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dren: Mary Ellen b. July 20, 1867, m. Walter F. Hanks
April 15, 1887; David James b. Sept. 25, 1869, m. Fanny Sim-
mons Dec. 22, 1892; Urban Van b. Oct. 6, 1871, m. Margret
Franklin Dec. 21, 1897; John Ruly b. Aug. 27, 1873, m. Cor-
nelia Covington Aug. 14, 1903; Lydia Catherine b. Nov. I
1875, d. Feb. 1, 1877; Andrew Adams b. March 5, 1877, d.
July 10, 1882; Rosa May b. June 14, 1880, m. Moroni Lazenby
Oct. 14, 1898; Levi b. Oct. 31, 1882, d. Feb. 10, 1892. Effle
Elizabeth b. Feb. 17, 1886, m. William J. Covington; Walter
Ernest b. Sept. 27, 1888. Family resided Beaver and Adams-
ville, Utah.

Married Keziah Jones (daughter of William and Mary
Jones), who was born July 16, 1855. Their children: Mar-
gret, m. Mr. Valentine; Edward, m. May Pace; Susan, m.
Lars Frandson.

Seventy; high priest; presiding elder of Grover, Teasdale
branch; missionary to southern Illinois, 1843; and also to
the White mountains. He assisted in putting in the crops
in Clover valley. Farmer. Died Dec. 25, 1899, Grover, Utah.

STEWART, JOHN RILLT (son of Urban Van Stewart and
Ellen Adams). Born Aug. 27, 1873, Beaver, Utah.

Married Ellen Cornelia Covington Aug. 14, 1903, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Covington and Elizabeth Adams),
who was born Dec. 10, 1884, Orderville, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Ellen Elizabeth b. April 26, 1904; John Rilly, Jr. b.
Oct. 28, 1905; Golda b. Dec. 21, 1907; Cecil Van b. March 7,
1910; Harold William b. March 21, 1911. Family home Loa,

Missionary to northwestern states 1897-1900; presiding
elder and assistant Sunday school superintendent of Grover
ward; bishop Torrey ward five years; second counselor to G.
S. Bastian, president of Wayne stake, 1906-10; and first
counselor to Joseph Eckersley, president same stake.

STEWART, WILLIAM (son of James Stewart, born Aug. 12,
1796, Blairothel, Scotland, and Helen Young, born 1796, St.
Andries, Scotland. Family home Edinburgh, Scotland).
He was born March 15, 1828, at Edinburgh. Came to Utah
December, 1856, John A. Hunt company.

Married Elizabeth Murdock Nov. 18, 1850, Newcastle.
Northumberland, Eng. (daughter of James Murdock and
Elizabeth Salter), who was born Dec. 18, 1822, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: James Murdock b.
Sept. 22, 1851, m. Mary J. Duncan Dec. 22, 1873; Wi'liam
b. Oct. 7, 1853, d. Aug. 19, 1854; Neil M. b. April 15, 1855, m.
Hannah Fisher Nov. 20, 1880; Elizabeth b. Oct. 23, 1856,
d. Oct. 26, 1856. Family resided Goshen and Meadow Utah.

Married Ruth Carans Sept. 22, 1857, Salt Lake City, who
was born April 13, 1905, in Scotland.

Married Jane Jenkins 1864, at Salt Lake City (daughter
of James Jenkins and Jenet Lard of Scotland, pioneers 1864).
Their children: Jennett b. Sept. 8, 1865, m. Peter Green-
halgh; Elizabeth b. Aug. 25, 1867, m. James E. Fisher; Isa-
bell b. Jan. 8, 1870, m. Edwin Stott, Jr.; Jane b. May 9,
1872, d. May 24, 1872; William b. Aug. 16. 1873. d. Aug. 16,
1873; Enoch b. Nov. 3, 1874, m. Laura Greenhalgh; Ellen b.
April 17, 1877, m. Lester W. Stott; James J. b. July 8, 1879,
m. Mary Church; May b. May 1, 1882, m. John Williams;
Georgia b. June 6, 1885, m. Raymond Stott; Myrtle b. March
26, 1892, m. Philip Borup.

Served in Echo Canyon and Black. Hawk wars. Moved
from Spanish Fork to Goshen and then to Meadow In 1869.
Worked on St. George temple. Carpenter and farmer. Died
Dec. 2, 1892 at Meadow.

STEWART. JAMES M. (son of William Stewart and Eliza-
beth Murdock). Born Sept. 22, 1851, St. Louis, Mo. Came
to Utah December, 1856, with father.

Married Mary J. Duncan Dec. 22, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Duncan and Jennett Snedden, pioneers
September, 1852, John Higby company). She was born April
15, 1854, at Fillmore, Utah. Their children: James W. b.
Jan. 19, 1875, d. Oct. 9, 1878; Nephi R. b. Feb. 6, 1877, m.
Hilman Pearson; Mary E. b. June 13, 1879, m. Heber W.
Beckstrand; Duncan b. Sept. 6, 1882, m. Signa Christensen
Dec. 1910; Christina b. April 12, 1887, m. William Davis
May 11, 1910; George Lile b. Feb. 22, 1889, m. Laura Walker
Oct. 1812; Ephraim b. Sept. 8, 1892; Clifford b. Oct. 27, 1894;
Augus b. March 13, 1897. Family home Meadow, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Duncan Dec. 21, 1883, St. George, Utah
(daughter of James Duncan and Jennett Snedden, pioneers
September, 1852, John Higby company). She was born
Feb. 8. 1866, Meadow, Utah. Their children: Emma J. b.
Nov. 8, 1884, m. Marry A. Gull Sept. 25, 1907; Neil M. b.
Feb. 10, 1887, m. Ada Stott Sept. 30, 1908; Ruth Ellen b.
Aug. 24, 1889, m. Albert Eli Bennett Sept. 5, 1911; Isaac b.
Sept. 25, 1892; Zina b. July 8, 1895; Violet b. Jan. 2, 1898;
Grace b. July 28, 1901; Blanche b. Oct. 17, 1903; Golden b.
March 7, 1906. Family home Meadow, Utah.

Ward teacher thirty years; missionary to Eastern states;
one of the presidents of 42d quorum seventies; member high
council Millard stake. Black Hawk Indian war veteran.

STEWART, WILLIAM (son of William and Mary Stewart of
Greenock, Scotland). Born May 12, 1817, at Campbeltown,
Scotland. Came to Utah October, 1864.

Married Sarah Thompson (daughter of Sam Thompson).
Their children: Anna; William: Samuel; Elizabeth; Hugh;
Thompson; Sarah; Martha. Family home Clarkston, Utah.

He died at Clarkston.



STEWART, SAMUEL (son of William Stewart and Sarah
Thompson). Born April 9, 1834, Greenoch, Scotland. Came
to Utah Oct. 27, 1862, Ansel P. Harmon company.

Married Mary Ann Clark April 16, 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Clark and Ann Clark of Sugar House
ward, Salt Lake City married Oct. 3, 1844, pioneers 1857,
Captain Merrell company). She was born Aug. 24. 1847,
Cambridge, Eng. Their children: Samuel C. b. Feb. 19, 1865,
m. Salma Dahle Feb. 19, 1890; Joseph William b. March 19,
1868, m. Sady Godfrey Aug. 24, 1893; James Edward b.
Jan. 30, 1870, m. Emily Jane Basset Dec. 1890; Julia
Ann b. March 2, 1872, m. James Clark Feb. 11, 1892; Angahne
Vilat b. June 30, 1874, m. Charles Buttars May 18, 1892;
George b. Oct. 22, 1876, m. Leong Birgh Oct. 17, 1892; Sarah
b. Oct. 15, 1878, m. Joseph W. Black July 20, 1898; Mary
Ann b. Dec. 17, 1880, m. James T. Birch March 11, 1898;
Andrew b. Jan. 11, 1883, m. Elizabeth Bagley Aug. 19, 1901;
Hugh b. May 18, 1885, m. Adeline Greenhalm Dec. 19, 1907;
Benjamin Isaac b. Sept. 28, 1887, m. Caroline Birch May 3.
1910; Clara Elizabeth b. Feb. 27, 1891, m. Parley Richmond
Sept. 22, 1910.

STEWART, SAMUEL C. (son of Samuel Stewart and Mary
Ann Clark). Born Feb. 19, 1865, Salt Lake City.

Married Salma Dahle Feb. 19, 1890, Logan, Utah (daughter
of John Dahle and Janettie Ingerman of Logan, Utah), who
was born Nov. 14, 1877, Logan, Utah. Their children:
Jannettie b. May 17, 1891, m. Claud Rackham, m. Olau Rack-
ham Nov. 13, 1907; Lettie b. April 26, 1894; Samuel Leroy
b. July 2, 1896; Amy May b. Aug. 12, 1901; John Dahle b. Oct.
23, 1904.

STEWELL, DAW. Came to Utah in fall of 1847.

Married Louisa Barnum in St. Joe county, Ind. Their
children: William; Harriet, m. William Stewell; George,
m. Jane Bybee; Mary, m. Alonzo Perry; Anjeanette Abigail,
m. Alonzo Orson Perry; Louisa, d. infant. Family home
Ogden, Utah.


STEVENS, ALBERT (son of William and Marinda Stevens,

both of Canada). Born Dec. 16, . Came to Utah 1852,

oxteam company.

Married Lette McKee (daughter of David and Mary
McKee, of Iowa). Their children: Albert, m. Elsie Mc-
Clellan; Rachael, m. Simeon Stevenson; Mary, m. George
Badger; James, died; David Edward, m. Kate Kenney;
George Thomas, m. Cynthia McClellan; Martha Ann, m.
Harden Ashby; Lette, died. Family home Holden, Utah.

Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Settled at Pleasant
Grove, moved to Holden, Utah. Farmer. Died March 6,
1910, at Holden, Utah.

STEVENS, DAVID EDWARD (son of Albert Stevens and
Lette McKee). Born Dec. 9, 1860, Holden, Utah.

Married Kate Kenney March 29, 1881, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of John Keiiney of Ireland and Elizabeth
Bennet of England, former pioneer 1858, latter 1860). Their
children: Elizabeth A. b. May 11, 1883, m. E. W. Crane;
Wllford b. April 12, 1886; LaVern b. Dec. 19, 1889, m. John
Earl Pickett; Vivien b. July 11, 1S92; George b. Jan. 21, 1895;
Ruth b. Feb. 19, 1897; Austin b. Sept. 11, 1899; Kate b. Aug.
7, 1903. Family resided Holden, Salina and Aurora, Utah.

Elder. Constable of Holden two years. Sheepraiser and

STILLMAN, CHARLES. Born June 1, 1834. Came to Utah

Married Elizabeth Neff, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Mary Elizabeth, m. Mores Ross Porter; John F. ; Harriet
Seymore, m. Eli Curtis; Delia Barr, "m. John Fagg; Charles
Franklin, m. Mariah Neff; Samuel Segmore, m. Selina Osgu-
thorpe; Forest Neff, m. Elizabeth Ellis; Frances Minerva,
m. Andrew H. Bagley; Cyrus Neff, m. Eliza Hippler; Letitia
Bower, m. Joseph Moss; Brigham Jason; Barbara Matilda,
m. George F. Taylor; Joseph Julian, m. Emma Osguthorpe;
Susanna Ethel, m. H. Albert Wagstaff.

Farmer; stockraiser. Died July 16, 1905, East Mill Creek,

STILLMAN, CHARLES FRANKLIN (son of Charles Stillman
and Elizabeth Neff).

Married Mariah Neff, Logan, Utah (daughter of Bishop
John Neff and Eliza Beneditce, East Mill Creek, Utah, pio-
neers 1847). Their children: Kenneth Vere; Charles Neff;
Wayne; Franklin; John; Wilmer; Jene; June. Family home,
East Mill Creek.

President T. M. M. I. A.; superintendent Sunday school.
Farmer; stockraiser.

STIMPSON, WILLIAM (son of William Stimpson and Mary
Smith, Stalham, Norfolk, Eng.). Born June 15, 1821, Hemp-
stead, Norfolk, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward
Martin handcart company.

Married Rebecca Loubbuck Nov. 19, 1848, East Ruston,
Norfolk, Eng. (daughter of James Loubbuck and Susan
Hewett), who was born March 31, 1826, and died on the
plains. Their children: Frederick, m. Sarah Jane Parker,
m. Lucy Ellen Davis; William B., d. on plains.

Married Edna Hinchcliff in 1858, Ogden, Utah (daughter
of Elijah Hinchcliff and Hannah Field, pioneers 1854, Cap-
tain James Brown company). She was born March 24,

1828, Yorkshire, Eng. Their children: William b. April 27,
1859, m. Rebecca A. Bybee; Eliza Ann b. Feb. 24, 1861, m.
Frank Wadsworth; Ann Rebecca b. Feb. 24, 1861, m. Ira E.
Spalding; Robert P. b. May 14, 1863, m. Adeline Gale; Sarah
b. Aug. 7, 1865, m. William Drysdale; Edna b. July 27, 1867,
m. Hyrum E. Gale.

Married Ann Mary Christensen in 1868, at Salt Lake City,
who was born July 23, 1840. Their children: Mary Ann b.
Aug. 7, 1869, m. Thomas Story; Martha b. Dec. 16, 1871;
Elizabeth b. Aug. 7, 1873, m. Clarence E. Porter; Margaret
b. Feb. 8, 1876; John b. Oct. 2, 1878, m. Annie E. P. Gale;
George Q. b. Feb. 29, 1884, died; Joseph H. b. June 12, 1885.
Families resided Riverciale, Weber Co., Utah.

Second counselor to Bishop Bingham of Riverdale for 30
years. Served in Echo Canyon war 1857-8. Farmer. Died
Jan. 12, 1907.

STIMPSON, FREDERICK (son of William Stimpson and
Rebecca Loubbuck). Born June 15, 1852, at Ridlington,
Norfolk, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, with father.

Married Sarah Jane Parker Oct. 21, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William C. Parker and Sarah B. Edgeley, West
Jordan, Salt Lake county, pioneers 1854, Robert L. Camp-
bell company). She was born April 22, 1857. Their chil-
dren: Frederick, Jr., b. Dec. 13, 1877; Sarah Jane b. Dec. 19.
1879, d. 1880; William b. March 1. 1881, d. 1881; John b. Aug.
17, 1882, m. Sarah E. Singleton; Rebecca b. April 16, 1885,
m. Albert J. Thompson; James L. b. April 3, 1887, d. 1888;
Mary E. b. Feb. 17, 1889; Eliza A, b. April 24, 1891, m. Charles
C. Murri; George; Robert E. b. Oct. 25, 1897, d. 1897; Mar-
garet b. Dec. 18, 1899; Martha b. June 4, 1902, d. 1903.

Married Lucy Ellen Davis March 11, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of George Davis and Elizabeth M. Hammon, East
Weber, Utah, pioneers 1851, Alford Cardon company). She
was born Feb. 9, 1864. Their children: Lucy E. b. Feb.
16, 1886, m. Charles C. Murri; Sarah E. b. Nov. 14, 1887, m.
G. P. Parson. Families resided South Hooper, Utah, and
St. Anthony, Idaho.

Member 76th quorum seventies; Sunday school worker, 35
years; ward chorister same length of time. School trustee,
15 years. Farmer.

STINGER, JOHN HENRY (son of Adam Stinger and Anna
Mary Rode, of Alsenua, Germany). Born April 23, 1839,
Zanesville, Ohio. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home

Married Elizabeth Hollist Oct. 1, 1859, Florence. Neb.
(daughter of Henry Hollist and Elizabeth Chandler, pioneers
1861, Joseph Home company). She was born Feb. 14, 1842.
Their children: John William, m. Gwenlion Marley; Jane
Elizabeth, d. Oct. 29, 1883; Henry Holltst, m. Elizabeth E.
Gittins; Mary Deborah, m. Joseph Marley; Frances Mindwel!,
d. Feb. 9, 1868; Rosanna, d. Feb. 14, 1871; Lillie Adelaide, m.
Addison I. Long; Harriett Ann, m. William H. Esler; Flor-
ence, m. Henry W. Talbot; Alice Emily, m. Samuel Blundell;
Rhoda Pearl, m. E. Louis Saunders; Ada May, m. Aaron
Headlee; Fanny Gwenlion, m. Orson P. Merrell.

Settled in Ogden in 1861; following year went to Toquer-
ville as pioneer, and later returned to Ogden, where he went
into bakery business; built first bakery oven in that city
in 1869. Worked for Utah Northern railway in 1878; set-
tled in Pocatello where he operated a bakery and finally
settled in McCammon, where for four years he was justice of

STOCK, JOHN (son of Robert Stock and Susan Pierce of
Kent, Eng.). Born Oct. 12, 1820, Bathurst, Gambia, South
Africa. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1860, William Budge company.

Married Jane Adams Feb. 13, 1841, Fort Elizabeth, South
Africa (daughter of Poyntz Adams and Mary Staines of Port
Elizabeth), who was born Aug. 27, 1822. Their children:
Mary Ann b. Sept. 27, 1842, m. William Stokes 1859; John
William Edwin b. Dec. 20, 1844, m. H. Henrietta Teeples Oct.
23, 1871; Jane Susan b. Aug. 21, 1846, m. Charles C. Rich,
Jr., Aug. 27, 1865; Elizabeth b. Sept. 21, 1848, m. Hyrum
Rich June 29, 1867; Richard Poyntz b. Aug. 27, 1850, m.
Rosetta Gardner June 14, 1881; Robert Wallace b. Aug. 1,
1852, m. Annie Isabel Findlay Sept. 28, 1874; Sarah Wilkin-
son b. July 8, 1854, m. Alma Peck Oct. 23, 1871; Jessie Ester
b Oct. 6, 1856, m. Horace P. Nelson Sept. 28, 1874; Maria
Josephine b. Sept. 3, 1858, m. Medwln Allred May 31, 1875;
Ephraim b. Jan. 4, 1861, m. Susan Nelson; Claudia Ellen b.
Oct. 12, 1864, m. Seymour L. Allred June 21, 1883. Family
resided Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and Fish Haven, Idaho.

Married Frances Gillson Gibbs Dec. 7, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Gillson and Charlotte King, pioneers
Sept. 18, 1859, and widow of Richard Gibbs, who died Sept.
23, 1859; their son Heber b. Nov. 1, 1858). She was born
Jan 15, 1837, Long Clauson, Leicestershire, England. Their
children: Charlotte Ann b. Dec. 30, 1862, m. John T. Pope
April 12, 1882; Mary Frances b. June 24, 1866, m. John Louis
Gardner Oct. 22, 1884; Charles C. b. April 18, 1868, m. Sophia
Thompsen Aug. 30, 1893; Grace Maud b. April 24, 1870, m.
Charles C. Shirley Sept. 12, 1888; John R. b. April 24, 1874,
m Charlotte Croft Galloway Sept. 11, 1895; William King
b Aug 4 1877, died; Joseph P. b. Dec. 11, 1878, m. Annie
J.' Cottle June 7, 1902; Lydia b. Nov. 2, 1882, died. Family

Missionary to South Africa 1862-1864; bishop Fish Haven
ward 1882-1893; patriarch. Postmaster Fish Haven 1868-
1893. Carpenter; farmer.

STOCK, JOHN WILLIAM EDWIN (son of John Stock and
Jane Adams). Born Dec. 20, 1844, Port Elizabeth, South



Married H. Henrietta Teeples Oct. 23, 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George B. Teeples and Huldah Colby of
Holden, Utah, pioneers 1850). She was born May 1, 1852.
Their children: Emma Jane b. Oct. 4, 1872; Bertha Henrietta
b. Sept. 1, 1874; Alice Luella b. June 11, 1876; Edwin Ephraim
b. March 15, 1879, m. Florence Bee Sept. 18, 1907; Louisa
Effle b. Oct. 27. 1881, m. Abraham Tyson June 7, 1905; John
William b. April 10, 1884, m. Aurelia Martineau July 1,
1911. Family home Fish Haven. Idaho.

Married Clara Victoria Olsen Oct. 10, 1894, Logan, Utah
(stepdaughter of Andrus Olsen and Christina Neilsen of
Sweden), who was born Aug. 12, 1874, in Sweden. Their
children: Sidney Richard b. Dec. 18, 1895; Bernice Clara
b. Feb. 24, 1898; Wesley Karl b. March 21, 1900; Fern Edna
b. July 17, 1902; Owen Ray b. Jan. 4, 1905; Russel Blaine b.
March 22. 1907; Eldon Mark b. March 9, 1909.

President of T. M. M. I. A. 11 years; bishop's counselor
1882 to 1904; ordained bishop of Fish Haven ward 1904.

STOCK. ROBERT WALLACE (son of John Stock and Jane
Adams). Born Aug. I. 1852, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Annie Isabel Findlay Sept. 28, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hugh Findlay and Catherine Partington),
who was born 1857, Salt Lake City. Their children: Robert
Ernest b. Aug. 12, 1875, m. Annie Young 1896; Wallace Find-
lay b. April 13, 1878, m. Emma Hilt 1902; Catherine Isabel
b. Sept. 24, 1881, m. Ilyrum Michealson 1904; Harold J. b.
June 2. 1884, m. May Eggleston 1905; Maud Ethel b. Oct. 4,
1887, m. Daniel Nield 1911; Lawrence Rattery b. June 24,
1892. Family home Fish Haven, Idaho, and Afton, Wyo.

High priest.

STOCK, JOHN R. (son of John Stock and Frances Gillson
Gibbs). Born April 24, 1874, Fish Haven, Idaho.

Married Charlotte Croft Galloway Sept. 11, 1895 (daugh-
ter of Curtis Galloway and Harriet Annie Rowley). Their
children: Reuben Galloway b. April 24, 1897; Rachel Char-
lotte b. May 13, 1900; Viola Frances b. Dec. 13, 1903; Heber
Devine b. Feb. 20, 1911. Family home Fish Haven.

STOCK, JOSEPH P (son of John Stock and Frances Gillson
Gibbs). Born Dec. 11, 1878, Fish Haven, Idaho.

Married Annie J. Cottle June 7, 1902. Paris, Idaho (daugh-
ter of Thomas E. Cottle and Flora England, pioneers 1860,
Homer Duncan company). She was born Dec. 30, 1881, Plain
City, Utah. Their children: La Priel b. May 7, 1903; Glenn
J. b. July 23, 1906; Margery b. June 16, 1908.

President of deacons' quorum; assistant secretary T. M. M.
I. A.; Sunday school teacher. Business man and sportsman.

Married Nancy Amanda Cahoon at Logan, Utah (daughter
of Daniel Cahoon, born 1822, and Martha Spencer, born
1831). She was born May 21. 1848, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Only child: Charles Reynolds b. Dec. 7, 1886.

STOCKING, ENSIGN ISRAEL (son of John J. Stocking and
Mary Ensign of England, and Springfield, Mass.). Born
Sept. 6, 1837, at Springfield. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Elizabeth Ellen Arnold in 1866 at Herriman,
Utah (daughter of Henry Arnold and Elizabeth James of
Herefordshire, Eng., pioneers 1850). She was born June
19, 1844. Their children: Ensign, m. Isabell Shields; Mary
Ellen, m. George W. Shields; John, m. Georgianne Wright;
Jeremiah, m. Ellis King; Emma, m. Joseph Holt; Lucy, m.
Royal Soffe; Joseph; Hyrum, m. Orvell Beckstead. Family
home, Herriman.

Missionary to Great Britain 4 years; seventy; high priest.
Farmer and stockraiser. Died July 11, 1883.

STOCKS, HENRY (son of Thomas Stocks of England). Born
Aug. 17, 1821, Derbyshire, Eng. Came to Utah March, 1855,
John S. Fullmer company.

Married Mary Halley (daughter of James Halley and Isa-
bella Murry of Glasgow, Scotland married 1843, in Eng-
land). She was born July 21, 1820. Their children: Angus
Murry b. April 12, 1844, m. Elizabeth Faubush; Moroni b.
Oct. 21, 1845, m. Sarah Heward Jan. 21, 1865, m. Nancy
Amanda Cahoon; Simeon Carter b. 1846; Mary b. March,
1848; Isabella; Henry Jr. b. Aug. 6, 1851, m. Murilla Draper;
Louisa Jane b. Sept. 21, 1855, m. James T. Wilkins; William;
Eliza Ellen b. April 30, 1862, m. George W. Terry. Family
resided Salt Lake City, Manti, Gunnison and Rockland, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died May 25, 1911, Lewiston, Utah.

STOCKS, MORONI (son of Henry Stocks and Mary Halley).
Born Oct. 21, 1845, Lancastershire, Eng. Came to Utah
1866, Milo Andrus company.

Married Sarah Heward Jan. 21, 1865, Rockville, Utah
(daughter of John Heward and Elizabeth Terry Draper
Utah, pioneers October, 1848, Zera Pulsipher company)
She was born March 4, 1848, Mosquito Creek, Pottawattamie
Co., Iowa. Their children: Moroni Heward b. Dec. 2 1866
m. Flora Bright Jan. 2, 1890; Sarah Rachel b. Nov 26* 1867*
m. Albert Blair Oct. 27, 1886; Wallace Hunter b. Jan 29*
1870, m. Emma Sandberg May, 1907; Mary Elizabeth b Juno
30, 1872, m. Robert Fife April 16, 1891; Edwin Murry b
Feb. 1, 1876, m. Ella Rawlins Dec. 12, 1894; James Halley
b. March 14, 1877, m. Lettie H. Thompson Jan. 4. 1905; John
Carter b. April 23, 1879. m. Mary Argyle in March 1904-
Henry b. March 24, 1881, m. Vinnie Dopp Dec. 26, 1906:
Luella b. June 18, 1883, m. Edward J. Watkins April 29,
190d; William Heber b. March 23, 1885, m. Maud Williamson
Dec. 6, 1906; Effle b. Feb. 11, 1887, m. George Villett Jan.
16, 1907; Glenchora b. April 23, 1889, m. Rufus Pond Aug.
24, 1910; Eva b. Nov. 10, 1891, m. Zera Pond March 22 1913

STOKES, HENRY. Came to Utah 1862, Henry Miller com-

Married Elizabeth Stokes. Among their children was
Elizabeth, m. Orrin Myler.

Crossed the plains on foot to Salt Lake City; went to
Mendon with his teamster, Isaac Sorenson; lived in Cache
county 20 years; helped to settle the Snake River country,
and lived there 30 years; now resides at Logan, Utah.

STODDARD, CHARLES (son of Curtis Stoddard, who died
in Knoxville, 111., Aug. 29, 1840, and Pamelia West, who died
in Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 27, 1849). He was born May
8, 1820, Norton, Medina Co., Ohio. Came to Utah Oct. 16,
1852, Uriah Curtis company.

Married Lucetta Jane Murdock, May 27, 1843, Walnut
Grove, Knox county, 111. (daughter of John Murdock and
Sophia Trask of Council Bluffs, Iowa, pioneers 1862, Uriah
Curtis company). She was born Aug. 2, 1814, and died in
September, 1886. Their children: Curtis Charles b. March
17, 1844, m. Mary Ann Hardy Jan. 1, 1866; Marian Eliza b.
Aug. 20, 1847, m. George Franklin Stoddard; Hyrum Franklin
b. Nov. 29, 1849, m. Alice Wise, m. Eva Cleveland; John
Francis b. Sept. 14, 1852, m. Isidara Belnap. Family home
Uinta, Weber Co., Utah.

Elder. School trustee; justice of peace. Water master;
farmer. Died April 29, 1891.

STODDARD, CURTIS CHARLES (son of Charles Stoddard
and Lucetta Jane Murdock). Born March 17, 1844, Walnut
Grove, Knox county, 111. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Mary Ann Hardy Jan. 1, 1866, Uinta, Weber Co.,
Utah (daughter of Zachariah Hardy, Council Bluffs, Iowa,
who died in Nauvoo July 20, 1846, and Eliza Philbrook,
pioneer 1852. Benjamin Gardner's company). She was born
Feb. 8, 1846. Their children: Curtis Charles Jr. b. Aug. 6,
1866 m Margret Valentine Robinson April 5, 1890; William
Henry b. Jan. 29, 1868, m. Mariah Farrow July 27, 1889;
Hyrum Franklin b. March 25, 1870; Joseph Francis b. March
21, 1872, m. Margret V. Stoddard April 10, 1903; John War-
ren b. Sept. 21, 1875, m. May Wadsworth Oct. 31. 1902; Mary
Lueetta b. March 24, 1878, m. Biran Bybee May 20, 1902;
Eliza Jane b. Sept. 28, 1881, m. Blrtie Wadsworth Aug. 1,
1903; Thomas Parley b. June 23, 1883, d. Feb. 11, 1884; Orson
Pratt b. April 1. 1885, m. Alice Wadsworth Oct. 27, 1904;
Wilford David b. April 3, 1888; Lymond b. March 17, 1891.
Family home, Uinta.

Bishop's counselor; home missionary. School trustee;

STODDARD, CHARLES HENRY (son of Israel Stoddard
and Sarah Woodward, of Nauvoo, 111., and Philadelphia, Pa.).
Born April 21, 1827, Newark, N. J. Came to Utah In 1861,
Harry Walton company.

Married Anna Telford Feb. 22, 1851, Bountiful, Utah
(daughter of John and Jane Telford. of Nauvoo, pioneers
1851, Harry Walton company). She was born Nov. 22, 1827.
Their children: George Henry b. Oct. 25, 1852, m. Hannah
E. Bowman Jan. 19, 1874; John Robert, m. Agnes Sessions
Sept. 26, 1876; Charles Witt, m. Alice Weaver; William
Israel, m. Fannie Gibbs; Mary Rebecca, m. Brigham A.
Hendricks; Jane Telford, m. Hyrum Leavitt; Joseph Smith,
m. Susan E. Thomas; Anna Victora, m. Charles E. Merrill.
Family resided Bountiful and Richmond, Utah.

Married Matilda Ann Duncan 1858, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James and Hulda Duncan of Bountiful), who was
born in 1838. Their children: Sarah Hulda, m. Edward
Thomas; James Duncan, m. Genebra Curtice; Susan E., m.
James Wood.

Member 9th quorum seventies; missionary In San Pete
county 1852-53; acting ward teacher; bodyguard of Brigham
Young. Carried food and messages to and from Prophet
Joseph Smith, while in hiding, during the trouble in Nauvoo.
Took part in Echo Canyon campaign; veteran Indian war.
Farmer and thresher. Died Sept. 2, 1907, Richmond.

STODDARD, GEORGE HENRY (son of Charles Henry Stod-

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