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undertook to rob it. The messenger, however, barricaded
himself in his car, fought several hours holding the robbers
at bay, while they were riddling his car with bullets. When
the incoming train came in sight they retreated in a south-
erly direction. The next day they were pursued by the sheriff
with a posse, who were waylaid and captured by the robbers
and their horses and firearms, etc., taken away, and they
were privileged to return home afoot. On their retreat
through the country the robbers committed a number of
other crimes. At Deep Creek they robbed the Devine store,
and also entered a woman's house and robbed her, who soon
after died from fright.

About this time, J. E. Ray was making a farm at Deseret.
One day six men, heavily armed, rode into the town of
Deseret, and from their general demeanor it was immediately
assumed by the citizens that there was something unusual
in their visit. W. A. Ray, an older brother, was at that time
running a store in the small settlement, and he informed
his brother Joseph that these strangers were buying large
quantities of cartridges, and that this action on their part
looked very suspicious. These men made arrangements with
the people of Deseret, by which they were to take care of
their horses on the range. This, however, was only a ruse,
and given for the purpose of hiding their identity. It de-
veloped later that they had prepared a strong fortification
in the top of the mountain range which lay to the north-
west of this community. John Sharp was a leading railroad
man in the territory, and knowing that J. E. Ray and G. W.
Crapper had at different times captured outlaws, wired
them to be on the alert, and described these strangers.
Messrs. Ray and Crapper knew immediately that he had
reference to the suspicious men in question. They at once
organized a party to go out and intercept them or attack
them in their mountain fortification.

This party left Deseret at one o'clock on the morning of
Jan. 20, 1883, and rode about 70 miles in a northwesterly
direction. As they approached the mountains they stopped
and sent two of their men, Edward Craft and Charles Webb,
on a scouting expedition. These scouts were captured by the
outlaws and held until the next day, when they were re-
lieved by a rescuing party. "The party" traveled until sunset
in a northerly direction when they saw two men riding
up a long draw or hollow. Upon the first sight of these
men they dropped back under cover, hitched their horses and
cautiously slipped over the hills to a point of advantage.
As "the party" came to the hill top they looked down into
the hollow below, and at a distance of 250 yards again saw
these two men. The pursuing party was then directly south
from, and above them. They called to them to throw up
their hands. Instead of surrendering, however, they slipped
off their horses, dropped their guns across the saddles and
opened fire. There was a lively exchange of shots for a
few minutes, the result being that both robbers were badly
wounded and their horses killed. At this juncture two more

outlaws came in sight, and they also were captured. The
posse was then about seven miles from the fortification,
and the weather extremely cold, it being 20 degrees below
zero. They could not make a fire, for fear the four un-
captured men now in the stronghold might see the smoke
and escape. They waited until twelve o'clock at night for
a detachment from their party, to get a wagon and return
so that the wounded men might be sent to the railroad.
At three o'clock in the morning, the pursuing party was
reenforced by 15 other fighting men from all over the
country. They then proceeded to the fortification, seven
miles distant, and there they captured the remainder of the
gang. These men were all sent to Carson City prison for
from 12 to 15 years.

He was one of the pioneer movers in the opening up of
lands by means of reservoir irrigation systems, and took an
active part in purchasing and cultivating large tracts of
dry farm land. He has also assisted in developing mines at
Rico, Colo., and in other places.

RAYMOND, GRANDISON (son of Lemuel Raymond and
Catherine Woodbeck, the latter of New York). Born May 25
1818, Liberty, Sullivan county, N. Y. Came to Utah 1852*
Married Celia Hall Aug. 12, 1849 (daughter of Bradley
and Elizabeth Hall), who was born April 20, 1825 (d Oct 29
1898), and came to Utah in 1862 with husband. Their chil-
dren: Martha b. June 21, 1850. m. Samuel Walter Hart Feb
20, 1880; Emma b. May 23. 1852. m. Henry Evans; Alice b
Jan. 17. 1854. d. Dec. 26, 1865; Assenath b. Nov. 11, 1855, m.
Albert Bomar; Grandison b. Sept. 29, 1857 (d. Aug. 1, 1909) m
Elizabeth Tunks; David b. Jan. 21, 1860. d. Feb. 25 1882-
Walter b. Oct. 9. 1861; Bradley Lemuel b. Dec. 4, 1863 d
Jan. 4. 1866; Elizabeth b. April 6. 1865, m. Joseph Openshaw;
Celia b. April 1, 1868, m. George H. Hall. Family home Kays-
Missionary to New York. Settled at Bountiful 1853. As-
sisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Moved to Kays-
ville 1855. Died Feb. 10, 1898.

READ, WILLIAM SMITH (son of William Read and Sarah
Brimley). Born Dec. 1, 1816, North Crawley, Buckingham-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1853.

Married Elizabeth Simmons April 30, 1852, St. Louis, Mo.,
who was born June 14, 1825, London, Eng.; came to Utah
with husband, and died May 11, 1904, at Ogden. Their chil-
dren: Sarah Ann b. May 21, 1853. d. Jan. 2, 1862; William
Simmons b. June 26, 1855, m. Elizabeth Mary Taylor- Joseph
Reform b. Aug. 30, 1857, d. Oct. 13, 1857; Josiah George b.
Jan. 2, 1859, m. Mary Rodelpha Thomas; Tryphena Maria b.
March 30. 1861, m. Albert John Aland Oct. 11, 1880; Annie
Rebecca b. June 10, 1864, m. Frank Weston Coburn April 5,
1890, m. Edwin Dix July 26, 1905; Oscar Isaac b. Feb. 19, 1867,
m. Elizabeth Mackay Treseder. Family home, Ogden.

Missionary to England 1884. Died Dec. 3, 1891.

READ. WILLIAM SIMMONS (son of William Smith Read
and Elizabeth Simmons). Born June 26, 1855, at Ogden.

Married Elizabeth Mary Taylor May 29, 1878, at Ogden
(daughter of Joseph Taylor and Elizabeth Mary Collier, lat-
ter pioneer 1853). She was born April 2, 1858, Iowa City,
Iowa. Their children: William Royal b. Jan. 8, 1881, d. July
29, 1892; Lewis Josiah b. Nov. 28. 1882, m. Mattte Rushton
May 8, 1907; Joseph Oscar b. Sept. 30, 1884, m. Elberta
Moore May 6, 1907; Albert Eugene b. Nov. 8, 1886, m. Har-
riet Ann Jones Feb. 14. 1912; Viola Mary b. March 6, 1890.
m. Preston Badger Feb. 21, 1912; Edith Grace b. Aug.
24, 1893; Melba Mae b. April 28, 1896. Family home, Ogden.

Member J. G. Read & Bros. Harness Company.

READ, JOSIAH GEORGE (son of William Smith Read and
Elizabeth Simmons). Born Jan. 2, 1859, Slaterville. Utah.

Married Mary Rodelpha Thomas March 11, 1887, Ogden,
Utah (daughter of James Moroni Thomas and Mary Hol-
royd), who was born Feb. 28, 1565, Ogden. Their children:
Bertie Josiah b. March 19, 1888, d. July 6, 1888; Lionel
Thomas b. Aug. 1, 1890; William Earl b. Oct. 9, 1892; Mary
Elizabeth b. May 30, 1895; Walter Thomas b. Jan. 24, 1897.
Family home, Ogden.

President J. G. Read Bros. Harness Company since 1883.

READ, OSCAR ISAAC (son of William Smith Read and
Elizabeth Simmons). Born Feb. 19, 1867, Ogden, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Mackay Treseder Oct. 16, 1890. Logan,
Utah (daughter of Richard Mackay Treseder, born March
9, 1838, Davenport, Eng.. and Jane Edmunds, born May
15, 1841, Glasgow, Scotland, latter pioneer 1855). She waa
born Sept. 25, 1870. Their children: Oscar Leland b. Oct.
8, 1891; Marian Treseder b. Nov. 21. 1896; Donald Treseder
b. Nov. 7, 1908, d. Feb. 7, 1909. Family home, Ogden.

Member of Read Bros. Harness and Saddlery Company of

READER, JAMES (son of Herbert and Mary Reader). Born
1830, Dorsetshire, Erig. Started for Utah In 1857, but died
on the way.

Married Honor Welch Sept. 3, 1851 (daughter of Job
Welch and Charlotte Rawlins of South Cottonwood, Utah,



pioneers). She was born Nov. 8, 1829, and came to Utah
with children, who were: John Henry b. Jan. 2, 1855, m.
Mary Malinda Erekson, m. Marie Vorden; Charlotte, m.
Frederick Fowks.

Priest. Tailor. Died July 15, 1857, crossing the plains.

Honor Welch Reader afterward married James Gallyer.

READER, JOHN HENRY (son of James Reader and Honor
Welch). Born Jan. 2, 1855, Alton, 111. Came to Utah with
mother and sister in 1857 with handcart company.

Married Mary Malinda Erekson Jan. 12, 1882, South Cot-
tonwood, Utah (daughter of Peter Erekson and Maria
Crumpton, pioneers 1847, settlero of American Fork; also
lived at South Cottonwood). Their children: Stella b. Jan.
29, 1884, died same day; Ray b. Oct. 30, 1886, m. Olive Beers;
Leon b. Dec. 18, 1888; Herald b. April 20, 1892; Shirley b.
June 2, 1894, died. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Married Marie Vorden (Votght) July 24, 1905, Vernal,
Utah (daughter of Henry Vorden and Rosina Blaser of Mon-
tagny, Switzerland; came to Utah 1890, Fred Inebent com-
pany). She was born March 13, 1859. Her child by a former
marriage to Vincent Voight: Louis Vincent Voight b. Dec.
21, 1879, Neufchatel, Switzerland, d. Nov. 1910.

Elder. Cattle and sheepman. Uinta county commis-
sioner; postmaster at Vernal. Banker; president sheep asso-
ciation; stockholder In many corporations throughout the
state. Apiarist.

HEADING, WILLIAM (son of William Reading of Stone-
lagh, Eng., and Sarah S. Kelsher of Cublington, Eng.).
Born April 16, 1808, Bubbenhall, Eng. Came to Utah 1863.

Married Elizabeth Mansfield of Hunningham, Eng. Their
children: John b. Aug. 24, 1834, m. Annie Brown May 29,
1856; William b. April 26, 1843; Job b, 1847; Joseph, died.

READING, JOHN (son of William Reading and Elizabeth
Mansfield). Born Aug. 24, 1834, Bubbenhall, Ens. Came
to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home company.

Married Annie Brown May 29, 1856 (daughter of William
and Fannie Brown of Leamington, Eng.). Their children:
Annie b. Aug. 8, 1857; Frances J. b. May 20, 1859, m. Roscoe
E. Savage 1878; Eliza G. b. May 7, 1862, m. W. F. Williams
1882; Sarah L. b. Feb. 10, 1864, m. Rollo Taysum 1883; Ann
b. Feb. 28, 1866; William J. b. Feb. 17, 1867, m. Nellie Crane
1888; John B. b. Feb. 5, 1869; Daniel M. b. April 16, 1871;
Charles J. b. Dec. 9, 1873, m. Ella Meears; Elbert O. b. June
22, 1875, m. Lula Evans.

Married Eliza Isom 1868, at Salt Lake City (daughter of
David Isom and Charlotte Morris of Asholne, Eng., the latter
came to Utah 1864 or 65, Thomas Taylor company). Their
children: David, died; Charlotte, m. Samuel Rlerce; Annettie,
m. Hyrum Hubbard; May, died. Family home, Salt Lake

Missionary to England 1885-86. Volunteer fireman; mem-
ber police 1867. Served in Black Hawk Indian war In
Captain Burl's company, 1866. Salt Lake County constable;
Justice of peace at Centerville four years. First to Intro-
duce the Lombard poplar tree in Utah 1862; built first
greenhouse In Utah, at Salt Lake City.

REDD, JOHN H. (son of Whitaker Redd of Spanish Fork,
Utah). Born Dec. 27, 1799, in North Carolina. Came to
Utah September, 1850, James Pace company.

Married Mary Hardison March 2, 1826, In North Carolina
(daughter of Zebedee Hancock, pioneer 1850, James Pace
company). She was born Jan. 25, 1798. Their children: Ann
M. b. July 26, 1830. m. Wilson D. Pace; Elizabeth Ann b.
Dec. 16, 1831, m. Harvey A. Pace; Mary C. b. Jan. 4, 1834,
m. Wilson D. Pace; Lemuel H. b. July 31, 1836, m. Keziah
Butler; Edward W. b. Jan. 31, 1838, d. child; John H. b. June
13, 1837, died; Benjamin J. b. Jan. 20, 1842, m. Clarissa Tay-
lor. Family home, Spanish Fork.

Died 1858.

REDDEN, RETURN JACKSON (son of George Grant Redden,
born Nov. 8, 1790, In New Jersey, and Adella Higley. born
In New York). He was born Sept. 26, 1817, in Hiram, Por-
tage Co., Ohio. Came to Utah July 23, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Laura Troske. Their children: Marion b. Aug.
80, 1841, m. James McBride; Charles b. Sept. 11, 1843, d.

Married Martha Whiting.

Married Naomi Eliza Murray Feb. 16, 1847, Winter Quar-,
ters, Neb. (daughter of William E. Murray and Mary
Springer), who was born July 9, 1830, Victor, N. Y. Their
children: William Carlos b. April 5, 1849, m. Margaret
Fletcher; Adelbert Jackson b. May 20, 1853, m. Kate Eskel-
on; George Grant b. June 15, 1854, m. Elizabeth Ann Wilson;
Eliza Naomi b. Oct. 5, 1855. m. William H. Klmball March
27, 1891; Vllate Murray b. Feb. 30, 1856, m. Ell Saxton;
Heman Murray b. June 25, 1859, m. Kate Eskelson; John
Henry b. Sept. 28, 1861, m. Martha Cloward; Murray Carlos
b. Oct. 11, 1863, m. Julia Olsen; Carlos Murray b. Oct. 11,
1863, m. Amelia Cloward; Richard Edmond b. Aug. 29, 1866,
m. Emma Peterson; Heber Roswell b. April 11, 1869. d. In-

It has always been claimed and tacitly acknowledged by
authorities, that he was really the first of the advance party
of "Mormon" pioneers to gaze upon the beauties of the great
Salt Lake Valley, on the 23d day of July, 1847. He was hunt-
Ing for some of their driving stock that had strayed away

dur'ng the night. Arriving on the top of the mountain,
which afterward was called Little Mountain, he beheld that
strange and wonderful body of water. Great Salt Lake. On
looking back toward the camp, he is said to have discerned
Orson Pratt coming up toward his view-place on the crest
of the mountain. When Pratt came up, the two stood and
gazed upon and admired the exquisite panorama spread out
in a marvelous scenic expanse. He then went on and drove
In the stock, and with them returned to camp. He after-
ward found that Pratt had had Thomas Bullock record him
as the first to see the valley. The characteristic of the man
was duty before glory or notoriety, and the incident seemed
forgotten, as proper credit was never rendered. It was
always said that Heber Chase Kimball acknowledged that
Redden was the first of the advance company of "Mormons"
to see the valley.

He staked and laid the overland route from Salt Lake
City to California, and the Overland Stage Company "got
away" with the road, but retained the same names he had
christened the rivers, creeks, peaks, hills, fords and loitering
places in that vast overland expanse until then prac-
tically unknown. The commerce of a great nation
now rolls over this highway. He was at one time Justice
of the peace in Tooele county, and three times at Summit
county. He was U. S. deputy marshal under Leonard Phillips
and was known in all the pioneer camps as a bold and
fearless man. He possessed and exhibited those traits of
character which were essential to blazing a trail or per-
forming the miracle of reclamation now greeting the tired
eye of the traveler. He was a member of the 35th quorum
seventies at the time of his demise, and had joined the
church when very young. He was private detective and
bodyguard to Joseph Smith, saving him from many serious
and threatened troubles. He returned in 1847 to Winter
Quarters. Justice of the peace in Tooele county, and in
Summit county, Utah; deputy marshal under Leonard
Phillips. Died Aug. 30, 1891, Hoytsville, Utah.

[The foregoing resume furnished by the Editor of this

REDDEN, GEORGE GRANT (son of Return Jackson Redden
and Naomi Eliza Murray). Born June 15, 1854, at Salt Lake

Married Elizabeth Ann Wilson at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Wilson and Margaret Molyneaux; former
pioneer Jacob Gates company 1853, the latter of Richard
Ballantyne company 1855). She was born Feb. 7, 1857, at
Salt Lake City. Their children: George C. b. April 24, 1875,
m. Lorena Yeager Mousley; John J. b. April 13, 1877, m
Ethel Hobson; Elizabeth N. b. May 8, 1879, d. 1879; Maggie
b. May 5, 1880, d. 1894; William A. b. April 18, 1883, d. 1894;
Maude E. b. March 22, 1885, m. Bert Eldredge. Family home
Coalvllle, Utah.

Home missionary; president Y. M. M. I. A. 1898-1899.
Justice of the peace at Wanship, Utah, 1889; city councilman
at Coalvllle 1901-1905. Lives at Coalville.

REDDEN. RICHARD EDMON (son of Return Jackson Red-
den and Noaml Eilza Redden). Born Aug. 29, 1866, at Coal-

Married Emma Petersen Oct. 26, 1893, Wanship, Utah
(daughter of Andrew Peterson and Caroline Dabelstein,
pioneers Oct. 1, 1866, Joseph S. Rawlins company). She was
born June 16, 1871, Kamas, Utah. Their children: Irene
Elsie b. Sept. 1, 1894; Richard Edmon b. Jan. 3, 1897; Mabel
Caroline b. Oct. 7, 1898; Nita Althea b. Sept. 24, 1900. Family
home Hoytsville, Utah.

REDPIELD, LEVI HARL.OW (son of Redfleld of Connec-
ticut). Born North Madison, Conn., Sept. 25, 1801. Came to
Utah Sept. 8, 1850, Aaron Johnson company.

Married Alpha L. Foster 1835, In Connecticut (daughter
of Orln Foster and Rachel Stone of Connecticut, pioneers
1855). She was born May 12, 1816. Their children: Rachel,
m. Edward Bovler; Susan R., m. Albert C. Lyon; Alfred, d.
Infant; Chloe A., m. Horace S. Eldrldge; Adelaide, d. aged
6: Amelia, d. infant; Eva J., m. Joseph Grow; Edward M.,
d. aged 8; William H., d. Infant. Family home, Salt Lake

High priest; block teacher. Farmer and fruit-grower.
Died August, 1866, Salt Lake City, Utah.

REDINGTON, JOHN (son of Joseph Redington, born May
29, 1804, and Elizabeth Llttlechild, born 1810, of Harlow,
'Essex, Eng.). He was born Oct. 23. 1835, Nazln, Essex.
Came to Utah Aug. 29, 1863. John R. Murdock company.

Married Marian Brown Dec. 2, 1860 (daughter of Francis
Brown and Marian Hays), who was born 1837, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Marian Elizabeth b.
Sept. 4, 1861, d. 1863; Kate Emily b. Nov. 29, 1863, m. Benja-
min B. Robinson; John Walter b. Feb. 26, 1868, m. Annie M.
Robinson; Annie Sarah b. July 21, 1866, d. 1867; George
Robert b. June 11, 1873, d. 1874; Alice Maud b. April 17, 1876,
m. Sylvester Pierce. Family resided Payson and Fayette,
Utah, and Oxford, Idaho.

First settled at Salt Lake City; moved to Payson 1864; to
Dover 1879, and to Oxford, Idaho, 1903. Member Utah mili-
tia In Indian troubles 1865-66. School teacher. Farmer.

REDINGTON, JOHN WALTER (son of John Reddlngton and
Marian Brown). Born Feb. 26, 1868, Payson, Utah.

Married Annie Maria Robinson Jan. 15, 1890, Mantl temple
(daughter of William Robinson and Elizabeth Nealy). She



was born Nov. 4, 1870, Fayette, Utah. Their children: Ray
William b. Dec. 6, 1892; George Arthur b. July 17, 1895;
Prank Edward b. Oct. 8, 1897; Annie Ruth b. Sept. 21. 1900;
Burton Joseph b. April 7, 1903; Agnes Grace b. June 29, 1906;
Glenn b. Sept. 29, 1908. Family resided Dover and Fayette,
Utah, and Oxford, Idaho.

REED, I.EVI W. (son of John Reed of Cleveland, Ohio).
Born Nov. 16. 1831, at Cleveland. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Matilda Pettit 1852, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Ethan Pettit and Margaret Ellsworth of Long Island, N. T.).
She was born April 4, 1839. Their children: Matilda E., m.
George Baldwin; Mary R., m. Orson Rudy; Ira A., m. Kather-
ine Rudy; Elizabeth R. d. aged 12; Caroline A., m. William
E. Langford: Levi A., m. Elizabeth Alford; Harriet A., m.
Charles Erickson; Tamson R., d. aged 5; Clarica R., m. Otto
Larson; Rachael R., m. William Larson; Laura R., m. John
P. Evans. Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; bishop North Point ward 16 years; teacher.
Farmer; stockraiser. Died Nov. 30, 1893.

i:i:i:i>i;it, FRANCIS HUBBARD (son of Edward Reeder,
born 1763, Maxtoke, Eng., died Nov. 25, 1842, and Frances
Hubbard. born 1800. in Warwickshire, Eng., died Nov. 30.
1851). He was born Oct. 13, 1830, in Warwickshire. Came
to Utah Oct. 6, 1853.

Married Elizabeth Maria Hemming Jan. 4, 1853, Trinity
Church, London, Eng. (daughter of George Hemming, born
1807 in England, and died July 3, 1863, and Ambrosia Haynes,
born in England May 7, 1807, and died April .5, 1851). She
was born April 30, 1830, Coventry, Eng., came to Utah with
husband, and died Sept. 19. 1885, Ogden, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Francis George Edward b. April 14, 1854, d. Oct. 13,
1855; Jane Ambrosia b. Oct. 22, .1855, m. Robert Crawshaw,
m. Peter McBride; William Henry b. Oct. 26, 1857, m. Eliza-
beth Bachmann Nov. 15, 1879; Emily Eliza b. Nov. 13, 1859,
m. "William S. Hill, d. Oct. 11, 1896; Leo Jesse Charles b. Aug.
12, 1861, m. Jennie Morrison; Elizabeth Maria b. June 6, 1863,
d. Jan. 10, 1865; Franklin Samuel b. June 16, 1865, m. Birdie
Armstrong; Cha'uncey Bickington b. Oct. 1, 1867, m. Mary

Married Jane Ambrosia Hemming Feb. 8, 1857, Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Hemming and Ambrosia Haynes),
who was born March 22, 1835, Coventry, Eng., came to Utah
Dec. 2, 1856, "Frozen" handcart company, died Aug. 21, 1876.
Wellsville, Utah. Their children: Ann Collingwood b. Nov.
17, 1859, m. Washington Jenkins; Frances Hannah b. April
28, 1862, m. George Reader; Thomas Hemming b. May 29,
1864, m. Cordelia Smith; Arthur b. May 2, 1866, d. July 22,
1866; Harriet b. Dec. 18, 1867, d. Feb. 5, 1868; Sarah b. April
3, 1870. d. April 9, 1870; Edwin Furgus b. April 19, 1871, m.
Margaret Minnoch, m. Phoebe Wharton; John Alma b. Jan.
12, 1874, m. Hannah Hayes. Families resided Wellsville and
Ogden, Utah.

Candy merchant; tailor; farmer. Used first candy-making
machinery brought to Utah.

REEDER, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Francis Hubbard
Reeder and Elizabeth Maria Hemming). Born Oct. 26, 1857,
Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Bachmann Nov. 15, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jacob Bachmann and Elizabeth Sutler of
Switzerland, former born April 26, 1830. pioneer 1863, died
Dec. 19, 1907, Ogden, Utah; latter died Nov. 18, 1866, Eden,
Utah married Dec. 3, 1852). She was born March 14, 1860,
in Switzerland. Their children: Elizabeth Maria b. Aug. 6,
1881; William Henry, Jr., b. April 27, 1884, m. Birdie Farr
Wotherspoon Sept. 22, 1909; Francis Hubbard Hemming b.
May 8, 1886, m. Madeline Chatelain July 27, 1906; Herbert
Thaddeus b. Sept. 9, 1889, d. July 5, 1909; Annetta Grace b.
Jan. 21, 1892, m. Ray G. Blaketey July 17, 1912; Earl Arthur
b. March 14, 1895; Rowena Lenora b. Feb. 1, 1897. Family
resided Ogden, Utah, and Rose Fork, Idaho.

Indian agent at Fort Hall. Carpenter and builder. Elder.

REEDER, ROBERT (son of David Reeder, born Dec. 21,
1801, and Lydia Balls of Suffolk, Eng.). He was born May
24, 1837, Suffolk, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 9, 1856, James G.
Willie handcart company.

Married Lydia Wilkinson April, 1861 (daughter of Na-
thaniel Wilkinson and Lydia Daynes), who was born Aug.
16, 1841, and came to Utah Aug. 27, 1860, Daniel Robinson
handcart company. Their children: Robert W. b. June 16,
1864, m. Annie Hyde 1886; George D. b. June 9, 1866, m.
Alice Hawkes 1886; Martin C. b. June 3, 1871; Amanda L. b.
May 3, 1873, m. Ezra F. Richards 1891; Rose b. June 24, 1875,
m. Samuel Jeffs 1895.

Married Ellen Flatt April 15, 1872, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Jonathan Flatt, pioneer 1868, Simpson M. Molen com-
pany, and Aletha Allred). She was born Jan. 13, 1853,
Suffolk, Eng. Their children: Virginia M. b. May 5.
1873, m. John E. Lee Oct. 12, 1898: Aletha E. b. Oct. 28,
1875, m. Albert E. Bowen June 4, 1902; Nettie E. b. Sept. 9,
1877. m. Orson P. Thatcher May, 1903; Hattie V. b. Feb. 20,
1880. m. John E. Lee Oct. 1, 1903; Jonathan b. July 21. 1882,
m. Anne E. Reese June 1910; Edna b. Nov. 23, 1885; Moses
b. Oct. 7, 1888; Florence b. Dec. 18, 1891; Golden F. b. June
18, 1894. Family home Hyde Park, Utah.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah, William Hyde
company. Participated in Echo Canyon campaign. Helped
te build Hyde Park.

REES, EDMUND' (son of Morgan Rees, born 1737, Merthyr
Tydfil, Wales). He was born Feb. 7, 1814, Cardiff, Wales
Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1859, Captain Beebe company.

Married Margaret Ellis 1842 (daughter of Thomas Ellis
and Jane Rees), who was born April 18, 1824, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: David b. Nov. 30
1847, m. Jane Crompton Sept. 12, 1870; Ellis b. Aug. 18
1850, m. Rachel Frisbee 1876; Mary b. Jan. 28, 1853, m!
David Moore Nov. 1870; Thomas b. Nov. 5, 1855, m. Charlott
Addy Oct. 3, 1883; Edmund b. May 1, 1858, m. Hannah
Chappel Jan. 7, 1882; Sarah J. b. Feb. 11, 1861; Morgan
b. Dec. 27, 1863; Ruth A. b. May 22, 1866, m. Buriah Wilkins
Feb. 1882. Family home Coalville, Utah.

REES, DAVID (son of Edmund Rees and Margaret Ellis).
Born Nov. 30, 1847, Abberpengan, Wales.

Married Jane Crompton Sept. 12, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Crompton and Hannah Hobsoii,
pioneers September, 1866, Captain Thompson company). She
was born July 19, 1853, Kearlley, Eng. Their children:
Phoebe J. b. June 20, 1874; Minnie M. b. Feb. 10, 1876;
David, Jr. b. Dec. 22, 1879, m. Lillian Clayton Aug. 11,

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