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b. Feb. 12, 1910.

Bishop of Liberty ward.

WADE, CHARLES E. (son of Charles F. Wade and Sarah
E. Bidwell). Born Oct. 11, 1877, North Ogden, Utah.

Married Minerva Allred Nov. 19, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Allred and Kate Jones of Lehi, Utah).
She was born July 31, 1879. Their children: Kate b. Jan.
13. 1904; Morris Franklin b. Feb. 24, 1906; Hugh Allred
b. May 19, 1908; James Wallace b. Oct. 31, 1910; Charles
Forest b. Dec. 25, 1912. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Member 167th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 1900-01; president Y. M. M. I. A. Liberty ward 1902;
ward teacher; choir leader; one of seven presidents seven-
ties North Weber stake; Sunday school teacher. Carpenter
and contractor.

WADLEY, JOSEPH (son of Edward Wadley and Ann Reyn-
olds of Newent, Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born Dec. 23,
1830, at Newent. Came to Utah fall 1853.

Married Hannah Dorney 1856, Pleasant Grove, Utah
(daughter of John Dcurney and Mary Davis; former died
In England, latter pioneer 1856, handcart company). She
was born Oct. 6, 1830. Their children: Joseph Daniel, m.
Rozilla Jane Enniss; Hannah Mary Emily, m. Wlllard B.
Enniss. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Married Emily Dee 1861 at Pleasant Grove, who was
born Dec. 9, 1833, Westbury, Gloucestershire, Eng.

Missionary to England 1872, again in 1881; high priest.
Crossed plains seven times and ocean five times in response
to ecclesiastical calls. Farmer and fruitgrower. Died
July 28, 1904, Linden, Utah.

WAD LET, WILLIAM (son of Edward Wadley and Ann
Reynolds of Newent, Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born Oct. 8,
1825. Came to Utah Sept. 28, 1853, Vincent Shurtliff

Married Mary Chandler July, 1354, Salt Lake City (daugh-
.ter of William Chandler of Brighton, Eng., pioneer October,
1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock company). She was born 1806.
No children.

Married Isabell McKay April, 1860, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William McKay and Ellen Oman of County Caith-
ness, Scotland, pioneers 1859, James Brown company). She
was born August, 1842. Their children: David Benjamin;
Mary Ellen; William Washington, m. Margaret Ladel;
Edward Frarfklin, m. Pearl Halliday; Isaac Joseph, m.
Tarset West; Emily Agnes, m. Etrick Miller; Richard
David, m. Ellen Olsen; John Emer, m. Martha Bullock;
Daniel McKay, in. Nettie Wilson; Jeanett Isabell, m. Wil-
ford Warnick; Helena and Thomas, died. Family resided
Manila and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Married Mary Byard 1869, Salt Lake City (daughter of
John and Mary Byard of Newent, Gloucestershire, Eng.).
Their children: Julia Ann, m. James Allen; Elizabeth, m.
Arthur R. Winters; Solomon, died; Nephi, m. Jessie Robert-
son; John, died.

High priest; missionary to England 1889. Moved to
Ogden 1855; pioneer to "Dixie" 1862; called by President
Young; released and moved to Pleasant Grove 1872. Farmer
and fruitgrower; one of the first to raise fruit in Ogden.

WADSWORTH, THOMAS SHORE (son of Jonathan Wads-
worth, born 1808, and Ann Shore, born Jan. 11, 1818, both
of Halifax, Eng.). He was born Oct. 6, 1838, Bradford,
Yorkshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1853, David Wilkins

Married Catherine Moore (daughter of Jacob Moore and
Catherine Jarmon, pioneers October, 1864, Captain Ricks
company). She was born Oct. 24, 1847. Their children:
T. J. b. Oct. 21, 1865, m. Rose Taylor; Lenora b. Sept. 4,
1870, m. John A. Eddington; Martha Jane b. Dec. 18, 1875,
m. Thomas Quinn; Edward Morris b. April 5, 1879, m. Lavina
Robison; Kate b. April 9, 1881, m. Joseph G. Littlefleld;
Luty b. June 24, 1884, m. James C. Clark; Ann b. April 11,
1886, m. Charles Stuart; Primrose b. April 10, 1889, m.
Earl C. Ball; Christmas b. Dec. 25, 1890, m. Varsal

Captain of artillery of Nauvoo Legion under General
Chauncey W. West 1862; served in Echo Canyon war under
Captain Switzler 1857-8. Sheriff of Morgan county in 1890;
justice of peace for eight years in Morgan county; juvenile
judge of Morgan county since 1907; county court bailiff,
since 1908.

WAGSTAFF, H. ALBERT (son of William Wagstaff and
Jane E. Radford). Born Oct. 31, 1879.

Married Susanna Ethel Stillman June 10, 1908, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Stillman and Elizabeth Neff),
who was born April 14, 1882, Mill Creek, Utah. Their
children: Mary Leona b. June 7, 1909; Albert Stillman b.
July 6, 1910; Elizabeth b. April 10. 1912.

WAGSTAFF, WILLIAM (son of Isaac Wagstaff and Mary
Gillions of Caldicote, Bedfordshire, Eng.). Born July 13,
1809, at Caldicote. Came to Utah September, 1853, Claudius
V. Spencer company.

Married Mary Rock July 13, 1833, in England (daughter
of John and Hannah Rock of England). She was born
May 18, 1815. Their children: Isaac, d. aged 17; James,
d. aged 14; John, d. infant; Mary, d. aged 13. Family home
Caldicote, Eng.

Married Mary Gilby November, 1839, at Caldicote (daugh-
ter of Joseph and Mary Gilby of Eaton, Eng.). She was
born Dec. 31, 1816. Their children: Newman and Jacob,
d. infants; Daniel, d. aged 4; Rachel, d. aged 2; Susannah,
d. aged 1 year.

Married Martha Pack January, 1851, St. Louis, Mo., who
was born May 6, 1808, and died June, 1851.

Married Martha Chitty 1853, Salt Lake City (her parents
resided at Chertsey, Surrey, Eng.). Their child: Isaac W.,
d. infant.

Married Maria Stubbs May, 1854, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Stubbs and Elizabeth Hall of Warwickshire,
Eng.). She was born Jan. 31, 1825. Their children: Mary
Rachel, m. Lorenzo S. Clark; Maroni W., m. Rebecca Ann
Ranee; Hyrum, m. Eliza Jane Fowler; Lucillia M., m. Wil-
liam B. Kelly; Nephi, m. Margaret J. Bates.

Married Matilda Emily Limb Jan. 20, 1857, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Limb and Sarah Wilkinson of
Markpool, Derbyshire, Eng.). She was born Oct. 20, 1831.
Their children: Willard R., d. aged 6; Martha Ellen, d.
aged 4; Joseph A., m. Matilda Jane Staker; Alma W., m.
Lucina Smoot, m. Esther Hunsaker; Matilda E., m. Nathan
H. Staker; Susannah M., m. James McGee; Lorena. m.
Abraham S. Sorenson; Sally E., m. Leander N. Butler;
Rachel, m. Ole H. Sonne. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Wheeler May 25, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Wheeler of Humblestone, Worces-
tershire, Eng.). She was born May 12, 1847. Their chil-
dren: Emily E., m. John E. Crow; Maria, d. infant; Alexan-
der, m. Annie M. Salzner; Frederick, m. Lucy J. Seaman,
m. May Worley; Isabella, d. infant; William H., m. Anna
W. Jonas; Abraham, d. infant; Leroy A., m. Margaret W.
Stewart; Sarah S., m. Clarence Mabey. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Member Salt Lake quorum seventies; counselor to Bishop
Weiler number of years; high priest. Nurseryman and
seedsman. Died May 24, 1897.

WAITE, JOHSf A. (son of John Waite and Jane Caldwell
of Cincinnati, Greene county. Ind.). Born April 16, 1838,
Cincinnati, Ind. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1848, Brigham
Young company.

Married Margret Barnes Oct. 26, 1861, Salt Lake Endow-
ment House, Daniel H. Wells officiating (daughter of George
Barnes and Jane Howard of Manchester, Eng., latter pio-
neer Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin "frozen" handcart com-
pany). She was born Oct. 9, 1840. Their children: John,
m. Lasina Sessions; George, m. May Read; Margret, m.
Henry Smedley; Mary Jane; William L., m. Edith Wad-
doups; Ira, m. Stella Moss. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Member 25th quorum seventies; missionary to central
states 1897-99; elder; high priest. Farmer.

WAKEFIELD, JOHN. Born In England. Came to Utah
1868, wagon train.

Married Caroline R. Wilson 1S54, London, Eng., who wag
born September, 1828, and died on way to Utah. Their
child: Caroline R., m. George Fitt.

Warehouse clerk and stenographer.

WALDRON, BENJAMIN. Born March 29, 1795, Bellbrough-
ten, Eng. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Ann Crochett. Their child: Frederick b. Feb.

Married Mary A. Day. Their children: Jane b. Aug. 9,
1826; Martha L. b. Sept. 27, 1828; Byron b. Aug. 15, 1830.

Married Sally Laphain, who was born April 27, 1793.
Their children: Thomas T. b. Oct. 5, 1834; Gillispie W. b.
Aug. 15, 1836, m. Ann Dewhurst Sept. 13, 1857; Orson H.
b. Oct. 1838.

Married Emeline Savage 1849. Their children: Levi
Savage b. July 7, 1850, m. Davinah Elizabeth C. Roderick
Jan. 11, 1875; Benjamin b. Aug. 18, 1853, m. Axie Cheeny
June 7, 1908; Emeline Eliza b. Oct. 9, 1856, m. Charles
Rowland Thomas Jan. 5, 1874; Sarah Ann b. Feb. 27, 1859.

Missionary to eastern states and Idaho. Shoemaker;
farmer. Died Oct. 11, 1882, Uinta, Utah.

dron and Sally Laphain). Born Aug. 15, 1836, at Castile,
Wyoming county, N. Y. Came to Utah 1851, James Allred



Married Ann Dewhurst Sept. 13, 1857 (daughter of James
Dewhurst and Elizabeth Fielding married 1834, Black-
burn, Lancastershire, Eng., latter pioneer Oct. 24, 1854,
William A. Empey company). She was born Sept. 20, 1840.
Their children: Joseph Theodore b. Sept. 10, 1859, m. Mary-
ette Rich Dec. 16, 1882; Ann Elizabeth b. Aug. 31, 1862,
m. Charles R. Clark Nov. 24, 1886; Walter Gillispie b. Nov.
4, 1864, m. Elizabeth Chapin Sept. 28, 1887; James Ben-
jamin b. Feb. 22, 1867, m. Phoebe Rose Oct. 24, 1900; Thomas
Orson b. Oct. 4, 1871, m. Agnes Bowen June 1, 1904; Esther
Lucina b. March 6, 1873; Harriet Eliza b. Sept. 15, 1874,
m. Rbbert C. Harris Feb. 2, 1898; Mary Maria b. March
18, 1877, m. Joseph D. Harris May 1898; Levi Ellas b. June
30, 1879, m. Helena Newberger May 23, 1900; Lucy Emeline
b. Aug. 13, 1881, m. John Everton June 25, 1902; Hulda
Lovisa (adopted) b. July 10, 1896. Family home Richville,
Morgan Co., Utah.

President Richville branch 1873-75; first counselor to
Bishop Dickson of Richville ward 1875-1907. School trustee
6 years. Road supervisor 4 years.

WALDRON, JOSEPH THEODORE (son of Gillispie Wal-
ter Waldron and Ann Dewhurst). Born Sept. 10, 1859,
Centerville, Utah.

Married Maryette Rich Dec. 16, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Rich and Henrietta Peck, pioneers
Sept. 30, 1850, Joseph Young company). She was born
Dec. 10, 1861, Richvil'.e, Utah. Their children: Mabel b.
July 19, 1884, m. George Abbott Dec. 4, 1907; Joseph Rich
b. Nov. 23, 1885; Bessie Ann b. Aug. 29, 1887; Josephine
b. Aug. 22, 1891; Esther b. May 10, 1893; Ernest Theodore
b. March 3, 1895; Alice Vera b. April 19, 1897; Walter
Burdett b. June 22, 1899; Thomas Landon b. Nov. 1, 1901;
Lewis Dewhurst b. July 4, 1909. Family home Morgan,

One of seven presidents 35th quorum seventies; mission-
ary to New Zealand 1887-90. Assessor and collector; dep-
uty sheriff; justice of peace 1902-04; city councilman of
Morgan 5 years.

WALDRON, LEVI SAVAGE (son of Benjamin Waldron and
Emeline Savage). Born July 7, 1850, Pottawattamie, Iowa.
Came to Utah 1852 with parents.

Married Davinah E. C. Roderick Jan. 11, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of David Roderick and Hannah Spencer,
who came to Utah 1869 by rail). She was born June 5.
1859, in Wales. Their children: Hannah Elizabeth b. Nov. 8,
1875, m. Alfred Atkinson Feb. 18, 1896; Levi Gillispie b.
March 10, 1878, m. Eliza Thomas July 2, 1900; Emeline
Janette b. Dec. 28, 1879, m. John H. Richard 1899; Mary
Ann b. Feb. 28, 1882, m. David James Hughes 1901; David
Roderick b. Feb. 7, 1884; Benjamin Haines b. June 5, 1886,
m. Mervilla Gill Nov. 8, 1911; Charles Edward b. Jan. 7,
1891; William Spencer b. Dec. 24, 1891; Walter Andrew
b. March 29, 1893; Thomas John b. Sept. 4, 1895; Nathaniel
Acie b. Feb. 4, 1898; Ernest Savage b. March 19, 1900;
Lewis Roderick b. July 19, 1904. Family resided in Idaho.

Oldest pioneer of Malad Valley, Idaho. Farmer and stock-

WALDRON. LEVI GILLISPIE (son of Levi Savage Waldron
and Davinah Elizabeth C. Roderick). Born March 10, 1878,
Samaria, Idaho.

Married Eliza Thomas July 2, 1900, Samaria, who was
born June 5, 1859, in Glamorganshire, Wales. Their chil-
dren: David b. Jan. 2, 1902; Elizabeth b. Dec 17, 1903; Fred-
erick b. Aug. 21, 1904; Levi b. April 19, 1906; John b. Nov.
6, 1907; Ruth b. Oct. 22, 1909; Edith b. Jan. 13, 1911. Family
home Malad, Idaho.

Farmer and rancher.

WAXKER, DAVID F. (son of Mathew Walker and Marcy
Long of England). Born April 19, 1838, Teadon, York-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1852.

Married Emeline Holmes May 18, 1859, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Emeline, died; Sarah Ann, m. A. Paul;
David F., Jr., m. Minnie Gilmer; Henry W., m. Grace Put-
man; Maud; Stella May, m. A. C. Ellis, Jr.

Married Althea Hunt Oct. 25, 1883, at New York. Their
children: Althea M. ; Clarence H.


WALKER, HENRY W. (son of David F. Walker and Eme-
line Holmes). Born Feb. 12, 1868, Salt Lake City.

Married Grace Putman June, 1890, in California (daugh-
ter of Jefferson Putman and Cornelia Norton of California).
She was born July 11, 1872. Their children: Ermlnie b.
Feb. 19, 1892; Ralph b. Dec. 25, 1893; Ethelene b. June 16,
1897; Natalie b. Nov. 11, 1900; Vern b. June 6, 1902; Carlton
b. Dec. 11, 1905. Family home, Salt Lake City.

President and general manager Keith O'Brien Co. depart-
ment store.

WALKER, HENRY (son of Thomas Walker of Upper Bull-
ingham, Eng.). Born Dec. 9, 1806. at Upper Bulllngham.
Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1853, Claudius V. Spencer company.

Married Ann Preece (daughter of Thomas Preece, who
died at Callow, Enfr.). She was born 1799 and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Caroline, d. in Eng-
land; Ann, m. Thomas A. Wheeler; Eliza, m. Thomas P.
Smith; Sarah, m. Joseph Henry Gough; Marlah, m. Wil-
liam Burston; Elizabeth and Ellen, d. in England; Selina,
m. John E. Hammond; John Henry b. Sept. 6, 1843, m. Mary
Ann Phillips Aug. 28, 1864. Family home Union, Utah.

Early settled at Union, Utah. High priest. Shipbuilder;
carpenter; cooper; farmer.

WALKER, JOHN HENRY (son of Henry Walker and Ann
Preece). Born Sept. 6, 1843, Upper Bullingham, Eng.

Married Mary Ann Phillips Aug. 28, 1864, Union, Utah
(daughter of Ishmael F. Phillips and Mary Goodsell, pio-
neers 1863, Edward Woolley company). She was born Sept.
16, 1840, West Hyde, Herefordshire, Eng. Their children:
Selina Elizabeth b. June 9, 1865, d. 1867; Frederick Wil-
liam b. Sept. 14, 1866, m. Elizabeth Walker; John Henry
b. March 9, 1868, m. Mary Alice Graham; Reuben Ishmael
b. Jan. 11, 1870, m. Lillie Morton; Helen Udora b. Nov.
25, 1872, m. Francis James Proctor; Clara Elvlna b. July
3, 1876, m. Charles Francis Cole; Henry b. July 6. 1879,
m. Kindness Ann Gibson March 1, 1900; Mary Ann b. July
19, 1882, m. Willard Charles Burgon. Family home Union,

President Y. M. M. I. A. at Union; superintendent Sun-
day school; missionary to England 1895-97. Veteran Wa-
shakle Indian war 1862 in Capt. Lot Smith's company.
Justice of peace at Union 1898; constable 1887-95.

WALKER, HEXSON (son of Henson Walker and Matilda
Arnold of Michigan). Born March 13. 1820, Manchester,
N. Y. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Elizabeth Foutz April 24, 1845, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Jacob Foutz and Margaret Mann of Penn-
sylvania, pioneers September, 1S47). She was born Sept.
13, 1827. Their children: Henson Walker, m. Caroline Farns-
worth; Lewis Heber; Victorine, m. Joseph Eaton; Appollos
Benjamin, m. Jane Holman; John Young, m. Christina Hoi-
man; Eveline, m. Christopher Iverson; Sanford, m. Nettie

Married Margaret Foutz. Their child: Ezra.

Married Sophrona Clark at Pleasant Grove. Their chil-
dren: Martha Jane, m. Austin S. Mayhew; Cordelia, m.
Robert Thome; Medora, died; Lewis, died.

Married Mary at Pleasant Grove. Their children:

William; Cassie, m. West; Delbert; Emma; Perry, died.

Families resided Pleasant Grove, Utah.

First bishop and first mayor Pleasant Grove. Veteran
Indian war. Died Jan. 24, 1894.

and Elizabeth Foutz). Born Nov. 4, 1855, Pleasant Grove,

Married Jane Holman April 24, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Holman and Sarah Mathls, pioneers
October, 1852, Charles C. Rich company). She was born
Santaquin, Utah, June 13, 1858. Their children: Benjamin
b. March 17, 1877, m. Ruth Keetch; James Henson; Idella
Cobbley; Jennie, m. John V. Johnson; Margaret, m. Leices-
ter West: Lawrence, m. Dahlia Radman; Jesse M., m. Fern
Adamson; Robert, m. Mae Richards. Family home Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Member of 44th quorum seventies; missionary to Indiana
1892-93; served as a president for several years; high coun-
cilor. Member board of county commissioners and of town
board several terms. Died Feb. 3, 1910.

WALKER, JAMES HENSON (son of Appollos Benjamin
Walker and Jane Holman). Born Oct. 12, 1878, Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Married Idella Cobbley May 20, 1879, Pleasant Grove
(daughter of Charles A. Cobbley and Emma Davis, same
place). Their children: Charles B. b. July 5, 1897; Leo
R. b. July 25, 1898; Zola b. Sept. 5, 1900; Roena b. Dec. 1,
1902; Thomas b. July 5, 1904; LeGrande b. June 7, 1906;
Calvin; Edna; Myron; Jane. Family home Pleasant Grove,

Bishop of third ward Pleasant Grove; member of 44th
quorum seventies; counselor to Bishop S. L. Swenson two
years. Superintendent of Pleasant Grove school district
nine years; principal Pleasant Grove high school.

WALKER, WALTER (son of John Walker and Elizabeth
Coleman of Cheltenham, Eng.). Born Sept. 17, 1835, at
Cheltenham. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins

Married Sophia Woodcock Sept. 14, 1856, at Cheltenham
(daughter of Thomas Woodcock), who was born Jan. 6,
1836. Their children: John Thomas, m. Elizabeth Hill;
Walter Emanuel, m. Rose C. Smith; Franklin Joseph, m.
Louisa Earl; Horace Lional; Ernest George, m. Inez Hess;
Fredrick Hyrum. Family resided Bloomington, Idaho, and
Farmington, Utah.

Seventy; presided over branch of church at Flintshire,
Wales, 1863-64. Shoemaker; merchant.

WALKER, FRANKLIN JOSEPH (son of Walter Walker
and Sophia Woodcock). Born Feb. 14, 1862, Birmingham,
Eng. Came to Utah 1863, Captain Ellsworth company.

Married Louisa Earl Jan. 3, 1884, Farmington, Utah
(daughter of John Earl and Rheumina Wilson of Farming-
ton). She was born Oct. 31, 1862. Their children: Rheu-
mina b. Oct. 22, 1884, m. William Oyler; Mildred Jane b.
Jan. 30, 1887, m. Dewey Leroy Earl; Eva b. Oct. 6, 1889, m.
Albert W. Burns; Edith b. Aug. 14, 1891; Louisa b. March
1-7, 1894; Rhoda b. March 13, 1896; Frank Earl b. Feb. 4,
1898; Leland Walter b. June 16, 1900; Milton Wilson b.
June 10, 1902; Harold b. Oct. 6, 1904; Clifton b. Jan. 28,
1907. Family home Fielding, Utah.

Missionary to Nevada and California 1898-99; secretary



and treasurer of Sunday school; secretary T. M. M. I. A.;
home missionary; ward teacher; choir leader; superintend-
ent religion class; high councilor; president high priests
quorum Bear River stake. School trustee; Justice of peace
4 years. Shoemaker; carpenter; builder; farmer; merchant.

WALKER, WILLIAM HENRY (son of James Walker of
Dogan county, Ky., and Mary Coon of Miami Co., Ohio).
Born March 14, 1836, near Dubuque, Iowa. Came to Utah
Sept. 9, 1852, Bryant Jolley company.

Married Lydia Ann Horn 1851, Fort Supply, Wyo. (daugh-
ter of Moses and Angeline Horn; former killed at Nauvoo,
111., latter pioneer 1847). She was born July, 1835; came
to Utah with mother. Their children: William Henry b.
Nov. 22, 1858, m. Ella Woolstenhulme; Nancy Angeline b.
March 28, 1860, d. 1867; Mary Ellen b. March 30, 1862, m.
Edward Dillon; James Moses b. April 17, 1864, m. Tillie
Anderson Oct. 30, 1893; Dora b. March 19, 1866, m. Willard
F. Snyder, d. Feb. 1907; Sydney b. June 21, 1868, m. Lydia
Moore; Lydia Ann Violate b. Nov. 5, 1870, m. William
Graham Sept. 15, 1896, d. March 10, 1904; Josephine b.
Sept. 4, 1872, d. July 14, 1879; Sarah b. Dec. 18, 1874, d.
July 9, 1879; Rosa May b. Feb. 20, 1878, m. Harrison Sperry
Nov. 1900.

Married Ada Louisa Phippen Aug. 1, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Phippen and Ada Stewart married Oct.
9, 1818, in Ohio, pioneers Oct. 3, 1852, Harmon Cutler com-
pany). She was born Sept. 2, 1842, Nauvoo, 111. Their
children: J. Morgan b. July 13, 1871, m. Sylena Giles June
5, 1894; Sirus Eugene b. Jan. 29, 1874, d. Nov. 27, 1874; Murry
Kimball b. Nov. 19, 1875, d. July 7, 1879; Ada Eugenie b.
April 10, 1878, d. Feb. 18, 1882; Heneretta Clare b. March
14, 1881, m. Heber H. Giles March 15, 1899; Victor Roy
b. March 31, 1883, m. Alice Sweat Sept. 26, 1906. Families
resided Heber, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to Fort Supply 1856. Drum major
In Black Hawk war; captain of 50 in Echo Canyon trouble.
Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1856.

WALKER, VICTOR ROT (son of William Henry Walker
and Ada Louisa Phippen). Born March 31, 1883, Elkhorn.

Married Alice Sweat Sept. 26, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lewis Sweat, born September, 1859, Provo,
Utah, and Elizabeth Broadhead, born October, 1866, Heber,
Utah). She was born Sept. 24, 1889, Center, Utah.

Seventy; assistant Sunday school superintendent 3d ward,
Heber; Sunday school teacher.

WALL, JOSEPH L. (son of William Wall, born October,
1813, and Sarah Sanson, born Sept. 30, 1815, both of Horsley,
Gloucester, Eng.). He was born July 2, 1838, at Worcester,
Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin "frozen"
handcart company.

Married Seiina Stevens March 7, 1863 (daughter of John
Stevens and Martha Stevens of England). She was born
April 29, 1840. Their children: Joseph S. b. May 30, 1864,
m. Ella Cowley Dec. 3, 1885; Selena Ann b. Oct. 6, 1865,
m. Abraham Shaw, Jr., Nov. 28, 1883; Rose Etta b. March
30, 1867, died; William John b. July 19, 1868, m. Sena Folster
Dec. 17, 1890; Francis Henry b. July 28, 1870, and Franklin
b. Dec. 11, 1871, died; Sarah Preppa b. Feb. 24, 1873, m.
John Wilson March 20, 1895; Dora b. June 30, 1876, m.
Lorenzo Chrlstensen March 7, 1900. Family home Glenwood,

Built the first grist mill in Sevier county. Pioneer to

and Anna Sweetman, both of South Africa). Born April
15, 1842, in South Africa. Embarked from Port Elizabeth,
South Africa, Feb. 28, 1861; crossed plains to Utah with
Homer Duncan company, arriving Oct. 1, 1861.

Married Belinda J. Bair Oct. 29, 1866, Kaysville, Utah
(daughter of John Bair and Lucinda Owen, pioneers Feb-
ruary, 1850). She was born 1848, Garden Grove, Iowa.
Their children: Augusta Bell b. Sept. 26, 1867, m. J. W.
Ellis; Robert William b. Jan. 3, 1869, m. Anne Wiggill;
Mary Ann b. Nov. 21, 1870; Belinda Jane b. Nov. 15, 1872;
Thomas Holwell b. Aug. 30, 1874, m. Florence Jaques; Henry
Dinnis b. April 29, 1878, m. Mary Ann Summers; Jennie
Leona b. June 29, 1880; Owen Allen b. Aug. 12, 1882, m.
Jannett Bruce; Charles Katin b. April 21, 1885, m. Eliza-
beth Jones; Besse Lavina b. March 1, 1889.

Settled In Kaysville In 1861. Stockraiser and farmer.

WALL, WILLIAM, JR. (son of William Wall of Horsley,
Eng.). Came to Utah 1862, Thomas Ricks company.

Married Sarah Sampson, who was born Sept. 30, 1814,
at Horsley and came to Utah 1862. Their children: Joseph
Laban, m. Celina Stevens: Emily, m. William Cowley;
Fannie Marlah, m. Samuel Whitney; Dorcas, m. F. R. Cant-
well; Celia, m. William Francom; Francis George, m. Mary
Bench; Emron and Rose, died; Henrietta, m. Isaac K.
Wright. Family home Glenwood, Utah.

Early Glenwood settler. Veteran Black Hawk Indian
war. Mason and architect. Died at Venice, Utah

WALL, FRANCIS GEORGE (son of William Wall, Jr., and
Sarah Sampson). Born May 3, 1846, Horsley, Eng. Came
to Utah 1862 with father.

Married Mary Bench June 24, 1872, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Bench and Ann Longman of England, pio-
neers 1852). She was born Oct. 20, 1847, Southampton,
Eng. Their children: Frank E. b. Sept. 24, 1873, m. Maggie
May Jackson; Minnie Ann b. Oct. 20, 1875, m. Joseph Cur-
tis Cowley; Henrietta b. July 10, 1878, m. George M. Haws-
Jessie b. Oct. 15, 1880; George b. May 18, 1883, died; Ella
b. Sept. 5, 1885; Clara b. April 28, 1887, died. Family
resided Venice, Utah, and Colonia, Juarez, Mexico.

Married Susie E. Bench August, 1888, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of John L. Bench and Mariah Kirby of England, pio-
neers 1852). She was born Oct. 19, 1864, Manti, Utah.
Their children: John Edward b. Feb. 13, 1890- Myrtle b
May 20, 1892, and Clyde b. July 12, 1894, died; Angus b
Dec. 5, 1895: May b. Feb. 6, 1897, and Mabel b. Feb. 6,
1897, died; George Milne b. Sept. 13. 1900; Leah b. Feb
29, 1904; Dora b. Oct. 12, 1907. Family home Colonia, Juarez,

High priest. Early settler at Glenwood, Utah; moved to
Juarez, Mexico. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war. Mer-

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