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ber, 1791, Sherwell. Devonshire, Eng., and Mary Baker,
born 1790, Somersetshire married 1819). He was born Dec.
18, 1822, parish of Witheypool, Somersetshire. Came to
Utah Sept. 30, 1853, Ten-pound company.

Married Martha Roach June 28, 1851, Bristol, Eng. (daugh-
ter of John Roach and Mary Knapp of North Curry, Som-
ersetshire). She was born Dec. 14, 1829. Their children:
Joseph E. F. b. April 15, 1852, m. Evelyn R. Harmon; Eliza-
beth A. b. Dec. 23, 1854, m. Henry J. Hayward Dec. 23,
1875; Emily b. Jan. 30, 1856, m. Ezra Thompson Feb. 14,
1883; Philip and Martha L., twins, former d. child; William,
d. aged 31; Philip b. Feb. 11, 1858, m. Nellie Druce Nov. 7,
1883; William; Minnie b. Aug. 17, 1862, m.' Samuel M. Bar-
low April 11, 1889; Adelaide b. Jan. 23, 1864, m. Adelbert
Beesley July 20, 1892; Albert b. Jan. 23, 1864, d. aged 14;
Eva, d. child; John, d. aged 21.

Married Clarissa Ames In August, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ira Ames and Charity Carter married Dec.
14, 1826, Benson, Vt.). She was born Dec. 16, 1827, at
Shoreham. Vt. Their children: Sarah Isabel b. July 22,
1856, m. James A. Raleigh July 22, 1878; Mary b. July 27,
1858, m. George L. Lambourne Dec. 1877; Clarissa b. Aug.
31, 1860, m. Joseph S. Barlow Nov. 12, 1885; George b.
Aug. 29, 1865, m. Emily Harper May 1890.

High priest; block teacher; missionary to Sandwich
Islands 1865-66. Miller; farmer; salt manufacturer. Died
Aug. 7, 1902, Salt Lake City.

PUGSLET, JOSEPH E. F. (son of Philip Pugsley and
Martha Roach). Born April 15, 1852, Bristol, Eng.

Married Evelyn R. Harmon Dec. 23, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Norton Harmon and Thankful Tanner), who
was born May 6, 1854. Their children: Joseph Norton b.
Oct. 22, 1876, d. Sept. 30, 1890; Philip Roy b. Oct. 10, 1878,
m. Louise Kunzler Aug. 9, 1905; Mabel Evelyn b. Sept. 30,
1880, m. Philip F. Giles Jan. 17, 1906; Edna b. Dec. 6, 1882;
Dora Estella b. Dec. 23, 1885, m. Horace A. Goodfellow June
30, 1909; Elsie b. Jan. 17, 1888; Sherley Wilton b. Nov. 10,
1890; Martha Roach ~b. Jan. 12, 1896; Dewey Cresswell b.
April 4, 1898. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Desk sergeant and patrolman Salt Lake City.

b. May 5, 1848, m. Sarah Augusta Pulley; Joseph Henry
b. Dec. 9, 1849, m. Alice E. Moon; David Alexander b. July
9, 1852. m. Lydia Moon; Alice Jane b. Jan. 18, 1855, m. Joseph
Henry Moon.

Married Lydla Esther Hall May 11, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel Hall of England), who was born
April 23, 1854. Their children: Edward Parley, m. Miss
Rodgers; Shadrach, m. Nettie Allqulst; Chester Charles,
m. Minnie Martin; Noah Malanda, m. Rebecca Goat; Esther,
m. Hans Nielson; Elsie, m. Lewis Nielson; Ether; Levirl;
Lydia Marie. Families resided American Fork, Utah.

High priest; home missionary. Took active part in Mor-
risite war. Farmer. Died Dec. 14, 1906, at American Fork.

PULLET, JAMES FRANKLIN (son of James Pulley and
Alice Moon). Born May 5, 1848, Alton, 111. Came to Utah
with father.

Married Sarah Augusta Pulley March 15, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Pulley and Annah Chandney of
Ayton, Herefordshire, Eng., the latter a pioneer 1873).
She was born Jan. 25, 1848. Their children: Ophelia b.
April 13, 1877; Leonidas b. June 17, 1879; Edith b. Sept.
22. 1881; Luella b. Oct. 29. 1887; Armond b. Dec. 23, 1889.
Family home American Fork, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war.

PULLET, CHESTER CHARLES (son of James Pulley and
Lydla Esther Hall). Born Feb. 8, 1883, American Fork, Utah.

Married Minnie Martin Jan. 13, 1909, Salt Lake Temple
(daughter of James Martin and Mary A. Lysons of Low
Valley, Torkshire, Eng., pioneers 1904). She was born
April 9, 1890. Their children: Wilford b. Nov. 20, 1909;
Ray b. Oct. 17, 1911. Family home. Pleasant Grove.

High priest; second counselor to James T. Gardner of
first ward, American Fork; missionary to southern states
1903-05; president Y. M. M. I. A. of first ward, American
Fork, and teacher of second intermediate and theological
classes; second assistant Sunday school superintendent.

PULSIPHER, ORSON HYDE (son of Ellas Pulsipher, born
Nov. 12, 1805, Newbury, Vt., and Polly Chubbuck, born
March 26, 1809, Londonderry, Vt.). He was born May 9,
1835, Kirtland, Ohio. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Susannah Rasmussen, who was born June 14,
1839. Their children: Orson Henry b. Aug. 26, 1863, m.
Martena Olsen; Susannah b. Jan. 27, 1865, m. Oliver F.
Davis Sept. 17. 1884; Ephraim; William b. June 15, 1868. m.
Carrie Wight Nov. 19, 1892; Asenath; Polly Ann; Eliza J.;

PULLKV, JAMES (son of Francis Pulley and Martha Emery
of parish of Aylton, Herefordshire, Eng.). Born May 17,
1823, Aylton. Came to Utah in August, 1856.

Married Alice Moon Feb. 4, 1846. Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of Mathias Moon of Eccolson, Lancashire, Eng.). She
was born July 31, 1818. Their children: James Franklin

PULSIPHER, ZERA (son of John and Elizabeth Pulsipher
of Vermont). Born June 24, 1789, Vermont. Came to Utah
Sept. 22, 1848, captain of own company.

Married Mary Brown In August, 1815, in Vermont, who was
born March 2, 1799, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: John, m. Esther Hufacre; Charles, m. Ann Beers;
William, m. Esther Chitdster; Almlra, m. H. Burgess; Sarah,
m. John Alger; Mariah, m. William Burgess; Mary Ann, m.
Thomas Terry; Eliza J. Family home Hebron, Utah.

Married Martha Hughs April 1851. Their children: Martha
Ann, m. J. Barnum; Mary Elizabeth; Zera J.; Sarah James;
Andrew Milton. Family home Hebron, Utah.

Member 70th quorum seventies; member high council.
City councilman. Rancher and cattleman. Died at Hebron.

PULSIPHER, CHARLES (son of Zera Pulsipher and Mary
Brown). Born April 20, 1830, Onondaga county, N. Y. Came
to Utah Sept. 22, 1848, with parents.

Married Ann Beers April 30, 1849, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William and Susan Beers of Salt Lake City, pioneers
Sept. 22, 1848, Zera Pulsipher company). She was born
Dec. 25, 1828. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Uarried Sariah Bobbins July 10, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lewis Robbins of Salt Lake City, pioneer 1852).
She was born Sept. 8, 1838. Their children: Charles, Jr.,
m. Stacy Lovina King; Frances Ann, m. Thomas C. Miles;
Sariah E., m. Andrew J. Allen; Mary Ida, m. Willard Alger.
Family home Cottonwood, Utah.

Married Julia Johnson Dec. 13, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William D. Johnson and Jane C. Brown of
Kanab, Utah, pioneers Sept. 1861, George Teasdell company).
She was born April 22, 1858. Their children: Florence Ahly,
m. Worth Tucker; Effa, m. L. Hanson; Eva, m. Walter
Clegg; Jannie, m. Francis J. Mortenson; Charles Derby;
John Wilham; Mary Julia, m. Franklin R. James; Willford;
Zera C. ; Sarah M.; Lorenzo C. Family home Kane county,

High priest; bishop of Huntlngton, Utah; bishop's coun-
selor; patriarch. Constable. Carpenter and farmer.

PULSIPHER, CHARLES (son of Charles Pulsipher and
Sariah Robbins). Born Oct. 3, 1859. Union Fort, Utah.

Married Stacy Lovina King Oct. 9, 1884, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William King of Fountain Green, Utah, pioneer
1850). She was born May 3, 1867. Their children: Charles
William b. March 19, 1886, m. Annie H. Brown; Lovina May
b. May 1, 1888, m. James Brown; Robert b. Feb. 19, 1890,
m. Ellen Aldred; Andrew b. Dec. 5, 1891, d. infant; Lewis
b. April 3. 1893; Barzella Ann b. July 1894; Sariah b. Nov.
1, 1896; Joseph Marion b. Aug. 9, 1898. Family home Maple-
ton, Utah.

Employed by Utah Fuel Co. Stockraiser and farmer.



PUZEY, HENRY (son of William Puzey and Jane Briar of
Alton, Hampshire, Eng.). Born Aug. 7, 1828. Came to
Utah in 1866.

Married Ann Selina Earney in Nov. 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Arthur Earney and Harriett Hodges, of Hale,
Hampshire; pioneers 1866, William Henry Chipman com-
pany). She was born Jan. 11, 1841. Their children: Frank
E., m. Jane Todd; Mary Ena, m. James Loyn; Edwin Arthur,
m. Alta Mae ( hugg. Family home. Salt Lake City.

High priest; bishop's counselor; block teacher. School
trustee. Blacksmith and wheelwright. Died May 8, 1896,
Salt Lake City.

PUZEY. EDWIN ARTHUR (son of Henry Puzey and Ann
Selina Earney). Born Sept. 12, 1878, Salt Lake City.

Married Alta Mae Chugg June 2, 1909, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Chugg and Catherine Jones of Salt Lake
City), who was born Feb. 12, 1886. Their child: Alta
Catherine b. May 30. 1910. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Deacon. Draftsman Oregon Short Line R. R.

PYPER, JOHN (son of Alexander Pyper of Fife, born in
1784, and Catherine Munro. born in 1796, of Ross, Scot-
land). He was born June 17, 1820, Kilmuir, Ross, Scotland.
Came to Utah Oct. 15, 1849, Allen Taylor company.

Married Madaline Gardner April 24, 1846 (daughter of
James Gardner and Mary Noble, pioneers Oct. 16, 1849, Allen
Taylor company). She was born Oct. 12, 1830. Their chil-
dren: James Monroe b. July 14, 1847. m. Mary Anna Barton
Dec. 22. 1865; m. Nancy J. Caldwell June 29, 1879; Alexander
.G. b. March 15, 1849, m. Harriet A. Grace; Mary Madaline
b. Feb. 23, 1851; John, Jr. b. March 24, 1853; William b. July
17, 1855; Catherine Agnes b. July 14, 1857; Robert b. May

19, 1859, m. Martha Ann Jones Jan. 1, 1885; Madaline Chap-
man b. April 2, 1861, m. Mark Bigler Dec. 18, 1879; Joseph
b. April 18, 1863: Margaret Ellen b. April 24, 1865; George
Edward b. March 18. 1867; Edward Noble b. Jan. 6, 1869. m.
Ellen Frances Goldborough June 19, 1889; Charles John b.
Feb. 16, 1871, m. Clara J. Gunderson July 25, 1899; Arthur
Liddell b. May 24, 1873.

Missionary to Scotland 1871; high priest. County re-
corder 1873-81.

PYPER, JAMES MUNRO (son of John. Pyper and Madaline
Gardner). Born July 14, 1847, St. Louis, Mo.

Married Mary Anna Barton Dec. 22. 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Barton and Martha Skinner), who was
born Aug. 16. 1848. Dover, Kent, Eng. Their children: Mary
Alice b. Sept. 21, 1867; Rose Ellen b. Jan. 1. 1870; John
Barton b. May 7, 1872, m. Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Feb.

20. 1895; Clara Ann b. April 14, 1876. m. Heber Peter John-
son Dec. 14, 1892; James Thomas b. April 2, 1877, m. Clarissa
Van Wagener Feb. 1900.

Married Nancy Jane Caldwell June 29, 1879, Nephi, Utah
(daughter of Matthew Caldwell, pioneer 1846, and Nancy
Buttler). She was born Dec. 14, 1855, Spanish Fork, Utah.
Their children: George C. b. May 31. 1880, m. Sarah E.
Giles June 12, 1901; Charles M. b. April 26. 1882; Alex L. b.
March 3, 1885. m. Anne E. Thomson Dec. 2, 1908; William W.
b. Aug. 20, 1888; Jennie M. b. April 20, 1891; Matthew C.
b. Feb. 24. 1893; Donald M. b. Feb. 18, 1895; Arthur G. b.
July 6, 1897; Walter S. b. July 14, 1899. Family resided
Fairview and Taylorville. Canada, and Nephi, Utah.


PYPER, CHAS. JOHN (son of John Pyper and Madaline
Gardner). Born Feb. 16, 1871. Nephi, Utah.

Married Clara J. Gunderson July 26. 1899, Santaquin, Utah
(daughter of Mathias Gunderson and Marie Cristson).


QUAY1.E, JAMES (son of Robert Quayle, born In 1804. at
Kirkmlchael, Isle of Man, and Catharine Shimmon, of Isle
of Man). Born July 16, 1831. at Kirkmichael. Came to
Utah Oct. 14. 1853. Cyrus H. Wheelock company.

Married Elizabeth Saxton Gillions (daughter of William
Gillions, who died May 17, 1864, Quarantine Island, and
Elizabeth Saxton, who died on the plains). She was born
Feb. 23, 1830, and came to Utah Oct. 24, 1864. William A.
Empey company. Their children: James William b. June
6. 1856, m. Adelia Bird: m. Gundhell Kurd: John b. Jan. 8,
1858, m. Emma H. Thorp; Christian b. Jan. 24, 1860; Philip b.
June 29, 1861. m. Almeda Hymas; m. Mary Ellen Thornton.

Married Margaret Hodson Clegg, Logan, Utah, who was
born in England and came to Utah Sept. 25, 1863. Peter
Nebeker company.

Married Sarah Ann Bull in March 1867, at Logan (daugh-
ter of Lovell Bull, pioneer Nov. 2, 1864, Warren S. Snow

Married Betty Larsen May 1. 1893, at Logan.

Vice-president Logan temple 15 years. Mayor of Logan
City. Vice-president First National bank, Logan. Master

QUAYLE, PHILIP (son of James Quayle and Elizabeth
Saxton Gillions). Born June 29, 1861, Logan, Utah.

Married Almeda Hymas Jan. 27. 1897. Logan (daughter
of Benjamin Hymas and Hannah Thurston). who was born
Nov. 7. 1873, Hyde Park. Utah, and died July 6, 1902.

Married Mary Ellen Thornton Jan. 10, 1906, Logan (daugh-
ter of James Thornton and Elizabeth Fowler), who was born
Oct. 23, 1875. Clayton-le-Moors, Lancastershire, Eng. Their
children: Doris Almeda b. Nov. 2, 1907; Mona Elizabeth
b. Jan. 19, 1908; Philip Douglass b. June 30. 1910; Melba b.
April 26, 1912. Family home Perry, Box Elder Co.. Utah.

Bishop of Treasureton ward four years: missionary to
England 1898-1901; member high council of Box Elder stake.
Farmer and fruitgrower.

Ut'AVl.K, JOHN (son of John Quayle and Ann Cowley).
Born June 24, 1801, Ramsa, Isle of Man. Came to Utah
in September, 1847, John Taylor company.

Married Catherine Killip (daughter of Thomas and Eleanor
Killip), who was born in 1813, and died Nov. 6, 1860. Their
children: John, Jr. b. 1833, killed 1853, by Indians; Thomas
b. March 1836, m. Sarah Partington; Catherine b. 1837, m.
John Carson; William b. 1839. m. Jane Cook; Joseph R.
b. 1841; Charles b. 1842: Eleanor b. 1843; James b. 1844;
Maria b. 1845; Henry b. 1846; Mary Ann b. 1848, latter seven
died. Sarah b. 1849 (d. Jan. 5, 1892), m. John Cook. Family
home, Salt Lake City. Died Jan. 6, 1892.

QUAYLE, THOMAS (son of John Quayle and Catherine
Killip). Born in 1836, Isle of Man. Came to Utah with

Married Sarah Partington, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Ralph Partington and Ann Taylor, pioneers 1853). She
was born Dec. 17, 1840, Preston. Lancastershire. Eng. Their
children: Catherine Ella b. Jan. 13, 1869. m. Waldemar
Van Cott; Henry b. Sept. 28, 1860, m. Frances Free; John
R. b. Sept. 28, 1862, d. Jan. 15. 1868; Ida b. Sept. 24, 1864,
m. Oscar Van Cott; Ernest b. Nov. 1866, m. Julie A. Young;
Byron b. Feb. 7, 1870 (d. July 20, 1899), m. Persis G. Young;
Willard b. May 16. 1872, d. Dec. 13, 1882; Laurence b. July
28. 1874, m. Persis Young; Charles b. July 18, 1876, m. Coral
Senior; Bert Leroy b. Nov. 15, 1878, m. Eleanor Quayle;
Thomas Ray b. April 17, 1881 (d. May 28, 1913), m. Hazel
Osborn; Mortimer b. Jan. 11, 1886 (d. Oct. 21, 1910), m. Mary

Freighter from Utah to West 1858-60. between Utah and
Missouri river 1866-67. Rancher in Utah county 1866-67;
farmer 1870-90. Owner real estate Salt Lake City and
Oakland, Cal. Capitalist.


RADDATZ, E. J. (son of Otto C. Raddatz and Wilhelmine
Lange of Wentzvtlle. Mo.). Born Oct. 5, 1867, Stettin, Ger-
many. Came to Utah in 1887.

Married Emma Guth June 4, 1890, St. Louis, Mo. (daughter
of Joseph and Elizabeth Guth of St. Louis). She was born
Sept. 14, 1865. Their children: Pearl; Flora; Eunice; Harold;
Lucille. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Mayor of Stockton, Utah; state representative from Tooele
county, 1906. Miningman; president and treasurer of the
Tintic Standard Mining Co.

HADMALL, HENRY B. (son of William John Radmall and
Ann Butler both of Nottinghamshire, Eng.). Born Oct.
23, 1814, at Nottinghamshire, Eng.; came to Utah 1853, with
independent company.

Married Caistine Severn 1844 in England (daughter of
James Severn and [Miss] McDermot), who was born Sept.
28, 1825. Their children: Elizabeth Ann, m. Nathan Hunting;
Samuel Daniel, m. Emma M. White, m. Caroline Levan, m.
Annie Catherine Anderson; Alma, m. (Miss) Larson; Henry
James, m. Annie Richards; Joseph A., m. Victoria Anderson;
Zera D. ; Mary Jane, m. Thomas Ainsworth; Caroline W., m.
George Woodtread.

Bishop. Donated land for Pleasant Grove Park to the
city. Farmer and stockraiser.

RADMALL. SAMUEL DANIEL (son of Henry B. Radmall
and Ann Butler). Born July 21, 1862, at St. Louis, Mo.;
came to Utah 1853, with independent company.

Married Emma M. White May 16, 1876, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Roswell White and Myrah Leader pioneers
1860. the Handcart company). She was born March 3. 1868.
Their children: Samuel Henry b. March 24, 1877, m. Forman
Hodback; Eroswas B. b. Aug. 1881, m. Ida Bennett: James
Servin b. Sept. 1, 1883, m. Annie Damer; Caroline Myrah b.
Aug. 19, 1888, m. Albert Williams. Family home Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Married Annie (Barrett) Anderson (daughter of Hans
C Anderson and Myria Overtson, both of Fountain Green,
Utah). She was born July 15, 1874. Their children: Elhaline
b April 9, 1894. m. Sterling Vickers; George Clifford b. Feb.
16, 1896; Joseph Samuel b. Feb. 16, 1896: Elva M. b. June
26, 1902; Claude Marvel b. Feb. 19, 1904; Zera D. b. June 2,
1908. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Counselor elders quorum. Pioneer of Pleasant Grove
1862. Farmer. School teacher. Horticulturist.



RAINEY, DAVID PHYKNEY (son of David and Nancy Rainey
of Tennessee). Born Feb. 1, 1816, in Tennessee. Came to
Utah in 1866 with a detachment of Mormon battalion, flrst
corporal, Co. B.

Married Dorothy Jane Dennis Feb. 9, 1867 (daughter of
William Taylor Dennis and Tabitha Bankhead, pioneers 1866,
Gilbert I. Gavin company). She was born June 16, 1840. and
came to Utah with parents. Their children: David William
b. Jan. 6, 1868, m. Mary Maria Olsen March 24, 1880; Margaret
M. b. Sept. 16, 1869, m. W. S. Hendrlcks; Joseph P. b. Sept.
19, 1861, d. child; Mary E. b. Aug. 26, 1863, m. William B.
Fisher; George W. b. Oct. 2, 1865, m. Emma Robinson; James
A. b. Feb. 2, 1867, m. Mamie Merrill; Frederick H. b. Oct.
29, 1868, m. Maud Tibbetts; Emma C. b. Aug. 9, 1870, m.
J. P. Grlffln; Tabitha D. b. Sept. 18, 1873, m. Fred Kearns;
Chloe E. b. Dec. 7, 1876. m. William Harrison; Jennie B. b.
June 23, 1879, m. John Campbell; Inez L. b. Jan. 26, 1882, m.
Albert Jenkins. Family home Richmond, Utah.

Bishop of Salem (Pondtown); missionary to California
and southern states. Died Nov. 6, 1888.

RAINET, DAVID WILLIAM (son of David P. Rainey and
Dorothy Jane Dennis). Born Jan. 6, 1868, Prove, Utah.

Married Mary Maria Olsen March 24, 1880, Richmond, Utah
(daughter of Christopher M. Olsen and Caroline C. Johnson),
who was born April 26, 1859, South Weber, Utah. Their
children: Florence May b. May 8, 1881, m. Lionel Farrell
May 8, 1896; Iva I. b. Feb. 22, 1884, m. Wilford F. Burton
Dec. 22, 1910; Claudine b. Aug. 9, 1886; David W., Jr. b.
July 4, 1888; Ruby M. b. April 14, 1891; Christie J. b. Nov.
18, 1893; Lucile b. March 6, 1896; Josephine b. Jan. 26, 1899;
Ralph b. Aug. 11, 1902.

RALPHS, THOMAS (son of Benjamin and Mary Ralphs).
Born July 22, 1819, Shropshire, Eng. Came to Utah in 1849.

Married Sarah Johnson May 10, 1842, in Missouri (daugh-
ter of Joseph and Margaret Johnson), who was born Feb.
3, 1821, in Ireland, and died April 14, 1896. Brigham City,
Utah. Among their children were: Ephraim; Mary Frances.
Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Settled at Brigham City 1866. Died June 11, 1869.

RALPHS, WILLIAM B. (son of Benjamin and Mary Ralphs
of Shorpshire, Eng.). Born May 6, 1816, Shropshire, Eng.
Came to Utah with oxteam.

Married Elizabeth Brooks of Staffordshire, Eng., May 10,
1841, who was born March 30, 1819. Their children: Mary
Elizabeth b. Oct. 22, 1842, m. William Hunter; Sarah b.
May 12, 1845, d. child; William b. June 6, 1847, d. child;
Joseph b. July 10, 1849, m. Amanda Jensen; Thomas B. b.
Nov. 9, 1861, d. child; Emily b. March 23, 1855, m. Mark
Tanner; Parley P. b. July 26, 1868, m. Hannah Hansen; John
Heber b. March 24, 1860. m. Ede Hansen. Family resided
Nauvoo and Burlington, 111., and Salt Lake City and South
Cottonwood, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Johnson, at American Fork, Utah, who
was born Oct. 17, 1870. Their child: William Benjamin b.
May 17, 1872. Family home American Fork.

Seventy. Enlisted and served in Echo Canyon trouble.
Shoemaker. Died April 20, 1900, American Fork.

RALPHS, JOSEPH (son of William Ralphs and Elizabeth
Brooks). Born July 10, 1849, Burglington, 111. Came to Utah
with father.

Married Ann Cable, at American Fork (daughter of
William Cable of Pleasant Grove, pioneer oxteam company).
Their children: Mary, m. David Meldrum; Baby, d. Infant.
Family home American Fork.

Married Amanda Jensen, at Manti, Utah (daughter of
Christian and Albertina Jensen of Manti, Utah). Family
home Ferron, Utah.

Priest. Farmer.

RANDALL, ALFRED (son of Jason Randall and Martha
Thompson). Born June 13, 1811, Bridgewater, N. Y. Came
to Utah in 1848.

Married Emerette Davis Jan. 8, 1834. Their children:
Charles Franklin b. Feb. 8, 1836, m. Ellen Jane Duncan;
Sarah L., died; Alfred Jason b. Jan. 8, 1845, m. Ruth Camp-
kins- Emerette J., Levi L., Alizon R., Davis R., and Char-
lotte' A., latter five died; Martha J. m. Edward S. Luty.

Married Margaret Harley Jan. 31, 1848. Their children:
Orrin H.; Melvin H.; Mary E.; Margaret Ellen b. March 31,
1868 m James Hyrum Baird; Thurza A.; Alice; Emily.

Married Mildred E. Johnson May 30, 1860. Their children:
Francis; Eli B.

Married Hannah S. Severn March 7, 1863. Their chil-
dren: James E.; Ann S.; David E.; Heber J.; George E.;
Lucy S.; Samuel; Esther.

Married Elsie Anderson May 13, 1866. Their children:
Jared A.; Isaac L.; Joseph H.

Missionary to Sandwich islands twice. Carpenter and
farmer. Died March 19, 1891, North Ogden, Utah.

RANDALL, CHARLES FRANKLIN (son of Alfred Randall
and Emerette Davis). Born Feb. 8, 1835, Munson, Ohio.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Ellen Jane Duncan Jan. 14, 1867 (daughter
of Chapman Duncan), who was born Jan. 10, 1840, Lee
Co Iowa and died Nov. 4, 1876, Ogden, Utah. Their chil-
dren- Sarah P., m. William H. Brereton; Charles C., m.
Harriet Woodhead; Ellen E., m. Robert E. Fisher; John A.,
m. Esther Smout; Rebecca, died; Franklin A., m. Rosebell

Bronson; Harvey P., m. Minnie I. Horrocks; Homer A., m.
Annie Westergard; Otis A., and Orval A., latter two died.

Married Sarah Ann Smith Nov. 13, 1878, Ogden, Utah,
who was born Dec. 31, 1856. Leicester, Eng. Their children:
William J.; Joseph B.; Edward S.; Robert E.; Clarence D.;
Rhoda E.; Cora M. ; Lester S.

Died June 27, 1904.

RANDALL, JOHN A. (son of Charles Franklin Randall and
Ellen Jane Duncan). Born April 10, 1864, Virgin, Utah.

Married Esther Smout May 7. 1891 (daughter of Edwin W.
Smout and Leah Oakley), who was born April 12. 1862,
Ogden, Utah. Their children: J. William b. Sept. 23, 1892;
E. Laura b. March 21, 1894; Ellen J. b. Jan. 23, 1896; Edwin
C. b. Aug. 7, 1900. Family home Ogden, Utah.

RANDALL, HARVEY P. (son of Charles Franklin Randall
and Ellen Jane Duncan). Born Oct. 22, 1870, Harrisville,

Married Minnie I. Horrocks March 16, 1906, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Edward Gregory Horrocks and Ida Johnson),
who was born Oct. 6, 1879, Ogden. Their children: Myrtle
I. b. Dec. 30, 1906; Viola I. b. Jan. 29, 1908; Estella M. b.
May 13, 1910; Tressle L. b. Sept. 8, 1911. Family home,

City councilman two terms 1902-06; member state legisla-
ture 1907-10. Lumber and coal dealer.

RANDALL, ALFRED JASON (son of Alfred Randall and
Emerette Davis). Born Jan. 8, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Ruth Campkins, at St. Louis, Mo. Their children:
Annie E.; Alfred B.; Emeretta; Walter; Frank; Burt; Harry;

Missionary to Sandwich Islands. Settled at Salt Lake
City 1848. Carpenter and farmer. Died Sept. 26, 1907.

RANDALL, LEVI L. (son of Alfred Randall and Emerette
Davis). Born Nov. 18. 1850, Salt Lake City.

Married Emma Burton Jan. 14, 1879 (daughter of William
and Elizabeth Burton of Mansfield, Eng-.). Their children:
Nora L. ; Edward L. ; Verna L. ; Hazel L. Family home
Ogden. Utah.

Died Nov. 10, 1893.

RANDALL, JOSEPH HENRY. Born March 17, 1822. Came
to Utah In 1853.

Married Anne Burdette, who was born Dec. 9, 1825, and
died Feb. 11, 1878. She was a widow and had one child by
former husband, viz.: Oscar Isaac b. June 15, 1854 (d. Feb. 11,
1878), m. Annie C. Reed Jan. 1876. Their children: Annie
Burdett b. Dec. 1, 1857, m. Joseph W. Carpenter Feb. 4, 1875;
Clara Jane b. Feb. 23, 1859 (d. 1882), m. Haden Wells Church
Jan. 11, 1875; Joseph H. b. Aug. 23, 1863, m. Rebecca Ann
Lewis; John William b. June 24, 1867. Family resided St.
George and Spanish Fork, Utah.

Missionary to "Dixie" 1874. Went to meet flrst hand-
cart company that came to Utah. Policeman at Spanish
Fork nine years. Minuteman Black Hawk war. Worked
in stone quarry at St. George. Janitor St. George temple
1878-1909. Died March 1, 1909, St. George.

RANDS, JOSEPH (son of Isaac Rands and Sarah Short of
Suffolk, Eng.). Born Aug. 27, 1827, Hampstead, Eng., moved

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