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Eliza Williams of Salt River, Ariz.). She was born Oct.
22, 1875. Their children: Frederick Eleas b. June 30, 1895;
Idella b. April 23, 1897; Alva Elizabeth b. Aug. 10, 1899;
Henry Ivory b. Sept. 19, 1901; Joseph b. April 20, 1903; Gil-
bert Willard b. April 16. 1905; Mary Vanola b. Oct. 6, 1907;
Wilda Minnetta b. Feb. 12, 1910. Family home Naples, Utah.

Elder; ward and Sunday school teacher 30 years; Sunday
school superintendent, Naples ward, 19 years. School trus-
tee three years. Pioneer road builder.

SLAUGH, JOHN JACOB (son of John Slaugh and Margaret
Hommann of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born Feb. 15, 1819, Phila-
delphia. Came to Utah 1861, Carl G. Maeser company.

Married Matilda Smuin Jan. 2, 1864, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Smuin, pioneer 1863). Their children: John
Jacob, Jr., m. Mary Alice Perry; Sarah Ellen; George Alfred;
Ada Halena; Florence Matilda; Elmer Warren; Dorah Eliza-
beth. Family resided Pleasant Grove and Vernal, Utah.

Seventy; president of branch of church, Philadelphia.
Pleasant Grove city councilman. Stonemason. Died April
22, 1903, at Vernal.

SLAUGH, JOHN JACOB (son of John Jacob Slaugh and
Matilda Smuin). Born Nov. 17, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Alice Perry Jan. 1, 1886, Vernal, Utah
(daughter of William Howard Perry and Alice Stowell of
Plain City, Utah). She was born June 6. 1871, Millville,
Utah. Their children: Richard John b. Oct. 11, 1887, m.
Alberta Green; Elizabeth Ivoy b. Oct. 2, 1889, m. Lewis
Chivers; Forrest Stephen b. May 8, 1892; Edward Curtis b.
Nov. 10, 1894; Letha Pearl b. March 19, 1897; Kimball



George b. May 4, 1899; Leona Mary b. Sept. 1, 1901; Bessie
Lenora b. Dec. 19, 1904; William Henry b. June 3, 1906.

Missionary to New Zealand 1897-98; elder; Sunday school
superintendent and teacher; ward teacher. Moved to Ash-
ley Valley 1885, where he assisted in building up country.
Road supervisor; school trustee. Director Ashley Upper
Irrigation Co.

Came to Salt Lake City; later to Promontory; thence to
Wellsville, 1869; leaving there for Smithfleld in 1870, where
he resided until 1887; moved to Ovid, Bear Lake Co., Idaho;
moved to Georgetown 1886, where now resides.

liam Slaughter of Charleston, W. Va.). Born May 2, 1819.
Came to Utah Sept. 4, 1860, Franklin Brown company.

Married Fannie Piety Kenner in 1853 (daughter of Robert
John Kenner and Hannah Stubblefield of Russellville, Logan
county, Ky., pioneers 1860, Franklin Brown company). She
was born Feb. 17, 1836, in Kentucky. Their children: Cora
Minnie b. Aug. 25, 1855, died; Frank Thomas b. July 13,
1858, m. Annie Terry; Charles Kenner b. Dee. 13, 1860, died;
Rosa Hannah b. Sept. 11, 1863, m. Edward Hanmer Duzett;
Robert Erastus b. Nov. 30, 1866, m. Sarah Farns; Fannie
b. Nov. 26, 1869, m. George W. Terry; Missouri Tennessee b.
March 30, 1875, died. Family home Rockville, Utah.

Elder; working missionary to Dixie. Located at Rock-
Vllle, and assisted in developing country. Farmer. Died
April, 1883.

Slaughter and Catherine Cronk of Sandwich, Eng.). Born
Oct. 16, 1840, Ultenhage. South Africa. Came to Utah Oct.
6, 1860, Nephi Johnson company.

Married Annie E. Huey June 4, 1860, Florence, Neb.
(daughter of Robert Huey and Clara W. Thomas of Port
Elizabeth. South Africa). She was born Feb. 19, 1844, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Emma Jane,
m. James Hall; Edward Huey, m. Mary Winchester; Samuel
C., m. Martha Glanfield; Clara E., m. Robert A. Coleman,
m. James L. Griffeths; William H., m. Ella Rasmussen;
Catherine M., m. George W. Woodhouse; Robert, d. aged
4% years; Edith Ellen, m. Frank L. Osborn; Sarah S., m.
John P. James; Annie, m. Hugh B. Sackett; Evelyn, m. Carl
Madsen; John L., m. Nellie Barnes; Walter, m. Ella Olsen.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Block teacher; elder; high priest. Assessor and collector
Beaver county 11H years; school trustee six years; county
commissioner Beaver county two years; postmaster Frisco,
Utah, five years. Tanner since 1883: merchant.

SLEIGHT, THOMAS (son of Richard Sleight and Ann Lamb
of Swineshead, Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born Sept. 25, 1833,
Swlneshead. Came to Utah Aug. 9, 1860, Warren Walling

Married Marianne Reynolds Smith in 1857, Florence, Neb.
(daughter of Joseph Reynolds of Limonton, Berkshire,
Eng.). She was born in 1823.

Married Mary M. Wixom, who was born April 7, 1853, Cot-
tonwood, Utah. Their children: Thomas George; Mary
Frances Bunn; Hannah Ann Grimmett; Marianne Alice;
Joseph Henry; John Orson; Richard S. ; Olive Irene Baxter;
Viola J. Family home Paris, Idaho.

Elder; missionary to England 1884-86. Lieutenant-captain
of cavalry in Nauvoo Legion. Farmer.

SMART, ABEL (son of William Smart, born 1819, Minety,
Wiltshire, Eng., and Jane Stockham of Lea, Wiltshire,
Eng.). He was born Jan. 30, 1848, Lea, Wiltshire. Came to
Utah September, 1868, Simeon Alvord company.

Married Sarah Gittins Sept. 20, 1869. at Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Gittins and Mary Powell, pioneers, Dan-
iel D. McArthur company). She was born Dec. 23, 1850,
and came to Utah with parents. Their children: Abel b.
June 9, 1870; William b. Dec. 7, 1871, died; James b. May
21, 1873, m. Nora Jensen; Sarah b. June 3, 1875, m. Joseph
Hebden; Mary b. April 14, 1877, m. John McDonald; Jane b.
June 20, 1879, m. Rutherford .Hayes; Lottie b. Dec. 2, 1881.
m. Alma H. Hayes; Maud b. March !>8, 1884, m. Charles
Black; Frederick b. May 6, 1886, m. Esther Hayes; Ezra b.
April 13, 1889, died; Parley b. Aug. 4, 1891, m. Emma Mc-
Cammon; Hazel b. Oct. 29, 1893. Family resided Smithfleld.
Utah, and Georgetown, Idaho.

Married Emma Irene Staley Feb. 11, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Staley and Sarah Wilde), who was born
Aug. 22, 1868, Coalville, Utah. Their children: Emma b.
Nov. 7, 1885, m. Harrison Hess; John A. b. March 29, 1887,
d. April 14, 1887; Grace b. Jan. 14, 1889. m. Wilbur Bacon;
Joseph A. b. Jan. 13, 1891, d. Feb. 28, 1891; Ada b. June 29,
1892; Wilford Willard b. Nov. 8, 1894: Ida b. Sept. 26, 1896,
d. Sept. 8. 1902: Vernal b. Aug. 7. 1878; Edith b. May 22,
1900; Annie b. July 21, 1902; Ray Staley b. Dec. 10, 1904;
Edna b. May 27, 1907; Irene b. Sept. 30, 1909; Iva b. April 1,
1913. Family resided Ovid and Georgetown, Bear Lake
Co., Idaho.

Married Annie Christena Jensen Nov. 14, 1888, at Logan
(daughter of Peter and Boleta Marie Jensen), who was born
Aug. 10, 1867, Ovid, Bear Lake Co., Idaho. Their children:
George b. Dec. 3, 1889, m. Margaret Murray; Hannah b.
July 27, 1893; Jesse b. July 15, 1895; Lyman b. J-une 1, 1898;
Charles Orrin b. March 23, 1901, d. 1910. Family home Ovid
and Georgetown, Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

Clerk of high priest quorum of Cache stake 1878-84; ward
clerk in Georgetown ward 1904. Labored on Logan temple.

SMART, NEPHI (son of Thomas Smart, born April 8, 1798,
at Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng., and Elizabeth Bailis, born
July 8, 1798, in Kidderminster, Eng., both of Leicester
married June 11, 1818). He was born Aug. 18, 1840, at
Leicester, Came to Utah 1868 with the independent com-

Married Ellen Woodburn (daughter of Simon and Eliza-
beth Woodburn married 1866 in Somersetshire, Eng.). She
was born March 29, 1840, and came to Utah 1868 with the
independent company. Their children: Cicil Thomas b.
Aug. 6, 1866, m. Martha P. Rowland; Lorenzo Woodburn b.
May 16, 1866, m. Lucy Peterson; Ethel Alice b. Dec. 22,
1870, m. Martin R. Ivie. Family home East Mill Creek,

Married Amelia Higgins Sept. 7, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Higgins and Charlotte Nivis, pioneers
1877 married 1837 at London, Eng.). She was born Jan. 16,
1844, in England. Their child: Herber Higgins b. May ,

High priest; missionary to England for four years; book-
keeper and accountant in the tithing office. Worked In
tannery. Farmer at Mill Creek, Utah.

SMART, THOMAS SHARRATT (son of William Smart and
Mary Maria Sharratt of Stonewall, Staffordshire, Eng.).
Born Sept. 14, 1823, at Stonewall. Came to America 1845, and
to Utah Sept. 4, 1852, captain of company of 20 families.

Married Ann Hayter in England and sealed to her in Salt
Lake Endowment House June 3, 1856 (daughter of Henry
Hayter, born 1789, and Kezzia Denison of Portsmouth,
Hampshire, Eng.). She was born Sept. 18, 1822, at Ports-
mouth. Their children: Mary Ann b. Nov. 6, 1842, m. An-
drew Morrison; Alice b. Jan. 1, 1845, m. William Pratt;
Louisa b. Oct. 11. 1846, m. Thomas Mendenhall; Charlotte
Elizabeth b. Nov. 6, 1848, m. Samuel R. Parkinson; Maria b.
April 29, 1851, m. Samuel R. Parkinson; Thomas b. Dec. 16,
1853, m. Catherine Alvenia Hatch; Sarah Ann b. Oct. 24,
1856, m. Joshua Hawks; Eliza b. Nov. 1, 1867, m. Leonldas
A. Mecham; Frances Ann b. 1860, d. infant; William Henry
b. April 6, 1862, m. Anna Haines; Mary Jane b. Feb. 16, 1866,
m. James W. Webster.

Married Minnie Shrives at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Edwin Shrives and Elizabeth Holton of Stanwick, North-
amptonshire, Eng.). She was born Dec. 12, 1860, Stanwick.
Their children: Leslie Edwin b. July 14, 1880, m. May Hess;
Vernon b. May 9, 1882; Iva Lilla b. Dec. 18, 1885, m. Martin
Henry Phelps; Melvin Shrives b. May 30, 1889. Families
resided Franklin, Idaho.

Settled at American Fork, and after several moves located
at Franklin, Idaho. First president of branch, and later
member bishopric at Franklin; high councilor; missionary
to England 1886. School trustee at Franklin several terms.
Made a number of trips bringing immigrants to Utah.
Active participant in early Indian troubles. Farmer; stock-
raiser; brick manufacturer. Died April 18, 1901.

SMART, THOMAS (son of Thomas Sharratt Smart and Ann
Hayter). Born Dec. 16, .1853, American Fork, Utah.

Married Catherine Alvenia Hatch Jan. 11, 1875. Salt Lake
City, Daniel H. Wells officiating (daughter of Lorenzo Hill
Hatch and Catherine Karren of Franklin, Idaho). She was
born Feb. 14, 1859. Their children: Catherine Ann, m.
Ezra C. Foss; Thomas Delbert, d. child; Carl L., m. Julia
Hendricks; Zella Cloe; Meda, m. Jonathan Powell; Lorenzo;
Uarda Georgia; Junius; Hellen.

Counselor in presidency of Uinta stake. Resided at Frank-
lin, Idaho, 1860-92; moved to Logan, Utah. President and
director of First National Bank of Logan; assisted in or-
ganizing the City National Bank and Farmers' and Stock-
growers' Bank of Salt Lake City, and in each of which he
is a director; one of incorporators of Beneficial Life Insur-
ance Company, and has been a member of the board of
directors since its organization. Appointed trustee of Utah
Agricultural College by Governor John C. Cutler, and
reappointed by Governor Spry in 1909 and 1913; member of
executive and building committees of the college board of
trustees; donated $10,000 toward the gymnasium at Logan,
which was named the "Thomas Smart" gymnasium, made a.
liberal donation to the pioneer monument at Franklin,
Idaho, 1910. Member Republican state central committee of
Utah. Engaged in farming and sheepraising.

SMART, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Thomas Sharratt Smart
and Ann Hayter). Born April 6. 1862, at Franklin.

Married Anna Haines Oct. 3, 1888, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Isaac David Haines and Elizabeth Highfleld of Zanes-
ville, Ohio, came to Utah October, 18S4, Independent com-
pany). She was born Oct. 11, 1867. Their children: Eliza-
beth b. Nov. 1, 1889; William Haines b. Sept. 8, 1891; Thomas
Lawrence b. Dec. 5, 1893; Edna b. Dec. 24, 1895; Joseph
Heber b. Nov. 12, 1900; Anna b. Aug. 25. 1903; Ruth b.
Aug. 23, 1909. Present family home Roosevelt, Utah.

Member 18th quorum seventy; missionary to England
1886, with his father, collecting family genealogy; assisted
in and supervised first vicarious work for his relatives In
Logan and Salt Lake temples; missionary to Turkey and
England 1889-90; missionary to eastern states 1898-1900,
being its president during latter part; president Wasatch



Stake; president Uinta stake; president Duchesne stake.
School teacher at Brigham Young College of Logan six
years; two years principal of public schools of Franklin,
Idaho. Director In Beneficial Life Insurance Company. One
of the founders of Smart & Webster Live Stock Company
of Rexburg, Idaho, and its first president and general man-
ager; one of the organizers of the Heber City Bank and its
first president; one of the organizers of Heber Mercantile
Company and its first president; assisted in the organiza-
tion of the Wasatch Wave Pub. Co., and its first president;
director of Utah National Bank of Salt Lake City; one of
the organizers and directors of Salt Lake Knitting Works;
one of the organizers and first president Uinta State Bank;
one of the organizers of Roosevelt Realty Company and
Roosevelt Mercantile Corporation; organizer and chief pro-
prietor of Duchesne Record Publishing Co.

Charles; William; Walter; Lloyd; Archie. Family home
Morgan, Utah.

Assisted in bringing immigrants, and brought first tele-
graph wire to Utah; in 1869 went to Laramie City for
freight. Elder. Laborer.

SMITH, ADAM (son of Michael Smith and Katherine Aven-
ger, of Highland, Germany). Born May 6, 1825, in Germany.
Came to Utah 1857, Captain Walker company.

Married Melissa M. Hendry Pew 1849, in Wood county,
Va. (daughter of Joseph Pew and Rachel Hendry, pioneers
1848, independent company). She was born July 11, 1827.
Their children: Elsone b. July 16, 1850, m. William Judah;
Octaves b. April 29, 1852, m. Clara Bradley; Joseph M. b.
July 17, 1855, m. Josephine Anderson; Josephine b. Feb.
20, 1858, m. James E. Togg; Elington b. Feb. 17, I860, m.
Louise Wilson; Edaline b. Aug. 27, 1862, m. John Fames;
Rozela b. July 21. 1864, m. Wells Cheney; Rosetta b. Dec.
30, 1866, m. Thomas Williams; Zora N. b. Nov. 7, 1870, m.
Thomas Smith. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

High priest. Settled at Bountiful, Utah, 1857, moved to
Cache Valley. Participated in Echo Canyon war. Farmer
and stockraiser.

SMITH, JOSEPH M. (son of Adam Smith and Melissa M.
Hendry Pew). Born July 17, 1855, In Iowa.

Married Josephine Anderson Dec. 25, 1878, Hyrum, Utah
(daughter of Peter Anderson and Caroline Jeppson. of
Sweden, pioneers 1860). She was born Oct. 20, 1860. Their
children: Joseph E. b. Oct. 12, 1879, m. Hilda Jensen; Sylvia
b. Oct. 22. 1881, m. Walter Fife; Ida b. May 15, 1884, m.
Francis Olsen; Roy b. June 1, 1886; William b. Sept. 4,
1889, m. Lillian Liljenquist; Hazel b. Feb. 11, 1892; Nelton
b. Sept. 29, 1894; Beatrice b. Aug. 22, 1896; Rusell b. Jan.
5, 1900; Glenn b. April 1, 1904. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

Member of 62d quorum seventies; high councilor and
offtciator in Logan Temple 1902. Marshal; justice of peace;
city councilman. Farmer.

SMITH, ALBERT (son of David Smith and Deborah Smith,
of Ashfield, Franklin county, Mass.). Born Nov. 18, 1804, in
Franklin county. Mass. Came to Utah with discharged
Mormon Battalion soldiers 1847.

Married Esther Dutcher May 19, 1826 (daughter of
Thomas and Betsy Dutcher), who was born Jan. 25, 1811.
Their children: Azariah; Emily; Candace; Joseph; Esther.

Married Rhoda Gifford Oct. 17, 1856, who was born April
28. 1827, in New York. Their children: Albert; Deborah;

Married Sophia W. Clown, born August 17, 1824, in Den-
mark. Their children: Albertena; Louisa; Albert; Esther;
David; Hirum; Charlotte.

Sergeant and quartermaster in Mormon Battalion.

SMITH, AZARIAH (son of Albert Smith and Esther
Dutcher). Born Aug. 1, 1828, Barlston, Oswego county, N. Y.
Came to Utah Sept. 28, 1848.

Married Camilla Augusta Taylor April 10, 1849, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Stephen Taylor), who was born Jan. 28,
1833. Their children: Camilla; Stephen Azariah; Samuel.

Married Joanne Maria Christensen Oct. 7, 1871, who was
born Jan. 7. 1817, in Denmark, and died Jan. 27, 1903.

Married Sevllla Stay Mitchell Aug. 1, 1903, who was born
July 17, 1832.

Was working at the Sutler's Fort mill race, California,
when gold was first discovered there. Located at Salt Lake
City, later moved to San Pete Valley, where he has resided

SMITH, ARTHUR S. (son of John Smith and Elizabeth Pye
of Shropshire, Eng.). Born Jan. 31, 1808, in Shropshire.
Came to Utah October, 1854, James Brown company.

Married Elizabeth Logue May, 1840, Liverpool, Eng.
(daughter of James Logue and Nancy Campbell of Glasgow,
Scotland). She was born Jan. 1, 1813. Their children:
Mary Ellen, m. Hugh Findlay, m. W. D. Major; Jared, d.
aged 20; Jane Ann, m. Aaron Nebeker; Elizabeth, m. Joseph
Arnold. Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; worked as steward for Brigham Young nine
years. Tailor. Died Dec. 12, 1878, Laketown, Utah.

SMITH, IIK.VJ. P. (son of Conrad Smith and Ann Elizabeth
Geeseman, of Tomstown, Franklin county, Pa.). Born Feb.
22, 1846, Tomstown. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1860, James D.
Ross company.

Married Mary Ann Simmons Jan. 26, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Simmons and Mary Ann Ford, of
Brighton, Eng., pioneers 1855). She was born July 18, 1853.
Their children: Annie; George; Mina; Frank; Delia;

SMITH, GEORGE YOUNG (son of James Smith and Ann
George of Dundee, Scotland). Born Dec. 5, 1835, at Dundee.
Came to Utah Nov. 3, 1862, Jacob Gates company.

Married Johann Luckie Dec. 29, 1854, Forfarshire, Dundee,
Scotland (daughter of John Luckie and Sarah Forgenson of
Dundee, Scotland), who was born Jan. 16, 1836. The'r chil-
dren: Sarah Forgenson, m. William A. Noble; Annie George,
m. Edwin R. Miles Jr.; Margaret Young, d. aged 18; Mary
Jane, m. William A. Noble Jr.; Johann Elizabeth, d. aged
13; George Young, m. Savira Green; James John; Alexander
Clarence; William Allen; Agnes; latter four d. Infants.

Secretary elders quorum; Sunday school teacher. Notary
public and justice of peace at Smithfield, Utah. Manager
Smithfield Co-op., and of Thomas Richardson's mercantile
business. Died Aug. 29, 1903, at Smithfield.

SMITH, GEORGEJV (son of Christian A. Smith, born Aug.
15, 1782, Sterndrope, Prussia, and Mary J. Swan born Jan.
1, 1785, Rurop, Prussia). Born May 28, 1823, Fadested,

Married Christina Berkidile, born April 11, 1825. Their
children: Mary Smith b. July 28, 1851; Christen M. b. Feb.
6, 1853; Bertil b. Sept. 18, 1855; Mariah b. March 20, 1857;
Susana b. May 30, 1859; John b. Sept. 13, 1862, m. Sarah S.
Durfey, April 12, 1887; Christina M. b. March 22, 1864, m.
James Nielson; Wilhelmina b. May 11, 1865, m. John F.
Haws Feb. 17, 1862; Caroline b. May 11, 1865; Joseph b. June
6, 1867, m. Stella Holt Dec. 25. 1888.

Married Maria Johnson (daughter of Johnson Willson and
Anna Krestina Christensen), who was born June 3, 1841,
Norholm, Denmark. Their children: William Smith b. Jan.
3, 1864, m. Mary Moss; Maria b. April 28, 1865, m. Joseph
Woolcock; Anna C. b. Nov. 2, 1866; Mary b. Oct. 22, 1867, m.
Andrew Box; James A. b. March 17, 1870, m. Nellie Crouther;
Evardine M. M. b. Dec. 17, 1871, m. Charles Mulford; Ane
Laurine b. Nov. 14, 1873, m. Leo Holt; Adelaide b. April 7.
1874, m. William Willson; Eliza b. Feb. 11, 1876; Catrlne
Lizzie b. Nov. 4, 1877, m. Jeremiah Mott; John Christian b.
March 3, 1883; Condy b. Aug. 7, 1884, m. Charlotte Dimic.

SMITH, JOHN (son of Georgen Smith and Christina Berki-
dile). Born Sept. 13, 1862, Fountain Green, Utah.

Married Sarah S. Durfey April 12, 1887, Thurber, Utah
(daughter of Alma Durfey, pioneer 1852, and Amanda M.
Haws). She was born April 20, 1872, Salem, Utah. Their
children: John F. b. Feb. 16. 1888; Charles W. b. Feb. 14,
1890; Amanda M. b. April 11, 1891; Artie J. b. March 17,
1893, m. Luther Dee Taft, June 13, 1911; George b. Jan. 10,
1895; Joseph Alma b. Dec. 12, 1895; Eda Bell b. March 3,
1898; Jayson L. b. Sept. 17, 1900; Merin b. Jan. 13, 1903;
Ardella C. b. Oct. 29, 1905; Norma and Norman b. April 22,
1908; Franklin D. b. Sept. 18, 1910.

SMITH, J. FEWSON (son of Robert Smith and Mary Few-
son, of Preston, Eng.). Born Jan. 1, 1834, at Preston. Came
to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Horton D. Haight company.

Married Christiana Venobles Vernon April 27, 1863, Hull,
Yorkshire, Eng. (daughter of Joseph Venobles Vernon and
Margaret Senior, of Hull. Former came to Utah 1852,
President John Taylor company, to establish first sugar
factory, Sugar House ward). Their children: J. Fewson,
Jr. m. Alice E. Steers; Joseph Vernon, m. Agnes H. Timms;
Marea M. V., d. infant; Reinold Vernon, m. Lena M. White.
Family home was 136 I St., Salt Lake City.

High priest, Ensign stake. Was prominent In politics In
Salt Lake City and in railroad building in western United
States and Mexico.

SMITH, JOSEPH VERNON (son of J. Fewson Smith, and
Christiana Venobles Vernon). He was born March 8, 1867.

Married Agnes H. Timms June 10, 1891, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of William J. A. Timms and Harriet Sisam of
Salt Lake City, pioneers 1866, Captain Wheeler's mule
teams). She was born Jan. 9, 1868. Their child: Irene
Vernon Smith b. Aug. 22, 1892. The family home was 118
I St., Salt Lake City, Utah.

Was prominent in church affairs and was a railroad man
and later a life insurance salesman.

SMITH, JAMES HENRY (son of James Smith, of Newark.
N. J.). Born March 16, 1805. Came to Utah Sept. 12. 1847,

VarHed Hannah Van Wagoner April 4, 1833, Pompton
Plains, N. J. (daughter of Halma Van Wagoner), who was
born April 4, 1815. Their children: Halma b. March 31.
1834, m. Annie Bolton, m. Elizabeth Duke; Josiah b. April 9,
1836; Hyrum b. April 2, 1838, m. Julia Holdaway; John V. b.
April 6 1840, m. Julia Bowen; Sarah Ann b. Sept. 11, 1842, m.
Enoch Clark; Emma b. May 21, 1845. m. Alfred Conover; Jo-
eeph Van b. Dec. 11, 1847, m. Isabell Pace; Eunice b. Jan. 8,



1851, m. John Croft; James H. b. 1853; Henry b. May 19, 1855,
m. Retta Conover; Edwin P., m. Rosetta Conover.

High priest; counselor to President John Nebeker's elders
quorum; first leader of Salt Lake choir. Farmer. Died in

SMITH, HALMA (son of James Henry Smith and Hannah
Van Wagoner). Born March 31, 1834.

Married Annie Bolton, 1859, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Curtis E. Bolton and Mary Bunker of Long Island, N. Y.),
who was born August, 1840. Their children: Gertrude A.
b. 1860, m. David Loveless; Halma, m. Rena Clark; Rebecca,
died; Edwin, m. Millie Curtis; Luella, m. Daniel Kellogg;
John, died; Alphus, m. Zella Gardner; Edith, m. William
Taylor; Charles, died.

Married Elizabeth Duke (Mecham) May 8, 1907, at Provo,
Utah (daughter of Jonathan Oldham Duke and Sarah
Thompson, of Provo), who was born May 9, 1864. Families
resided Provo, Utah.

Elizabeth Duke was the widow of Jonathan James
Mecham, whom she married Oct. 26, 1881, at Provo. Their
children: Lewis; Jonathan O., m. Eva Adams; Estella, m.
Wilford Poulson; Leo, m. Edith Liddard; Wells; Edith Lloyd
Singleton; Rowley; Ethel; Amy; Fred D.

Seventy. Teacher; pioneer irrigationist and orchardist;
manufacturer of musical instruments.

SMITH, JOSEPH VAN (son of James Henry Smith and
Hannah Van Wagoner). Born Dec. 11, 1847, Salt Lake City,

Married Isabell Pace May, 1881, Provo, Utah (daughter
of William Pace and Epsy Williams of Provo, pioneers
1848), who was born Dec. 6, 1856, and died Nov. 6, 1906.
Their children: Edna b. July 22, 1882, died; Joseph W. b.
Nov. 17, 1884, m. Ivy Mae Cowan; James H. b. Sept. 13, 1886,
m. Jennie Hardy; Frank b. Jan. 19, 1888; Bella Nora b.
March 29, 1890, m. Lester Bates; Ralph b. Aug. 1892, died.

Pioneer builder and lumberman; musician; farmer and

SMITH, JESSE (son of George Smith and Mary Flower of
Pensford, Somerset, Eng.). Born May 14, 1836, Pensford.
Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1866, William Henry Chipman com-

Married Mary A, Price September, 1861, Newport, Mon-
mouthshire, Eng. (daughter of Charles Price and Ann
Harris of Pontypool, Eng.), who was born Jan. 20, 1838.
Their children: Jesse b. Feb. 12, 1866; Charles b. June 1,
1868; George A. b. Sept. 11, 1869, m. Clara Anderson, m.
Emma Fenton; John T. b. Jan. 30, 1872, m. Emmerette Cut-
ler; Sara Ann b. May 9, 1874, m. A. C. Pearson; Mary
Rachel b. April 18, 1876, m. German E. Ellsworth; Joseph
Frederick b. Sept. 26, 1878, m. Genevieve Teasdale; Jesse
Norman b. June 28, 1881, m. Melissa Boley. Family home
Lehi, Utah.

Married Sarah A. Teillbery Oct. 10, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas John Teillbery and Sarah Ann Jarratt,
of Portsmouth, Hampshire, Eng.), who was born May, 1857.
Family home Lehi, Utah.

Senior president 127th quorum seventies. Member city
council two terms; road supervisor 15 years.

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