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THOMASON, CHARLES R. (son of Gustaf Thomason and
Andrina Christine Olsen). Born March 18, 1869, Goteborg,
Sweden. Came to Utah 1869.

Married Marie K. Hentze June 30, 1897. She was born
Sept. 26, 1873. Their children: Hazel M. b. May 18, 1899;
Gladys V. b. Nov. 9, 1900; Mabel A. b. June 9, 1903; Viola b.
Nov. 9, 1905; Jennie b. March 3, 1908; Charles G. b. Feb. 11,

Missionary to Samoan Islands 1892-95; president T. M. M.
I. A., Burton, 1898-1900; high councilor 1900-08; bishop 1908.

THOMPSON, GEORGE, of Hull, Yorkshire, Eng. Came to
Utah 1853.

Married Jane Thompson, who came to Utah in 1856. Their
children: Charles; Mary m. John Burkett; Sarah, m. Jona-
than Oldham Duke; William, m. Sarah Fenn; Martha, m.
Jonathan Oldham Duke. Family home Heber City, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died at Heber City.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM (son of George Thompson and Jane
Thompson). Born Dec. 19, 1829, Hull, Yorkshire, Eng. Came
to Utah in 1853.

Married Sarah Fenn in 1856 (daughter of William and
Sarah Fenn), who was born Aug. 3, 1842, and died March
15, 1888. Their children: Sarah Jane m. Andrew Lindsay;
Martha, died; George, m. Elizabeth Brady; Mary Ann, m.
Andrew Mair; Eliza, m. Alexander Mair; Emma, m. Peter
Howarth; William, m. Nancy Baines; Elizabeth, m. Frank
Lake; Charles, m. Elizabeth Jordon; Marintha, m. Joseph
Ritson; Ellen, died; Franklin; Maggie, m. Hyrum Winterton;
Andrew Alexander, died; Frederick, died.

Elder. Veteran Indian war. Farmer. Settled In Hebr
City 1869. Died Dec. 27, 1894, Heber City, Utah.

THOMPSON, JAMES L.OITIS (son of John David Thompson of
Chautauqua county, N. Y.). Born Jan. 22, 1818, Pomfort,
Chautauqua county, N. Y. Came to Utah in November, 1862,
Isaac Bullock company.

Married Matilda Willis, at Nauvoo, 111. (daughter of John
Willis and Jane Kirkpatrick of Kentucky). She was born
Feb. 16, 1819. Their children: John David b. Oct. 15, 1838;
Leah Jane b. Dec. 1, 1840, m. John Chidester; Lucy Lucretla
b. Dec. 24, 1842, m. Sidney Littleneld; John Orson b. Aug. 8,
1844, m. Lucy Maria Groves; James Brigham b. Oct. 12, 1848,
m. Anne Jenette Bryce; Mary Matilda b. June 7, 1850; Lydla
Dolly b. April 8, 1863; Margaret Elizabeth b. Jan. 7, 1866;
William Samuel b. Jan. 26, 1856, m. Sarah Louisa Thompson;
Joseph Enoch b. July 25, 1869, m. Phoebe Jane Thompson.
Family home Spanish Fork, Kanarraville and Henrieville,

Member of Zion's camp and Co. C Mormon Battalion.
Died March 26, 1891.

THOMPSON, JOHN ORSON (son of James Louis Thompson
and Matilda Willis). Born Aug. 8, 1844, Nashville, Lee Co.,

Married Lucy Maria Groves Dec. 27, 1863, Kanarraville,
Iron Co., Utah (daughter of Elisha H. Groves and Lucy Sim-
mons, pioneers 1848, Brigham Young company). She was
born May 7, 1848, Winter Quarters, Iowa. Their children:
John Orson b. Feb. 21, 1866, m. Amanda Mead; Brigham
Samuel b. Oct. 25, 1868; James Elisha b. Feb. 17, 1870, m.
Cyrena Young; Joseph Wallace b. Feb. 23, 1872, m. Helen G.
Pratt Sept. 20, 1901; m. Rachel Wilson July 3, 1913; William
Llewellyn b. Oct. 12, 1874, m. Adelaide Smith 1899; Lucy
Matilda b. Feb. 14, 1877; Sarah Jane b. Oct. 17, 1879, m.
George C. Mead 1902; George Franklin b. May 1, 1882;
Arthur Alonzo b. Oct. 29, 1884; Mary Frances b. Nov. 27, 1887,
m. George Avrett 1908. Family resided Henrieville and
Duchesne, Utah.


THOMPSON, JOSEPH WALLACE (son of John Orson Thomp-
son and Lucy Maria Groves). Born Feb. 23, 1872, Helper,

Married Helen Grace Pratt (daughter of Teancum Pratt
and Ann Eliza Mead, natives of Utah). She was born
July 6, 1885, Helper, Utah. Their children: Wayne Pratt b.
April 29, 1905; Anthon Reed b. Jan. 28, 1907; Joseph Barr
b. April 27, 1909. Family home Duchesne, Wasatch Co.,
Utah. He was divorced May 7, 1912.

Married Rachel Wilson July 3, 1913 (daughter of George

H. Wilson and Mary Julia Johnson), who was born April
7, 1886, Hillsdale, Utah.

Missionary to the southern states 1897; religious clasa
superintendent. Justice of the peace. Farmer.

THOMPSON, JAMES BRIGHAM (son of James Louis Thomp-
son and Matilda Willis). Born Oct. 12, 1848, Council Bluffs,

Married Anne Jenette Bryce Nov. 22, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Ebenezer Bryce and Mary Ann Park of Salt
Lake City, Tooele, ''t. George and Pine Valley, former a
pioneer Sept. 16, 18oO, James Pace company). She was
born Jan. 19, 1857. Their children: Annie Matilda t>. Aug.
17, 1878, m. Charles Thomas Smith; Barbara Ellen b. Nov.
21, 1879, m. Samuel Iven Goulding; Jessie Jane b. May 11,
1881, m. John Thomas Messervy; James Brigham b. Dec. 26,
1882; Lenora b. Nov. 12, 1884, m. Edwin Thompson; Mary
Jenette b. April 20, 1885, m. George Cramer; David Ebenezer
b. May 18, 1888; Lorenzo Bryce b. Dec. 23, 1891; Maggie
Josephine b. Jan. 30, 1894; Alma b. Oct. 28, 1898. Family
resided Henrieville, Utah, and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

THOMPSON, JOHN C. (son of Larkin Thompson and Eliza-
beth Crow). Born May 15, 1821, in Tazewell county. Va.
Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1847.

Married Anne Broy Clark March 20, 1845 (daughter of
John Clark and Eliza Santifer), who was born Oct. 6, 1821.
Their children: Elizabeth Jane, died; Larkin Santifer; John
C., m. Mary Sanders; Ann Eliza; Sarah Ellen, m. L. F.
Pritchett; Mary Louise, m. Austin W. Child; Amanda
America, m. John A. West; Joseph Matthew, m. Mary Jones;
Linzy Clark; William L., m. Lillle Brown. Family home
Ogden, Utah.

Missionary to Arizona 1874-76; presiding elder and coun-
selor to Sanford Bingham 20 years at Riverdale, Utah.
Member Co. A, Mormon Battalion. Farmer. Died Nov. 11,
1900, at Ogden.

THOMPSON, JOHN S. (son of James Thompson and Margaret
Strang of Fifeshire, Scotland). Born Jan. 26, 1831, in Fife-
shire. Came to Utah September, 1866.

Married Catherine Muir July 4, 1861, Fifeshire (daughter
of Thomas Muir and Christina Smyth of Fifeshire; came to
Utah 1873). Their children: John M., m. Jane Curtis;
Thomas; Archibald; Joseph; Robert M., m. Alice Peck; James
M., m. Nora Staker; Catherine, m. George Naylor; Margaret
S.; William H., m. Vivian Hendricsen; Christinia M., m.
Frank M. Dorrington; Adam, m. Josephine Lindsay.

Postmaster at Sugar House station eight years.

THOMPSON, JOSEPH (son of Joseph Thompson and Agnee
Hirst of Lancastershire, Eng.). Came to Utah 1862.

Married Ann Grayson 1850, in Sheffield, Eng. (daughter
of William Grayson of Sheffield). She came to Utah 1862.
Their children: John G. b. 1861, m. Minnie Huber; Joseph,
m. Libbie Brady; Agnes, m. Samuel Robert Bennion; Hannah,
m. Albert Brown; Ann Elizabeth, m. Simeon Walker; Lucy;
Lucy Ellen, Martha and Mary latter four died.

High priest. Stonecutter, Salt Lake temple; stonemason.
Died Sept. 10, 1911, South Cottonwood, Utah.

THOMPSON, JOSEPH LEWIS. Born Feb. 8, 1816, Birming-
ham, Warwickshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1862, John
R. Murdock company.

Married Penelope Thompson 1835, Birmingham, Eng. Their
children: Susannah, m. Michael Clark; William Henry, m.
Matilda Young; Eliza, m. Joseph Coacher; Joseph, m. Hannah
Crompton; Jane, m. James G. Bleak; Ann, m. James Clark;
John; Richard; Harry; James Godson; Benjamin; Samuel.
Family home Clarkston, Cache Co., Utah, and he died there
Feb. 15, 1875.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Joseph Lewis and
Penelope Thompson). Born May 1, 1838, Birmingham, War-
wickshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, Ira Eldredge

Married Matilda Young May, 1859 (daughter of Henry
Young), who was born May 31, 1835; came to Utah wfth
husband. She died in February, 1866. Their children: Emily
Adelaide b. April 21, 1860; Matilda Irene b. Dec. 27. 1861, m.
James G. Blake; Amelia Young b. April 17, 1864, m. Franklin
Pendleton; William Henry b. Feb. 9, 1866.

Married Emma Cottam Nov. 20, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Cottam and Caroline Smith, who were
married Oct. 9, 1847). She was born June 27, 1850, at St.
Louis, Mo., and died at St. George, Utah, in April 1901. Their
children: Emma Cottam b. Aug. 21, 1869, m. John M. Squire;
Penelope Caroline b. Sept. 16, 1871, m. Robert P. Woodbury;
William Alma b. Oct. 27, 1874; Mary Elizabeth b. Aug. 28,
1877, m. Joseph Webb; Joseph Smith b. Nov. 14, 1880, m.
Mae Jones; George Thomas b. Aug. 13, 1883, m. Martha
Baker; Ezra Cottam b. April 25. 1887, m. Rose Jarvis; Samuel
b. June 8, 1891, m. Lucy Hatch. Families resided St.
George, Utah.

Married Agnes Elizabeth Perkes in February, 1878, St.
George, Utah (daughter of Henry Perkes and Charlotte
Lowe), who was born Feb. 23, 1840, Dudley, Warwickshire,
Eng. Their children-. Hyrum Smith b. Dec. 27, 1880, m.



Flora Schmutz; Wilford Woodruff b. Aug. 27, 1883, m. Kate

Carpenter; was an overseer in the erection of the St.
George temple, where he has since employed his time as
engineer and assistant ordinance worker.

THOMPSON, MATTHEW (son of Matthew Thompson and
Margaret Malarkey, born in County Antrim, Ireland). Born
Aug. 21, 1832, Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland. Came to
Utah Oct. 19, 1862, David P. Kimball oxteam company.

Married Alice Liddard December, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert Liddard of Tooele and Provo, Utah).
She was born 1857. Only child: Joseph b. Sept. 1878. Family
home Tooele, Utah.

Married Eliza Wiley Aug. 26, 1875, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Alexander Wiley and Mariah Alexander of County
Antrim, Ireland). She was born Oct. 27, 1838. Their child:
Matthew Chamas b. July 16, 1876. Family home Wallsburg,

High priest. Cut stone for the Salt Lake temple and
tabernacle 1862. Worked on Union Pacific railway 1869;
also on the Utah Southern. Weaver; miner; farmer.

THOMPSON, PETER P. (son of Peter Petersen Skytte and
Johannah Petersen of Breining, Isle of Falster, Denmark).
Born Jan. 15, 1808, Breining. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1854,
Hans Peter Olsen company.

Married Dorthea Andersen Oct. 20, 1837, Horbelev, Isle
of Falster, Denmark (daughter of Anders Larsen Buck and
Karen Rasmussen Belling of Verket, Isle of Falster). She
was born Oct. 13, 1808. Their children: Andrew Thompson
(a son by a former husband); Mary Petersen; Thomas
Peter; Caroline, m. Joseph S. Black; Niels; Johannah. Fam-
ily home Falkerslev, Denmark, before immigrating to Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died Feb. 26, 1876, Ephraim, Utah.

THOMPSON, SOREN (son of Jorgen Thompson, born March,
1804, and Anna Catherine Sorenson, born July 21, 1803,
both of Jutland, Denmark married 1835). He was born
June 11, 1837, at Jutland. Came to Utah October, 1864, Soren
Christofersen company.

Married Annetta Marie Swenson April 19, 1869 (daughter
of Swen Swensen and Bengta Pearson, the latter coming to
Utah Oct. 4, 1862, Joseph Home company married Dec. 12,
1843, Neflinga, Sweden). She was born Nov. 8, 1850, in
Sweden, and came to Utah with mother. Their children:
Helen Catherine b. Oct. 22, 1871, m. Charles C. Wilson Sept.
23, 1900; John William b. June 18, 1873; Sylvia Betilla b.
Sept. 9, 1875; Alvin Theodore b. Jan. 8, 1878; Junius b. Feb.
26, 1880, m. Victora Anderson May 24, 1904; Edward Chris-
tian b. Feb. 7, 1882, m. Emma Nelson Nov. 6, 1909; William
S. b. July 6, 1884, m. Minerva Keele Dec. 30, 1904; Ephraim
b. April 28. 1888; Eunice Floresa b. Jan. 17, 1890, m. George
A. Clark Sept. 15, 1910. Family home Bear River City, Box
Elder Co., Utah.

Filled a mission to Denmark 1885-87; served as ward
teacher for 25 years; high priest. Pioneer of the Bear River

THOMPSON, THOMAS W. (son of Robert Thompson, born
Feb. 14, 1829, Alston, Cumberland, Eng., and Elizabeth Hill-
yard, born Jan. 1, 1837, Waddington, Denbighshire, Eng.
married July 16, 1869). He was born Feb. 26, 1860, Salt Lake

Married Cordelia Theresa Ainscough (daughter of William
and Mary Ainscough married at Salt Lake City). Their
children: William and two daughters, died. Family home
Smithfteld, Utah.

Married Mary Owens June 19, 1889, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of William Owens, pioneer 1854, and Elizabeth Roberts,
who came to Utah 1855, Seth N. Blair company married
Jan. 28, 1856, Salt Lake City). She was born March 7, 1866,
Henifer, Summit Co., Utah. Their child: Mildred b. July
17, 1890.

Seventy; school teacher; president of Smithfleld T. M. M.
I. A. Died May 12, 1890.

THOMPSON, WILI/IAM. Came to Utah in October, 1851,
Harry Walton company.

Married Elizabeth McCeruley. Their children: David, m.
Mary Thompson; Daniel; William, Jr., b. Jan. 12, 1836, m.
Mary Ellen Isaacson; Maria, m. Orin Hatch; Orville, m.
Emily Snyder. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Mrs. Hale.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM (son of William Thompson and
Elizabeth McCeruley). Born Jan. 12, 1836, in Canada.

Married Mary Ellen Isaacson June 1, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Neils Isaacson and Bertha Catherine Ogis, pio-
neers Sept. 13, 1863). She was born Nov. 21, 1851, Christiania,
Norway. Their children: William Orville b. Nov. 24, 1869,
m. Ada Lawrence Dec. 7, 1892; Daniel Isaac b. March 24,
1871, m. Lettie Hendricks March, 1901; Walter George b.
Feb. 6, 1873, m. Caroline Lawrence March, 1901; Mary Flor-
ence b. Jan. 18, 1875, m. Parley N. Nelson Sept. 30, 1896,

Francis Ira b. Feb. 22, 1877, m. Etta Webb Nov. 16. 1900;
Bertha Estella b. June 6, 1879, m. William M. Whittle Dec.
21, 1901; Albert Henry b. Oct. 28, 1881, m. Amy Packer Dec.
21, 1903; Neils Oliver b. Feb. 27, 1884, m. Elizabeth Smith
March 11, 1908; Nellie Maria b. June 19, 1886, m. Sansom
Webb June 14, 1911; Melvin Edward b. June 21, 1889; Ray-
mond Junius b. June 21, 1891; Inez Evelyn b. March 30. 1894;
Ivan Cyril b. June 9, 1896. Family home Richmond, Utah.
Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah in 1861 and 1868.
Early settler in Richmond, Utah.

THOMPSON, WALTER GEORGE (son of William Thomp-
son and Mary Ellen Isaacson). Born Feb. 6, 1873, Rich-
mond, Utah.

Married Caroline Lawrence March, 1901 (daughter of
Elisha Randolph Lawrence and Mary Ann Ratcliff), who was
born May 24, 1875, Preston, Idaho. Their children: Louisa
Caroline b. Nov. 1, 1900; Paulina b. May 21, 1902; Alverta b.
Aug. 5, 1904; Walter Iver b. May 6, 1906; Fontella b. Aug.
31, 1908; Millie b. May 14, 1910.

THOMSON, ORSON S. Born April 28, 1856.

Married Martha A. Poll April 13, 1878. Salt Lake City
(daughter of William F. Poll and Charlotte Long, pioneers
November, 1852, Captain Nelson company). She was bora
Jan. 6. 1857, Salt Lake City. Their children: Charlotte I.
b. April, 1879, m. Albert Clisold; Alice S. b. Oct. 4, 1883, m.
Ernest Herridge; Orson Leroy b. June 6, 1886, m. Hettie
Turnboe; Alvin b. Feb. 9, 1888, m. Josephine Clawson; Wil-
liam F. b. June 6, 1889; Ruby b. Oct. 29. 1891; Raymond C.
b. Jan. 17, 1893; Nellie R. b. Aug. 10, 1900; Norman J. b. Dec.
13, 1910. Family home, Salt Lake City.

THORN, ASHAEI, (son of Richard Thorn and Mary Ann
Armstrong of Pennsylvania). Born Sept. 16, 1808, in Penn-
sylvania. Came to Utah in 1853, Joseph Thorn company.

Married Sarah Lester 1829 in Pennsylvania (daughter of
John and Nancy Lester of New York). She was born June
14, 1809, in New York state. Their children: William b.
March 17, 1830, m. Trollie Wilcox; Elizabeth Lucretia b.
March 24, 1832, m. Calvin Bingham; Mary Ann b. Feb. 11,
1834, m. Augustus Bingham; Sarah b. Feb. 12, 1886, m.
Alonzo Bingham; Richard b. Feb. 20, 1838, m. Rebecca A.
Osborne; Isaac b. Jan. 30, 1840, m. Elizabeth Walker; Nancy
b. Oct. 24, 1842, m. David Osborne; Lydia Saphronia b. June
30, 1843, m. Henry Perry, m. William Hall; Abigail b. July
14, 1845, m. Alexander Robertson; Barbara Ann b. Jan. 20,
1847, m. Dan W. Walker.

Settled in Uinta, Utah, later moving to Three-Mile Creek,
Box Elder county, where he presided over the branch there.
Moved to Willard, Utah, 1885. Died Feb. 10, 1897.

THORN, RICHARD (son of Ashael Thorn and Sarah Lester).
Born Feb. 20, 1838, Summerhill, Pa. Came to Utah 1853,
Joseph Thorn company.

Married Rebecca A. Osborne Dec. 25, 1868, East Weber,
Uinta Co., Utah (daughter of David Osborne and Cynthia
Butler of Hancock county. 111., pioneers of 1852, Captain
Howell company). She was born Oct. 15, 1842. Their chil-
dren: Annie b. April 16, 1860, m. Morris Peters; Cynthia
Marie b. Sept. 4, 1864, m. John Forsgren, d. Nov. 14, 1901;
William Richard b. Oct. 27, 1866, d. Sept. 29, 1888; Sarah
Lester b. March 11, 1869, m. Thomas Peters; David Ashael
b. Aug. 22, 1871, d. Jan. 14, 1889; Hyrum b. Feb. 10, 1874, m.
Jane Davis; Barbara Adeline b. Nov. 16, 1876, m. Brigham
Nelson; Milton Jefferson b. April 16, 1879, m. Elmerta Nelson;
Margaret Estella b. July 18, 1881, d. Aug. 1, 1881; Rebecca
Jane b. Sept. 3, 1882, d. Sept. 14, 1882.

Married Eunice Jane Perry Feb. 16, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Perry and Elizabeth Zabiaski of Perry,
Utah). She was born Nov. 18, 1854. Their children: Edith
Luella b. Nov. 9, 1886, m. Ellis Wood; Henry Leslie b. Feb.
6, 1888, m. Anetta" Johnson. Family home Perry, Utah.

Served as missionary to southern states 1887-88; member
of bishopric of Three-Mile Creek, Box Elder Co., Utah,
Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1864.

Born Dec. 28, 1831, Falkastra, Christianstad, Sweden. Came
to Utah Nov. 28, 1858.

Married Anna Johnson Nov. 26, 1859, who came to Utah
in 1859, John R. Murdock handcart company. Their chil-
dren: Mary Ann; Alma Frederick; William Fire; Emma
Jennetta; Nora Rebecca; Margaret Rosetta; Ella; Pearl.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Drove team for United States government from Fort
Leavenworth to Salt Lake City.

THORNE, DAVID (son of Peter Thome of Kensal Green,
Middlesex county, Eng.). Born 1800, at Kensal Green. Came
to Utah Oct. 6, 1851, Alfred Cardon company.

Married Elizabeth Reeves, at Kensal Green. Their chil-
dren: Charles; John; Sarah; George, m. Mary Rebecca
Rogers; Frederick, m. Margaret Harmsted; Robert, m. Cor-
delia Walker; David, m. Anna Harmsted; Joseph, m. Eliza-
beth Holman; James, m. Harriet Farnsworth Brown; Emma,
m. James Cobbley. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

High priest; teacher. Farmer. Died 1876.



THORNE, GEORGE (son of David Thome and Elizabeth
Reeves). Born Feb. 1, 1840, at Kensal Green, Eng. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Mary Rebecca Rogers Feb. 12, 1865, Pleasant
Grove, Utah (daughter of William Rogers of Birmingham,
Eng.). She was born May 7, 1831. Their child: Alice
Rebecca b. Aug. 15, 1868, m. James Bralford. Family home
Pleasant Grove, Utah.

High priest. Watermaster. Farmer. Assisted immigrants
to Utah 1864.

THORNL.EY, JOH1Y (son of Robert Thornley and Jane
Welsh of Ulneswalten, Lancastershire, Eng.). Born March
4, 1801, at Ulneswalten. Came to Utah 1865.

Married Helen Langton 1827, Eccles, Lancashire, Eng.
(daughter of Ralph Langton and Mary Rigby of Eccles).
Their children: Alice b. 1827, m. Thomas Swift; Robert
b. 1830, m. Annie Brighton; John b. 1832, m. Margaret
Stringfellow; Mary b. 1834, d. infant; Thomas b. 1837; Mary
b. 1842, m. Thomas Carr. Family home was in England
until they came to Utah. Died May 18, 1893.

THORNLET, ROBERT (son of John Thornley and Helen
Langton). Born June 3, 1830, Leyland, Lancastershire,
Eng:. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1855. John Hindley company.

Married Annie Brighton March 24, 1858 (daughter of Rob-
ert Brighton and Elizabeth Stewart), who was born in 1840,
and came to Utah in October 1857, with the Israel Evans
handcart company. Their children: Robert Brighton b.
Dec. 11, 1861, m. Annie G. Teer April 8, 1891; John Stewart
b. Jan. 8, 1864, m. Liddy Baker Nov. 1895; William b. Jan.
26, 1866, m. Emma Clark June 6, 1894; Helen b. June 29,
1868, m. W. J. Timmins June 24, 1891; Annie b. July 13,
1870, m. Walter White Aug. 29, 1894; Seth b. Oct. 1, 1872, m.
Alice Glazier July 20, 1904; Thomas b. Oct. 29, 1874, m.
Pearl Gammon; James b. May 16, 1877, m. Mary Smith May
23, 1900; George b. March 18, 1880; Samuel b. July 20, 1882,
m. Etta Barnet Nov. 28, 1906. Family home Smithfleld,
Cache Co., Utah, and all are living (1913).

High priest; Sunday school and ward teacher for 31 years;
missionary. Member of Utah militia. One of the first nine
families settled at Smithfield, where he helped to survey and
lay out the city. Worked on the tabernacle and temple at

THORNLET, ROBERT B. (son of Robert Thornley and Annie
Brighton). Born Dec. 11, 1861, Smithfield, Utah.

Married Annie Teer April 8, 1891, Logan, Utah (daughter
of John and Jane Teer). Their children: Annie b. Aug. 25,
1892; Jane b. Aug. 25, 1892.

THORNL.EY, JOHN (son of Thomas Thornley and Miss Bol-
ton of Leyland, Lancashire, Eng.). Born June 25, 1822,
Leyland. Came to Utah 1854.

Married Martha Seed Nov. 25, 1843, Preston, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Thomas and Elizabeth Seed of Preston). She was
born Sept. 22, 1819. Their children: William G. b. Aug. 18,
1848; Elizabeth Ann b. June 24, 1851, m. Daniel B. Har.-is;
Mary Ellen b. June 8, 1853, m. William Mocker; Martha Seed
b. Dec. 11, 1857, m. Benjamin B. Heywood; John W. b. May
19, 1859, m. Josephine King; Alice b. Dec. 7, 1860, m. Charley
Cox; Jane b. June 13, 1862, m. Harry Aldous. Family home
Kaysville, Utah.

Senior president of seventies 1857-92; high priest; or-
dained patriarch by George Teasdale Dec. 12, 1896. Pioneer
dry farmer. Settled on Kay's Creek in 1855, and from there
moved to Kaysville. Died Dec. 1, 1907.

THORNTON, HORACE (son of Ezra Thornton and Harriet
Goodrich of Hinsdale, Cattaraugus county, N. Y.). Born
May 7, 1822, Hinsdale. Came to Utah Sept. 8, 1850, Aaron
Johnson company.

Married Elizabeth Wimmer March 17, 1851, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of John Wimmer and Elizabeth Hendricks of
Indiana, pioneers 1850, Stephen Markham company). She
was born in 1831 in Indiana. Family resided at Spring-
ville and Parowan, Utah.

Member 20th quorum seventies and president of 69th
quorum. Worked in Manti and St. George temples. Miller.

THORNTON, OLIVER (son of Joseph Thornton and Lucretia
Calkins of Pickering, Lower Canada and later of New
York). Born Sept. 6, 1806, in Canada. Came to Utah 1852,
John Wimmer company.

Married Mary Griswold In 1827, at Pickering, Canada
(daughter of Amos Griswold and Eleanor Stotts of Picker-
ing, Canada, and American Fork, Utah, pioneers 1852).
Their children: Lydia Meacham b. Oct. 19, 1830. m. Ed-
mund Butler; m. Joshua Adams; Amos Griswold b. Dec.
30, 1832. m. Mary Whittaker; Thomas Ephraim, m. Pris-
cilla Covington; Edward Hotchkiss b. 1836; Alice b. Sept.
28, 1839, m. Stephen Mott; Applos Griswold b. 1841; Eleanor
b. 1843, and Mary b. Oct. 7, 1845, latter three died in child-
hood; Oliver Evans b. May 12, 1848, m. Emeretta Davis
Phillips (b. Nov. 19, 1850); Joseph Smith b. June 29, 1850,
m. Lecy Christensen; Nathan M. b. Nov. 28, 1855, m. Sarah
Singleton; Edmund B. Family home American Fork, Utah.

High priest. Early settler to American Fork. Member
city council. Farmer. Died Jan. 21, 1891, American Fork.

THORNTON, AMOS G. (son of Oliver Thornton and Mary
Griswold). Born Dec. 30, 1832, Pickering, Ontario county,

Married Mary Whittaker Dec. 18, 1856, Cedar City, Utah
(daughter of James Whittaker and Rachel Taylor of Cedar
City pioneers 1852). She was born Nov. 18, 1838. Their
children: Mary Alice b. July 29, 1858; Amos Whittaker b
Oct. 10, 1860; Lydia Meacham b. Aug. 22, 1862, m. James G'
Knell; Oliver Griswold b. Nov. 15, 1864; Rachel G. b. April
6, 1867; Ellen Lunt b. Feb. 18, 1870, m. J. Granville Pace;
Sarah May b. May 1, 1873, m. Joseph D. Cox, Jr.; Hattie Maria
b. Dec. 2, 1875, m. William J. Snow; James Whittaker b.
Dec. 9, 1883, m. Matilda Grace Green; m. Nellie Schofleld
Family home Pinto, Utah.

Married Charity Butler (Wallace) 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Butler and Caroline Skeen of Spanish
Fork, Utah pioneers 1852). Their children: John L. b.
Aug. 3, 1863, died; James Apollos b. Dec. 23, 1864; Amos;
Edmund T. b. Jan. 8, 1867, m. Jennie Cox Sept. 22, 1896;
Lydia Adeline b. Jan 19, 1870, m. Hezekiah E. Duffln Sept
22, 1896; Artimesia b. Oct. 6, 1871; Taylor Butler b. March
3, 1873. Family home Pinto, Utah.

Called to southern Utah 1854. Presiding elder of Pinto
ward several years. Veteran Walker Indian war. Died
April 5, 1901.

Charity Butler was the widow of Mr. Wallace. The two
children of her first marriage were: Caroline M., m. Dag-
bert Whipple; Hamilton Monroe, m. Jane Stapley.

THORNTON, OLIVER EVANS (son of Oliver Thornton and
Mary Griswold). Born May 12, 1848, Des Moines, Iowa.
Came to Utah 1852, John Wimmer company.

Married Emeretta Davis Phillips Feb. 15, 1873, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Richard Phillips and Margaret Lucker of

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