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SMITH, JOB (son of Thomas Smith and Ann Taylor of Deer-
hurst, Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born Dec. 2, 1828, at Deer-
hurst. Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1848, Brigham Young com-

Married Adelaide Fowles Jan. 5, 1852, Bedford, Eng.
(daughter of Henry Fowles and Ann Sheffield of Bedford),
wfto was born Sept. 8, 1830. Their children: Georgiana b.
Feb. 6, 1855, m. John Olsen; Job Fowles b. July 9, 1859, m.
Eliza Scott; Albert Henry b. Sept. 29, 1861, m. Emma Fel-
sted; Rachel b. July 27, 1865, m. Frank Glenn; Lola Allie
b. Nov. 13, 1869, m. Richard Alliston.

Married Jane Fowles March 14, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Fowles and Ann Sheffield), who waa
born Aug. 26, 1825. Their children: Mormon J. (Henry),
m. Elizabeth Barkdull, m. Edith Jorgensen, m. Amy Pauley;
Lucy, m. William Pyott, m. Alvira Dunn; Wilford, m. Louie
Preece; George T., m. Hattie Winters; Francis H., m. Eunice

Married Sarah Punter May 25, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Abraham Punter and Sarah Smith of Hemel
Hempstead, Eng., latter came to Utah 1874). She was born
April 21, 1855. Their children: Jane Ann b. Aug. 26, 1875,
d. April 23, 1913; Adelaide b. May 27, 1880, m. William
Thompson; Sarah Ellen b. Feb. 15, 1883, m. David Harwood;
Willard R. b. Oct. 6, 1887, d. aged 10; Mary E. b. Aug. 5,

Married Charlotte Sophronia Slinger Dec. 1, 1885, Logan,
Utah. Only child: Annie Sophronia b. Sept. 23, 1888, m.
William Mitchell. Families resided Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to England 1849; president of the
Bedfordshire branch for five years. On return to Utah, was
captain of company of immigrants and whenever confronted
by painted and hostile Indians, made peace with them by
feeding instead of fighting them. Basketmaker In Salt
Lake 1860-90.

SMITH, JOHN (son of Asael Smith and Mary Duty). Born
July 16, 1781, Derryfleld, N. H. Came to Utah 1847. Brigham
Toung company.

Married Clarissa Lyman Sept. 11, 1815 (daughter of
Richard and Philomela Lyman of Lebanon, N. H., pioneers
Sept. 23, 1847). She was born June 27, 1790. Their children:
George Albert b. June 26, 1817, (see marriages below); Caro-

line b. June 6, 1820, m. Thomas Callister; John Lyman b.
Nov. 17, 1823, m. Augusta B. Cleveland. Family home. Salt
Lake City.

High priest; presiding patriarch 1849.

SMITH, GEORGE ALBERT (son of John Smith and Clarissa
Lyman). Born June 26, 1817, Potsdam, St. Lawrence county,
N. Y. Came to Utah July, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Bathsheba W. Bigler 1841, Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of Mark Bigler and Susannah Ogden, of Harrison county,
W. Va.), who was born May 3, 1822. Their children: George
Albert b. July 7, 1842, d. Nov. 2, 1860; Bathsheba, m. Clarance
Merrill, Jan. 3, 1861; John, d. infant. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Married Lucy M. Smith Nov. 29, 1844, who was born Feb.
9, 1817, Newry, Maine. Their children: Don Carlos b. Aug.
11, 1846, died; Joel b. Aug. 6, 1850, died.

Married Nancy Clements Feb. 1, 1845 (daughter of Thomas
and Betsy Clements), who was born Oct. 31, 1815, Dryden,
N. Y. Their child: Nancy Adelia b. March 22, 1846, died.

Married Zilpha Stark March 8, 1845 (daughter of John
Stark and Lovisa Stockwell), who was born July 3, 1818.
Their children: Zilpha A., m. March 21, 1846; Joseph, b.
Jan. 12, 1850; Mary A. b. Feb. 14, 1852, m. Peter Wimmer
June 1, 1865.

Married Sarah Ann Libby Nov. 20, 1845, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Nathaniel Libby and Tirzah Lord, of Ossipee,
N. H.), who was born May 7, 1818. Their child: John Henry
b. Sept. 18, 1848, m. Sarah Farr, m. Josephine Groesbeck.

Married Hannah W. Libby Nov. 20, 1845 (daughter of
Nathaniel Libby and Tirzah Lord), who was born June
29, 1828, Ossipee, N. H. Their children: Charles W. b. Jan.
16, 1849, m. Isabelle Martin, m. Esther Martin; Sarah M.
b. Jan. 16, 1849, m. Byron O. Colton; Eunich Albertine b.
March 6, 1860, died; George A. b. April 7, 1862, died.

Married Susan E. West Oct. 28, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel West and Margaret Cooper, pioneers
1851, Captain Walton company). She was born Dec. 4,
1833, in Benton county, Tenn. Came to Utah 1851, Captain
Walton company. Their children: Clarissa W. b. April 21,
1859, m. William N. Williams; Margaret b. Dec. 6, 1862, m.
Edwin F. Parry; Elizabeth b. Sept. 28, 1866, m. Thomas H.
Cartwright; Priscilla b. June 11, 1869, m. George S. Taylor;
Emma P. b. April 19, 1871, d. Oct. 6, 1905. Families resided
Salt Lake City.

Member first quorum seventies; missionary to eastern
states 1835; ordained an apostle April 26, 1839; first coun-
selor to Brigham Young. Member of senate of provisional
state of Deseret. Historian. Died Sept. 1, 1875, Salt Lake

SMITH, JOHN HENRY (son of George Albert Smith and
Sarah Ann Libby). Born Sept. 18, 1848, Kanesville, Iowa.
Came to Utah Oct. 27, 1849, with father.

Married Sarah Farr Oct. 20, 1866, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Lorin Farr and Nancy Chase of Salt Lake City, pio-
neers July 1847, Brigham Young company). She was born
Oct. 30, 1849. Their children: John Henry b. Feb. 28, 1868;
George Albert b. April 4, 1870, m. Lucy E. Woodruff; Lorin
b. April 22, 1872; Don Carlos b. March 18, 1874, m. Esther
Shields; Ezra Chase b. Sept. 21, 1876, m. Elizabeth Shields;
Charles Warren b. Aug. 3, 1879; Winslow Farr b. Jan. 19,
1881, m. Emily Whitney; Nathaniel Libby b. June 19, 1883,
m. Leah Whitehead; Nancy Claribell b. Jan. 22, 1886; Tirzah
Priscilla b. June 11, 1888, m. William Langton; Elsie Louise
b. Oct. 19, 1891.

Married Josephine Groesbeck April 4, 1877, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Nicholas Groesbeck, born Sept. 5, 1819,
Busklrk Bridge, Rensselaer county, N. Y., and Elizabeth
Thompson, born Aug. 16, 1820, of Salt Lake City, pioneers
Oct. 2, 1856, John Banks company). She was born Oct.
13, 1857, Salt Lake City. Their children: Sarah Ann b.
Oct. 22, 1878, m. Moses A. Pond; Nicholas G. b. June 20, 1881,
m. Florence Gay; Joseph H. b. Dec. 17, 1884, m. Sarah
McKinnon; Lucy b. Dec. 24, 1887, d. Aug. 24, 1900; Elizabeth
b. Jan. 30, 1890, m. Samuel Rex; Glenn b. Sept. 19, 1893;
Arzella b. Nov. 5, 1895; Josephine b. Jan. 3, 1898. Families
resided Salt Lake City.

Bishop of 17th ward, Salt Lake City; missionary to Great
Britain 1874-75; apostle; second counselor to president ot
church. Member city council six years; president of conven-
tion 1895. Died Oct. 13, 1911, Salt Lake City.

SMITH, GEORGE ALBERT (son of John Henry Smith and
Sarah Farr). Born April 4, 1870, Salt Lake City.

Married Lucy Emily Woodruff May 25, 1892, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Wilford Woodruff, Jr., and Emily Jane Smith
of St. Thomas, Nev., Randolph and Salt Lake City, Utah,
the former a pioneer Oct. 14. 1850, the latter Sept. 28. 1851).
She was born Jan. 10, 1869, St. Thomas, Nev. Their chil-
dren: Emily b. Nov. 19, 1895; Edith b. Nov. 10, 1899; George
Albert b. Sept. 10, 1905. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member third quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 1892-94; Sunday school superintendent; superintend-
ent Y. M. M. I. A. of Salt Lake City stake 1901; ordained
apostle Oct. 6, 1893. Receiver of U. S. land office under
appointment of Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. Asso-
ciated with Z. C. M. I. and Co-op. W. & Machine Co., Utah
National Bank, Heber J. Grant & Co.

SMITH, JOHN (son of William Smith of Ludington, Hunt-
ingdonshire, Eng.). Born Aug. 4, 1795, Ludington. Came
to Utah 1861, Thomas Wooley company.

Married Hannah Sutton 1820 (daughter of Robert Sutton),



who was born March 10, 1801. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1861,
with husband. Their children: Sarah b. April 27, 1821, m.
Thomas Cobbley; Robert Sutton b. June 8, 1823; Ann b.
May 8, 1825, m. William Brudnall; Hannah b. July 1. 1827,
m. Thomas Wooley; Charlott b. March 2, 1830, m. John
Wright; James b. March 18, 1833; Jane b. Oct. 7, 1834, m.
James Skinner; Harriet E. b. Sept. 2, 1837, m. Ruben V.
Harrison; John b. May 30, 1843. Family home in Hunting-
donshire, Eng.

SMITH, JOHN A. (son of James Smith of Glasgow, Scot-
land). Born 1814, Glasgow. Came to Utah 1848 with flrst

Married Annie Anderson (daughter of John Anderson and
Catherine Brown), who came to Utah 1849, Captain Rich-
ards company. Their children: Catherine A. b. March 8.
1836, m. James Croslan; James A. b. May 31, 1838, m. Jane
Burnett; John A. b. March 7, 1840, m. Mary Meiklejohn;
Mary A, b. March 2, 1842, m. John Wamble; William A.
b. Jan. 17, 1844, m. Mary Marsden; Emma A. b. Jan. 11,
1847, m. Frank Carpenter; Joseph H. b. March 16, 1849, m.
Annie Blomquist; Janet A. b. March 6, 1851, m. Warren
Vose; Brigham A. b. Feb. 19, 1853, m. Jane Burnett Smith
brother's widow; Sarah A. b. Nov. 22, 1854, m. Frank
Paxton; Heber A. b. Dec. 20, 1856, m. Agnes Stewart. Family
resided Cottonwood and Tooele, Utah.

Counselor to Bishop Miller of Mill Creek ward 1854-1859.
Moved from Mill Creek to Tooele 1859. Lumberman. Died
in 1853.

SMITH, JOHN A. '(son of John A. Smith and Annie Ander-
son). Born March 7, 1840, in Canada. Came to Utah with

Married Mary Meiklejohn at Tooele, Utah (daughter of
Robert Meiklejohn and Mary McLackin), who was born 1843,
Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Their children: John M. b. June
4, 1864; Mary Agnes b. Nov. 19, 1865, m. S. W. Orme Feb.
24, 1886; Janet b. Dec. 20, 1867, m. E. M. Atkin; Emma J.
b. May 26, 1870, m. S. C. Orme; William John; Luetta; Lu-
ella; Robert b. July 23, 1878, m. Mary A. Birch; Katy. Fam-
ily home Tooele, Utah.

6, 1910; Max Leroy b. March 29, 1912. Family home Marion,

First counselor to Bishop Harvey Sessions 1911; mis-
sionary to southern states April 13, 1904. Assessor and
collector of Cassia county 1907-08.

SMITH, JOHN B. (son of Adam Smith and Martha Browning
of Ayrshire, Scotland). Born Jan. 19, 1829, in Ayrshire.
Came to Utah 1852.

Married Margaret Gibson April 15, 1851, Council Bluffs,
Iowa (daughter of John Gibson of Scotland, pioneer 1852).
She was born March 13, 1825. Their children: Adam G.
b. Feb. 14, 1852, m. Martha S. Martin, m. Eliza Shields; m.
Esther Jones; Mary b. Sept. 5, 1853, d. child; John G. b. Jan.
25, 1855, m. Esther Simms; Margaret G. b. Sept. 19, 1856, m.
Charles Y. Taggart; Martha G. b. Nov. 22, 1859, m. Adam S.
Sagers; George G. b. Nov. 3, 1861, m. Eva H. Martensen; Ellen
G. b. April 24, 1864, m. Neil S. Larson; James G. b. June 11,
1866, m. Irene Brown; Marion G. b. Feb. 10, 1869, d. child.
Family home Tooele, Utah.

Married Agnes M. Love Aug. 10, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Maine of Tooele, Utah, pioneer 1868).
She was born Aug. 12, 1840. Their children: Agnes M. b.
April 16, 1870, m. Charles Fritchie; Joseph M. b. June 24,
1871, m. Louie Knight; Jane M. b. Nov. 17, 1872, m. George
M. Garvin; Isabell M. b. April 13, 1874, d. child; Hyrum
M. b. Oct. 24, 1875, m. Sarah Shields; Don Carlos M. b.
May 16, 1878, and Jedediah M. b. July 7, 1877, d. children.

Counselor to Bishop Moses Martin at Pine Canyon for
several years. Participated in Echo Canyon trouble.

SMITH, ADAM G. (son of John B. Smith and Margaret
Gibson). Born Feb. 14, 1852, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Married Martha S. Martin Nov. 4, 1872, Tooele, Utah
(daughter of Moses Martin and Isabell Gillispie of Tooele,
Utah, pioneers Sept. 13, 1853). She was born Aug. 20, 1852.
Their children: Adam M. b. April 26, 1873, d. April 27,
1873; Moses M. b. April 29, 1874, m. Lucina Sessions; George
M. b. Jan. 22, 1876, d. Jan. 24, 1876. Family resided Tooele,
Utah, and Marion, Idaho.

Married Eliza Shields April 17, 1877, Tooole, Utah (daugh-
ter of Robert Shields and Ann Jenkins of Tooele, Utah,
pioneers 1852). She was born Dec. 24, 1856. Their chil-
dren: Margaret b. Feb. 14, 1878, m. William C. Whittle;
Robert b. Oct. 12, 1879, m. Edna L. Whittle; John b. Aug.
31, 1881, m. Rettie Nelson; Joseph b. May 14, 1883, m.
Mae De La Mare; George A. b. Dec. 7, 1885; James E. b.
Oct. 21, 1887, m. Marian Whittle; Hyrum b. Jan. 2, 1894,
died; WUford A. b. Sept. 8, 1898. Family home Marion,

Married Esther Jones Dec. 4, 1901, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Evan Jones and Margaret Davis of Elba, Idaho).
She was born May 20, 1878. Their children: Alma G. b.
Nov. 22, 1902; Evan J. b. Feb. 17, 1904; Esther J. b. Dec.
5, 1905; Marion J. b. Nov. 13, 1907; Lyman J. b. Sept. 15,
1909; Hermoine L. b. Sept. 9, 1911.

Bishop of Marion ward, Idaho, Nov. 21, 1887, to June 13,
1911. Commissioner of Cassia Co., Idaho, six years. Died
June 13, 1911.

SMITH, MOSES (son of Adam G. Smith and Martha S.
Martin). Born April 29, 1874, Tooele, Utah.

Married Lucina Sessions Oct. 4, 1898, Woodruff, Utah
(daughter of Harvey Sessions and Alice Bryson, both born
at Marion, Idaho). She was born Sept. 12, 1880, Wood-
ruff, Utah. Their children: Martha Lucina b. March 9,
1900; Golden K. b. Jan. 29, 1902: Ada b. Jan. 3, 1904; Ruth
b. Oct. 1, 1906; Oleen b. Sept. 21, 1908; Arwyn G. b. May

SMITH, JOHN PEARSON (son of Amos Smith, born Dec.
20, 1785, Buckingham, Bucks county. Pa., and Charity
Kitchen, born April 13, 1787, Tinicum, Bucks county). He
was born Aug. 21, 1812. Came to Utah 1851.

Married Jane H. Opdyke Aug. 27, 1835 (daughter of Joseph
Opdyke and Martha Merrick), who was born March 4, 1815.
Their children: Albert b. Aug. 24, 1837, m. Josephine Roe;
Theodore b. Sept. 18, 1839, m. Amy Hemenway; Mary Frances
b. April 22, 1842; George O. b. Sept. 21, 1844, m. Nellie Creer;
Ella b. Sept. 15, 1847; Ellwood b. Oct. 2, 1850; John Pearson,
Jr., b. Dec. 5, 1855, m. Eliza A. Stratford. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

SMITH, JOHN PEARSON (son of John Pearson Smith and
Jane H. Opdyke). Born Dec. 5, 1855, Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza A. Stratford Oct. 10, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Edwin Stratford and Marianna Crabb), who
was born Jan. 23, 1859, in Iowa. Their children: Maud
M. b. July 27, 1879, m. B. J. Griffin March 21, 1906; Effle
E. b. July 25, 1881, m. H. P. Barrows June 19, 1907; John
P. b. Aug. 15, 1883, m. Clara Jones Aug. 3, 1903; Ivy L.
b. Oct. 13, 1885; Ella F. b. April 25, 1888, m. O. O. Ros-
kelley June 15, 1910; Edwin S. b. July 11, 1890; Jesse B.
and Leslie A. b. Aug. 23, 1892; Orita b. Dec. 3, 1894; Percy
E. b. Feb. 11, 1898. Family home Logan, Utah.

SMITH, JOHN SIVII, (son of William Smith, born 1770,
Muchmotal, Hereford, Eng., and Mary Sivil, born 1778, Berns,
Worcestershire, Eng.). He was born March 10, 1809, in
Worcestershire. Came to Utah, William Snow company.

Married Jane Wadley (daughter of Michael Wadley and
Jane Ennis), who was born Jan. 2, 1814. Came to Utah,
William Snow company. Their children: Anna b. Jan. 6,
1839, m. Norman Brown Dec. 20, 1858; Ellen Smith b. Feb.
17, 1842, m. John Q. Knowlton March 17, 1862; Elizabeth
b. Oct. 6, 1844; Eliza M. b. Feb. 5, 1850, m. George V.
Stevenson March 21, 1867; William C. b. Jan. 1, 1852, m.
Mary E. Smith Jan. 18, 1882; Joseph T. b. June 27, 1853,
d. aged 42; George M. b. April 11, 1855, m. Mary E. Woolley
Jan. 13, 1881; Harriet E. b. April 9, 1857, m. Jesse M. Smith
Feb. 19, 1880.

SMITH, GEORGE MICHAEL (son of John Sivil Smith and
Jane Wadley). Born April 11, 1855, Draper, Utah.

Married Mary Ellen Woolley Jan. 13, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Edwin Dilworth Woolley and Ellen Wilding),
who was born Dec. 1, 1858, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Edna May b. Nov. 2, 1881; George Sivil b. March 3. 1883,
m. Ethel Egbert Feb. 17, 1909; Ernest Heber b. April 29,
1885, m. Cecelia L. Short June 17, 1908; Elmer Wilding- b.
Oct. 25, 1887; Hyrum Wendell b. Aug. 7, 1890; Michael Paul
b. Feb. 9, 1893; Edwin Parley b. May 22, 1896; Luella b.
Sept. 1, 1898; Joseph Harold b. Sept. 21, 1900. Family re-
sided Kaysville, Utah, and Thatcher, Idaho.

SMITH, JOHN X. (son of John Smith, born March 25, 1796,
Rands, Northamptonshire, Eng., and Sarah Smith, born
1797, Great Cathworth, Northamptonshire). He was born
Sept. 9, 1827, in Northamptonshire.

Married Margaret Patterson July 24, 1855, Cedar City
(daughter of Andrew Patterson, pioneer Aug. 14, 1852,
Captain Higby company). She was born Dec. 1, 1838, and
came to Utah Aug. 14, 1852, John Higby company. Their
children: John Andrew b. June 9, 1856, m. Charlotte Swin-
dlehurst April 26, 1878; Joseph Anthony b. Feb. 26, 1858,
m. Amelia Swindlehurst Sept. 19, 1883; Margaret b. Nov.
4. 1859, m. John Ashworth Nov. 27, 1878; Sarah b. Feb.
22, 1861, m. Ebenezer Gillis Oct. 29, 1880; Robert Hyrum
b. Feb. 22, 1861, m. Caroline Carlow Feb. 1900; Mary Ann
b. May 26, 1863, m. James Farer April 26, 1885; Richard
H. b. Feb. 13, 1865; Susan Jane b. Oct. 25, 1866, m. John
Murdock; Thomas Ekin b. March 21, 1868; Emma E. b.
March 7, 1870, m. Wilford Robinson June 4, 1890; William
Edward b. April 29, 1873, m. Elsie Eyre Jan. 24, 1894; Cath-
erine P. b. Dec. 21, 1874, m. Thomas Bennet Sept. 18, 1893;
Nettie b. Aug. 17, 1876, m. John Stoney Feb. 25, 1895; Clara
Ellen b. Nov. 11, 1878.

Bishop of 2d ward of Beaver stake 1877-88.

SMITH, JOHN ANDREW (son of John X. Smith and Mar-
garet Patterson). Born June 9, 1856, Cedar City, Utah.

Married Charlotte Swindlehurst April 26, 1878, St. George,
Utah (daughter of John Swindlehurst and Matilda Rothwell,
pioneers 1868. Daniel D. McArthur company). She was born
March 4, 1857, Baxenden, Lancashire, Eng. Their children:
John Thomas b. May 10, 1880, m. Elizabeth A. Bradshaw
Oct. 28, 1903; Ida b. Aug. 28, 1882, m. James Riley June
3 1903; May b. May 14, 1885, m. Heber Atkin Sept. 11, 1907;
Ettie b Dec. 25, 1887, m. Jedediah Atkin Dec. 25, 1907;
Edwin b. June 8, 1891; Albert b. Aug. 31, 1895; Gilbert b.
Aug. 31, 1895; Leroy b. Nov. 3, 1897. Family home Beaver
City, Utah.

Alternate member high council Beaver stake.



SMITH, JOSEPH FIELDING (son of Hyrum Smith [the
patriarch], born Feb. 9, 1800, Tunbridge, Vt., and Mary
Fielding [daughter of John and Rachel Fielding], born
July 21, 1801, Honeydon, Bedfordshire, Eng., died Sept. 21.
1852, Salt Lake City married in 1837). He was born Nov.
13, 1838, Far West, Caldwell county. Mo. Came to Utah
with mother Sept. 23, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Levira A. C. Smith April 4, 1859 (daughter of
Samuel Harrison Smith and Levira Clark), who was born
April 29, 1842, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Julina Lambson May 5, 1866 (daughter of Alfred
B. Lambson and Melissa J. Bigler), who was born June 18,
1849, Salt Lake City. Their children: Mercy Josephine b.
Aug. 14, 1867, d. June 6, 1870; Mary Sophronia b. Oct. 7,
1869, m. Alfred W. Peterson Dec. 17, 1901; Donnette b. Sept.
17, 1872, m. Alonzo P. Kesler Dec. 26, 1900; Joseph Fielding,
Jr., b. July 19, 1876, m. Louie E. Shurtliff April 26, 1898,
who died March 30, 1908, m. Ethel Reynolds Nov. 2, 1908;
David Asael b. May 24, 1879, m. Emily Jenkins Jan. 24,
1901; George Carlos b. Aug. 14, 1881, m. Lillian Emery
Oct. 29, 1903; Julina Clarissa b. Feb. 10, 1884, m. Joseph
S. Peery Dec. 23, 1909; Ellas Wesley b. April 21, 1886, m.
Mary H. Smith Dec. 14, 1910; Emily b. Sept. 11, 1888; Rachel
b. Dec. 11, 1890; Edith b. Jan. 3, 1894.

Married Sarah Ellen Richards March 1, 1868 (daughter
of Willard Richards and Sarah Longstroth), who was born
Aug. 24, 1850, Salt Lake City. Their children: Sarah Ellen
b. Feb. 5, 1869. d. Feb. 11, 1869; Leonora b. Jan. 30, 1871
(d. Dec. 23, 1907), m. Joseph Nelson June 14, 1893; Joseph
Richards b. Feb. 22, 1873; Heber John b. July 3, 1876, d.
March 3, 1877; Rhoda A. b. July 20, 1878, d. July 6, 1879;
Minerva b. April 30, 1880, m. Matthew Miller April 25,
1903; Alice b. July 27. 1882, d. April 29, 1901; Willard Rich-
ards b. Nov. 20, 1884, m. Florence Grant Feb. 3, 1910; Frank-
lin Richards b. May 12, 1888; Jeannetta b. Aug. 25, 1891;
Asenath b. Dec. 28, 1896.

Married Edna Lambson Jan. 1, 1871 (daughter of Alfred

B. Lambson and Melissa J. Bigler), who was born March
3. 1851, Salt Lake City. Their children: Hyrum Mack b.
March 21, 1872, m. Ida Bowman Nov. 15, 1895; Alvin Field-
ing b. Aug. 7, 1874, m. Millie Atkins June 29, 1903; Alfred
Jason b. Dec. 13, 1876, d. April 6, 1877; Edna Melissa b.
Oct. 6, 1879, m. John F. Bowman Jan. 27, 1903; Albert Jesse
b Sept. 16, 1881, d. Aug. 25, 1883; Robert b. Nov. 12, 1883,
d. Feb. 4, 1886; Emma b. Aug. 21, 1888; Zina b. Oct. 11,
1890, m. Ambrose Greenwell Dec. 12, 1910: Ruth b. Dec.
21. 1893, d. March 17. 1898; Martha b. May 12, 1897.

Married Alice Kimball Dec. 6, 1883 (daughter of Heber

C. Kimball and Anna Gheen), who was born Sept. 6, 1858,
Salt Lake City. Their children: Lucy Mack b. April 14,
1890; Andrew Kimball b. Jan. 6, 1893; Jesse Kimball b.
May 21, 1896; Fielding Kimball b. April 9, 1898.

Married Mary Taylor Schwartz Jan. 13, 1884 (daughter
of William Schwartz and Agnes Taylor), who was born
April 30. 1865, Holliday. Utah. Their children: John S.
b. Aug. 20. 1888, d. Aug. 3, 1889; Calvin S. b. May 29. 1890;
Samuel S. b. Oct. 26, 1892; James S. b. Nov. 13, 1894; Agnes
b. Nov. 3, 1897; Silas S. b. Jan. 3, 1900; Royal S. b. May 21,

His early training was amid the scenes and vicissitudes
incident to his father's martyrdom and the driving of the
Latter-day Saints to the Rocky mountains from Nauvoo.
111. With his mother he left Nauvoo in 1846 when only 8
years old and drove an oxteam across the state (then ter-
ritory) of Iowa to Council Bluffs. The following year
he drove an oxteam from the Missouri river to Salt Lake
valley, enduring all the hardships of the journey over the
plains and barren country intervening, and performing 1
much labor that was required of the men. His oppor-
tunities for schooling were limited, and his early educa-
tion was chiefly acquired from his mother. She left him
an orphan at the age of 14 years. In 1854 he went to
the Hawaiian Islands on a mission for the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he remained four
years, mastering the native tongue. After returning in 1858
he officiated as sergeant-at-arms in the Utah territorial
legislature (1858-59), and upon its adjournment went to
England with his cousin, Samuel H. B. Smith, there labor-
ing in the ministry. In 1864, after his return from Eng-
land, he again went to Hawaii and continued his eccle-
siastical labors. Upon returning to Utah he served as a
member of the Salt Lake City municipal council and as
a member of the territorial legislature, and in 1882 was
president of the legislative council. He presided over the
constitutional convention held in Utah in 1882, but was
debarred as a legislator by the Edmunds law. He served
eight years as a clerk in the historian's office and was
active in church work, serving as a missionary for the
church and in various positions In Davis and Salt Lake
stakes of Zion. He went on a second mission to Great
Britain in 1874, and on a third mission in 1877. He was
ordained an apostle July 1, 1866, and became a member of
the council of the twelve in 1867. In 1880 he was chosen
to be second counselor to President John Taylor and also
served as counselor to President Wilford Woodruff and
later to President Lorenzo Snow. Following the death of
the latter he was sustained as president of the church,
which office he now holds.

Latitia Stanford of Shaterford, Worcestershire). She was
born Nov. 12, 1809, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Emma; Mary Ann; Joseph Stanford.

One of presidents of seventies' quorum. Farmer.

SMITH, JOSEPH STANFORD (son of Joseph H. Smith and
Maria Stanford). Born June 23, 1850, Tipton, Stafford-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah with father.

Married Jane Arabella Coombs Oct. 23, 1871, Cedar City
Utah, who was born Dec. 28, 1853. Their children- Ellen
b. Sept. 29, 1872; Ida Olive and Ada Olevia b. Jan. 24, 1874;
Joseph Elroy b. Sept. 14, 1876; George Abraham b. June 8
1879; Mabel b. Dec. 30, 1882. Family home Cedar City, Utah.

High priest; bishop's counselor.

SMITH, JOSEPH JOHNSON (son of William Smith, born
in December, 1799, at Bedford, Eng.). He was born April
8, 1821, Kempston, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1850, David
Evans company.

Married Mary Ann Smart, who was born Nov. 5, 1823,
and died Aug. 8, 1844. Their child: Caroline b. Dec. 24, 1840
m. William Skein.

Married Ann Coleman Jan. 1, 1850, Maryville, Mo. (daugh-
ter of Prime Coleman and Sarah Thornton, pioneers, David
Evans company). She was born Oct. 2, 1883, at Odhusten
Eng., and died Oct. 1, 1909, Lehi City, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Sarah Ann b. Nov. 10, 1850, m. Samuel Southwick.
d. 1870; Joseph William b. Oct. 20, 1852, m. Julia McCrack-
lin; Hyrum b. March 20, 1856, m. Eliza A. Fowler; m. Amy D.
Devey; Aldrira b. Jan. 14, 1858, m. James Roberts; Julia Eliza-
beth b. Dec. 16, 1859, m. James Taylor; Samuel A. b. Sept 17

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