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RICH, BENJAMIN LEROT (son of Benjamin E. Rich and
Diana Farr). Born Oct. 18, 1878, Ogden, Utah.

Married Dora Anna Cleg-g Aug. 29, 1900, Salt Lake temple
(daughter of Isaac Clegg and Dora Jackman of Rexburg,
Idaho, pioneers 1860). She was born Jan. 16. 1878. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Member of seventies; missionary to southern states 1898-
99; and to northern states 1899-1900. Graduate from Colum-
bian University; member Kappa Sigma fraternity. Lawyer,
practicing at Salt Lake City, Utah.

RICH, WILLIAM LTMAN (son of Charles Coulson Rich and
Mary A. Phelps). Born Aug. 9, 1852, San Bernardino, Cal.

Married Ella Amelia Pomeroy June, 1877 (daughter of
Francis M. Pomeroy and Irene Haskell, former pioneer July
24, 1847, Brlgham Young- company). She was born June 16,
1S59. Their children: William Lafayette b. June 17, 1878,
m. Elizabeth Jenett Smith Sept. 15, 1909; Zula b. Sept. 3,
1880, m. Lesslie Cole June 1908; Jesse P. b. April 1883, m.
Louise Rogers Oct. 1908; Mabel b. Feb. 14, 1885, m. Rich
Button Oct. 1904; Gertrude b. May 13, 1888, m. Fred Price
Jan. 4, 1911; Hazel b. Sept. 22, 1890, m. Lesslie Shepheard
Aug. 26, 1910; Thales b. March 24, 1895, died March 27, 1895.
Family resided Montpeller and Paris, Idaho.

Married Elmyra Holmes Oct. 5, 1887, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Holmes and Harriet Phelps, married at
Kanesville, Iowa, pioneers 1851, Morris Phelps company).

She was born Aug. 12, 1864, Montpelier, Idaho. Their chil-
dren: Iris b. Nov. 23, 1889; Lyman b. May 12, 1894.

Married Emily Matthews July 1, 1896 (daughter of Samuel
Matthews and Elizabeth Keetch). Their children: Clarence
b. July 21, 1898; Naoma b. Aug. 26. 1901; Lois b. April 3,
1904; Rolla b. Sept. 17. 1905; Edith b. Aug. 29, 1908; Lyle b.
Oct. 29, 1911.

Mayor of Paris, Idaho, five terms; stage senator; county
assessor, commissioner and treasurer of Bear Lake county.

RICH, WILLIAM LAFAYETTE (son of William Lyman Rich
and Ella Amelia Pomeroy). Born June 17, 1878, Montpelier,

Married Elizabeth Jenett Smith Sept. 15, 1909, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Henry Smith and Mary Magde-
lina Garn). who was born March 16, 1888, Park City, Utah.
Their child: Odes Osier b. Aug. 31, 1910. Family home
Garland, Utah.

Served as interne of the Washington University hospital,
St. Louis, Mo., one year; physician for the Utah-Idaho
sugar factory; health officer of Garland three years; health
officer of District No. 2, Box Elder county, four years. Mem-
ber auxiliary legislative committee, American Medical Asso-

RICH, AMASA MASON (son of Charles C. Rich and Mary
Ann Phelps). Born Oct. 25, 1856, San Bernardino, Cal.

Married Mary E. Jacobs Sept. 30, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel Jacobs and Mary Hains, pioneers Sept.
1, 1859, Horton Haight company). She was born at Grants-
vllle, Utah. Their children: Amasa Marion b. Oct. 26,
1881, d. July 7, 1894; Daniel Coulson b. March 31, 1884, m.
Annie Stuck! July 18, 1906; Myrtle b. July 12, 1890; Errol
b. June 12, 1895, d. June 12, 1895; Charles O'Neal b. Dec. 16,
1897; Spencer Hains b. Dec. 22, 1899; Reed Jacobs b. Jan.
12, 1903. Family home Paris, Idaho.

President llth quorum seventies; elder; missionary to
southern states 1887-88. Sheriff of Bear Lake Co., Idaho,
1896-97; assessor and collector Bear Lake county 1909-10;
mayor of Paris, Idaho, 1911.

RICH, EDWARD ISRAEL (son of Charles C. Rich and Mary
Ann Phelps). Born April 9, 1868, Paris, Idaho.

Married Almira Cozzens April 9, 1894, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Cozzens and Emily Merrill, the former
pioneer Oct. 3, 1856, handcart company). Their children:
Oertel; Cleone; Junior Edward; Avon; Thair Cozzens; My-
rene; Mary Almire. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Physician and surgeon.

RICH, HEBER CHARLES CHASE (son of Charles Coulson
Rich and Emeline Grover). Born Aug. 8, 1863, Centerville,

Married Edna Matilda Shepherd July 11, 1888, Manti.
Utah (daughter of Marcus DeLafayette Shepherd and Har-
riet Editha Parrish; former pioneer 1849, contingent Mor-
mon Battalion). She was born Feb. 29, 1864, Beaver, Utah.
Their children: Heber Charles Chase b. Oct. 12, 1889; Edna
Clara b. Aug. 14, 1891; Oral b. Dec. 29, 1892; Lafayette
Shepherd b. Sept. 28, 1894; Dean Shepherd b. Sept. 19, 1896;
Arretta b. March 8, 1899, d. June 7, 1899; Terrell Shepherd
b. March 22, 1903; Don Carlos b. June 28, 1905; Editha Eme-
line b. July 15, 1908. Family resided Paris and Rich, Idaho,
and Logan, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1886-88. Moved from Logan,
Utah, to Paris, Idaho; from there to Rich, Idaho, 1905. Mem-
ber high council Bingham stake; 2d counselor in stake
presidency. Assessor and collector of Bingham county;
first city attorney of Logan, Utah. Attorney.

RICH, GEORGE Q. (son of Charles Coulson Rich and Emeline
Grover). Born March 17, 1869, Paris, Idaho.

Married Lettie B. Hancey (daughter of James Hancey and
Louise Purser of Hyde Park, Utah, former pioneer 1860, the
latter 1863). Their children: Portia; George Q.;. Emeline
G.; Lettie; Russell; Moses; Virginia Louise.

Attorney at law.

RICHARDS, JOHN (son of John Richards of Hamilton,
Scotland, born May, 1769, and Mary Angelica Kenny of
Toronto, Home District, Canada, born 1782, Quebec, Can-
ada). He was born May 16, 1806, at Quebec. Came to Utah
September, 1851, Lyman Shurtliff company.

Married Agnes Hill 1831. Lanark, Canada (daughter of
Alexander Hill and Agnes Currey Hill, who came to Utah
1851, James Allred company). She was born June 6, 1808,
Johnston, Scotland. Their children: Elizabeth b. Jan. 13,
1832, d. 1834; Elizabeth Angelica b. July 22, 1835, m. Man-
ning Rowe July 23, 1854; Mary b. May 14, 1837, m James P.
Terry March 1. 1855; John Hill b. June 2. 1839, d. Sept. 27,
1861; Joseph Hill b. Dec. 5, 1841, m. Mary Willie Nov 9,
1867; Agnes b. Nov. 1, 1843, m. George Baker Jan. 18, 1
Rachel b. July 27, 1846. m. Jarvis Baker Dec. 25, 1864;
Hyrum T. H. b. March 22, 1849. m. Agues Mutr April. 1876;
Alexander W H b. Nov. 10. 1851, m. Sena Sorensen April,
1876; Daniel B. H. b. Nov. 14, 1853, m. Mariah Sorensen


Assisted in building Nauvoo temple. Died Nov. IB, 1889.

RICHARDS, JOSEPH HILL (son of John Richards and
Agnes Hill). Born Dec. 5, 1841, Toronto, Canada. Came to

Ut Married'Mary Willie Nov. 9. 1867, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James G. Willie and Elizabeth Ann Pettit, who came
to Utah 1847). She was born May 31, 1850, Salt Lake City.



Their children: Joseph Parley b. April 24, 1869, m. Melvina
Freeman Oct. 8, 1896; James Willie b. April 13, 1871, m. Mary
Westover Oct. 10, 1900; John Ezra b. Nov. 30, 1873, m. Cora
Cross Oct. 14, 1896; Emma Elizabeth b. Aug. 31, 1876, m.
Joseph Facer Nov. 7, 1902; Mary Amelia b. Feb. 6, 1879, d.
Nov. 24, 1893; Hyrum Enos b. May 7, 1881; Anna Bell b. July
9, 1883, m. Wilford W. Freeman Oct. 1905; George Elmer b.
July 16, 1885; Letty Pearl b. April 19, 1889. Family resided
Millcreek and Mendon, Utah, and St. Joseph, Ariz.

Married Martha Ann Quinn Dec. 11, 1878, St. George, Utah
(daughter of John and Sarah Ann Quinn), who was born
Dec. 22, 186!, and died Jan. 8. 1880. Their children: Martha
Ann b. Jan. 6, 1880. d. Jan. 18, 1880; Sarah Jane b. Jane 8,
1880, d. Jan. 8. 1880.

Bishop for 10 years; stake president three years; high
councilor and patriarch. Postmaster 28 years; county com-
missioner and treasurer. Captain of militia.

Richards and Agnes Hill). Born Nov. 10, 1851, Mill Creek,

Married Seny Sorensen April 10, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nicholia Sorensen and Malina Olsen), who was
born March 2, 1854, Hagrup, Denmark. Their children:

Alexander W. R. b. March 22, 1877, m. Jan. 1907; John

Eugene b. March 30, 1879, m. Pearl Thompson Jan. 16, 1907;
Nicholas Leo b. April 25, 1881, m. Hannah Jeffs May 27,
1903, m. Nancy Parker Jan. 8, 1913; Isaac Emer b. April 30,
1883; Joseph Raymond b. Oct. 16, 1885; Malena Agnes b.
April 9, 1888; Ireta b. June 21, 1890; Enoch b. Oct. 28, 1894;
Daniel Brigham b. Aug. 6, 1896. Family home Mendon,
Cache Co., Utah.

Missionary to southern states Feb. 24, 1883, to January,
1885; president of elders quorum 1885 to 1907; president
first T. M. M. I. A. in Mendon ward; high priest. Helped to
build St. George temple. Justice of the peace; city marshal;
city councilman for five terms; school trustee for 18 years.

RICHARDS, PHIJTEAS (son of Joseph Richards and Rhoda
Howe of Hopkinton, Mass.). Born Nov. 15, 1788, at Hopkin-
ton. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1848, F. D. Richards company.

Married Wealthy Dewey Feb. 24, 1818, at Richmond, Berk-
shire county. Mass, (daughter of the 3d Samuel Dewey and
Milley McKee of Hopkinton, Mass., pioneers Oct. 19, 1848.
Franklin D. Richards company). She was born Sept. 6, 1786.
Their children: Abraham; Moses; Betsy; Franklin Dewey,
m. Jane Snyder Dec. 18, 1842; George Spencer, d. Oct. 30,
1838 (shot by border ruffian and buried in the well at
Haun's Mill, Mo.); Samuel Whitney, m. Mary Haskin Parker
Jan. 29, 1846; Maria Wealthy, m. Walter Eli Wilcox Dec. 10,
1844; Joseph William, d. near Pueblo, Colo., Nov. 19, 1846,
from exposure while serving in the Mormon Battalion;
Henry Phineas, m. Margaret Minerva Empey Dec. 30, 1852.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest. State senator; representative to legislature.
Carpenter and joiner. Died Nov. 25, 1874.

RICHARDS, FRANKLIN DEWEY (son of Phineas Richards
and Wealthy Dewey, Salt Lake City). Born April 2, 1821,
at Richmond, Mass. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1848.

Married Jane Snyder Dec. 18, 1842, Job Creek, 111. (daugh-
ter of Isaac Snyder and Lpvisa Comstock of Nauvoo, 111.;
the mother, Lovisa, also lived at Winter Quarters, Iowa,
and Salt Lake City, pioneers Oct. 19, 1848, Franklin D. Rich-
ards company). She was born Jan. 31, 1823. Their chil-
dren: Wealthy Lovisa b. Nov. 2, 1843, d. Sept. 14, 1846;
Isaac Phineas b. July 23, 1846, d. July 23, 1846; Franklin
Snyder b. June 20, 1849, m. Emily S. Tanner; Josephine b.
May 25. 1853, m. Joseph A. West; Lorenzo Mazer b. July B,
1857, d. Dec. 21, 1883, m. Mary M. Dunford; Charles Com-
stock b. Sept. 16, 1859. m. Louisa Letitia Peery. Family
resided Nauvoo, 111., Winter Quarters, Iowa, Salt Lake City
and Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Thompson March 6, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Thompson and Phoebe Robson of Nau-
voo, 111.). She was born Oct. 21, 1827. Their children:
Myron John b. May 22, 1858, m. Julia Anna Peterson;
Wealthy b. March 22, 1861, m. Edward B. Clark; Mary Alice
b. July 5, 1863, m. Joseph E. Stevenson; Wilford Woodruff b.
May 8, 1866, m. Emily Randell.

Seventy; high priest; ordained one of the 12 apostles
Feb. 12, 1849; president of the 12 apostles 1898-99; church
historian and recorder 1889-99. Probate judge of Weber
county 1869-83; member territorial legislature; regent Uni-
versity of Deseret; brigadier general Nauvoo legion; mem-
ber constitutional convention. Died Dec. 9, 1899, Ogden,

Mary Thompson was the widow of Willard Richards;
mother of Phoebe Amelia b. June 7, 1851, m. Jacob Peart;
Jennetta b. Oct. 22, 1854, d. Sept. 23, 1855.

RICHARDS, JOSEPH T. (son of Franklin S. and Emily S.
Tanner). Born Dec. 8, 1871, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mattie Sells. Their children: Martha; Jose-
phine; Edward. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member of the law firm of Richards, Moyle & Richards;
and of Richards & Richards he was the junior member;
in 1898 he became a member of the firm of Bennett, Hark-
ness, Howat, Bradley & Richards, and in 1900 upon the
dissolution of that firm became the senior member of the
firm of Richards & Ferry, which later changed to Richards.
Richards & Ferry. Assistant United States attorney for
the territory of Utah 1893. Mining man. Member Alta,
University, Commercial and Country clubs.

Richards and Jane Snyder). Born Sept. 16, 1859, Salt Lake

Married Louisa Letitia Peery Dec. 18, 1877, Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Harold Peery and Nancy Campbell Hig-
glnbotham of Burk's Garden, Tazewell county, Va., former
came to Utah about Sept. 1, 1864, William Pritchett com-
pany, latter died in Virginia). She was born July 14, 1860.
Their children: Letitia Jane b. Feb. 2, 1879, m. Robert I.
Burton; Charles Comstock b. May 29, 1881, m. Beatrice
Finn; Mabel Clare b. May 12, 1884, d. Oct. 22, 1890; Jesse
Snyder b. April 11, 1887, m. Kathryn Coughnet; Harold
Peery b. Nov. 6, 1889; Laurence William b. Dec. 4, 1892;
Lorenzo Mazer b. Jan. 10, 1896; Franklin Dewey b. Nov. 17.
1900. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Elder; seventy; high priest; member Weber stake Sun-
day school board 1905-08; alternate high councilor in Weber
stake in 1908; 1st counselor in Ogden stake presidency since
July 26, 1908. County recorder of Weber county 1881-84;
county attorney for Weber county 1884-90; county clerk of
Weber county 1883-88; representative in territorial legisla-
ture 1888; councilor in territorial legislature 1890;- member
constitutional convention 1887; regent University of Deseret
1888-90; member territorial board of equalization 1888-90;
trustee territorial reform school 1888-92; secretary and act-
ing governor of the territory of Utah 1893-96. Attorney at

RICHARDS, MYRON JOHN (son of Franklin Dewey Rich-
ards and Mary Thompson). Born May 22, 1858, Provo, Utah.
Married Julia Anna Peterson July 3, 1879 (daughter of
Charles S. Peterson and Ann Patten), who was born June 8,
1862. Their children: Mary Ann b. Nov. 4, 1880, d. Feb. 16,
1884; Myron John b. Aug. 29. 1882, m. Alia M. Vanfleet;
Mabel b. June 27, 1884, d. June 5, 1888; Ralph C. b. April 14.
1886, m. Ethel May Ford.

Married Isabella Mary Young May 29, 1885, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Thomas C. and Mary Young), who was
born at Perry, Utah. Their children: Hyrum Y. b. Aug. 5,
1886; Maggie b. May 26, 1888, m. George Franklin Wood:
Elmer T. b. Aug. 31, 1891; Florence b. Nov. 3, 1896; Glenn
b. Feb. 17, 1899; Legrand b. Nov. 10, 1901. d. Nov. 10, 1901.

Bishop for 27 years. Assisted in building Plymouth,
Fielding and Riverside wards. School trustee for six years;
county commissioner for two years; county treasurer four

Dewey Richards and Mary Thompson). Born May 8, 1866,
Farmington, Utah.

Married Emily Randall March 28, 1888, Logan. Utah
(daughter of Alfred J. Randall and Margaret Harley of Salt
Lake City, Ogden and Centerville, Utah, came to Utah 1848,
Heber C. Kimball company). She was born April 8. 1869.
Their children: Laura b. March 31, 1890; Wilford Woodruff.
Jr., b. June B. 1891; Clyde R. b. Oct. 17. 1894; Mary b. March
30, 1896; Melvin Ross b. Jan. 6, 1898: Ruth b. March 15,
1900; Ireta b. March 3. 1902; Carol b. Dec. 25, 1903; Pearl b.
Dec. 29, 1905; Franklin D. b. Aug. 7, 1908; Margaret Iva b.
July 21, 1910; Helen b. Oct. 31, 1912. Family resided Farm-
ington, Utah, and Georgetown and Paris, Idaho.

Bishop of Georgetown, Idaho, June, 1901, to June, 1906;
member of the Bear Lake stake presidency June. 1906, till
death; missionary to old Virginia Dec. 28, 1891, to Dec. 20,
1893. Mayor of Paris. Idaho, 1906-10; justice of the peace
for two terms; commissioner of Bear Lake county for one
term; Idaho state representative one term. Farmer; stock-
raiser. Died Sept. 6, 1912, Paris, Idaho.

RICHARDS, HENRY PHINEAS (son of Phineas Richards
and Wealthy Dewey). Born Nov. 30, 1831, Richmond, Berk-
shire county. Mass. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1848, F. D. Rich-
ards company.

Married Margaret Minerva Empey Dec. 30, 1852, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William and Mary Ann Empey of same
place, pioneers 1847, Brigham Young company). She was
born April 19. 1831. Their children: Henrietta b. June 11,
1854 (d. May 24, 1908), m. Phillip Margetts; Mary Ann b.
Sept. 5, 1858, m. Alonzo Young; Joseph Henry b. Sept. 2. 1860.
d. May 16. 1896; Minerva b. Oct. 17. 1862, m. Richard W.
Young; William Phineas b. March 12, 1865, d. Oct. 18, 1908;
Nelson Alonzo b. Sept. 7, 1867, d. Dec. 22, 1874; Henry Wil-
lard b. Oct. 21. 1869, d. July 2, 1892; Emma Wealthy b. July
20, 1872, d. Aug. 22, 1878. Family home, Salt Lake City.

President 8th quorum seventies; missionary to Hawaiian
Islands 1854-57; high councilor. Oil inspector and sealer
of weights and measures. Merchant.

RICHARDS, THOMAS (son of William Richards of South
Wales and Elizabeth Bowen). Born May 5, 1846, at Neath,
Abbey, South Wales; came to Utah October, 1862, Horton
Haight company.

Married Adalaide Rose March 22, 1868 (daughter of Ralph
Rose and Manerva Clothier). She was born Dec. 9, 1849.
Their children: Thomas W. b. Feb. 2. 1869, m. Eliza Bird
Jan. 8, 1893; William R. b. Nov. 10, 1870, m. Salina Hatha-
way Oct. 28, 1896; Elizabeth b. Oct. 22, 1872. m. Charles
Dayton July 28, 1891; George R. b. May 26, 1875, m. Mina
Wilson April 1, 1901; Ellen b. Dec. 13, 1877, m. Don C.
Dayton Feb. 5, 1896: Reese b. May 28, 1880. m. Pearl b. Aug.
4, 1883, m. Alonzo Waldram Jan. 14, 1905: Minerva b. May 15,
1886, m. Kenneth Molen Feb. 14, 1907; Ester A. b. July 21,
1889; Daisy b. Sept. 2, 1892. Family home St. Anthony,

High priest; bishop's counselor at Twin Groves ward.



RICHARDS, THOMAS, Jr. (son of Thomas Richards and
Adalaide Rose). Horn Feb. 2, 1869 at Malad, Idaho.

Married Eliza Bird (daughter of Martin Bird and Emma
Gardner). She was born Feb. 2, 1877. Their children:

Grace b. March 26, 1895; Alta b. ; Louis b. ; Albert b

Ella b. Aug. 25, 1903; Emma b. March 16, 1905; Ronald b.
Nov. 5, 1907; Wayne b. Dec. 5, 1910. Family home Palisade,

Bishop's counselor; elder at Palisade, Idaho.

RICHARDS, WILLARD (son of Joseph Richards and Rhoda
Howe of Massachusetts). Born June 24, 1804, in Massachu-
setts. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young com-

Married Nannie Longstroth (daughter of Stephen Long-
stroth and Ann Gill of Iron Clift, Lancastershire, Eng., pio-
neers 1848, Brigham Young company). She was born April
16, 1828. Their children: Alice Ann, m. Lott Smith; Mary
Assena, m. Joel F. Grover; Stephen Longstroth b. July 29,
1863, m. Emma Louise Stayner. Family home. Salt Lake

Married Rhoda Harriett Foss Nov. 30, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Calvin Foss, Saco, Me., and Sarah Bracket
Carter, Saco, Me., and Salt Lake City; she was a pioneer
Oct. 14, 1850, Wilford Woodruff company). She was born
April 19, 1830, and came to Utah with mother. Only child:
Calvin Willard b. Oct. 7, 1852, m. Emma Irene Walker,
m. Martha Louise Madsen. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Died March 11, 1854.

Richards and Nannie Longstroth). Born July 29, 1863, Salt
Lake City.

Married Emma Louise Stayner Aug. 25, 1878, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Arthur Stayner and Emma Turner of
Island Guernsey, Eng.; former came to Utah 1855, latter
1864). She was born Dec. 6, 1858. Their children: Stephen
Longstroth b. June 18, 1879, m. Irene B. Merrill; Alice b.
Sept. 20, 1880, died; Claud b. June 14, 1882, m. Mary C.
Taylor; George Gill b. Sept. 6, 1883, m. Florence Lott Farns-
worth; Stayner b. Dec. 20, 1886, m. Jennie Foot Taylor;
Willard b. Sept. 30, 1887; Russell b. July 18, 1889; Arthur b.
Feb. 3, 1891, d. child; Nannie b. March 31, 1893, d. child;
Grace b. March 15, 1895.

Elder; missionary to England 1876-78; treasurer of Y. M.
M. I. A. Physician and surgeon.

RICHARDS, GEORGE GILL (son of Stephen Longstroth
Richards and Emma Louise Stayner). Born Sept. 6, 1883,
Salt Lake City.

Married Florence Lott Farnsworth Sept. 3, 1912, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Philo T. Farnsworth and Julia Murdock,
pioneers, oxteam company).

RICHARDS, CALVIN WILLARD (son of Willard Richards
and Rhoda Harriett Foss). Born Oct. 7, 1862, Salt Lake City.

Married Emma Irene Walker Dec. 24, 1872, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Lorin Walker and Lavina Smith, both of
Farmington, Utah, pioneers 1860, John Smith company).
She was born July 28, 1854. Their children: Calvin Wil-
lard b. April 28, 1874, m. Faney Snow; Effle Irene b. Feb. 13,
1876, m. Joseph H. Welling; Sarah Bracket b. March 10, 1878,
m. Milton H. Welling; Rhoda Harriett b. Nov. 6, 1879, m.
William H. Stayner; Hyrum Smith b. Dec. 23, 1882, d. Dec. 29,
1906; Ezra Carter b. Oct. 9, 1884, m. Blanch Laub; Bertie
Loren b. Nov. 4, 1886, m. Ella Chamberlin; Ruby Lovina b.
Sept. 6, 1888, m. Leo Farnsworth; Horace Leroy b. Nov. 1,
1891. Family resided Farmington and Fielding, Utah.

Married Martha Louise Madson Jan. 16, 1901, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Adolph Madson and Mary Wagner of
Brigham City, Utah, pioneers 1860). She was born Feb. 12,
1866. Their children: Melvin Madson b. April 23, 1902;
Lorenzo Adolph b. April 24, 1904; Mathias Cowley b. Dec.
7, 1907; Sterling J. b. March 24, 1909. Family home Brig-
ham City, Utah.

High priest; missionary to England 1904-06. Commis-
sioner of Box Elder county. Farmer.

RICHARDS, WILLIAM. Born 1797, Glamorganshire, Wales.
Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1864, Daniel Garn company.

Married Alice Howells, who died in Wales. Their chil-
dren: Kathryne, m. James Radford Millard; William; Ceci-
lia; Morgan.

RICHARDSON, SHADRACH (son of Shadrach and Elizabeth
Richardson of Cumberland county, Ky.). Born Nov. 21,
1816, In Cumberland county, Ky. Came to Utah 1852, Tru-
man Tryon company.

Married Lavina Stewart about 1841 (daughter of Phi-
lander B. Stewart and Sarah Scott, former died In Ohio,
latter a pioneer 1850). She was born June 8, 1824. Came
to Utah 1852, Truman Tryon company. Their children:
Shadrach M. b. March 11, 1848, m. Keturah Hand June 14,
1875; William W. b. Nov. 9, 1851, m. Sarah J. Hone Oct.
1879. Family home Payson, Utah.

Married Sarah Haskell in 1860, at Payson, Utah (daughter
of James Niles and Sarah Haskell, former came to Utah with
a contingent of Mormon Battalion). Their children: Thomas
'b. Feb. 2, 1861, m. Eunice L. Hickman 1884; Richard b. Aug. 18,
1862; Lavina b. Aug. 16, 1864. m. Isaac Hansen 1882; David
b. April 1866. m. Eliza J. Betts 1899.

Member 47th quorum seventies.

RICHARDSON. SHADRACH M. (son of Shadrach Richard -
eon and Levina Stewart). Born March 11, 1848, In Mills
Co., Iowa.

Married Keturah Hand June 14, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Hand and Sarah Simpkins). Born Dec.
11, 1858, Yorkshire, Eng. Their children: Shadrach W. b.

A 5 Pr !Ln ' J 8?6 i eorsre M - b - De <=- 12 - 18"; James I. b. Jan.
26, 1880; Sarah K. b. June 7, 18S2; Adaline b. Aug. 12, 1884,
m. William Hone Sept. 11, 1901; Nellie b. Feb. 6, 1887 m
J. H. Schaerrer Feb. 14, 1906; Ivy b. May 7, 1889, m. J. A.
Francorm March 15, 1911; Lexia b. Nov. 16, 1891; Delilah b
March 18, 1893, m. C. A. Fugal June 21, 1911; Joseph Wood-
ruff b. Aug. 26, 1896; Teresa b. June 22, 1899; Orion Franklin
b. Nov. 5, 1901. Family home Benjamin, Utah.

Elder 1875; high priest; alternate high councilor, Nebo
stake. Constable Benjamin precinct. Utah county, one term-
justice of peace three terms; appointed U. S. deputy surveyor
Juno 15, 1883,

RICHARDSON, THOMAS (son of Thomas Richardson, born
In Ireland). Born Feb. 18, 1804, Manchester, Eng. Came to
Utah July 29, 1847, James Brown's detachment of the Mor-
mon Battalion.

Married Mary M. Mallalu 1824, at Preston, near Man-
chester, Eng. She died October, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. Their
children; Jane, died; Mary, m. Mr. Latronch; John b. July 24,
1835 (d. March 10, 1906), m. Lola Tyler; Robert, m. Sarah
Taylor; Susan, m. George Hutchins; m. Howard Bratton;
Violet, m. James Steed; Benjamin and Sarah, died; Thomas
Jr. b. April 9, 1844, m. Merab Stone 1864.

Married Annie (Owen) Clark February, 1846, Nauvoo. 111.

Resided at Farmington 1852, and later moved to Kaysville-
moved to Ogden 1854. and to Kaysville 1856. The seventh
convert In England to be baptized into L. D. S. church-
became a high priest and presided over Gadfield Elm con-
ference, England. First president of Slaterville stake, 1864-
77. Died Nov. 3, 1886, Richmond, Utah.

RICHARDSON, THOMAS (son of Thomas Richardson and
Mary M. Mallalu). Born April 9, 1844, Montrose Iowa
Came to Utah 1852.

Married Merab Stone in 1864 at Slaterville, Utah (daugh-
ter of Amos Pease Stone and Amelia Bishop, pioneers 1850).
She was born Sept. 26, 1846, New Haven, Conn., and died
Feb. 4, 1913. Inkom, Idaho. Their children: Mary Amelia
b. Oct. 6, 1865, d. same day; Thomas Ives b. Nov. 30, 1866,
m. Kate Bratton Jan. 18, 1885, m. Ellen Lance Feb. 8, 1890,
m. Hattie Knapp April 29, 1908; Amos b. Aug. 13, 1869, d
&ame day; James Albert b. Sept. 15, 1870, d. Dec. 26,

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