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May 5, 1891; Minerva b. Aug. 22, 1873, m. N. J. Schow Augr.
2, 1894.

Bishop of Levan ward 1871; bishop of Juab ward at tlmo
of death. Merchant and county commissioner. Died April,

TAYLOR, JAMES E. (son of Elmer Taylor and Weltha Ann
Spafford). Born Feb. 20, 1864, Springville, Utah.

Married Almira Ollarton Nov. 12, 1885, who was born
April 7, 1868, Parowan, Utah. Their children: Ann Mennell
b. Nov. 8, 1886; Joel E. b. Oct. 4, 1888; Vinnie J. b. April 1,
1890, m. Ivan C. Dalby Dec. 22, 1909; Frank S. b. Nov. 21,
1894; May Josephine b. Feb. 22, 1897; James O. b. Nov. 21,
1901; Weltha Eva b. Nov. 9, 1903; Olive b. Feb. 22, 1910.

Bishop of Levan, Utah; missionary to England 1895-98.
School trustee; constable; commissioner; health officer.

TAYLOR, FRED T. (son of John Taylor of London, Eng.).
Born March 11, 1854.

Married Amelia J. Needham July 11, 1892, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Needham and Martha Millens, pioneers
1850), who was born Sept. 11, 1857, at Salt Lake City. Their
child: Lenessa N. b. March 11, 1894.

TAYLOR, GEORGE (son of Thomas Taylor, born June 13,
1800, Woodboro, Nottinghamshire, Eng., and Hannah Nichols,
born 1802, Arnold, Nottinghamshire). He was born March
16, 1830, Woodboro. Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1853, Appleton
M. Harmon company.

Married Mary Ann Quinn May 27, 1859 (daughter of Wil-
liam Quinn and Mary Ann Hosking, pioneers 1860, Andrew
J. Moftatt company). She was born July 19, 1834. Came to
Utah Nov. 29, 1856, Edward Martin company. Their children:
Mary Ann b. April 2, 1860, m. Joseph Thorp; Harriet b.
Nov. 10, 1861, m. Peter Justeson; George b. Dec. 23, 1864, m.
Minnie Frost; Elizabeth b. Jan. 16, 1863, m. Niels Kjeldsen;
Zina b. Jan. 29, 1867, m. Andrew Hansen; Thomas b. Sept.
14, 1868, m. Hannah Whitcock; Presindia b. April 26, 1870,
m. Thomas L. Thorp; Hannah b. Aug. 14, 1874. Family home
Ephraim, Utah.

Married Charlotte E. Leggett June 1881, Salt Lake City,
who was born 1837, in Illinois.

Bishop's counselor 1867-94. Member legislative assembly
1868-70; mayor of Ephraim City 1868-74. Member South San
Pete stake high council from organization of stake until
date. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war 1865-67.

TAYLOR, GEORGE (son of Edward Taylor and Ann Nichols
of Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born April 6, 1830, Kensal
Green, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1862, Homer Duncan

Married Louisa Gwyther November 1853, in England
(daughter of Thomas Kwyther and Louisa Palmer of Bristol,
Eng.), who was born Jan. 15, 1827. Their children: Emrna
Louisa b. Aug. 13, 1854, m. John Laird Jenkins; Hattie Jane,
m. William T. Higginson; George Milo, m. Martha Bowles;
Lucy Palmer, m. Zachariah 3. Taylor; Alice Ann, died.
Family home Goshen, Utah.

Secretary elders quorum; traveling elder ana president
of the branch at Cheltenham, Eng. Supervisor of road,
bridge and canal construction. Blacksmith, farmer and

TAYLOR, GEORGE (son of Thomas Taylor and Ann Hill
of Birmingham, Eng.). Born March 25, 1838, at Birmingham.
Came to Utah October 1863. John W. Wooley company.

Married Eliza Nicholls July 4, 1857, at Birmingham
(daughter of Thomas Ashford Nicholls and Harriett Ball),
who was born April 29, 1838. Came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Hattie C. b. June 23. 1858, m. James F.
McClellan Nov. 1, 1890; Emma b. May 13, 1860; Parley G.
b Aug. 4, 1862; George b. Aug. 31, 1864, m. Sarah E. Thomaa
Dec. 28, 1884; William b. July 2, 1866; Thomas N. b. July 28,
1868 m Maud Rogers; Arthur N. b. March 2, 1870, m. Maria
L. Dlxon May 9, 1895; Walter G. b. Sept. 25, 1873, m. Agne
McKinley Sept. 28, 1892; Ashsted b. Sept. 22. 1875, m. Kate

St Marrie^ P Henrhtta Sawyer 1865, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Joseph Sawyer and Henrietta Tranman), who was
born 1846, Isle of Jersey, Eng. Their children: Nettle b.



Oct. 6, 1867, m. George A. Kerr Dec. 14, 1887; Mary Ann b.
Feb. 14, 1869, m. William D. Roberts, Jr., June 20, 1894; John
T. b. 1872, m. Edna Pulsipher Jan. 3, 1900; Ella b. Oct. 4.

Member Provo City council. Founder of Taylor Bros. Co.;
president and director of Provo Commercial and Savings

TAYLOR, THOMAS NICHOLLS (son of George Taylor and
Eliza Nicholls). Born July 28, 1868, Provo, Utah.

Married Maud Rogers Sept. 18, 1889, Manti, Utah (daughter
of Isaac Rogers and Eunice Stewart), who was born June
30, 1872. Their children: Thomas S. b. July 4, 1890; Ethel
b. April 26, 1892; Lester R. b. Nov. 24, 1893; Vesta b. June
28, 1895; Aldon R. b. June 1, 1897; Marlon R. b. July 10,
1899; Victor b. Sept. 3, 1902; Maud b. June 28, 1906. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Mayor of Provo 1900-04. Manager Taylor Bros. Co.; pres-
ident Farmers & Merchants Bank; president Provo Building:
and Loan Society; president Taylor Investment Co.; pres-
ident Maiben Glass and Paint Co. Ordained bishop of 3d
ward of Provo In 1900.

TAYLOR, GEORGE HAMILTON (son of Samuel Taylor and
Lydla Osgood of West Bloomfield, N. J.). Born Nov 4

129, West Bloomfleld, N. J. Came to Utah in September

Married Elmina Shepard Aug. 31, , In New York state
(daughter of David Shepard and Rozella Bailey of Madison,
Wis. Came to Utah 1871). She was born Sept. 12, 1830. Their
children: George S., m. Christine Smoot; Frank D., m. Phebe
Clawson; Rozella, d. aged 3; Minnie M., d. infant; Clarence
W., m. Nellie Rogers; Almlra Mae, m. Theodore Nystrom;
Eugene A., d. infant. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bishop 14th ward 25 years; superintendent Sunday school;
trustee L. D. S. college; missionary to England 1878-80.
President Taylor, Romney and Armstrong Lumber Co. Died
April 11, 1907.

TAYLOR, JOHN (son of James and Agnes Taylor of Hale,
Westmorelandshtre, Eng.). Born Nov. 1, 1808, Milnthorpe,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1847, captain of his company.

Married Leonora Cannon Jan. 28, 1833, Toronto, Canada
(daughter of George Cannon of Peel, Isle of Man). Among
their children was: John W. b. Dec. 17, 1834, m. Jane
Tenant; m. Mary Young.

Married Mary Ann Oakley. Among their children was:
Henry Edgar b. Dec, 26, 1849.

At the age of fourteen he became a cooper's apprentice
In Liverpool, and subsequently learned the turner's trade
at Penrith, in Cumberland. He received his first schooling
at the village of Hale, Westmorland, where his parents
lived on a small estate bequeathed to the head of the house
by an uncle. In 1830 he emigrated to America, following
his parents, who were then residing at Toronto, Upper Can-
ada. He was baptized into the Mormon Church May 9, 1836,
at Toronto, Canada, and ordained an elder by Apostle Parley
P. Pratt; shortly afterward he was set apart to preside
over the Church in Upper Canada. In March, 1837, he visited
Kirtland, where he first met the Prophet Joseph Smith, and
was his guest while sojourning there. He attended a meet-
Ing in the temple, at which Warren Parrish made a violent
attack upon the Prophet. Elder Taylor defended the absent
Prophet and endeavored to pour oil upon the troubled
waters. He was ordained a high priest Aug. 31, 1837. In
1838 he removed to 'Kirtland, proceeding thence in the
general exodus of the Saints to Missouri. At DeWitt, Car-
rol Co., Mo., he and his party, numbering twenty-four, were
confronted by an armed mob of one hundred and fifty, led
by Abbott Hancock and Sashiel Woods, the former a Baptist,
the latter Presbyterian minister, who, after some parleying,
retired and permitted them to continue on to Far West.
He was a witness to the outrages perpetrated by the Mis-
eourlans upon the new settlers, and a participant in the
scenes of peril and disaster ending in the imprisonment
of the Prophet and other leaders and the expulsion of the
Mormon community from the state. That he bravely and
unflinchingly bore his part of the general burden of sorrow
and trial we may be sure. John Taylor knew no fear, and
shirked no responsibility or sacrifice that his duty entailed.

In the fall of 1837 he was told by the Prophet that he
would be chosen an apostle, and at a conference In Far West,
October, 1838, It was voted that he fill the vacancy occa-
sioned by the apostasy of John S. Boynton. The High
Council at Far West took similar action on the 19th of
December, and on that day John Taylor was ordained an
apostle by Brigham Young and Heber C. Klmball. He
was one of the committee appointed to memorialize the
Missouri Legislature for -redress of grievances, and was
also appointed with Bishop Edward Partridge to draft a
similar petition to the general government. He assisted
President Young to superintend the exodus of the Saints
from Missouri, and was with him and others of the Twelve
when they made their famous ride from Quincy to Far
West, prior to starting upon their mission to Great Britain.
He started upon this mission Aug. 8, 1839. At Nauvoo he
was joined by Wilford Woodruff, and these two were the
first of the Twelve to sail. They landed at Liverpool on
Jan. llth, 1840, and at a council held at Preston, it was
decided that John Taylor should labor In Liverpool, with
Elder Joseph Fielding. He was appointed a member of
the committee to select hymns and compile a hymn book
for the Latter-Day Saints. In July, 1840, he passed over
to Ireland, and preached in the court house at Newry,
County Down. This was the introduction of Mormonism
In the Emerald Isle, the first convert being Thomas Tate.
He next went to Glasgow, and after preaching to the

Saints In that city, returned to Liverpool and delivered
a course of lectures at the music hall In Bold street. On
September 16th, he, with elders Hiram Clark and William
Mitchell, sailed for the Isle of Man. He delivered a course
of lectures, baptized a goodly number, organized a branch,
and then returned to Liverpool. He returned to America
with President Young and other apostles, arriving at Nau-
voo, July 1, 1841.

At Nauvoo he was a member of the city council, one of
the Regents of the University, Judge Advocate with the
rank of Colonel in the Nauvoo Legion, associate editor
and afterwards chief editor of the "Times and Seasons."
He was also editor and proprietor of the "Nauvoo Neighbor,"
in the columns of which paper, in February, 1844, he nomi-
nated Joseph Smith for the Presidency of the United States.
He, with Willard Richards, voluntarily shared the im-
prisonment with the Prophet and Patriarch. While in prison
he sang a hymn to raise their drooping spirits, and soon
after the jail was assaulted by the mob who shot to death
the Prophet and Patriarch. In the midst of the melee
the apostle stood at the door with a heavy walking stick,
beating down the muskets of the assassins that were belch-
Ing deadly volleys Into the room. After Joseph and Hyrum
were dead, he himself was struck by a ball In the left
thigh, while preparing to leap from the window whence the
Prophet had fallen. Another missile, from the outside,
striking his watch, threw him back into the room, and
this was all that prevented him from descending upon the
bayonets of the mob. In his wounded state he dragged
himself under a bedstead that stood near, and while doing
so received three other wounds, one a little below the left
knee, one In his left hip, and another in the left fore-arm
and hand. The, Prophet's fall from the window drew the
murderers to the yard below, which incident saved the lives
of John Taylor and Willard Richards, the latter the only one
of the four prisoners who escaped unharmed. As soon as
practicable Apostle Taylor, who had been carried by Doctor
Richards for safety into the cell of the prison, was removed
to Hamilton's hotel in Carthage, and subsequently to

He accompanied the exodus, February 16, 1846, to Council
Bluffs, from where he was sent with Parley P. Pratt and
Orson Hyde to set In order the affairs of the British
mission. After accomplishing their purpose they returned,
arriving in 1847. Apostle Taylor brought with him a set
of surveying- instruments, with which Orson Pratt, a few
months later, laid out Salt Lake City.

After the departure of President Young and the pioneers,
In April, Parley P. Pratt and John Taylor exercised a general
superintendency over the affairs at Winter Quarters, and
with Isaac Morley and Newel K. Whitney organized the
immigration that crossed the plains that season. It was
about the 21st of June when these apostles, with six hun-
dred wagons and upwards of fifteen hundred souls, began
the journey from the Elk Horn. John Taylor's division
arrived at Salt Lake City Oct. 5, 1847.

In 1849 he was called to head a mission to France, and
In company with Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow and Franklin
D. Richards, who were on their way to Italy, Denmark and
England, respectively, he set out on the 19th of October
to re-cross the plains. After a very successful mission,
where he organized a branch and made arrangements for
translating the Book of Mormon into the Gallic tongue, he
returned! arriving at Salt Lake City Aug. 20, 1852. He
brought with him the machinery for the beet sugar plant,
manufactured In Liverpool at a cost of twelve thousand
five hundred dollars; also the busts of Joseph and Hyrum
Smith, prepared under his personal direction by one of
the first artists of England. Two years later he was called
to preside over the Eastern States mission and to super-
vise the emigration. Resigning as a member-elect of the
legislature, he, accompanied by his son, George J. Taylor,
and by Elders Jeter Clinton, Nathaniel H. Felt, Alexander
Robbins and Angus M. Cannon, set out in the fall of 1854 for
New York City, where the first number of "The Mormon"
was issued Feb. 17, 1855. In 1857, at the outbreak of the
"Utah War," John Taylor returned to Salt Lake City.

He was a member of the Utah legislature 1857-76, and for
the first five sessions of that period, speaker of the house.
From 1868 to 1870 he was probate judge of Utah county.
In 1869 he held his celebrated controversy with Vice-Presi-
dent Colfax through the columns of the New York press,
and from 1871 to 1875 he published a series of letters in
the "Deseret News," reviewing the situation in Utah, de-
nouncing territorial government as un-American and oppres-
sive, but warning the people against violent resistance to
Judge McKean's high-handed and exasperating course. In
1877 he was elected territorial superintendent of schools,
and served as such for several years.

The next important event in his history was his elevation
to the leadership of the Church, to which he virtually suc-
ceeded at the death of President Young, August 29, 1877.
He had been for some years President of the Twelve Apos-
tles. He continued to act in that capacity until October,
1880, when the First Presidency was again organized, with
John Taylor, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith as
its personnel.

President Taylor's last appearance in public was on Sun-
day, Feb. 1, 1885, when lie preached his final discourse in
the tabernacle at Salt Lake City. He had just returned
from Mexico and California, after a tour through the settle-
ments of the Saints in Arizona. That night he went into
retirement and was never again seen in life except by a
few trusted friends. He died July 25, 1887, at the home of
Thomas F. Rouche, In Kaysvllle, Davis Co., Utah. His
funeral was held four days later, at the tabernacle In Salt
Lake City.



TAYLOR, JOHN W. (son of John Taylor and Leonora Can-
non). Born Dec 17, 1834, Newham buildings, Eng. Came to
Utah Oct. 6, 1863, Thomas Ricks company.

Married Jane Tenant, who died in Eng. Their children:
Elizabeth b. Nov. 2, 1855; Mary Ann b. Jan. 23, 1857; Mar-
garett b. March 17, 1858; Jane T. b. Dec. 27, 1859. Family
home Northumberland, Eng.

Married Mary Young May 5, 1862, Woolen, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Thomas Young and Isabell Wallace of Northumber-
land, Eng.), who was born Jan. 17, 1833, Whinney Hill,
Eng., came to Utah with husband. Their children: Isabel!
b. Sept. 6, 1864, m. John A. Hill; John Thomas b. Nov. ,
1866; George b. March 17, 1869; William b. Feb. 22, 1872,
m. Eliza May Badger; Rachel b. June 16, 1874.

Missionary to England 1887-89; ward teacher; Sunday
school teacher; high priest. Street commissioner, Weber
county, 1880-82; street supervisor Ogden, 1882-86. Sub
contractor for the Union Pacific R. R. Plumber and lime

TAYLOR, WILLIAM (son of John W. Taylor and Mary
Young). Born Feb. 22, 1872, Ogden, Utah.

Married Eliza May Badger Oct. 17, 1894, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Orson Pratt Badger pioneer 1848, and Eliza
Jane Gay, pioneer 1851, John Brown company). She was
born Jan. 11, 1875, Ogden, Utah. Their children: Eldred
Orson b. June 4, 1895; May b. March 2, 1897; Gerald William
b. May 17, 1900; Franklyn John b. Aug. 17, 1902; Lowell
Badger b. May 31, 1906. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Ward teacher; Sunday school librarian eight yearg; coun-
selor in presidency deacon's quorum. Warehouse foreman
for Denver & Rio Grande R. R, Co. at Ogden, Utah.

TAYLOR, HENRY EDGAR (son of John Taylor, born Nov.
1, 1808, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, Eng., and Mary Ann
Oakley, born March 20, 1826, Flat Lands, Long Island, N.
Y., married April, 1845, Nauvoo, 111.). He was born Dec.
26, 1849, Salt Lake City.

Married Hariet A. Weaver Aug. 6, 1875 (daughter of Wil-
liam Weaver and Ann Watkins, came to Utah 1869, Captain
Parry company). She was born March 15, 1859. Their
children: Lawrence b. Jan. 1, 1879, m. Pearl Pingree Aug.
16, 1905; Ida May b. April 5, 1876, m. Alma T. Flinders April
8, 1899; Henry E. b. Sept. 5, 1882; Mary Ann b. Feb. 9,
1886, m. E. Norman Freeman Dec. 5, 1906; Ernest Weaver
b. Nov. 24, 1891. Family resided Salt Lake City and Ogden,

Missionary to eastern states 1894-96. Worked on As-
sembly Hall organ from start to finish, and on the Taber-
nacle organ during reconstruction.

TAYLOR, LAWRENCE (son of Henry Edgar Taylor and
Hariet A. Weaver). Born Jan. 1, 1879, Seventh ward, Salt
Lake City.

Married Pearl Pingree Aug. 16, 1905, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Job Pingree and Ester Hooper, former came
to Utah Aug. 12, 1857, Jesse Martin company, latter Sep-
tember, 1861). She was born July 7, 1883. Their children:
Lawrence, Jr., b. June 1, 1906; Phyllis b. Oct. 9, 1907; Inez
b. July 4, 1909. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Celia b. July 25, 1908, d. Aug. 6, 1910; Minnie b. Aug. 23,
1911; Joseph b. March 25, 1913, d. May 29. 1913. Family home
Mesa, Ariz.

Member seventy. Farmer.

TAYLOR, JOHX, Born Dec. 7, 1812. Came to Utah 1853.

Married Eleanor Burkett, who was born July 2, 1815.
Their children: Alma and Eleanor (twins) b. March 6, 1834,
former m. Celia A. Keyes; Teancum, m. Mary Jane Hiat;
Joseph M. ; Sarah Elizabeth; Mary Ellanor; John Amon;
Hyrum; Eliza Jane; Minerva; William; James Henry;
Amanda. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Farmer. Died 1896, Ogden.

TAYLOR, ALMA (son of John Taylor and Eleanor Burkett).
Born March 6, 1834, In Clay county. Mo. Came to Utah
August 1853.

Married Celia Anzinette Keyes Dec. 3, 1856, Fort Supply,
Utah (daughter of Elisha Barrus Keyes and Joanna Case
Worden, pioneers Oct. 27, 1852, Eli B. Kelsey company).
She was born May 10, 1841. Their children: Charles Alma b.
July 22, 1858, d. infant; Sarah Anzinette b. Sept. 27, 1859,
died; Mary Eleanor b. Sept. 11, 1861, m. Patent Huffaker;
Joanna Rosealia b. Dec. 22, 1863, m. John Steinaker; Clara
Louise b. Jan. 31, 1867, m. Lee Cover; Hyrum Henry b. June
27, 1870, m. Eliza Jane Bird; Amy May b. May 19, 1872, m.
James C. Gardiner; Ermina Isabell b. April 9, 1874, m. Harry
Meadows; Inis Pearl b. April 7, 1876, m. Jake Workman; Lola
Lucy b. April 22, 1879, and Rebecca Jane b. Feb. 21, 1881, d.
Infant; James Anson b. Oct. 6, 1882, d. Nov. 9, 1905; Minnie
Viola b. March 2, 1888, m. Frank Croxford. Family home
Vernal, Utah.

Married Martha Keyes 1864 (daughter of Elisha Barrus
Keyes and Joanna Case Worden). Four Children were

Married Cornelia Congdon 1864. Five children -were born
by this marriage.

Missionary to Fort Supply 1855. Settled at Ogden 1856.
A pioneer to Franklin, Idaho. Farmer. Died Aug. 10,
1910, at Vernal, Utah, from Injuries received in a runaway.

TAYLOR, HYRUM HENRY (son of Alma Taylor and Celia
Anzinette Keyes). Born June 27, 1870, Ogden, Utah.

Married Eliza Jane Bird July 24, 1892, Vernal, Utah (daugh-
ter of Taylor R. Bird and Alice Stokes of St. George. Utah,
pioneers 1852). She was born July 13, 1876. Their children:
Violet b. April 27, 1893; Clarence b. Oct. 17, 1894; Eliza May
b. May 19, 1896; Hyrum Henry b. July 27, 1898, d. Infant;
Ida b. Aug. 31, 1899; Lola Isabella b. Jan. 13, 1902; Alma
Reaves b. Sept. 9, 1904; James Ernest b. Sept. 10, 1906; Alice

TAYLOR, JOSEPH came to Utah with a contingent of the
Mormon Battalion.

Married Jane Lake. Their children: Joseph Allan; Eliza-
beth Bachman; Jonnie Bird; Frank.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH (son of William Taylor, born 1793, at
Chelford, Chestershire, Eng., died 1840, at Lostockgralan,
and Nancy Postals. He was born March 15, 1833, at Lostock-
gralen, Chestershire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 4, 1863,
Captain Patterson company.

Married Elizabeth Mary Collier July 15, 1855, at Presbury,
Chestershire, Eng. (daughter of James Collier, born Sep-
tember 1802. and Sarah Goodfellow). She was born May 9,
1836, at Macclesfield, Chestershire, Eng. Came to Utah with
her husband. Their children: James Henry, d. infant; Eliza-
beth Mary b. April 2, 1858, m. William S. Read Jan. 29,
1878; Joseph Ezra b. June 23, 1860, m. Sarah Ellen Barker
Sept. 13, 1883; Sarah Jane b. Sept. 30. 1861, died: Lucy and
Marion (twins) b. 1864, d. infants; Julia Grace b. Sept. 23,
1865. m. Franklin Moore Oct. 29. 1882; George William b.
April 6, 1868. m. Sarah Ann Connell June 1, 1890; Annie
Margarette b. Sept. 21, 1870, m. Alfred Robert Folker June
29, 1892. m. Thomas C. Iverson May 9, 1900; William Good-
fellow b. Feb. 15, 1873, m. Louisa Edwards Taylor Dec. 14,
1898; David Josiah b. June 24, 1875, d. April 13, 1911, m.
Eva Bailey Jan. 1900; Clara b. 1877, d. youth; Israel b.
1879, d. youth; Florence Maud b. Jan. 11, 1881, m. Gustavus
A. Home Feb. 14, 1899, m. Lee Robert Cain March 16, 1910.

Missionary to England 1855-56; president of mission at
Iowa City 1860-63. Tailor.

TAYLOR, GEORGE WILLIAM (son of Joseph Taylor and
Elizabeth Mary Collier). Born April 6, 1868, Salt Lake City.
Married Sarah Ann Connell June 1, 1890, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of William Samuel Connell, born June 3, 1850,
Lancastershire, Eng., and Emma Maria Wright, born Sept.
29, 1852, Manchester, Eng. married Sept. 25, 1870, Salt Lake
City, Utah, pioneers Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin handcart
company). She was born Aug. 22, 1871, Nephl, Utah. Their
children: George Leonard b. Dec. 15, 1892; Alfred Leslie b.
July 23, 1897; Cora Myrth b. May 2, 1901.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH. . Born April 24, 1800. Came to Utah
October 1853, Cyrus Wheelock company.

Married Harriet Barnes in Lancastershire, Eng., who was
born Oct. 9, 1805. Their children: Joseph, m. Harriet Barnes;
John, drowned in Platte river; Martha, m. John Phillips;
Lev! Mary, m. Alfred Moss; Samuel B., m. Eliza Jane West;
Jane, d. young; Harriet. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Seventy. Weaver and gardener. Died June, 1879, Salt
Lake City.

TAYLOR, SAMUEL B. (son of Joseph Taylor and Harriet
Barnes). Born Oct. 16, 1841, Lancastershire, Eng. Came to
Utah 1853, with parents.

Married Eliza J. West June 1865, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John West and Rachel Keeling, pioneers 1851), who w5a
born April 20, 1847, Derbyshire. Eng. Their children: Mary
Jane b. March 4, 1866, d. infant; John W. b. April 28, 1867,
m. Mary E. Burns; Harriet b. March 29, 1870, m. Arthur
Kesler; Sarah Ann b. March 28, 1872, d. aged 2; Naomi M.
b. March 28, 1874, m. Isaac E. Coon; Annie E. b. Sept. 21,
1876, m. John Brown; Samuel L. b. Nov. 23, 1883, m. Mary P.
Holmberg. Family home Pleasant Green, Utah.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1862-63. Elder;
block teacher. Died November, 1885.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH E. (son of George Edward Groves Taylor
and Ann Wicks of Horsham, Sussex county, Eng.). Born
Dec. 11, 1830, Horsham. Came to Utah Sept. 6, 1852, Joseph
Outhouse company.

Married Louisa R. Capener 1855, Salt Lake City (daughter
of William R. Capener and Sarah Verender of Cleveland,
Ohio, pioneers 1850). She was born 1835. Their children:
Joseph William, m. Margret Littlefalr; Lillian, m. Joseph S.
Richards; Eleanor, m. D. A. Engler; Edward T., m. Fannie
Mulholland; Annie R., m. Daniel Higgins; Alvin V., m.
Blanch Powers; Elizabeth, m. Benjamin J. Beer; Josephine,
m. William F. Beer; Jennie, m. Edward Snyder. Family

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