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b. Dec. 9, 1907, d. infant; Lilly H. b. July 14, 1909; Charles
H. b. July 8, 1911, d. infant. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

President 100th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1899 to 1901; member of the Sunday school union board.
City councilman Bountiful 1893 to 1899 and 1911. Market
gardener; director of the Market Gardeners Ass'n. Died
Dec. 27, 1911.



TWELVES, CHARLES (son of Robert Twelves and Ann
Williams, both of Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born May 19, 1819,
in Lincolnshire. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Mar-
tin "frozen" handcart company.

Married Ann Elizabeth Henrietta Gunn, May 24, 1841, at
Lincolnshire, Eng. (daughter of Samuel Gunn and Elizabeth
Bristow of Lincolnshire). She was born April 27, 1820.
Their children: Charles, d. on plains; John R., m. Eliza
Louella Daniels; Ann E. Henrietta; Orson, m. Sophronia
L. Martin; Brigham and Mary Jane, died; Emma Jemima, m.
William C. Foote. Family home Provo, Utah.

Seventy. Merchant and gardener. Died May 12, .896.

TWELVES, ORSON (son ol Charles Twelves and Ann E. H.
Gunn). Born Oct. 22, I860, Gasberton, Eng. Came to Utah
Nov. 30, 1866, Edward Martin handcart company.

Married Sophronia Lillian Martin Jan. 4, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jesse B. Martin and Sophronia Moore of
Scipio, Utah, pioneers July 29, 1847,^pntingent Mormon
Battalion). She was born July 4, 53. Their children;
Edna Isabelle b. May 2, 1876, m. LogonPaul; m. Iver Law-
son; Ida Henrietta b. Sept. 12, 1878; Alice Merinthe b. June
4, 1881; Flora Elizabeth b. Feb. 17, 1884, m. James Creighton
Brown; Walter Orson b. Jan. 15, 1886; John Glendon b. Nov.
6. 1889; Louella Sophronia and Leland Jesse (twins) b. Feb.
24, 1891; Rowland Van b. Aug. 9, 1895; Hollis Martin b.
March 15, 1897.

Elder. Farmer.

TWITCHELL, EPHRAIM. Born in Vermont. Came to Utah
1858, Ezra Chase company.

Married Malissa Knight. Their children: Anceil (member
Mormon Battalion), m. Eliza Hitchcock; Celestia, died; Unis,
m. James Puffer; James, m. Margaret Moore and Fannie
Manhart; Edwin b. May 23, 1836, m. Vesta Lucetta Bishop;
Orrin, m. Elizabeth Smith; Amanda, m. Joseph Hoops; Joshua,
m. Elmina Mangum; Sarah, m. William Manhart. Family
home Beaver, Utah.

Married Sarah Jane Haden at Salt Lake City. She was
born at Parowan, Utah. Their children: Maruria, m. John
Lott; Sanford; Lorenzo; Ephraim; Rosetta; Delora.

Died at Beaver, Utah.

TWITCHELL, EDWIN (son of Ephraim Twitchell and Ma-
lissa Knight). Born May 23, 1836, in McDonough county, 111.

Married Vesta Lucetta Bishop Feb. 24, I860, Fillmore,
Utah (daughter of William H. Bishop and Eliza Pratt).
She was born May 16, 1843, in Hancock county. 111. Their
children: Eliza Juliette b. Nov. 24, 1860, and Edwin b. Jan.
12, 1862, died; Beatrice b. Oct. 24, 1864, m. Willard Heaps
Oct. 27, 1880; Adelbert b. Feb. 11, 1866, m. Lucy Cottam
Nov. 12, 1890; Monroe b. Dec. 2. 1867, m. Violate Heaps Dec.
24, 1889; William Henry b. Sept. 27, 1870, m. Nancy Open-
shaw Sept. 6, 1908; Sarah Elizabeth b. Nov. 27, 1872, m. Nel-
son Cottam Nov. 1892; Augustus b. Dec. 8, 1874, m. Eliza-
beth Allen Oct. 31, 1896; James Nelson b. July 2, 1878, died;
Vesta Lucetta b. Dec. 2. 1876, m. Perry M. Shirts Oct. 9.
1901; Joshua Lafayette b. June 9, 1880; Anceil Knight b.
Oct. 24, 1882, died.

Missionary to The Muddy, Nev., six years; bishop's coun-
selor; also 1st counselor to Bishop A. P. Schow of Escalante
for 26 years. Died Sept. 8, 1907, Escalante, Utah.

TWITCHELL, ADELBERT (son of Edwin Twttchell and
Vesta Lucetta Bishop). Born Feb. 11, 1866, Overton, Lin-
coln county, Nev.

Married Lucy Ann Cottam Nov. 12, 1890, Manti, Utah
(daughter of William Cottam and Eveline Allen). Their
children: Ruby b. Aug. 8, 1891, m. Jasper Osborn Sept. 11.
1910; Milton b. Dec. 8, 1895; Leland b. Oct. 6, 1897; Adelbert
Monroe b. Feb. 12, 1899; Grant b. Dec. 18, 1901; Blain b. Nov.
6, 1903. Family home Escalante, Utah.

Missionary to Samoan Islands.

TWITCHELL, WILLIAM B. Born Oct. 1, 1829, at Portland,
Maine. Came to Utah 1861.

Married Augusta Hawkins March 17, 1864 (daughter of
Benjamin Hawkins, pioneer 1848, contingent Mormon Bat-
talion, and Rhoda Cleavland). She was born Jan. 9. 1836.
in Oneida county, N. Y., and came to Utah 1848, Captain
Tanner company. Died June 28, 1879. Their children:
William H. b. Jan. 30, 1856, m. Emma Jimmet; Benjamin H.
b. Aug. 20, 1856, m. Luela Busenbark; Charles Edward b.
June 16, 1859, m. Elizabeth Fannie Simmons; m. Susan
Pearl Elmer; Peter; Alice M. b. May 1, 1865, m. Joseph B.
Moore; Eli Ezarier b. April 15, 1867, m. Mary Tesmond 1901.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Canada 1857; elder. School teacher. Car-

Twitchell and Augusta Hawkins). Born June 16, 1859, at
Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Fannie Simmons June 14, 1883, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of George Simmons and Eliza Barrie).
who was born Dec. 20, 1863, Haywards Heath, Sussex, Eng.
Their children: Charles Edward, Jr. b. May 9. 1886; Fred-
erick William b. Feb. 13, 1889; Lizzie May b. July 25, 1891;
Alice U. b. Sept. 15. 1893; Ester b. Aug. 16, 1896.

Married Susan Pearl Elmer June 8, 1906, Logan, Cache
Co., Utah (daughter of Charles Jackson Elmer and Susan
Katherine Thornton, who were married pec. 31. 1882, Provi-
dence. Utah). She was born Dec. 5, 1885, at Neeley. Idaho.

Their children: Eli Lavan b. March 27, 1906; Irvan b. April
11, 1908; Libbie b. Nov. 12, 1910. Family home Beaver Dam,
Box Elder Co., Utah.

Missionary to northwestern states 1898-1900; first coun-
selor in Sunday school and ward teacher 14 years; second
counselor to Bishop Francillo Durfey 1901; first counselor
to Bishop R. A. Johnson 1907.


1 UALL, DAVID (son of Jesse Udall and Ann Drawbridge
of Goudhurst, Kent, Eng.). Born Jan. 18, 1829, at Goud-
hurst. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1862, independent company.

Married Eliza King Dec. 2, 1850, Hammersmith, London,
Eng. (daughter of Charles King and Ann Anderson of Wal-
tham, Berkshire, Eng.), who was born Dec. 30, 1826, and died
March 15, 1863, at Nephi, Utah. Their children: David King,
m. Eliza Luella Stewart, m. Ida Frances Hunt; William
Jesse, d. child; Eliza Ann, m. Ammon M. Tenney; Mary Ann,
m. William Thomas Stewart; Charles, d. child; Joseph, m.
Emma Goldsbrough. Family home Nephi, Juab Co., Utah.

Married Elizabeth Rowley April 6, 1867, Salt Lake City,
who' was born Dec. 14, 1838, Sucley, Worcestershire, Eng.,
and died June 24, 1907, Nephi, Utah. Their children: William
David and Emily, died; Elizabeth Ann, m. James D. McFar-
lane; Sarah Jane, m. William J. Schofleld; Edwin, died;
Louisa Melissa (died), m. John Stephen Ostler; Alice, m.
John Edghiel; George Albert, m. Maud Stewart; Emma
Keturah and Willie Richard, died; Kate Eveline, m. Wil-
liam Bailey; Alvin Jewel, m. .

Married Eliza Rebecca May July 2, 1864, at Nephi. who
was born Oct. 6, 1840, Liverpool, Eng., and died Jan. 7, 1913,
Alamo, Nev.

Bishop; patriarch; member 49th quorum seventies; mis-
sionary to England. Served in Black Hawk war. Farmer.
Died Nov. 14, 1910, Nephi, Utah.

UDALL, DAVID KING (son of David Udall and Eliza King).
Born Sept. 7, 1851, St. Louis, Mo. Came to Utah with par-

Married Eliza Luella Stewart Feb. 1, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Levi Stewart and Margery Wilkerson, pioneers
1848, Brigham Toung company), who was born May 21,
1866. Their children: Pearl b. June 20, 1880; Erma b. Sept.
16, 1882, m. William W. Sherwood; Mary b. July 5. 1884, d.
child; Luella b. Jan. 18. 1886, m. Garland H. Pace; David
King, Jr. b. May 26, 1888; Levi Stewart b. Jan. 20. 1891;
Paul b. Dec. 2, 1894, and Rebecca May b. Sept. 1, 1897, d. chil-
dren. Family home St. Johns, Apache county, Ariz.

Married Ida Frances Hunt May 24, 1882, St. George, Utah
(daughter of John Hunt and Lois Barnes Pratt of Beaver.
Utah, pioneers 1847 with others of the Mormon Battalion).
She was born March 8, 1858. Their children: Pauline b.
March 26, 1886, m. Asahel H. Smith; Grover Cleveland b.
Dec. 28, 1887, m. Dora Sherwood; John Hunt b. Aug. 23,
1889, m. Ruth Kimball; Jesse Addison b. June 24, 1893; Gil-
bert Douglas b. May 13, 1895; Don Taylor b. July 20, 1897.

Member 49th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1875-77; president Y. M. M. I. A.; bishop of St. John's ward:
president St. John's stake. Member legislature of Arizona.

TJDY, JAMES (son of Hart Udy and Ann Birkenshire, both
born 1788, at Lanlivery, Cornwall, Eng. married 1807).
Born Aug. 16, 1820, Lanlivery. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Mary Ann Trengrove, who was born in June, 1820,
and died in 1850 at St. Louis, Mo. Their children: William
Henry b. 1845; James Jr. b. 1848; John b. 1849.

Married Isabella Ann Cowley 1849, Council Bluffs, Iowa
(daughter of James Cowley), who was born 1832 on Isle
of Man, Eng. Their children: Elizabeth Ann b. November,
1852, m. Edwin Smith; Mathias Cowley b. July 9, 1854, m.
Emily R. Hess; Hart b. Aug. 27, 1856, m. Alice Vanfleet;
Joseph b. July 4, 1859, m. Annett Smith; Thomas James b.
Oct. 13, 1861, m. Rowane Moon; Nephi Royal b. Nov. 14,
1863; Esther Isabella b. April 28, 1865; Mary Alice b. Oct.
8, 1866, m. Joseph L. Hess; Eleanor b. Oct. 18, 1870, m. John
T. Hess; George L. C. b. Sept. 28, 1874, m. Evaline Moon.
Family home Farmington, Davis Co, Utah.

Married Mary Sophia Hansen in March, 1863, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Hans Christian Anderson and Catherine
Larsen, former pioneer Oct. 15, 1862, Joseph Home com-
pany). She was born Feb. 11, 1842, at Falster, Denmark,
and came to Utah with father. Their children: Mary
Emelia b. Aug. 3, 1864; Charles Albert b. April 29, 1866, m.
Adeline Hess Aug. 16, 1887; Annie b. Feb. 4, 1868; Anea
Lorenzo b. Jan. 16. 1870, m. Arenath Edna Potter June 27.
1895; Nancy M. b. Oct. 19, 1872, m. John Garn Nov. 17, 1897;
James Henry b. Nov. 9, 1874; Hyrum b. Nov. 25, 1878, m.
Rhumina Earl April, 1900; Gertrude b. July 21, 1881, m.
Charles Hess Nov. 6, 1901. Family home Farmington. Utah.

Helped make first plows, harrows, wagons, threshing
machines, etc., manufactured in Utah. Expert blacksmith.

UDY, MATHIAS COWLEY (son of James Udy and Isabella
Ann Cowley). Born July 9, 1854, Bountiful, Utah.

Married Emily R. Hess Jan. 20, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John W. Hess, pioneer July 29, 1847, Jame*
Brown company, and Emily Card). She was born June 26,
1854, Farmington. Utah. Their chilren: Jessie Emily b.



Jan. 3, 1876; Mathias C. Jr. b. Nov. 7, 1877. m. Mary Lessey
James Raleigh b. Oct. 10. 1879, m. Lona Sanders' Frank
H. b. March 27, 1882, m Ethel Brown; Charlotte b July 19.
1884, m. Henry Secrlst; Julia Irene b. July 17, 1887, m Del-
bert E. Wilcox; Hazel Bell b. Oct. 12, 1889; Marvin J. b.
Feb. 19, 1892; William Hart b. Sept. 25, 1894.

Elder; ward teacher. City councilman Farmlngton, 4
years; deputy sheriff, Davis county, 2 years; superintendent
Halght Bench Irrigation company, 10 years; school trustee,
Davis county, 15 years.

UDT, ANES LORENZO (son of James Udy and Mary Sophia
Hansen). Born Jan. 16, 1870, Farmington, Utah.

Married Arenath Edna Potter June 27, 1895, at Fielding,
Box Elder Co., Utah (daughter of Melvin L. Potter, born
Sept. 1, 1850, and Arenath Glover, born Aug. 8, 1852, both
of Salt Lake City). She was born Nov. 16, 1872, at Farm-
ington. Their children: Melvin Anes b. April 25, 1896;
Gardner L. b. Sept. 4, 1898; Clifton James b. Oct. 23, 1901;
Eugene S. b. Feb. 15, 1905; Clem E. b. Oct. 8, 1907; Oscar
Marvin b. March 2, 1911. Family home Plymouth, Box
Elder Co., Utah.

Elder; priest; teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

Q. Moss Nov. 25, 1903; Samantha C. b. Oct. 5, 1887; Clarence
Cunningham b. May 14, 1890.

Married Mary Jane Carson Oct. 17, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Carson and Millie Jane Rawlins of
Draper, Utah, pioneers 1848, Amasa M. Lyman company)
She was born June 30, 1854. Their children: David Carson
b. Jan. 20, 1882; John Alma b. Oct. 29, 1883; Albert Carson
b. May 1, 1886. Families resided, Salt Lake City.

President 5th elders quorum in Salt Lake stake; member
general Sunday school board; high priest; high councilor in
Salt Lake stake. School trustee.

Married Louisa Stanford Dec. 16, 1885, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Stephen Stanford and Louisa Foreman of
Logan, Utah, pioneers September, 1862), who was born
Dec. 12, 1858, Boston, Mass. Their children: Louisa S b
Oct. 29. 1886; Scott S. b. Dec. 2, 1887, died; Albert Ray-
mond b. Nov. 3, 1888; Geneva S. b. Jan. 6, 1890, m. Marlon
Heaps; Irene S. b. July 10. 1891 Family home. Salt Lake

Deputy sheriff of Salt Lake county; police officer of Salt
Lake City. Fireman for Inland Salt company of Garfleld
Utah. Carpenter; plumber.

UNSWORTH, JAMBS (son of William Unsworth, born in
Bolton, Lancastershire, Eng., 1816, and Elizabeth Tong, born
Aug. 19, 1815, at Bolton married 1834). Born Dec. 25, 1838,
Bolton. Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1861, Samuel A. Woolley

Married Alice Cockshott Aug. 25, 1860, at Bolton (daugh-
ter of John and Alice Cockshott), who was born 1840, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Betsy b.
June 1, 1861, d. Oct. 18, 1861; Alice b. Dec. 1, 1862, m. Charles
Sorenson; Elizabeth Ellen b. Jan. 7, 1866, m. James H.
Neilsen; Mary Ann b. Oct. 3, 1867, m. C. F. Olsen; Eva M.
b. Feb. 13, 1870, m. Soren Hanson; Ella b. March 1, 1872,
m. Albert P. Ellis; Lillian b. March 16, 1874, d. Jan. 31, 1875;
James b. Aug. 5, 1875, d. Feb. 19, 1877; William b. Dec. 1,
1880; Maud b. Nov. 1882; Samuel b. March 14, 1886. Family
home Hyrum, Utah.

Married Wilhelmina A. Orell March 3, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Frederick Orell and Johanna Charlotte
Granne, latter pioneer Sept. 29, 1866, Peter Nebeker com-
pany married 1851, in Sweden). She was born Feb. 2, 1855,
at Norrkoping, Sweden. Their children: Charlotte b. Oct.
11, 1875, d. March 24, 1882; Ida Amanda b. June 27, 1877. d.
March 27, 1882; Charles Clarence b. March 7, 1881, m. Agnes
Liljenquist; Edna lone b. March 27, 1883, m. Alma Allen;
Joseph b. May 1, 1885, m. Josephine Crookston; Bertrand
Tong b. June 24, 1893, d. March, 1894; Leon Grand b. April
11. 1895, d. Sept. 1896; Gihon Kenneth b. April 11,
1895; Felicia Hortense b. Dec. 11, 1897, d. Dec. 15, 1901.

Ordained high priest 1876; bishop's counselor; missionary
to England 1885-87; high counselor In Hyrum stake at
Its organization. Pioneer merchant of Hyrum 1867. Man-
ager secretary and treasurer of Hyrum Co-op, for twenty-
five years. Farmer and merchant.

UTLEY, GABRIEL MARION (son of Samuel Utley, born
Oct. 28, 1790. and Maria Barry, born Jan. 21, 1812, both of
Perry county. Ala.). He was born July 27, 1844, in Perry
county. Came to Utah 1852, Captain Wimmer company

Married Sophia Minerva Burgess (daughter of Harrison
Burgess and Amanda Hammon), who was born in February
1855. Their children: Harrison J. b. 1870; Harriet b 1872
m. William J. Stewart; Mary J. b. 1874, m. Edward Gardner-
Gabriel M. b. 1876, m. Verona Gardner 1902; Samuel b 1878
m. Rosetta Bridges 1902; Willard b. 1880. m. Ida Skinner-'
Benjamin b. 1882, m. Ella Levie; Amanda b. 1884, m Harry
Bairline 1902; John b. 1886, m. Theba Mackey; Ethel . b.
!88, m. Ray Hunt; Myrtle b. 1890, m. Debert Robinson
1907; Ray and Roy (twins) b. 1892; Earl Ernest b. 1894;

High priest; bishop's counselor Mesquite ward, Lincoln
county, Nev. Constable of Pine Valley three years. Settled
at Salt Lake City 1852; moved into Nevada, where he labored
several years and returning to Utah, settled in "Dixie "
Called to help settle the Mesquite, on Virgin River, where
he lived three years and then settled at Annabella. Black-
smith and farmer.

UTLEY, I* J. Born Feb. 1, 1806, Mobile, Ala. Came to
Utah Sept. 23, 1849, Orson Spencer company.

Married Elizabeth Rutlidge. Their children: William J.;
Martha Ann; Helen Elizabeth; Margaret Eliza; L. J. Rut-
lidge; Sarah Matilda; James Milton; Abraham Gray;
Sapphronia Jane; Mary Agnes; Mildred Caroline.

Married Deborah White. Their children: Samuel Smith;
William H.; Lafayette.

URE, JAMES (son of James Ure, born 1791, at Greenock, and
Janet McCale, born in 1790 at Bridge of Weir, Scotland).
Born June 11, 1817, at Bridge of Weir. Same to Utah Oct.
27, 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Janet Scott in October, 1845, in Scotland (daughter
of James Scott and Catherine Lang), who was born April
18, 1818, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Catherine b. July 4, 1846; James William b. Oct. 31, 1847, m.
Lucinda Ann Cunningham June 6, 1868; m. Mary Jane Car-
son Oct. 17, 1879; Janet Scott b. May 27, 1850, m. Thomas
C. Griggs Feb. 1870; Alma Scott b. Nov. 15, 1851;
Albert Scott b. March 31, 1853, m. Louisa Stanford Dec. 16,
1885; John Alexander b. April 6, 1855; Robert Alvin b. Nov.
25. 1859, m. Leonora Bullock Aug. 20, 1884. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Married Agnes Davis in April, 1856, Salt Lake City, who
was born May 15, 1831, at Renton, Dumbartonshire, Scot-

Married Elizabeth Jones Oct. 17, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Jones and Mary Schill, of Brlmsfleld,
Gloucestershire, Eng., pioneers September, 1868), who was
born Jan. 6, 1844. Their children: William Jones b. July
21, 1869, m. Ellen Watstenholme; Agnes b. Nov. 4, 1870;
Heber Jones b. April 14, 1872, m. Myrtle Pack; James
Jones b. Jan. 9, 1876. Family home Kamas, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Europe 1856-58 and 1864-67;
first counselor in presidency of Tooele stake; patriarch.
Veteran Indian war.

URE, JAMES WILLIAM (son of James Ure and Janet
Scott). Born Oct. 31, 1847, Louth, Lincolnshire, Eng.

Married Lucinda Ann Cunningham June 6, 1868, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Andrew Cunningham and Lucinda
Rawlins, pioneers Oct. 13, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman company).
She was born March 29, 1852, Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren: Lucinda Ann b. June 22, 1869, m. W. J. Kemp June
24, 1896; James William Jr. b. March 31, 1872, m. Isabell
Ball June 26. 1896; Janet Scott b. July 14, 1874; Andrew
Cunningham b. May 7, 1876, m. Eliza A. Burrows June 24,
1896; Clarissa Eustacia b. April 1. 1879, m. John M. Miller
March 7. 1900; Isabell Scott b. July 2, 1881, m. Horace E.
Garner Oct. 28, 1903; Bertha L. b. Aug. 10, 1884, m. George

VALENTINE, AUGUST (son of Wallantine Wallantinson
and Engel Margret Kofod). Born Aug. 27, 1837, m. Born-
holm, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1853. John Forsgren

Married Mary Huston in April, 1861, Brigham City
(daughter of John and Christina Huston of Iowa; latter
came to Utah). She was born July. 1842. Their children-
August, Jr. b. 1862, m. Fatlnna Knudson; Mary Ellen, d.
aged 16; Carlos Holmes; Bernice, m. Hans Jensen; m. Am-
brose Jensen; Clara, m. William Jensen; Christopher Colum-
bus, m. Lovina Petersen; Argenta, m. C. Wixum; Winnie, m.
Lee Hoist. Family home Brigham City.

Married Sophy C. Hansen Egesen 1885, Salt Lake City
(daughter of R. Hansen Egesen and Anna Christensen of
Copenhagen, Denmark), who was born 1863. Their chil-
dren: Leon Augustus b. Jan. 1888, m. Hannah Pett; Florence
Elizabeth b. Sept. 1893; Harland Alexander b. Jan. 1895;
Holger Alonzo b. April, 1899. Mildred Isabella b. 1903.

Seventy; missionary to Denmark 1883-85; bishop. Stock-

VAN BUREN, ANDREW CHENEY (son of Cheney Garrett
Van Buren and Lucy Phillips, of Garden Grove, Iowa). Born
Feb. 9, 1840, In Missouri. Came to Utah 1853, James Snow

Married Lovina Emeline Cox Dec. 1, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Frederick Walter Cox and Cordelia Callsta
Morley, of Oswego county, N. Y., pioneers Oct. 4, 1852).
Their children: Laurett b. Oct. 25, 1867, n). Thomas Full-
mer; Arthur A. b. Nov. 13, 1869, m. Ida Taylor; Vernoa b.
Oct. 30, 1872, d. Dec. 28, 1885; Chester G. b. March 15. 1875;
Kate Leone b. Dec. 6, 1880, m. Charles Killion; Frederick
b. Sept. 26, 1883, m. Celia Pendleton; Clyde Vernon b. Feb.
13, 1886, m. Ila Mangum. Family home Orangeville, Utah.

Member of city council Mantl eight years; president of
Orangeville town board six years. Farmer.



VANCE, JOHN (son of James Vance, born Sept. 30, 1761,
and Margaret Reno, both of Tennessee). He was born Nov.
8, 1794, in Tennessee. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah
M. Grant company.

Married Sarah Perkins Feb. 10, 1817, Jackson (now Put-
nam) county, Tenn. (daughter of Ute Perkins and Sarah
Gant of Tennessee), who was born Jan. 11, 1801. Their chil-
dren: Isaac Y.; Margaret, m. John Lawson; "William P., m.
Ann Hidson; m. Hannah Richardson; Nancy Ann, m. William
Wordsworth; James; three boys d. childhood; John, Jr., m.
Miss Bunting.

Married Elizabeth Campbell March 7, 1837, McDonough
county, 111. (daughter of Ezekiel and Jane Campbell of Mc-
Donough county, former a pioneer Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah
M. Grant company). She was born Jan. 25, 1800. Their
children; Martha Jane b. Sept. 25, 1839, m. William H.
Kimball; Mary Elizabeth b. Nov. 2, 1844, m. John Thornton
Gilmer; Lehi Moroni, d. child. Family home Salt Lake City.

Bishop at Winter Quarters. Assisted in bringing immi-
grants to Utah. Counselor to Bishop Perkins of 7th ward,
Salt Lake City; high councilor; visiting teacher of 7th ward.
School commissioner and justice of peace. Farmer. Died
Jan. 24, 1882.

VANCE, WILLIAM P. (son of John Vance and Sarah
Perkins). Born Oct. 20, 1822, Jackson (now Putnam)
county, Tenn. Came to Utah July 22, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Ann Hidson March 10, 1865, who was born March
18, 1837, and came to Utah Oct. 16, 1863, Rosel Hyde com-
pany. Died Jan. 28, 1900.

Married Hannah Richardson Oct. 19, 1874, who was born
June 21, 1855, and came to Utah Oct. 16, 1863, Rosel Hyde
company. Their children: Sarah Mahala; Joseph Amo;
William Abner; John Moroni; Ann Elizabeth; Lenora, died;
A.gnes Minerva.

Missionary in the east. Judge of Summit county.

VAN COTT, JOHN (son of Losee Van Cott and Lovina Pratt
of Canaan, Columbia county, N. T.). Born Sept. 7, 1814,
Canaan. Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1847.

Married Lucy L. Sackett Sept. 15, 1835, in New York
(daughter of Calvin P. Sackett and Hannah Douglas of
New York), who was born July 17, 1815. Their children:
Martha b. Feb. 29, 1838 (d. March, 1908); m. William Price;
Lucy b. Dec. 16, 1839, d. Sept. 9, 1843; John Jr. b. Jan. 16,
1842, d. Nov. 16, 1843; Mary b. Feb. 2, 1844 (d. Jan. 5, 1884),
m. Brigham Young; Losee b. Aug. 23, 1847, d. March 18,
1851; Fannie b. April 18, 1850, m. A. F. McDonald; Byron
b. March 2, 1852, d. Nov. 19, 1853.

Married Jemima Morris May 2, 1849, Salt Lake City.
Their child: Morris b. March 14, 1851, d. March 16, 1851.

Married Caroline Pratt Feb. 2, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Anson Pratt and Sarah Barber). Their chil-
dren: Viola, m. Joseph Madson; Oscar M., m. Ida Quayle;
Marlon, m. Sarah Gabbott; Edith, m. Ezra T. Palmer; Harold,
m. Ella Sheets; Lavina, m. Mr. White; Orson and Anson, d.
children. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Laura Lund Feb. 2, 1857, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Lars Peter Lund and Magdalene Qlsen of Copenhagen,
Denmark, pioneers 1856). She was born Feb. 27, 1843. Their
children: Agnes Lund b. May 9, 1858, d. Jan. 16, 1859; Wal-
demar b. Dec. 11, 1859, m. Ella Quayle; Frank Victor b. Aug.
7, 1863, m. Annie Mary Anderson; Lucy May; Roy b. Jan. 12,
1873, d. 1877; Ernest b. Dec. 18, 1875, m. May Siddoway. Fam-
ily home. Salt Lake City.

Married Lena Erlckson Nov. 22, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Eric Erickson of Sweden, pioneer 1862). She
was born July 17, 1833. Their children: Selma b. Nov. 12,
1863, m. William W. Taylor; Nephi b. Feb. 25, 1865, d. 1865;
Albert b. Dec. 25, 1868, m. Margaret South; Enoch b. Jan.
7, 1873, m. Clara Bailey; Olivia b. April 27, 1875, m. Thomas
Davis. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1852-53; president Scandinavia,
mission 1853-56, also 1859-62; one of the presidents of sev-
enties. Member of house of representatives 1864-65; street
supervisor. Farmer. Died Feb. 18, 1883, Salt Lake City.

VAN COTT, FRANK VICTOR (son of John Van Cott and
Laura Lund). Born Aug. 7, 1863, Salt Lake City.

Married Annie Mary Anderson Feb. 8, 1905, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Ole Anderson and Minnie Nellsen of
Pleasant Grove, Utah; came to Utah June 29, 1884). She
was born Nov. 12, 1882. Their children: Frank Anderson
b. Feb. 20, 1906; Helen May b. April 18, 1908; John Waldemar
b. June 24, 1911; Byron Le Roy b. July 1, 1913.

Ward teacher; missionary to Samoan Islands 1891-94.

Their children: William David b. March 2, 1858, m. Martha

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