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Susanna Elizabeth b. Oct. 19, 1863, m. Andrew B. Allen Jan.
6, 1881; Mark Henry b. Nov. 26, 1866, m. Charlotte M. Gregory
May 20, 1885; William Frederick b. Nov. 19, 1867; Francis
Chase b. Oct. 24, 1869, m. Nina Peck May 16, 1894; Isabell
Ellen b. Nov. 11. 1871. Family resided Franklin, Idaho, and
Coveville, Utah.

Married Octavia Elener Braley June 3, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Braley and Nancy Melvina Stowe, latter
came to Utah Nov. 25, 1883). She was born Dec. 1, 1851,
Linden, Perry Co., Tenn. Their children: Elener Vilate
Braley b. April 20, 1886, m. Alonzo J. W. Henson July 12,
1904; Freeman Braley b. Oct. 12, 1888. Children adopted by
them: Byron E. Braley b. Sept. 1, 1869, m. Thomas W.
Cornish Nov. 28. 1888; Harriett L. Braley b. Feb. 17, 1872;
Beulah B. Braley b. Dec. 20, 1874, m. John W. Biggs July
11, 1894; John W. Braley b. Dec. 19, 1878. Family home
Coveville, Utah.

PREECE, MARK HENRY (son of Mark Preece and Ellen
Cornish). Born Nov. 26, 1866, Franklin, Idaho.

Married Charlotte M. Gregory May 20, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Robert Gregory and Selena Marshall; former
came to Utah Oct. 18, 1862. Horton Haight company, latter
with Ellsworth handcart company). She was born Feb. 1,
1868, Franklin, Idaho. Their children: Ellen Selena b.
March 6, 1886, m. George F. Bowman Nov. 28, 1906; Robert
W. b. Oct. 26, 1887, m. Mary J. Bair Oct. 30, 1907; Aaron H.
b. May 6. 1890; Charlotte Phebe b. Feb. 1, 1892, m. Elmor D.
Hatch Feb. 28, 1911; Lula G. b. Dec. 21. 1897; Lona G. b.
March 21, 1900; Mark Golden b. Jan. 25, 1902; Estey Geneva
b. Dec. 2, 1903; Hylda G. b. May 22, 1907; Norris G. (adopted)
b. Feb. 11, 1911. Family home Coveville. Utah.

PRESTON, JAMES WHITMORE (son of Richard Preston of
Salem, Mass.). Born Oct. 7, 1822, at Salem. Came to Utah

Married Emeline Houston 1861 In Vermont (daughter of
Isaac Houston and Theodosia E. Keyes, both of Vermont;
pioneers 1851). She was born Feb. 28, 1834. Their children:
Theodosia, m. William Brown; James Whitmore, m. Annie
Conder; Richard, m. Bessie Chipman; Emeline. d. child;
Mary Ann, m. William Henry; Isaac H., m. Eliza Bishop;
Washburn C., m. May Huish; William A., m. Elsie Goft:
Minawell, m. Ephraim Nash; Charles Henry, m. Dalla Cutis;
Harriet A., m. John Vier. Family home American Fork,

Member of 67th quorum seventies; missionary to Boston,
Mass., 1880-82. School trustee at American Fork for 12
years. Assisted in the building of all canals about American
Fork, Alpine and Provo, Utah. Farmer; sheepman and

PRESTON. JAMES WHITMORE, JR. (son of James Whit-
more Preston and Emeline Houston). Born Jan. 7, 1854,
Alpine, Utah.

Married Annie Conder Nov. 14, 1874, Salt Lake City, Utah
(daughter of Edward Conder and Helen Pierce of American



Fork, Utah; pioneers Nov. 1850, Edward Hunter company).
She was born May 1, 1856. Their children: Emellne b. Oct. 6,
1875, m. William Sykes; Ellis b. Aug. 20, 1880, m. Max
Holman; James b. Sept. 2, 1882, d. aged 14; Frederick b. Feb.
18, 1885, m. May Padfleld; Helen b. April 6, 1887, m. Benjamin
F. Moffett; William b. May 2, 1889; Anna b. June 1891;
Pearl b. Nov. 27, 1895.

City councilman three terms 1893-99; mayor of American
Fork 1899-1901; watermaster one term and substitute water-
master two terms. Farmer and stockraiser.

PRESTON, SAMUEL, (son of John Preston and Elizabeth
Laycock of Wycalder, Lancastershire, Eng.). Born Nov.
6, 1825, at Wycalder. Come to Utah Sept. 2, 1868, Simpson
M. Molen company.

Married Louisa Coe Nov. 6, 1848, England (daughter of
John Coe and Mary Kemp of Sussex, Eng.), who was born
April 1827. Their children: John A. b. March 26. 1850, m.
Agnes Fife; William b. Feb. 10. 1860, m. Annie Clarke;
Thomas b. Jan. 16, 1865, m. Evelyn Clarke. Family home
Weston, Idaho.

High priest; Sunday school superintendent. Justice of
peace. Weaver; spinner and farmer. Died July 1906.

PRESTON, WILLIAM (son of -Samuel Preston and Louisa
Coe). Born Feb. 10, 1860, Norwood, Peterboro, Ontario,
Canada. Came to Utah with father.

Married Annie Clarke Oct. 10, 1882, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John H. Clarke and Elizabeth Heaver of Weston,
Idaho), who was born May 12, 1862. Their children: Lorin
W. b. July 31, 1883; Elizabeth L. b. April 9, 1886. Family
home Weston, Idaho.

President 88th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1903-05; secretary, assistant superintendent and superin-
tendent of Sunday school; 2d counselor bishopric of Weston
ward, and aid in Y. M. M. I. A., Beaver River stake. Farmer
and merchant.

PRESTON, THOMAS (son of Samuel Preston and Louisa
Coe). Born Jan. 16, 1865, in Ontario, Canada.

Married Emellne H. Clarke April 26, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John H. Clarke and Elizabeth Heaver of
Weston, Idaho). She died June 11, 1888.

Married Evelyn H. Clarke Dec. 5. 1890, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John H. Clarke and Elizabeth Heaver, born
Aug. 24, 1870). She died Oct. 12, 1906. Their children: May
Evelyn b. July B, 1892; Ines Louisa b. May 10, 1896; Herbert
Thomas b. Jan. 13, 1901; Vera Emeline b. Dec. 5, 1902;
Hortense Emily b. Sept. 24, 1905, d. Oct. 14, 1906. Family
home Weston, Idaho.

Missionary to northwestern states July 1897 to October
1899; 1st counselor to bishop 1902-05; superintendent of
Sunday school 1909-12. Representative from Oneida county,
Idaho 1902; senator from Oneida county, 1908 and 1910.

PRESTON, WILLIAM BOWKER (son of Christopher Pres-
ton and Martha Mitchell Claytor, of Franklin county, Va.).
Born Nov. 24. 1830, near Staunton, Augusta (then Franklin)
county, Va. Came to Utah from California Jan. 1, 1858,
Henry G. Boyle company.

Married Harriett Ann Thatcher Feb. 24, 1858, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Hezekiah Thatcher and Alley Kitchen,
Berkeley county, Va.; Springfield, Ohio; Springfield and
Nauvoo, 111.; and Winters Quarters, Iowa; pioneers Sept.
19, 1847, Daniel Spencer company). She was born Feb.
11, 1839. Their children: Alfred b. May 27, 1861; Alley b.
March 2, 1863; William Bowker b. Aug. 25, 1864, m.
Katherine Dollinger Pyper May 20, 1885; May b. May 30,
1869. Family resided Logan and Salt Lake City. Utah.

Married Bertha Anderson, who was born July 5. 1849, and
died Oct. 4, 1889. Their children: Lee b. May 16, 1873, m.
Amy D. Davidson; Stephen b. May 28, 1876, d. April 1878;
Nephi b. June 14, 1879, d. infant; Samuel A. b. Oct. 11.
1881; Mary A. b. March 7, 1885.

One of the founders and first bishop of Logan, Utah,
1859. Surveyed and laid out Logan City and its first
Irrigation system, the Logan and Hyde Park canal, with
Jesse W. Fox. Captain immigration trains 1862 and 1863.
Representative of state legislature 1862-63, and ensuing two
sessions ending 1865. Missionary to Europe 1865-68; presi-
dent Newcastle and Durham conferences 1865; Liverpool,
1865-68, on the "Millenial Star," Liverpool, and In charge
of Immigration. Representative to state legislature 1868-
83, continuously. Founder, vice-president and superin-
tendent of construction of the Utah Northern railroad. In
charge of all Cache valley settlements from the death of
Peter Maughn until Cache stake was organized 1869-77.
First counselor to Moses Thatcher, the first president of
Cache stake 1877. Director and vice-president of the Brig-
ham Young college at Logan for many years. Mayor of
Logan City, March 7, 1870 to March 1882. President of
Cache stake 1879-84. Presiding bishop of the church 1884-
1907. Died Aug. 2, 1908.

PRESTON, WILLIAM BOWKER (son of William Bowker
Preston and Harriett Ann Thatcher). Born Aug. 25, 1864.
at Logan.

Married Katherine Dollinger Pyper May 20, 1885, at Logan
(daughter of Alexander Crulckshanks Pyper and Catherine
Dollinger of Salt Lake City), who was born Jan. 5, 1862.
Their children: William Bowker b. Aug. 2. 1886, m. Mable

Amussen; Alexander Pyper b. Nov. 16, 1887; Verne Monroe
b. April 22, 1892; Claytor b. Feb. 12, 1894; George Dollinger
b. Feb. 24, 1897; Katherine b. Nov. 6, 1906. Family home,

Seventy; missionary to Germany 1888-91; second counselor
to bishop of first ward, Logan. Merchant. Died Aug. 13,
1907, Cache Junction, Utah.

PRESTON, WILLIAM BOWKER (son of William Bowker
Preston and Katherine Dollinger Pyper). Born Aug. 2,
1886, at Logan.

Married Mable Amussen June 18, 1912, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Carl Cristensen Amussen and Barbara Mc-
Isaac Smith former of KJoge, Sjaelland, Denmark, latter of
Lake View, Tooele Co., Utah, pioneers 1865, Thomas Taylor
company). She was born May 19, 1890. Family home. Salt
Lake City.

Missionary to Germany 1906-09. Physician.

PRESTWICH, WILLIAM (son of Abraham and Sarah Prest-
wich of Lancastershire, Eng.). Born May 9, 1816, Odenshaw,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1861.

Married Jane Lanshaw Feb. 14, 1835, Lancastershire, Eng.
(daughter of George Lanshaw, born in Wigan, Lancaster-
shire, moved to Ireland). Their children: Elizabeth, m.
Arrin Hardy; Sarah, m. John Killett; Caroline, m. Robert
Mallinson; Jane, m. David Atchison; William, m. Jennett
Harvey; Cyrus H. W., m. Lacy Morley; George, m. Julah N.
Draper; Mary Ann, m. Moses H. Draper. Family home
Timpanagas ward, Provo, Utah.

High priest; home missionary. Farmer. Died Dec. 8,
1892, Moroni, Utah.

liam Prestwlch and Jane Lanshaw). Born June 20, 1852,
Lancastershire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1862, Horton
D. Haight company.

Married Lucy Amanda Morley Oct. 11, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Isaac Morley and Abah Bradley), who was
born Dec. 20, 1867. Their children: Cyrus Eugene b.
Sept. 8, 1875, m. Eleanor Roseltha Bunnell; Adelaide b.
Sept. 17, 1877, m. Christen Larson; Abraham b. Feb. 8, 1880;
Sarah b. Feb. 8, 1880; Orsen b. Nov. 15, 1881, m. Sarah Cran-
dell; Leonard b. Sept. 16, 1883, m. Ethel Jackman; Eva b.
Sept. 29, 1886; Edith b. Oct. 31, 1887, m. Samuel Kitchen
Feb. 16, 1913; Amanda b. July 21, 1890, m. Barny Biglow;
Jane Abia b. Oct. 12, 1892; William Moriey b. Sept. 27. 1894;
Horace Emerson b. Dec. 24, 1896; Ormeldo b. Feb. 7, 1900;
Ora Viola b. March 21, 1902.

High priest. School trustee. Fruitgrower.

PRESTWICH, CYRUS EUGENE (son of Cyrus Herbert
Wheelock Prestwich and Lucy Amanda Morley). Born Sept.
8. 1875, Moroni, Utah.

Married Eleanor Roseltha Bunnell Dec. 1, 1897, Provo.
Utah (daughter of Daniel Kimball Bunnell and Mary Mulh,
Heber, Utah), who was born Aug. 12, 1878. Their children:
Merlin Eugene b. Sept. 6, 1898; Elvin b. Sept. 18, 1900; Elner
R b Nov. 17, 1902; Leland Kimball b. March 10, 1906; Feme
b. Sept. 20, 1908; Mary Claudia b. March 22, 1911. Family
home Sharon ward, Provo, Utah.

Elder. Fruitgrower.

PRICE, EDWARD (son of William Price and Jane Roden).
Born Sept. 29, 1811, Tentenhall, Eng. Came to Utah Oct.
19, 1862, Horton D. Haight company.

Married Matilda Lawrence, Birmingham, Eng. (daughter
of John Lawrence and Letesa Longstrom), who was born
Feb. 13, 1821, Brosgrove, Eng. Their children: Matilda, m.
Claudius Spencer; Lorenzo, m. Annie Buckley; Isabell, m.
Frank Smith, m. Saul Kunkle; Agnes, m. Ellas Price (not
related); Walter L., m. Esther Bird; Arlinda, m. Addison
Kurd, m. William Woodard; EH L., m. Georgle Needham;
William L. All born In England. Family home. Salt Lake

Merchant. Died August 1874, Salt Lake City.

PRICE, LORENZO (son of Edward Price and Matilda Law-
rence). Born May 27, 1846, Birmingham, Eng. Came to
Utah Oct. 19, 1862, Horton D. Haight company.

Married Annie Buckley Nov. 27, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Buckley of Oldham, Lancashire, Eng.,
who died en route to Utah, but his family came on to their
destination Oct. 4, 1854, Captain Nebeker company). She
was born Nov. 27, 1844, and came to Utah with mother.
Their children: Lorenzo, Jr., m. Emma Handley; Edward,
m. Artie Smith; Harry, m. Miss Burnett; Matilda, m. Mr.
Edmonds; Florence, m. George L. Hardy; Bessie, m. Hardy
K. Downing; Lawrence, m. Leona Christensen, m. Gladys
Stlfler; James Nelson. Family home. Salt Lake City.


PRICE, LORENZO, JR. (son of Lorenzo Price and Annie
Buckley). Born May 10, 1868, Salt Lake City.

Married Emma N. Handley June 26, 1890, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Handley and Elizabeth Clark of Cam-
bridgeshire, Eng., pioneers Oct. 6, 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock
company). She was born Oct. 17, 1867. Their children:
George B. b. Aug. 20, 1891, m. Bessie Sadley; Inez b. May
6. 1894, m. George W. Morse; Lorenzo V. b. Dec. 20, 1897;
Blanche b. Jan. 20, 1900; Ona b. Oct. 12, 1902; Evana b.
July 14, 1906, d. aged 18 months; Myna b. May 20, 1909.
Family home. Salt Lake City.



PRICE, JAMBS (son of James Price and Ann Banks of
Ludlow, SalopshJre, Eng.). Born May 17. 1837, Salopshire.
Came to Utah in September, 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins com-

Married Ann Powell March 28, 1857, at Ludlow (daughter
of George Powell and Maria Mausley of Blockwitch, Staf-
fordshire, Eng., pioneers 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins company).
She was born June 2, 1840. Their children: Ann b. June
21, 1858, m. William Daybell; George b. Jan. 6, 1861, m.
Mary Hannah Daybell: James, Jr.. b. Feb. 12, 1863, died
on the plains: Maria Rawlins b. Aug. 22, 1864, m. Charles
E. Thacker; Sarah Jane b. Dec. 28, 1866, m. Fred Thacker;
John H. b. May 22, 1869, m. Sarah Ellen Wintertor; Emma
b. June 10, 1871, m. John Penfold; Charles E. b. Oct. 1,
1873, m. Sarah Collins Bethers; Rachel Mary b. Dec. 18,
1875, m. Al Penfold; James William b. Dec. 31, 1877, m.
Martha McAffee: Margaret b. April 18, 1879, m. James
Casper; Lottie R. b. Aug. 16. 1881, died: Maybell b. Nov.
5, 1883, in. George Walker. Family home Charleston, Utah.

High priest; assistant Sunday school superintendent;
counselor Y. M. M. I. A. School trustee. Settled at Heber
City, Utah, 1864. Farmer.

PRICE, GEORGE (son of James Price and Ann Powell).
Born Jan. 6, 1861, Tipton, Staffordshire, Eng. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Mary Hannah Daybell Nov. 29, 1883, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Robert Daybell of Sheffield. Eng., and
Agnes Ann Bancroft of Breaston, near Barrows Hill, Derby-
shire, Eng., pioneers Sept. 1866, Samuel White company).
She was born Jan. 9, 1866, at Breaston. Their children:
James Robert b. April 3. 1885, m. Mabel Alexander; George
Finity b. June 28, 1886, m. Effle May Wag-staff; Theresa
b. June 28, J888, m. Stephen A. Simmons; Ray Levi b.
March 4, 1890; Franklin Daybell b. June 12. 1892; Fern
b. Sept. 27, 1894; Rintha b. Feb. 4, 1897; Willard Powell
b. Sept. 11. 1898; Rodney Daybell b. Aug. 20, 1901; Ruby b.
May 3, 1903: Mabel b. May 9, 1905, died; Ernest b. Oct. 19,
1907, and Winnette b. Dec. 7, 1908, latter three died; Wen-
dell Bancroft b. Dec. 7, 1908. Family home Charleston,
Wasatch Co., Utah.

High councilor; president Y. M. M. I. A.; second coun-
selor to Bishop William Daybell, Charleston ward 1899-1904.
President Charleston town board 1902-05. Member of firm
of Price Bros., merchants, Charleston. Director In Charles-
ton and the Midway Irrigation Companies.

PniCE, JOHN I. (son of John Price and Ann Cook of
Glastry, Radnorshire, Eng.). Born May 10, 1830, Glastry.
Came to Utah In 1862, William Keywood freight train.

Married Mary Ann Wingrove (daughter of Richard Win-
grove and Margaret Parker). Only child: Isaac T. b. Oct.
26. 1855, m. Ann Maria Reed Sept. 26, 1877. Family home,
Wanship, Summit Co., Utah.

Married Ellen Hick in December. 1864, at Wanship (daugh-
ter of Thomas Hick and Sarah Roberts, former a pioneer,
Captain Snow company). She was born at Birmingham,
ring. Only child: John Thomas b. May 3, 1866, m. Mary
Ellen Allen Dec. 7, 1888.

Settled at Wanship 1864. Moved to Laketown, Utah,

PRICE, ISAAC T. (son of John I. Price and Mary Ann Win-
grrove). Born Oct. 26, 1855, Cincinnati, Ohio. Came to Utah
with father.

Married Ann Maria Reed Sept. 26, 1877. Their children:
Alice A. b. Nov. 14, 1879, m. Arthur Smith Oct. 11, 1898;
Elizabeth E. b. Dec. 23, 1881, m. Joseph H. Astle June 13,
1906; Mary A. b. June 2, 1884, m. Joseph Stuck! April 6,
1904; Isaac Elvln b. Jan. 29, 1887; Ezra Luther b. Feb. 12.
1890, m. Alzina Tingey Nov. 23, 1910; Franklin Jesse b.
May 21, 1892; Wllford Marion b. May 8, 1895; Myrtle H.
b. May 22, 1898; Laverne R. and Melverne W. b. June 30,
1900; Leslie Lyman b. June 18, 1901; Asael Woodruff b.
Dec. 23, 1904. Family home Round Valley, Utah.

Bishop of Round Valley 1893.

PRICE, ROBERT (son of Simon Price, born March 1, 1808,
and Mary Stamers, born April 12, 1807). He was born June
19, 1835, in England. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861, Milo
Andrus company.

Married Matilda Louisa Kelsey Oct. 13, 1855 (daughter
of Edward Kelsey), who was born 1832. Their children:
Matilda Mary b. Jan. 3, 1857, m. George Sparks 1877; Robert
Henry b. Nov. 2, 1858, m. Ellen Croft Oct. 2, 1884; Welcome
William b. July 8, 1860. m. Lottie Imes 1886; Ellen Louisa
b. Feb. 25, 1863, m. Henry Athay Oct. 2, 1884. Family
home Paris, Idaho.

Married Susannah Juchaw March 2, 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Daniel Juchaw and Susannah Deigh-
ton, pioneers 1861, Milo Andrus company). Their adopted
children: Violet b. June 1, 1905; Pearl b. July 3, 1907; Gwen-
dolyn b. March 17, 1909.

Married Christine Shepherd Sept. 1, 1879 (daughter of
William and Ann Shepherd).

Married Wilhelmina Grey Feb. 6, 1887.

Married Ann Platts at Coleton, who was born in Sept.
1808. Their children: Charles; Jane; Herbert, m. Sarah
Howcroft. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Shoemaker. Died October, 1890.

PRICE. HERBERT (son of William S. Price and Ann
Platts). Born Sept. 17, 1848, Coleton, Leicestershire, Eng.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Sarah Howcroft Sept. 7, 1874. Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Howcroft and Mary Holland of Farns-
worth, Lancashire, Eng.; came to Utah in 1870. Captain
Mumford company). She was born Nov. 1, 1853. Their
children: Mary Ann b. July 18, 1875, m. David O. Willey;
Sarah Jane b. June 6, 1877; Herbert. Jr., b. July 24, 1880;
Gertrude Alice b. Dec. 27, 1882, died; Charles William b.
Nov. 19, 1887, m. Edna Hampton. Family home. Salt Lake

Farmer and stockraiser. Died August, 1909.

PRICE. CHARLES WILLIAM (son of Herbert Price and
Sarah Howcroft). Born Nov. 19, 1887, Salt Lake City.

Married Edna Hampton April 7, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Brigham Young Hampton and Mary Jane Rob-
inson of Sunderland, Durham, Eng., pioneers Sept. 1, 1868,
Captain Murdock company). She was born Jan. 3, 1891.
Their child: Charles Hampton b. March 2, 1911. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

Clerk in general passenger department of Oregon Short
Line at Salt Lake City for last ten years.

PRIESTLEY, JOHN (son of John Priestley and Jane Adam-
son of Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 25, 1843,
Bradford. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1862, Houtz and Bringhurst

Married Margaret D. F. McMaster Oct. 31. 1863, Salt
Lake City (daughter of William A. McMaster and Mar-
garet Drummond Ferguson of Dunfermline, Flfeshire, Scot-
land, pioneers Oct. 1, 1854, Daniel Garn company). She
was born Jan. 15. 1845. Their children: Margaret Jane b.
Sept. 24, 1864; John William b. March 8, 1866; Grace Lil-
lian b. Dec. 10, 1871; Annie Elizabeth b. April 22, 1874;
Mary Emily b. July 12, 1877; Alex Athol b. Nov. 1, 1878;
Sarah McMaster b. Aug. 8, 1881; Donald A. S. b. March
19, 1886; Virginia Irene b. May 5, 1889: Thomas Bruce
b. Dec. 28, 1890. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 6th quorum seventies. Printer on Deseret News
for 25 years.

PRICE, WILLIAM S. (son of Charles Price of Coleton,
Leicestershire, Engr.). Born In 1808, Coleton. Came to
Utah in 1853.

PRITCHETT, LEONIDAS ALFRED (son of James Prltchett)
Born Dec. 14. 1838, Rich Valley, Va. Came to Big Cotton-
wood, Utah, in 1864.

Married Elizabeth Ann Henlngar In Virginia (daughter
of Philip Heningar). Their children: Cathern L.; Eliza-
beth Ann. m. Parley P. Carver Nov. 27, 1889: Rose Ellen-
Alfred Leonidas; Margaret C.; Matilda P.; Nancy M. Fam-
ily resided at Harrisville and Eden (Ogden valley), Utah.

Seventy; Sunday school superintendent. Justice of peace.
Carpenter. Died June 9, 1889, at Eden.

PROBST, JOHN ULRICH (son of John Ulrich Probst and
Anna Barbara Hess of Lutzelfluh. Canton Bern, Switzer-
land). Born April 23, 1838, Lutzelfluh. Came to Utah July
4, 1872.

Married Anna Barbara Klener Oct. 16, 1857, at Herzogen-
buchsee. Canton Bern, Switzerland (daughter of Christian
Kiener and Rosina Hofer of Boltlgen, Canton Bern, Switz-
erland). She was born June 17. 1831. Their children:
John Gottlieb; John Ulrich. m. Susannah Gertsch; Fred-
erich; Jacob, m. Mary Magdalena Huber; Ernest, m. Emma
Kohler; Emil; John; Edward August, m. Margaret Wat-
kins; Emma Elizabeth. Family home Midway, Wasatch
Co.. Utah.

President 96th quorum seventies; missionary to Switzer-
land 1888-90. Tailor; farmer.

PROBST, JACOB (son of John Ulrich Probst and Anna
Barbara Kiener). Born Jan. 3, 1864, Habstetten, Canton
Bern, Switzerland. Came to Utah July 4, 1872.

Married Mary Magdalena Huber Sept. 23, 1891, Mantl.
Utah (daughter of John Huber and Mary Magdalena Munz
of Midway, Utah, pioneers 1863. Peter Nebeker company)
She was born Oct. 15, 1869. Their children: Karl Lorenzo
b. June 7, 1895; Vernon Huber b. Jan. 17, 1897; Leah Huber
b. May 19, 1899; Estella Huber b. Dec. 10, 1901; Stanley
Huber b. April 2. 1905. Family home Midway, Wasatch Co.

Missionary to Switzerland and Germany 1891-94- president
96th quorum seventies; president Y. M. M. I. A. 1897-98-
high councilor 1900-1903; bishop of second ward Midway
since 1903. County commissioner; county assessor- jus-
tice of peace; city councilman. Farmer and stockraiser.

PROVIS, RICHARD S. (son of John Provis and Grace Wil-
liams). Born July 15, 1825, Cornwall, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 5, 1859. Nephi Johnson oxteam train.

Married Dorothy L. Langevild Nov. 1, 1851, Cape Town
South Africa (daughter of Phillip Langevild and Wllhel-
mena Barchneld). Their children: Grace, m. Henry W
DeSpaln of Joseph City, Ariz.; Annie L. Family home Salt
Lake City.



Left England May 19, 1849, for South Africa. Converted
L. D. S. April 5, 1853. High priest; seventy; block teacher;
Sunday school superintendent. Gardener. Died Sept. 3,

PROVOST, LUKE (son of Luke Provost and Catharine Henon
of Pompton, N. J.). Born Jan. 2, 1809, at Pompton. Came
to Utah Dec. 18, 1856, William B. Hodgett company.

Married Julia Ann Wheeler in July, 1832, Newark, N. J.,
who was born Sept. 23, 1815. Their children: Julia, m.
David Van Wagenen; Charles Baldwin, died; James W., m.
Clara Love; David, m. Clara Van Wagenen; Luke, m. Alice
Hofelts; Sarah, m. James Ross. Family home Provo, Utah.

President of branch at Newark. Died March 1866, St.
Marys, Iowa.

PROWS, WILLIAM COOK (son of Thomas and Elenor
Prows). Born June 11, 1827, in Indiana. Came to Utah
with division Mormon battalion.

Married Modeska Ann Roberts In 1852 (daughter of
Thomas Roberts, pioneer 1850). Their children: John
Thomas, m. Mary Manhnrd and Lovina Cooley; William,
d. infant; Joseph, m. Caroline Christensen; Francis, d.
Infant; Martha Elenor, m. William Perry Miller; Hyrum,
m. Annie May Hewlett; Elizabeth, died; Margaret Ann,
m. Charles Bement; Lovina, m. Osborn Cooley; Sarah, m.
Arthur Hewlett; George, died. Family resided In California
and at Deseret and Kanosh, Utah.

Married Louisa M. R. James at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Abraham James and Elizabeth Jane Ragsdale of Little
Rock, Ark., pioneers 1867, independent company). She was
born May 22, 1847. Their children: Josephine, m. James
E. Memmott; Thomas Abraham, d. aged 6; James Calvin,
m. Nancy E. Humphrey; David Alvin, m. Mary Ann Davis;
Elizabeth Jane, m. Joseph Orson Barney; Charles Aaron
and Lorln Edward, died; Leslie Webster. Family home
Ciawson, Utah.

Seventy and high priest. Farmer. Died April 29, 1893.
Juarez, Mexico.

PROWS, JAMES CALVIN (son of William Cook Prows and
Louisa M. R. James). Born Oct. 11, 1872, Kanosh, Utah.

Married Nancy Elmlna Humphrey at Juarez, Chihuahua,
Mexico (daughter of Charles Humphrey of Mill Creek,
Utah). Their children: Charles William b. June 20, 1896;
Elmina b. May 3, 1899; Morrel; Baby, d. Infant. Family
resided Music Mountains, Ariz., Kanosh, Utah, and In Mexico.

Married Lilly Alice Wayman at Ciawson. Utah (daughter
of Charles Wayman of Ferron, Utah), who died April 22,
1908, Ciawson, Utah. Their child: Ovid Fay b. April 5, 1908.
Family home Ciawson, Utah.

Elder. Farmer.

PUGSLEY, PHILIP (son of Philip Pugsley, born Decem-

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