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City (daughter of George Sims and Mary Wilkinson of
Lancastershire, Eng.). She was born Oct. 24, 1825, and died
in 1878.

Married Elizabeth Price Sept. 28. 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Price and Mary Ann Platts of Coal-
kolton, Worcestershire, Eng.). She was born June 11, 1835,
and died Sept. 1, 1869. Their children: Elizabeth P., d.
child; Mariam P., d. aged 23; Mary Ann, m. Roll Harding.

Married Althea Jones Sept. 7, 1867, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Henry Jones and Caroline Brooks of Upper Housel
Worcestershire, Eng., pioneers Nov. 4, 1855, Milo Andrus
company). She was born Sept. 3, 1851. Their children:
Althea J., m. John Sheets: William J., d. aged 1 year-
George J., m. Maria Meredith; Francis J., m. Alice Godfrey;
Josephine J., d. aged 19; Caroline J., m. Alma Bullough;
Henry J., d. aged 1 year; Laura J.. m. William Bachman.

Married Mary Louisa Pile Oct. 12, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Alexander Pile and Sarah Clark of Medford,
Somerset, Eng.). She was born July 27, 1836 and died
May 11, 1912. Their children: William P., m. Miss Pratt;
Mary P., drowned aged 1 year. Families resided Salt Lake

Married Ann Brookes March 19, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Brookes and Mary Arminger of Leigh
parish, Worcestershire, Eng.). She was born May 28. 1834,
and died Jan. 4, 1908.

President 13th quorum seventies; high priest. Built first
steam pump and first steam engine in Utah; put tho engine
in first steamboat on Salt Lake and ran it out on the lake.
Mechanical engineer; manufacturer of machinery; power
house and mill architect.

SILVER, JOHN A. (son of William John Silver and Mary
Askie). Born Aug. 7, 1855, on the Atlantic ocean.

Married Orthena Pratt Nov. 25, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Orson Pratt and Adelian Bishop, pioneers July
21, 1847, Brigham Young company). She was born Oct. 31,
1863. Their children: John Raymond, died; Eugenie, m.
Quayle Cannon; Orson Pratt and Orthena Pratt, died; Glenn;
Algina; Edith; Leland.

Married Nellie Clawson (Brown) (daughter of Hirum
Bradley Clawson and Emily Augusta Young, former came to
Utah, latter born in Salt Lake City). She was born May 10,
1872, Salt Lake City. Their children: William John b. April
1, 1905; Mary Askie b. Jan. 20, 1907, died; Hirum Clawson b.
July 21, 1908; John Clawson b. Feb. 23, 1911.

Member 109th quorum seventies. Vice-president and gen-
eral manager Lethbridge Iron Works, Limited. Prominent
farmer. Engineer; mechanic.

By a former marriage Nellie Clawson became the mother
of these children: Leigh Richmond Brown and Nellie Louine
Brown b. Dec. 4, 1892, latter died; Thedora Beatty b. Jan. 10,

SILVER, HYRUM A. (son of William John Silver and Marj
Askie). Born April 25, 1859, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Married Elenora K. Benzon Nov. 6, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew B. Benzon of Denmark and Kathrine
Wickle of Pennsylvania). Their children: Nova, m. Robert
Runswick; Hyrum B. ; Kathrine, m. Melvin B. Johnson; May;
Rene; Eleanor K., d. Feb. 10, 1896. Family home, Salt Lake

Married May McAllister at Salt Lake City (daughter of
John D. L. McAllister and Matilda C. Nielsen). Their chil-
dren: Amy; Walter; Theodore; Helen; Jean.

High priest. President and manager H. A. Silver Foundry
& Machine Company; formerly part owner and vice-presi-
dent of Silver Brothers' Iron Works.

SIMKIIVS, CHARLES. Born March 25, 1798. in Lancaster-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah 1850, Abraham O. Smoot merchan-
dise train.

Married Rachel Hawthorne in Staffordshire, Eng. (daugh-
ter of William Hawthorne of Staffordshire). Their children:
James; Daniel; Charles, Jr.; Hezekiah; William; Rosten;
Isaiah; Eliza Charlotte; Joseph. Family home Beaver, Utah.

Seventy. Carpenter; farmer. Died March 13, 1875, at

SIMKINS, JOSEPH (son of Charles Simkins and Rachel
Hawthorne). Born Dec. 4, 1842, in Lancastershire, Eng.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Charlotte Elena Lundblad Oct. 18, 1867, Beaver,
Utah (daughter of Hans Lundblad and Karstie Mortenson
of Beaver, pioneers September, 1855, first oxtrain company).
She was born May 12, 1851. Their children: Emma Eliza-
beth b. Oct. 25, 1869, m. Joseph Neilson; Rachel Charlotte b.
Jan. 26, 1872, died; Joseph Charles b. Jan. 21, 1874, m. Ida
Hardy; Rosten Lundblad b. March 24, 1876, m. Ella Veater
(died), m. Mae Dalley; James Willard b. June 24, 1878, m.
Clara Gillies; Marion Andrew b. Oct. 9, 1881, m. Nora Dalley;
Daniel H. b. Jan. 5, 1883, m. Annie Wiley; Augus Le Roy b.
Oct. 17, 1886; Ellen Vilate b. March 7, 1889, m. Otto Roundy;
Edgar L. b. Sept. 11, 1891; Vern and Vera b. Nov. 13, 1894,
died; Clarence b. June 9, 1896. Family resided Beaver and
Circleville, Utah.

Sunday school superintendent; first counselor to Bishop
J. E. Peterson. Farmer.

SIMMONS. LEVEN. Born Aug. 1, 1812, in Mead county,
Ky. Came to Utah 1847, Captain Howell oxteam company.

Married Harriet Bradford (daughter of George and Sarah
Bradford), who was born March 30, 1821, in Jefferson county,
111. Their children: Samuel b. 1838, m. Gulety Hilman;
Sarah Jane b. 1840, m. William J. Warren 1853; Jonathan b.
1842, m. Betsy Sumerville; Leven, Jr., b. 1844, m. Luna Spen-
cer; Matthew b. 1846, m. Lyda C. Butler; Levl b. 1848, m.
Mary Powell; Lizzie b. 1850, m. Pratt Pace; Harriet b. 1854,
m. Hubard Tuttle 1872; Mariah b. 1857, m. Andrew Ferguson;
Ammon b. 1860, m. Elizabeth Thomas 1885; Albert b. Sept.
11, 1866.

Married Lydia Fisher, Spanish Fork, Utah, in 185.6. Their
children: Vard John, m. Jennie Steward; Benjamin F., m.
Ann Warner; William R., m. Martha Warner; Andrew J., m.
Aggie Bellos; Almond Charles, m. Miss Coyle; Sadie E., m.
Charles Forsyth: Fannie E., m. Charles Steward. Families
resided Spanish Fork.

Indian war veteran. Served in Echo Canyon war. Died at
Spanish Fork.

SIMMONS, AMMON (son of Leven Simmons and Harriet
Bradford). Born in 1860.

Married Elizabeth Thomas Feb. 6, 1885, at Spanish Fork
(daughter of William and Betsey Thomas), who was born
in 1860. Their children: David G. b. Nov. 13, 1885; Albert
T. b. Jan. 20, 1887: Lucy b. Jan. 16, 1888; Delroy b. Aug. 13,
1889; Ethel b. April 2, 1892; Mary Ann b. Dec. 2, 1893; Caro-
line b. March 28, 1895; Samuel b. Dec. 13, 1897; Cora b. Aug.
13, 1899; Ruth b. June 27, 1902.

SIMO1VS, ORRAWELt, (son of Aaron Simons, born June 25,
1789, Alexandria, N. H., and Abigail Buell, born Nov. 28,
1789, Groton. N. H. married Dec. 3, 1814). He was born
April 21. 1821, at Alexandria. Came to Utah In September,
1854, independent company.



Married Martha Dixon Oct. 11, 1846 (daughter of Charles
Dixon, who died at Rock Island, 111., in 1854, en route to
Utah, and Elizabeth Humphrey married Oct. 13, 1799, Sack-
ville, N. B.). She was born June 27, 1825, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Ada A. and Ida F. b. June
20, 1847; Elizabeth A. b. June 26, 1849, m. Thomas A. Wim-
mer April 21, 1866; Edward b. Oct. 22. 1854, m. Julia Collett
Oct. 11, 1874; Orrawell, Jr., b. Dec. 27, 1859, m. Mary F.
Brewerton Sept. 4, 1884; Martha b. March 10, 1862, m. Lyman
Kapple Nov. 10, 1881; Albert Lee b. Aug. 11, 1863, m. Eliza-
beth Knight July 4, 1884; Enos Wells b. Jan. 20, 1866, m.
Elizabeth Pickering Sept. 1, 1886; Major Gustavus b. Sept.
16, 1867, d. child.

Married Jane Tenney, who was born Dec. 7, 1824. Their
children: Emma Jane, d. child; Grant.

Married Kate Baldwin July 2, 1864, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of David Baldwin and Elizabeth Cole, latter pioneer 1861,
John Murdock company married 1821, Birmingham, Eng.).
She was born May 31, 1847. at Birmingham. Their children:
Ruth Elversa b. March 24, 1867, m. David Brewerton March
11, 1885; Kate b. Feb. 25, 1869, m. George Williams April 3,
1887; Viola Lucile b. July 25. 1870; Hyrum Greely b. April 26,
1872; Charles Buell b. March 13, 1874; Minnie Jane b. Jan.

8, 1876; Frank b. Dec. 4, 1879; Ezra Ord b. Oct. 13, 1882, m.
Effle Mary Madison Sept. 13, 1904; Omer b. Nov. 24, 1885.
Families resided Payson, Utah.

High priest; counselor to Bishop John B. Fairbanks; act-
ing bishop of Payson ward 1871. City councilman of Pay-
son 1861-62; mayor of Payson 1867-74. Built two flour mills.

SIMONS, EDWARD (son of Orrawell Simons and Martha
Dixon). Born Oct. 22, 1854, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Julia Collett Oct. 11, 1874, Payson, Utah (daughter
of Robert Collett and Caroline Pickles, pioneers 1851, Captain
Hooper company). She was born Feb. 10, 1855, at Payson.
Their children: Edward b. July 14, 1875; Robert Orrawell
b. May 15, 1877, m. Clara Oberhansly April 7, 1897; Pearl b.
Dec. 19, 1879, died; Delpha b. June 15, 1882; Lynn b. June 4,
1886; Ruby b. April 5, 1889; Iliff b. Oct. 19, 1891; Guy b. Sept.

9, 1895. Family home, Payson.

SIMONS, ROBERT ORRAWELL (son of Edward Simons and
Julia Collett). Born May 15, 1877, Payson, Utah.

Married Clara Oberhansly April 7, 1897 (daughter of Fer-
dinand Oberhansly and Mary Staheli), who was born April
13, 1878, Payson. Their children: Daisy b. May 3, 1899;
Maxine b. Dec. 1, 1903; Pearl b. Sept. 25, 1905; Geneva b.
Nov. 28, 1906; Boyd b. Sept. 13, 1910. Family home,' Payson.

June 11, 1843, m. John Heaton 1859; William b. Jan. 21.
1846, m. Mary Hoskin; m. Mary Heaton; m. Malinda Hall.

President elders quorum several years previous to 1876;
high councilor of Malad stake a few years before death.
Pioneer to Portage, where he assisted in making canals
and wagon roads in early days. Died Jan. 21, 1892.

(son of George Sinnett and Mary Lewis,
the former of Angol, Pembrokeshire, South Wales). Born
Oct. 9, 1816, at Angol. Came to^Jtah Dec. 10, 1856, William
B. Hodgett and John A. Hunt company.

Married Martha Walkins (daughter of John and Nannie
Walkins), who was born Aug. 10, 1810. Came to Utah with
husband. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Kjerstine Nielsen June 6, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jens Nielsen Bryger and MeUe Katrine Larsen,
pioneers Oct. 5, 1862, Ansel P. Harmon company). She was
born Feb. 22, 1832, Slimstrup, Aalborg Amt., Denmark.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah, John R. Murdock
company, in 1863.

SIRRINE, THEODORE CURTIS (son of Mephibosheth Sir-
rine and Marie Wheeler of Cold Springs, N. T.). Born Oct.
27, 1840, at Cold Springs. Came to Utah 1852, Captain Foote

Married Laura Holmes Nov. 14, 1869, Montpelier, Idaho
(daughter of James and Harriet Holmes of Alpine, Utah, pio-
neers 1851, Morris Phelps company). She was born June 15,
1852. Their children: Harriet b. Aug. 14, 1870; Delilah b.
July 2, 1872, m. Marland G. Richins; George b. Sept. 27, 1874;
Mary E. b. Sept. 2, 1877, m. James A. Holmes; James Curtis
b. March 24, 1880, m. Olive Ethel Fullmer; Morris C. b. Oct.
24, 1882; Mittie A. b. Oct. 8, 1886, m. Ammon L. Johnson;
Seth E. b. Feb. 2, 1890; Wtlford W. b. July 19, 1892; Samuel
M. b. Dec. 21, 1895. Family home Mesa, Ariz.

Elder. Assisted in building canals.

SIRRINE, JAMES CURTIS (son of Theodore Curtis Slrrine
and Laura Holmes). Born March 24, 1880, Mesa, Ariz.

Married Olive Ethel Fullmer Dec. 13, 1905, Raymond,
Alberta, Canada (daughter of Edwin and Ada Fullmer of
Springville, Utah). She was born Sept. 16, 1884. Their chil-
dren: Theodore b. Feb. 27, 1908; Lawrence b. Dec. 23, 1909;
Dean Lamar b. Sept. 22, 1912. Family home Union, Ore.

Missionary to southwestern states 1899-1902; seventy.

SIMPER, THOMAS WILLIAM. Born Aug. 5, 1818, Stowell
Park, Eng;. Came to Utah 1865, Thomas Taylor company.

Married Elizabeth Massey, Chedworth, Gloucestershire,
Eng., who came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Reuben b. July 30, 1846, died; Daniel b. April 30, 1848; Mary
Jane b. May 23, 1850; Caroline H. E. b. April 4, 1854; Dorcas
b. July 30, 1860, died; Thomas William b. Oct. 27, 1857.

SIMPER, DANIEL (son of Thomas William Simper and
Elizabeth Massey). Born 1848, Chedworth, Gloucestershire,
Eng. Came to Utah with father.

Married Mary A. Panter in 1874, Salt Lake City (daughter
of William Panter and Sarah Lane of Compton Abdale,
Eng.). She was born in 1851. Their children: Ernest b.
Oct. 6, 1875; Rosella b. June 6, 1877; George W. b. Dec. 2.
1878; Raymond b. Jan. 31, 1880; Mary A. b. Nov. 10, 1882;
Thomas R. b. April 26, 1884; Pearl b. Feb. 4, 1885; Kate b.
Sept. 25, 1887; Ethel b. Oct. 6, 1891. Family home South
Cottonwood, Utah.

High priest.

SIMPSOJT, THIIRSTOX. Born Dec. 11, 1808, in Norway.
Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Mary Sophia Barlin 1841, in Iowa (daughter of
Hans Barlin of Norway), who was born March 7, 1818.
Only child: John b. Jan. 12, 1842, m. Mary Christensen 1861.
Family resided Salt Lake City and Kamas, Utah.

Missionary to Wisconsin 1855; seventy. Farmer. Died
May 2, 1889.

SIMPSON, JOHN (son of Thurston Simpson and Mary Sophia
Barlin). Born Jan. 12, 1842, Lee Co., Iowa. Came to Utah
with father.

Married Mary Christensen 1861, Salt Lake City (daughter
of J. Christensen and Sophia Peterson), who was born
April 6, 1844. Their children: Joseph John b. March 25,
1862, m. Alice Murphy 1901; Mary Sophia b. Dec. 17, 1863,
m. Leonard Osborn; George B. b. Sept. 1, 1866, m. Alice
Woolstenhulme; Thurston b. May 29, 1869, m. Philinda Pace
1898, m. Angeline Turnbow; Edward L. b. Dec. 23, 1872, m.
Mary Ann Burbidge, divorced May 1908; James b. July 1,
1875; Sady b. April 18, 1878, m. Elias Burbidge 1898; Ella
Laminda b. Feb. 2, 1883, m. Ebenezer Johnston 1907.

Married Elizabeth McNorton 1911, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James McNorton and Elizabeth Shaw, pioneers 1853,
Appleton Harmon company.)

High priest. Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer and

SKANCHY, ANTHOJT LORENZO (son of Elllng Lorenson
Schankey and Mina Olson Ansjon of Trondhjem, Norway).
Born Sept. 17, 1839, Trondhjem, Norway. Came to Utah Sept.
15, 1868, Horton D. Haight company.

Married Christiana Jacobson 1867, Christiana, Norway, who
came to Utah 1868. Their children: Anthon, Orson, Elias,
Emalie, all died. Family home Logan, Utah.

Married Caroline Flygare 1872 (daughter of Swen Flygare
of Sweden, who came to Utah 1871). Their children: Lorenzo
Oliver b. Sept. 8, 1873, m. Lena Marie Sorensen July 7, 1897;
Wtllard Richards b. Nov. 19, 1875, m. Alice Wray Sept. 30,
1900; Mina Christina b. Dec. 31, 1877, d. July 1908; Carl
Norman b. Nov. 19, 1884.

Married Sigrid Landgaard Nov. 20, 1885. Their children:
Zigne b. Sept. 1, 1886, died; Fritzjof Nansen b. March 27,
1894; Clara B.. died; Lillian Sophia b. June 8, 1900; Sigrid
Antonia b. Sept. 11, 1907.

Married Caroline Bergh.

Bishop of 6th ward, Logan, Utah, 25 years. Lumber mer-

SINCLAIR, WILLIAM (son of James Sinclair and Agnes
Rowley of Ireland). Born April 17, 1817, County Down,
Ireland. Came to Utah 1863.

Married Christina Archibald. Their children: Janet b.

SKELTOJT, ROBERT (son of Thomas Skelton of Carlisle,
Cumberland county, Eng.). Born 1824 in Carlisle. Came to
Utah in 1849, Ezra T. Benson company.

Married Eliza Angeline Gollaher February, 1857, at Tooele,
Utah (daughter of William Colbertson Gollaher and Eliza-
beth Orton of Adams county, 111., pioneers 1849, Ezra T.
Benson company). She was born Feb. 20, 1841. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth, m. George Rimington; Adelia, m. Andrew
Russell; Robert, m. Sarah Gee; James Patrick, m. Eliza
Bevan; William C.; Oren, m. Luella Henwood; Thomas, died;
Polly, m. Joseph Lee; Mary, m. Frank Whitehead; Pamelia;
Alma; Olive, died. Family home, Tooele.

Seventy; missionary to India 1852-56; bishop's counselor
Tooele ward 1895. Mayor; councilman; assessor; member
state legislature 1856-57. Farmer and stockraiser. Died
Feb. 2, 1896.

SKELTON, ROBERT, JR. (son of Robert Skelton and Eliza
Angeline Gollaher). Born May 31, 1863, Tooele, Utah.

Married Sarah Gee May 20, 1891, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Lysander Gee and Theresa Bowley of Tooele, pioneers
1849). She was born Sept. 16, 1868. Their children: Paul
Robert b. Oct. 24, 1892; Ralph b. Aug. 6, 1894, d. infant;
Theresa b. Oct. 2, 1896; Edgar Almon b. Dec. 9, 1897; Gerald
b. Jan. 14, 1899; Lucy b. Sept. 19, 1901; Joel b. Sept. 16, 1903;
Philip b. Sept. 16, 1907. Family resided Provo and Salt Lake
City, Utah.

Member 43d quorum seventies; missionary to Kentucky
and Tennessee 1887-90. Printer; publisher; manufacturer of
blank books, etc.



SKimiORK, HENRY B. (son of Henry and Harriet Skid-
more of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born December, 1830, Philadel-
phia. Came to Utah September, 1851, John Smith company.

Married Sarah Ann Elliott in April, 1866, at Philadelphia
(daughter of Daniel Elliott of Philadelphia, pioneer Sept.
3, 1866, John Hindley company). She was born April 30,
1834. Their children: Harriett, m. Silas Knapp; Mary, m.
Martin Garn; Sarah Ann, m. George Hardy; Elizabeth, m.
Jesse W. Hardy; Clara, m. Moroni Hodson; Josephine and
Henry, died; Edward, m. Maud Hackett; Frederick, Charles
and Oliver, latter three died; Lucy, m. William Ashton; Elva,

High priest; counselor in bishopric of East Mill Creek
ward. Saw manufacturer.

Their children: Thomas, d. Infant; Mary, d. aged 2; Charles,
d. infant; Eliza, m. Richard Moyse; Elizabeth, m. Charles T.
Husbands; John C., m. Martha Griffith; Mary Jane, m. Mr.
Moytz, m. Richard Moyse; Cordelia, d. aged 2; Joseph, m.
Edith Clark. Family home Beaver, Utah.

Elder. Stonecutter. Died July, 1871, Malad, Idaho.

SKIDMORE, WILLIAM LOBARK (son of Charles Brett
Skidmore, born 1805, Sheffield. Eng., and Harriet Henrietta
Shrader, born 1808, Philadelphia, Pa.). He was born Sept.
22. 1844, at Philadelphia. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1856, John
Hindley company.

Married Sarah Armina Knapp March 28, 1868 (daughter of
Albert Knapp and Rozina Shepard, pioneers 1847, contingent
Mormon Battalion married in Utah). She was born Feb.
10, 1863, Farmington, Utah. Their children: William Alonzo
b. March 29, 1869, m. Ellen Marinda Monson; Harriet Armina
b. April 15, 1871, m. Hyrum Lester Baer; Justin Albert b. May
6, 1873, m. Agnes Emmeret Stoddard; Judson Alvin b. May 6,
1873, d. May 7, 1873; Charles Henry b. July 23, 1875. m.
Anna Louisa Wangsgaard; George Willis b. Aug. 25, 1877,
m. Mary Louise Burnham; John Samuel b. Feb. 25, 1880. d.
Dec. 20, 1902; Joseph Francis b. Oct. 22, 1882, d. Jan. 21, 1890;
Malinda Ray b. March 1, 1885; Rozina Marinda b. April 14,
1887; Earl Doback b. Oct 18, 1889; Edna Mary b. Oct. 17,
1891, d. March 9, 1892. Family home Richmond, Utah.

Married Charlotte Wilhelmina Pearson Feb. 19, 1885,
Logan, Utah (daughter of Jonas Pearson and Charlotte
Olsen, former came to Utah in 1884). She was born Nov. 24,
1867, Sodermanland, Sweden. Their children: Charlotte Ann
b. April 25, 1886, d. Aug. 18, 1889; Edwin Wilbur b. Feb. 9,
1888; Elsie Lucina b. May 19, 1894; Ada Louise b. March 17,
1896; Elmer Gustava b. April 29, 1897; Cyrus Randolph b.
Feb. 10, 1900. Family home Richmond, Utah.

Assisted In bringing immigrants to Utah; superintendent
Richmond Sunday school 1876-79; counselor to President
A. U. Hobson of first Y. M. M. I. A. in Richmond ward 1875-
78; bishop of Richmond ward; ordained patriarch 1906 by
Apostle C. W. Penrose. Minuteman; justice of peace 1876-
78; member of city council November, 1901-05; senior mem-
ber high council Benson stake 1901-05; president high
priest quorum from 1905 to date. Hauled rock and lumber
for Logan temple 1878-79.

SLACK. WILLIAM (son of Joseph Slack and Dorothy Great-
orece of Middleton, Derbyshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 6, 1827,
Middleton. Came to Utah 1869, Fred Kestler company.

Married Eliza Frost Jan. 21, 1847, Middleton (daughter of
Jacob Frost and Betty Nefton of Middleton), who was born
May 27, 1825. Their children: Thomas; William; Eliza Cor-
nelia, m. George Cottrell; Joseph Abraham, m. Lear Ferri-
mond. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Clerk of 66th quorum seventies. Farmer. Died Dec. 3,

SI..VIIR, WILLIAM RtTFTTS. Born July 2, 1811, in Washing-
ton county, N. Y.

Married Julia Higganbotham in Louisiana. Their children:
William, m. Nancy Katherine Holt; Martha, d. 1835; Jeffer-
son, m. Sarah M. Chestnut; Marglana, d. 1840; Albert, d.
1853; Clara; Benjamin, d. 1847; John, d. 1853; Henry; Alice,
d. 1853; James McGaw, d. 1870. Family home Opelousas, La.

Died Nov. 28, 1872, Panaca, Nev.

SLADE. JEFFERSON (son of William Rufus Slade and
Julia Higganbotham). Born Sept. 25, 1836, Opelousas, La.
Came to Utah 1849.

Married Sarah M. Chestnut in 1861 (daughter of William
and Johanna Chestnut). Only child: Jefferson C. b. April
11, 1862, m. Maria M. Ter Bruggen June 26, 1887. Family
home Ogden, Utah.

Member of Slade Transfer Company.

SLADE, JEFFERSON C. (son of Jefferson Slade and Sarah
M. Chestnut). Born April 11, 1861, Ogden.

Married Sarah Barker (daughter of James and Mary
Barker). Their children: Pauline; James Jefferson.

Married Maria M. Ter Bruggen June 25, 1887, Ogden
(daughter of Hermann Ter Bruggen and Maria Bakker of
Ogden, who came to Utah in September, 1879. Mormon mis-
sionary company). She was born Nov. 6, 1868. Their chil-
dren: Anna M.; Ada M.; Jefferson; Marie; Louise; Edward;
Althea; Marjorie. Family home, Ogden.

Member Slade Transfer Company of Ogden.

SLATER, JOHN (son of Thomas Slater and Elizabeth
Wombsley of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancastershire, Eng.).
Born Oct. 14, 1822, Lancastershire. Came to Utah 1868, John
Uillesple company.

Married Jane Booth In 1841 at Lancastershire (daughter of
Charles Booth of Lancastershire), who was born in 1821.

SLATER, RICHARD (son of Thomas Slater and Elizabeth
Wombsley of England). Born Feb. 2, 1812, Lancastershire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1862, Thomas Howell company.

Married Ann Corbridge 1834 (daughter of William Cor-
bridge and Ellen Bolton married in 1811 at Clipping, Lan-
castershire). She was born Nov. 15. 1812, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Thomas b. June 14, 1836,
m. Mary Broadbent Sept. 22, 1859; Mary b. Aug. 11, 1838, m.
John Read May 20, 1856; Priscilla b. Aug. 16, 1840, m. James
Cowan March 16, 1857; Margaret b. Sept. 20, 1844, m. Buford
A. Bybee Nov. 19, 1863; Rachel b. Jan. 8, 1847, m. Fred L.
Foy Dec. 26. 1863; Richard b. Oct. 12, 1849. m. Sarah Allen
May 13, 1885; Ann b. Oct. 12, 1849, m. Charles Read May 21,
1891; Lizzie b. May 14, 1852, m. Amasa S. Condon June 18,
1889; John b. Feb. 6, 1864, m. Margaret Howell May 15,
1875; James A. b. April 11, 1856, m. Mary E. Allred Dec. 28,
1877. Family home Slaterville, Utah.


SLATER, THOMAS (son of Richard Slater and Ann Cor-
bridge). Born June 14, 1835, in Lancastershire, Eng.

Married Mary Broadbent Sept. 22, 1859, Provo, Utah
(daughter of Enoch Broadbent and Keturah Lund, pioneers
1862, Captain Outhouse company). She was born Sept. 11,
1842, Lincolnshire, Eng. Their children: Thomas b. July 2.
1860, d. aged 30; John b. Nov. 30, 1861, m. Mary Hannah
Stanger Nov. 30, 1881; Mary b. Nov. 14, 1863, m. William
Stanger Jan. 16, 1882; Keturah I. b. March 1, 1866, m. Alfred
J. Palmer April 8, 1885; William J. b. July 9, 1867, m.
Casstina Wayman Jan. 27, 1892; Richard A. b. Jan. 30, 1869;
Anna A. b. Feb. 11, 1871, m. Harry Sharp March 6, 1906;
Nellie b. Dec. 24, 1872. m. Ezra Richardson May 19, 1892;
James R. b. March 4, 1876, m. Ella Heap Jan. 4, 1902; Charles
E. b. Sept. 23, 1878, m. Hazel Brown Jan. 2, 1905; Pearl b.
Oct. 24, 1880, m. Harry Clay Lyon June 14, 1905; Edna b.
March 25, 1883, m. Eli Heap Sept. 14, 1904. Family home
Slaterville, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser.

SLAUGH, GEORGE JACOB (son of George Jacob Slaugh and
Margaret Hammon of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born March 31,
1828, Philadelphia. Came to Utah 1862, Captain Hyde com-

Married Mary Ivory Nov. 19, 1850, Kensington, Pa. (daugh-
ter of Isaac Ivory and Rachel Smith of Philadelphia). She
was born April 1, 1828. Their children: John Henry, m.
Ellenor Bacus; Sarah, m. Edward Harris; Isaac Ivory b.
Oct. 29, 1857, m. Annie Culmer Jan. 3, 1884, m. Sarah Ellen
Johnson Sept. 26, 1894; Mary, m. Frederick Fage; Benjamin,
m. Rachel Smuin. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

High priest; teacher. Died December, 1906.

SLAUGH, ISAAC IVORY (son of George Jacob Slaugh and
Mary Ivory). Born Oct. 29, 1857, Philadelphia, Pa. Came
to Utah Sept. 28, 1868, James Brown company.

Married Annie Culmer Jan. 3, 1884, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Alfred and Sopha Culmer), who was born April 16,
1866. Their children: Etta Viola b. Sept. 11, 1886, and
Hazel Sopha b. Oct. 19, 1889, d. infants; Emma b. June 1,
1892, m. John Smuin.

Married Sarah Ellen Johnson Sept. 26, 1894, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Benjamin Franklin Johnson and Mary

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