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Houghton of Spanish Fork and Vernal, Utah, pioneers 1847,
Brigham Young company). She was born July 23, 1767.
Their children: Joseph, Jr., b. Dec. 8, 1887, m. Lillian Wardle;
Franklin Wile, m. Nellie Searle; Orin William, m. Nellie
Johnston; Maddison Earl; Ethel Jane; Delbert; Bertha;
Chloe; Leland. Family home Roosevelt, Utah.

High priest; counselor in bishopric of Glines ward; coun-
selor in presidency of Y. M. M. I. A. of Glines ward; super-
intendent Sunday school Crescent ward 3 years. Moved to
Vernal 1885 with parents, where he assisted in building
up country. School trustee; constable six years; deputy
sheriff 4 years; road supervisor 4 years. Delegate to
eleventh National Irrigation Congress. Farmer and stock-

Feb. IE, 1873, and Edward Smith b. Nov. 30, 1874, died; Flo-
rence May b. June 15, 1878, m. Alma Berg; Annie S. b. June
14, 1880, died.

High priest; block teacher; Sunday school superintendent.
Settled in Lehi 1854. Veteran Indian war. Freighter; shoe-
maker; farmer.

T1MPSO1V, GEORGE WILLIAM (son of William B. Timpson
and Elizabeth Fordham Smith of Northamptonshire, Eng.,
pioneers 1868, Chester Loveland company). Born Sept. 20,
1856, Oundle, Northamptonshire. Came to Utah August,
1868, with parents.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Strickland Jan. 1, 1883, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Alvin B. Strickland of Franklin Co., Ohio,
pioneer 1854, and Sarah Boughey Elkin of Staffordshire,
Eng pioneer 1854, Captain Fielding company). She was
born Dec. 6. 1861, San Pete Co., Utah. Their children: George
W. b. Jan. 16, 1884, died; Joseph Elkin b. Jan. 5, 1885, m.
Isabel Fitzgerald of San Francisco, Cal.; Leila Celestine b.
April 12, 1888, m. Alexander D. Edgar; Moroni Boughey b.
July 23, 1890, m. Nora P. Hansen; Ella Louise b. Jan. 16,
1893; Austin LeRoy b. June 30, 1895; Melba b. June 1, 1897;
Vera Edora b. Jan. 22, 1901, died.

High priest; principal of religion class of 16th ward; mem-
ber tabernacle choir 25 years; leader of 16th ward choir
nine years. President Western Association of Adult Blind
1912-13. Member Alert Hose Company No. 3 of volunteer
flre department, Salt Lake City. Secretary and aided in con-
structon of old Utah Southern railroad. Shoe salesman
with Z. C. M. I. and other firms 28 years.

TINGEY, LEHI (son of John Tingey and Phoebe Stafford of
Staffordshire, Eng.). Born July 23, 1852.

Married Amelia J. Needham Nov. 1, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Needham and Martha Millens, pioneers
1850). She was born Sept. 11, 1857, Salt Lake City. Their
children: Lehi N. b. Oct. 22, 1883, m. Gertrude Smith; Half
N. b. Sept. 14, 1885, d. aged 5. Family home. Salt Lake City.

TIPPETS, WILLIAM P. (son of John Tippets and Abagall
Percy). Born June 26, 1812. Came to Utah 1850, Captain
Hunt company.

Married Sophia B. Mead Jan. 1, 1842 (daughter of Ezra.
Mead and Elizabeth Wilcox, pioneers 1850, Captain Hunt
company). She was born July 12, 1812. Their children:
Alice Jeanette b. March, 1844, m. Joseph M. Tippets Jan. 1,
1860; Emma Ann b. Jan. 1846, m. William Perry 1867; Mary
Ellen b. Dec. 1848, m. Hyrum Tippets; Eliza Abagail b. Jan.
1850, m. Brigham Tippets; Rebecca Moon b. June 2, 1852;
Delia Sophia b. March 28, 1854, m. Hyrum S. Dudley March
30, 1874; Caroline Matilda b. Dec. 1856; William Plummer b.
1858; Walter Henry b. March, 1860, m. Maria Stokes 1878.
Family home Perry, Utah, of which town he was a pioneer.

TITCOMB, JOHN (son of William and Annie Titcomb of
Berkshire, Eng.). Born In Berkshire. Came to Utah Sep-
tember, 1850, William Wall company.

Married Mary Atkins of Berkshire, who was born 1810.
Their children: Luke, m. Lydia Jane Tanner; Naomi, m.
Philander Bell; John, Jr., m. Susan Walpall; Ruth, m. Pres-
ton Free; Mary, m. Preston Free. Family resided Lehi and
Cottonwood, Utah.

High priest; teacher. Settled at Lehi 1853; moved to Cot-
tonwood 1858. Shoemaker; farmer. Died 1858 at Cotton-

TITCOMB, LUKE (son of John Titcomb and Mary Atkins).
Born March 3, 1832, Berkshire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 31,
1849, Ezra T. Benson company.

Married Lydia Jane Tanner May 26, 1854, Cottonwood,
Utah (daughter of John Joshua Tanner and Rebecca Smith
of Cottonwood). She was born Nov. 28, 1836. Their chil-
dren: Mary Jane b. Dec. 31, 1854, m. Thomas Gray; Joseph
Luke b. Jan. 10, 1856, m. Sarah Larsen; Rebecca Maria b.
Aug. 29, 1857, m. Thomas Jones; John Francis b. March 1,
1859, died; Naomi Sophie b. Feb. 23, 1863, m. Thomas Powers;
Sarah Eunice b. July 6, 1864, m. Lott Russen; Helen Elsie b.
July 11, 1866, m. Heber Commer; Mahonrl b. April 6, 1869,
m. Susan Mower; Preston Freeman b. Oct. 13, 1870; Llllie
Ruth b. May 18, 1871, m. John Jackson; Lydia Louisa b.

TODD, THOMAS (son of John Todd and Marian Lorimer of
Dumfrieshire, Scotland). Born Jan. 28, 1821, Penpont, Dum-
frieshire. Came to Utah 1854, Daniel Gam company.

Married Margaret Shankland Jan. 25, 1850, in Dumfrieshire
(daughter of James Shankland of Dumfrieshire and Marga-
ret Cummings of Thornhill). She was born Nov. 12 1826
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: John b.
Dec. 1850, d. child; James, d. infant; Thomas, Jr., b. Feb 18
1856, m. Harriet Richardson; Margaret b. Nov. 22, 1858 m.
David Nathaniel Murdock; Marian Jane b. March 19 1861
m. John Campbell March 19, 1890; Isabel Ellen b. March 17
1863, m. John Henry Hicken; Sarah Ann b. March 15, 1865,
m. John A. Simpson; John Murray, d. child; David Alexander
b. Dec. 4, 1868, m. Josephine Moulton. Family resided Salt
Lake City and Heber, Utah.

President elders quorum; high priest; counselor to Bishops
Rasband and Dickes. Veteran Black Hawk and Echo Can-
yon wars. Chairman of county commissioners; road super-
visor; school trustee. Farmer. Died Oct. 5, 1909, Heber.

TODD, THOMAS (s.on of Thomas Todd and Margaret Shank-
land). Born Feb. 18, 1856, Salt Lake City.

Married Harriet Richardson Dec. 16, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Richardson and Joanna Fothering-
ham of Rutherglen, Scotland, pioneers 1862, oxteam com-
pany). She was born Dec. 20, 1859. Their children: Hattie
May b. Dec. 5, 1881, m. Frank Horrocks; Thomas R. b. Aug.
1, 1883, m. Alice Timothy; Joanna b. Sept. 25, 1885, m John
Franklin Watkins; Margaret b. Jan. 23, 1887 d aged 3-
Ellen b. Feb. 14, 1890; William Russell b. May 1, 1892- Sarah
b. Dec. 12, 1894; Elva b. Nov. 28, 1897, d. aged 4; Florence b
Dec. 1, 1900; Francis Squire b. Oct. 12, 1906. Family resided
Heber City, Jensen, and RTiosevelt. Utah.

Elder; counselor elders quorum; counselor to President
Y. M. M. I. A.; secretary Y. M. M. I. A. Secretary Wasatch
Irrigation Company; vice-president Burns Bench Irrigation
Company. Water commissioner. Farmer; stockraiser.

TOLLEY, WILLIAM FISHER (son of Roger Tolley born
1792, and Svrsan Fisher, born 1798, both of Devonshire Eng ).
He was born Nov. 23, 1824, South Molton, Devonshire. Ctana
to Utah Sept, 16, 1859, Edward Stevenson company.

Married Sarah Warren Aug. 1, 1848 (daughter of William
Warren and Ann Hobbs), who was born June 24, 1825 and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Samuel b.
June 20, 1849, m. Sarah Jane Plcton; Maria b. Oct. 1, 1851,
m. Jabez Nowlin; Emma b. Nov. 12, 1853, m. Joseph Bryan-
Charles b. Sept. 28, 1855. d. 1856; Charles William b. Dec 7,
1857, m. Mary Melvina Christenson; George b. Sept. 3, 1860,
m. Esther F. Christenson; Sarah Jane b. Feb. 7 1863 m
Edward Jones 1881; Elizabeth Ann b. March 27, 1865 m
William Jones 1885; Susan b. Sept. 7, 1867, m. John R Downs-
Hyrum Warren b. May 10, 1870, m. Bessie Whittaker. Fam-
ily home Nephi, Utah.

Married Sarah Gadd (daughter of Samuel and Eliza Gadd)
who was born Sept. 8, 1850, Cambridge, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Samuel b. Nov. 1, 1869; William, died; Lovina E b
Jan. 4, 1871, m. Harry Downs; Joseph F. b. May 13, 1873 m
Etta Herring; Isaac B. b. Nov. 24, 1875, m. Violet Herring-
Louis R. b. Oct. 13, 1877, m. Miss Crowley; Edith b Dec 8
1879, m. William Cook; Alfred C. b. June 10, 1880 died-
Albert b. July 4, 1882; Mary L. b. April 6, 1884, m. Christopher
Peterson; Leah C. b. April 2, 1886; Eugene b. in 1891- Ruth
Amy b. In 1894.

High priest; counselor to Bishop Charles Sperry. Judge
of Juab county. Farmer; railroad contractor. Died Feb 13
1906, at Nephi.

TOLLEY, CHARLES WILLIAM (son of William Fisher Tol-
ley and Sarah Warren). Born Dec. 7, 1857, in New York
Came to Utah with parentV

Married Mary Melvina Christenson May 6, 1880, at Nephi
(daughter of Peter Christenson and Maria Dun-stan), who
was born Dec. 1, 1862, Moroni, Utah. Their children: Charles
Roscoe b. June 17. 1881, m. Sarah S. Sperry; Emma Florence
b. Feb. 21. 1883, m. Henry C. Parkins Dec. 12, 1900; Leah
Elizabeth b. Jan. 15, 1885, d. Feb. 2, 1885; Katie W. b. Jan.
29, 1886, m. Edward Shephard July 13, 1902; Claud Muril b
March 7, 1888; Sarah Maria b. Oct. 30, 1890, m. Evan E. Har-
ris; Adelia b. Oct. 15. 1892; Lee Douglas b. Oct. 3, 1894: James
Elmer b. Sept. 15. 1896; Ella Dorthier b. Sept. 6, 1898 d
Sept. 7, 1902; Loran Burdette b. Jan. 2, 1902; Rex Leland
b. Dec. 31, 1903; William Norman b. Oct. 31, 1907, d. Nov 3,

TOLMA1V, JtTDSOSr (son of Nathan Tolman, born Oct. 4, 1788,

Waldo Co., Maine, and Sarah Hemett, born March 17, 1789

married in 1812). He was born July 14, 1826, Kennebec
Co., Maine. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848. Brigham Young

Married Sarah L. Holbrook Jan. 12, 1846 (daughter of
Joseph Holbrook and Nancy Sampson, former pioneer 1848,
Brigham Young company). She was born Jan. 21, 1832, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Sarah M b
March 28, 1847, d. April 12, 1847; Nancy J. b. Feb. 4, 1848,'



m. Wallace W. Willey Oct. 20, 1862; Judson A. b. Feb. 25,
1850, m. Mary A. Howard Dec. 23, 1872; Joseph H. b. July 17,
1861, m. Belle "Wood Feb. 1871; Jaren b. April 18, 1853, m.
Emrna Biggs June 1, 1874; Sarah L. b. April 7, 1855, m.
Joseph T. Mabey March 13, 1871; Hannah A. b. Aug. 24,
1856, d. Dec. 20, 1862; Lamoni b. March 17, 1858, m. Agness
Call Dec. 28, 1880; Charlotte b. Dec. 9, 1859, d. Oct. 20, 1860;
Catherine b. Sept. 13, 1861, m. Alma Stuber Oct. 1879; Alice
b. Aug. 27, 1863, m. Adam Yancy Oct. 1880; Cyrus b. Feb. 13,
1865, m. Lizzie A. Riley; Wallace b. April 13, 1867, m. Annie
Hufflne; Lucretia b. Feb. 1869, d. infant. Family resided
Tooele and Bountiful, Utah.

Married Sophia Merrell. Their children: Samuel; Esther,
m. Perry Sessions June 6, 1891; Nathan; Elna.

Married Jane Z. Staker April 5, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Staker and Jane McDonnal, pioneers 1848,
Lorenzo Snow company). She was born May 21, 1847, in
Pottawattamie Co., Iowa. Their children: Martha b. Jan.
1, 1870, m. Samuel Thurgood Nov. 27, 1888; Mary J. b. June
24, 1872; Julia b. Aug. 9, 1874, m. Brigham Hartly Oct. 1891;
Ella A. b. April 7, 1877, m. George Dihle Aug. 1, 1908; Lilly
R. b. Sept. 23, 1879, m. John Robinson Oct. 10, 1900; David
R. b. Dec. 5, 1881, m. Maude Baulton June 23, 1909; Alma R.
b. Dec. 5, 1881, d. June 5, 1898; Mira A. b. June 19, 1884, m.
Alexander Patterson June 10, 1903; Justin b. April 10, 1889.
Family resided Tooele and Bountiful, Utah.

High priest; patriarch; president high priests' quorum;
missionary to Maine 1877. First settler in Tooele county
and city. Indian war veteran; member Nauvoo Legion;
minuteman. Descendants now number more than five hun-

TOLMAN, JUDSON A. (son of Judson Tolman and Sarah L.
Holbrook). Born Feb. 25, 1850, Tooele, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Howard Dec. 23, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Howard and Ann Shelton, former pio-
neer 1863, Rosel Hyde company, latter died on the plains).
She was born March 11, 1851, Birmingham, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Sarah Ann b. Feb. 15, 1874, m. Fredrick Neils Berge-
son; Dora Matilda b. March 12, 1876, m. Nathan Barlow;
Mary Emma b. Jan. 10, 1878, m. William H. Garner Nov. 13,
1895; Clara Elizabeth b. Jan. 20, 1880, m. Benjamin D. Jen-
sen Nov. 13, 1893; Alice Elnora b. Dec. 12, 1881, m. Peter
Anderson Sept. 28, 1898; Charlotte Mary b. Nov. 28, 1883, m.
Leonidas S. Mecham Dec. 5, 1900; Judson Adonlram b. Jan.
14, 1886, m. Jennie Call Sept. 3, 1902; Hannah Lucretia b.
April 6, 1888, m. Elbert V. Call Aug. 4, 1902; Myrtle Lavern
b. May 6, 1891; Howard Milton b. March 3, 1893; Lloyd
Wilber b. May 7, 1895. Family home Chesterfield, Idaho.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1868. Moved to
Chesterfield, Idaho, 1872; and then to Preston. Second coun-
selor in bishopric of Chesterfield ward 1890; ordained bishop
of Chesterfield ward Oct. 26, 1891, and served in that capacity
13 years; high councilor five years.

TOOMER, JAMES (son of James Toomer and Jane Carpen-
ter of Salisbury, Eng.). Born June 8, 1827, Salisbury. Came
to Utah Oct. 1, 1854, Daniel Garn company.

Married Mary Jane Cook March, 1854, Southampton, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Cook and Mary Ann Harris of South-
ampton). She was born July 7, 1830. Their children: Sarah
Jane b. Aug. 11, 1855, m. Eberezer Crougrh Oct. 11, 1873;
James b. Oct. 10, 1857, m. Agness Parker; John Thomas
and Joseph William, latter b. March 19, 1861, died; Charles
Herbert b. May 10, 1864. m. Maude Richards Jan. 5, 1887;
Emeline Eliza b. Sept. 10, 1866, m. Richard R. Fry March 24,
1887; Lydia Ann b. June 10, 1869, m. William T. Passey Aug.
19, 1888; David Richard b. Sept. 20, 1871, m. Eliza Matthews
June 21, 1894. Family resided Farmington, Payson and
Morgan, Utah, and Lanark, Idaho.

Seventy; leader of choir at Morgan. Member Farmington
and Morgan brass bands. Captain of police at Morgan
1868-72. Died Jan. 31, 1894.

TOONE, JOHBf (son of John Toone and Elizabeth Masters
of Leamington, Warwickshire, Eng.). Born March 10, 1813,
Birmingham, Eng. Came to Utah October, 1852, Captain
Howell company.

Married Emma Prosser in 1836 at Leamington, Eng.
(daughter of James Prosser and Mary Ann Morgan of Peter-
church, Herefordshire, Eng.). She was born April 26, 1819.
Their children: Mary Elizabeth b. April, 1840, m. John Lyon;
William H. b. March 4, 1842, m. Hannah Webb; Charles J.
b. March 17, 1844, m. Sarah Augusta Squires; John P. b. Feb.
19, 1854, m. Emma Black. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1854. Played an instrument in the
first orchestra in the Salt Lake Theatre. Guard on the pio-
neer mail routes. Died Aug. 31, 1893.

TOONE, WILLIAM HENRY (son of John Toone and Emma
Prosser). Born March 4, 1842, Leamington, Eng. Came to
Utah 1861.

Married Hannah Webb March 4, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Webb and Sarah Hunt of Lidlington,
Cambridgeshire, Eng., pioneers 1869). She was born March
25, 1845, and came to Utah 1863 in the "Dixie" company.
Their children: Sarah Emma b. July 9, 1866, m. Marcus
Holling; Jessie Georgina b. Aug. 26, 1868, m. Charles E. Con-
die; Hannah Elizabeth b. May 11, 1870, m. E. A. Wilde;
William Henry b. June 2, 1872, m. Inez Grover; Charles J.
b. April 24, 1874, m. Jessie Walker; Nettie b. Aug. 4, 1876,

m. George H. Wilde; John Wilford b. Dec. 14, 1878, m. Hattie
Grover; George Ernest b. March 28, 1881, m. Bessie Mulhol-
land; Lyda Maud b. March 7, 1883; Ida May b. May 1, 1885;
James Malvin b. Sept. 13, 1887; Lawrence Webb b. Aug. 30,
1889. Family home Croydon, Utah.

Drove teams both to California and to the Missouri river
for freight 1861-63. Settled at Morgan, Utah, 1865. Morgan
county commissioner 14 years, two of which he acted as
chairman. Member of Croydon bishopric 13 years; mission-
ary to England 1897; bishop of Croydon ward. U. S. mail
carrier to Montana 1864. Sergeant Utah militia.

TOONE, CHARLES J. (son of John Toone and Emma Prosser
of England). Born March 17, 1844. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Sarah Augusta Squires Oct. 26, 1865, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Henry Augustus Squires and Sarah Cat-
tlin), who was born March 8, 1848, at Welling, Hereford-
shire, Eng. Their children: Charles S. b. Sept. 2, 1866, m.
Clara Jones; George H. b. June 4, 1869, m. Mary A. Smith;
Augusta Alice b. Jan. 28, 1871, m. Arthur Gilbert; Clara A.
b. Nov. 29, 1872, m. John S. Jones; John William b. Feb. 28,
1875, m. Margerite Stone; Clement Freal b. March 29, 1877,
m. Ada Rock; Sarah M. C. b. April 8, 1879; Mary Agnes b.
March 13, 1881, m. George Stone; Rachel Lovinia b. Aug. 27,
1883, m. John Clayton; Ivy Dora b. Dec. 4, 1887, m. O. G.
Brough; Josia Celesti b. Jan. 14, 1899. Family home Morgan,

TOPHAM, JOHJT. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M.
Grant company.

Married Jane Thornton (daughter of William Thornton
of Bedfordshire, Eng., pioneer 1850). Their children: John,
m. Elizabeth Baker; William, m. Malinda Balding; Hannah,
m. Joseph Clark; Sarah J., m. Joseph Clark; Elizabeth, m.
Vincent Shurtliff; Thomas, m. Sarah Carter; Jane and Re-
becca, died; Susannah, m. Alma Parker. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

TORGERSOU, EVAN (son of Torger Evanson of Sigdal,
Buskerud amt, Norway). Born August, 1819. Came to
Utah 1863, Captain Nebeker company.

Married Olena Reiersen, at Sigdal, Norway, who came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Gunild, m. John F.
F. Dorius; Gurine, m. Leonard G. DeLong; Matilda, m. Mr.
Sorenson; Charles Edward, m. Teckla Schaugaard; m. Jane
Lettie Williams. Family home Ephraim, Utah.

Died August, 1884, Kooshare'm, Utah.

son and Olena Reiersen). Born Sept. 18, 1855, Sigdal, Nor-
way. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Teckla Schaugaard May 25, 1887, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Niels Christian and Chrestina Schaugaard of
Christiana, Norway; came to Utah 1876). She died 1884.
Their children: Clara, Willard and Joseph, died.

Married Jane Lettie Williams Jan. 25, , Logan, Utah
(daughter of Stephen Williams and Emma Jane Hilyard
[Hillard] of Ditchett, Eng., pioneers 1854). She was born
Sept. 3, 1866. Their children: Charles Alvin; Iva Olena, m.
John Albert Maxfield; Ferry Conrad; Samuel Lavern; Ethen
Hull; Leah Orveta; Sheldon Ordell; Edward Vaun; Vada
Jane; Orville. Family home Emery, Utah.

High priest. Postmaster. Carpenter and builder.

TOWIVSEXD, JAMES FOSS (son of Jacob Townsend, born
1782, and Abigail Elden, born August, 1785, both of Buxton,
York Co., Maine). He was born Feb. 20, 1808, Buxton. Came
to Utah Aug. 12, 1852, John M. Higby company.

Married Susan Davis (daughter of John Davis and Han-
nah Fletcher), who was born at Saco, Maine, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Mary Jane b. Aug.
24, 1827, m. Thomas Denton Pitt; James F. b. Aug. 25, 1830,
m. Elizabeth John Dunn; Martha A. b. March 2, 1832, m.
George W. Lufkin; Susan M. b. June 10, 1834, m. William
Sloan. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Murray in England.

Seventy; counselor to Bishop Woolley, 13th ward, Salt
Lake City. Built the first hotel in Utah, and sold it, 1864.

TOWNSEND, JAMES F., JR. (son of James Foss Townsend
and Susan Davis). Born Aug. 25, 1830.

Married Elizabeth I. Dunn 1851, St. Joseph, Mo. (daughter
of John Dunn and Sophia McNeal), who was born in

Elder. Minuteman in Walker Indian war. Took part in
Echo Canyon campaign. Missionary to "Dixie" ten years.

TRACY, MOSES (son of Caleb Tracy of Vermont and Susan-
nah Colvin, born 1787 in Vermont). He was born April 11,
1810, at Ellisburg, Jefferson county, N. Y. Came to Utah
Sept. 12, 1850, Thomas Johnson company.

Married Nancy N. Alexander July 15, 1832 (daughter of
Aaron Alexander and Betsy Johns), who was born May 14,
1816, in Jefferson county, N. Y., and came to Utah with hus-
band. Their children: Eli A. b. Nov. 25, 1833, m. Eliza Ann
Sprague Dec. 25, 1853; Lachoneus M. b. Oct. 24, 1835, d.
child; Moses M. b. 1837, William F. b. 1839, and Theodore F.
b. 1842, d. children; Austin W. b. 1845, m. Wilson; Helon



H. b. 1847, m. Emma Burdett; David S. b. 1850, m. Elizabeth
Marriot; Charles A. b. 1862, m. Agnes McLane. Family home
Weber Co., Utah.

Member first high council of Weber stake.

TRACT, ELI A. (son of Moses Tracy and Nancy N. Alex-
ander). Born Nov. 25, 1833, in Jefferson county, N. Y.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Eliza Ann Sprague Dec. 25, 1853, at Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Richard D. Sprague and Lousia Rose, pioneers
1849, Captain Clark company). She was born March 12, 1837,
In Broome county, N. T. Their children: Eliza Ann b. Feb.
3, 1857, m. Orson Hall 1877; Eli M. b. Jan. 29, 1862, m. Mary
E. Homes 1887; Charles A. b. Nov. 26, 1869, d. Nov. 1891;
David F. b. Jan. 11, 1879, m. Emma Peterson Dec. 20, 1895.
Family home Huntsville, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1891; missionary among the

TRAVELLER, CORNELIUS (son of Thomas Traveller, born
1789, and Jane Moore, born 1787, both at London, Eng.).
Born Sept. 29, 1820, at London. Came to Utah Sept. 1, 1860,
John Smith company.

Married Ann Eliza Atkins 1840, who was born June, 1820,
and died at London. Their children: Sarah Ann b. Oct. 19,
1841, m. James Coult; Cornelius John b. Feb. 26, 1844, d.
Aug. 1848; Jane Caroline b. Nov. 11, 1846, m. Peter Christen-
sen; Mary b. Oct. 1, 1849, d. Feb. 1850; Amy b. Nov. 16,
1851, d. May, 1854.

Married Frances Hobbs Dec. 25, 1854, at London (daugh-
ter of Joseph Hobbs and Caroline Noyse), who was born
March, 1834, in Somersetshire, Eng. Their children: Lor-
enzo T. b. Feb. 19, 1856, d. June 25, 1858; Frances Lucy
b. Oct. 31, 1857, m. James W. Hendricks Jan. 13, 1876; Frank-
lin Hobbs b. Dec. 6, 1859, m. Mary Ann Webb March 15,
1883; Emily Elizabeth b. Nov. 28, 1862, m. W. H. Hendricks
Dec. 11, 1878; Walter James b. Feb. 24, 1866, d. Jan. 13,
1867; Reuben Cornelius b. Feb. 7, 1870, m. Maggie Hogan
Oct. 16, 1901; Mildred Caroline b. Dec. 25, 1873, m. John
C. Olsen Oct. 16, 1895.

Settled at Richmond, Utah. High priest; ward teacher.
City treasurer and city sexton a number of years. Minute-
man. Cabinetmaker. Died Jan. 8, 1904, at Richmond.

TRAVELLER, FRANKLIN HOBBS (son of Cornelius Travel-
ler and Frances Hobbs). Born Dec. 6, 1859, Philadelphia,

Married Mary Ann Webb March 15, 1883. Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Simon Webb and Elizabeth Rowsell,
pioneers, Henry Miller company). She was born Feb. 10,
1864, at Richmond, Utah. Their children: Mary Elva b. Nov.
11, 1884, d. Jan. 13, 1886; Franklin Webb b. Nov. 9, 1886,
m. Ada May Peart June 15, 1909; Frances Elizabeth b. May
14, 1889; Lester Elmo b. Oct. 5, 1891, m. Sadonie Plowman
Feb. 7, 1912; Harriet Irene b. Dec. 31, 1894; Ariel Cornelius
b. Feb. 15, 1903. Family home Richmond, Utah.

Ordained high priest Dec. 17, 1905; ward teacher a number
of years.

TUEHARNE, WILLIAM (son of William Treharne and Ann
Richards of Llangendyrn, Caermarthenshire, Wales). Born
July 14, 1838, at Llangendyrn. Came to Utah 1852, Captain
Green company.

Married Ann Hughes March 26, 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Hughes and Sarah Jones of Denbighshire,
Wales, pioneers September, 1860, John Smith company).
She was born April 1, 1845. Their children: Sarah Ann, m.
Warren M. Lowry; William H., m. Mary Cooper; John H.,
m. Anne Chugg; Alice H. Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to Wales 1894-96. Veteran Echo
Canyon and Indian wars. Died Jan. 27, 1907.

TREHARNE, WILLIAM H. (son of William Treharne and
Ann Hughes). Born May 3, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Cooper Nov. 14, 1892, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Samuel Cooper and Catherine Crane of Duniden,
New Zealand, who came to Utah 1884). She was born
Feb. 20, 1869. Their children: William R. b. Oct. 5. 1893;
Alma Cooper b. July 17, 1897; Vera b. Feb. 23, 1900; June
b. June 26, 1902; Ina Mary b. April 10, 1906; Glen b. Oct. 8,
1911. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Teacher In 15th ward. Foreman with Ashton Bros., con-

TRESEDER, RICHARD D. (son of Richard Treseder and
Charlotte Douty of Devonport, Eng.). Born March 1, 1818,
at Devonport. Came to Utah Oct. 15, 1862, Benjamin Hamp-
ton company.

Married Elizabeth Mackay (daughter of Thomas Mackay
and Elizabeth Holland), who was born Nov. 19, 1812. Their
children: Charles M. ; Richard M. ; George; Emma M. ; Ellen;
Phoebe Ellen; Charlotte; Elizabeth M.; Maud Mary; Moroni;
Emily M.; Frank M. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Merchant tailor. Died Sept. 25, 1881.

TRESEDER RICHARD M. (son of Richard D. Treseder and
Elizabeth Mackay). Born March 9, 1838, Devonport, Eng.
Came to Utah 1855, Milo Andrus company.

Married Jane Edmunds Dec. . 31, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Edmunds and Marian Carmichael of
Glasgow, Scotland, latter pioneer with family Sept. 2,
1852, Abraham O. Smoot company). She was born May 15,
1841. Their children: Marian E. b. Oct. 18, 1862, m. William

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