1817, d.
May 16, 1882, Logan, Utah, m. Harriet Julia Robert; Wil-
liam b. Oct. 16, 1820, d. April 22, 1893, Ogden, Utah, m.
Jane Vaughn; Caleb b. Oct. 9. 1823. m. Catherine Vaughn

Married Harriet Parry April 2, 1854. Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Parry and Ellen Foulkes). who was
born Oct. 18, 1822, at St. Asaph. Wales, and came to Utah
In 1853, died April 4, 1901. Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren: Joseph H. b. Aug. 8, 1855, m. Parthenia Kesler;
Bernard L. b. Aug. 10. 1855. d. Oct. 2, 1855; Louisa E.
b. Sept. 21, 1857, m. Henry Emery; Edwin F. b. July 11,
1860, m. Margaret Smith; Henry E. b. Feb. 11, 1862, m.
Clarissa Woodbury. Families resided at Salt Lake City.

First leader of church choir In Salt Lake City; member
of high council. Militiaman. First to introduce lucern
Into Utah.

PARRY. CALEB (son of John Parry and Mary Williams).
Born Oct. 9, 1823. Newmarket, Flintshire, Wales. Came to
Utah Oct. 27, 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Catherine Vaughn Evans Feb. 26. 1849 (daugh-
ter of Edward Vaughn Evans, born at Guildfleld. Montgom-
eryshire, Wales, and Margaret Williams, born at Lianfair,
Wales). She was born Dec. 14, 1826, at Trauscoed Hall,
Guildfleld, Wales, and died Nov. 20, 1893, at Ogden, Utah.
Their children: Caleb, Jr.. b. Feb. 16, 1850, m. Frances
Sophia Marriott; Bernard b. March 1, 1852, m. Anna Mar-
riott; Arthur b. Jan. 9, 1854, d. Sept. 12, 1855; Llewellen
b. Jan. 9. 1854, d. Nov. 7, 1854; Brlgham b. March 14, 1857,
d. Sept. 15, 1858; Aneurin b. Feb. 27, 1859, d. Nov. 15, 1867;
Leo b. Nov. 9. 1861, m. Ella Jones; Rose Winifred b. April
7, 1864, m. Moroni S. Marriott; Rudolph b. Feb. 22, 1867,
m. Mary Ann Hodson. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Winifred Parry (daughter of John Parry, born
Oct. 20, 1801, Newmarket, Wales, died Oct. 21, 1881, Cedar
City, Utah, and Elizabeth Parry, born Jan. 1, 1809. New-
market, died Oct. 18, 1869, Cedar City married Sept. 7,
1834, at Newmarket, pioneers 1852. Captain De Lamar
company). She was born July 30, 1838, at Newmarket and
died October, 1865, at Ogden, Utah. Their children: Gron-
way b. Aug. 19, 1858, m. Laura Gardner; Mary Frances
b. Dec. 19, 1861, d. Oct. 2, 1864; John b. July, 1864.

He sailed from Liverpool, Eng., Feb. 25, 1849, on ship
"Buena Vista," with 249 Welsh converts, under direction
of Dan Jones. They arrived at New Orleans April 19,
thence up the rivers to St. Louis and to Council Bluffs,
where he joined the George A. Smith company for Utah,
arriving at Salt Lake City as above. Master mason on
L. D. S. temple 1853-55. Veteran Indian war 1850-55. Mem-
ber Echo Canyon expedition 1857. Settled In Ogden 1855.
Mason on Ogden tabernacle 1856-57. Appointed captain
Co. E, 3d battalion, first regiment, first brigade, Nauvoo
legion, Feb. 20, 1868 (the militia of the territory of Utah).
Missionary to England 1870. Died Sept. 3, 1871, at Birming-
ham, Eng.

PARRY, CALEB, JR. (son of Caleb Parry and Catherine
Vaughn Evans). Born Feb. 16, 1850, Salt Lake City.

Married Frances Sophia Marriott Feb. 18, 1878 (daughter
of John Marriott, born March 6, 1817, at Rhodes, Northamp-
tonshire, Eng., died June 10, 1899. at Ogden, Utah, and
Elizabeth Stewart, born April 12, 1829, Bedfordshire, Eng.,
former pioneer 1851). She was born Feb. 22, 1861, at Ogden.
Their children: Parley Moroni b. July 18, 1879, m. Otelia
Halgren; Lucele b, Sept. 22, 1881; John Harold b. Dec. 11,
1883; Elizabeth Amlna b. Feb. 3, 1886, m. Earl A. Strat-
ford Aug. 27. 1908; Wlllard Ray b. Jan. 15, 1888; Caleb
Royal b. March 17, 1890; Myrtle Catherine b. Aug. 16,
1892, m. Henry Brunn; Lillian b. July 22, 1895; Oscar Leland
b. July 25, 1897; William Bruce b. Nov. 24. 1901; Ezra Mar-
riott b. Sept. 6, 1903. Family home Marriott ward, Ogden,

Colonial missionary to Arizona 1867-77. Farmer.

PARRY. PARLEY MORONI (son of Caleb Parry. Jr., and
Frances Sophia Marriott). Born July 18, 1879, Ogden, Utah.

Married Otelia Halgren Oct. 15. 1902 (daughter of Trules
A. Halgren. born Jan. 5, 1835, at Klorup, Sweden, died
Sept. 4, 1902, at Ogden, and Clara Burling, born April 11,
1840. at Kumla. Westmanland, Sweden, died July 3, 1910,
at Ogden). Their children: Clara Otelia b. Feb. 7. 1904;
Varian Parley b. Oct. 20. 1905; Winton Moroni b. Sept 6,

Manager of Merchants Light and Power Co. of Ogden.

PARRY, JOSEPH (son of Edward Parry, born In 1769, died
Aug. 12, 1842, and Mary Foulke. born in 1777, died Sept.
10, 1838 married at Newmarket, Wales, June 22, 1795).
He was born April 4, 1825, at Newmarket. Came to Utah
Oct. 3, 1852, William Morgan company.

Married Jane Payne Sept. 1, 1848, at Liverpool, Eng..
who died April 19. 1849, at New Orleans, La.

Married Eliza Tunks in April, 1850, at St. Louis, Mo.,
(daughter of Richard Tunks and Mary Ann Morgan), who
was born March 23, 1824, at Leominster, Herefordshire,
Eng., and died July 3, 1866. at Ogden. Utah. Their chil-
dren: Joseph b. Nov. 28, 1850. m. Alice A. Allen July 20.
1874; Edward b. Nov. 19, 1853, d. July 14, 1889; Hyrum b.
Nov. 23. 1854; Eliza Jane b. Dec. 5, 1859, m. Joseph Harbert-
Bon Dec. 30, 1880; Mary Ann b. March 17, 1862, d. Nov. 21,
1866; Frances b. July 3, 1866, d. same day.

Married Ann Malin in January, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Malin and Mary Penn), who was born
April 10, 1829, In Warwickshire. Eng.. and came to Utah
Nov. 30. 1856. Edward Martin handcart company. Their
child: Ann Henrietta b. Sept. 16, 1857, m. Thomas Green-
wood Dec. 18. 1871.

Married Olive Stone Nov. 20, 1866. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Amos Pease Stone and Minerva Leantine Jones,
former pioneer 1850). She was born April 8, 1847, at
Council Bluffs. Iowa. Their children: Brlgham b. Dec. 14,
1867, d. Feb. 6, 1868; Chauncey b. Sept. 27, 1869, m. Julia
Hutchens Nov. 7, 1894; Olive Ann b. Feb. 26, 1872, d. Jan.
30, 1880; David b. Sept. 28, 1874, d. Jan. 5, 1880; Walter
b. April 27, 1877, m. Jeanette Petterson June 24, 1908; Ada
b. Dec. 22, 1880, m. Sumner P. Nelson; Lizzie b. Aug. 26,
1882. m. Walter Farr Jan. 14, 1909; Amos b. July 13, 1885;
Ellas b. Feb. 29, 1888.

Married Mrs. Susan A. (Wright) Brown Feb. 22, 1868,
Salt Lake City (daughter of Josiah Wright, born Aug.
10, 1805, at Trenton, Conn., died March 21, 1900, at Ogden,
Utah, and Susan Buel, born March 29, 1810, died 1883, at
Ogden, Utah, pioneers 1854). She was born Sept. 6, 1843,
In Connecticut and died Dec. 31. 1903. at Ogden. Their
children: Jullett b. Nov. 20, 1868, m. John David Ballanger
June 5, 1907; Franklin b. March 16, 1872, d. Jan. 23, 1880;
John b. July 28, 1874. m. Pearl Heball; Charles Oliver b.
March 27, 1877, m. Ada Crandall Feb. 23, 1897; William
b. April 30, 1880, d. Feb. 27. 1894; Albert b. Oct. 9, 1882;
Henry Grover b. Oct. 16, 1884.

First counselor to President Lorln Farr of high priests
quorum 1896; missionary to Wales 1870; member of high
council 1880-1908. City councilman four terms. Veteran
Echo Canyon campaign. One of the original 27 settlers
of Salmon river district.


Married Ann Roberts. Their children: Mary, m. Morgan
Jones; Sarah, m. William Jones; Lea, m. Amos Jones; Edward
L,, m. Ann - ; Edward R., m. Ellen - ; Joseph;
David, m. Margrate Jones; Emma, m. Lucius Billings.

PARRY, EDWARD L. (son of Thomas Parry and Ann
Roberts). Born Aug. 26, 1818, In Wales. Came to Utah 1863.

Married Ann - . Their children: Edward b. Oct. 19,
1859, m. Chariot Edmonds; Mary Ellen, m. Sylvester Cox;
John, m. Belle Peacock; Hattie; Bunnard, m. Vllate
Harmond; Emma. Family home Manti, Utah

Died Aug. 27, 1906, Manti, Utah.

PARSONS, GEORGE (son of Stephen and Mary Parsons
of Missouri). Born In 1834. Came to Utah In 1854, oxteam

Married Lydia R. Fisher (Simmons) in 1853 in Missouri
(daughter of Vardts Fisher of New York, pioneer 1854;
also the widow of Leven Simmons, pioneer 1852, oxteam
company, and by whom she had the following children:
Vardis John. m. Jane Steward; Benjamin Franklin, m. Ann
Warner; William R., m. Martha Warner; Andrew Jackson,
m. Agnes Bellows; Alma Charles, m. Miss Coyle; Lydia
Rebecca, d. child; Sarah Elizabeth, m. Charles Forsyth;
Fanny E., m. Charles Steward. Family home, Spanish Fork,
Utah). She was born Feb. 20, 1837. Their child: Mary
Jane, m. William Henry Babcock. Family home Spanish
P'ork, Utah.


PARTINGTON, RALPH. Came to Utah In 1853.

Married Ann Taylor, who came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Catherine, m. Hugh Finley; Ellen, m. John
Kay; William, m. Annie Cowley; Sarah, m. Thomas Quayle;
Edward, died.

Carpenter and Joiner. Died Salt Lake City.



PARTRIDGE, EDWARD (son of Edward Partridge, born
Aug. 27, 1793, Painesville, Ohio, and Lydia Clisbee). Born
June 25, 1833, Jackson county, Mo. Came to Utah In 1848.

Married Sarah Lucretia Clayton Feb. 4, 1858, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Clayton and Ruth Moon, former
pioneer of 1847, latter of 1848). She was born Aug. 1,
1837. Their children: Harriet Parmelia b. Nov. 14, 1858,
m. Albert H. Kimball May 15, 1876; Edward b. Dec. 13,
1860, m. Jennie King, m. Dora Davis; William Clayton b.
Oct. 2, 1862, m. Sarah Stott; Erne May b. Sept. 2, 1864, and
Louis Amasa b. Dec. 27, 1866, d. children; Ernest DeAlton
b. June 13, 1869, m. Elizabeth Truman Aug. 16, 1896; Stanley
b. Nov. 17, 1871, m. May W. Wright June 19, 1899; Ray-
mond b. Feb. 15, 1875, m. Maud E. Wentz Oct. 16, 1899.

Married Elizabeth Buxton Feb. 16, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Buxton and Elizabeth Camel), who was
born April 5, 1842. Their children: Emily b. Dec. 1, 1862,
m. George A. Black; John C. b. July 29, 1865, and Charles
b. June 18, 1867, died; George Arthur b. March 12, 1869,
m. Lucy Lyman Nov. 14. 1895; Carlos b. May 14, 1871, m.
Nell Darling; Clara b. Aug. 4, 1873, m. David F. Stevens;
Frank Harvey b. Aug. 12, 1875, m. Dell Melville, m. Hattie
Wicker; Mary Aloha b. Nov. 18, 1877, m. Josiah Wixom;
Lydia Maud b. Oct. 13, 1879, m. Clark Kimball. Families
resided Fillmore, Utah.

Missionary to Sandwich Islands 1854 and 1882; counselor
In presidency Millard stake 1877; counselor In presidency
Utah stake 1892; president Utah stake 1895; bishop Fill-
more 1869. Manager Co-op, store Fillmore 1869; vice-presi-
dent Millard County Stockraising Association 1871. Probate
judge Millard county 1869; elected to territorial legislature
1873; major Fillmore 1875. Died Nov. 17, 1900.

PARTRIDGE, ERNEST DeALTON (son of Edward Partridge
and Sarah Lucretia Clayton). Born June 13, 1869, Fillmore,

Married Elizabeth Truman Aug. 16, 1896, at Lansing,
Mich, (daughter of Abram K. Truman and Gertrude Har-
rison of Lansing), who was born Jan. 23, 1873. Their chil-
dren: Ruth Louise b. Dec. 22, 1898; Truman Edward b.
July 25, 1903; Ernest DeAlton, Jr. b. Nov. 6, 1906; Ger-
trude Elizabeth b. Oct. 13, 1909. Family home Provo, Utah.

Bishop 4th ward Provo 1902-07; member high council
Utah stake. First principal Murdock Academy Beaver,
Utah, 1898-1901; assistant professor mathematics B. Y. U.,
Provo. Provo city councilman 1904-07.

PASSEY, JOHN (son of Thomas Passey and Margaret
Showell of Strensham, Worcestershire, Eng.). Born Dec.
17, 1810, Twyning, Worcestershire. Came to Utah Sept. 13,
1861, Joseph Home company.

Married Anna New In England and later In Salt Lake
City Endowment House (daughter of William New and
Elizabeth Colling of England), who was born Oct. 20,
1816. Their children: Thomas, m. Drucilla Theobald; Wil-
liam, m. Asenath Wilcox; Frederick, m. Louie Gray; George,
m. Addle Daley; Herbert, died; John, m. Elizabeth Clifton.

Elder. Sawyer and farmer. Died March 21, 1883, at Paris,

PASSET, GEORGE (son of John Passey and Anna New).
Born Dec. 14, 1844, in Strensham, Worcestershire, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, with parents.

Married Addie Daley Sept. 28, 1874, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Phineas Daley and Adeline Grover of New York),
who was born May 17, 1857. Their children: Ida G. b. Aug.
12, 1875, m. Franklin C. Fuller; Retta b. Aug. 1, 1877, m.
Joseph F. Broadbent: George, Jr., b. Aug. 13, 1879, and Ray
b. July 15, 1883, died; Roy b. Sept. 13, 1885, m. Sarah M.
Harris; Nora b. Jan. 23, 1888, died; Annie b. Jan. 30, 1891,
m. Reid Beck; Wilford W. b. Jan. 19, 1893, died; Lorin b.
Aug. 15, 1894. Family resided Mesa, Maricopa county,
Ariz., and Provo, Utah.

Senior officer of 90th quorum of seventies; missionary
to North Carolina 1880-82; high priest. In 1868 returned
to Platte river with church team after Immigrants. Mer-

I'ATE, ROBERT BURROWS (son of John Pate of Moss
End, Lancashire, born Sept. 21, 1769, and Betty Burrows
of England). He was born Feb. 27, 1801, Hedge End, Mars-
den, Lancashire. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Betty Broughton in 1822, who was born In May
1802, and died in England May 12, 1838. Their children:
Mary b. Aug. 3, 1823; Sarah b. Jan. 3, 1826; Isabelle b. Feb.
17, 1828; Nathan b. June 15, 1830; Rachel b. June 17, 1833;
James b. June 28, 1835; Betty b. March 14, 1838.

Married Mary Greenwood March 22, 1840 (daughter of
William Greenwood, died Oct. 22, 1842, and Sarah Utly, died
Aug. 28, 1842). She was born May 14, 1804, In England.
Their children: John G. b. Feb. 17, 1841; Greenwood G. b.
March 11, 1842; Ezra G. and Jacob G., twins, b. March 4,
1844. latter m. Ruth J. Still March 8, 1866.

Priest; presided over branch of L. D. S. church at Burn-
ley, Eng. Settled at Union Fort, ten miles south of Salt
Lake City. Died Oct. 28, 1875.

PATE, JACOB G. (son of Robert B. Pate and Mary Green-
wood). Born March 4, 1844, Hancock county. 111. Came
to Utah with father.

Married Ruth J. Still March 8, 1866, at Union, Salt Lake
county (daughter of Andrew J. Still and Mercy Ann How-
ard, pioneers Utah 1864). She was born Feb. 7, 1846, in
Taney county, Mo. Their children: Joseph S. b Dec. 19,
1866, d. Dec. 29, 1866; Jacob G., Jr., b. Jan. 15, 1868, m.

Rebecca Hunt; Robert B. b. April 7, 1870, m. Frances
Honeysett; Ruth b. Jan. 24, 1872, m. John E. Baker; Mercy
Ann b. Jan. 12, 1874, d. Sept. 5, 1876; Ezra G. b. Feb. 10,
1876, m. Ada Sharp; William b. Jan. 31, 1878, m. Hazel
D. Walker; Mary b. Oct. 18, 1880, d. April 12, 1884; John
and Sarah (twins) b. April 25, 1883, John d. March 21,

1884, Sarah m. Samuel Weight; Elizabeth J. b. Dec. 20.

1885, m. Oscar Snarr. Family home. Union.

Ward teacher; member 72d quorum seventies; first Sun-
day school superintendent Union ward; missionary to north-
ern states 1906; high priest.

PATTEN, THOMAS JEFFERSON (son of John Patten and
Hanna Ingersoll of Greene county, Ind.). Born April 10,
1828, In Greene county. Came to Utah 1849, Aaron Johnson

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