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Lavina A. b. Jan. 13, 3890; Ethel E. b. Nov. 27, 1891, m.
Howard Nelsen April 28, 1909; Mable M. b. Oct. 13, 1893;
Elda E. b. Jan. 6, 1897; Sylvin A. b. March 19, 1899; Olin H.
b. May 7, 1902: Afton J. b. Dec. IB, 1904; Floyd H. b. Oct. 4,
1906; Zelma McBride b. Nov. 21, 1910; Lois Elenor b. Sept.
11, 1912. Family resided Ogden and Eden, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser.

July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company). She was born
June 1, 1875, Coalville, Utah. Only child: George Max b.
Jan. 17. 1911.

Justice of peace 1909-13. Dairyman and farmer.

RISHTON, EDWARD (son of Henry Rishton. born April 4,
1810, in England, and Mary Blaud, born May 9, 1815, In
England, and married 1833 in England, both residents of
Council Bluffs, Iowa). He was born Jan. 4, 1834, Acoring-
ton, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 14, 1852, 12th Company,
Captain Cullio.

Married Mary Ann Slater April 23, 1865 (daughter of
James Slater and Mary Ramsbolton, pioneers 1864). She
was born April 27, 1840. Their children: Edward b. Jan.
27, 1857, m. Helen Houston 1883; Mary E. b. May 18, 1860,
m. James Paxman 1882; William b. July 29. 1862, m. Laura
Nell 1885; Thomas b. Feb. 2, 1866, m. Mary Judd; Maria b.
Sept. 19, 1864, m. Almo Silcock; James b. March 28, 1869;
Bland b. June 28. 1871; David b. Oct. 31, 1873, m. Maka
Bennion: Blanche b. Nov. 28, 1876, m. Edward Bowen.
Family home Riverton, Utah.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah; crossed plains
six times by horse and oxteam.

RITCHIE, JOHN (son of James and Agnes Ritchie of Glas-
gow, Scotland). Born Oct. 28, 1844. Came to Utah in 1863.

Married Sarah McAffee (daughter of John Smith Mc-
Affee and Ann Sparks of Glasgow). Their children: John
McAffee b. Oct. 30, 1867, m. Sarah Elizabeth Wright; Sarah
Ann, m. Willford David Wright; James, m. Anna Tressa
Wilson; Agnes, died; Jane. m. Joseph Smith Wright; Mary,
m. James Wagstaff; Phoebe, m. George Baum Wright;
William, m. Annie Frisbie, died: Ella.

High priest. Pioneer road and canal builder; farmer.

RITCHIE, JOHN McAFFEE (son of John Ritchie and Sarah
McAffee). Born Oct. 30, 1867, Heber City, Utah.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Wright Nov. 3, 1889, Manti,
Utah (daughter of William Wright and Jemima Dands of
Provo, Utah, pioneers 1852). She was born Aug. 27, 1869,
Provo, Utah. Their children: Mable Jamima b. Aug. 17, 1892;
Joseph William b. May 24, 1894; Lacy b. Oct. 18, 1895; Vera
Josephine b. March 26, 1901; Elden LaMar b. Jan. 23, 1903;
Clyde b. Nov. 12, 1904; Horace J. b. July 6, 1907; Verdell W.
b. Oct. 23, 1910. Family home Charleston, Utah.

Missionary to Australia 1897-99; bishop of Charleston
ward; bishop's counselor to N. C. Murdock 1898-99; coun-
selor to Bishop William Daybell 1899-1904; president T. M.
M. I. A. 6 years. President town board of Charleston 4
years; member of school board. Farmer and thoroughbred
stock breeder.

RITTER, GEORGE M. (son of Adam Ritter and Nancy
Ward of Burkes Garden, Va.). Born Feb. 19, 1840, Burkes
Garden. Came to Utah late In 1862, Independent company.

Married Louise J. Thompson in 1870 at Burkes Garden,
Va. (daughter of John Thompson and Lydia Ward of Burkes
Garden). She was born Aug. 27, 1832 Their only child
was John T. b. May 2, 1876, m. Martha Lewis. Family
home Riverdale, Utah.


RITTER, JOHN THOMPSON (son of George M. Ritter and
Louise Thompson). Born May 2, 1876, Riverdale, Utah.

Married Martha Lewis April 29, 1896, Riverdale (daughter
of John Lewis and Jane Crlsmon of Mesa City, Ariz., pioneers

RITTER, JOHN (son of Michael Ritter, born Jan. 13, 1784,
and Phoebe Ritter, born Jan. 10, 1788. of Bingen-on-the-
Rhine, Germany). Born Dec. 30, 1820. Came to Utah late in
1849 with contingent Mormon Battalion.

ROBB, WILLIAM. Born in Scotland. Came to Utah In 1857,
from Australia.

Married Ellen Bell in Scotland, who came to Utah with
husband. Their children: James, d. child; William Jr.. m.
Ellen Stones; Ellen, m. William Anderson; Ann, m. William
Edwards; Thomas, m. Alice Benson; John, m. Mary Santon,
m. Sarah Edseo; Alexander, m. Ellen Benson; Adam, m.
Sarah Hollyhock; George, m. Caroline Jones; Caroline, d.

Married Susan . Their children: Samuel, m. Amanda

Daly; Belle, m. William Wilson; Lyda, m. Hyrum Barton;
Jane, m. Joseph J. Jones. Families resided Paragonah,

Called to help settle Harrisburg; moved to Paragonah,
1858, where took active part in early Indian troubles.
Assisted bringing Immigrants to Utah. Died 1891, Para-

ROBB, GEORGE (son of William Robb and Ellen Bell).
Born Sept. 23, 1857, Sidney, New South Wales. Came to
Utah 1857.

Married Caroline Jones Jan. 8, 1876, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William Jones and Mary Jones, of South Wales,
pioneers 1854, James Brown company). She was born
Sept. 8, 1861. Their children: Mary b. Sept. 1, 1878, m.
James S. Mathis: Ellen b. Feb. 3, 1881, m. John B. Pesette:
George, Jr. b. April 20, 1883, d. child; William Jones b. May
30, 1885; Ada b. May 6, 1887, m. Joseph Naylor; Vesta b. May
27. 1890; Blanche b. April 24, 1892: Earl Peer b. March 14,
1895; Arlin b. July 2. 1897; Angus John b. Dec. 15, 1904.
Family home Price, Utah.

Member 101st quorum seventies. Called to San Juan to
settle that country, 1882. Worked on Manti temple, 1875.
Counselor Y. M. M. I. A.; ward teacher. Settled at Price,
1883. where he assisted in building canals and wagon roads.
Farmer and stockraiser.

ROBBI1VS, ISAAC R. (son of Antrim Robblns and Lydia
Rogers of Chesterfield, Burlington county, N. J.) Born
March 24, 1805, at Chesterfield. Came to Utah 1848, Sam
Brandon company.

Married Ann Shinn Burtis March 21, 1838, Chesterfield,
N. J. (daughter of Abner Burtis and Rachel Shinn of Ches-
terfield). Their children: Joseph Reeves, died; Wesley, m.
Caroline Larson; Margaret, m. Joseph E. Beck; Isaac
Rogers, m. Celia Dudley.

Married Abiah R. Carter Nov. 16, 1851, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William F. Carter and Sarah York of Bethel,
Oxford county. Me., pioneers Oct. 12, 1850, Joseph Young
company). She was born Aug. 21, 1834. Their children:
William Carter, m. Betsy Taylor; Lydia Ann Rogers; Antrim
Zeezran, m. Luna Holliday; Charles Beniah, died; Abiah
Russell, m. Hiram Beckstead; Joseph Eleson, m. Martha
Stout; Mary Antrim, died; Hester Ann, m. Peter B. Johnson;
George Albert, m. Nellie D. Thompson; John Carter, m. Ella
Frank; Alvin Carter, m. Arimenta Jimison.

Married Hannah Libby Carter March 24, 1855, Provo, Utah
(daughter of William F. Carter and Sarah York), who was
born March 25, 1841. Their children: Mary Celestine, died;
Sarah Drusllla, m. William Harding: John Rogers, died;
Aaron Rogers, m. Elizabeth Swensen; Lyman Carter: Hanna
Libby, m. William Hodson; Ferlsberry Carter and La van
Carter, died; Elizabeth Ann, m. Abraham H. Jones; Emma
Carter, m. Abraham H. Jones. Families resided Provo, Utah.

High priest; first counselor to Bishop Bird, of 2nd ward,
Provo. Farmer. Died Jan. 4, 1883, Provo.

ROBBINS, JOHN ROGERS (son of Antrim Robbins and
Lydia Rogers of New Jersey). Born Sept. 11, 1809, New
Jersey. Came to Utah late In 1853.

Children by first wife: Charles Burtis, m. Adeline Young;
Zilphla, d. infant.

Married Phoebe A. Wright Dec. 26, 1837, In Burlington
county, N. J. (daughter of Mahlon Wright and Ann Wilgus,
of Jacobstown, N. J.), who was born Feb. 27, 1812. Their
children: George E.. and John F., d. Infants; Georgiana Pa-
cific, m. Clarence Barrett: Mary F., d. Infant; Emma L.,
m. O. H. Riggs; Sarah F., d. infant. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Member of the School of the Prophets: high priest.
Farmer; sawmill man. Died Feb. 1, 1873, Salt Lake City.

ROBERTS, DAVID GILES (son of Robert Roberts, born
Jan. 4, 1794, Mallwyd, North Wales, and Pane Giles, born
Jan. 1, 1794, of Machynlleth, North Wales, married June
9, 1820). He was born March 18, 1826, Machynlleth. Came
to Utah In 1860.

Married Mary Morgan Dec. 26, 1866 (daughter of Thomas



Morgan and Margaret Jones; former born June 17, 1815, Kyr-
hym Pembrey, Caermarthenshire, South Wales, pioneer 1868,
John Seeley company, d. Aug. 18, 1872, Malad, Idaho). She
was born May 10, 1834. Came to Utah in 1863; died Aug. 3,
1912. Their children: David Morgan b. Oct. 2, 1867. m.
Emma K. Aegerter Oct. 4, 1906; Margaret J. b. March 16,
1869, m. Oliver Hartman Jan. 1, 1891; Robert M. b. Sept.
16. 1870; Thomas C. b. March 23, 1872; Mary A. b. April 3,
1874, m. John T. Harrison Dec. 31, 1903; John M. b. Aug. 11,
1876, m. Agnes McDonald June 29, 1899.

Settled at Brigham City, Utah, moved to Malad 1865. Died
June 18, 1893.

ROBERTS, DAVID MORGAN (son of David Giles Roberta
and Mary Morgan). Born Oct. 2, 1867, Malad, Idaho.

Married Emma K. Aegerter Oct. 4, 1906, Paris, Idaho
(daughter of Frederick Aegerter and Katherine Lehman,
who came to Utah in 1889). She was born Aug. 29, 1884,
Bern, Switzerland. Their children: David F. b. Sept. 12,
1907; Gladys b. Dec. 1, 1910; Thomas V. b. Sept. 14, 1912.

Family home Malad, Idaho.

ROBERTS, DAVID ROBERT (son of Robert Roberts, born
Jan. 18, 1775, at Cae Glas, Clynnogfawr, Caernarvonshire,
Wales, and Elizabeth Edwards, married Feb. 3, 1805, Bedd-
gelert, Wales). He was born April 8, 1814, Meirionethshire,
Nanmor, Wales. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1856, Edward Bunker

Married Catherine Richard at Llanfrothen, Wales, 1836
(daughter of Thomas Richard and Ann Morris, of Creua,
Maur, Wales). She was born June 25, 1807, died Oct. 17,
1892, Logan, Utah. Their children: Robert David b. Sept.
21, 1837, m. Hannah Roberts June 6, 1870; Thomas David
b. July 6, 1840, m. Margaret Goodman Feb. 24, 1881; Daniel
b. Sept. 8, 1842, m. Sarah A. Hughes March 29, 1875; Ann b.
Dec. 19, 1844, m. William Hopkins; Elizabeth b. Nov. 13,
1S46, m. Talusen Hughes; Jane b. Jan. 11, 1850, m. Gcmar
Hughes. Family home Farmington, Utah.

Settled at Farmington. Died Nov. 9, 1858.

ROBERTS, DANIEL (son of David Robert Roberts and Cath-
erine Richard). Born Sept. 8, 1842, Llanfrothen, Wales.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Sarah A. Hughes March 29. 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Hughes and Mary Jones; latter died
Dec. 5, 1858, Kaysville, St. Clair county, 111.; former a pioneer
1858). She was born Oct. 21, 1856, Pottsville, Pa.; came to
Utah 1858. Their children: Catherine; Margaret; Ida; Anna;
Mary; Irene, died; Daniel H. Family home Ogden, Utah.

ROBERTS, EDWARD GILES (son of Robert Roberts, born
Jan. 4, 1794, at Mallwyd, North Wales, and Susan Giles of
Dinas, Merthyr, North Wales). Born Dec. 8, 1825, at Dinas.
Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1866, James Chipman company.

Married Elizabeth Lewis Nov. 14, 1851 (daughter of Rob-
ert and Jane Lewis, of Dinas), who was born March 5, 1827,
and died Feb. 28, 1909. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1866, James
Chipman company. Their children: Jane Lewis b. Aug. 23,
1854, m. David Davis Thomas Feb. 6, 1874; Margarett Eliza-
beth b. Aug. 11, 1857, m. Charles Bolingbroke Sept. 8, 1876.

Superintendent Sunday schools 23 years. Farmer; weaver.
Settled at Malad City, Idaho, 1866. Died Jan. 2. 1894.

ROBERTS, EDWARD KIM.ICK (son of John W. Roberts of
Leeds Co., Upper Canada, born Jan. 19, 1800, at London,
Eng., and Mary Gilchrist, born Feb. 7, 1804, Canada; married
Jan. 2, 1822). He was born April 14, 1828, in Leeds county.
Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1849, William Miller company.

Married Emeline Mathews Sept. 24, 1850 (daughter of
Anson Mathews and Elizabeth Surges, pioneers 1848). She
was born Feb. 7, 1833, Macomb, McDonough county, 111.,
died April 17, 1867. Their children: Eliza Emeline b.
Aug. 2, 1851, m. Jeremiah Bingham March, 1869; Susannah
b. June 5, 1853, m. Calvin Pendleton May, 1870; Julia S. b.
Oct. 17, 1854, m. Joseph Asay, 1872; William Edward b. Nov.
19, 1856, died; Elizabeth E. b. Aug, 14, 1858; Joseph Samuel
b Aug. 31, 1860; Mary A. b. April 28, 1863, m. Joseph Asay,
1877; George Hannibal m. Feb. 13, 1865, m. Almina Malinda
Lewis Sept. 27, 1883; John Henry b. April 17, 1867. Family
home Payson, Utah.

Married Hannah Gleave April 19, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Gleave and Jane Brindly, married May
1, 1843, at Wilmslow, Chestershire, Eng., pioneers Aug. 20,
1868, Chester Loveland company). She was born Oct. 23,
1846, Stockport, Eng. Their children: Hannah J. b. May 15,
1870; Killick Elton b. June 23, 1871, m. Edna M. Gardner;
Lucy A. b. May 9, 1873; Boretta b. Oct. 8, 1874, m. Hyrum P.
Thurston; Walter b. June 23, 1876, m. Millie Lebeker; Re-
becca b. Jan. 1, 1878, m. John Nordfoese Dec. 1900;
Bertha b. Jan. 2, 1880; Thomas Wilburn b. Aug. 13, 1881, m.
Jennie Gleave Oct. 3, 1906; Herbert Franklin b. Sept. 7,
1S83, m. Rosa Davis Jan. 22, 1908; Sabra S. b. Feb. 1, 1885,
m. John F. Davis Sept. 22, 1905; Ammon b. Aug. 6, 1888. m.
Susia E. Adams Jan. 27, 1909. Family home Annabella,
Sevier Co., Utah.

Married Ann Sophia Rollins April 19, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Enoch P. Rollins of Cache Valley, Utah, and
Sophia W. Philbrook, married at Bangor, Penobscot county,
Me., pioneers 1852; and widow of Sidney Beckstead, by
whom she had the following children: Sarah Ann, m. Henry
Elmer; Sabra Jane. m. George B. Rust, m. Geo. A. Hatch;
Lillian, m. George W. Patten; Mary Emily, m. Joseph Jack-
Bon; Rosa, d. child; Cordelia Loretta, d. Infant. Family

home West Jordan, Utah). She was born March 25, 1832,
at Bangor, died May 10, 1884; pioneer 1852. Their children:
Melinda Elvina b. Feb. 12, 1870, m. George B. Rust, 1888-
Sidney Enoch b. Nov. 5, 1871, m. Marilla Hooper June 10.
1903. Family home, Annabella.

Presiding elder Annabella ward; high priest; member 29th
quorum seventies; teacher. Assisted bringing immigrants
to Utah. Black Hawk war veteran. Farmer; timberman.

ROBERTS, GEORGE HANNIBAL (son of Edward Killick
Roberts and Emeline Mathews). Born Feb. 13, 1865

Married Almira Malinda Lewis Sept. 27, 1883, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Falton Lewis, pioneer 1848, and Almira
Ferguson, born 1851, Big Cottonwood. Utah). She was born
Aug. 24, 1867. Their children: George W. b. June 26, 1884-
Mary Almira b. Aug. 1, 1886; Eugenia b. June 16, 1889, m.
George M. Hunt May 5, 1910; Dorothy Eliza b. Sept. 20.
1890; Rebecca b. June 27, 1892, m. James Cook Jan. 3, 1911-
Edward Killick b. March 16, 1894; Ray b. Feb. 1, 1896; Sarah

^ P a ^, b -T Jun ? 8> 1899; Ora b ' Aug " 26 ' 1900; Shirden b. Jan.
28, 1902; Lewis Earl b. Feb. 1, 1904; Oren b. Nov. 3, 1906-
Lora S. b. May 31, 1909. Family home Annabella, Utah

ROBERTS, GEORGE (son of Edward Roberts, born in Lon-
don, and Eliza Maynard, born Kent, Eng.). Born Sept 21
1833, London. Came to Utah in December, 1857.

Married Susan Gallard in May, 1857 (daughter of Mathew
Gallard, who died in Australia, and Frances A. Smith pio-
neer Alex Carr company). She was born May 3, 1840, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: George Ed-
ward b. July 13, 1858, m. Eliza Bradshaw Oct. 11 1880-
Frances Rosina b. Oct. 17, 1860, m. Frank R. Rollins Nov
18, 1885; Emma Eliza b. Dec. 7, 1862, m. Will Albert Za-
breskie Aug. 6, 1884; Frank Edwin b. March 14, 1865 m
Jane Rollins April 5, 1883; William Henry b. July 21, 1867
m. Frances M. Smith Aug. 11, 1895; Walter b. Oct. 4, 1869,
m. Alice Cuderback Jan. 17, 1895; Mark b. March 2, 1872 m
Susia McKnight March 27, 1896; Lydia Ann b. Dec. 30, 1872,
m. James Eyre Jan. 17, 1894; Edith Elizabeth b. Feb. 5,
1878, m. James Heber Myers Oct. 17, 1894. Family home
Minersville, Beaver Co., Utah.

Settled In Parowan, Utah; moved to Minersville 1860,
School teacher; ward clerk. Farmer.

ROBERTS, HORACE. Born in 1801. Came to Utah in 1851
Married Harriet McEvers at Montezuma, Pike county,

111. Their children: Maria Louisa, m. Elliott Alfred Newell.

Jr.; Charles, died; Jane, m. Thomas Wheeler, m. James E.

Snow; Susan, m. Alva Zabriskie; Ephraim, m. Emma Bell;

Geruldes; Laura, m. Watson Bell. Family home Provo Utah

ROBERTS, JOHN (son of John and Mary Roberts of Merthyr
Tydfll, Wales). Born in 1821, Wales. Came to Utah in
1863, Thomas E. Ricks company.

Married Adelaide Ford in 1848, in England, who was
born in June 1832. Their children: John, Jr., m. Alice Tay-
lor, m. Mary Cutler, m. Emma J. Evans; Robert, d. infant;
Joseph, m. Esther Taylor; James, m. Eldora Smith; Mary, m.
Wheeler Whipple; Jane, m. Thomas Shaw, m. Louis Sinclair;
Hyrum, m. Julia Ashton; David, m. Lydia Brown; Emily, m.
George Martin; Lily, m. Frank Stanfast; Edwin. Family
home Lehi, Utah.

Seventy; high priest; missionary to Wales two years.
Farmer and stockraiser. Died in 1896.

ROBERTS, JOHN DUNN (son of David Roberts and Ann
Powell of Merthyr Tydfll, Glamorganshire, South Wales).
Born May 26, 1824, Merthyr Tydfll. Came to Utah in Octo-
ber, 1856, Edward Bunker handcart company.

Married Ann Powell in 1843, Merthyr Tydfll (daughter of
Jacob Powell and Mary Walters, Merthyr Tydfll), who was
born in March, 1822, and died in November, 1904. Their chil-
dren: Jacob Roberts b. 1848, d. 1872; John Powell; Mary
Ann, d. Oct. 4, 1900; David; Madoc; Mary. Family home
Perry, Box Elder Co., Utah.

Missionary in South Wales 12 years; high priest. Settled
in Brigham City, where he resided until 1862. Water master
11 years. Miner and farmer. Died Oct. 17, 1904, Perry.

ROBERTS, JOHN POWELL (son of John Dunn Roberts
and Ann Powell). Born July 17, 1856, in Pottawattamie
county, Iowa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Ellen Richards March 22, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Richards and Jane Young of Bed-
fordshire, Eng., former came to Utah).

Married Jeannette Holton, Nov. 11, 1903, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaiah R. Holton and Sarah Janet Brittain
of Northamptonshire, Eng.), who came to Utah. Families
resided Perry, Box Elder Co., Utah.

Member 59th quorum seventies; missionary to eastern
states 1898-1900; second counselor to bishop. Justice of
peace. Farmer.

ROBERTS, LEVI (son of Samuel and Mary Margret Roberts
of Deerhurst. Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born Feb. 26, 1815,
Deerhurst. Came to Utah in 1850, Captain Pearson inde-
pendent company.



Married Harriet Ann Hefford, at Deerhurst (daughter of
Thomas Hefford and Mary Ann Ellis of Deerhurst, pioneers
1850, Captain Pearson independent company). She was
born May 16, 1819. Their children: Henry b. June 16, 1836,
m. Mary Ellen Wardrop; Caroline b. Oct. 1, 1837, m. James
Oliverson; Phebe Ann b. Jan. 22, 1843, m. Allen Taylor;
Marinda, m. John Doney; Harriet Ann b. Sept. 8, 1849, m.
Robert Bodily; Mary Jane b. Dec. 13, 1851, m. Christopher
Layton; Matilda b. Jan. 2, 1854, m. Edwin Bodily; Lucy
Ellen, m. William Bennett. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Member Joseph Smith's bodyguard; member Mormon Bat-
talion. Died Jan. 22, 1894.

ROBERTS, HENRY (son of Levi Roberts and Harriet Ann
Hefford). Born June 16, 1836, Deerhurst, Eng. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Mary Ellen Wardrop in 1870, Kaysville, Utah
(daughter of Robert Wardrop and Margret Owen of Wells-
ville, Utah, pioneers 1849, George A. Smith company). She
was born Aug. 10, 1852. Their children: Henry Levi b.
July 6, 1871, m. Millie Stoddard; Walton Anthony b. March
17, 1873, m. Olive Elizabeth Corbridge; Mark Owen b. Oct.
27, 1874, m. Eva Ruth Jones; Vida Margret b. Sept. 25,
1876, m. George J. Stafford; Harriet Ann b. Sept. 16, 1878.
m. Archie Wardsworth; Mary Ellen b. May 1, 1880, m. Marvin
Thornley; Phebe b. March 8, 1882; William Robert b. Jan.
20. 1884, m. Julia Louise Steed; Jane Caroline b. March 16,
1888, m. George Jones.

Freighter in Nevada and Montana. Did much in up-
building Davis county and surrounding country.

ROBERTS, WALTON ANTHONY (son of Henry Roberts and
Mary Ellen Wardrop). Born March 17, 1873, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Olive Elizabeth Corbridge March 14, 1900, Salt
Lake City (daughter of William Henry Corbridge and
Olive Cordelia Sessions of Bountiful, Utah, pioneers in
August, 1852, John Parker independent company). She
was born April 3, 1881. Their children: Arvilla b. Dec. 4,
1900; Gwendola b. Dec. 1, 1902; Welden C. b. Jan. 30, 1905;
Snoden H. b. Aug. 21, 1907; Evadna b. March 8, 1910; Zora
b. Oct. 24, 1912. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Presiding elder Spring Coulie branch, Alta, Canada, 1902;
1st counselor in bishopric Frankburg ward, Alta, 1904-09.

ROBERTS, MARK OWEN (son of Henry Roberts and Mary
Ellen Wardrop). Born Oct. 27, 1874.

Married Eva Ruth Jones (daughter of Samuel Lane Jones,
born April 14, 1828, Worcestershire, Eng., and Martha
Simmons, born July 17, 1851, Bristol, Eng., pioneers 1847 and
Sept. 13, 1861, respectively). She was born Sept. 14, 1878,
Kaysville, Utah. Their children: Bernice b. May 23, 1900;
Harmond H. b. April 17. 1902; Howard J. b. Oct. 26, 1906;
Wilda Virginia b. July 13, 1910. Family home Layton,

Married Sarah Price Jones April 15, 1870, who was born
in England.

High priest; member high council, Nebo stake. Settled
at Coalville; moved to Kamas and then to Goshen, where
he last resided.

ROBERTS, ORVILLE CLARK (sol of Daniel Roberts and
Eliza Aldula Clark of Keokuk, Iowa). Born Sept. 1, 1833,
Manchester, Morgan county. 111. Came to Utah in 1850, Milo
Andrus company.

Married Mary Coray July 24, 1868, Provo, Utah (daughter
of Howard Coray and Martha Jane Knowlton of Provo.
pioneers 1850, John Sharp company). Their children: Or-
ville Clark b. Oct. 24, 1869, m. Persis Young; Howard Daniel
b. July 10, 1871, m. Mary Young; Harriet Virginia b. April
7, 1873, m. Charles Milton; Steele; Mary Eliza b. Aug. 13,
1876, m. Frank L. Noel; Martha Jane b. June 15, 1878, m.
Jens P. Nielson; Frank Homer b. April 10, 1880, m. Evaline
Taylor; Daphne b. Dec. 3, 1882, m. Robert P. Cooper; Don
Carlos b. June 12, 1885, m. Claire Poyer; Louis Dermont b.
Sept. 17, 1889. Family home Mancos, Colo.

Member 70th quorum seventies. Settled a Provo 1851.
Crossed plains 13 times. Minuteman at Provo under Colo-
nel Peter Conover. Took active part in protecting settlers
against Indians In early days, was wounded while carrying
express July 24, 1854. Moved to southern Colorado 1880,
and in 1912 to San Diego, Cal. Freighter; mail carrier;
farmer and stockraiser. Died Dec. 12, 1912, Le Mesa, Cal.;
buried in San Diego.

ROBERTS, OWEN (son of Evan Roberts and Ellen Tydlr,
of Llandegwan Parish, Merionethshire, North Wales). Born
Jan. 21, 1828, in Wales. Came to Utah October, 1849, first
company of Welsh saints.

Married Sarah Treharne May 26, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Treharne and Ann Richards, of
Llangendyrn, Carmarthenshire, South Wales), who was
born Feb. 14, 1830, and came to Utah 1852. Capt. Green com-
pany. She died Nov. 1, 1898. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Stonecutter for Salt Lake theater 30 years. Died Sept. 17,

ROBERTS, PETER (son of John Roberts, born at Thanasa,
Flintshire, North Wales, and Ann Pool of Newmarket,
North Wales). Born March 5, 1830, at Thanasa. Came to
Utah in 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins company.

Married Harriet Jones 1844 (daughter of Robert and Ann
Jones). She died in 1859, in England. Their children: Ann,
d. infant; John b. May 20, 1850, m. Persis McKee Dec. 24,

Married Phoebe Richardson 1860 (daughter of Peter Rich-
ardson and Jane Warmouth, former a pioneer 1864, Joseph
8. Rawlins company). She died in 1870, Goshen, Utah. Their
children: Jane b. 1861, d. child; Mary Ann b. 1862, m.
Wlllard Cole; Peter b. 1864, d. child; Nicholas W. b. Dec. 25.
1865, m. Annie Mortison Nov. 3, 1892; Ann b. 1870, d. Infant.

ROBERTSON, JAMES. Born Sept. 22, 1827, Faulds, Glenlsla,
Forfar. Scotland.

Married Matilda Graham. May 4, 1855. Their children:
Matilda Elizabeth b. May 5. 1856. m. William Alexander
Chesley; Christina Jane b. Dec. 6, 1857, d. Nov. 11, 1867. Lucy
b. Feb. 12, 1860, m. Joseph E. Jones; Grace Darling b. Nov.
19, 1861, m. John T. Beck, divorced, then married Henry
Matley; Anna Laura b. Sept. 13, 1863. d. April 13, 1864; Flora
MacDonald b. March 14, 1865, m. George H. Brimhall; Clara
b. July 31, 1867, d. Aug. 17. 1867; Elizabeth Edward b.
Aug. 16, 1868, m. Jacob H. Schwartz. Family home, Span-
ish Fork. Utah.

Married Mary Cox, Logan, Utah. Only child: Arthur b.
Nov. 19, 1886.

High priest; counselor to Bishop A. K. Thurber; president
high priests' quorum at Spanish Fork. Died at Spanish Fork.

ROBEY, JEREMIAH (son of Jeremiah Robey and Mary
Ogden, of Shinnston, W. Va.). Born April 14, 1808, in Har-
rison county, W. Va. Came to Utah August, 1852, David
Wood company.

Married Ruth Tucker Nov. 7, 1833 in West Virginia
(daughter of Jeremiah Tucker and Ruth Ashcroft, of Shinn-
ston), who was born June 26, 1816, and died Jan. 17, 1892,

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