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Young and Heber C. Kimball how to dance. Veteran Walker
and Black Hawk Indian wars. Music teacher; farmer;
wheelwright. Died at Vernal, Utah.

WARDLE, JEDEDIAH (son of George Wardle and Fannie
Rusten). Born May 4, 1857, Provo, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Abplanalp at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Peter Abplanalp and Margaret Eckler of Switzerland,
pioneers 1861, oxteam company, settled at Midway, Utah).
She was born Aug. 27. 1859, at New York City. Their chil-
dren: Alonzo, d. aged 22; Jedediah, m. Isabella Holfeltz;
Elizabeth, m. Frank Davis; Margaret, m. Lorenzo Finn;
Lillie, m. Joseph Timothy; Ezra, d. infant; Fannie Louis;
Flora Bell; Bertha; Austin; Elsie Olive. Family home
Roosevelt, Utah.

High priest; counselor to Bishop Peter Abplanalp, Vernal,
Utah; ward teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A.; teacher of
Sunday school theological class at Vernal; missionary to
Birmingham, Eng., 1889-90. Farmer and stockraiser.

Leroy Whitaker b. Aug. 28 1879; Robert McLaren b. Aug.
7, 1881; Foster Ellsworth b. Jan. 22, 1883; Otis Ransford b.
Jan. 14, 1885; Claude Ernest b. June 17, 1887. Family home
Ogden, Utah.

Justice of peace 17 years. Member city council two terms.
Dealer in musical merchandise. School teacher.

WARBLE, ISAAC JOHJV (son of John Wardle and Mary
Kinstun, the former of Ravenstorie, Eng., the latter of Snay-
son, Leicestershire, Eng.).. Born June 14, 1835, at Raven-
stone. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 156, Edward Martin "frozen"
handcart company.

Married Martha A. Egbert April 17, 1859 (daughter of
Samuel Egbert and Maria Beckstead, pioneers 1849), who
was born March 1, 1844, and came to Utah with parents.
Their children: Isaac John b. Oct. 31, 1862, m. Alice Robin-
son; Samuel b. Feb. 4, 1864, d. March 26, 1864; Crella Marie
b. Oct. 15, 1864, m. Zachariah Butterneld; Araminta b. April

25, 1868, m. Daniel Densley; Joseph Smith b. Sept. 13, 1870,
m. Sabina Ann Beckstead; Hyrum Smith b. May 26, 1873,
d. July 26, 1873; Silas D. b. July 16, 1875, m. Emeline Orgill;
Junius F. b. June 9, 1879; Etney May b. May 15, 1882, m.
John William Palmer; Edgar R. b. May 15, 1882, d. Sept.
3, 1882. Family home South Jordan, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Ashton, 1868, Salt Lake City (daughter
of William Ashton, pioneer 1856, Edward Martin "frozen"
handcart company). She was born at Oldham, Lancaster-
shire, Eng. Their child: William H. b. April 5, 1869, m.
Annie Sorenson.

Married Sophia Meyers July 26, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles F. Meyers and Annie Jacobson, pioneers
Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Home company). She was born Sept.
11, 1849, in Denmark. Their children: Charles M. b. Dec.
18, 1870, m. Harriet Rhodehouse; Hannah M. b. March 13,
1873, m. Robert N. Holt; Atheamer M. b. Sept. 3, 1881, m.
Rosa Powell; Wilford Woodruff b. Oct. 6, 1883, d. Aug. 7,

Took an active part in the Echo Canyon trouble. Mis-
sionary to England 1879; superintendent South Jordan Sun-
day school 1879-97; home missionary; ward teacher; high
priest. Moved from South Jordan, Utah, to Parker, Idaho,

WARDLE, WILLIAM H. (son of Isaac J. Wardle and Mary
Ann Ashton). Born April 5, 1869, South Jordan, Utah.

Married Annie Sorenson Aug. 27, 1890, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Jens and Ane Sorenson of Murray, Utah, who came
to Utah August, 1869, Jens Johnson company). She was
born Feb. 19, 1871. Their children: James Wilford b. Nov.
2, 1891; William Leroy b. Jan. 13, 1894; Mary Ann b. March
14, 1896; Leo Isaac b. Dec. 17, 1897; Vernal Hasten b. Jan.

26, 1900; Delilah Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1902; Reed Smoot b.
Sept. 2, 1904; Elbirdie Christina b. Oct. 18. 1906; Norval
Junius b. March 21, 1909; Norman Andrew b. March 18,
1912. Family home Victor, Idaho.

Sunday school teacher South Jorden stake eight years;
member of board of Y. M. M. I. A. Teton stake two years.
District assessor of Salt Lake county, Utah; member school
board five years. Rancher and sheepraiser.

WARDLEIGH, HENRY C. (son of Jameo H. Wardletgh and
Elizabeth Hanserd). Born Oct. 31, 1843, Frampton, Eng.
Came to Utah July, 1860, William Camp company.

Married Elizabeth C. Whitaker Aug. 23, 1864, Willard,
Box Elder Co., Utah (daughter cf James W. Whitaker and
Nancy Woodland of Willard, pioneers 1851), who was born
May 24, 1849. Their children: James Henry b. Nov. 15,
1869; William Clarence b. April 2, 1871; Harold Hanserd
b. March ?<, 1872; Lillie Elizabeth b. Oct. 11, 1873; Daisy
Ellen b. June 9, 1875; Porter Anderson b. April 14, 1878;

WARDROP, JOHN. Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Came to
Utah Sept. 10, 1852, Bryant Jolley company.

Married Lucy Mclntosh in Glasgow. Their children:
Mary, m. Levi Abrahams, m. William Fotherington; Emily,
died; Lucy, m. Abraham Reister Wright; Isabell, m. Josiah
Rogerson; James, m. Amelia Woolley; John, m. Ella Rumell;
Abraham, m. Mary Ann Chevrill.

Carpenter. Died at family home. Salt Lake City.

WAREHAM, JAMES (son of Philip and Elizabeth Wareham
of Bradford county, Pa.). Born July 2, 1813, in Bradford
county. Came to Utah October, 1852, William Wood com-

Married Harriet Adams Aug. 13, 1835, West Milton, Mont-
gomery Co., Ohio (daughter of Edmund and Rachel Adams
of that place). She was born May 22, 1818, in Montgomery
Co., Ohio, and died Sept. 1, 1867, Manti, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Philip Edmund b. Feb. 28, 1837, d. July 17, 1839; Mary
Elizabeth b. June 9, 1838, d. Aug. 3, 1842; Susan Caroline
b. Jan. 13, 1842, d. May 3, 1844; Seth b. March 30, 1845, m.
Margaret Ann Shaw. Family home Manti, Utah.

Married Rebecca Attwood Feb. 20, 1868, Salt Lake City.

Bishop of Glenwood; missionary to Ohio and Pennsyl-
vania 1860-62; member high council; counselor to President
Chapman, Manti, Utah. Assisted in bringing immigrants
to Utah 1863; captain of independent company 1862.
Farmer; wool-carder and spinner. Died June 21, 1898.

WAREHAM, SETH (son of James Wareham and Harriet
Adams). Born March 30, 1845; came to Utah with father.

Married Margaret Ann Shaw April 15, 1872, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Abraham Shaw and Jane Lawrenson of Glen-
wood, Utah), who was born May 4, 1858. Their children:
James Edmund b. Oct. 11, 1873; George Abraham b. Sept.
28, 1875; Harriet b. June 20, 1878, m. George Henry Reid;
Clair b. Feb. 2, 1881, m. Rachel Burgess; Lester b. May 27.
1883, m. Hazel Swasey; Victor Adams b. Sept. 1, 1885; Hartley
Orlando b. April 18, 1888, m. Lacorn Wrigley; Jane b. Sept.
2, 1890, m. Rosco Pettey; Orson b. April 27, 1893, d. Aug.
10, 1895. Family home Ferron, Utah.

Settled at Manti 1854, moved to Glenwood 1864, returning
to Manti 1867; again moved to Glenwood 1870, and then to
Manti 1875; settled at Ferron 1879. Indian war veteran;
took active part in protecting settlers from Indians in early

WAREHAM, JAMES EDMUND (son of Seth Wareham and
Margaret Ann Shaw). Born Oct. 11, 1873, Glenwood, Utah.

WARXER, JOHN E. Born November, 1817. Came to Utah
Sept. 24, 1848. Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Eunice B. Billings April 4, 1849, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Titus Billings and Diantha Morley of
Manti, Utah, pioneers 1848, Heber C. Kimball company).
She was born Jan. 3, 1830, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Their
children: Eunice and Diantha, died: John Adelbert, m.
Emily M. Potter: Samuel D., m. Lucinda Pierce. Family
resided Mantt and Provo, Utah.

Seventy. Walker Indian war veteran. Carpenter; mill-
wright; miller. Died 1853, Manti Canyon, Utah.

WARNER, JOHN ADELBERT (son of John E. Warner and
Eunice B. Billings). Born Oct. 24, 1852, Manti, Utah.

Married Emily M. Potter Feb. 16, 1874, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Isaac S. Potter and Aseneth Lawrence
of Springville, Utah), who was born Nov. 19, 1855. Their
children: Leo A. b. Dec. 7, 1874, m. Lizzie McKinley; Earl
b. Aug. 7, 1877, d. March 30, 1880; Ray b. Dec. 24, 1887, d.
July 2, 1910; Eva b. March 1, 1891, d. April 5, 1901. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Elder. Superintendent West Union Canal, Provo, Utah,
for 15 years. Farmer and fruitgrower.

WARNER, ORAIVGE (son of Orange Warner and Julia.
Brezee of Syracuse, N. Y.). Born June, 1815, at Syracuse.
Came to Utah October. 1851, Luman Shurtliff company.

Married Lovina Robison (daughter of Joseph William
Robison). Only child: Byron, m. Ann S. Tyler.

Married Delilah Robison. Their children: Holstein, m.
Ann Dewsnup; Dorus, m. Cordelia Webb; Mortimer, m.
Christine Brown; Cornelia, m. Joseph Prisbrey; Orange H.,
m. Lovina Stewart.

Married Mary E. Tyler. Their children: Cyrus A., m.
Abag-ail Tyler; Mary Emily, m. Joseph E. Ray; Rhoda F.,
m. DeWitt Tyler; Jedediah M., m. Julia Russell; Orson J.;
Levl M., m. Abigail Rowley; Eliza Ann, m. John Fitzgerald.

High priest. Farmer. Indian war veteran; helped build
first wall around Fillmore to protect settlers against



WARNER, WILLIAM (son of William Warner and Margret
Anderson of Glooson, Leicestershire, Eng.). Came to Utah
Nov. 1, 1855, Isaac Allred company.

Married Keziah Goodman Dec. 2, 1854, at sea, who was
born July 16, 1826. Their children: William G. b. Aug.
14, 1856, m. Minnie A. Candland; Job b. May 11, 1858, m.
Margret Ann Chappel; Heber b. Jan. 20, 1861, m. Jane
Sprunt; Margret, m. Hyrum Williams.. Family home Ogden,

Pioneer. Died July 14, 1863.

WARNER, WILLIAM GOODMAN (son of William Warner
and Keziah Goodman). Born Aug. 14, 1856, Ogden, Utah.
Married Minnie A. Candland May 11, 1879, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of David Candland and Katherine Jost of Mount
Pleasant, Utah), who was born Oct. 12, 1859. Their children:
William David b. April 30, 1880, m. Anna Nelson; Jesemine
Keziah b. March 3, 1882, m. Benjamin Fife; Cora Allena b.
July 15, 1883, m. Thomas D. Perrins; Laura Alice b. July
25, 1885, died; Edwin Candland b. June 21, 1886, m. Louise
Rollins; Ralph b. 1888, m. Katherine Freestone; Frank Cand-
land b. Jan. 23, 1889, m. Hazel Williams; Harry Candland
b. June 2, 1893; Homer Candland b. Dec. 11, 1896; Minnie
Edna b. Sept. 25, 1900.

WARWICK, CHARLES PETER (son of Anders Peter War-
nick and Anna Lena Anderson of Vestergotland, Sweden).
Born April 5, 1850, near Skofde, Sweden. Came to Utah Oct.
22, 1866, Abner Lowry company.

Married Christina Marie Larson March 14, 1874, Salt Lake
City, Utah (daughter of Lars C. -Larson and Maren Bartleson
of Pleasant Grove, Utah, pioneers Sept. 10, 1863, W. B.
Preston company). She was born Nov. 15, 1855. Their
children: Charles Louis, m. Angle Webb; Howard B., m.
Maud May Gardner; Wilford W., m. Jeanett Wadley; Effle
Christina; Cora Augusta, m. Lawrence Atwood; Adena
Hanna, m. Helge Swensen; Adolphus Peter, m. Geneva West;
Joseph T.; Reed Whitney; Merrill Newell.

High priest; missionary to Sweden 1880-1882; bishop
Manilla ward; counselor Y. M. M. I. A. Member city council,
Pleasant Grove, two terms. Helped build U. P. Railway
through Echo and Weber canyons.

WARNICK. CHARLES LOUIS (son of Charles P Warnick
and Christina Marie Larson). Born April 13, 1875, Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Married Angle Webb June 11. 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Webb and Mary Ann Ward of Lehi,
Utah, pioneers Nov. 2, 1864, Warren Snow company). She
was born June 11, 1875. Their children: Louis Ward b.
April 9, 1903, died; Elaine b. May 22, 1904; Angelyne Mary
b. Jan. 4, 1908; Miriam b. July 30, 1910. Family home
Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Senior president 146th quorum seventies 1909; missionary
to Samoa 1897-01; superintendent of Bingham stake Sunday
schools 1909. Representative to legislature of Idaho 1910-12.

WARNICK, HOWARD BENJAMIN (son of Charles P. War-
nick and Christena Marie Larson). Born July 31, 1877,
Pleasant Grove, Utah. .

Married Maud May Gardner Sept. 18, 1901, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Blias Harvey Gardner and Caroline Ada Jack-
man of Salem, Utah), who was born April 30, 18S3. Their
children: Howard G. b. June 30, 1902; Ruth Ma>y b. Jan. 27,
1905; Melva Vervene b. Aug. 29, 1908; David Owen b. Jan.
30, 1911.

Bishop Manila ward; Sunday school superintendent 1900-
1907; member of presidency of Y. M. M. I. A.; home mis-
sionary. Farmer and stockraiser.

WARRICK, THOMAS (son of Blackman Warrick). Born
Jan. 2, 1818, in Pike county, Ala. Came to Utah 1847,
Abraham O. Smoot company.

Married Louisa Taylor April 4, 1841, who was born Oct.
31, 1823, in Barbour county, Ala., and came to Utah with
husband. Their children: Calysta W. b. Feb. 15, 1843, m.
R. John Strickland; Thomas b. Dec. 2, 1849, m. Mary Ann
Taylor Feb. 1881; Veda b. November, 1906.

Upon arriving in Salt Lake City, he settled in South
Cottonwood and engaged in farming. The following year,
1848, he went to California to work in the mines, where h<>

WARRICK, THOMAS, JR. (son of Thomas Warrick and
Louisa Taylor). Born Dec. 2, 1849, South Cottonwood, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Taylor Ftb. 3, 1881, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of James C. Taylor and Sarah M. Hyde,
pioneers 1849), who was born 1860, Kaysville, Utah. Their
children: Meda b. Nov. 3, 1906.

Seventy; missionary to southern states 1887-89; high
priest. Farmer and stockman.

WARWOOD, JOHN (son of Warwood and Mirah Har-
wood). Born in England. Came to Utah 1852, oxteam com-

Married Rachel Hunt 1852, in England (daughter of Elias
Hunt of England), who was born Oct. 3, 1821, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: John, m. Eliza Taylor;
Elen, m. Zenos Whittaker; Rachel, died. Family home
Nephi, Utah.

Railroad engineer. Died June, 1904.

WARWOOD, JOHN, JR. (son of John Warwood and Rachel
Hunt). Born at Nephi, Utah.

Married Eliza Taylor. Their child: Myrtle, m. Andrew
Hunter Scott.

WASDEJf, THOMAS (son of William Wasden and Mary Ann
Peniston, of England). Born June 29, 1821, in Loughton,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1859, Edward Stephenson com-

Married Mary Coucorn 1841 (daughter of John Coucorn>,
who was born April 25, 1816. Came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Alice Peniston b. Aug. 29, 1842, m. Jacob
F. Hutchinson June 9, 1861; John B. b. May 12, 1844, m.
Nancy R. Herring 1864; Frederick b. May 22, 1846, m. Anna
M. Esklund Oct. 18, 1865; Ellen b. July 15, 1848, m. Theodore
Christenson Oct. 1, 1865; Orson b. Sept. 27, 1850, m. Annie
M. Brown Aug. 2, 1875; Willard b. July 12. 1852; Sarah
Ann b. June 7, 1854; Mary b. June 7, 1856, m. Titus Chris-
tenson 1878; Thomas Nephi b. May 22, 1859; Eliza M. b.
Oct. 13, 1861, m. Charles Weiser July 25, 1883. Family
home Gunnison, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher; home missionary. Settled at
Provo 1859; moved to Ephraim 1860, and later to Gunnison;
assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah; took an active
part in Black Hawk war; moved to Scipio 1868; returned to
Gunnison 1881, where he died.

WASDEN, ORSON (son of Thomas Wasden and Mary Cou-
corn). Born Sept. 27, 1850, Aston, Yorkshire, Eng.

Married Annie M. Brown Aug. 2, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Martin P. Brown and Annie Hansen, pioneers
Eric Hogan company). She was born Jan. 22, 1857,
Ephraim, Utah. Their children: Annie Arrilla b. Feb. 28,
1877, m. Charles Memmott Nov. 3, 1898; Mary Elizabeth b.
May 8, 1879, m. David Evans Jan. 22, 1901; Ellen C. b.
March 9, 1882; Orson Earl b. April 25, 1885, m. Mamie Brad-
fleld Jan. 22, 1906; Elner b. April 2, 1887, m. Ethelyn Ivie
Oct. 18, 1907. Family home Scipio, Utah.

Veteran Black Hawk Indian war; ward teacher; priest;
justice cf peace. Farmer and stockherder.

WARREX, WILLIAM J. (son of William Z. Warren and
Mary Woods). Born March 11, 1830, Pigsbee, Mo. . Came
to Utah with Matthew Caldwell oxteam.

Married Sarah Jane Simmons, Spanish Fork (daughter of
Lev! and Harriet Simmons of Missouri, and Spanish Fork,
Utah, pioneers with Matthew Caldwell oxteam). She was
born July 8. 1840. Their children: Mary Jane, m. John Mor-
rison; William Z., m. Mariah Powell; Samuel, d. aged 3;
Joseph, d. aged 2; Franklin D., m. Ellen Hamilton; Lewis,
m. Sarah Blaine; Parley P., m. Sarah Blaine; Sarah Jane, m.
John Milburn; Deseret, m. James Rooney; Hubbard, m.
Bertha Olson; Rawlins, d. aged 1. Family home, Spanish

Seventy; elder. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war. Mer-
chant and farmer. Died Nov. 11, 1899, Argyle Creek, Utah.

WARREN, FRANKLIN D. (son of William J. Warren and
Sarah Jane Simmons). Born June 25, 1864, Spanish Fork.

Married Ellen Hamilton Dec. 31, 1889, Price, Utah (daugh-
ter of David F. Hamilton and Martha Ellen Bennett of
Springfield, Utah, pioneers 1847). She was born Sept. 4,
1873. Their children: Violet Ellen b. Oct. 24, 1890, m. Frank
McElheny; Franklin b. Jan. 22, 1893, d. same day; Deseret b.
Nov. 8, 1893, d. same day; Vernal b. Nov. 2, 1894; Sarah
Jane b. July 7, 1897, d. July 24, 1897; Lewis Melvln b. Oct.
19, 1899; Ernest Lynn b. June 30, 1902; Mary Ruth b. Oct.
21, 1904. d. Aug. B, 1908; Bernice and Berneal b. March 1,
1907; William Demont b. Aug. 20, 1909. Family resided
Price and Spring Glen, Utah.

Deacon; ward teacher. Farmer, stockraiser and freighter.

WASHBTJRN, ABRAHAM (son of Daniel Washburn of Mt.
Pleasant, Westchester county, and Ann Wright of Bedford
county, N. Y.). He was born March 17, 1805, Essing, N. Y.
Came to Utah 1848, Captain Musser company.

Married Tamar Washburn March 16, 1824, Mt. Pleasant,
Westchester county, N. Y. (daughter of Jesse Washburn and
Susannah Tompkins of same place). She was born July
4, 1805, died Oct. 10, 1882, Nephi, Utah. Their children:
Daniel b. July 23, 1826, d. Dec. 6, 1837; Mary Ann b. Nov.
15, 1828, m. Edwin Whiting; Emma Jane b. July 28, 1830,
m. William Morley Black March 13, 1851; Daniel A. b. Sept.
18, 1837, m. Ann Price; Sarah Elizabeth b. Aug. 16,
1839, d. 1841; John E. b. April 13, 1842, d. 1842; Susannah
b. June 23, 1843, m. Thomas Bowles Jan. 27, 1859; Joseph
Bates b. July 20, 1845, d. 1845; Artemisia Minerva b. June
17, 1847, m. George Potter May 5, 1864. Family resided
New York, Nauvoo, 111., and Winter Quarters, Neb.

Married Flora Clarinda Gleason February, 1849, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joel Gleason and Philena Williams of
Tolland, Berkshire county, Mass.). She was born in Tolland
Aug. 2, 1819. Their children: Almeda Mariah b. Nov. 22,
1849. m. Alphonso Wtnget; Louisa N. b. Sept. 29, 1851, m.
William Morley Black; Hyrum Smith b. July 20, 1853, m.
Caroline Christiansen; Philena b. April 6, 1855, m. Hyrum
Forbush, m. W. A. Warnock; Parley Pratt b. July 15, 1857,
m. Maria Gregeson; Lorena Eugenia b. Jan. 10, 1860. m.
Bent Larsen; Orson Pratt b. Nov. 7, 1862, m. Zina Higgs
and Mary Thueson. Family home Manti and Monroe, Utah.

Early settler in San Pete and Sevier counties. Patriarch:



first Sunday school superintendent of Manti; first counselor
to Bishop Bates Noble at Winter Quarters, Neb. Veteran
Indian war. Member first city council of Manti one terra.
Shoemaker; farmer. Died June 17, 1885.

WASHBURN, PARLEY PRATT (son of Abraham Washburn
and Flora Clarinda Gleason). Born July 15, 1857, Manti,

Married Maria Gregeson June 19, 1878, St. George, Utah
(daughter of N. P. Gregeson and Maria Smith of Denmark,
pioneers 1869). She was born Oct. 13, 1856. Their children:
Itosetta b. April 18, 1879, d. same day; Parley Franklin b.
Aug. 19, 1880, d. April 14, 1881; Oliver b. July 5, 1882; Peter
A. b. Aug. 4, 1884, m. Eliza Lowe: Mattie b. Feb. 7, 1886.
d Nov. 13, 1886; Anna M. b. Nov. 28. 1887; Jesse D. b. April
20, 1889; Anena b. Nov. 12, 1890; Eva b. Oct. 20, 1892, m.
Carlos Anderson; Grace b. Nov. 21, 1894; Irwin b. Feb. 7,
1896; Joel Washburn was last child born. Family home
Monroe, Utah.

Elder. Member Monroe town council. Farmer, fruit-
grower and stockraiser.

WATKINS, EDWARD JOHN (son of Richard Watklns, born
July 24, 1792, Banwell, Somersetshire, Eng., and Ruth Ham-
lin, born November, 1792, Clevedon, Eng., the former of
Wrington and latter of Clevedon, Somersetshire). He was
born March 4. 1829, at Wrington. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1863,
Daniel McArthur company.

Married Elizabeth Lawrence Nov. 2, 1850 (daughter of
William Lawrence and Hester Whitnell. married 1850,
Bridgewater, Eng.). She was born April 6, 1832, and came
to Utah with parents. Their children: Joseph Hyrum b.
Aug. 13, 1851, m. Mary Ann Doxey and Mary Ann Ellis
April 30, 1879; Hester Alice Alexla b. Sept. 12. 1865, m. James
C. Thomas May 1, 1882; Franklin Richard b. March 18, 1868,
m. Hannah E. Newman Oct. 1, 1890; Bessie Ada Ellena b.
Sept. 19, 1871, m. Thomas Doxey, Jr., April 30, 1889. Family
home Ogden, Utah.

Married Gertrude M. Boserup July 22, 1880, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Christian Redlie Boserup and Kristine Mogens-
datter, married 1834, Thved, Denmark). She was born
Nov. 14, 1838, Tlllerup, Randers Amt, Denmark.

High priest. Boot and shoe business Twenty-fifth street,
Salt Lake City, for 30 years. On this location, assisted by
his son Joseph H., he built first two-story brick business
block on that street, which was used as city postofflce.

WATKINS. JOSEPH HTRUM (son of Edward John Watkina
and Elizabeth Lawrence). Born Aug. 13, 1851, Street, Somer-
setshire, Eng.

Married Mary Ann Doxey April 30, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Doxey and Ann Elizabeth Hunt,
pioneers Oct. 9, 1853, Appleton Harmon company). She was
born Aug. 28, 1856, Ogden, Utah. Their children: Lilly
May b. Feb. 17, 1880, died same day; Hyrum Lawrence b.
Feb. '13, 1881, m. Mary Elizabeth Clark DeLouche June 2,
1902; Mary Elizabeth b. June 11, 1883, m. Marcus B. Farr
April 17, 1913; Thomas Doxey b. Oct. 26, 1884, m. Mildred
May Carter June 14, 1911; Ruby May b. Nov. 9 1886, m.
Arthur Middleton Dec. 18. 1909; John Franklin b. Nov. 6,
1888; Joseph Hyrum b. Sept. 17, 1890: Mabel Rozelta b.
Sept. 6, 1892; David Hunt b. Nov. 5, 1894, d. Dec. 9. 1894;
Ellis Doxey b. Jan. 18, 1896, d. Oct. 13, 1908; Pearl Viola b.
Dec. 5, 1897; Eva b. Jan. 25, 1900, d. same day; Jane b.
Feb. 17, 1901, d. same day; Rollo Edward b. March 28, 1903.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

High priest: teacher; superintendent Sunday school; ward
teacher; ward clerk; missionary to Arizona November, 1879,
to June, 1882. Assistant foreman and foreman of the fire de-
partment of Ogden; was honored by appointment as chief
Feb. 21, 1879, but did not accept. Justice of peace, first pre-
cinct; city sanitary inspector.

WATKINS, HTRUM LAWRENCE (son of Joseph Hyrum
Watkins and Mary Ann Doxey). Born Feb. 13, 1881, St.
Johns, Apache county, Ariz.

Married Mary Elizabeth Clark DeLouche June 2, 1902, Og-
den, Utah (daughter of Howard DeLouche, born Aug. 27,
1857, Martlnsburg, Lewis county, N. T., and Alfaretta Clark,
born Nov. 28, 1858. Ogden. Utah). She was born April 16,
1880, St. George, Utah. Their children: Hyrum Lawrence
b. April 15, 1903; Nina b. Nov. 14, 1904; Lorenzo Clark b.
Jan. 14, 1908. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Watkins and Elizabeth Lawrence). Born March 18, 1868,
Ogden, Utah.

Married Hannah E. Newman Oct. 1, 1890, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Henry James Newman and Maria Louise Penn
of Ogden, Utah, pioneers November, 1856). She was born
April 21, 1868. Their children: Franklin R. b. Aug. 28,
1891; Henry James b. May 3, 1892; Horace Edward b. July
9. 1895; Inez Louise b. May 9, 1900; Heber Lewis b. July 30,
1903; Alvln Eugene b. July 21, 1908; Josephine Annie b.
June 23, 1911; Joseph Elbert b. June 23, 1911. Family home
Ogden, Utah.

High priest; counselor llth ward, Ogden, Utah. Merchant.

Kent, Eng. (daughter of Edward Akerst), who was born
Sept. 18, 1830. Their children: Elizabeth b. 1851, m. Charles
Edward Ellen; John Thomas b. Oct. 29, 1854, m. May CHft:
Edward b. Oct. 27, 1857, m. Margaretha Abplanalp; Samuel
Richard, d. infant; Mary, m. William Andrew; Alfred, m.
Lenora Lewis; Charles and Frederick, d. infants.

Married Harriett Steele 1859, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John Steele and Maria Woods of Stafford, Eng.). She
was born 1841, died March 10, 1884, Midway, Utah. Their
children: Henry m. Jane Alder; Arthur, m. Delia Gerber;
Laura, m. John Clift; William, m. Mary Busby; Minnie Maria,
m. John Martin; Frank b. Dec. 21, 1873, m. Isabel! McKowen;
Albert Ernest, m. Miss Harrison; Sylvanius, m. Daisy Dean;
Archie; Eva; David James, Lorenzo John, and Harriet Amy,
all d. infants. Family home Midway, Wasatch Co., Utah.

Bishop 17 years. Veteran Echo Canyon campaign and
Indian wars. Early settler at Midway. Died Dec. 23, 1902.

WATKINS, EDWARD (son of John Watklns and Margaret
Akerst). Born Oct. 27, 1857, Provo, Utah.

Married Margaretha Abplanalp Oct. 28, 1880, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Peter Abplanalp and Margaretha Eggler,
both of Midway, pioneers 1861). She was born April 4,
1859, in New York; came to Utah with parents. Their chil-

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