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1831, and came to Utah with husband. Their children: EH
b. July 23, 1852, m. Elena Ashment May 6, 1872; John Robert
b. March 3, 1859, m. Mary Arabel Laurence, May 10, 1879;
Thomas William b. Aug. 15, 1861, d. June, 1862; Mary Ann
b. Feb. 10, 1864, m. Franklin Hobbs Traveler March 15, 1883;
Harriet Elizabeth b. May 26, 1866, m. William R. Lawrence,
Nov. 16, 1887; Joseph b. June 7, 1869, m. Cora Jane Hen-
dricks Feb. 13, 1895; Simon Jr. b. May 2, 1872, d. Dec. 1.
1873. Family home Richmond, Cache Co., Utah.

Married Harriet Brooks Skidmore Aug. 3, 1882, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Henry Britt Skidmore and Rachel Brooks,
former pioneer Sept. 3, 1855, John Hindley company mar-
ried 1850, Philadelphia, Pa.). She was born Aug. 10, 1851,
in Newcastle county, Del. Their children: Henry Sansom
b. May 25, 1883, m. Nellie Thompson June 14, 1911; Charles
Edward b. Aug. 14, 1885, m. Eliza Wilcox Jan. 15, 1907;
Edith Louisa b. April 24, 1889; Jesse Ernest b. March 7,
1891; Esther Elizabeth b. March 21, 1893; Lucy Grace b.
Aug. 18, 1896.

High priest. City councilman four years. Died Oct. 31,

WEBB, ELI (son of Simon Webb and Elizabeth Rowsell).
Born July 23, 1852, Crewkerne, Eng.

Married Elena Ashment May 6, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Ashment and Ann Huggins), who waa
born Jan. 19, 1852, at Crewkerne. Their children: Charles
Ell b. Jan. 13, 1874, d. Nov. 12, 1878; Laura Estella b. April
12, 1876, d. June 21, 1876; William Henry b. May 1, 1877, d.
July 28, 1887; George Oliver b. July 24. 1878, m. Ethel Sullen
Dec. 8, 1903; Franklin Augusta b. July 12, 1881, d. Feb. 6,
1883; Elizabeth Elena b. Feb. 27, 1884, m. Lafayette Hen-
dricks Sept. 18, 1907; Joseph Eugene b. Aug. 6, 1886; James
Walter b. Sept. 11, 1888, m. Alice LaPreal Buxton Nov. 29,
1911; Flossie Mildred b. Dec. 30, 1890; Lucy Irene b. Feb. 2,
1894; Florence Viola b. Nov. 4, 1897. Family home Rich-
mond, Utah.

Clerk 9th quorum elders four years; clerk high priest
quorum April 26, 1885, to present time; assistant superin-
tendent Sunday school Richmond ward 20 years. Assessor
and collector of Richmond eight years; road supervisor nine
years; city councilman eight years; justice of peace four
years; member irrigation board 13 years.

WEBB, WILLIAM (son of William Webb of Cambridgeshire,
Eng.). Born Aug. 6, 1806, Drayton, Cambridgeshire. Came
to Utah Nov. 2, 1864, Warren S. Snow company.

Married Emma Stokes, who was born 1811, Whtpsnade,
Eng. Their children: John Stokes b. Nov. 20. 1831, m.
Hannah Grace; Ann b. April 17, 1833; Mark b. July 27. 1835,
died; George b. May 6, 1839, m. Julia Cushlng, m. Mary Ann
Ward; William Jr. b. Aug. 6, 1843, m. Harriet Grace; Edwin
b. Aug. 17, 1846, died. Family home Studham, Bedfordshire,

WEBB, GEORGE (son of William Webb and Emma Stokes)'.
Born May 6, 1839, Studham, Eng.

Married Julia Cushing at Shipdham, Eng., who died on

Married Mary Ann Ward May 31, 1865, Lehi, Utah (daugh-
ter of Robert Ward and Isabella Watford), who was born
Oct 24, 1840. Their children: Thomas (adopted) b. 1858;
George Arthur b. March 1, 1868, d. infant; Walter Lorenzo
b. March 20, 1869, m. Martha Lovina Francom (b. Jan. 3,
1869); Laura Isabella b. Dec. 1871; Angeline Ellen b. June
11, 1874; Bernard Graham b. Dec. 4, 1876; Eva Maud b. July
4, 1879; Arthur Folthrop b. Jan. 21. 1882; Dulcie May b.
May 9, 1885.

One of the seven presidents of 127th quorum of seventies
seven years; assistant Sunday school superintendent Utah
stake three years, and Lehi ward seven years. Delegate
to three constitutional conventions; Lehi city attorney two
terms; alderman two terms; mayor one term; justice of
peace three terms; member of legislature 1^84-86; member
of school board 19 years; county commissioner Utah county
1902-04. President Lehi Irrigation Co., ten years.

WEBB, WILLIAM (son of William Webb and Emma
Stokes). Born Aug. 6, 1843. Studham. Bedfordshire, Eng.
Came to Utah Nov. 2, 1864, Warren S. Snow company.

Married Harriet Grace May 9, 1864 (daughter of John
Grace and Sarah Matthews), who was born June 29, 1841,

and came to Utah with husband. Their children: William
David b. March 14, 1866; Sarah Emma b. May 31, 1869, m.
Andrew Peterson Oct. 28, 1891; John Hyrum b. May 31, 1869,
m. Emma Royal Feb. 10, 1897; Heber C. b. Feb. 22, 1873,
m. Minnie Evans Jan. 12, 1898; Jesse G. b. May 28, 1875,
m. Tyresha Kirkham 1897; Frederick N. b. April 27, 1877,
m. Jennie Allred March 4, 1903; Eli J. b. March 17, 1879,
m. Daisy Austin April 29, 1903; Eden Eugene b. Sept. 26,
1881, m. Annie Smith Feb. 22, 1905; Harriet Pearl b. Dec.
14, 1883; Ernest N. b. Aug. 9, 1885, m. Annie Loveridge
June 19, 1909; Eleazer G. b. April 8, 1887. Family home
Lehi, Utah Co., Utah.

WEBBER, THOMAS G. (son of Thomas B. Webber and
Charlotte Burgh). Born Sept. 17, 1836, Exeter, Eng. Came
to Utah 1863, independent company.

Married Mary E. F. Richards May 25, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Franklin D. Richards and Charlotte Fox of
Salt Lake City, pioneers Oct. 10, 1848, Willard Richards
company). She was born June 30, 1850. Their children:
Charlotte b. April 3, 1869, m. James L. Franken; Georgina
b. Nov. 25, 1870; William b. Aug. 15, 1872, died; Ethelyn b.
Nov. 8, 1873, m. George L. Nye; Shirley b. May 14, 1876; Mil-
dred b. July 4, 1893, died. Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to Germany 1876-78. City coun-
cilman; alderman. General manager Z. C. M. I., Salt Lake

WEBSTER, GEORGE (son of William Webster and Hannah
Day of Bedfordshire, Eng.). Born May, 1836, in Bedford-
shire. Came to Utah, Milo Andrus 'company.

Married Christiannah Elliott 1859, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Luke Elliott, pioneer independent company), who
was born 1821. Their children: George W. b. June 2, 1861,
m. Anna M. Green 1886; John Alfred b. Oct. 24, 1865, m.
Fannie Barnes 1888.

Married Annie Latimer 1895, Salt Lake City, who was
born 1848, in Ireland.

One of the first to promote irrigation in Utah. Church
worker. Farmer and stockraiser. Died 1909.

WEBSTER, JOHN ALFRED (son of George Webster and
Christiannah Elliott). Born Oct. 24, 1865, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Fannie Barnes 1888, at Kaysville (daughter of
William J. Barnes and Mary Simmons, pioneers), who was
born Nov. 8, 1866, Kaysville. Their children: Mary Edna
b. May, 1889; Wilford Henry b. Aug. 7, 1891; Lola Chris-
tiannah b. Sept. 1893; Josie Junitia b. Dec. 6, 1895; Jemima
b. March 23, 1899; Golden J. b. Sept. 18, 1901; Maggie E.
b. Dec. 2, 1903.

Farmer and stockraiser.

WEBSTER, JOHN (son of James Webster born April 15,
1792, Careston, Forfarshire, Scotland, and Isabella Duncan
of Lochlee, Forfarshire). Born Oct. 17, 1830, at Lochlee.
Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1867, George Dunford company.

Married Mary Ann Wright July 15, 1858 (daughter of Wil-
liam Wright and Charlotte Rouse, who were married April

6, 1832, at Pointon, Lincolnshire, Eng., pioneers Oct. 17,
1862, Henry W. Miller company). She was born Sept. 17,
1838, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Isabella C. b. July 11, 1859, m. William H. Haigh July 10,
1884; Mary A. b. Oct. 14, 1860, m. Charles E. Smith July

7, 1881; John W. b. June 15, 1862, m. Jessie Bringhurst Oct.
15, 1896; Frances E. b. April 8, 1864, m. James S. W. Frame
Feb. 16, 1887; Helen b. Oct. 26, 1866, d. Jan. 18, 18677 Samuel
H. b. Nov. 20, 1868, d. Nov. 21, 1868; Georgiana b. March 9,
1870; Minnie b. Feb. 3, 1872, m. Archie Frame, Jr. Nov. 23,
1892; Emma Jane b. April 7, 1874; Alice b. April 1, 1876, d.
April 3, 1876; James A b. Jan. 30, 1878; George W. b. Aug.
5, 1880, m. Elsie Duncan Feb. 23, 1906; Daniel b. Jan. 29,
1883, m. Alice Grether April 25, 1906. Family resided Gen-
esee, Wis.; Salt Lake City and Taylorsville, Utah.

Came to America, 1855; settled at Taylorsville 1868.
Member 14th quorum seventies; high priest; Sunday school
superintendent 1870-84. School trustee 12 years; justice of
peace eight years. Postmaster of Taylorsville 1875-89.

WEBSTER, JOHN WILLIAM (son of John Webster and
Mary Ann Wright). Born June 15, 1862, Genesee, Waudesha

C Married Jessie Bringhurst Oct. 15, 1896, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John B. Bringhurst and Emma Tripp), who
was born July 22, 1876, Taylorsville, Utah. Their children:
John D. b. Sept. 24, 1897; Mary E. b. June 29, 1900; Rulon
b June 27, 1903; Myles b. Jan. 17, 1906; Samuel b. April 3,
1908, d. June 27, 1908; Ruth b. May 24, 1909; Mark b. Sept.

8, 1911.

WEBSTER, WILLIAM M. (son of Frederick Webster, born
1825 in Yorkshire, Eng., and Sarah Moorhouse, born 1 29,
in New Jersey married in 1848; the former of Glenham.
Dutchess county, N. T., the latter of Vanderville Mills, N.
J ) Born Jan. 29, 1850, at Vanderville Mills. Came to
Utah Sept. 12, 1861. John R. Murdock company.

Married Margaret Mathews May 14, 1876 (daughter of
John Mathews and Ann Evans married 1832, Mt. Nashy,
Wales). She was born April 12, 1858. Their children: Sarah
b Feb 8 1877, m. Isaac Blackburn Nov. 30, 1894; Rosa b.



Dec. 11, 1878, m. James Berry Dec. 27, 1904; Frederick b. Oct.
3 1881, m. Amy Cedina Carrell June 23, 1906; Elizabeth b.
Feb. 11, 1884, m. Elijah Maxfield Aug. 4, 1904; Daniel b. Dec.
3, 1886. Family home Loa, Utah.

Married Kate Frederickson July 17, 1889, Mantl, Utah
(daughter of James Frederickson and Ellen Nielsen, who
were married 1808, in Sweden, the latter came to Utah
1873). She was born May 30, 1859, Westrup, Sweden. Their
children: James b. Aug. 11, 1890; Alice b. May 19, 1892;
Mabel b. Sept. 25, 1895; Attella b. June 13, 1897; Loren b.
Sept. 16, 1900; Pearl b. Nov. 19, 1902.

Elder. Settled at Deseret 1861, moved to Holden 1868; to
Fremont Valley 1877; and later to Loa.

WEBSTER, FREDERICK (son of William M. Webster and
Margaret Mathews). Born Oct. 3, 1881, Loa, Utah.

Married Amy Cedina Carrell June 23, 1896, Loa, Utah
(daughter of John F. Carrell and Olive Foy, born in Utah).
She was born June 25, 1886, Giles, Utah. Their child: Maud
b. Jan. 21, 1911. Family home Loa, Utah.

WEEDING, HANS O. (son of Christen Weeding, born at
Satten, Nordland Amt., Norway, and Rachel Greghusdatter,
born at Qvejford, TYomso Amt., Norway). Born Sept. 12,
1814, at Dahle, Qvejford, Tromso, Norway. Came to Utah
Oct. 8, 1862.

Married Karren Norum Berg in Norway (daughter of
Elert Berg and Randine Pedersdatter, of Norway, pioneers
Oct. 8, 1862). She was born Aug. 14, 1825; came to Utah
with husband. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

Married Jenslne Nielsen Frogner Nov. 15, 1869, at Salt
Lake City, Utah (daughter of Niels Hansen Frogner and
Gunill Kerstene Jensdatter). Their children: Caroline Jen-
sine b. Sept. 4, 1870, m. John H. Hansen March 10, 1907;
Emma Christine b. July 11, 1872, m. Hiram A. Nielsen Dec.

20, 1899; Hans Richard b. April 27, 1874, m. Jessie Poppleton
Sept. 23, 1902; Randine Amelia b. May 28, 1877; Nephi
Theodore b. Dec. 19, 1879; Agnes Sophia b. May 16, 1882;
Charles Gideon b. Sept. 9, 1884, m. Wanda H. Salverson
June 5, 1908; Lovella Marie b. Sept. .21, 1888. Family home
Hyrum, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher, and also traveling priest.
Fisherman; farmer. Died May 24, 1899, at Hyrum.

WEEDING, HANS RICHARD (son of Hans O. Weeding and
Jensine Nielsen Frogner). Born April 27, 1874, Hyrum,

Married Jessie Poppleton Sept. 23, 1902, Wellsvile, Utah
(daughter of Thomas and Mary Poppleton, of Wellsville,
Utah), who was born Sept. 13, 1883, at Wellsville. Their
children: Hans O. b. Dec. 31, 1903; Lovella M. b. Dec. 27,
1905; Russel b. Dec. 16, 1908; Jessie b. Jan. 21, 1911, d. Feb.

21, 1911. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

uelson Weggeland and Annie Norman of Chrlstiansand,
Norway). Born March 31, 1827. Came to Utah. Oct. 17, 1862,
Henry Miller company.

Married Andrine M. Holm Feb. 5, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew Holm and Astried Knudsen of Nor-
way), who was born Dec. 2, 1839; came to Utah with Captain
Eldredge company. Their children: Annie, m. William
Cockren; D. Norman, m. Annie Jensen; William A., m. Sophia
Jones; George A., m. Pearl Shannon; Henry N., m. Nina
Tollhurst; Ada, m. Henry Reimers; Samuel O., m. Dell
Swenson; Alma T., d. infant. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Marltt Poulson Sept. 30, 1905, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jacob Telefson and Ingjor Olson of Norway,
who came to Utah Sept. 13, 1882). She was born July 15,

Member 10th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1856-57; high priest; block teacher; ward secretary 20
years; home missionary. Artist and decorator In Mantl,
St. George, Salt Lake and Logan temples.

WEIGHT, FREDRICK (son of James Weight, born Feb.
28, 1788. Bowbridge, Eng., and Ann Foukes, born June
24, 1791, Voxam, Wiltshire, Eng.). He was born June 18,
1828, Stroud, near Bristol, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 15,
1851, Captain Howell company.

Married Charlotte Burgum Aug. 18, 1849 (daughter of
Henry Burgum), who was born October, 1828, and died
October, 1851. Only child: Martin b. Jan. 9, 1861, m. Eliza
Ann Brown, m. Jennie Gee. Family resided In Sevier Co.,

Married Mary Milnes Jan. 7, 1853, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Edward Milnes), who was born Dec. 31, 1834, Brad-
ford, Eng. Their children: Joseph H. b. Sept. 25, 1855, m.
N. Reuhama Johnson; Mary Charlotte b. May 9, 1859, m.
John F. Averett; Fredrick H. b. Dec. 10, 1861, m. Hattie
Whittaker; Sarah E. b. Aug. 18, 1864, m. George Sperry;
James E. b. March 18, 1867, m. Annabelle Johnson; Maria
E. b. October, 1871, m. Joseph Chamberlain.

Married Elizabeth Bocock July 1, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Bocock and Sarah Brough, former
pioneer Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse B. Martin company), who was
born May 11, 1837, Tinsley, Yorkshire, Eng. Their children:
Alfred William b. April 7, 1866, m. Eunice A. Noakes; George
Albert b. April 28, 1868, m. H. Lenora Chllds; Wallace Fred-
rick b. Jan. 22, 1870, died; Amelia Ann b. Sept. 20. 1871;
Arthur Burg-urn b. April 3, 1873; Alice Cora b. Nov. 23, 1874;

Samuel Eugene b. Aug. 26, 1876; latter three died; Claude
Francis b. March 3, 1879, m. Bertha I. Harmer; Ralph Brough
b. March 25, 1882, m. Minerva Bryan.

High priest; member Salt Lake tabernacle choir; chorister
at Springville 25 years, and organist for many years. Played
In first brass band at Salt Lake City. Drum major in
Nauvoo Legion. One of the first members of Salt Lake
Theatrical company. Home guard in Black Hawk Indian
war. Died Dec. 15, 1901.

WEIGHT, CLAUDE F. (son of Fredrick Weight and Eliza-
beth Bocock). Born March 3, 1879, Springville, Utah.

Married Bertha I. Harmer June 19, 1907, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lorin Harmer and Ellen Tew of Springville),
who was born March 7, 1885. Their children: Lewis F. b.
May 25, 1908; Reed Leroy b. Aug. 28, 1909; Bert Howard b.
Nov. 22, 1911. Family home Springville, Utah.

Member 51st quorum seventies; missionary to Virginia
1904-06; chorister at first ward. Spring-vine. Piano tuner.

WEILER, JACOB. Born March 14, 1808, in Chester county,
Pa. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Anna Maria Malin in Pennsylvania (daughter of
Elijah Malin and Catherine Esslck, of Chester county, pio-
neers 1848, John Gleason company). She was born March
28, 1802. Their children: Joseph, m. Mary A. Chaffln; Cath-
erine, m. Hector C. Haight; Elijah M., m. Emily P. Crismon;
Lydia A., m. Joseph S. Home. Family home Salt Lake City,

Bishop of third ward. Salt Lake City, 40 years; patriarch.
Farmer. Died March 25, 1896, Salt Lake City.

WEILER, JOSEPH (son of Jacob Weller and Anna Maria
Malin). Born Nov. 17, 1836, in Chester county, Pa. Came
to Utah 1848.

Married Mary A. Chaffln Oct. 26, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Louis Rice Chaffln and Sarah Maria Cositt
of St. Louis, Mo. pioneers October, 1852, Henry Miller com-
pany), who was born Dec. 27, 1843. Their children: Mary
A. b. Dec. 12, 1864, m. Heber S. Cutler; Joseph L. b. Oct. 17,
1868, m. Catherine Curtis; Annie M. b. July 4, 1869, d. Infant;
Sarah E. b. Feb. 13, 1871, d. aged 4; Edith L. b. Jan. 1, 1872,
d. 1897; Jacob M. b. Jan. 2, 1874, m. Lily S. Nicholson;
Gearda B. b. Sept. 24, 1876, m. E. A. Lambourne; Lydia A.
b. Sept. 16, 1878, m. Frank W. Brazier; Darwin L. b. Jan.
28, 1881, d. aged 4. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Holland 1864-68; seventy; Sunday school
superintendent fourth ward. Translator. Dairyman. Died
Aug. 4, 1885, Salt Lake City.

WELCH, CHARLES (son of John Welch and Maria Butler,
former of Leir, Leicestershire, Eng.). Born May 18, 1828,
at Leir. Came to Utah in 1853.

Married Sophia Parkins December, 1854, Salt Lake City
(parents resided in England). She was born Nov. 2, 1832.
Their child: Katherine b. Sept. 26, 1855, m. Charles Bogart.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Newey (daughter of John Newey and
Leah Weland, former pioneer, Captain Secrist company, the
latter died in England -married at Purbright, Surrey). She
was born Aug. 18, 1839, Cove, Hampshire, Eng., and came
to Utah with her father. Their children: Charles John b.
March 14, 1858, d. agred 14; Leah Newey b. Feb. 28, 1860,
m. John Friend Aug. 7, 1882; Samuel b. June 10, 1863, m.
Jenny Grose July, 1900; Annie Elizabeth b. Feb. 26, 1865,
m. Lorenzo Jackson May 18, 1887; James b. Feb. 26, 1867,
m. Julia Winger Nov. 20, 1889; Jane b. Jan. 10, 1869, m.
Edward Jude March 11, 1894; William H. b. Jan. 21, 1871,
d. Feb. 4, 1871; Nettie b. Jan. 6, 1872. m. Joseph Firth
Aug. 1897; Charles b. May 4, 1874, died; George b. Feb. 2,
1877, m. Hyacinth Covington Dec. 24. 1906; Ethel E. b.
March 2, 1879, m. M. J. Cullen Jan. 4, 1901; Maud J. b. June
29, 1881, m. C. E. Monagan June 17, 1903. Family home
Ogden, Utah.

Married Hannah Stephensen November, 1862, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Stephensen, pioneer Sept. 24, 1862,
wagon company). She was born in Derbyshire, Eng. Their
children: Mary b. Oct. 10, 1863, m. W. A. Clark; Sarah Jane
b. Sept. 17, 1865, m. James Wardleigh; Fannie; Hannah b.
Feb. 24, 1867, m. John Day; Alvin b. Oct. 7, 1870, d. Nov.
3, 1906; Alma b. Oct. 7, 1870, d. Nov. 9, 1873.

Member of high council 20 years; ordained elder June
19, 1851; missionary in England before leaving; missionary
to England April, 1860-62; counselor to Lorn Farr in quorum
of high priests of Weber stake for many years. Street
supervisor of Ogden for many years. Died Jan. 13, 1902.

WELCH, THOMAS R. G. (son of Robert Welch, born May
11, 1805, Shepton, Mallet, Somersetshire, Eng., and Isabella
Friday, born 1815, of Shepton married at Salisbury, Wilt-
shire, Eng.). He was born July 10, 1835, at Shepton. Came
to Utah Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse B. Martin company.

Married Harriet Nash Aug. 27, 1855 (daughter of Charles
Nash and Mary Davey), who was born April 17, 1831. Came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Thomas Friday b.
July 25, 1856, m. Martha J. Tonks April 10, 1879; Emily
Louisa b. Oct. 20, 1858. died; Charles Arthur b. April 10,
1860, m. Mary L. Htnckley April 5, 1883; James Nash b.
Nov. 12, 1862, m. Sarah C. Hiner Feb. 25, 1885; Isabella
Lizzie b. Oct. 29, 1865, m. Joseph E. Butters Nov. 29, 1883;
Robert Hyrum b. April 11, 1867, m. Emily Fry Nov. i,9, 1888;



Joseph Smith b. Dec. 30, 1868, m. Sarah V. Bull Aug. 26, 1891;
William Frederic b. April 4, 1871, died. Family home Mor-
gan, Utah.

Married Mary Jane Cook (Toomer) September, 1869
(daughter of Thomas Cook and Mary Ann Harris, widow of
James Toomer), who was born July 7. 1829, in Hampshire,
Eng. Family home Morgan, Utah.

High council of Morgan stake 1877-1906; president elders
quorum 1874-77; secretary of church association of Morgan
stake 1886-94; member board of education of Morgan stake
and secretary and director six years; appointed committee-
man with W. W. Cluft to select officers of Morgan stake.
Member Nauvoo Legion. Went south with the "move" and
returned to Salt Lake City 1860. Postmaster at Morgan
1863-68; clerk and recorder of Morgan county 1864-71;
assessor and collector of Morgan county 1867-74; county
road commissioner 1869-72; county superintendent of schools
six years. Drew plans and superintended the erection of
Morgan city and county building; fruit, tree and bee In-
spector for two years; city recorder 1868-84; member com-
mittee on municipal laws 16 years; chairman of the county
Republican committee and member of the state committee
1892-98; officer of first state legislature 1896. Associated
with Richard Fry in contract for construction of a portion
of the Union Pacific Railroad through Morgan city and
county, and was bookkeeper for the company. Assessor
and collector for the South Morgan school district six years.
Tithing clerk 1864-1900.

WELCHMAN, ARTHUR PBJTDRY (son of Edward Welch-
man, born May 11, 1773, Kineton, Warwickshire, Eng., and
Jemima Williams, both of Rugby, Eng.). Born April 20,
1834, at Kineton. Came to Utah in September, 1854, Preston
Thomas oxteam company, driving 5 yoke of oxen.

Married Joanna Murray Bee Oct. 13, 1860, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Bee, who died in Scotland, and Janette
Achlson, pioneer 1851, and married to Joseph Dobson In
1851, at Salt Lake City; the latter was a member of Com-
pany B, Mormon Battalion). She was born Oct. 14, 1828,
and came to Utah in Morris W. Phelps company; died Jan.
14, 1913, Grover, Lincoln county, Wyo.

. Married Sarah Lucretia Kershaw March 16, 1867, Salt
Lake City (daughter of George Frederick Watkins Ker-
shaw, who died aboard ship In 1865, and Eliza Byard). She
was born Nov. 1, 1850, Graham's Town, South Africa. Their
children: Sarah Eliza b. April 10, 1868, m. Joseph Crow
Dec. 13, 1890; Charles Arthur b. June 19, 1870, m. Annie E.
Christensen Oct. 16, 1899; Frederick Richard b. Sept. 1,
1873, d. Jan. 19, 1879; Edward Walter b. March 18, 1876, d.
March 1, 1877; Emma Joanna b. March 21, 1878, m. Olof
Julius Hokanson Nov. 6, 1895; George William b. Oct. 29,
1880, m. Clara May Lake Dec. 3, 1905; Alvin Joseph b.
March 8, 1883, m. Ida Bull June 14, 1912; Mary Fortuna b.
June 17, 1885; Louisa Isabel b. Oct. 18, 1890, m. Martin
LeRoy Bee Oct. 18, 1911; David Samuel b. Nov. 8, 1892.
Family home Grover, Lincoln county, Wyo.

Seventy; high priest; missionary to eastern states 1854-
66; acting teacher and priest; ward clerk and choir member;
clerk in high priests Quorum; Sunday school teacher. School
teacher; ranchman.

WHLKER, JAMES WIt,BtTR]V (son of James Welker, born
Aug. 19, 1803, in Rowan county, N. C., and Elizabeth Hoi-
brook, born Feb. 28, 1800, in Ashe county, N. C.). He was
born Jan. 17, 1825, in Jackson Co., Ohio. Came to Utah
1853, Isaac Stewart company.

Married Annie Pugh Feb. 17, 1845, In Pottawattamie
Co., Iowa (daughter of Isaac and Martha Pugh, latter pio-
neer 1853, Isaac Stewart company). She was born Jan. 31,
1821. Came to Utah with husband. Their children: Alfred
b. July 22. 1847, m. Eliza Madsen; Hetty Emeline b. Nov. 1,
1848, m. Alvero Dunn; Orlena b. Jan. 4, 1850, m. Journal
A. Palmer; James Albert b. July 6, 1851, m. Inger Madsen:
Adam b. Feb. 4, 1853, m. Clara Osmond Feb. 1, 1878; Gilbert
b. Aug. 24, 1855, m. Charlotte Nelson; Wilbern b. Sept. 10,
1857, m. Hannah Solsby; Ephraim b. Feb. 3, 1860; Rebecca
Ann b. Jan. 24, 1864, m. Peter Greenhalgh. Family resided
Willard, Utah, and Bloomington, Idaho.

Married Susan Caroline Stevenson, who was born June
29, 1833. Their children: Isabel Jane b. Nov. 9, 1864, m.
Walter Ackroyd; Susan Eveline b. March 19, 1866, m. Warren
Lindsay; Sarah b. Jan. 28, 18G8, and Francis Marion b.
Jan. 23, 1870, d. children; Harris Alexander b. Nov. 17, 1872;
Abraham b. May 7, 1875; Catherine Almira and Caroline
Alvlna b. Dec. 22, 1876, d. children. Family home Bloom-'
Ington, Idaho.

Bishop; alternate high councilor. Member of Nauvoo
Legion. Settled at Alpine 1853; moved to Willward, Utah,
and later to Bear Lake Valley, Idaho. Blacksmith. Erected
one of first sawmills at Bloomington.

WELKER, JAMES ALBERT (son of James Wilburn Welker
and Annie Pugh). Born 1851, in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
Married Ingar Mary Madison Feb. 25, 1875, Bloomington,
Idaho (daughter of Jacob Madison and Dortha Christina
Jensen, pioneers 1857, Maryland company). She was born
1854, in Denmark. Their children: Clara b. Aug. 27, 1877,
m. Thomas Stephens Jan. 3 ,1899; Arthur b. Sept. 29, 1879;
Ada b. Feb. 1, 1881, m. Ambrose Merrell June 7, 1898; Mary
b. April 22, 1883, m. Norman Bourne Sept. 5, 1906; Melvin
b. Feb. 5, 1885; Dortha b. Nov. 28, 1889, m. John Van Orman
June 9, 1909; Rozelta b. Jan. 16, 1889, m. William Roberts

June 22, 1910; Geneva b. Jan. 8, 1891; Delilah b. Feb. 27,

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