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Midway, Utah. Their children: Theophilus, m. Sarah
Mathews and Maria Ralph Field; Mary Jane, m. S. H. Epper-
son; James Allison; Maria and Sophia, died; Susan Luvernia,
m. James Ross; Jeremiah Albert, m. Martha Dowdle; Ma-
tilda, m. Nathan C. Springer; Theodore and Theodrlc, died.

High priest; missionary to West Virginia 1876-77. Set-
tled at Midway, Utah, 1859. School trustee thirteen years.
Mining recorder. Snake Mining district. Carpenter and
cabinetmaker; farmer; bee keeper and fruit raiser. Died
Nov. 22, 1903.

ROBEY, JEREMIAH ALBERT (son of Jeremiah Robey and
Ruth Tucker). Born March 12, 1845 in Hancock county,
111. Came to Utah with father.

Married Martha Jane Dowdle, Midway, Utah (daughter
of Absalom Porter Dowdle and Sarah Ann Holliday, both
of Marion county, Ala.), who was born in 1848, Salt Lake
City. Their children: Mary Jane, m. Joseph Tietjen; Electa
Ruth, m. Harold P. Heninger; Jeremiah Jr., m. Emma Lar-
sen; Matilda, m. James Dahl; Sidney Theophilus, m. Ethel
Whitmore; Henrietta, m. Adam Ludwig; Mary Sophia, m.
Jonathan Smith. Family home Midway, Utah.

Veteran Black Hawk war; minute man. Farmer; carpen-
ter; stockraiser.

ROBINS, EDMUND. Born at Cheltenham, Eng. Came to
Utah in 1854.

Married Elizabeth Welch in England, who came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Edmund Jr., m. Ann Doug-
las; William; Thomas; Joseph; Ann; Ellen.

ROBINS, EDMUND (son of Edmund Robins and Elizabeth
Welch, of Cheltenham, Eng.). Born Feb. 27, 1828, Chelten-
ham. Came to Utah Aug. 28, 1852, John Parker independent

Married Ann Douglas June 21, 1848, St. Louis, Mo. (daugh-
ter of George Douglas and Anna Briggs, of Dawnham
Lane, Eng., pioneers Aug. 28, 1852, John Parker Independent
company). She was born Oct. 4, 1831. Their children: Eliza-
beth Ann, m. William Sewell; Edmund John, m. Rose Groo;
Frederick William; Richard Douglas, m. Ellen Currie;
George Douglas; Ellen Vilate, m. Richard Leek; Mary Alice,
m. Frederick V. Dankuski; Capitola Isabella, m. John Pin-
gree; Llllie Mary, m. James E. Halverson; Emily Leonora;
Susan Jeannette, m. Robert Prandfit. Family home Ogden,

Bishop; counselor; high priest; seventy. Officer state
militia. Died May 25. 1889.

ROBINS, WILLIAM (son of Shadrlck Robins and Alice
Eaton of Culeston, Bedfordshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 25, 1839.

Married Ann Nighton Wooley (daughter of John Wooley
and Mary Nighton, of Wenwick, Huntingdonshire, Eng.),
who came to Utah in 1858. Their children: Thomas b. Dec.
16, 1861, m. Sara Staugh; Arthur, b. May 2, 1863, died; Emily
b. July 29, 1865, m. James Gillln; Elizabeth b. April 16, 1867,
died; Annie b. June. 21, 1871, m. James Wright; Martha b.
1873, m. Andrew Nelson; William John b. Oct. 16. 1875. m.
Elizabeth Harris; Charles Wooley b. Dec. 11. 1877, died.
Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Elder. Aided in building up community. Farmer and

ROBINS, WILLIAM JOHN (son of William Robins and Ann
Nighton Wooley). Born Oct. 16, 1875, Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Married Elizabeth Ann Harris in 1898, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Albert Harris and Elizabeth Nerden of Pleas-
ant Grove), who was born Feb. 11, 1879. Their children:
Charles Albert b. March 1, 1899; Harold Wooley b. Aug.
28, 1901; Erral b. Sept. 9, 1903; Luclle b. Aug. 9, 1905; Anna
Elizabeth b. Aug. 20, 1907; Lola b. Jan. 2, 1909. Family
home. Pleasant Grove.



ROBINSON, ANDREW. Came to Utah 1856.

Married Sarah Yates. Their children: Herbert; Richard;
Eliza; Charles, m. Maria Howlck; Jane.

ROBINSON, CHARLES (son of Andrew Robinson and Sarah
Yates). Born March 26, 1847, Shropshire, Eng. Came to
Utah October, 1872. Captain Dobson company.

Married Maria Howlck April, 1873. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Andrew Robinson and Charlotta Howick of Shrop-
shire), who was born April, 1845. Their children: Annie,
died; Attle, m. David Williams; Millie, m. Frank Thomas.
Family home Winter Ward, Salt Lake City.

Elder; high priest. Farmer and stockralser.

ROBINSON, EDWARD (son of James. Robinson of Little
Sutton, Eng.). Born Oct. 16, 1807, Chestershire, Eng. Came
to Utah Oct. 28, 1849, Ezra T. Benson company.

Married Mary Smith 1828, Manchester, Eng.. who was born
In 1809. Their children: Richard, m. Elizabeth Wootten;
John, m. Mary Ann Clements; Mary and Martha, d. children;
Elizabeth, m. Morgan Phelps; Edward, Jr., m. Sarah Har-
rington: William Smith, m. Orpha E. Adams; Mary Jane, m.
Oscar Wood; Joseph, d. child. Family home, Manchester.

Married Ann Wootten 1845, Nauvoo, 111., who was born
1809. Their children: George Heber, m. Delia Smith, m. Mar-
garet Crystal; Alfred, d. child.

Helped build first railway and was guard on first train
from Manchester to Liverpool 1830. High priest. Farmer.
Died April, 1896, American Fork, Utah.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM SMITH (son of Edward Robinson
and Mary Smith). Born July 29, 1840, Manchester, Eng.
Came to Utah 1849 with father.

Married Orpha E. Adams Dec. 27, 1865, American Fork,
Utah (daughter of Arza Adams and Sabina Clark of Canada,
pioneers October, 1849). She was born Oct. 23, 1849. Their
children: William b. Sept. 28, 1866, m. Jane Chipman;
Sabina b. Jan. 25. 1869, m. Darius Allen; Richard b. April
25, 1871, d. infant; Mary b. Dec. 26, 1872, m. John Halliday;
Arza b. April 22, 1875, d. infant: Margret Blanche b. Dec.
18 1876, m. Joseph J. Jackson; Nathan b. April 14, 1879, m.
Caroline Mogg; John H. b. June 2, 1881, m. Leah Bigler;
Olive b Oct. 14, 1884, m. Roy Gardner; Florence May b.
May 26 1886, m. Frank Ehrbar; Ida b. Oct. 1888, m. Ira
Mann; Millie b. Jan. B, 1892, m. Reuben Howard. Family
home, American Fork.

President Y. M. M. I. A.; high priest. Member city coun-
cil of American Fork for several years. Farmer; stock-
raiser and sheepman.

ROBINSON, GEORGE. Born Jan. 4. 1800, In Derbyshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1852, Captain Burbank com-

Pa Ma'rried Sarah Holt 1824, Manchester. Eng. (daughter of
William Holt and Sarah Massa of England), who was
born March 8, 1804. Their children: John, died; Joseph, m.
Elizabeth Hobson; Eliza, m. Daniel Feet; William, m. Miss
Wood; Elizabeth, m. Joseph Shelley; James. Family home
American Fork, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died June 27, 1883.

ROBINSON, JOSEPH (son of George Robinson and Sarah
Holt). Born Sept. 25. 1827, Mlddleton, Eng. Came to Utah
Sept 30 1852, Captain Burbank company.

Marriad Elizabeth Hobson Feb. 3, 1850, St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of William and Sarah Hobson, of Yorkshire,
Eng.). who was born March 27, 1830. Their children:
Joseph H., died; Sarah H., m. Moroni Jackson; William H..
m. Annie Shaw; Mary H.. m. Charles Poppleton; George H.
and John H., died; Eleanor H., m. James Smith; Samuel,
died; Joshua, m. Marie Larson; James, m. Kate Anderson;
Tempest- Martha. Family home American Fork, Utah.

Member 69th quorum seventies; president teachers' quo-
rum in St. Louis 1848. Cabinet maker.

ROBINSON, JAMES (son of Samuel Robinson and Mary
Price of Nottingham, Eng.). Born Dec. 28, 1829, Notting-
ham. Came to Utah in early days.

Married Mary Pollid at Nottinghamshire (daughter of
Robert Pollid and Ann Veneson of Nottinghamshire), who
was born Oct. 6 1831. Their children: Sussanner b. Dec.
IB 1851 m Fredrick Birch; Elizabeth b. Dec. 29, 1853, m.
William Foulger; Sarriah b. Jan. 16, 1856, m. John F. Wilde;
James, b. March 8, 1858, m. Mary Moore; Samuel m. Emanda
Chandler- Mary H., m. Edwin Wilde; Emmanuel, m. Alice
McKlin; Annie m. Henry Cox; Fredrick, m. Florence Farns-
worth; Emma, m. Eli Robinson.

President of a branch In Nottinghamshire, Eng. Opened
up coal mines at Coalville, Utah. Died March 30, 1898.

ROBINSON, JOHN (son of N. Robinson). Born Feb. 14,
1825, Bury, Lancastershire, Eng. Came to Utah 1855.

Married Ann Gregson (daughter of Thomas and Jacosa
Gregson) of Lancastershire). Their children: Jacosa Jane
b July 21 1852, m. Frank Whltehead; Franklin Gregson b.
Oct 18, 18B4, m. Ellen Salina Griffin Feb. 1, 1877; Elizabeth
Ann b. March 19, 1867, m. Parley P. Walton; John, Jr. b.

Aug. 18. 1859, m. Merelda Peart; James b. Sept. 3, 1861, m.
Effle Swain; William Paxton b. Aug. 7, 1863, m. Emily
Whittle; Sarah Emmeline b. May 6, 1866. m. Franklin C.
Christensen; Willard b. Jan. 4, 1869, m. Mary Abigail Al-
len; Emma b. Nov. 13, 1870, m. George Rainey.

President London conference. Settled at Salt Lake City,
moved to Willard and to Richmond in 1860. Farmer.

and Ann Gregson). Born Oct. 18, 1854, London, Eng. Came
to Utah with parents.

Married Ellen Salina Griffin Feb. 1, 1878 (daughter of
Thomas Griffin and Amanda Ellen Perkins; former a pioneer
Sept. 23, 1854, Job Smith independent company, latter 1850).
She was born July 26, 18B7. Their children: Franklin Grlf-
fln b. Nov. 21, 1878, m. Bertha Blake June 26, 1901; Thomas
Arnold b. Sept. 30, 1880, m. Nettie Johnson Dec. 31, 1907;
Anna Ellen b. Dec. 7. 1882. m. Joseph Palmer Sharp Feb. 8,
1906; Nellie b. Sept. 28, 188B; Earl G. b. Oct. 2B, 1887; Leone
Irene b. Aug. 20, 1889, m. John Mather April B, 1911; Julian
LeRoy b. July 3. 1891, m. Laverna V. Stoddard June 4, 1903;
Verna Lodicy b. April 25, 1893; John Marian b. March 3.
1895. Family home Richmond, Utah.

City councilman 12 years. Director in Irrigation com-
pany at Richmond 12 years. Farmer and stockraiser; mer-
chant and manufacturer. Died.

son Robinson and Ellen Salina Griffin). Born Nov. 21, 1878,
Richmond, Utah.

Married Bertha Blake June 26, 1901, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Blake and Elizabeth Beckstead), who
was born March 12, 1883, West Jordan, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Vera Naomi b. Nov. 21, 1902; Marguerite b. July 18,
1904; Ella b. Oct. 4. 1905; Gayle b. Feb. 1, 1907; Lyal b. Dec.
6, 1910.

ROBINSON, JOSEPH LEE (son of Nathan Robinson, born
April 22, 1764. and Mary Brown, born 1776 married Feb.
21, 1802). He was born Feb. 18, 1811, at Shaftsbury, Vt.
Came to Utah 1848.

Married Maria Wood July 23, 1832 (daughter of Zepha-
nlah Wood and Anna Carpenter), who was born Jan. B,
1806. Their children: Oliver Lee b. July 8. 1833, m. Lucy
Miller Nov. 26. 18S4; Ebenezer Jay b. Oct. 19, 1835, m. Chloe
Young; Anna Maria b. June 8, 1838, m. James D. Wilcox Nov.

26, 1854; Joseph b. Oct. 31, 1840; Zephaniah W. b. Sept. 21.
1843, and Mary Elizabeth b. Jan. 12, 1845, latter three died
young; Joseph Elijah b. Feb. 2, 1849, m. Dorothy Watson
March 2, 1874. Family home Farmington, Utah.

Married Susan McCord Jan. 31, 1846. Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of James McCord and Elizabeth Barnet), who was born
Dec. 14, 1808, Christian, Ky. Their children: Susan Aseneth
b. Nov. 16, 1846. d. child; Mary Jane b. Oct. 24, 1848. m.
John A. West May 25, 1865; Solomon b. Aug. 27, 1851, m.
Albertene Smith Sept. 11, 1876.

High priest; counselor in bishopric of 9th ward Nauvoo;
bishop of 7th ward Winter Quarters 1846-47; bishop of
North Cotton wood ward; member high council Davis stake;
patriarch. Justice of peace. In connection with George
A. Smith and others selected and located towns of Parowan
and Fillmore.

ROBINSON, OLIVER LEE (son of Joseph Lee Robinson and
Maria Wood). Born July 8, 1833, Boonville, N. Y.

Married Lucy Miller Nov. 26, 1864, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Henry W. Miller and Almira Pond), who was born
Jan. 10, 1837, in Adams county, 111. Their children: Joseph
Oliver b. Oct. 13. 186S, d. child; Lucy Maria b. Nov. 22, 1866,
m. Joseph S. Clark Jan. 17, 1877; Loren Jay b. Feb. 2. 1869,
m. Sarah Richards Jan. 26, 1882; Oliver LeGrand b. Oct. 28,
1860, m. Alice Smith March 6, 1884; Eugene Delacy b. Aug.
11, 1862, m. Sarah France Dec. 13. 1883; Alice Almira b.
May 14, 1864, m. George F. Richards March 9, 1882; James
Henry b. Nov. 8, 1865, m. Rumlna C. Chaffin Dec. 18, 1889;
Sarah Jane b. Nov. 25, 1867, m. William Dunn; Anna Amelia
b. April 8, 1870, m. Frank D. Steed; Helen A. b. July 23,
1872, d. child; Lillian Estelle b. Sept. 1876, m. Hyrum Lee.
Family home Farmington, Utah.

President 74th quorum seventies; alternate high councilor
of Davis stake; missionary to eastern states 1876; to Salmon
River 1867; and to "the Muddy" 1868.

ROBINSON, JAMES HENRY (son of Oliver Lee and Lucy
Miller). Born Nov. 8, 1866. Farmington, Utah.

Married Rumina C. Chaffin Dec. 18, 1889 (daughter of
Darwin E. Chaffln and Elizabeth V. Wilson), who was born
Nov. 3, 1866, Farmington. Their children: Henry Harald b.
Feb. 3. 1891, m. Hazel Thatcher April 6, 1810; Edward C. b.
Aug. 30. 1892; Alta b. Feb. 22, 1894; Sherman C. b. April

27, 1896; Filbert C. b. Jan. 24, 1898: Glen b. Oct. 7, 1899;
Preston b. June 25. 1903; Afton b. Jan. 31, 1907; Naoma b.
March 29, 1909. Family home, Farmington.

President deacons', elders' and seventies quorums; Sun-
day school superintendent 4% years; ordained bishop Farm-
ington ward Nov. 27, 1906. First marshal of Farmington;
member city council; mayor 1904-08; school trustee. Man-
ager Farmington C. M. Co.

ROBISON, ALEXANDER. Came to Utah In 1860 Daniel Rob-
inson company.

Married Nancy Walderman. Among their children was
William, whose genealogy follows.



ROBISON, WILLIAM (son of Alexander Robison and Nancy
Walderman). Born April 18, 1829, in Franklin county, Pa.
Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1860, Daniel Robinson company.

Married Margaret Smith, in Franklin county (daughter of
Daniel Smith and Catherine Guseman of Franklin county,
pioneers Daniel Robinson company). She was born Dec. 23,
1S34. Their children: Daniel Alexander b. July 18, 1853, m.
Mary Morris Aug. 31, 1873; Jaben S., m. Harriet Clawson;
Malissa. m. Henry Robinson; William Jr., m. Eva Robinson;
George Franklin, m. Flora Fry; Rachel Sabina, m. Curtis
Rogers; Margaret Catherine, m. Charles Tonks; Nancy
Lavina, m. Edward Wadsworth; Lehl Nephl. David and
Annie Elizabeth, latter three died. Family home Morgan,

Elder. Died Nov. 19, 1897.

ROBISON, DANIEL ALEXANDER (son of William Robison
nnd Margaret Smith). Born July 18, 1853, In Franklin
county. Pa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Mary Morris Aug. 31, 1873, Morgan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Isaac C. Morris and Elizabeth Williams of Morgan
county, pioneers 1853). She was born Oct. 25, 1855. Their
children: Margaret Elizabeth b. April 13, 1875, m. David
John Richards; May Inez b. Jan. 4, 1877, and William Alex-
ander b. Nov. 12, 1880, died; George Alvin b. Nov. 23, 1882,
m. Millie Lamb; Charles Conway b. Feb. 21, 1885, m. Lillie
Toss; Lottie May b. Dec. 16, 1886, m. James P. Grover; Lucy
Prescllla b. Jan. 18, 1889, m. Christian Jensen; Lillian, died;
Leland b. Feb. 14, 1895; Vivian b. Feb. 14, 1895, died.

Married Louisa Winnetta Grover Aug. 31, 1899, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Grover and Louisa Plcton of
Morgan, Utah, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Toung com-
pany). She was born April 26, 1880. Their children: Ros-
coe Bryant b. June 29, 1900; Harold Leon b. Oct. 23, 1903;
Roland and Ruland (twins) b. May 27, 1896; Maurlne b.
Oct. 1, 1909; Ivy b. June 26, 1912. Families resided at Mor-

Seventy; ward clerk, 30 years; stake clerk, 7 years. County
and office clerk of district court: city recorder; road super-
visor. Farmer; carpenter.

ROBISON, DAVID (son of Alexander Robison In Pennsyl-
vania and Nancy Walderman). Born April 2, 1827, Harris-
burg, Pa. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1860, Charles Rich corn-
Married Mary E. Grover (daughter of Thomas Grover and
Caroline Whiting, former a pioneer, Charles Rich company,
latter died at Nauvoo, 111). She was born April 13, 1833,
Cattaraugus county, N. Y. Their children: David Jr. b.
Oct. 14, 1861; Emma Jane b. March 2, 1863; and Thomas b.
Dec. 17, 1865, all died; Heber C. b. Nov. 20, 1866, m. Sophia
Foss; Emellne b. May 15, 1878, m. Enoch Henson; Caroline
b May 27, 1869; Charles b. Feb. 16, 1871, died; Eliza Ann b.
Feb. 2, 1874, m. Joseph Butler; Joel b. Nov. 13, 1876, m.
Mamie Cutler.

Married Johana F. J. Kofvelstrom in May, 1872, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jonas J. Kofvelstrom and Anna Britta
Farley), who was born July 4, 1848, Lestrop, Gerdham,
Sweden. Their children: Moroni b. March 14, 1873, m.
Dora C. Sharp Dec. 10, 1895; George V. b. March 16, 1875,
died; James A. b. Jan. 9, 1877, m. Chloe Wilcox; Effle S. b.
Oct. 5. 1R79, m. Criss Jensen; Anna J. b. Jan. 3, 1882, died;
Ivan Oscar b. March 27, 1886. Family home Lyman, Idaho.
Patriarch. Deceased.

ROBISON. MORONI (son of David Robison and Johana F.
J. Kofvelstrom). Born March 14, 1873, Morgan, Utah.

Married Dora C. Sharp Dec. 10, 1895, Lyman, Idaho
(daughter of Francis Sharp and Dortha Gill), who was born
March 29, 1878, Smithfield, Utah. Their children: Jesse
M. b. Sept. 30, 1896; Wilma Dortha b. April 6, 1899; Estella
Hannah b. Dec. 30, 1900; Florence Effle b. Nov. 4, 1902; Law-
rence G. b. Nov. 8, 1903; David Lee b. March 23, 1906; Hugh
Francis b. May 20, 1909. Family home Lyman, Idaho.

ROBISON, GEORGE H. (son of Henry and Mira Robison
of Akron. Ohio). Born 1862, at Akron. Came to Utah 1892.

Married Matty Hutchinson 1888, In Ohio. Their children:
Mabel; Florence Family home. Salt Lake City.

Manager Drum Lymmun Mining company; manager Mam-
moth mine and of all Dellamar property. Mining engineer.
Died July 4, 1903, New York.

ROBISON, PETER. Born April 27, 1817, in Pennsylvania.
Came to Utah 1850.

Married Selina Chaffee. Their children: Maryette b. Aug.
24, 1841, d. aged 6; David Peter b. Sept. 17, 1846; Cornelia
b. Sept. 17, 1848, m. Gilbert Furbush; Charles b. Aug. 23,
1850, m. Mary Lott; Joseph Millard b. March 29, 1852, m.
Sarah Louisa Staples, Dec. 25, 1875; Lucy Matilda b. April
2, 1854, m. Carl Young; Sarah Johanna b. July 18, 1856, m.
John Lott; James H. b. May 27, 1859, m. Emma Gandy;
George Samuel b. Nov. 18, 1860, m. Emma Meacham. Family
resided Fillmore and Petersburg, Utah.

Married Mary Ashly (daughter of Ashly). Their

children: Elizabeth b. April 29, 1850, m. Brigham Young;
John b. Aug. 4. 1853, died; Hyrum Peter b. Jan. 25, 1855. m.
Annie Pack; William Henry b. Jan. 6, 1857. m. Rosetta Pack;
Elsie Rosetta b. May 1, 1859, m. Alexander Gonder; Jacob
Thomas b. Oct. 29, 1861, m. Ina Callister; Margaret Retta

b. Nov. 7, 1863, m. William Gregory; Lura Delila b. May
24, 1866, m. Mr. Fowler; Edmund B. b. Dec. 5, 1870, m. Mary
Ramsey; Almon Dewitt b. May 5, 1873; Lester Jerome b.

Aug. 13, 1875, m. Rowland.

Presiding elder Petersburg branch of Millard stake, 1859-
f.2; missionary to England 1857-59.

ROBISON, JOSEPH MILLARJJ (son of Peter Robison and
Selina Chaffee). Born March 29. 1852, Fillmore, Utah.

Married Sarah Louisa Staples Dec. 25, 1875, Petersburg,
Utah (daughter of George Staples and Lauretta Rappley,
latter a pioneer). She was born Jan. 18, 1858. Their chil-
dren: Dora May b. Nov. 29, 1876, m. John Black Jr., Oct.
8, 1894; Laverna Lazetta b. May 11, 1878, m. Leslie George
Dec. 19, 1900; Laura Sellna b. April 1. 1880; Clara Malissa
b. Feb. 23, 1882, m. Haden W. Church, Jr. Jan. 29, 1902; Ethel
Valeria b. May 23, 1889, m. Rufus Liston Dec. 29, 1906; Wina
Louisa b. Feb. 4, 1895. Family resided Kanosh and Hatton,

President Y. M. M. I. A. 1896-98; high councilor in Millard
stake; Sunday school superintendent at Boulder, Utah; sec-
ond counselor to Bishop C. F. Christensen. 1898-08.

ROCKWOOD, ALBERT PERRY (son of Luther Rockwood.
born Jan. 7, 1780, and Ruth Perry, of Holliston, Mass., mar-
ried Dec. 27. 1801). Born June 9, 1805, at Holliston. Came
to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Nancy Haven April 3, 1827 , (daughter of John
Haven, pioneer 1849). She was born June 13, 1805. Only
child: Ellen Ackland b. March 23, 1829, m. Brigham Young.

Married Elvira Teeples Wheeler, whose father was
an 1849 pioneer). She was born Nov. 11, 1810, La Harpe,
N. Y. Their children: Mary Ann b. Oct. 15. 1847, m. Joseph
L. Card Dec. 20, 1878; Charles Welcome b. March 2, 1850. m.
Anna B. Starr Nov. 27, 1872.

Married Angeline Home, who came to Utah in 1849. Their
children: Nancy Angeline; Moses Perry b. Nov. 13, 1852, m.
Mary D. Balem Dec. 24, 1876. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Jullane Sophia Olsen April 11, 1862, Salt Lake
City. Their children: Nancy Matilda b. Jan. 27. 1863; Luther
b. Dec. 31. 1863; Timothy b. Feb. 20, 1865; Mary Emma b.
May 4, 1868; Samuel b. May 21, 1870, m. Esther Larsen;
Ole Olsen b. Dec. 28, 1873; Frederick b. Aug. 12, 1875; Julius
Apollos b. March 5, 1878, m. Mary Ellen Hill Dec. 11, 1901.

Married Susannah Cornwall Jan. 6, 1870, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Ruth b. Nov. 13, 1872, m. Samuel O'Niel;
Alpheus b. Dec. 28. 1874, m. Emily D. North; Thomas b. May
20, 1877; Franklin b. Oct. 20, 1878.

One of the first seven presidents of seventies, 1845-79.
Captain, drill officer and general of Nauvoo legion. Acting
adjutant of company of horsemen that aided In rescue of
Joseph Smith when kidnaped at Dixon, 111., 1843. Municipal
officer at Nauvoo; warden territorial penitentiary, 15 years;
served in legislature, 1851-1879. First fish commissioner of
the territory. Director of Deseret Agricultural and Manu-
facturing Society. Died Nov. 25, 1879, in Sugar House ward.
Salt Lake City.

Rockwood and Elvira Teeples Wheeler). Born March 2,
1850, Salt Lake City.

Married Anna B. Starr Nov. 27, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jared Starr and Anna Barr, pioneers 1849),
who was born Feb. 3, 1850, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Anna Lulu b. Oct. 15, 1873, m. Hubert L. Hall Dec. 4, 1891;
Martha Starr b. Dec. 17, 1875, m. John Witt Telford Dec. 22,
1900; Eva Starr b. Dec. 3, 1877, m. Darwin E. Chaffln May 11,
1*98; Charles Barr b. Sept. 7, 1S80; Albert Jared b. June 25,
1S82, m. Mary Amelia Mulliner Nov. 5. 18S2; Ames Warren b.
Aug. 11, 1885, m. Melissa Rushton Dec. 22, 1904; Ella b. April
18, 1888; Bryant Nixon b. Feb. 2, 1895. Family home lona,

Bishop of lona ward, lona; ward teacher, 1880; second
counselor to superintendency North District Sunday school
of Centerville; president theological class; counselor In
Y. M. M. I. A.; missionary to northern states, 1890-91; pre-
sided over Indiana conference; organized first Sunday school
at Robinson, Greene county, Ind.; president 106th quorum sev-
enties. Moved to Provo, 1858. Member of Utah militia, com-
pany C. Veteran Black Hawk war. Helped build the settle-
ment on The Muddy, Nevada, 1874; once a guard at Utah
penitentiary. Chairman of Acreage committee of Sugar
Beet Contracts for erection of the factory at Lincoln (then
lona ward). Idaho; field superintendent eight years for fac-
tory. Director of Farmers Progress Canal Co., 1908.

RODEBACK, CHARLES (son of Charles Rodeback and Sarah
Quaintance of Chester county, Pa.). Born June 8, 1811, in
Pennsylvania. Came to Utah, 1852, Independent company.

Married Jane Morgan In Pennsylvania (daughter of Ben-
jamin Morgan and Mary Fisher). Their children: Mary
Ann b. June 30. 1839, m. Samuel Malln Oct. 21, 1855- Sarah
Jane b. Aug. 18, 1842, m. Oliver N. Harmon Oct. 18, 1857-
Frances I. b. Oct. 11, 1848, m. Osborn B. Cooley November
1861; Charles L. b. Nov. 29, 1851, m. Mary Ann Clayton Oct.
16, 1872. Family home. Salt Lake City.

High priest. Indian war veteran. Farmer. Pioneer to
Hoytsvllle, Utah.

RODEBACK. CHARLES L. (son of Charles Rodeback and
Jane Morgan). Born Nov. 29, 1850, Kanesville, Iowa. Came
to Utah with parents.

Married Mary Ann Clayton Oct. 16, 1872 (daughter of Al-



bert Clayton and Fannie Higglnbotham of Sheffield, Eng.),
who was born Jan. 30, 1855. Their children: Charles A.
b. Aug. 8, 1873. m. Tabitha Layton; Mary L. b. Nov. 12, 1874,
m. John R. Smith; Elizabeth b. Oct. 9. 1876, m. H. B. Bar-
rett; David b. Jan. 26, 1879, m. Elizabeth Lee; Clara b. April
14, 1881, m. William Merritt; Nora b. Aug. 13, 1883, m. Ed-
ward Hunter; James b. Feb. 16, 1886, m. Pearl Cobley;
Edmond b. March 17, 1888, m. Vilate Smith; John William b.
Oct. 13, 1890; Beatrice b. Oct. 21, 1892, m. Albert Smith;
George b. Dec. 11, 1894; Fern b. Dec. 6, 1896; Noah b. March
31, 1900. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

High priest. Veteran Black Hawk war. Built Irrigation
ditches. Farmer; stockralser.

RODEBACK, JAMBS (son of Charles Rodeback and Margaret
Quaintance of Chester county, Pa.). Born May, 1807, In
Chester county. Came to Utah 1852, Uriah Curtis company.

Married Phoebe Beagle, 1832 (daughter of Henry Beagle
and Sarah Evans), who was born June, 1811, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Edward H. b. May,
1833, m. Elizabeth McMichael 1855; Phoebe A. b. Nov. 1836,

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