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Ernest Alfred, m. Ester Shaw; Reed, died.

Married Ester Chidester (Pulsipher) 1883, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Lapreal; Myrtle, m. James Sumner; Arietta.
Families resided Provo, Utah.

Priest; elder; ward and block teacher. Pioneer in making
roads and canals. Second lieutenant Co. A, state militia.
Died July 10, 1909.

SNOW, RICHARD C. (son of James Chauncy Snow and
Eliza Ann Carter). Born Oct. 6, 1848.

Married Mary Bay Jan. 1, 1871 (daughter of James Wtl-
lard Bay and Lucinda Sprague). Their children: Mary
Ellen, died; Lucinda, m. Pleasant C. Turnbow; Amelia, m.
Charles W. Carlile; Ella Pearl; Eliza Barbara, m. Milo J.
Merrill; Myrtle Dawn, died. Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest. Farmer.

SNOW, GEORGE WASHINGTON (son of Gardiner Snow and
Sarah Hasting of Manti, Utah). Came to Utah with ox-

Married Mary Wells at Nauvoo, 111. Their children:
Mary, m. William Henry Peacock; Eunice b. Feb. 5, 1850,
m. Heber C. Kimball Pettey; Sarah, m. Alexander Ten-
nant; Gardner, m. Hannah Larsen. Family home, Manti.

Member Manti quorum seventies; high priest. Lawyer;
cooper; agent for George A. Lowe Hardware Company.
Died in 1905.

SNOW, LORENZO (son of Oliver Snow and Rosetta L.
Pettibone of Mantua, Portage Co., Ohio). Born April 3,
1814, Mantua. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848, captain of second
hundred in Brigham Young company.

Married Charlotte Merrill (daughter of Charles Merrill
and Charlotte Smith Squires), who was born Nov. 19, 1825,
Bainbrldge, Geauga Co., Ohio, and died Sept. 25, 1850, Salt
Lake City. Their children: Leonora Charlotte b. Jan. 23,
1847, d. June 1847; Roxcy Armatha b. Dec. 14, 1849, m.
Elijah Arnold.

Married Mary Adaline Goddard (daughter of Dan God-
dard and Percy Amanda Pettibone), who was born March
8, 1812, Hartford, Conn. Their children: Rosetta Adaline
b. Nov. 7, 1846, m. Chester Loveland; Oliver Goddard b. Feb.
20, 1849, m. Mary B. Peirce; Isadore Percy b. Feb. 24, 1855,
m. Homer S. Woodworth.

Married Sarah Ann Prichard (daughter of John Prichard
and Polly Tillotson of Massachusetts). She was born Nov.

29, 1826, Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio. Their children: Eliza
Sarah b. Nov. 30, 1847, m. George Dunford; Sylvia b. Jan.
16, 1850, m. Chauncey West; Lorenzo, Jr., b. July 7, 1853, m.
Huldah Jensen; Parintha b. Oct. 5, 1855; Laurin Alvirus b.
Dec. 2, 1863.

Married Harriet Amelia Squires (daughter of Aaron and
Elizabeth P. Squires), who was born Sept. 13, 1819, Aurora.
Geauga Co., Ohio. Their children: Abigail Harriet b. July
16, 1847, m. Thomas Caldwell; Lucius Aaron b. Dec. 10,
1849, m. Elizabeth Wilson; Alonzo Henry b. Feb. 15, 1854,
d. Nov. 1, 1854; Amelia Henrietta b. Feb. 15, 1854, d. Oct.

30, 1854; Celestia Armeda b. Dec. 2, 1856, m. Brigham Morris.
Married Eleanor Houtz (daughter of Christian and Susan

Pauling Houtz), who was born Aug. 14, 1831, in Pennsyl-
vania. Their children: Amanda Eleanor b. April 19, 1850,
d. Oct. 21, 1850; Ida b. Jan. 2, 1854, m. George Francis
Gibbs; Eugenia b. July 5, 1856, m. Leonldas Thomas Pierce;
Alphonso Houtz b. Oct. 13, 1858; Susan Imogene b. May
4, 1861, d. Oct. 16, 1864; Roxey Lana b. Oct. 22, 1863; Hor-
tensia b. July 17, 1867; Chauncey Edgar b. July 8, 1870.

Married Caroline Horton, who was born Dec. 25, 1828,
in England, and died Feb. 1857, Brigham City, Utah. Their
children: Clarissa Caroline b. July 19, 1854, m. John
Archibald McAllister; Franklin and Sarah Augusta b. Feb.
3, 1857, latter d. Feb. 17, 1857.

Married Mary Elizabeth Houtz (daughter of Jacob and
Lydia M. Houtz), who was born May 19, 1840, Penn's Town,
Union county. Pa., and died March 31, 1906. Their chil-
dren: Lydia May b. Jan. 21, 1860, m. Eli Harvey Peirce,
Jr.; Jacob E. Fitzroy b. Oct. 31, 1862, d. Dec. 2, 1862; Vir-
ginia M. Marian b. Jan. 30, 1864; Mansfield Lorenzo b.
Sept. 8, 1866; Mortimer Joseph b. Nov. 19, 1868; Flora Bell
Birdie b. July 19, 1871.

Married Phebe Augusta Woodruff at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Wilford Woodruff and Phebe Whittemore Car-
ter of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1847, Brigham Young com-
pany). She was born March 4, 1842, Nauvoo, 111. Their
children: Mary Amanda b. Sept. 4, 1860, d. Sept. 6, 1860;
Leslie Wilford Woodruff b. Feb. 6, 1862, m. Ida Daynes;
Orion b. Sept. 6, 1866, m. Marintha Reeves; Milton Wood-
ruff b. Feb. 7, 1869, m. Vlllette Eardley; Florence Augusta
Woodruff b. Aug. 7, 1870, m. John Q. Crltchlow. Families
resided at Brigham City and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Minnie Jensen (daughter of J. P. Jensen and
Sarah Clawson of Denmark and Germany). She was born
Oct. 10, 1855, Brigham City, Utah, and died Jan. 2, 1908.
Their children: Clarence Leroi b. Aug. 26, 1876; Minnie
Mabel b. May 23, 1879; Cora Jeane b. Feb. 16, 1883, d. Aug.
11, 1883; Lorenzo; Lucile. Family home, Brigham City.



Colonized Box Elder county. Missionary to Italy and
Great Britain; member twelve apostles. Member legisla-
ture. President Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Died Oct. 10, 1901, Salt Lake City.

Snow and Phebe Augusta Woodruff). Born Feb. 6, 1862,
Salt Lake City.

Married Ida Daynes June 11, 1901. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Daynes and Rebecca Bushby of Salt Lake City,
pioneers October, 1862). She was born March 6, 1872. Their
children: Leslie Lyndon Daynes b. Dec. 3, 1906.

President Y. M. M. I. A., 14th ward. Salt Lake City.
President Salt Lake County Medical Society; vice-president
Utah State Medical Association. City physician at Logan,
Utah. Physician and surgeon; oculist.

SNOW, WILLARD (son of Levi Snow and Lucina Streeter).
Born May 6, 1811, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Came to Utah Sept.
22, 1847, Ira Eldredge company.

Married Melvina Harvey 1837 (daughter of Joel Harvey
and Betsy Bowen, pioneers 1847, Ira Eldreclge company).
She was born Dec. 16, 1811. Their children: Amanda Mel-
vina b. March 18, 1838, m. Willard Bingham June 28, 1859;
Leonidas b. 1840 and Eugene b. March 10, 1841, died; Wil-
lard Lycurgus b. March 8, 1842, m. Sarah A. Bowyer April

15, 1865, m. Flora Lewis Mousley; Almira b. 1846, and
Helen b. Feb. 8, 1848, died; Ellen b. Feb. 8, 1848 (first twins
born In Utah), m. Henry Smith 1867; William b. 1850, died.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Susan Harvey 1846 (daughter of Joel Harvey
and Betsey Bowen). Their child: Susan b. Jan. 25, 1848,
m. Benjamin T. DeLong.

Member state legislature. Member first quorum seven-
ties organized in L. D. S. church; counselor to Daniel
Spencer in first organization of town of Salt Lake; member
perpetual emigration fund committee; missionary to Scan-
dinavia 1851-52. Died and burled at sea Aug. 25, 1852, 80
miles from Hull, Eng.

SNOW, WILLARD LTCURGUS (son of Willard Snow and
Melvina Harvey). Born March 8, 1842, in Lee Co., Iowa.

Married Sarah A. Bowyer April 15, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joshua Bowyer and Maria Wadle, former pio-
neer 1860, Josph W. Toung company, latter came to Utah
1874). She was born July 20, 1844, Philadelphia, Pa. Their
children: Sarah Ellen b. Jan. 10, 1866, m. Samuel Moore
Oct. 18, 1888; Maria b. Dec. 15, 1867, d. infant; Ada May
b. Sept. 25, 1869, m. Norman Boyle July 3, 1893; Willard
b. Dec. 1, 1871, m. Hulda Holmes June 19, 1903; Minnie
Melvina b. Feb. 28, 1874, m. David Bernhisel Dec. 14, 1905;
Joseph Raymon b. May 21, 1879; Fannie b. July 21, 1881,
m. Doyle Christensen; Mary Elizabeth b. June 1, 1876, m.
Andrew J. Day; Lillian b. Dec. 4, 1883, m. Harold Lessinger
1908; Ethel J. b. Dec. 17, 1886, m. Jerald W. Bills March
27, 1907.

Married Flora Lewis Mousley April 13, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William P. Mousley and Elizabeth Craig,
former pioneer 1868). She was born Nov. 24, 1856, New-
castle, Del. Their children: Frank M. b. March 30, 1876,
m. Mary E. Sullivan June 2, 1906; Ernest Leroy b. Nov.
12, 1878, m. Jane Cottrell Feb. 10, 1904; Louis Henry b.
April 10, 1880, m. Hazel Poulsen Oct. 12, 1910; Alice b. Dec.
24, 1881, m. Roy T. Fitzgerald Dec. 10, 1909; Flora b. Sept.

16, 1884, m. Charles Cox Jan. 4, 1909; Eva b. Jan. 14, 1890,
died; Emma b. July 9, 1891; Althia b. Nov. 19, 1895; Nellie
lone b. May 30, 1899. Families resided Draper, Utah.

Member old folks' stake committee 10 years and one of
the central committee of the Draper ward of the old folks'
committee. Black Hawk Indian war veteran.

SNOW, FRANK M. (son of Willard Lycurgus Snow and
Flora Lewis Mousley). Born March 30, 1876.

Married Mary E. Sullivan June 2, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of David D. Sullivan, pioneer December, 1865, and
Caroline C. Calkins, pioneer 1852). Their only child was
Mary Helen b. May 11, 1907. Family home Turner, Idaho.

Missionary to eastern states 1901-03; assistant Sunday
school superintendent Grace ward 1907; bishop of Turner
ward May 23, 1910.

SNOW, WILLIAM (son of Levl Snow of St. Johnsbury, Vt.).
Born Dec. 14, 1806, St. Johnsbury. Came to Utah Oct. 6,
1850, at head of own company.

Married Hannah Miles Sept. 21, 1832, Charleston, Vt.,
who died March 30, 1841. Their children: Levi b. June
1834, d. infant; Lucina b. Feb. 1835, died; Abigail D. b.
Nov. 6, 1847.

Married Lydla Adams in August, 1842, who died Jan. 9,
1847. Their children: Sarah H. b. July 28, 1843; Levi Wil-
liam b. July 1846, d. infant.

Married Sally Adams in January, 1846 at Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of James Adams and Elizabeth Leavitt, former
pioneer 1852). She was born May 29, 1825, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Julia M. b. Feb. 20, 1849, m.
Joseph D. Cox Jan. 1, 1867; Sarah S. b. March 4, 1852, m.
George Forsyth Oct. 31, 1870; Emma L. b. July 6. 1856,
m. Harrison J. Burgess Nov. 17, 1874; Chloe L. b. Jan. 12,
1859, m. Royal J. Gardner Nov. 22, 1876; Lucy A. b. March
25, 1861, m. Reuben Gardner Dec. 10, 1879; Marlette b.
Oct. 14, 1863, m. H. Osro Gardner Dec. 28, 1883; William
J. b. April 19, 1869, m. Hattle Marie Thornton May 10,
1899. Family resided Salt Lake City, Lehl and Pine Valley,

Married Jane Maria Shearer Oct.' 13, 1850, Salt Lake
City. Their children: William, Jr., b. Aug. 28, 1851- Maria
S. b. Feb. 25, 1853, m. W. B. Sargent; Mary L. b. Jan. 3,
1860, m. James Rencher; Mason L. b. Jan. 27, 1862, m. Betty

Married Ann Rogers March 12, 1853, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Willard, m. Melissa Meeks; Celestia, m.
John A. Gardner; Jeter, m. Alice Gardner; Charles, m. Sarah
May Coleman; Frank, m. Effle M. Harrison; Bernella E., m.
R. B. Gardner; Orrin H., Ella M. Burgess, m. Vilo Redd;
George. Family home Pine Valley, Utah.

Married Roxana Leavitt March 12, 1853, Salt Lake City.
Their children: John L., m. Anne Eastmond; Melissa, m.
Jacob Greenwood.

Member territorial legislature at Fillmore several ses-
sions; probate judge of Washington county. Bishop of
Pine Valley ward 1867-79.

SNOW, WILLIAM J. (son of William Snow and Sally
Adams). Born April 19, 1869, Lehi, Utah.

Married Hattie Marie Thornton May 10, 1899, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Amos G. Thornton and Mary Whittaker,
the former pioneer 1852, latter 1851). She was born Dec
2, 1875. Their children: William J., Jr.; Emma; Ronald
Thornton; Claud Shipley. Family home, Provo.

Associate professor of history in Brigham Young Uni-
versity, Provo. Justice of peace and superintendent of
schools of Washington county; school teacher. Superintend-
ent Sunday schools; missionary to eastern states 1899-1901.
President Y. M. M. I. A.

SNOWBALL, RALPH. Born July 26, 1844, England. Came
to Utah 1853.

Married Jane Thomas March 18, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas F. Thomas of Merthyr Tydfll, Wales,
pioneer 1853). She was born May 7, 1848, in Wales. Their
children: Mary Jane, m. Franklin Harper Pickering; Julia,
m. William Ringwood; Ralph, m. Estella Woolley; John,
m. Mary Peterson; Thomas, m. Louise Snyder; Maud Eliza,
m. Thomas Hadder; Nettie May, m. John S. Ferrington;
Estella Harriet, m. Francis A. Vincent; Pearl, d. infant;
James; Bird, m. Chester C. Zinger.

Elder. Veteran Black Hawk war. Teamster. Died June
13, 1908, Salt Lake City.

SNYDER, GEORGE G. (son of Isaac Snyder and Lovisa
Comstock) Born June 12, 1819, Jefferson county, N. Y.
Came to Utah 1849.

Married Sarah Hatch (daughter of Wilden Hatch of
Nauvoo, 111., pioneer I860). She was born Nov. 2, 1820.
Their children: Robert and Parley Pratt, died; Emily, m.
Orvil Thompson; Lucy, m. William Tanner; George W., died;
Lovisa, m. Charles M. Alexander; Wesley, Sarah and Isaac,
latter three died.

Married Elsie Jacobs In 1852 at Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of Norton Jacobs). Their children: Wilson, m. Sypha
Brown; m. Lizzie Wells; Cora, m. George Evans; Norton
and Maryette, died; Grant, m. Evelyn Kenney; Bismarck, m.
Maraynette Snell.

Married Caroline Kylfoyl In 1856, Salt Lake City. Their
children: Orilla; Luna, m. Brigham Bowman; Frank
Richards, m. Nina Williams; Olive, died; Zina, m. Murry
Shepard; Giddian, m. Pearl Wilkinson; May, died; Brigham,
m. Ester Carrol; Horace Greeley, m. Ada Sylvester; Croyton

Married Martha Kylfoyl. Their children: Louis, m. Jen-
nette Gray; Nellie, m. Edward Thiriot; Willard, m. Dora

Married Roda Orchard. Their children: Lillie, m. Edward
Evans; Sylva, m. Chance McMendrick; Kimball, m. Lovisa
Hamilton; Sherman; Ruby, m. Mr. Brown; Rose, m. Mr.
De Workman. Families resided Park City, Utah.

Bishop of Wanship, Utah, many years; missionary to Eng-
land 1858-59. Probate judge number of years. Stockraiser.
Died March 11, 1887.

SNYDER, JAMES C. (son of Henry Snyder and Elizabeth
Tartar of Roxbury, Pa.). Born Jan. 8, 1820, Philadelphia,
Pa. Came to Utah Sept. 11, 1861, Milo Andrus independent
oxteam company.

Married Mary Ann Onimus April 22, 1846, at Philadelphia
(daughter of Mathias Onimus and Mary Magdaline Develln
of Philadelphia). She was born Aug. 14, 1821, and died
June 12, 1851. Only child: Edward C. b. Oct. 22, 1861, d. July
29, 1852. Family home, Philadelphia.

Married Jane B. Forsyth Sept. 14, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John I. Forsyth and Sarah F. Barker of Carlisle,
Cumberland, Eng., pioneers Sept. 11, 1861, Milo Andrus inde-
pendent oxteam company). She was born April 29, 1842.
Their children: Mary E. b. Aug. 17, 1862, d. Aug. 28, 1864;
Sarah Jane b. Nov. 30, 1864, m. Graham L. Daley; James
Edwin b. March 7, 1867, m. Leila Meacham; Simon F. b. June
13, 1869, m. Edith Wall; John Forsyth b. April 27, 1872, m.
Martha Rosetta Fausett; Theodore A. b. April 21, 1876, m.
Aurelia Clyde. Family home Provo, Utah.

Secretary and treasurer branch, Philadelphia, Pa.; elder;
member 62nd quorum seventies. By request of Brigham
Young he planned and staked out meeting- houses and
public buildings; planned main canal on Provo bench. Archi-
tect and builder. Died Aug. 1, 1906.



SNTDER, JOHN FORSTTH (son of James C. Snyder and
Jane B. Forsyth). Born April 27, 1872, Provo, Utah.

Married Martha Rosetta Fausett Dec. 16, 1901, Provo
(daughter of Joseph Smith Fausett and Rosetta Glazier
of Hancock county, 111., and Call county, Mo., pioneers 1854,
Alexander Stevens oxteam company). She was born Oct.
27, 1873. Their children: James Clyde b. Sept. 16, 1902, died;
Claud F. b. July 26, 1904. Family home, Provo.

Counselor in elders quorum; block teacher. Carpenter and
mining engineer. .

SNYDER, MARTIN L. (son of Henry Snyder and Elizabeth
Tartar of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born at Philadelphia. Came
to Utah in September, 1856, oxteam company.

Married Lydia C. Teager at Philadelphia. Their chil-
dren: Jacob; James Henry, m. Mary E. Hoover, m. Ellen
Barton; John G., m. Pearl D. . Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 46th quorum seventies. Carpenter and farmer.
Died March 2, 1892.

SNTDER, JAMES HENRY (son of Martin L. Snyder and
Lydla C. Teager). Born Feb. 14, 1857, Provo, Utah.

Married Mary E. Hoover at Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Whitmar Hoover and Mary Elizabeth Corsa of Penn-
sylvania). She was born May 1, 1859, Springville, Utah.
Their children: James Whitmer, m. Natalia Leveridge;
Martin Leslie, died; Florence Maud, m. George A. Christen-
sen; Elvin, m. Elizabeth Wright; Mary E.; Waldo, died;
Karl. Family home, Provo.

Married Ellen Barton March 6, 1912, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Fleming Barton and Ann Rigby of
Deane, Lancastershire, Eng.; came to Utah July 18, 1879).
She was born Oct. 11, 1867.

Member 45th quorum seventies; missionary to eastern
states 1903-05; counselor T. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school,
ward and block teacher; bishop's counselor. Carpenter;
contractor and builder.

SNYDER, ROBERT (son of Jacob Snyder and Hannah
Anderson of Red Bank, N. J.). Born March 6, 1910, Red
Bank. Came to Utah 1848, Brigham Toung company.

Married Almeda Melissa Livermore April 3, 1841, Nauvoo,
111. (daughter of Benjamin and Matilda Livermore of Ver-
mont). She was born Sept. 20, 1815, and died April 8, 1896,
Payson, Utah. Their children: Mary Ann, m. John Fosgren;
Gideon and Samuel Hyrum, both died; Hannah Matilda
(died), m. John A. Powell; Robert A., m. Sarah Lusina Curtis
Feb. 10, 1881.

High priest; member Nauvoo legion. Early settler of
Payson and Provo, Utah. Gardener. Died Dec. 26, 1901,

SNTDER, ROBERT A. (son of Robert Snyder and Almeda
Melissa Livermore). Born March 23, 1854, Payson, Utah.

Married Sarah Lusina Curtis Feb. 10, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lyman Curtis and Sarah Wells Hartley of
Salem, Mass., pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Toung com-
pany). She was born May 22, 1863. Their children: Sarah
M b Jan. 21, 1882, m. David S. Anderson; Robert W. b.
June 22, 1883, m. Elva Hill; Iris V. b. Jan. 29, 1885, m.
William L. Jesspn; Royal C. b. April 12, 1886, m. Mary E.
Tidwell- Ethel R. b. Oct. 8, 1887; Carlottie b. Jan. 2, 1890,
m. John Baptiste; Litlzzette Lilly b. Aug. 22, 1891; Mabel b.
May 26, 1893; Lizzie b. Jan. 12, 1895; Asa Lyman b. Nov.
4, 1896- Edwin C. b. Sept. 27, 1898; Frank L. b. Dec. 9, 1901;
Albert b. Jan. 28, 1904, d. March 11, 1905; Agnes G. b. Feb.

High 'priest; bishop's counselor; assistant superintendent
Sunday school. School trustee; road supervisor. Farmer
and stockraiser.

SNYDER, SAMTTEli COMSTOCK (son of Isaac Snyder and
Lovisa Comstock of New Tork). Born Feb. 14, 1808, New
Tork Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1848, Willard and Lev!
Richards company. Levl came as far as Winter Quarters,
and from there departed on a mission to England.

Married Henrietta Maria Stockwell in March, 1826, In New
Tork (daughter of Ephraim Stockwell of New Tork, pioneer
1848 Willard and Levl Richards company). She was born
Sept 4, 1810. Their children: Parmelia, m. Meltiar Hatch;
Betsy Ann, m. Jesse Johnson; Ephraim Stockwell, m. Susan-
nah Fullmer; Amy, m. John Brown; Jane S., m. James
Dickinson; Laura, m. Franklin D. Richards; Goerge, d. aged
11 years; Mary Ann, m. Hyrum Williams; Isaac, d. aged 51
years; Henrietta M., m. William Page; Robert H., m. Mary
Jacobs Family resided Salt Lake City and Ashley, Utah.

Seventy at Salt Lake City. Bought claim of Parley's Park
from Parley P. Pratt, where he established first saw mill
In Utah- also established grist mill at same place, and
another In 19th ward, Salt Lake City; established turning
and lathing machine at Parley's Park. He had to scatter the
lumber, sawed at his mill in Parley's Park, over the field
to prevent the Indians from burning it. Built the first road
through Parley's Canyon to Park City. Farmer, stock-
raiser and sheep man. Died April 8, 1866, Salt Lake City.

SNTDER, EPHRAIM STOCKWELL (son of Samuel Comstock
Snyder and Henrietta Maria Stockwell). Born Oct. 27, 1831,
New Tork. Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1848, with father.

Married Susannah Fullmer Oct. 27, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Fullmer and Rhoda Ann Marvin), who
was born Nov. 25, 1844, Nauvoo, 111., and came to Utah Oct.
14 1860, with parents. Their children: Ephraim George b.

Nov. 17, 1862, m. Lou Lillian Ashcraft; Sextus Fullmer b.
March 24, 1866, m. Mary Peterson Dec. 24, 1887; David Stock-
well b. April 1, 1867; Rhoda Mariah b. July 6, 1869, m. Orlando
Johnson; Bertran Octavius b. March 16, 1872, m. Isabell
Dennis; Robert Wesley b. April 14, 1874, d. Infant; Wealthy
b. Aug. 15, 1875, m. William J. Wabel; Wilford Woodruff b.
May 2, 1878, m. Rose Lincoln; Susannah Pearl b. April 29,
1880; Amy Elvira b. Feb. 3, 1883, d. aged 2 years; Don
Vernon Eugene b. July 30, 1886.

Married Elizabeth McNaughton June 20, 1863, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James William McNaughton and Elizabeth
Shaw, former came to Utah, later died in Scotland). She
was born Oct. 2, 1847. Their children: James William Mc-
Naughton b. Nov. 25, 1864, m. Isabel Blaisdell; Amelia Eliza-
beth b. Oct. 26, 1866, m. Elijah Chapman; Isaac Lorenzo b.
Feb. 7, 1869, m. Sarah Stewart; Lucy Thompson b. Nov. 24,
1870, m. Theodore Johnson; Samuel b. Oct. 25, 1872, m. Eliza-
beth ; Benjamin Comstock b. Dec. 11, 1874, m. Mitt Max-
well; Miriam b. Dec. 14, 1879, d. aged 6 years; Gilla Ann b.
April 29, 1882; Newell K. Whitney b. Feb. 9, 1886, m. Kate
Tribley. Families resided Parley's Park, Utah.

Seventy; presiding elder of Parley's Park. Sent team to
Missouri river with provisions for poor immigrants. Minute-
man during Indian troubles. While on trip to Fort Bridger,
Wyo., he was often forced to keep the mules moving all
night so they would not freeze to death; they had eaten
the blankets off one another because of scarcity of food.
Died Oct. 11, 1905, Parley's Park, Utah.

SOLOMON, WILLIAM H. Born Feb. 6, 1828, Truro, Corn-
wall, Eng. Came to Utah in October, 1862, John R. Murdock

Married Elizabeth H. Drew Oct. 13, 1851, In Truro, who
was born Nov. 14, 1825. Their children: Elizabeth E., m.
Samuel J. Brown; Mary Louisa, m. Alfred Solomon; William,
d. aged 2; William H., d. child; Hilda, m. James H. Lewis;
Ellen A., d. infant; Edwin D., m. Effle Knight, m. Elnora
Jennings; Eliza, d. aged 16 months. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Seventy; patriarch. Farmer and stockraiser; shoemaker.

SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM (son of Andrew Somerville and
Margaret Fuller of Lanarkshire, Scotland). Born April 4,
1817, near Lanark, Lanarkshire. Came to Utah 1852, O. M.
Allen company.

Married Eliza Smith Feb. 3, 1847, Keg Creek, (daugh-
ter of Walter Smith and Mary Trunkey of Vernon, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio). She was born Feb. 18, 1816. Their children:
Mary; Eliza; Margaret, m. James Jerman; William, m.
Rosannah Stewart; Sarah, m. Orson Williams; Emma, m.
George W. McConkie. Family resided Spanish Fork and
Mona, Utah.

Member 6th quorum seventies; missionary to Canada
1842-43. Farmer and stockraiser. Died April 26, 1878,
Mona, Utah.

SONNEDECKER, N. W, (son of Josephus Sonnedecker and
Sophia Peters of Ohio). Born Dec. 16, 1855, Ohio. Came to
Utah Nov. 1, 1891.

Married Fannie H. Rivers Jan. 15, 1889, Kendall, Kan.
(daughter of Albert L. Rivers and Martha C. Myers, who
came to Utah in 1890). She was born Dec. 9. 1866. Their
children: Josephine Alberta; Helen Louise; Martha; Ada.
Family home, Salt Lake City.


SORENSEN, MADS. Born March 29, 1830, at Vive, Aal-
borg, Denmark. Came to Utah July, 1874.

Married Kirsten Larson, who was born March 8, 1827, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Soren Chris-
tian b. Jan. 14, 1854, d. infant; Jacob b. Feb. 15, 1854; Nels
Miller b. Sept. 23, 1857; Soren Christian b. Feb. 16, 1
Sine b Sept. 16, 1861; Hans Christian b. Nov. 30, 1864;
Kirsten Maria b. Jan. 12, 1868; Eliza b. Jan. 5, 1871.

SORENSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN (son of Mads Sorensen and
Kirsten Larson). Born Nov. 30, 1864, Dastrup, Aalborg

al Marrled na Mirandla Esplin March 18, 1890, St. George,
Utah (daughter of John Esplin and Margret Webster),
who was born Jan. 25, 1873, Mt. Carmel, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Binnie H. b. Jan. 25, 1891; Kirsten b. Jan 20 1892;
Evelen b. Feb. 3, 1893; David b. April 23, 1895; Earl John
b. June 8, 1897; Loyd b. Nov. 13, 1900; Marie b. Oct 26,
1903; Vilate b. Sept. 22, 1905; Joseph b. June 26, 1

y May 21. 1887. to Aug. 13. 1889;

bishop of Mt. Carmel ward since Aug. 15, 1900.

SORENSEN, PETER (son of Nlcolal Sorensen and Malena
Olsen). Born Oct. 10, 1832. Came to Utah with father, Cap-

ta Marrled e Rlkk mP Andersen Oct. 17, 1857, who was born Feb.
14 1835. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1857, Mathias Cowley
company. Their children: Peter Andrew b. Sept. 1858; Wil-
lard b. May 9, 1860, m. Agnes Duncan; Marie b. Oct. 18,
1863, m. D. B. Richards; Carrie M. b. Sept. 11, 1865, m.
Matthew M. Forster; George N. b. April 28, 1867; Rebecca



b. Dec. 23, 1869, m. Peter Hansen; Philip b. Nov. 5, 1871,

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