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Toms River, N. J.; pioneers 1861, Captain Martindale com-
pany). She was born Dec. 25, 1854. Their children: Oliver
S. b. Oct. 29, 1873, d. infant; .Richard A. b. Feb. 6, 1875, d.
Infant; Retty May b. May 25, 1877, m. Thomas J. Crook-
ston; Ira John b. Sept. 30, 1879, m. Belle Norton; Alice
Menety b. Oct. 15, 1882, m. George Holman; Evy Elzety b.
Dec. 15, 1884, m. Thomas Wilson; Mary Delcia b. Sept.
17, 1887, d. infant; Edmund Owen b. Dec. 14, 1888, m. Alice
Peterson; Silvia Ann b. Sept. 5, 1893.

Assisted in building the first canal across Provo Bench;
assisted in building the first telegraph line; worked on U.
P. R. R. Member elders quorum. Farmer, fisherman and

THORTJP, HERMAN AUGUST (son of Christian Larsen
Thorup and Johanne Catrine Holm of Copenhagen, Den-
mark). Born Aug. 11, 1826, Copenhagen. Came to Utah Aug.
8, 1869.

Married Marie Christine Christensen Feb. 25, 1848, Copen-
hagen (daughter of Christen Hansen and Ellen Kirstine
Hansen of Myrup Gaard, Sjelland, Denmark). She was
born Sept. 19, 1824. Their children: Herman F. F., m.
Sophie G. Johnson; m. Annie C. Anderson; m. Jensine Jen-
sen; Laura E. E., d. child; Laura A. M., m. Niels Rasmusson;
John Theobald, m. Johanne Caroline Osterman, m. Hansine
Engeiine Andrea Berg; Christine V., m. Niels Rasmusson;
Maria, d. child; Hyrum E., m. Nette Nelsen; Joseph, m. Clara
Romney. Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest. Carpenter and joiner. Died Aug. 20, 1907,
Salt Lake City.

THORUP, HERMAN F. F. (son of Herman August Thorup
and Marie Christine Christensen). Born April 19, 1849,
Copenhagen, Denmark. Came to Utah with father.

Married Sophie G. Johnson May 28, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of G. Johnson of Sweden). She was born Dec. 12,
1847. Their children: Maria J. b. July 10, 1873, Albert M.
b. Nov. 5, 1874, Christine b. July 1876, and Sophie C. b. Sept.
16, 1878, all four died. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Annie C. Anderson Sept. 29, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Anders Rasmusson and Anne Petersen of Den-
mark). She was born Dec. 16, 1867. Their children: Annie
C. b. Sept. 18, 1882, d. child; Herman F. b. Feb. 10, 1884, m.
Caroline A. Nelsen; Joseph F. b. Nov. 1, 1885; Eliza A. b.
Oct. 30, 1887, m. Axel L. Fikstad; William W. b. Jan. 21,
1891, m. Esther Norberg.

Married Jensine Jensen Dec. 21, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Niels Peter Jensen and Bertha Rasmusson of
Denmark). She was born July 17, 1861. Their children:
Bertha J. b. Nov. 1, 1883, m. William Lindstrom; Anne M. b.
Jan. 23, 1885. m. Paul K. Nielson; Emily S. b. April 12, 1886,
d. infant; Rebecca E. C. b. Oct. 31, 1887, m. Leonard Mitchell;
Nephi F. b. March 31, 1889, d. infant; Nephine M. b. June 14.
1890, m. Andrew W. Rowley; Zina F. A. b. March 19, 1892;
Lizzie H. b. March 16, 1894; Henry J. b. March 9, 1896; Law-
rence S. b. April 10, 1898; Francis E. b. April 11, 1903; Ger-
trude F. b. Nov. 27, 1905.

President 138th quorum seventies; missionary to Denmark
1879-81; home missionary five years; block teacher. Florist
and nurseryman.

THORUP, JOHN THEOBALD (son of Herman August
Thorup and Marie Christine Christensen). Born May 25,
1856, Copenhagen, Denmark. Came to Utah with father.

Married Johanne Caroline Osterman Aug. 24, 1882, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Jens Carl Didderick Osterman and
Caroline Marie Berg of Grenaa, Denmark, pioneers Sept. 26,
1868, John G. Holman company). She was born Oct. 3, 1858.
Their children: John M. b. May 19, 1883, m. Kate Wilson;
Caroline M. L. b. May 7, 1886, m. Sanford S. Stevens; Mabel



E. b. Sept. 24, 1888; Rachel H. b. May 29, 1892; Ruth O. b.
Dec. 12, 1894; Martha O. b. Oct. 28, 1897; Naomi O. b. Aug. 2,
1901. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Hansine Engeline Andrea Berg April 11, 1887,
Salt Lake City (daughter of Andreas Berg and Hansine
Engeline Petersen of Grenaa, Denmark, who came to Utah
June 7, 1886). She was born Jan. 18, 1868. Their children:
Alvin T. b. Jan. 8, 1888; Franklin A. b. March 24, 1891, d.
Infant; Grover A. b. June 11, 1893; Eva B. b. Sept. 4, 1895;
Edna B. b. Aug. 14, 1898; Abraham B. b. Sept. 23, 1901;
James B. b. May 7, 1906; Lev! B. b. March 2, 1909.

Member 16th quorum seventies; missionary to Denmark
1879-81; 2d counselor 1887-97; 1st counselor 1897-1910 to
Bishop Joseph Warburton of 1st ward; member high council
of Liberty stake 1910 to date; president T. M. M. I. A.;
block teacher. Graduate of Brlgham Young University of
Provo 1872. School trustee. Vice-president Freeze Mercan-
tile Company 1890-1900; manager 13th ward store of Provo
1900-06. Carpenter and builder; general merchant.

THURGOOD, THOMAS (son of William Thurgood of Ter-
ling, Essex county, Eng.). Born July, 1807, Terling. Came
to Utah 1867, William Godbe company.

Married Catherine Jenkins 1839 at Terling (daughter of
Ephraim Jenkins of Hatfleld, Essex, Eng.). She was born
in 1803. Their children: Joseph, d. aged 4; Thomas, d.
aged 16; Kate, m. John South; George, m. Elizabeth Ed-
wards, m. Mariah Slack; Abraham, m. Annie Frick. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Laborer. Died July 1, 1883.

THURMAN, SAMUEL, R. (son of William T. Thurman and
Margaret Brown of Louisville, Ky.). Born May 6, 1850,
Louisville. Came to Utah October, 1870.

Married Isabell Karren May 6, 1872, Lehi, Utah (daughter
of Thomas Karren and Ann Ratcliff of Liverpool, Eng., pio-
neers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company). She was
born Jan. 1, 1856. Their children: Richard B.. m. Elizabeth
C. Ayton; Mabel, m. Moses C. Davis; Margaret, m. Dr. Ray
Irvine; Lydia C., m. C. W. Reed; William T., m. Pearl Taft;
Samuel D., m. Henrietta Young; Victor E., m. Vaughn
Christiansen ; Allen G. Family resided Provo and Salt Lake
City, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to England 1890-92. County attorney
for Utah county; mayor of Lehi; member of territorial leg-
islature and of both constitutional conventions; assistant
U. S. district attorney under last Cleveland administration;
one of first Democratic nominees for supreme bench after
statehood of Utah. Lawyer.

THURMAN, RICHARD B. (son of Samuel R. Thurman and
Isabell Karren). Born Nov. 7, 1873, Lehi, Utah Co., Utah.

Married Elizabeth C. Ayton Sept. 7, 1898, Laytonsville,
Montgomery county, Md. (daughter of James Edward Ayton
and Frances Evelyn King of Laytonsville). She was born
Aug. 22, 1872. Their children: James Ayton b. Feb. 27,
1900; Samuel Richard b. Oct. 26. 1902; Frances Isabell b.
Jan 18, 1906. Family resided Provo and Salt Lake City,


THREI/KELD, JOHN (son of Isaac and Margaret Threlkeld
of Carlisle, Cumberland, Eng.). Born March 4, 1814, Carlisle,

Married Elizabeth Barker 1840, Carlisle, Eng. (daughter
of John Barker and Margaret Freeland, of Carlisle, latter
died on plains, en route to Utah). She was born Dec. 17,
1810, Glasgow, Scotland, and died Dec. 19, 1870, at Carlisle.
Their children: Margaret, m. Joel H. Johnson; Thomas;
Mary Jane, m. Henry Coleman; Hannah, m. Herbert Harris;
Joseph; Sarah Ann, m. Peter O'Brien; Mary Elizabeth, died;
John, m. Eliza Davis. Family home Carlisle, Eng.

Died 1875, at Carlisle.

THURSTON, JAMES (son of Stephen Thurston and Frances
Raynor of Rumburgh, Suffolk, Eng., former born about
1770). He was born May 1, 1829, at Rumburgh. Came to
Utah Sept. 9, 1860, Franklin Brown company.

Married Mary Seamons April 6, 1854 (daughter of Henry
Seamons and Mary King, pioneers Sept. 9, 1860, Franklin
Brown company married January, 1832, in Suffolk, Eng.).
She was born March 17, 1833, St. Michaels, Suffolk, Eng.,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Hannah
b. June 17, 1855, m. Benjamin Hymas Jan. 28, 1869; Mary
Castelena b. March 28, 1856, d. July 31, 1856; Sarah Elizabeth
b. Oct. 22, 1857, m. John Bake 1877; Stephen b. Aug. 26,
1869, m. Eliza Marietta Hurren April 7, 1884; Edith Mariam
b. Sept. 4, 1861, m. Walter Hawks Jan. 1, 1880; Frances Lucy
b. Nov. 9, 1863. m. James Balls Jan. 24, 1884; Eliza Marette
b. Jan. 14, 1866, m. Benjamin Hymas Nov. 15, 1884; Phebe
Ann b. Feb. 23, 1868, m. Suel E. Lamb Dec. 12, 1888; Simpson
Benjamin b. March 26, 1870, m. Belle Follett March 26, 1890;
Ima b. April 3, 1872, m. Nellie Nelson June 9, 1897; Tracy b.
June 22, 1874, m. John Lamb March 5, 1896; Augusta b. March
8, 1878, d. Aug. 29, 1878. Family home Hyde Park, Cache
Co., Utah.

Married Jane Sinclair Graham Aug. 4, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Frederic Graham and Elizabeth Swan, pio-
neers 1859, Horton D. Haight company married at Wool-
wich, Kentshire, Eng.). She was born April 20, 1848, at
Woolwich. Their children: George b. Feb. 27, 1869, d. Sept.

9, 1869; Emma b. Dec. 1, 1871, m. Ezra J. Seamons Sept. 24,
1891; Ellen Elizabeth b. March 17, 1877, m. Alma J. Hancey
Dec. 16, 1897; Frederic Graham b. May 13, 1881, d. April 24,
1889; Edella Emily b. Oct. 7, 1886, d. Feb. 17, 1888. Families
resided Hyde Park. Cache Co., Utah.

Watermaster many years. Farmer; stockraiser; hor-
ticulturist, being the first in these lines in Hyde Park. Died
Dec. 12, 1907.

THURSTON, STEPHEN (son of James Thurston and Mary
Seamons). Born Aug. 26, 1859, Omaha, Neb.

Married Eliza Marietta Hurren April 7, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Hurren and Eliza Reeder, pioneers
July 15, 1856, James G. Willie handcart company). Their
children: Mary Eliza b. Feb. 19, 1885, m. Joseph W. Waite
1903; Dessie b. Feb. 20, 1887, m. Andrew Nyman 1909; Lydia
b. Oct. 17, 1889, m. Orvin Nyman 1909; Phebe b. Nov. 25,
1891, m. George F. Ashcroft 1912; Vera and Veda (twins) b.
Aug. 8, 1894; Stephen James b. July 11, 1899; Myrle b. Feb.
2, 1903; Wanda b. Dec. 23, 1905.

Sunday school teacher; missionary to England 1899-1901.
Chairman old folks' committee. Watermaster Hyde Park
Canal Company seven years; trustee of same company ten
years. Member stake board of education since 1905; mem-
ber incorporated town board of Hyde Park. Farmer; stock-

and Hannah Butler of Granville, Licking Co., Ohio). Born
Feb. 12, 1805, Fletcher, Vt. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1847, Jede-
diah M. Grant company.

Married Rosetta Bull March 28, 1828, Granville, Ohio
(daughter of Smith Bull and Sarah Burr of Manchester, Vt.,
pioneers Oct. 6, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant company). She
was born April 25, 1809, and died July 29, 1880. Their chil-
dren: Harriet Elizabeth b. Jan. 27, 1829, m. William Wash-
ington Potter; George Washington b. Nov. 1, 1830, m. Sarah
Lucina Snow March 28, 1868; Smith Butler, m. Mary Garn;
Sarah Ann, m. Jedediah M. Grant, m. J. F. Snedaker; Hannah
Maria; Reuben Johnson; Julia Rosetta, m. Joseph Bates
Nobles; Caroline Rozalia, m. John James Fry; Huldah Cor-
delia, m. Willard G. Smith; Thomas Jefferson; Peter Frank-
lin, m. Mary Ann Spendlove. Family home Centerville,

Married Elizabeth Smith at Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Smith and Mary Johnson of Lancaster, Eng.). She was
born Feb. 27, 1835, and died in 1899. Their children: Ro-
zetta, m. Mr. Bryan; Elizabeth, m. Jedediah Grant Little;
John, m. Alice Josephine Little; Clara, m. George Leonard
Little; Mary, m. Andrew Laden; William Henry, m. Katie
Nemp; Frederick; Jedediah Morgan; Edward; Leah Helen;
Rebecca, m. Ephraim Whittier; Leroy, m. Ada J. Anson;
Harris, m~. May Peterson.

Married Helen Maria Davis (daughter of Eliakim Spooner
Davis and Orpha Hopkins of Lowell, Mass.). She was born
in 1845; died.

Counselor to Bishop Hickenlooper of 6th ward, Salt Lake
City, 1847; acting bishop of Morgan county for many years;
president high council of Morgan stake. He was sent by
Brigham Young on the first exploring expedition in Cache
valley in 1848, and later moved to Centerville, where he
took up 80 acres of land and engaged in farming. He,
together with Charles S. Peterson and their sons, built the
first road through Weber canyon, and they were among the
first settlers of Weber valley. Moved to St. George. Wil-
liam W. Potter, himself and others built the first boat and
made the first known trip on Salt Lake, exploring all the
islands. The boat was named "Mud Hen." While on the
lake they were overtaken by a storm in which they almost
lost their lives. He also established the first ferry on
Bear river. Farmer. Died May 4, 1885, St. George, Utah.

TIBBITTS, BENJAMIN (son of Richard Tibbitts and Mary
Sandals of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Eng.). Born
Sept. 8, 1826, at Kidderminster. Immigrated to America in
1848 and came to Utah Sept. 25, 1866, John D. Holladay

Married Eliza Moody 1852, Thompsonville, Conn, (daughter
of Henry Moody of Kidderminster, Eng.). She was born
April 21, 1831. Their children: George Henry b. Feb. 25,
1853, m. Dec. 29, 1877; James b. July 22, 1854, d. Feb. 5, 1896;
Emeline b. March 16, 1856, m. April 21, 1876; Lorenzo Edwin
b. Aug. 7, 1861 (d. Dec. 27, 1911), m. Dec. 2, 1885; Eliza Jane
b. Dec. 22, 1867, m. July 21, 1886; Benjamin Richard b. July
27, 1870, m. Dec. 30, 1896; Edgar b. July 16, 1872, m. Oct. 10,
1896; Mira b. Nov. 2, 1874, d. Dec. 17, 1874. Family home
Providence, Cache Co., Utah.

Ward teacher many years. Farmer. Died March 22, 1902.

TIBBITTS, GEORGE HENRY (son of Benjamin Tibbitts and
Eliza Moody). Born Feb. 25, 1853, Roxbury, Mass. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Mary Harriet Holt Dec. 29, 1877, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel Holt and Selina Beston of Salt Lake
City). She was born Oct. 6, 1860. Their children: George
S. b. Dec. 9, 1878, m. May 20, 1903; Selina b. Jan. 29, 1880,
m. Dec. 19, 1900; Ernest H. b. Dec. 8, 1882; Edwin B. b. Feb.
29, 1885, d. June 27, 1906; Marion Benjamin b. Feb. 13, 1887,
m. Dec. 13, 1911; Elmer M. b. March 18, 1890; Ira James b.
July 11, 1892; Mary Lavern b. July 8, 1896; Frances Veda b.
Nov. 21, 1902. Family home Providence, Utah.

Member 32d quorum seventies; ward teacher; high priest.
School trustee two terms. Farmer.



TIDWEIX, JOHN (son of William Tidwell, born in Shelby
county, Ky., and Sarah Goben, born in Clay county, Ind., both
of Henry county, Ky.). He was born Jan. 14, 1807, in Shelby
county, Ky. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1862, captain of his
own company.

Married Jane Smith Dec. 18, 1828, in Clark county, Ind.,
who was born June 6, 1812, and died May 20, 1893. Their
children: James Harvey, m. Elizabeth Harvey, m. Emma
Sanderson; William Nelson, m. Mary Elizabeth Reynolds;
Mary Jane, m. Benjamin Johnson; Jefferson, m. Sarah Seely;
Lyman and Nancy Ann, died; Martha, m. John Lusk; Mar-
geret, m. Albert Zabriskie; Sarah, m. Bent Johnson; John,
Jr.; Emma Jane, died; Emeline Mariah, m. Isaac Smith.

Member 1st quorum seventies and president of seventies
at Provo. Located at Pleasant Grove 1852, and moved to-
Mount Pleasant 1859. Built a fort for protection against
the Indians. Died Jan. 24, 1887, at Mount Pleasant.

TIDWELL, JEFFERSON (son of John Tidwell and Jane
Smith). Born Oct. 7, 1835, in Clark county, Ind. Came to
Utah 1852 with father.

Married Sarah Seely 1869, Mount Pleasant, Utah (daughter
of Justus W. Seely and Clarissa Jane Wilcox, pioneers
1847, John Lowry company). She was born April 10, 1844,
In Lee Co., Iowa. Their children: William Jefferson b. Oct.
8, 1861, m. Emma Clarissa Jones; Clarissa, died; Sarah
Sorena, m. William Alvin Thayn; Frank, m. Eva Rumgue;
Hyrum, m. Mary Grundvig; Joseph Randolph b. Oct. 3. 1872;
Maranda, m. Samuel Strong; Orange b. Oct. 1876; David A.,
m. Carlie Clegg; Hannah, m. Albert Barnes; Beatrice, died.

Member 101st quorum seventies; bishop of Indianola, San
Pete county; presiding elder at Wellington ward; Sunday
school superintendent several years. Assisted in bringing
immigrants to Utah. Early settler at Wellington. Indian
war veteran. School trustee. One of the rescuers of the
"Frozen" handcart company. Farmer.

well and Sarah Seely). Born Oct. 8, 1861, Mount Pleasant,

Married Emma Clarissa Jones Dec. 25, 1889, Wellington,
Utah (daughter of Jeter E. Jones and Emma Thayn of Salt
Lake City, pioneers 1848). She was born Jan. 8, 1874. Their
children: William Leroy b. June 7, 1891; Sarah Clarissa b.
April 9, 1893; Pearl b. Nov. 24, 1895; Jennie Moranda b. Oct.
14, 1897; John Leslie b. Sept. 8, 1899; Stewart Randaugh b.
Dec. 15, 1901; Justus Chesley b. May 16, 1903; Jeter Edward
b. June 29, 1905; Joseph Rulon b. May 13, 1907; Ida May b.
May 12, 1909; Emma Clarine b. Oct. 12, 1911.

Member 101st quorum seventies; Sunday school and ward
teacher. Surveyor Emery county 1902-03; assessor Carbon
county 1898-99 and 1906-09. Settled at Wellington with
father in 1879. Assisted in building Tidwell canal and im-
proving country around Wellington. Pioneer school teacher
of Carbon county. Graduated June 2, 1882, University of

TIDWELL, JOSEPH RANDOLPH (son of Jefferson Tidwell
and Sarah Seely). Born Oct. 3, 1872, Mount Pleasant, Utah.

Settled at Wellington in 1884 with parents, where he
assisted in building up country. Helped also to build the
Pioneer monument at Mount Pleasant.

TIMMS, JOHN W. A. (son of William Timms and Mary Ann
Avery of Kingston, Eng., who came to Utah Aug. 16, 1871,
Lott Smith company). He was born Jan. 14, 1856.

Married Sarah Ann Latimer Jan. 11, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Latimer and Ann Hardy), who was
born April, 1857, Salt Lake City. Their children: John H.
b. Nov. 22, 1879, d. aged 7V4; Thomas L. b. May 1, 1881, m.
Arminta Roberts; Eugene b. May 14, 1883, d. infant; Clarence
A. b. Sept. 30, 1885, d. aged 19; William H. b. Feb. 3, 1890, d.
aged 17; Sarah b. June 22, 1892, m. Bertrand W. Clayton;
Lucile b. Oct. 23, 1896; Robert J. b. Feb. 25, 1899. Family
home Salt Lake City, Utah.

TIDWELI/, THOMAS (son of Absalom Tidwell and Eliza-
beth McBride). Born July 8, 1826, in Illinois. Came to
Utah July, 1854, with mother.

Married Elizabeth Jane Henderson, who was born July
4, 1830. Their children: James Absalom b. July 12, 1848,
died; Celestia Annie b. Nov. 18, 1849, m. Mr. Jackson; Eliza-
beth Alice b. Dec. 7, 1851, m. Cyrus Foote; Thomas Jasper
b. Aug. 12, 1853, died; Mary Adlai b. July 28, 1855, m. Warren
Brady; Lenora b. Aug. 22, 1857. m. Matt Boulger; Nancy
Elvina b. April 1, 1859, m. Walter Jenkins; Sarah Esther
b. Aug. 9, 1861, died; Clara Ethel b. Feb. 12, 1865; Martha
Irena b. Nov. 14, 1866; Anna Rosetta b. Dec. 4, 1869.

Married Louisa Tyler. Their children: Louanda Jennette,
m. D. B. Miller; Thomas Philemon, m. Elizabeth Jenkins;
Francis Marlon, m. Teby J. Burdick; Llona Lovette, m.
Aldin Burdick, m. C. Mayerfleld; Lola Lucinda, m. Alonzo
Smith; Alphretta Williametta, died; David Absalom, m.
Sarah Elizabeth Robison; Louise, m. Harry Anderson; Rol-
land, m. Lena Phillips; Elizabeth, m. Don Burdick; Lulu
Pearl, died; Sarah Jane, m. Grant Farr. Families resided
Nephi, Utah.

Married Mary Abie Eakle Nov. 23, 1897. American Fork,
Utah (daughter of Henry Kennedy Eakle and Mary Jane
Johnson of Virginia), who was born Aug. 24, 1858. Their
child: Mildred Maria b. Jan. 27, 1900. Family home, Ameri-
can Fork.

Married Mary Murphy Jan. 4, 1909, American Fork (daugh-
ter of William Murphy and Katherine Murphy of Cumber-
land, Eng.), who was born May 17, 1879. Their child:
Martha Elmira b. Sept. 22, 1910.

Died June 17, 1912, American Fork.

TIDWELL, DAVID ABSALOM (son of Thomas Tidwell and
Louisa Tyler). Born Dec. 23, 1866, Nephi, Utah.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Robison in 1888 (daughter of
J. N. Robison of Georgia), who was born in 1868. Their
children: David Roy b. Dec. 19, 1889; Hazel Elizabeth b.
July 11. 1893; Rolland b. Aug. 10, 1895; Robert b. Oct. 10,
1897. Family home Salina, Utah.


TIMOTHY, JOHN GRIFFITHS (son of David Timothy and
Esther Griffiths of Cardiganshire, Wales). Born March 12,
1825, Grigwin, Cardiganshire, Wales. Came to Utah 1862,
David Jones company.

Married Martha Davis 1853. at Cardigan (daughter of
David Davis and Martha Lewis). Their children: David b.
March 6, 1854, m. Martha Elvira Hawes; John b. Feb. 18,
1855, m. Emily Hawes, m. Margaret Ann Hall (Price); Joshua
b. Aug. 10, 1856, died; Alma Nephi b. Dec. 9, 1857, m.
Ellen Mann Sainsbury; Brigham b. June 21, 1859, m. Mary
Hannah Sabey; Heber b. April 2, 1861, m. Esther Elizabeth
Vernon; Martha b. Aug. "3, 1862, m. Charles Alma Gardener,
m. J. P. Rudy; Hyrum b. Oct. 18, 1863, m. Rose Clark;
Joseph b. Oct. 2, 1865, m. Lucy Jane Thomas; Mary b. June
23, 1867, died; Eleanor b. Aug. 27, 1868; Jedediah b. March
7, 1870, m. Jane Vilate Wamsley.

Died April 18, 1900, Vernal, Utah.

TIMOTHY, DAVID (son of John Griffiths Timothy and
Martha Davis). Born March 6, 1854, in Wales. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Martha Elvira Hawes Oct. 11, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Hawes and Emily Mecham of Provo,
Utah, who came to Utah with oxteam company). She was
born May 7, 1860, died Jan. 26, 1905. Their children: Mary
Pearl b. Sept. 7, 1879, m. Hyrum L. Larson; Martha Mae
b. Dec. 30, 1880, m. Andrew Theodore Johnson; Emily b.
Dec. 15, 1882, m. Hugh M. Woodward; David John b. Dec.
23, 1884; Alice b. Dec. 20, 1886, m. Thomas R. Todd; Leah
b. Sept. 29, 1888, m. Jacob Wilford Bastian; Amber b. Jan.
19, 1890; Lamar b. May 15, 1892; Golden b. March 11, 1894, d.
May 7, 1904; Ada Fern b. March 2, 1896; Celestia b. Feb.
18, 1899, d. April 11, 1900; Rulon Lavelle b. Aug. 31, 1901;
Lucile b. Jan. 26, 1904, d. July 8, 1904. Family home Jensen,

High priest; ward teacher at Wallsburg. Settled at Jen-
sen 1885. Sunday school superintendent 18 years and
chorister 26 years. Assisted in developing country around
Vernal. School trustee; road supervisor. One of the fore-
most in education in Uinta county.

TIMOTHY, JOHN (son of John Griffiths Timothy and Martha
Davis). Born Feb. 18, 1855, South Wales. Came to Utah
with parents.

Married Emily Hawes June 27. 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Hawes and Emily Mecham of Provo,
Utah). Their children: Emily Myrtle; John William, m.
Margaret Ann Price; Mary Elvira, m. James Johnson; Oren
Leo, m. Mame Walmsley; Jedediah, d. child; Martha Pearl,
m. Thornton Richardson.

Married Margaret Ann Hall (Price) May 31, 1899, Maeser,
Utah (daughter of Joseph Hall and Margaret Hill of Fair-
view, Utah, pioneers 1847; she was also the widow of Daniel
Price of Measer, whom she married in 1883, at Fairview,
her children by marriage being: Daniel Leroy b. April 2,
1884, m. Martha Allen; Margaret Ann b. Dec. 12, 1885, m.
William Timothy; Carolina b. Feb. 5, 1888, m. Wallace Oakes;
Rhoda b. Jan. 16, 1890, m. Loren Hatch; Joseph Charles b.
March 21, 1892; Absalom b. Feb. 13, 1894). She was born Dec.
2, 1865. Their children: Thomas Earl b. Aug. 3, 1900; Carrie
Wilder b. Aug. 26, 1904. Families resided Maeser.

Elder. Guard in Black Hawk war. Settled at Heber
1864, and in Ashley Valley 1886. Farmer and stockralser.

TIMOTHY, ALMA NEPHI (son of John Griffiths Timothy
and Martha Davis). Born Dec. 9, 1857, Tredegar, Mon-
mouthshire, Wales. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Ellen Maria Sainsbury Oct. 1, 1890, Manti, Utah
(daughter of John Sainsbury and Laura Wiscomb of Spring-
ville, Utah), who was born June 22, 1874. Their children:
John Alma b. May 7, 1892, d. Infant; Laura b. Oct. 1, 1893;
Joshua b. July 25, 1896; LeRoy b.'May 3, 1900; Elmer b.
Aug. 13, 1902; Arvllla b. April 18, 1904; Martha b. Sept. 8,
1906; Golden b. Nov. 10, 1908; Owen b. Oct. 8, 1910.

Member 97th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 1887-89, and to Great Britain 1904-05; home mis-
sionary; ward and Sunday school teacher; high priest.
School trustee. Coal dealer; miner; proprietor of Timothy
coal mine. Settled in Ashley Valley, 1884, where he assisted
in building up country.

TIMOTHY, HEBER (son of John Griffiths Timothy and Mar-
tha Davis). Born April 2, 1861, Swansea, Caermarthenshire,
Wales. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Esther Elizabeth Vernon May 17, 1890, Vernal,
Utah (daughter of William Vernon and Cyntha Moody
Cordial of Caswell, Va.), who was born Oct. 20, 1867, Blain,
Lawrence county, Ky., and came to Utah in 1889. Their
children: Heber Vernon b. Jan. 24, 1891; Louis Andrew b.
Oct. 1, 1893; Weston b. July 1, 1896; Parley b. July 8, 1898;
Evan b. Aug. 22, 1900; Presley b. Oct. 6, 1902; Mardin b.



June 29, 1904; Esther b. Aug. 13, 1906; Lynne b. March 25,
1909; Telyntha b. Feb. 5. 1912. Family home Roosevelt.

TIMOTHY, JOSEPH (son of John G. Griffiths Timothy and
Martha Davis). Born Oct. 2, 1865, Heber, Utah.

Married Lucy Jane Thomas Feb. 2, 1887, Vernal, Utah
(daughter of Joseph Maddlson Thomas and Louisa Arella

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