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m. David Crafts 1855; Lorenzo Barnes b. March 11, 1843,
m. Mary E. Bassett June 7, 1875; Rebecca H. b. May 1846, m.
William Cook 1875; Catherine A. b. Nov. 1848, m. George W.
Thurman 1864; James, Jr., b. Feb. 1853, m. Lourana Weeks
1874. Family home Cedar Valley, Utah.

Bishop's counselor; president high priests quorum;
superintendent Sunday school. Justice of peace Cedar Fort
1856-75; postmaster 1864-75; assessor; collector Cedar
county 1858-61

RODEBACK, LORENZO BARNES (son of James Rodeback
and Phoebe Beagle). Born March 11, 1843, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Mary E. Bassett June 7, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles H. Bassett and Mary Knight), who
was born June 9, 1854, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Lester Barnes b. July, 1876, m. Mary E. Lewis 1904; Milton
H. b. Sept. 1877; Douglas F. b. July, 1880; Myra M. b.
Nov. 1881, m. Henry Rillingsly 1904; Charles Howard b.
Feb. 1883; Mary Esther b. Aug. 1884, m. Ray S. Davis
1907; Ruby B. b. June, 1888. Family resided Cedar Fort.
Utah, 1854-98, and Lago, Bannock Co., Idaho, 1898-1912.

Deputy sheriff; constable Utah county 1864-76; postmaster
Cedar Valley 1875-98.

ROGERS, ALMA DENTOBf (son of Isaac Rogers and Susan
Mills). Born June 18, 1836, Geneseo, Livingston county, N.
T. Came to Utah 1862, Independent company.

Married Mary Jane Collins June 13, 1861, Fort Smith,
Ark. (daughter of John Collins and Polly Minerva Chap-
man of Fort Smith), who was born June 16. 1837. Their
children: Sallie Columbia Ann; Alma Hermando; Laura
Etta; Adolphus Dion; Theron Aspacio; Astolpho Dlo. Fam-
ily home Sugar House, Utah.

Elder. Deputy marshal. School teacher; dentist.

ROGERS, EMSIIA HENRY. (Seventh son of Noah Rogers,
born March 17, 1797, In Connecticut, who after having been
the first known missionary to circumnavigate the globe,
died In the flower of manhood May 31, 1846, at Mt. Pisgah,
Iowa, while preparing to come to Utah. He had married
Eda Hollister, born Aug. 19, 1800, In Connecticut, pioneer
1849, with their children: Russell b. May 17, 1820; Theodore
b. Feb. 3, 1824, m. Hannah Jones; Washington B. b. Sept.
16, 1826, m. Mary Ann Owens; David b. May 24, 1828, m. Mary
Ann Mayers; Chauncy F. b. Aug. 23, 1829, m. Ellen Kelcy;
Henrietta b. May 30, 1832, m. Henry Standage; Elisha Henry
b. May 17, 1834, m. Susannah Julie Rogers; Clarissa Marina
b. March 27, 1836, m. George Taggart; Nephl b. March 10,
1838, m. Elizabeth Payne July 24, 1859). Came to Utah 1849.

Married Susannah Julie Rogers Oct. 9, 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Freeman Rogers and Sarah Dowell of Roches-
ter, N. T., pioneers Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home company).
She was born Jan. 17, 1855. Their children: Nellie b. Jan.
21, 1873, Julia Clarissa b. June 19, 1874, and Elisha Freeman
b. Jan. 16, 1876, died; Noah Henry b. Jan. 15, 1879, m. Lila
Chapman; Sophronia H. b. Oct. 8, 1881, m. Oliver Hoppie;
Lucy Ann b. July 20, 1885, and Freda Vilate b. May 10, 1891,
died. Family resided Bear Lake, Idaho, Richmond and
Lewlston, Utah.

Married Emily Clarissa Clarkson Oct. 12, 1882, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Robert Clarkson and Sarah Dowell [Rog-
ers], who were married April 1862, Salt Lake City; latter
pioneer Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home company). She was
born Jan. 24, 1863, Salt Lake City. Their children: Sarah
Ada b. July 31, 1883, m. Fredrick C. Hopple, Jr.; Delila
Emily b. Jan. 18, 1886, m. Heber Wood; Amanda Jane b. Dec.
31, 1889, m. Luther Fellows; Horlick Dowell b. Dec. 31,
1891, died; Vica May b. July 17, 1895; Elmer Holllster b. Oct.
9, 1898; Raley Slaten b. Jan. 28, 1902. Family home Lewis-
ton, Utah.

High priest; missionary and. trader among the Indians.
Mlnuteman. Hauled rock with oxteams for Salt Lake
temple; made three trips across plains for Immigrants:
located at Brigham City and after several changes finally
settled at Lewiston, Utah. Died Dec. 9, 1906.

ROGERS, ISAAC, JR. (son of Isaac Rogers and Mary Ma-
randa White, both pioneers Sept. 19, 1847, Daniel Spencer
company). Born Sept. 5, 1846, at Middletown, N. J. Came to
Utah Sept. 19, 1847, Daniel Spencer company.

Married Eunice Lestra Stewart Oct. 11, 1869, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Andrew J. Stewart of Monroe Co., and
Eunice Pease Hawes of Marietta, Ohio, pioneers Sept. 15,
1860, Independent company). She was born Feb. 1, 1853, at
Payson, Utah. Their children: Eunice Lestra b. Aug. 16,
1870, m. William W. Phelps; Mary Maud Elson b. June 30,
1872, m. Thomas Nicholls Taylor; Florence Stewart b. Jan.
9, 1876, m. J. Frederick Fechser; Isaac Lynne b. Nov. 10,
1876, d. 1877; Ethel Melissa b. Jan. 9, 1879. m. Ruben Percy
Greenwood; Nellie Stewart b. Jan. 9, 1881, m. Edgar H.

Deacon. First settler in Payson Oct. 20, 1860. Drummer
boy Daniel H. Wells company in Indian wars. Farmer.
Died Aug. 26, 1901, Salt Lake City.

ROGERS, NEPHI (son of Noah Rogers born March 17, 1797,
Connecticut, and Eda Hollister born Aug. 19, 1800, Connecti-
cut). Born March 10, 1838, Davless county, Mo. Came to
Utah 1849.

Married Elizabeth Payne July 24, 1859 (daughter of
Samuel Payne and Mary Barnes of England), who was born
May 30, 1844. Their children: Nephi Noah b. Sept. 16, 1860,
m. Charlotte A. Van Orden; Mary Elizabeth b. Nov. 10, 1862;
Eda Ann b. Oct. 6. 1865, m. Joseph R, Peunnlngham; Isabella
Catherine b. April 8, 1868; Philemon Aaron b. May 7, 1870;
Sarah Emily b. June 2, 1873, m. W. A. Blair; Samuel Rus-
sel b. March 23, 1876, m. Ida Hougaard Sept. 28, 1904. Fam-
ily home Bloomington, Idaho, and Lewiston, Utah.

One of the first settlers of Logan, Cache Co., Utah, set-
tling there In 1859; moved to Richmond 1871, then to Lewis-
ton, Utah. Veteran Indian war. Ward teacher at Rich-
mond, Utah.

ROGERS, NEPHI NOAH (son of Nephi Rogers and Eliza-
beth Payne). Born Sept. 16, 1860, Logan, Utah.

Married Charlotte Amelia Van Orden, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Peter Edmond Van Orden and Sarah Ellen McFer-
son; latter pioneer Oct. 5. 1851, Isaac Allred company). She
was born Sept. 29, 1878, Lewiston, Utah. Their children:
Verlin Dell b. Feb. 2, 1906; Dorrel Nephi b. Oct. 28, 1906;
Nile Edmond b. Feb. 23, 1909; Ellen b. May 12, 1911. Family
home Lewiston, Utah.

Member of seventy; ward teacher; missionary to northern
states 1894-96.

ROGERS, RTTEL MILLS. Born Jan. 19, 1835, In New York.

Married Hannah C. Nelson, 1868, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Levl Nelson), who was born March 17, 1861, Alton, 111.
Came to Utah 1857, handcart company. Their children:
Victoria Maria b. March 10, 1870, died; Mary Effle b. Nov.,
1872, m. William P. Blanchard 1889; Rufus Milan b. July 8,
1875, m. Mary Venter 1895; Ruella Pearl b. Oct. 30, 1878, m.
Thomas King, Jr., 1897; Lilly May b. March 28, 1881, m.
Darwin Mecham 1899; Katie Naomi b. Jan. 19. 1883, m.
Clyde Metcaff 1906; Randolph Murcer b. March 29, 1886, m.
Lizzie Nibley 1906. Family resided at Pleasant Grove, Utah,
and Afton, Wyo.


ROGERS,' THEODORE (second son of Noah Rogers and
Eda Hollister). Born Feb. 3, 1824, in Ohio. Came to Utah
1849 with mother.

Married Hannah Jones, who was born July 14, 1831. Came
to Utah with Willard Richards family. Their children:
Willard b. Feb. 21, 1853, m. Lilly Powell; John b. Aug. 26,
1854, m. Mina Sorenson; Mary Amelia b. Aug. 23, 1866, m.
James Woodard; Hannah L. b. Oct. 30, 1868, m. Thomas
Cropper; Theodosia b. Feb. 4, 1861; Henry b. Jan. 20, 1863,
m. Lizzie Lay; James Noah b. Sept. 28, 1871, m. Alice
Chrichley; Washington b. July 4, 1866, m. Margaret Sorton.

Missionary to Ohio In 1876. Pioneer of Fillmore, Utah,
in 1853. Died May 21, 1901.

ROGERS, WILLARD (son of Theodore Rogers of Ohio and
Hannah Jones). Born Feb. 21, 1863, Provo, Utah.

Married Lilly Powell (daughter of John Powell and
Henriette Blyth), who was born at Meadows, Utah. Their
children: Willard Theodore and Sarah. Family home Fill-
more, Utah.

County surveyor Millard county for several years.
Rancher and farmer.

ROGERS, THOMAS (son of John Rogers and Martha Reece
of East Lake, Pembroke, Wales). Born April 6, 1830, In
Wales. Came to Utah 1859, John Brown company.

Married Ann Evans 1861, while crossing the ocean, who
was born July 3, 1830. Their children: John, William,
Thomas and Mary Jane, died; Elizabeth Ann; Henry T. b.
Jan. 19, 1862; Celestia M.; Martha M.; Markis E.; George
Charles, died. Family home Benson ward, Utah.

Member of seventy; high priest. Postmaster. Farmer and
stockraiser. Died Nov. 6, 1891, Benson.

ROGERS, HENRY T. (son of Thomas Rogers and Ann
Evans). Born Jan. 19, 1862. Hyde Park, Utah.

Married Rebecca J. Williams Feb. 8, 1884 (daughter of
John and Rebecca Williams, pioneers), who died. Their



children: William b. Jan. 24, 1885, died; Annie Rebecca b.
May 11, 1886, m. William Hawkes. Family home Tooele,

Married Abigal B. Marble Dec. 6, 1888 (daughter of Henry
Marble and Mary Burbank, pioneers), who died. Their
children: Thomas Henry b. Feb. 3, 1890, died; Lydia M. b.
April 7, 1892. Family home Deweyville, Utah.

Married Esther C. Parkinson Oct. 2, 1893 (daughter of
Samuel R. Parkinson and Arrabella Chandler, pioneers).
Their children: Alice P. b. March 4, 1895: Lucile P. b. Sept.
1896; Clara P. b. March 23. 1898, died: Henry P. b. Jan. 19,
1900; Ruland P. b. Oct. 8. 1906. died; George Leonard b.
Aug. 27, 1911. Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Member of seventy; bishop's counselor; bishop. Farmer
and stockraiser.

ROLFE, SAMUEL JONES (son of Benjamin Rolfe and Mary
Sweet of Massachusetts). He was born Aug. 26, 1794, Con-
cord, N. H. Came to Utah September, 1847, A. H. Smoot

Married Elizabeth Hathaway March 4, 1818, Maine. She
was born Aug. 29. 1801. Their children: Gilbert H. b. 1820;
Benjamin W. b. 1822; Tallman H. b. 1824: lanthus J. b. 1826:
Weltha. b. 1828; Lydia b. Dec. 26, 1831; Horace C. b. Jan. 4,
1834; Samuel J. b. Jan. 3. 1X36; William J. b. Dec 8, 1839;
Mary Ann b Feb. 6. 1843; David L. b. 1846.

Member high priests quorum; bishop at Winter Quarters,
Neb., 1846-47. County treasurer San Bernardina, Calif.
House carpenter and joiner. He died July, 1867, at Lehi,

ROLFE. WILLIAM JASPER. Born Dec. 8, 1839. Came to
Utah 1847.

Married Ellen Wilkshire at Lehl, Utah. She was born
April 2, 1842. Their children: William Jasper, m. Hannah
Jacobs; Ann Elizabeth, m. Gurabalda Gamble; Lydia M., m.
James M. Shaffer; Samuel J., m. Hattie Crandall; Ellen, d.
child. Family home Lehl, Utah.

ROLFSEN, JACOB (son of Bent and Gertrude Marte Rolf-
sen of Resor. Norway). Born 1828. Came to Utah Sept.
22, 1861, Samuel A. Woolley company.

Married Margaret Christinia Kjelson May, 1852. at Resor
(daughter of Niels Kjelson and Helga Olsen, pioneers 1861,
Samuel A. Woolley company). She was born Nov. 4, 1828.
Their children: Nicholine, m. Nils H. Jensen; Bent; Maria, m.
Otto Lylia; Niels, m. Annie Frandsen; Helga Sophia, m.
George G. Frandsen; Jacobina, m. Clarence Winchester;
Jacob; Annie Helen, m. William A. C. Bryan. Family home
Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Norway 1877-79; ward teacher.
Worked on St. George and Manti temples. Settled at
Ephraim 1861; moved to Mt. Pleasant 1863. Carpenter.
Died Oct. 21, 1883. Mt. Pleasant.

ROLLINS, HENRY (son of Austin Rollins and Betsy Wells
of Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born August, 1790, at Lincoln-
shire. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Ann Witherogg (daughter of Thomas Wltherogg
and Ann Witherogg of Hingle, Lincolnshire, who came to
Utah 1851). She was born Dec. 21, 1799. Their children:
Nancy; Austin; Alice, m. Ruben Flickner; Jane, m. Thomas
Tomkins; Henry; John: Betsy, m. Edward Burrel; Isaac;
Steuben b. June 15, 1832, m. Amanda M. France. Family
home Steuben county, N. T.

Died June 9, 1865.

ROLLINS, STEUBEN (son of Henry Rollins and Ann With-
erogg). Born June 15, 1832, in Steuben county, N. Y.

Married Amanda M. France Feb. 10, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph France and Betsy Card of Allegany
county, N. Y., pioneers 1849, William Hyde company).
Their children: Steuben Oscar b. Dec. 10, 1855, m.
Susan J. Whitaker; Joseph H. b. May 15, 1857, m. Georgana
Cleveland: Moroni b. Feb. 4. 1859; Franklin b. April 9.
1860; William D. b. March 6, 1861, m. Lizzie Morris; Thomas
A. b. May 14, 1863; Charles O. b. Aug. 23, 1865, m. Viola
Chase; Alice E. b. Nov. 21. 1867, m. John W. Ford; George
W. b. Sept. 20, 1869. m. Elizabeth Rampton; Amanda M. b.
Oct. 26, 1871, m. Phillip Ford; Roda E. b. Jan. 2, 1874. m.
James Savage; Blanch b. Sept. 3. 1876, m. Phillip A. Weaver.
Family home Centerville. Davis Co., Utah.

Sunday school superintendent. Veteran Echo Canyon

ROLLINS, STEUBEN OSCAR .(son of Steuben Rollins and
Amanda M. France). Born Dec. 10, 1885, Centerville, Davis
Co.. Utah.

Married Susan J. Whitaker Jan. 21, 1887, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Whitaker and Elizabeth Mills, both of
Centerville), who was born March 21, 1866. Their chil-
dren: Oscar Whitaker b. Nov. 19, 1887, m. Zina Pearl By-
bee; Louise W. b. April 8, 1890, m. Edwin C. Warner; Enid
W. b. Dec. 8, 1893. m. Walter A. Fernelius; Thelma W. b.
Jan. 17, 1897; Josephine W. b. Nov. 28, 1899. Family home,

ROLLINS, OSCAR WHITAKER (son of Steuben Oscar Rol-
lins and Susan J. Whitaker). Born Nov. 19, 1887, Center-
ville, Utah.

Married Zina Pearl Bybee Jan. 10, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Byram L. Bybee and Jane Robinson of Ulnta,
Utah), who was born March 30. 1889. Their children:
Viola Bybee b. Aug. 5, 1910; Lee Bybee b. Dec. 6, 1911.

ROMRELL. FRANCIS (son of Francis Romrell, born 1760,
and Jane Hutton, born 1770, of Isle of Jersey, Eng.). Born
Aug. 18, 1799, St. John, Isle of Jersey. Came to Utah 1854,
Charles Harper company.

Married Mary Billot, who was born April 18, 1807, Isle of
Jersey, Eng. Their children: Mary b. May, 1828, m. Richard
Carnish; Francis b. July 21, 1829, m. Christina Anderson;
George b. Oct. 14. 1832, m. Patience Swingewood Sept. 29,
1861; Jane V. b. Feb. 22. 1838. m. George Pierce Sept. 18,
1864: Fannie A. b. April 26, 1840. m. Charles Singleton July,
1874; Ann b. Sept. 29. 1841. died: Abraham Charles b. May
18, 1843, m. Mary Marley 1866; Sophia Jane b. 1845, m. Milan
Russell. Family home Ogden, Utah.

High priest. Moved from Salt Lake City to Ogden about

ROMRELL. GEORGE (son of Francis Romrell and Mary
Billot). Born Oct. 14, 1832. Isle of Jersey. Eng. Came to
Utah Sept. 15. 1861, Ira Eldredge company.

Married Patience Swingewood Sept. 29. 1861, Ogden. Utah
(daughter of John Swingewood. died June 14, 1849, on way
to Utah, and Jemima Baker of Stourbridge, Eng., pioneer
1S69). She was born Sept. 29, 1841, at Stourbridge. Their
children: William H. and Anna E. (twins) b. 1862, d. infants;
George Heber b. June 21, 1863. m. Louisa M. Smithies Oct.,
1889; Mary J. b. Sept. 27, 1865, d. May 16, 1880; Patience
E. b. Jan. 7, 1868, m. August Ossmen May, 1887: Joseph E.
b. March 8. 1870, m. Esther Burbank 1896: Alfred b. Feb.
13, 1872, m. Alba Burbank Oct. 20, 1898; Fannia A. b. Aug.
6, 1874, m. Ole C. Oleson Nov. 30, 1901; Charles H. b. Jan.
22, 1877, d. infant; Lorenzo J. b. Dec. 30. 1877, m. Emma,
Eggerty April 6. 1905: Hyrum J. b. March 31, 1880, m.
Ruby Taylor Dec. 10, 1902; Josephine D. b. Nov. 17, 1883,
m. Richard Mills March 8. 1905.

High priest. Settled at Ogden 1861, where he built a
molasses mill. Died Dec. 31, 1912.

ROOT, EMERSON FRANK (son of Alonzo and Emeretta
Root). Born Nov. 1, 1858, Hartford, Wis. Came to Utah
Nov. 1. 1890.

Married Emma Kind Sept. 21. 1882, in Nebraska (daughter
of John Kind), who was born June 2. 1863. Their children:
Louise, m. A. J. Eakins: Frank, m. Emma St. Claire.

Married Kathleen Wallace. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Physician and surgeon.

ROPER, HENRY (son of William Roper and Susanna Smith,
Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 9, 1836, Tornton Bridge,
Lincolnshire. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball

Married Charlotte Elizabeth Mellor Feb. 4, 1857. Provo,
Utah (daughter of James Mellor and Mary Ann Payne of
Leicester, Eng., pioneers November, 1856, Edward Martin
handcart company). She was born Jan. 16, 1842. Their
children: Henry Hutchinson b. Aug. 25, 1858, d. infant;
Susanna b. July 23, 1859, m. James Case; William b. Feb.
2 1861. m. Maria Wimmer; Salena b. Nov. 23, 1862, m. George
Bartholomew; Sarah b. March 13, 1865. m. David Dlmmick;
Mary Ann b. Feb. 23. 1867, m. John Wesley Guyman; Clara
Althara b. Oct. 15, 1869, m. James Lake; Charlotte Eliza-
beth b. March 4, 1872, m. Olaf Nielsen; Charles Henry b.
Jan. 10, 1874, m. Hope Dack; George Albert b. Feb. 8. 1876,
m. Charlotte Lewis; Benjamin Franklin b. Sept. 8, 1878;
James Leo b. Dec. 29, 1881, m. Maria Wilsted; Oliver Marian
b. May 13, 1884, m. Leurie Fowler. Family home Lawrence,

Married Amy Salina Matthews (Shaw) June 6, 1881,
Manti, Utah (daughter of William Matthews and Maria
Payne of Wittlesey, Cambridge, Eng.), who was born Jan.
27 1850.

Member 52d and 82d quorums seventies; high priest;
superintendent of Sunday school at Gunnison and later at
Lawrence. Settled in Emery county. Indian war veteran.
Farmer; apiarist; rancher. Families resided Lawrence,

ROSE, ABRAHAM (son of Abraham Rose, born April 1,
1767, Manchester, Vt., and Rachel Haws, born Aug. 3, 1769,
of Burlington, Vt. married April 10. 1791). Born Oct. 6,

1803, Utica, N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1853, John W.
Cooley company.

Married Catherine Nicholson March 7. 1830 (daughter of
Jonathan Nicholson and Betsy Swingle married July 4,

1804, Hornellsvllle, N. Y.). She was born Dec. 22, 1806.
Their children: Adeline b. Dec. 2. 1831; William Warren b.
May 6 1833, m. Lorinda Garner Dec. 4. 1853; Betsey Eliza-
beth b. July 17. 1836. m. Nathaniel Underwood May 18,
1862: Orson Hyde b. March 25. 1837; Ann Victoria b. June
4 1839, m. William K. Rice Oct. 6, 1857: Alley Stephen b.
March 6, 1841, m. Alvlra E. Smith April 12, 1863; Martha



b. May 6, 1843, m. Allen Burk; Erastus Francisco b. Aug. 28,
1847, m. Josephine Robinson Jan. 4, 1868. Family home
Farmington, Utah.

President high priest quorum 30 years; ward teacher.
Died Sept. 9, 1884.

ROSE, ALLEY STEPHEN (son of Abraham Rose and Cath-
erine Nicholson). Born March 6. 1841, at Carthage, Athens
Co., Ohio.

Married Alvira E. Smith April 12, 1863. at Farmtngton,
Utah (daughter of Thomas S. Smith and Polly Clark, pio-
neers 1848), who was born Dec. 16, 1846, Council Bluffs.
Iowa. Their children: Adaline, m. Oscar S. Rice Oct. 26,
1893; Leon Alley b. Aug. 27, 1865, m. Elvira Welling March
14, 1889; Ursel Stephen b. May 6, 1867, m. Nellie Burns Feb.
17, 1897; Armond Thomas b. Oct. 20, 1869, m. Clara L. San-
ders June 1, 1899; Inez Evalette b. March 29, 1873, m. John
W. Haws March 3, 1897; Theresa Florence b. March B,
1876, m. Arthur J. Barber March 8, 1905; Charles Edwin b.
Sept. 1, 1878, m. Cecellia Larsen Oct. 8, 1902; Almy Genette
b. March 21, 1881, m. Edward S. Rice April 10, 1901; Henry
Smith b. March 23, 1883, m. Olive M. Barlow Oct. 10, 1906;
Lorette Helen b. Nov. 26, 1885, d. Dec. 23, 1895. Family
home Farmington, Utah.

President 56th quorum seventies 34 years; Sunday school
superintendent 36 years; missionary to New York 1876;
high priest 1905; president Y. M. M. I. A. 4 years. County
commissioner 3 years.

ROSB, ANDERS PETER (son of Thomas Petersen Hansen
Rose and Gjertrude Olsen, of Vejle, Vejle Amt, Denmark).
Born Nov. 8, 1828. at Vejle. Came to Utah September, 1861,
Captain Porter company.

Married Mette Marie Johnsen February, 1861, Vejle
(daughter of John Christiansen and Ane Marie Invardsen, of
Greis, Denmark), who was born Oct. 25, 1834. Their chil-
dren: Gjertrude Marie b. April 11, 1862, m. Lauritz P. Hen-
driksen; Ane Kfetrlne Magrethe b. April 3, 1864, d. young;
Thomas Johny Peter b. July 21. 1866, m. Elise Williams;
Antonie Kjeistine Petrea b. Sept. 23, 1868, m. Alvin Mc-
Bride; Ane Marie Juditha b. Feb. 14, 1871, m. Peter O. Han-
sen; Joseph Bernando b. Sept. 20, 1874, d. young; Peter Par-
ley b. July 20, 1875, m. Elisa Eliasen. Family resided at
Salt Lake City and Hyrum, Utah.

Married Jensine Kjerstine Jensen Eager. Their children:
Francis Peter; Florance Jensine Eager; Florando Jacobus
Eager; Emma Chrestiane Eager; Jens Vernon Eager.

President 62d quorum seventies; assistant Sunday school
superintendent several years; missionary to Denmark 1878-
80; tithing clerk; also superintended the building of sev-
eral church buildings at Hyrum. Councilman and mayor
of Hyrum. Farmer.

ROSE, FREDERICK W. Born July 16, 1835. London, Eng.
Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1854, Orson Pratt company.

Married Elizabeth E. Domville Dec. 25, 1856, Salt Lake
City, Bishop Perkins officiating (daughter of Thomas Dom-
ville and Mary Peters of Liverpool, Eng., pioneers Oct. 4,
1851, Morris Phelps company). She was born June 23, 1838.
Their children: William T., m. Martha Needham: Mary A., d.
infant; Emma C.; Lillian S., m. Walter Lewis; Frederick W.,
m. Amelia Horsley; Maria I., d. aged 10; Charles E., m.
Florence Rawlings; James E., m. Annie Clark; Walter, d.
aged 5; Arthur and Albert, d. infants. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Member 8th quorum seventies; high priest; block teacher.
Carpenter and builder. Died Jan. 2, 1908, Salt Lake City.

ROSE, CHARLES EDGAR (son of Frederick W. Rose and
Elizabeth E. Domville). Born Dec. 9, 1871, Salt Lake City.

Married Florence Rawlings May 30, 1900, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Rawlings and Mary A. Carpenter
of Somerset, Eng., pioneers 1869). She was born May 30,
1875. Their children: Donald b. March 15, 1902; Gordon b.
Feb. 3. 1904; Eveline b. Jan. 13, 1909, d. Infant. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Member 10th and 105th quorum seventies; missionary to
England 1896-98; assistant Sunday school superintendent
1st ward; block teacher; counselor to president of Y. M. M.
I. A., Forest Dale ward; home missionary at Salt Lake stake
2 years; member tabernacle choir 16 years. In charge of Job
presses of Deseret News Printing Co.

ROSEBERRY, CHARLES. Born Aug. 22, 1825, Malmo,
Sweden. Came to Utah Sept. 1, 1859, George Rowley hand-
cart company.

Married Helena Erlckson April 7, 1849, at Malmo (daugh-
ter of Peter and Hannah Erickson of Sweden), who was
born Oct. 11, 1822, Scona, Sweden. Their children: Caroline
Helena b. Aug. 1, 1850, and Anna Augusta b. Jan. 2, 1853, d.
infants; Anna Maria b. Sept. 2, 1855, m. Oscar B. Young;
Niels Joseph b. Sept. 10, 1858, m. Lucretla Keeler; Emma
Carolina b. Sept. 10, 1858, m. Jens L. Jensen; Hannah Helena
b. Oct. 2, 1861, m. George Larson; Charles b. Oct. 2, 1861,
m. Lydla Dodge; Ellen Augusta, Louisa Charlotte and Helena
(triplets) b. Dec. 26, 1864; Helena and Augusta, died; Louisa
Charlotte, m. Joseph Rogers; Elizabeth b. March 8, 1867, m.
Jack Loving. Family home Moroni, Santaquln, Richfield,

Early settler in San Pete and Utah counties; veteran Black
Hawk war. Killed while working on railroad in Weber
Canyon Nov. 15, 1868. Carpenter.

ROSKELLEY, SAMUEL (son of Thomas Roskelley and Ann
Kitt, both of Devonport, Devonshire, Eng.). Born Jan. 1,
1837, at Devonport. Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1853; Appleton
Harmon company.

Married Rebecca Hendricks, July 22, 1858, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of James Hendricks and Druzilla Dorris of
Simpson county, Ky., pioneers 1847), who was born Nov.
2, 1835. Their children: Rebecca b. April 22, 1859, m.
Thomas Hillyard; Charlotte b. Oct. 7. 1860, d. child; Zina Y.
b. March 18, 1862, m. Don C. Hyde; Samuel b. Aug. 11, 1863, m.
Agness E. Thyberg; James b. Jan. 10, 1865, m. Frances A.
Emery; William H. b. May 4, 1866, m. Agness Wieldman;
Joseph b. June 5, 1868, m. Frances A. Hinckley.

Missionary to Wales 1857-58; presided over Cardiff con-
ference in Wales: bishop of Smithfleld ward 1862-80; patri-
arch; filled another mission to England and presided over
London conference from 1880 until 1881; and with wife
labored as a missionary at St. George, Utah; recorder of
Logan temple 1884-1911. Superintendent of common schools
for Cache Co., Utah, 6 years; major of 4th Battalion, 1st
Regiment Infantry, Cache valley Brigade, three years during
Indian troubles, and afterwards captain of brigade under
Brig. Gen. William Hyde.

ROSS, DANIEL. He was born In Scotland. Came to Utah
1851, oxteam company.

Married Agnes McKella of Dumbartonshire, Scotland; she
came to Utah 1852, with her husband. Their children:
Archibald; Alexander; Mary, m. Robert Henry; Jeanette. m.
Benjamin Tooksbury; Daniel, m. Francis Peay, m. Hannah
Adams; Agnes, m. Walter Thompson; Duncan; Katherine. m.
John Glllespie; Joan, m. John McClaus; Hugh, died. Family

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