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Horace R. b. Feb. 15, 1888: Warren L. b. Feb. 13, 1890; Olive
E. b. Sept. 6, 1892. Family resided Tooele City, Utah, and
Marion, Idaho.

President Y. M. M. I. A. at Tooele 1879; missionary to
southern states 1879; counselor to bishop of Tooele 1880;
first counselor to president of Cassia stake 1888-90; patriarch.
Justice of peace. Died Oct. 16, 1911.

PICKETT, OLIVER B. (son of Moroni Pickett and Frances
A. Clegg). Born May 10, 1874, Lake Town, Utah.

Married Ammar E. Marcus Oct. 8, 1896, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Marcus and Rebecca Malone, both of
Junction City, Ark., who came to Utah November, 1885).
She was born Aug. 21, 1873. Their children: Leona B. b.
July 2, 1897; Hazel A. b. March 6, 1901; Howard O. b. Dec.
13, 1902; Thora A. b. Feb. 22, 1908: Thelma M. b. June 28,
1909. Family resided Marion and Oakley, Idaho.

Counselor to president Y. M. M. I. A. of Marion ward 1890-
97; president Y. M. M. I. A.; missionary to northwestern
states where he served as president of Seattle conference;
ordained bishop of Oakley third ward in 1904. Member
state board of education; state bounty commissioner; presi-
dent Minadoka Woolgrowers' Association. Justice of peace;
assessor Cassia Co., Idaho.

PICKUP, GEORGE. Came to Utah Oct. 24, 1848, with a sec-
tion of Mormon Battalion.

Married Eliza Haws (daughter of Gilbert Haws and Han-
nah Whitcomb of Pike county, 111., pioneers 1848, Lorenzo
Snow company). The only child was George b. March 8,
1850, m. Mary Olive Durfee. Family resided Salt Lake City
and Provo, Utah.

Married Miss Norton, pioneer oxteam company. Their
children: Edward; John. Family home Mountainville, Utah.

Member of the church. Died at San Bernardino, Cal.

PICKUP, GEORGE, JR. (son of George Pickup and Eliza
Haws). Born March 8, 1850, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Olive Durfee 1870, at Eden, Utah (daughter
of Thomas Durfee and Charlotte Sanford of Pike county,
111., pioneers 1861). She was born Feb. 29, 1852. Their chil-
dren: Laurania b. Aug. 24, 1871, d. aged 8; George Melvin
b. Jan. 20, 1873. m. Edith Keeler; Lola Vilate b. Sept. 29,
1876, m. Joseph Richens; Clarence Ray b. Oct. 10, 1879, m.
Vilate Batty; Alton b. Aug. 14, 1884. m. Ada Weight; Lorella
b. Oct. 9, 1886. Family resided Provo, Ogden and Roose-
velt, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher; home misionary. Veteran Black
Hawk war. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.
School teacher and school trustee. Farmer and carpenter.

cock, born at Mansfield, and Martha Haselgrove, born at
Hurst, Sussex, Eng.). Born Jan. 18, 1832, Mansfield. Came
to Utah Oct. 24, 1854. William A. Empey company.

Married Hannah Blench April 8, 1854, on ship "Marsh-
field," soon after leaving Liverpool (daughter of Thomas
Wheatley Blench and Ann Todner), who was born Sept 11
1833, New Castle-on-Tyne, Eng., and died Jan. 20, 1898'
Ogden, Utah. Their children: Thomas Wheatley b. Jan 27
1855, d. Oct. 23 1855; Jedediah William b. Dec. 9, 1856 m
Roxana Farr March 5, 1877; Ralph b. April 6, 1859, m. Alice
Reeves; Joseph b. Nov. 19, 1861, d. May 24, 1885; Hyrum b.
Nov. 19, 1861, m. Mary Allen; Martha Ann b. March 27 1864,
m. James A. Wright Aug. 11, 1882; Lorin b. July 9 1866 d
Jan. 8. 1867: John b. Oct. 29. 1867, d. Jan. 29, 1889- Mary
Hannah b. March 16, 1870, m. Dennis Harbaugh; Emeline b.
Oct. 20, 1872, m. William Martin; Margaret b. Jan. 24, 1876,
d. April 12, 1879. Family resided Ogden and Salt Lake City,

Married Fannie Branson Aug. 5, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Branson, born Aug. 6, 1823, in Leices-
tershire, Eng., died April 27, 1904, at Ogden, Utah, and Eliza-
beth Brecknock, born June 6, 1828, in England, died Feb.
13, 1897, at Ogden, Utah, who were married September, 1845).
She was born July 17, 1849, at Ochnel, Nottinghamshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Aug. 5, 1870, Carl G. Maeser company.
Their children: Eliza Snow b. July 30, 1871, m. William Hunt
May 15, 1888; Edith b. July 23, 1873, m. Harry D. Brighten
Sept. 12, 1901; Heber John b. Sept. 19, 1874, d. Oct. 18, 1892;
Abraham b. Nov. 13, 1876, d. May 16, 1878; William b. Nov. 13,
1876, d. May 7, 1878: Sarah b. Nov. 6, 1878, m. Benjamin
Scrivens Dec. 26, 1899; Zina b. Nov. 1, 1880, d. July 26, 1882.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Annie Burton Oct. 31, 1870, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Burton born May 6, 1820, Mansfield,
Eng., died Sept. 11, 1887, at Ogden, Utah, and Elizabeth Bur-
ton born Dec. 21, 1826, Mansfield. Came to Utah 1873).
She was born Sept. 1, 1849, Mansfield, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 1, 1870, Frank H. Hyde company. Their children: Fred-
erick B. b. Jan. 2, 1873, d. Dec. 1, 1873; Elizabeth b. Sept.
7, 1875, d. Sept. 2, 1876; Gilbert b. Dec. 7, 1877, m. Ida Hick-
man May 9, 1902; Willard b. Dec. 26, 1879, m. Blanche Wright
1905; Annie b. May 30, 1882; Samuel T. b. Aug. 29, 1884;
Thomas b. Jan. 6, 1890; Emma b. Aug. 15, 1892; Francis b.
April 4, 1894. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Sarah Burton (daughter of William and Eliza-
be'.h Burton), who was born Oct. 10, 1852, Mansfield, Eng.,
died May 21, 1904, Ogden. Came to Utah July 17, 1872, Eric
Peterson company. Their children: Rachel b. Dec. 24. 1874,
m. Heber Richens; George Albert b. June 25, 1877, d. Oct.
30, 1904; Charles Innis b. Sept. 1, 1879, d. child; Lucy b. Dec.
2, 1880. d. Feb. 12, 1883; Ada b. Nov. 27, 1882, d. Oct. 6,
1883; William b. Jan. 20, 1885, m. Florence Gibbons Nov. 10.
1904. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Settled at Ogden 1855. Missionary to England 1869-70.
Major in Nauvoo Legion. Blacksmith and merchant. Died
Nov. 27, 1906, Ogden, Utah.

PIDCOCK. JEDEDIAH WILLIAM (son of William Hasel-
grove Pidcock and Hannah Blench). Born Dec. 9, 1866,
Ogden, Utah.

Married Roxana Farr March 6, 1877, Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of Lorin Farr and Sarah Giles, the former a pioneer
1847), who was born Feb. 3, 1860, at Ogden, Utah. Their
children: Jedediah William b. Dec. 26, 1877. m. Dora M.
Moyes Dec. 10, 1908; Roxana b. Aug. 25. 1879, m. Clarence
Smith Gunnell Dec. 8, 1903; Lorin Eugene b. Jan. 1, 1882.
d. March 3, 1882; Joseph b. June 3, 1883, and Rebecca b.
Nov. 22, 1885, both died same day. Family home Ogden,

Chief clerk of railway offices at Ogden. Merchant. Died
April 22, 1886.

William Pidcock and Roxana Farr). Born Dec. 26, 1877,
Ogden. Utah.

Married Dora M. Moyes Dec. 10, 1908 (daughter of Alex-
ander H. Moyes, born March 22, 1851, Hastely, Scotland,
and Nancy Marinda Tracy, born Sept. 25, 1861, Ogden, Utah).
She was born Oct. 14. 1887, Ogden.

Member Alumni Association of College Physicians and
Surgeons at San Francisco; member American Medical As-
sociation; member Weber County and State Medical Society.
Weber county physician 1909-12.

PIERCE, GEORGE!. Born Jan. 20, 1828, In England. Came
to Utah August, 1859, James S. Brown company.

Married Nancy Campbell (daughter of Benapiha and
Eunice Campbell, former a pioneer, independent company),
who was born Jan. 8, 1833. Came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Francis Marion b. 1857, m. Elizabeth Jane
Lee Jan. 24, 1885; John Keaton b. 1859, d. May 14, 1861.
Family home North Ogden, Utah.

PIERCE, FRANCIS MARION (son of George Pierce and
Nancy Campbell). Born May 1, 1857, Liberty, Pa.

Married Elizabeth Jane Lee, Menan, Idaho (daughter of
Ezekiel Lee and Fannie B. Fisher, pioneers 1855), who was
born April 14, 1858, Big Cottonwood, Utah. Their children:
Caton W. b. April 2, 1886. m. Louis West, 1909; Fannie Leona
b. Aug. 26, 1888, m. Jimmie Nelson, 1912; Nancy May b. May
5, 1890; Ezekiel L. b. Feb. 18, 1892; Lucy Irene b. Jan. 22,
1894; Caroline b. Dec. 20, 1895: George b. Sept. 25, 1898;
Eunice Aurilla b. May 22, 1900. Family home Lorenzo, Idaho.




PIERPONT, THOMAS (son of John Plerpont and Anne Falr-
clough of Lancashire. Engr.). Born Nov. 6, 1836, Ralnhlll,
Lancashire. Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1864, Captain Lowry

Married Naomi King Nov. 2, 1858, In New York (daughter
of James King and Mary Bendall of Wiltshire, Eng.), who
was born May 27. 1840. Their children: John King b. Dec.

20, 1859, m. Marie Jentz; James King b. May 21, 1861. m.
Amanda L. Holdaway July 2, 1!>06; Harry, died; Ruth, m.
George H. Naylor; Mary. m. George R. Emery; Annie;
Thomas Falrclough, m. Vilate Smoot; Naomi, died; Florence,
m. W. W. Ta.gga.Tt; Ella May, m. J. E. Meyer. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Married Javenta Beck 1872, Salt Lake Endowment House
(daughter of Thomas Beck and Elizabeth Carlisle, of Lan-
cashire, Eng., pioneers Oct. 5, 1862, Ansel P. Harmon com-
pany). She was born April 21, 1855. Their children: George
H. b. Oct. 16. 1874. m. Camilla Winberg June 1 22, 1911; Eliza-
beth, m. H. J. Young; Anne; Clara; William F.; Margret F.;
J. Vera; Albert E. ; Mabel; Leah. Family home. Salt Lake

Elder. Master mechanic of O. S. L. R. R. President Salt
Lake Foundry. Died April 17, 1908.

PIERPONT, JAMES KING (son of Thomas Plerpont and
Naomi King). Born May 21, 1861. St. Cathrlnes, Canada.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Amanda Luclnda Holdaway (Young) July 2, 190(5.
Salt Lake City (daughter of Shadrlck Holdaway and Luclnda
Haws, of Provo, pioneers Oct. 24, 1848. contingent Mormon
battalion. Widow of Almono Leoto Young. Married Dec.
11, 1889 (son of J. W. Young and Lucy Canfleld of Salt Lake
City, and New York City, at Mantl, Utah. One child was
born: Lothelld Young). Amanda Luclnda Was born Jan.
17, 1870. Family home Provo, Utah.

Boilermaker and machinist.

pont and Naomi King). Born Sept. 16, 1870, Salt Lake City.
Married Vilate Smoot Jan. 4, 1893, Provo, Utah (daughter
of A. O. Smoot and Diana Eldredge of Provo, pioneers Sept.
23, 1847, Daniel Spencer company). She was born Nov. 30,
1873. Their children: Pauline b. March 8, 1894; Clifford
Smoot b. May 7. 1897; Naomi b. Dec. 26, 1899; Vilate b. Jan.
S, 1902; Margeret b. Nov. 10, 1904; Thomas George b. Dec.

21. 1906; Ruth b. Feb. 28, 1908; John Barney b. June 1,
1910. Family home Provo, Utah.

Manager Provo Foundry and Machine Company. Inc.,
Provo, Utah.

I'iKHSON, P. Born In Sweden. Came to Utah with oxteam

Married In Denmark. His children: John P., m. Ellen
Mathews; Elvlna H. Olsen (adopted), m. Isaac E. Black.

High priest. Farmer. Died In 1904, Huntington, Utah.

PIKE!, JOHN NIGHTINGALE (son of Edward Pike and Han-
nah James Baker, of Westholme, near Shepton Mallet, Som-
ersetshire, Eng.). Born Nov. 2, 1846, Pllton, Somersetshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1868, John Gillespie oxteam

Married Elizabeth Rawllngs June 21, 1868, Upton Noble,
Somersetshire (daughter of James Rawllngs and Elizabeth
Sharp of Upton Noble, Eng., the former a ploner Sept. 19,
1869). She was born Sept. 8, 1845. Their children: Eliza-
beth Ellen b. Aug. 23, 1869, d. Dec. 1. 1876; John Edward
James b. June 4, 1872, m. Clarlbel Ridges June 21, 1893;
Ethel Hanah Georgeina b. Sept. 8, 1875. m. Walter L. Hoi-
brook June 28. 1899; Edward Ernest b. June 19, 1877, m.
Louise J. England, April 22, 1903; William Albert b. Aug.
5, 1879, d. Jan. 12, 1882; Charles Raymond b. Dec. 4, 1881.
m. Beatrice Anderson Sept. 21, 1910; Frederick Rawllnga
b. Nov. 13, 1884, d. Dec. 9, 1891; Elsie Marian b. Oct. 9, 1890.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 30th quorum seventies; high priest; member high
council of Liberty stake. Member Salt Lake City board of

PIKE, CHARLES RAYMOND (son of John Nightingale Plka
and Elizabeth Rawlings). Born Dec. 4. 1881, Salt Lake City.

Married Beatrice Anderson Sept. 21, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles L. Anderson and Ellen Okelberry of
Grantsville, Utah). She was born Jan. 15, 1886. Their
child: Raymond Anderson, b. April 8, 1912. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Elder; missionary to Germany, 1902-05. Wholesale dealer
of bakers' and confectioners' supplies; firm name, Pike
Anderson company.

PIMM, JOHN (son of John Pimm, born Jan. 21, 1793.
Measham, Derbyshire, Eng., and Ann Martin, born March
20, 1790, Keady, Armagh, Ireland). He was born Sept. 13,
1815, Bellatore. Ireland. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse
B. Martin wagon company.

Married Sarah Tabberer (daughter of Henry Milward Tab-
berer and Sarah Fisher, married at Derby, Derbyshire, Eng.;
both died In England). She was born Sept. 5, 1814, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Henry b. Feb. 28,
1836. d. August, 1857; Isaac b. May 3. 1838. d. April 17. 1843;
Sarah Ann b. April 8, 1840. m. James P. Park Oct. 28, 1857;
Beth Austin b. June 23, 1842, m. Eliza Jane Dent Nov. 1.
1869; John b. April 15. 1845, d. March 20. 1846; John b. June
13. 1849. d. Feb. 1, 1856. Family resided Salt Lake City, Mill
Creek and St. George, Utah.

Married Agnes Donald Feb. 23. 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Malcolm Donald and Mary Shaw), who was
born Oct. 10, 1834, Blackwood, Scotland. Their children
John D. b. Dec. 1. 1861. m. Eva Dodge Dec. 23, 1888; Jame
D. b. Feb. 21, 1864, died; Mary D. b. Sept. 22, 1865, m. Pres-
cott Lamb June 19, 1885; Agnes D. b. Jan. 1, 1868, m. Sher-
man Hardy Jan. 27, 1887; Ann D. b. Nov. 24, 1869, m. Ashby
Snow; Malcolm D. b. July 14, 1871, m. Elizabeth Gray May
1. 1894; Archibald D. b. July 16, 1873; Jane D. b. Aug. 2,
1874; Charlotte D. b. April 9, 1877; latter three died. Family
home St. George, Utah.

Moved to Provo. 1858, In the general move, and returned
to Mill Creek in the fall; called to help settle St. George,
1861. President 61st quorum seventies; tithing clerk at
St. George 1861, Held marshal; city secton; poundkeeper
and city assessor and collector. Postmaster, 1873-1901
Died March 12, 1901, St. George.

PIMM, SETH AUSTIN (son of John Pimm and Sarah Tab-
berer). Born June 23, 1842.

Married Eliza Jane Dent Nov. 1, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Dent and Jemima Keeble, former died In
England, latter pioneer Sept. 2, 1868, Daniel D. McArthur
company). She was born Dec. 29, 1848, Maldon, Essex
county, Eng. Family home St. George, Utah.

Missionary to England 1864-66. County clerk and re-
corder 10 years; assistant postmaster. 1876-1901. School
teacher. 16 years. Draftsman in county surveyor's office.
Now retired from business.

PINCOCK, JOHN (son of John Plncock and Mary Marsden of
Exton, Eng.). Born July 27, 1830. Exton. Came to Utah
Aug. 28, 1852, John Parker company.

Married Isabella Douglass Feb. 3, 1851, St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of George Douglass and Ellen Briggs of Down-
ham, Eng., and immigrated to St. Loula, Mo.; former died in
Missouri; latter a pioneer Aug. 28, 1862, John Parker com-
pany). She was born Nov. 1, 1833. Their children: Mary
Ellen b. Nov. 8, 1851, m. Sollman C. Stephens; John Edmond,
m. Alice Parker Richard Feb. 27, 1879; Isabell Alice, m. H.
B. Forbes June 7, 1873; James Henry, m. Annie E. Garner
Nov. 24, 1881; Ann, d. Aug. 20, 1860, d. birth; Charlotte, m.
John A. Garner Nov. 24, 1881; Jane b. Nov. 16, 1863, d. Nov.
16. 1863; George Albert, m. Lucinda E. Bingham Oct. 20,
1886; Vilate, m. Charles H. Woodmanser Oct. 26, 1887; Charles,
m. Josie Porter Dec. 29, 1893; William Aaron, d. April 13,
1888; Josephine b. Jan. 20. 1874, d. July 22, 1875; Richard
Douglass, m. Ethel Jane Fowler Nov. 30, 1905; Wealthy.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

High councilor in Weber stake; high priest. Assisted in
bringing immigrants to Utah 1863. County commissioner
two terms; Ogden city councilman: depot policeman at Og-
den for 20 years. Farmer. Died Dec. 16, 1906, Ogden.

PINCOCK, JOHN EDMUND (son of John Plncock and Isa-
bella Douglass). Born Dec. 16. 1863. Kaysville, Utah.

Married Alice Barker Richards Feb. 27, 1879, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Samuel W. Richards and Mary Ann Par-
ker of Salt Lake City). She was born Oct. 29, 1857. Their
children: John Franklin b. Jan. 15, 1880, m. Susie Black-
ford June 22, 1910; Mary Alice b. Dec. 22, 1881, m. Charley
Nlbley Jan. 19, 1905; Henry Dewey b. Dec. 6, 1883, m. May
Graham; Richard Parker b. Jan. 21, 1886; Samuel Whitney
b. Dec. 31, 1887; William Aaron b. Aug. 8, 1890; Howard b.
Nov. 8. 1892; Edith b. July 17, 1895; Carrie Alene b. Feb.
11, 1898; Parley Parker b. Dec. 17. 1900, d. Dec. 29, 1901.
Families resided Ogden, Utah, and Wilford, Teton and Sugar
City, Idaho.

President quorum Fremont stake; high priest; counselor
to bishop of Wilford ward 1888-93; bishop of Teton ward
10 years; high councilor In Fremont stake. Sheriff Fre-
mont county two years; assessor and collector two years;
chairman board of county commtsioners two years; state
grain commissioner two years. Farmer and stockralser.
President and manager of Roxbury Milling company.

PINCOCK, JAMES H. (son of John Plncock and Isabella
Douglass). Born Jan. 20, 1858, Ogden, Utah.

Married Annie E. Garner Nov. 24, 1881. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Frederick Garner and Ann Horrocks of Ogden.
Utah). She was born 1863, Ogden. Their children: Jose-
phine b. Sept. 13, 1882, m. Robert Thomson Jan. 17. 1907;
James F. b. Aug. 29. 1884; C. Bert b. April 28, 1889; Annabel!.-
b. March 24. 1891; Alice Pearl b. July 14, 1894; Ida Fern b.
May 28. 1900; Rulon D. b. Feb. 26, 1902. Family home Sugar
City. Idaho.

PINCOCK, GEORGE A. (son of John Plncock and Isabella
Douglass). Born March 1, 1865, Ogden, Utah.

Married Luclnda E. Bingham Oct. 20. 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Sanford Bingham and Martha Ann Lewis of
Rlverdale, Utah, pioneers September, 1847). She was born
Nov. 27, 1868. Their children: Martha Isabella b. July 10,
1887; Lottie May b. May 9, 1889; Lucinda Elizabeth b. Oct.
8. 1891; George Sanford b. April 11. 1893; William Albert b.
Feb. 21. 1896: Wealtha Jane b. April 9. 1899: Douglass b.
Sept. 27, 1900; John Lewis b. Oct. 7, 1902; Lorin b. March
24, 1904; Mark Lavaine b. Sept. 19, 1907, d. May 10, 1912;
Grant Bingham b. Sept. 26, 1910. Family home Sugar City,

Missionary to southern states 1895-98; counselor to bishop



of Wilford ward 5 years; bishop of Wilford 5 years; alter-
nate member high council and later high councilor; super-
intendent of religion classes Fremont stake. Representative
In Idaho legislature 1911-12. Field superintendent Utah-
Idaho Sugar Company. Farmer.

PLUMB, JEREMIAH (son of Merlin Plumb and Elizabeth
Bellows of Salem, Utah, pioneers I860). Born Nov. 27, 1850.
Married Sarah Jane Shields Jan. 24, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John F. Shields and Mary Howell, pioneers
1849), who was born Sept. 29, 1854. Their only child was:
May E. b. Feb. 6, 1871, m. James R. Davis. Family home
Salem, Utah.

PINGREE, JOB (son of Job Pingree and Charlotte Tyrant
of Struntley, Worcestershire, Krig.). Born Nov. 21, 1837,
Struntley, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse B.
Martin company.

Married Esther Hooper Sept. 27, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Hooper and Susan Hancock of Hallow,
Worcestershire, Eng., pioneer Job Pingree company), born
Sept. 22, 1839. Their children: James; Annie; William;
Esther; Ellen; Elizabeth; Charles; Joseph; Hyrum; Franklin;
Pearl. Family horn* Ogden, Utah.

Missionary to England 1858-61; president eastern states
mission 1892-94. City councilman; water-works superin-
tendent; road supervisor; agricultural superintendent of
Amalgamated Sugar Company; president of Pingree Na-
tional bank.

PINGREE, FRANKLIN (son of Job Ptngree and Esther
Hooper). Born July 16, 1880, Ogden, Utah.

Married Pauline Taggart, Logan, Utah, Jan. 6, 1906 (daugh-
ter of George Taggart and Jessie McNiven); born March 28,
:885. Their children: Franklin b. Oct. 6, 1906; Ruth b. June
24, 1907; Paul b. Feb. 4, 1910.

Missionary to Germany March 20, 1901 to May 10, 1904;
mayor of Coalville Nov. 1911; president T. M. M. I. A. Sum-
mit stake; president 27th quorum of seventy. Treasurer
Summit county 1909-1911.

PITT, JOHN (son of Mathew Pitt and Elizabeth Martin of
Willenhall, Staffordshire, Eng.). Born April 9, 1816, Wil-
lenhall. Came to Utah September, 1866, Daniel Thompson
oxteam company.

Married Caroline Wright February, 1839, St. Peter's church,
Wolverhampton, Eng. (daughter of John Wright and Ann
Perry of Willenhall). She was born Oct. 19, 1820. Their
children: Priscilla, m. Alfred Lunt Dec. 8, 1865; Meshach,
m. Alie Price, Jan. 16, 1871; Ann, m. Shadrick Lunt May 27,
1872; Noah b. June 4, 1864, d. June 9, 1867; Hannah, m.
Charles Ahlstrom; Caroline, m. C. W. Foote Dec. 10, 1883;
John, m. Mary Ann Lund Jan. 14, 1884. Family home Nephi,

Sunday school worker over 23 years; high councilor.
Blacksmith. Died March 25, 1891.

PIXTON, ROBERT (son of George Pixton and Mary Han-
kinson of England). Born Feb. 27, 1819, Manchester, Lan-
cashire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1848, with Mormon Bat-
talion division.

Married Elizabeth Cooper May 5, 1839, Chesterfield, Derby-
shire, Eng. (daughter of John Cooper and Charlotte Hallotte
of England), who was born Feb. 8, 1820. Their children:
Charlotte b. Feb. 8, 1840, m. William Van Dyke; George b.
Sept. 23, 1841, Mary b. Dec. 12, 1844. and John Helaman b.
Oct. 3. 1846, d. infants; Robert b. Nov. 6, 1860, m. Amelia
IS, Atwood; Elizabeth b. Sept. 15. 1852, m. Henry Harker,
Br.; Willard b. Nov. 4, 1854, m. Isabella U. Carter; Sarah b.
1867, d. infant; Joseph C. b. Dec. 18, 1868, m. Emma Ashby:
Sariah H. b. Dec. 7, 1862, m. Henry Wheeler. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

Married Martha Silcock Jan. 26, 1869, Salt Lake City," who
was born April 30, 1852, Tooele, Utah. Their children: Alma
b. July 1, 1870, d. July 19, 1870; Nellie b. Sept. 3, 1872, d.
Sept. 18, 1874; Seth b. June 20, 1874, m. Emma Weaver;
Jane b. March 17, 1879, m. John D. Bowers; Olive b. Jan.
17, 1881, m. Edward H. Eardley.

Missionary to England 1862-66. Farmer. Died Nov. 23,
1881, Taylorsville, Utah.

PIXTON, WILLARD (son of Robert Plxton and Elizabeth
Cooper). Born Nov. 4, 1854, Salt Lake City.

Married Isabella U. Carter Jan. 22, 1876, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William Carter and Harriette Temperance
Utley of St. George, Utah; former pioneer July 24, 1847,
Brigham Young company, later pioneer 1852). She was born
March 10, 1867. Their children: Willard C. b. April 13, 1877
(d. Dec. 20, 1900), m. Alice Lindsay June 22, 1899; Lafayette
C. b. April 21, 1879. d. June 23, 1903; John Edward b. Dec.
9, 1880; Samuel b. Nov. 30, 1882 (d. Oct. 30, 1911), m. Nellie
Frampton Aug. 3, 1910; Norton Ray b. Dec. 17, 1884; Hazel
Isabella b. April 11, 1888, m. Eugene Paxton Sept. 29, 1909;
Grace b. May 8, 1890; Mary Elizabeth b. July 9, 1892, d. Feb.
23, 1905; Robert Carter b. Feb. 28, 1896: Ephraim b. May 24,
1899; George M. b. Aug. 18, 1901. Family home Taylorsville,

One of the presidents of 116th quorum seventies; mission-
ary to northern states 1894; ward teacher. Farmer.

PLATT, JAMES. Born in England. Came to Utah 1862, ox-
team company.

Married Elizabeth , who died at Mona, Utah. Their

children: Margary, William Much; Johathan, m. Bet Depot-
tie; Elizabeth, m. Thomas Yates; Nancy, m. John Harrison;
William, m. Mary Alice Kay; Sarah, m. Hyrum Vest; Ma-
rintha, m. William Ostler. Family home, Mona.

Seventy. Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer. Died at

POLL,, WILLIAM F. (son of William Poll and Jane Long of
Norfolk, Eng.). Born June 16, 1823, Norfolk, Eng. Came to
Utah November, 1862, Captain Nelson company.

Married Charlotte Long Nov. 3, 1843, Norfolk, Eng. (daugh-
ter of John Long of Norfolk). She was born June 29, 1822.
Their children: William John, m. Louis Strong; Maria, m.
Joseph Gibson; Frederick R., m. Rose Pinock; Jeanette, m.
Joseph Earl; Martha A., m. Orson S. Thomson; Maryann, m.
William Harrison; Alice, m. George Crabtree; Harriet, m.
James Strong; Charles, m. Cora Vine; Joseph, m. Mary
Bond. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Presiding teacher. Carpenter. Died Nov. 7, 1896, Salt
Lake City.

POMEROY, FRANCIS MARTIN (son of Martin Pomeroy and
Sybil Hunt of Somers, Conn.). Born Feb. 22, 1822, at Som-
ers. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Irene Ursula Haskell 1844, Salem, Mass, (daugh-
ter of Asabel Green Haskell and Ursula Billings Hastings
of Salem and Nauvoo, 111., pioneers 1847, John Smith com-
pany). She was born Nov. 1, 1825, died at Salt Lake City.
Their children: Francelle Eugenia, m. Charles Innez Rob-
son; Francis Ashbel. m. Mary A. Rich Jan. 10, 1876; Elijah
Pomeroy, m. Mary Annetta Coleman Oct. 16, 1879, m. Lucre-
tla Phelps; John Haskell, m. Emily Hutchinson, m. Clara
Drollinger July 13, 1889; Irene Ophelia, m. William M.
Newell April 28, 1874; May Isabel: Ella Amelia, m. William

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