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home Hillensbury, Scotland, and Salt Lake City.

Farmer. Died at Salt Lake City.

ROSS, DANIEL JR. (son of Daniel Ross and Agnus McKella
of Dumbarton, Scotland). Born Jan. 22, 1827, Halens-
burg, Scotland. Came to Utah 1851, oxteam company.

Married Frances Peay Oct. 12, 1852, Salt Lake Endow-
ment house. She was the daughter of William Peay and
Mary Blake of Climplng, Sussex, .Eng.: pioneers Oct. 3, 1852,
Harmon Cutler oxteam company. She was born Sept. 15,
1833. Their children: Daniel, m. Ida A. Frisby; William
P., m. Annie Johnson; Nephi, m. Mary Delilah Stubbs;\Hugh
m. Kathallne Alice Farrer; Mary, m. John Hallen Ceck;
Johan, died; Eliza, m. Abraham Johnson; George E., m.
Bertha Peay; Agnes, m. Nels N. Nelson. Family home South
Weber, Utah.

Married Hannah Adams April, 1865, Salt Lake Endow-
ment house, whose parents lived in Northampton, Eng. She
was born 1839. Their children: Thomas A., m. Mary Hardy;
John, m. Elizabeth Smith; James, m. Annie Perry.

Minuteman In Walker and Battle Creek troubles. Farmer.
Died Sept. 5, 1901, at Hooper, Utah.

ROSS, NEPHI (son of Daniel Ross and Frances Peay).
Born Dec. 19. 1858, in Iron Co.. Utah.

Married Mary Delilah Stubbs. July 22, 1891. Provo City,
Utah (daughter of Richard Stubbs and Blender Ware of
Provo), who was born Dec. 19, 1862. Their children: Elen-
der D. b. Dec. 5, 1892, died; Daisan N. b. May 14, 1893; Edith
F. b. Feb. 27, 1895; Grace R. b. Jan. 10, 1897; Sllva A. b.
Oct. 27, 1899; Jennie V. b. Jan. 6, 1905. Family home Provo,

Member of first city council, Provo, divided on party lines.
Farmer and miner.

ROSS, HUGH (son of Daniel Ross Jr. and Frances Peay).
He was born Jan. 25, 1861, South Weber, Utah.

Married Catherine A. Farrer March 25, 1896, Provo, Utah
(daughter of William Farrer and Elizabeth Ann Kerry, both
of Brigstreer, Westmoreland, England pioneers 1847, Cap-
tain Taylor company). She was born Sept. IB, 1865. Their
children: Hugh C. b. Jan. 17, 1897; William Kenneth b. Sept.
20, 1899; Elizabeth F. b. Oct. 18, 1901; Thelma Lucile b. Sept.
28, 1903, died; Alma D. b. Jan. 17, 1907; Catherine A. b.
March 1, 1909. Family home Provo, Utah.

Mason; contractor and builder.

ROSS, JAMES JACKSON (son of Melvtn Ross and Rebecca
Smith, of Heber City and Vernal, Utah). Born Nov. 28,
1837. Came to Utah 1850, Aaron Johnson company.

Married Susan Laverna Roby 1857, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Jeremiah Roby and Ruth Tucker of Provo and Mid-
way, Utah), who was born April 14, 1838, died 1862. Their
children: Sarah Jane b. Jan. 7, 1858, m. Henry Miles Alex-
ander; Susan Matilda b. March 22, 1860, m. William O'Nell;
Laverna Virginia b. April 14, 1862, m. Hyrum Gould. Family
home Heber City, Utah.

Married Sarah Provost 1874, Heber City, Utah (daughter
of Luke Provost, of Midway, pioneer, oxteam company),
who was born January. 1855. Their children: Emma, died;
James Isaac, m. Jane Young. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Took part In Echo Canyon trouble. Veteran Indian war.
Farmer and stockralser. Died May 2, 1909. Vernal, Utah.


Married Jane Stevenson of New York state. Their chil-
dren: John E., m. Amanda Norton; Stephen Weeks, Jr.,
m. Glnevra E. Molen; Sarah Elizabeth, m. James Lamb;
Adrian, died. Lived at Newark, N. J.

Marble engraver and merchant.



ROSS STEPHEN WEEKS, JR. (son of Stephen Weeks Ross
and Jane Stevenson). Born April 12. 1841, Newark, N. J.
Came to Utah fall of 1855, Jefferson Tldwell oxteam com-

Married Gtnevra Ellen Molen Dec. 25, 1866, Lehi City, Utah
(daughter of Jesse Molen and Lurany Huffaker of Illinois;
pioneers 1847; Jedediah M. Grant company). She was born
April 16, 1845. Their children: Lurany Jane, m. P. Palvin
Duke; Stephen M., m. Margaret Wardle; Michael A., m.
Hulda Perry; Jesse Edgar, died; John W., d. infant; William
Simpson, m. Myrtle Whiteman; Francis A., m. Etta Wardle;
Perlettie I., m. John Eaton; Margaret L., m. Henry Abplan-
alp; Forrest M., m. Josephine Mitchell; Warren L., m. Ber-
nett Sprouse; Ginevra, d. infant.

High priest; president 4th quorum elders; constable of
Vernal; deputy sheriff Utah county. Veteran Black Hawk
war. Farmer and stockraiser.

ROSS, MICHAEL, ADRIAN (son of Stephen W. Ross and
Ginevra Ellen Molen). Born Sept. 7, 1872, at Lehi, Utah.

Married Hulda Perry June 5, 1901, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Alonzo Orson Perry and Anjeanette Abi-
gail Stowell), who was born July 30, 1874. Their children:
Helen Mar b. April 8, 1902; Ainona b. Jan. 17, 1904; Perry
Adrian b. Feb. 16, 1910. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Missionary to West Virginia 1898-1900; school superin-
tendent: ward teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A. Road super-
visor. Farmer. Died at Vernal.

KOSS, THOMAS. Born Sept. 15, 1814, In Gilbert county,
N. C. Came to Utah Sept. 6, 1850, Lije Everett's fifty, Aaron
Johnson company.

Married Rachel Smith, who was born Aug. 22, 1813; came
to Utah with her husband. Their children: James A. b.
Sept. 20, 1836, m. Sarah Ann Smith b. March 6, 1857; Mar-
garet Ann b. March 3, 1839, m. Sidney R. Carter March 6,
1857; Luclnda b. Feb. 14. 1842, m. Sidney R. Carter March
6, 1857; Mary E. b. March 4, 1845, m. Joseph F. Parker;
Nancy Jane b. Dec. 11. 1848, m. Albert McMillen April 15,
1869; Thomas W. b. Jan. 25, 1851, m. Margaret Ann Harvey;
Robert F. b. Oct. 18, 1853, m. Mary Evelyn Gay Dec. 25, 1879;
John Franklin b. May 15, 1856.

Married Margaret Maria Meacom (daughter of Lewis and
Lydla Meacom). Their children: Mary Ann t>. Oct. IS, 1858.
m. Culbert L. King; George Lewis b. April 30, 1862, m. Mary
Ann Anderson May 13, 1885; Joshua b. Oct. 8, 1864; Lydia
Lucinda b. Oct. 13, 1865, m. George Chariesworth; Joshua
Josiah b. June 3, 1867; Daniel Thomson b. Nov. 8, 1868, m.
Elizabeth Ann King; Maria Emeline b. April 24, 1871, m.
Volney H. King; Samantha Matilda b. Feb. 13, 1873, m.
Horton Hatght; Sarah Luticta.

Settled Provo, Utah, 1851. Veteran Black Hawk, Walker
and Tlntic Indian wars. Farmer.

ROSS. JAMES ANDREW (son of Thomas Ross and Rachel
Smith). Born Sept. 20, 1836, In Gibson county, Tenn. Came
to Utah with parents Sept. 6, 1850.

Married Sarah Ann Smith March 6, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Richard Smith and Diana Brazwell, pioneers
1857). She was born in Gibson county, Tenn.

Married Catherine Elnora Anderson May 25, 1879, Meadow
Creek, Utah (daughter of Hoken and Mary Ann Anderson,
pioneers Sept. 12, 1861, John R. Murdock company). She
was born Jan. 9. 1856, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Assisted In bringing immigrants from the Missouri river
to Utah, and was one of the relief party rescuing the
"frozen" handcart company December, 1856. Indian war
veteran, serving in the Walker war 1853-54, In the Tlntic
war 1854-55, and In the Black Hawk war 1865-67. Helped
build the Union Pacific R. R. through Echo canyon, 1868.
High priest; miss'onary to Tennessee 1876-77, and 1883-84.
President and director Canal and Otter Creek Reservoir Co.;
vice president Richfield Commercial & Savings Bank.

IIOSSITER, WILLIAM A. (son of William A. Rosslter. born
in London, and Mary Smith, born In Wentworth, Eng.).
Born Feb. 26, 1843, in London. Came to Utah Oct. 29, 1862,
W. H. Dame church freight train, the last that year.

Married Eliza A. Crabtree Dec. 27, 1863 (daughter of
Charles Crabtree, pioneer 1857, James Brown company),
who was born Aug. 5, 1842. Their children: Phoebe Ellen
b. Dec. 17, 1865, m. Henry O. Baddley Sept. 9, 1885; William
Herbert b. Sept. 14, 1867, m. Maria Baddley Jan. 1, 1896;
Alice b. 1870; Elizabeth b. March 18, 1872, m. David M.
Campbell May 9, 1894; Frederick Charles b. April 7, 1874, m.
Sarah A. Shannon Nov. 14, 1900; Edith May b. Jan. 29, 1876,
m. William H. Lovesy June 4, 1896; George Alfred b. Jan.
81, 1878, m. Nettle Boyle Feb. 23, 1900; Lucy b. Aug. 26,
1880, m. William C. Evans Oct. 7, 1901; Ernest C. b. Oct. 16.
1S82, m. Venus Robinson June 28, 1911; Elmer Dean b. May
13, 1886. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Shamira Young Oct. 9, 1877, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Brigham Young and Lucy A. Decker, latter
a pioneer 1848). She was born March 21, 1853, Salt Lake
City. Their children: Clifford Y. b. Dec. 21, 1878, died;
Lillian b. May 10, 1880; Russoll Y. b. Aug. 26, 1881. m. Leah
Farr Aug. 9, 1911.

Member of seventy. President Brigham Young's coach-
man five years; general superintendent of President
Young's business affairs 1872-77; after the president's
death agent of the estate. Banking.

Rosslter and Eliza A. Crabtree). Born April 7, 1874, Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Married Sarah A. Shannon Nov. 14, 1900, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Shannon and Jennie Harding), who
was born Feb. 14, 1880, San Francisco, Cal. Their children:
Ruth Mary b. Sept. 22, 1901; Frederick Shannon b. Dec. 28,
1902; William Algenier b. April 1, 1904; Afton Eliza b. Nov.
16, 1905; Lawrence Campbell b. June 13, 1907; Adfred Hard-
Ing and Sadie Lucille (twins) b. Nov. 14, 1909. Family
resided Salt Lake City and Providence, Utah.

Member of seventy; missionary to Society Islands 1893-
1898. Horticulturist.

ROSSITER, WILLIAM H. (son of William A. Rossiter and
Eliza Crabtree). Born Sept. 14, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Maria Baddley Jan. 1, 1896, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Baddley and Charlotte DeGray of
England, pioneers 1853), who was born Oct. 16, 1866. Their
children: Edith b. Aug. 30, 1897; Bryant b. Aug. 31. 1899;
Eliza b. May 10, 1901; William b. March 5, 1904; Frank b.
May 10, 1907. Family home, Salt Lake City.


noUJTDY, SHADRACH (son of Uriah Roundy of New York).
Born Jan. 1, 1789, In Windham county. Vt. Came to Utah
July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Betsy Quimby. Their children: Lauren Hotch-
kiss b. May 21, 1815, m. Joanna Carter 1843, m. Jane Ann
Koyle; Julia Rebecca b. 1817; Lorenzo Wesley b. June 18,
1819, m. Susan Wallace; Laura b. 1822, m. David Beck;
Samantha b. 1824, m. John D. Parker; Jared Curtis b. Jan.
5. 1827, m. Lovisa Jenne; Almeda Sophia b. March, 1829. m.
John D. Parker: William Felshaw b. 1831; Nancy Jane b.
1833, m. Calvin Foss; Malinda b. 1835. Family home. Salt
Lake City.

Bishop of 16th ward, Salt Lake City. Veteran Indian
war. Member of Joseph Smith's bodyguard. Farmer. Died
July 4, 1872.

ROUNDY. LAUREN HOTCHKISS (son of Shadrach Roundy
and Betsy Quimby). Born May 21, 1815, Spafford, Onon-
daga county, N. Y. Came to Utah September, 1847, handcart

Married Joanna Carter 1843, Nauvoo, 111. (daughter of
John S. Carter of Nauvoo, 111., pioneer September, 1847), who
died at Winter Quarters, Iowa. Their children: Byron
Donalvln b. Jan. 29, 1844; William Heber b. Feb. 5, 1846. m.
Malinda Parker Aug. 20, 1872. Family home, in Illinois.

Married Jane Ann Koyle, Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Koyle of Mallahide, Canada), who was born Sept. 5,
1831. Their children: Julia b. 1849, d. In 1852; Jared
Washington b. Feb. 22, 1851, m. Louise Taylor; Hyrum Koyle
b. Dec. 12, 1854, m. Ann Chase; Laurette b. May 12, 1860, m.
Thomas Nelson; John b. May 18, 1864, m. Eleanor McEwan;
Lilly b. Dec. 25, 1866, m. Oliver Gallup; Charles b. Dec. 25,
1866, d. infant. Family resided Centerville and Springvllle,

Married Martha Edmondson. She died. Their children:
Luella, m. Hyrum Perry; Mary Ann, m. Abner Dee Miner;

Member bishopric of Spanish Fork; high councilor. In-
dian war veteran. Farmer. Died March, 1900, Knlghtsvllle,

ROUNDY, WILLIAM HEBER (son of Lauren Hotchkiss
Roundy and Joanna Carter). Born Feb. 5, 1846, Nauvoo, 111.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Malinda Parker Aug. 20, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Davis Parker and Almeda Sophia Roundy
of Upper Kanab, Utah, pioneers 1847). She was born April
4, 1851. Their children: Marian, d. infant; William Heber,
d. aged 22; John Davis; Middle May; Lauren Hotchkiss, d.
aged 22; Maud Samantha; Sophia; Quimby; Joanna Malinda;
Otho. Family home. Upper Kanab Ranch (now Alton,

Elder. Assessor and collector. Farmer and rancher.
Died July 23. 1899.

ROUNDY, JOHN (son of Lauren Hotchkiss Roundy and Jane
Ann Koyle). Born May 18, 1864, at Springville, Utah.

Married Eleanor McEwan Feb. 14, 1889, at Provo, Utah
(daughter of John H. McEwan and Amanda Higbee, of
Provo), who was born Oct. 10, 1869. Their children: Nellie
h. May 14, 1891, m. Julian F. Greer; John McEwan b. Sept.
24, 1894; Amanda lone b. April 13, 1899; Clayton b. Oct. 2,
1900; Fern b. April 30, 1903; Bert Lincoln b. Feb. 12, 1906;
Loren b. March 2, 1909, d. March, 1909. Family resided
Provo and Knightsvllle, Utah.

Bishop of Knlghtsville 1900-09; president Y. M. M. I. A.
at Knlghtsville 1897-1900. Mining man; merchant.

ROUNDY, JOHN DAVIS (son of William Heber Roundy and
Malinda Parker). Born Nov. 3. 1876, Upper Kanab, Utah.

Member 85th quorum seventies; missionary to eastern
states 1899-1901; member bishopric. Farmer and stock-

ROUNDY, JARED CURTIS (son of Shadrach Roundy and
Betsy Quimby). Born Jan. B, 1827, In Ohio. Came to Utah
July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Louisa Jenne at Salt Lake City (daughter of



Benjamin Jenne and Sarah Snyder, pioneers 1849). who was
born June 15, 1832. Their children: Evelyn H. b. Nov. 23,
1.S52, m. Lucius Peck; Jared Curtis b. March 13, 1855, m.
Alice Apgood; Sarah Louisa b. Jan. 17, 1858, m. Joseph Phil-
lips; Shadrach b. Feb. 9, 1860, m. Sarah A. Edgel; George
Snyder b. Oct. 10, 1862; Ida May b. Oct. 14, 1864, m. John
Snyder; Roseanna b. Dec. 22, 1867, m. George Gibbons; Frank
Spencer b. Oct. 3, 1870; Maud S. b. July 7, 1875, m. John
Thompson. Family home, Wanshlp.

Bishop of Wanship ward 1875-84. Commander of soldiers
in Black Hawk Indian war. Farmer. Died May 22, 1895,
St. David, Ariz.

ROWAN, MATHEW (son of James Rowan, born July 10,
1799, Renfrew, Scotland, and Margaret Miller). Born April
12, 1827, Renfrew, Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 28, 1855.

Married Jane Martin June 6, 1853 (daughter of Barnabas
and Sarah Martin), who was born Jan. 31, 1827, Norwich,
Eng. Their children: Ammon b. April 27, 1854; Emma b.
March 15, 1856, m. Alexander McGhie June 13, 1881; Mathew
Martin b. Aug. 28, 1859, m. Hannah Swenson.

Married Annie Olsen Feb. 23, 1862, South Cottonwood,
Utah. She was born June 8, 1839, in Sweden. Their chil-
dren: Annie Jane b. Dec. 7, 1862, m. Mathew Ellison; Sarah
lUlen b. Sept. 23, 1865, m. Francis Beckstead.

Second counselor to Bishop Cahoon, South Cottonwood;
ward clerk; school teacher South Cottonwood.

ROWE, WILLIAM H. (son of James W. Rowe of Ports-
mouth, Eng.). Born Feb. 14, 1841, in England. Came to
Utah 1873.

Married Anna Frances Bates May, 1858, Birmingham, Eng.
(daughter of George Bates and Anna Wild of England),
who was born March 1, 1835. Their children: Minnie, m.
Edward Smith; Amy, m. Julian Houtz; Louise, m. Roland
Green; Lorenzo W., m. Ada Gilbert; Effle, m. Walter E. Mad-
dison; William H.; Nellie; Mabel; Alice; Arthur. Family
home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seventy. State road commissioner. President of Bear
River Canal Co.; shoe manufacturer Z. C. M. I. Died Jan.
28. 1913, Salt Lake City.

ROWLAND, BENJAMIN (son of Edward Rowland and Mary
Williams of Dowells, Glamorgan, Wales). Born Sept. 30,
1837, Dowells. Came to Utah autumn of 1853, Daniel Jones

Married Elizabeth Williams May 18, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William and Emma Williams of Denbigh,
Wales, pioneers Sept. 13, 1861, Homer Duncan company).
She was born Dec. 21, 1843. Their children: Benjamin Wil-
liam; Morgan W. and John Thomas, died; Emma Elizabeth,
m. Albert Love; Margaritt Clara; Rosella; Roy Ephraim, m.
Martha Wlesman; Annie Pearl, m. Dean Richmond; Parley.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member of seventy; block teacher. Guard in early In-
dian wars, in Iron county. Hauled rock with oxteam for
Salt Lake temple; worked on Salt Lake temple 3 years.
Died June 23, 1910.

ROWLAND, ROY EPHRAIM (son of Benjamin Rowland
and Elizabeth Williams). Born Oct. 21, 1880, at Salt Lake

Married Martha Wiesman Sept. 16, 1903, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Williams and Elizabeth Wiesman).
Only child: Elizabeth Ellen b. March 29, 1904.

Commission merchant.

ROWLAND, GEORGE (son of Ephraim Rowland, born Jan.
13, 1808, Nottinghamshire, Eng., and Mary Drabble, born
Feb. 25, 1807, Gresley, Nottinghamshire). He was born
April 18, 1840, at Gresley. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1862,
Joseph Home company.

Married Martha Boot Feb. 25, 1864 (daughter of Joseph
Boot and Elizabeth Sudberry married at Mansfield, Eng.).
She was born Aug. 28, 1838, at Mansfield; came to Utah
1863. Their children: George Ephraim b. Jan. 30, 1866, m.
Rhoda Daniel Mills Sept., 1885; Mary Elizabeth b. March 14,
1867, m. H. C. Santmyers; Edwin b. June 14, 1870, m. Nellie
Strong. Family home Sprlngville, Utah.

Married Amy Naylor May 18, 1874, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Naylor and Fanny Knighton), who
was born May 4, 1850, at Gresley, Eng. Their children:
Eliza b. April 13, 1875, m. W. J. Russell March 10, 1897;
Fanny b. May 16, 1876; Ida b. May 8, 1878, m. Lorenzo Weight
Dec. 30, 1903; Amy b. May 8, 1878, m. T. A. Worthen Jan.
24, 1900; Louisa b. Sept. 5, 1880; John Scott b. June 21, 1882,
m. Alma Hansen Nov., 1905; William Owen b. June 21, 1882,
m. Ella Brannon June, 1907; Enos b. April 22, 1884, m. Agnes
Thomas June, 1902; Martha b. May 18, 1886, d. Aug. 20, 1887;
Hannah b. Oct. 18, 1888; Ettie b. May 7, 1890, d. Feb. 1891;
Seth b. Dec. 28, 1891; Grace b. April 21, 1896. Family home
Springville, Utah.

High priest; president elders' quorum 1863-83. Veteran
Indian war.

Young Morse; Alma, m. Emily Amelia Shipley. Family home
American Fork, Utah.

Married Sarah Tufley. Their child: Sarah, m. Isaac Wag-
staff. Family home American Fork, Utah.

High priest; missionary to South Wales. Wool spinner.
Died Dec. 14, 1907, American Fork, Utah.

ROWLEY, JOSEPH SMITH (son of George Rowley and Ann
Brown). Born May 17, 1849, at Yorkshire, Eng.

Married Lydia Young Morse March 13, 1879, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Francis Y. Morse and Elizabeth Thomas
of Boston. Mass., pioneers 1859, Peter Nebeker company).
She was born June 11, 1860. Their children: Eva Elizabeth
b. Jan. 30, 1880, m. Frank Hanson; Laura Ann b. March
13, 1882, m. Moroni Peck; Joseph Francis b. Aug. 29, 1885,
m. Ruby Pratt; Lydia Lenora b. Dec. 14, 1887, m. Thomas
Carrol; Elva Ray b. Sept. 3, 1890, m. Don Carlos Wadsworth;
Leah Wilda b. April 21, 1893; Marlow Morse b. March 18,
1895; Jedediah Young b. Nov. 5, 1897; Isaac Monroe b. Aug.
20, 1901; David Aaron b. July 30, 1905. Family home Ameri-
can Fork, Utah.

Elder. Fruit grower. Resided at American Fork, Utah.

ROWLEY, RALPH NEPHI (son of John Rowley and Sarah
Wright of Handley, Stafford, Eng.). Born April 1, 1824.
Came to Utah 1852, Abraham O. Smoot company.

Married Mary Ann Thompson Oct. 30, 1843, Glasgow, Scot-
land (daughter of Hugh Thompson of Glasgow, Scotland,
pioneer 1852, Isaac C. Haight company). She was born
July 14, 1824, died June 13, 1886. Their children: Mary Ann,
m. Ira Lyman; John Thompson b. Nov. 7, 1847, m. Jane Paul,
m. Mary Jane Smith; Hugh T. and Ephraim George, died;
Walter T., m. Lena Peterson; Ralph Nephi, died; Elizabeth
Ann, m. Ira D. Lyman; Moroni; Georga. Family home
Meadow, Mi Hard Co., Utah.

Missionary and president of a branch in Glasgow, Scot-
land; high priest; head teacher at Fillmore; ward teacher.
Farmer; mason and builder. Veteran Black Hawk war.

ROWLEY, JOHN THOMPSON (son of Ralph Nephi Rowley
and Mary Ann Thompson). Born Nov. 7, 1847, Glasgow,
Scotland. Came to Utah with his father.

Married Jane Paul May 22, 1868, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Nicholas Paul and Harriett May of Fillmore, Utah,
pioneers 1856, Independent company). Their children: John
T.; Harriet Ann, m. Curtis Galloway; Elizabeth Jane, m.
William Day; Ralph Nephi, m. Larinda Jorgensen; Hugh;
Royal; Lyda May; Clara and William Walace, died.

Married Mary Jane Smith June 23, 1880, at St. George,
Utah (daughter of Silas Smith and Elizabeth Orton of Stock-
holm, St. Lawrence county, N. Y., pioneers 1852). She waa
born June 17. 1853. Their children: John Henry (filled mis-
sion Australia 1907-10) b. Feb. 10. 1882; David (filled mission
southern states) b. Aug. 28, 1883, m. Sarah Noyps: Silas
(filled mission in New Zealand 1907-11) b. Oct. 28. 1885;
Mary Ann b. Dec. 5, 1887, m. William E. Jones; Franklin
Irvin b. Jan. 1. 1890: Ephraim b. Oct. 14. 1893. died: George
Albert b. Nov. 27, 1894. Family home Spring Glen, Utah.

High priest; presiding bishop of Spring Glen ward 1903-10.
Veteran Black Hawk war; school trustee 22 years. Char-
coal manufacturer; farmer and merchant.

ROWLEY, GEORGE (son of Richard Rowley of Nethers-
fleld, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born 1827 in England. Came to
Utah Nov. 16, 1855.

Married Ann Brown in England (daughter of John Brown
of Nethersfleld, Yorkshire, Eng.). Their children: Rachel,
died; William, m. Emily Green; Joseph Smith, m. Lydia

ROWLEY, SAMUEL (son of William Rowley and Ann
Jewell, Buckley parish, Worcester, Eng.). Born Oct. 29.
1842, in Suckley parish. Came to Utah Nov. 9, 1856, James
G. Willie handcart company.

Married Ann Taylor April 23, 1865, Parowan, Utah (daugh-
ter of George Taylor and Mary Franks of Nottingham, Eng..
pioneers 1864). She was born April 24, 1846, died Jan. 14,
1901. Their children: Mary Ann b. March 6, 1866, m.
Willard R. Guymon; Samuel James b. Jan. 12, 1868, m. Mar-
garet E. Black; Hannah Eliza b. Jan. 20, 1870, m. M. E. John-
son; Sarah Jane b. July 15, 1872, m. William Hartford
Avery; Alice Louisa b. Oct. 11, 1874, m. J. H. Leonard;
George Walter b. June 26, 1877, m. Jane Howard; John
Taylor b. Sept. 1, 1879, d. child; Maggie Elizabeth b. Dec.
27, 1881, m. George W. Collard; Ida May b. Feb. 23, 1885,
m. Francis M. Brasher; Thomas Jewell b. May 2, 1887, m.
Myrtle Gardner; Richard Edwin b. Aug. 22, 1889, d. child.
Family home, Huntington.

Married Julia Ann Westover Dec. 17, 1903, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Charles Westover and Mary E. Shumway of
Huntington, Utah, pionaers 1847). She was born Feb. 28,

President 81st quorum seventy 16 years; high priest; mis-
sionary to San Juan 1879-80. First constable of Bluff, Utah.
Farmer and stockraiser.

ROWLEY, SAMUEL JAMES (son of Samuel Rowley and
Ann "Taylor). Born Jan. 12, 1868, at Parowan, Utah.

Married Maggie E. Black March 13. 1889, Manti, Utah
(daughter of William Black and Amy Jane Washburn),
who was born Jan. 10, 1869. Their children: Ellen Jane
b. Jan. 25, 1890, d. infant; J. Alphonzo b. April 29, 1891;
Amelia b. Oct. 10, 1893, d. infant; Orson b. Nov. 7. 1895;
Leona b. Jan. 10, 1897; Merrill b. Feb. 25. 1900. d. infant;
Clara b. March 31. 1901; Lila b. Oct. 26, 1904; Cyril b.
May 5. 1906, d. infant: Edna b. July 26, 1908, d. Infant;
Samuel A. b. Sept. 20, 1911. Family home, Huntington.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer. Died Feb. 12, 1910, Hunt-



ROWLEY, JAMES ALPHONSO (son of Samuel James Rowley
and Maggie E. Black). Born April 29, 1891, at Huntington.
Member 81st quorum seventies; ward teacher. Farmer and

ROYLA1VCE, JOHN. Born Nov. 20, 1807, in Chester, Ens'.
Came to Utah October, 1850, with Jonathan Foote company.

Married Mary Ann Oakes (daughter of Randall Oakes
of England), who was born June 22, 1810. Their children:
Henry, m. Elizabeth Bell; Ann, m. William Bird; Thomas,
m. Philinda Cuttler; William, m. Lucy Clucas; Elizabeth,
m. William M. Bromley; Alma, m. Emma Mendenhatt; Mary
Francis, m. John Nelson; Sarah Jane, m. Fred M. Houtz;
Olive, m. Cyrus Daley. Family home Springville, Utah.

Farmer. Director of Co-op.

ROYLANCE, HENRY (son of John Roylance and Mary Ann
Oakes). Born May 21, 1831, Chester, Eng. Came to Utah
1850, Captain Foote company.

Married Elizabeth Bell Dec. 25, 1853, Springville, Utah
(daughter of William Bell and Sarah Brereton of Liver-
pool, Eng., latter pioneer Sept. 1852, Captain Tidwell com-
pany). She was born March 13, 1837, Liverpool, Eng. Their
children: Sarah Ann b. Oct. 4, 1854, died; Henry b. Aug.
21, 1856, m. Martha Sanford, m. Frances Hewlett; William
B. b. Sept. 2, 1858, m. Caroline Ellis; Marian E. b. Aug. 25,
1860, m. John R. Menary; John b. May 4, 1862, m. Sylvia
Scovill; Eveline b. Dec. 13, 1863, m. Charles S. Lively; Clara-
belle b. Jan. 26, 1866, died; Elizabeth b. Jan. 21, 1868, died;
Prunella b. Nov. 10, 1869, m. John Wallace Storrs; Leon b.
Jan. 6, 1872, m. Gertie Holmes, who died May 17. 1913;

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