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conference president in Georgia. Stockgrower and fruit-

SHIELDS, GEORGE (son of James Shields and Elizabeth
Blackburn of Paisley, Scotland, former came to Utah 1874).
Born Aug. 16, 1828, Paisley. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1863,
Appleton Harmon company.

Married Jane Carday 1848, Johnston, Scotland (daughter
of Albert Carday and Margaret Craig, former died in Scot-
land, latter pioneer 1853, Appleton Harmon company, both
of Johnston, Scotland). She was born May 17, 1828. Their
children: James, m. Elizabeth Dow, m. Martha Soffe; Mar-
garet and George, died; Elizabeth, m. Joseph A. Beckstead;
Margaret J., m. James A. Abbott; William John, m. Eliza-
beth Huskey; Sarah B., m. William Soffe; David A., m.
Sarah Beckstead, m. Elizabeth Shepick; George W., m. Mary



E. Stocking; Isabell J., m. Ensign Woodruff; Joseph A., died;
three children died before being named. Family home West
Jordan, Utah.

Paid for bringing 33 immigrants from the old country;
made four trips across the plains for immigrants. Weaver;
farmer; sheepraiser. Died April 19, 1908, Salt .Lake City.

SHIELDS, GEORGE W. (son of George Shields and Jane
Carday). Born Oct. 27, 1865, West Jordan, Utah.

Married Mary E. Stocking September, 1888, West Jordan
(daughter of Ensign Israel Stocking and Elizabeth Ellen
Arnold, former of Springfield, Mass., latter of Hereford-
shire, Eng., pioneers 1850). She was born June 15, 1869.
Their children: Wallace b. 1889, m. Clema Gardner; Jennie
b. 1891, m. Donald Gardner; Leonard b. 1898; Claudia b.
April, 1901; Arnold b. 1903; Gladys b. 1907, died; Utahna b.
1910. Family home South Jordan, Utah.

Farmer; sheepraiser. Died Feb. 1, 1912, Salt Lake City.

moreland county, Pa. Their children: Sarah Ann; Nancy
Jane; Manda Maria; Margaret Eliza, m. Mr. Clement; Alex-
ander Morain; Miriam Elizabeth; Heber Taylor; Margeory
America. Family home Plain City, Utah.
Farmer. Died April 20, 1872.

SHIELDS, JOHN (son of Robert Shields, born June 22,
1781, in Scotland, and Mary Melvin). Born April 3, 1805,
Renfrewshire, Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 12, 1S52.

Married Primrose Cunningham, who was born Sent. 17,
1805. Their children: Mary b. Oct. 29, 1827, m. James Sevan;
Annie b. July 11, 1827; Robert b. March 16, 1831, m. Mary
Jenkins; Archibald b. Aug. 16, 1833, m. Helen Gillespie;
John b. March 10, 1835, and Primrose b. May 21, 1837, died;
Primrose b. July 7, 1840, m. Thomas Lee; John b. Jan. 22,
1842, m. Jane Meiklejohn.

SHIELDS, JOHN F. (son of Samuel Shields of Beaver county,
Pa.). Born Feb. 3, 1823, in Beaver county, Pa. Came to
Utah 1849.

Married Mary Howell July 1, 1847, Springfield, 111. (daugh-
ter of Samuel and Mary Howell of Springfield), who was
born June 21, 1825. Their children: James F. b. Jan. 11,
1850, d. child; John T. b. May 7, 1852; Sarah Jane b. Sept.
29, 1854, m. Jeremiah Plumb, m. John A. Powell; Louis b.
Aug. 22, 1856, m. Annie White; Rhoda b. June 2, 1859, m.
David Taylor; Martha b. Nov 19, 1863, m. Horace Jones; Mary
Eliza b. April 27, 1866, m. Charles McKendrick; Rachel M.
b. Nov. 12, 1869, m. Samuel T. Gardener. Family home
Salem, Utah.

Married Eliza Ann 1870, at Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren: Faithful, m. Mr. Mathis; Brigham; Franklin. Family
home Gila River, Ariz.

Presiding elder at Salem, Utah. Veteran Black Hawk
Indian war. Justice of peace several years. Farmer and
apiarist. Died Nov. 9, 1908, Puyma, Ariz.

SHIRTS, PETER (parents resided at Nauvoo, 111.). Born
Aug. 6, 1800, in Pennsylvania. Came to Utah Aug. 1, 1850,
oxteam company.

Married Margaret Cameron (parents resided in Pennsyl-
vania), who was born in 1810. Their children: George b.
May 13, 1832, m. Elizabeth Barney; Derias b. July 8, 1833;
Moroni b. Nov. 30, 1834. died; Don Carlos b. July 27, 1836,
m. Mary Lee, m. Elizabeth Barney; Sariah b. Dec. 27, 1838, m.
William McDonald; Elizabeth Ann b. Feb. 15, 1849, m.
William McDonald.

Married Belaney White. Their children: Elsa b. Dec. 6,
1854, m. Reese Richards; Peter b. March 27, 1856, m. Belle
Reynolds; Eliza b. April 15, 1858.

One of the leaders of the Nauvoo Legion. Helped build
the Nauvoo Temple and was closely associated with Joseph
Smith, Brigham Young and other leaders of the church.
Appointed by Brigham Young to locate different parts of
the country suitable for settlement and where agriculture
Was good.

Slioi'.i.r.. EDWIN (son of Daniel Shoell and Corril Green
of Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born December, 1832. Came to
Utah 1866.

Married Jane Booker May 6, 1870, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Giles Booker and Ann Painter of North Sarney, Glou-
cestershire, Eng. Came to Utah 1869, John Egan and John
Pace company). She was born March, 1830. Their children:
Elizabeth Ann b. July 12, 1871, m. John Parry; Edwin G.
b. Sept. 17, 1872, m. Melvina Cobbley. Family home Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

High priest. Farmer and fruitgrower. Died May 10,

SHOELL, EDWIN G. (son of Edwin Shoell and Jane Booker).
Born Sept. 17, 1872, Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Married Melvina Cobbley Feb. 29, 1898, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert J. Cobbley and Caroline Harris of
Pleasant Grove), who was born April 3. 1878. Their children:
Leonard G. b. Dec. 13. 1898; Merina, d. Sept. 11, 1910; Luciel
b. Sept. 19, 1900; Robert Korittell b. Aug. 30, 1901; Caroline
b. Feb. 13, 1904; Ralph Alven b. Feb. 15, 1906; Eunice b. July
26, 1908; Phillip Edwin b. Aug. 11, 1910. Family home,
Pleasant Grove.

Elder. Farmer and fruitgrower.

maker of Nauvoo, 111.). Born July 8, 1813, in Pendleton
county, Ky. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Charles C. Rich

Married Margaret Taylor Oct. 9, 1835 (daughter of Joseph
Taylor of Kentucky), who was born Sept. 8, 1818, in West-

SHORT, WILLIAM JOHN (son of Stephen Short and Miss
Adams of Devonshire, Eng.). Came to Utah 1864.

Married Elizabeth Curtis Oct. 27, 1834, St. Mary's Parish,
Islington, Eng. (daughter of William Curtis and Elizabeth
Dobney Holt married 1802, in London, latter pioneer Sept.
4, 1863, Captain Patterson company). She was born Aug.
8, 1807. Their children: William Sephen, m. Fannie Swift;
Elizabeth Dobney, m. Philander Brown; Charles, m. Ann
Krestine Nielesen; Samuel Joseph, m. Isabelle Clayton; Mary
Ann, m. Joseph Bull, m. J. M. Palmer. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Elder. Butcher. Died April SO, 1878.

Skoldberg, born Feb. 19, 1844, and Anna Anderson, born
March 16, 1837, of Munkfors, Mestman Lan, Sweden married
February, 1865). He was born Dec. 1, 1873, Munkfors,

Married Sarah Jane Hansen June 22, 1898 (daughter of
Hans Peter Hansen, pioneer 1864, John Smith company, and
Cecilia Maria Thompson, married Nov. 25, 1872, Salt Lake
City). She was born June 22, 1879. Their children: Leroy
b. April 3, 1899; Linney b. April 11, 1901; William b. April
7, 1904; Anna b. Oct. 29, 1906; Elva b. May 1, 1909; Haward
b. Jan. 31, 1912. Family home Winder, Idaho.

Bishop's counselor; bishop of Winder ward. President
Winder Telephone Co.; director and president of reservoir
and canal company.

SHUMWAY, CHARLES (son of Samuel and Polly Shumway
of Sturbridge, Worcester county, Mass.). Born Aug. 1, 1806,
Oxford, Mass. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Julia Ann Hooker, at Sturbridge (daughter of
Samuel Hooker and Polly Nichols of Sturbridge, pioneers
July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company). She was born Nov.
28, 1807. Their children: Andrew P., m. Amanda Graham;
Mary E., m. Charles Westover; Charles Samuel, d. infant;
Harriet, d. child. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Louisa Minerly 1845, Nauvoo, 111. Their chil-
dren: Catherine, d. infant; Charles M., m. Sarah Jardine, m.
Agnes Jardine; Robert; Peter; Joseph, d. infant; Louisa
Adalisa, d. infant; Levi. Family home Shumway, Navajo
county, Ariz.

Married Henrietta Bird, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Charles and Mary Ann Bird of Cottonwood and Mendon,
Utah, pioneers 1850). Their children: George A., m. Eliza-
beth Ann Nuttall; Mormon Bird, m. Sarah Ann Evert; David
Spencer Bird, m. Lizzie Ann Baker; Hyrum Bird, m. Annie
P. Johnson; Brigham Bird, d. infant; Samuel Bird, m. Sarah
Ann Potter; Charles Bird, m. Eliza Johnson; Jedediah
Grant, m. Elizabeth Robison; Bradford, died; William, m.
Lilly Glazier. Family home Kanab, Kane Co., TJtah.

Married Elizabeth Jardine October, 1861, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Julia Ann, m. Nephi Johnson; James; Rich-
ard, m. Miss Johnson; Howard; Melinda, m. Mr. Johnson.
Family home Shumway, Ariz.

Missionary to Massachusetts twice; high priest. Member
first legislature of Utah. Carpenter; farmer. First emi-
grant from Nauvoo to cross Mississippi river. Died May 21,

SHUMWAY. ANDREW P. (son of Charles Shumway and
Julia Ann Hooker). Born Feb. 20, 1833, Millbury, Worces-
ter county, Mass. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company.

Married Amanda Graham March 7, 1859 (daughter of
Thomas B. Graham and Sarah Ann McCrory, married June
27, 1825, in Alabama, latter pioneer September, 1851). She
was born Sept. 28, 1843, and came to Utah with her mother.
Their children: Julia Ann b. May 18, 1860, died; Mary
Amanda b. Feb. 17, 1862, m. Orson D. Neeley Nov. 25, 1880;
Andrew Thomas b. June 4, 1866, m. Polly Sameda Packer
March 3, 1886; Martha E. b. April 28, 1868, died; James
Henry b. Jan. 4, 1870. m. Edith Kirby Dec. 23, 1896; Oliver
Hooker b. Feb. 8, 1875, m. Lucetta Morrison Oct. 26, 1894;
Olive b. Feb. 8, 1875, died. Family resided Mendon, Utah,
and Franklin, Idaho.

Married Mary Ann Christian 1863, Salt Lake City. She
was born Jan. 29, 1844, in Denmark. Their children: Annie
S. b. 1864; Hattie b. 1867; Pearl b. 1869; Charles M. b. 1872.
Family home Mendon, Utah.

Bishop of Mendon 1860; missionary to England 1856 and
1869. Settled at Mendon 1859; moved to Franklin, Idaho,
1874. Died June 12, 1909, Franklin, Idaho.

SHUMWAY. ANDREW THOMAS (son of Andrew P. Shum-
way and Amanda Graham). Born June 4, 1866, Mendon,
Cache Co., Utah.

Married Polly Sameda Packer March 3, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of James and Polly M. Packer, former pioneer
1850, latter 1853). She was born March 1, 1870. Franklin,
Idaho. Their children: Andrew James b. Dec. 23, 1886, m.
Icie Lawthers Oct. 2, 1907; Polly Estella b. Aug. 24, 1890,
m. George R. Crockett Sept. 9, 1908; Amanda Irene b. Sept.
7, 1892, m. June Evans Oct. 18, 1911. Family resided Frank-
lin and Marsh Center, Idaho.




SHUMWAT, CHARLES MENDON (son of Andrew P. Shum-
way and Mary Ann Christian). Born 1872, Mendon, Utah.

Married Caroline Hymas September, 1898, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Benjamin Hymas and Hanna Thurston), who
was born Nov. 20, 1877, Hyde Park, Utah. Their children:
Hattie b. Oct. 8, 1899; Earl H. b. Dec. 3. 1901; Quentin H.
b. June 24, 1904; Annoria b. Sept. 29, 1906; Nettie b. July 20,
1909; Kermit b. Dec. 31, 1911.

Ordained bishop 1910. Farmer; stockraiser.

SHUMWAY, SAMUEL BIRD (son of Charles Shumway and
Henrietta Bird). Born June 30, 1866, Little Cottonwood,

Married Sarah Ann Potter Feb. 3, 1886, Kanab, Kane Co.,
Utah (daughter of William George Potter and Artemishia
Minerva Washburn of Kanab). She was born Nov. 9, 1866.
Their children: Henrietta Pearl b. Jan. 27, 1886, m. Andrew
Anderson June 14, 1907; Samuel Douglas b. March 8, 1888;
Beatrice b. Oct. 14, 1890, m. Norman Draper June 10. 1908;
Bradford b. Dec. 10, 1892; William b. July 22, 1894; Arte-
mishia b. July 30, 1898; Melvin b. Nov. 7, 1906; Afton b.
March 8, 1908. Family home Vineyard, Utah.

Road supervisor at Vineyard. Farmer; stockraiser.

SHURTLEFF, EMERSON (son of Vincent Shurtleff and
Elizabeth Loomis). Born 1839, Westfleld, Mass. Came to
Utah 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Mary Ann Tribe 1868, Salt Lake City (daughter
of George Tribe and Sarah Ann Mates of Ogden), who -was
born Aug. 24, 1842. Their children: Annie, m. Edwin
Williams; Lettie, m. John Douglas; Emerson, m. Ida Burton;
Sarah Elizabeth, d. aged 6. Family home Salt Lake City.

Freighter. Died Aug. 16, 1868, Salt Lake City.

SHURTLEFF, VINCENT (son of E. Shurtleff and Susan
Gorham of Russell Hampden county, Mass., born 1776, at
same place). Born May 14, 1814. Came to Utah 1847.

Married Elizabeth Loomis Oct. 27, 1836, at Russell, Mass,
(daughter of Mr. Loomis and Patience Root), who was born
March 19, 1816. Their children; Lucy Alvirea S. b. Jan. 8,
1838, died; Emmerson Davis b. July 29, 1839, m. Mary Ann
Trilie; Harrison Tuttle b. Jan. 1, 1841, m. Nellie Smith
1863; Hyrum Chester b. Nov. 29, 1845, m. Ellen Cressmon
1867; Buson b. April 15, 1847, died; Albert Dewey b. May
25, 1849, m. Ofldia Stoddard April 11, 1872; Mary Elizabeth
b. Dec. 18, 1851, died; Laura Celistla b. Aug. 25, 1855, m.
Gilbert Webb Jr. Oct 16. 1874; Vincent Haswell b. Sept. 2,

1859, m. Elizabeth Cory Hickerson Aug. 10, 1890.
Married Mary Hadlock Brockway Oct. 22, 1847, Salt Lake

City, who was born Nov. 2, 1821, Waterford, Caledonia
county, Vt. Their children: Lyman Elisha b. Sept. 2, 1848,
d. Jan. 20, 1883; Luther Gorham b. Dec. 11, 1849, d. Nov.
10, 1850; Martha Maria b. April 2, 1852, m. Melvin Miller
Feb. 12, 1872; Brigham Young b. Oct. 2, 1854, m. Mary
Augusta Clinton Nov. 20, 1877; Vincent b. Aug. 20, 1857,
m. Sarah E. Brinton Jan. 17, 1881; Mary Emma b. June 19,

1860, d. Oct. 12, 1865; George Washington b. April 6, 1862,
m. Alice Elvira Cook July 3. 1888.

Married Elizabeth Tophan Dec. 4, 1850, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Tophan and Jane Tophan, latter pioneer
1848, Bishop Evans company). She was born June 10, 1833,
Eden Saken, Bedfordshire, Eng. Their children: Sarah Jane
b. Nov. 23, 1851, m. Charles A. Smih Dec. 25, 1874; Emily
b. Feb. 27, 1856, m. Philip Goftney; Heber Rimbek b. Aug.
6, 1854; Frank b. April 19, 1858; Eliza Alvira b. March 3,
1860; John Topham b. Dec. 26, 1861; Harrold Bexter b. Dec.
8, 1862; last five died; Hannah b. Oct. 2, 1864, m. William
Johnston Sept. 11, 1893; William b. Dec. 3, 1866, m. Annie
Williams April 12, 1889; John b. Aug. 1869, d. Feb. 10, 1875.
Family home Mill Creek, Salt Lake county.

Married Lydia Amanda Shurtliff Dec. 9, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Luman Shurtliff), who was born Aug. 1,
1838, Far West, Caldwell county, Mo. Their children: Louis
Vincent b. July 23, 1857, m. Alice Harriet Casto Jan. 29.
1881; Haskell b. Feb. 18, 1862, d. Nov. 23, 1864; Charles H.
b. Dec. 30, 1868, m. Florence Odekirk Dec. 13, 1893. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1851. School trustee in Mill Creek;
helped to build first adobe school houses. Farmer and

leff and Elizabeth Loomis). Born Jan. 1, 1841, Russell,
Hampden county, Mass. Came to Utah 1847 with parents.

Married Nellie Smith Feb. 14, 1863, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Noah Smith, born April 14, 1803, and Mary DeForest,
born Feb. 20, 1816, pioneers 1862, Ansel P. Harmon company).
She was born Feb. 13, 1843. New Conard, Conn. Their chil-
dren: Nellie Elizabeth b. Sept. 4, 1864, m. Joseph Morgan
Jan. 12, 1881; Harrison Smith b. Dec. 7, 1867, m. Rachael
Park Oct. 17, 1889; Edgar DeForest b. April 23, 1870, m.
Josephine Sinclair July 25, 1892; Mary Ella b. Sept. 22, 1874,
m. Charles Bell Nov. 28. 1895; Le Roy b. Oct. 10, 1878; Arthur
Thomas b. April 20, 1882, m. Marian Ellen Hamilton June
15, 1910.

Missionary. At the age of six years drove two yoke of
oxen throughout the entire Journey en route to Utah.
School trustee for 17 years. Assisted in bringing immigrants
to Utah.

SHURTLIFF, LUMAN ANDRUS (son of Noah Shurtliff and
Lydia Brown of Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio). Born March
13, 1807, Montgomery, Hampden county, Mass. Came to
Utah Sept. 27, 1851, captain his own company.

Married Eunice Baggs Gaylord, Ravenna, Portage Co.,
Ohio (daughter of John Gaylord and Joanna Baggs of Port-
age Co., Ohio). Their children: Elcemina Imogene, m.
Haskell V. Shurtliff; Mary Eliza, m. Pleasant G. Taylor;
Lewis Warren, m. Louisa C. Smith; m. Emily M. Wainwright;
Lydia Ann; Lydia Manda, m. Vincent Shurtleff; Jane Nar-
cissus, m. Pleasant G. Taylor; Elizabeth Hatch, m. Isaiah L.
Steward. Family home Harrisville, Utah.

Married Altamira Gaylord, who was born Aug. 7, 1816,
Westfleld, Mass., and died July 30, 1883. Their children:
Noah Luman b. Nov. 25, 1846, d. June 19, 1892; Ellen Cordelia
b. March 14, 1849; Francis Marion b. Jan. 23, 1851; m. Alta
Priscilla Hancock; m. Betsy Jane Hancock; Lucy Ann b.
Sept. 16, 1853, d. Jan. 13, 1866; Charles Vinson b. Jan. 26,
1856; Samuel Darwin b. March 9, 1858, d. March 9, 1858.
Family resided Springville and Ogden, Utah.

Home missionary in Weber county. Member state legis-
lature. Settled in Weber county. Farmer; brickmason.
Died at Harrisville, Utah.

SHURTLIFF, LEWIS WARREN (son of Luman Andrus
Shurtliff and Eunice Baggs Gaylord). Born July 24, 1836,
Sullivan, Ashland Co., Ohio. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1851,
with father.

Married Louisa Catherine Smith Jan. 4, 1866, at Salmon
River Colony (daughter of Addison Smith, and adopted
daughter of David and Susan Moore, who were pioneers
1849, Allen Taylor company). She was born 1841, and died
1866. Their children: Laura Jane b. Dec. 27, 1858, m. Frank-
lin D. Richardson; Lewis Chester b. Aug. 19, 1860, m.
Almeda Raymond; Haskell Heber b. Jan. 27, 1863, m. Annie
Folkman; Louisa Catherine A. b. May 8, 1866, m. Myron

Married Emily Moorfleld Wainwright April 10, 1872, Salt
Lake City (daughter of William B. Wainwright and Eliza
Moorfleld of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Eng., former pio-
neer 1869, latter came to Utah 1873). She was born Dec. 16,
1851. Their children: Louie Emily b. June 16, 1876, m.
Joseph F. Smith, Jr.; John W. b. Sept. 5, 1881, m. Lillian
Gundy Anderson; Luman Andrus b. March 27, 1883; William
M. b. Sept. 8, 1885; Frank E. b. Jan. 13, 1892. Families
resided Ogden, Utah.

Settled in Weber county. Lieutenant in cavalry minute
company. Moved In 1865 to the Salmon river mission. As-
sisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1863. Member 60th
quorum seventies; missionary to Great Britain 1866; bishop
of Plain City ward 1868-83; president Weber stake 1883.
Commissioner of Weber county 1872-86; member constitu-
tional convention, and also of the territorial legislature
1886; probate judge of Weber county; county commissioner
1889-94; served in the upper house of the state legislature
1896 and 1898. Closely connected with the Trans-Mississippi
Commercial Congress, and also the National Irrigation Con-
gress. Postmaster of Ogden 1909-13.

Shurtliff and Altamira Gaylord). Born Jan. 23, 1861, Spring-
ville, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.

Married Alta Priscilla Hancock Nov. 22, 1872, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles B. Hancock and Samantha P.
Rawson of Payson, Utah, pioneers 1847). She was born
Dec. 23, 1853. Their children: S. Eva b. May 22, 1874, m.
A. J. Bell; Franklin M. b. Feb. 16, 1876, m. Marie A. Halbert;
Asel E. b. March 14, 1878, m. Olive Halverson; Edith V. b.
July 17, 1880, m. W. Frank Owens; Arnold R. b. Oct. 24,
1882, m. Ruth Richardson; Perry L. b. July 30, 1886; Lorenzo
J. b. Jan. 6, 1887; Alta E. b. March 18, 1891.

Married Betsy Jane Hancock Nov. 14, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George W. Hancock and B. J. Fackrell, Salt
Lake City and Payson, Utah, pioneers October, 1849). She
was born Feb. 22, 1851, Woods Cross, Utah. Their children:
George Luman b. Oct. 19, 1879; Leo Earl b. Jan. 10, 1881, m.
Ann Janett Stowell; Charles Lewis b. April 6, 1884, m. Julia
Larson; Daniel Ray b. Sept. 3, 1885, m. Myrtle Ballard; Fran-
cis Wayne b. Dec. 28, 1887, m. Jeanett Davidson; David
Vernon b. Feb. 19, 1891. Families resided Logan, Utah.

SILCOCK, NICHOLAS THOMAS (son of John Silcock of
Handley, Staffordshire, Eng., born April 2, 1772, Marsden,
Montgomery, Derbyshire, Eng., and Ann Cook of Blythsfleld,
Staffordshire, born July 14, 1779, Blythsfleld married Dec.
29, 1800). He was born Sept. 29, 1819, at Handley. Came
to Utah Oct. 4, 1850, Bishop Edward Hunter company.

Married Jane Heath April, 1841 (daughter of John Heath,
who died in Handley 1841, and Barbara Hulme, who died at
Winter Quarters 1846). She was born Nov. 6, 1826, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Alma b. Feb.
6, 1842, m. Mary Ann Hudson Aug. 2, 1863; Elizabeth J. and
Barbara Ann, died; Thomas b. Dec. 4, 1849, m. Annie Osther
April 1877: Martha b. April 30, 1852, m. Robert Pinton Jan.
1869; Esther b. March 25, 1854, m. Joseph Draper Dec. 1873;
Rosena b. Jan. 27, 1856, m. Robert Dansie 1875; Almlra b.
April 4, 1858, m. Alice Henderson 1874; Sarah b. Nov 5,
1859, m. William Bowlden 1883; Paulina b. Oct. 4, 1861, m.
Robert Dansie 1880; John Walter b. Aug. 17, 1863, d. Nov.
1881; Nina E. b. July 25, 1865, m. C. N. Dansie; Nicholas
Henry b. Aug. 13, 1867, m. Minnie Brown 1903; William
Hulme b. Sept. 8, 1869, m. Margret Dansie 1893; Samuel Ephl
b. Sept. 5, 1871, d. 1881.

Married Harriet Bebington April. 1855. Salt Lake City



(daughter of Thomas Bebington and Martha Reed), who
was born Feb. 1, 1814. Bulkley, fhestershire, Eng., and
came to Utah in 1854. Family home Riverton, Utah.

Assisted in construction of South Jordan canal; raised
first crop of grain 1867; pioneer Salt Lake and Tooele

SILCOCK, NICHOLAS HENRY (son of Nicholas Thomas
Silcock and Jane Heath). Born Aug. 13, 1867.

Married Minnie Brown (Calient) June 10, 1903, Riverton,
Utah (daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Ann Brown), who
was born in 1879. Their children: Thomas Calient b. 1897
(adopted); Estella Calient b. 1900 (adopted); Eva Jane b.
April 27, 1904; Farrell Henry b. June 25, 1909; Ella b. Aug.
1911. Family home, Riverton.


SILL, JOHN (son of John Sill and Edith Dennis of New
Egypt, N. J.). Born Jan. 19, 1816, New Egypt. Came to Utah
Sept. 29, 1856, oxteam.

Married Sarah Morris 1851, at New Egypt (daughter of
Abraham Morris and Hannah Johns of New Egypt), who
was born April 8, 1826. Their children: Elizabeth Ann b.
March 13, 1853, m. Joseph E. Hodson; Edith b. 1855, died;
Maria b. June 22, 1857, m. Lorenzo Dow Imlay; John Heber
and Daniel Rush (twins) b. March 5, 1859; Daniel Rush,
died; John Heber, m. Martina Anderson; Howard Ivins b.
Dec. 14, 1863, died.

Married Elizabeth Kirkham Feb. 27, 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Kirkham and Elizabeth Duerden of
Preston, Lancastershire, Eng., pioneers Aug. 29, 1862, Lewis
Brunson company). She was born April 2, 1845. Their
children: William Henry b. May 25, 1865; Joseph Albert b.
Jan. 11, 1867, m. Marietta Welling; Mary Elizabeth b. Feb.
4, 1869; Robert Wilford and Ann Eliza (twins) b. Nov. 1.
1870; David Morris b. Dec. 23, 1871, m. Rose E. Webster;
George b. Jan. 27, 1875; Charles b. Sept. 15, 1876, m. Mary
E. Nalder; Jesse b. Aug. 3, 1878, m. Minnie Lundberg; Arthur
Thomas b. March 18, 1881; Daniel Ephraim b. April 11,
1883. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

High priest. Farmer; stockraiser; fruitgrower. Died Oct.
25, 1906.

SILL, JOSEPH ALBERT (son of John Sill and Elizabeth
Kirkham). Born Jan. 11, 1867, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Marietta Welling Aug. 29, 1894, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Job Welling and Marietta Holmes of Farming-
ton, Utah, pioneers Sept. 29, 1856, Edmund Ellsworth and
Daniel D. McArthur' handcart companies). She was born
April 5', 1875. Their children: Joseph Ralph b. July 17,
1895; Mabel b. March 23, 1898; Marietta b. Feb. 9, 1901;
Sterling W. b. March 31, 1903; Russell W. b. Aug. 24, 1905;
Marguerite and Genevieve (twins) b. Nov. 16, 1908; Laura
b. Feb. 15, 1912. Family home Layton, Utah.

Elder and high priest. School teacher 11 years. Farmer
and orchardist. Attended college and University of Utah;
now studying medicine.

SILVER, WILLIAM JOHN (son of William Wright Silver,
born Feb. 23, 1802, Yarmouth, and Miriam Healley Ives,
born April 19, 1800, Yarmouth; moved to London, .Eng.).
He was born Sept. 1, 1832, in London. Came to Utah Sept.
16, 1859, Edward Stevenson company.

Married Mary Askie Dec. 5, 1852, in London, later in
Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Brigham Young officiat-
ing (daughter of William John Askie and Rosannah Bagger
of London). She was born Oct. 22, 1829, and died June 2,
1862. Their children: William A. b. Dec. 8, 1853, d. Oct. 2,
1855; John A. b. Aug. 7, 1855, m. Orthena Pratt; Joseph A. b.
July 13, 1857, m. Ellen Watson; Hyrum A. b. April 25, 1859, m.
Elenora K. Benzon; Mary A., d. Nov. 12, 1863.

Married Hannah Sims (Swetman) Aug. 2, 1862, Salt Lake

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