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ville, Utah). She was born Jan. 15, 1856. Their children:
John W. b. Feb. 25, 1876, m. Hannah Holt; Mary J. b. Dec.
13, 1878, m. Benjamin Meadow; James H. b. Feb. 7, 1880;
Oswald S. b. Jan. 6, 1882, m. Louisa Claton; Samuel C. b.
Oct. 22, 1883, and Elizabeth S. b. March 6, 1886, died; Lebble
H. b. June 30, 1884, m. William Robinson; Violet R. b.
Jan. 18, 1890; Gladdys A. b. Sept. 20, 1897. Family home
Coalville, Utah.

Bishop of Coalville ward; Sunday school superintendent
four years; president T. M. M. I. A. two years. Road super-
visor. Worked on railroad through Echo Canyon.

WILDE, THOMAS (son of William Wilde and Eliza Phil-
lips). Born Jan. 12, 1842, Fair Oak, Bishop stake, Hamp-
shire, Eng.

Married Fanny Gunn 1865, Coalville, Utah (daughter of
William and Emma Gunn, of Hoytsville, Utah, pioneers
1857). She was born Nov. 11, 1846. Their children: Emma
Eliza b. Feb. 24, 1866, m. John Reese, m. Joseph Pyrah;
Thomas b. Oct. 6, 1867, m. Elizabeth Chappel; George W.
b. May 20, 1869, m. Mary Anna Clark; Edwin b. Nov. 1,
1871, m. Mary Hannah Robinson; Fanny Priscilla b. May
3, 1874, m. John Boothe; Richard b. March 18, 1876, m. Ella
Stalley; Joseph H. b. July 9, 1878, m. Jane Sawley; Gilbert
b. April 8, 1880, m. Joan Brinton; Silvester b. Dec. 29, 1881,
m. Mary E. Randall; Emily b. Dec. 30, 1884, m. Thomas E.
Moore; Lois Rebecca b. Oct. 2, 1885, m. Joseph H. Boyer;
Ernest b. Augr. 20, 1887, m. Delia Nix; Lorenzo b. March
21, 1889, d. Nov. 19, 1900; Mary b. July 26, 1890, d. infant.
Family home Coalville, Utah.

Veteran Black Hawk war. Counselor in bishopric of
Coalvllle ward 1906-08.

WILDING, GEORGES (son of David Wilding and Alice
Adkinson, of England). Born Nov. 9, 1829, Preston, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1852, Benjamin Gardner company.

Married Mary Elizabeth Layne, June 30, 1850, Council
Bluffs, Iowa (daughter of David Layne, who died in Indiana,
and Lucinda Bybee, a resident of Iowa; latter pioneer Sept.
24, 1852, Benjamin Gardner company). She was born Dec.
24, 1832. Their children: George b. June 5, 1851, m. Sarah
Brown; David b. May 6, 1853, d. Oct. 12, 1854; Mary Alice
b. Nov. 3, 1854, m. William Wlddson; RSselpha b. March
4, 1857, m. George R. Emery; Elizabeth Ann b. Jan. 4, 1859,
m. Joseph Burdett; Jermetha b. Oct. 26, 1860, m. Oak Polton;
Preston b. Nov. 9, 1862, d. Oct. 21, 1863; Elenor b. Aug. 28.
1864. m. Steven Love; Maggie b. Aug. 21, 1866, m. Nephl
Tlmpson; Henry David b. Oct. 15, 1868. m. Eliza Ann Oldham;
Eve Wilding b. Dec. 31. 1870, m. Charles Tibbetts; Olive
b. June 16, 1873; Walter b. Oct. 10, 1875, m. Vivian Little.

Married Leoni Leoti Winner Aug. 29, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Winner, killed in Civil war, and Isabella
Lambert came to Utah 1874). She was born July 15, 1857.

Their children: Alice Isabella b. June 12, 1876, m. George
Fox; Anna b. May 21, 1878, died; Mary Latilla b. Aug. 21,
1879, m. William Hadfleld; Jenny Leonie b. Nov. 7, 1881. m.
Walter Rushton; Elvira Naomi b. Oct. 15, 1883, m. Ira E.
Hayden; Rhoda Lambert b. March 23, 1886, m. Albert Reed;
George Lambert b. May 14, 1888, m. Emma Peterson; Eliza-
beth Jeffs b. May 1, 1891, d. Oct. 9, 1903; Emma Estella b.
Oct. 4, 1893; Clara Cornelia b. Nov. 7, 1898; Leoni Leotl b.
May 11, 1896; Evelyn Winner b. Feb. 22, 1901.
Ward teacher; choir leader. Mason.

WILKINS, CHARLES (son of Charles Wilkins and Jane
Rixon of Berkshire, Eng.). Born Dec. 28, 1828, Berkshire,
Eng. Came to Utah 1854.

Married Elizabeth Drinkwater (daughter of James Drink-
water). Only child: Lillian b. May 9, 1852. m. Daniel
Weaverling Feb. 14, 1878.

Married Ury Welch (daughter of Job Welch and Charlotte
Rawlins, pioneers 1854), who was born May 6, 1842, in
Dorsetshire, Eng. Their children: Clarissa b. Oct. 11, 1857,
m. Herbert Manwaring May 23, 1876; Ury H. b. Dec. 18, 1859,
m. Andrew Severson 1877; Charles A. b. Dec. 14, 1861, m.
Ida Smith 1881; Heber C. b. Feb. 7, 1864; Nephi b. March 18.
1866; Eli b. March 18, 1866; Jesse b. Feb. 15, 1868, m. Fanny
J. Burton 1897; Charlotte A. b. April 7, 1870, m. George
Victor 1888; William H. b. July 9, 1872, m. Hannah M.
Butler 1901; Mary J. b. Oct. 21, 1874, m. Hans Hanson 1894;
Reuben b. Jan. 31, 1877, m. Mary Sorenson 1902; Andrew b.
Feb. 13, 1879, m. Vida L. Cole 1903; Stephen J. b. June 18,
1881; Lydia L. b. Dec. 13, 1882; Nettie L. b. July 25. 1885,
m. Charles A. Randall 1903. Family home South Cotton-
wood, Utah.

WILKINS, JESSE (son of Charles Wilkins and Ury Welch).
Born Feb. 15, 1868, South Cottonwood, Utah.

Married Fanny J. Burton Sept. 29, 1897, Irwin, Idaho
(daughter of Charles Burton and Hannah Skilton), who was
born April 3, 1875, Grantsville, Utah. Their children: Ida
b. Aug. 24, 1898; Charles H. b. March 26, 1900; Nettie L. b.
April 11, 1902; Jesse L. b. Oct. 22, 1904; Clarissa M. b. May
26, 1907; James R. b. Feb. 25, 1909. Family home Coltman,

WILKINS, GEORGE W. (son of Abraham and Mary Emmons
Wilkins). Born Oct. 28, 1822, Peterboro, N. H. Came to
Utah Oct. 12, 1849.

Married Catherine Augusta Lovett, July 4, 1846. Their
children: Augusta b. July 5, 1851, m. John W. Snell; George
A. b. Feb. 18, 1853, m. Elizabeth Mayer; Charles b. Dec.
18, 1854, died; Alsina E. b. May 7. 1856, m. George H. Brim-
hall; Lucy A. b. March 14, 1858, m. Carl A. Marcusen; Joseph
E. b. October 23, 1860, m. Arminta Wilson; Albert W. b.
May 11, 1863, m. Mary E. Dudley. Family home, Spanish

Married Mary M. Myer Sept. 17, 1886. There were four
children of this marriage in family.

President high priest's quorum; second counselor to Bishop
John L. Butler; first counselor Bishop A. K. Thurber; patri-
arch; missionary to England 1871; president Bedford and
Norwich conference; missionary New England states, 1876.
Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Pioneer settler
at Spanish Fork, Utah, 1855. Member city council, Spanish
Fork. Second vice-president and Board of Directors Spanish
Fork Co-op, two years.

WILKINS, JOHN GANSWORTH (son of John Wilkin* and
Jane McGray of Saratoga, N. Y.). Born July, 1800,
Saratoga county, N. Y. Came to Utah 1850, Captain Cooley

Married Nancy Kennedy 1830, at Saratoga, N. Y. (daugh-
ter of Charles and Mary Jane Kennedy of Canada, pioneers
1850, Captain Cooley company). She was born 1808. Their
children: Edward, died; Alexander, m. Alice Melena Barney;
Susan Jane, m. Charles Shelton; Oscar, m. Mary Jane Mc-
Ewan; John Austin, m. Anna Scott; Nancy Adaline, m.
Sterling Colton. Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest; president Bluff City branch. Settled at
Provo, 1851, where he assisted in building canals, wagon
roads, sawmills, and in developing the country. Sent ox-
teams at two different times for immigrants 1860. Flrat
supervisor of Provo City. Farmer and stockraiser. Died
1890, Provo.

WILKINS, JOHN AUSTIN (son of John G. Wilkin* and
Nancy Kennedy). Born May 24, 1850, in Illinois. Came to
Utah 1851.

Married Anna Scott December 22, 1872, Provo, Utah,
Charles Smith officiating (daughter of Andrew Hunter Scott
and Sarah Ann Humphrey Roe of Philadelphia, Pa., pioneers
1851). She was born March 21, 1855. at Provo. Their chil-
dren: Charlotte May b. 1873, m. Cyrus H. Bishop; Andrew
Austin b. 1875, m. Freda Rhodes; Anna Margrett b. 1877.
m. William Wadkins; Susan Jane b. 1879, m. John Clark;
Charles Shelton b. 1882, died; Eugene b. 1888, m. Ella Jones.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Elder. Went to the Missouri River for freight, crossing
the plains with six yoke of oxen. Took active part in the
early Indian troubles. Watermaster; road supervisor; peace
officer. Has done much in the upbuilding of the country
in and around Provo. Farmer.



WILKINS, OSCAR (son of John G. Wilkins and Nancy Ken-
nedy). Born May 7, 1845.

Married Mary Jane McEwan 1864 (daughter of John T.
McBwan and Amanda Highby, of Prove, Utah), who was
born Nov. 17, 1846. Their children: Ellen, m. Frank Resell;
Oscar, m. Lillian Deal; Minerva Melvina, m. J. Warren John-
eon, m. Merton Karren; Mary, m. Nathaniel Tanner; Zina,
m. Perry Fuller; Ada, m. William Evans; Robert.

High priest. Miner.

WILKIWS, OSCAR (son of George Wilkins and Hannah
Stoneham (Gillet) of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Eng.).
Born Feb. 14, 1851, at Tetbury, Eng.

Married Elizabeth Durrah Oct. 17, , Salt Lake Endow-
ment house (daughter of Henry Durrah and Jane Donely
of Scotland), who was born Jan. 1, 1852, and came to Utah
with Arthur and Elizabeth Maxwell, her adopted parents.
Their children: Emma Jane, m. Edwin Francis Palmer;
Hannah Elizabeth, m. Henry Miles; Clara Ellen, m. George
G. Stevens; George Edgar b. Nov. 1, 1876, m. Zina Estella
Miles; Sarah Janet, m. Abraham M. Lyons; Oscar William,
m. Ella C. Moyle; Arthur Harbert, died; Mary Alice, m.
Parley P. Walker; Albert, m. Myrtle Marchant; Ruben
Ralph; Pearl, m. Joseph Mclntyre; Edith.

WILKINS, GEORGE EDGAR (son of Oscar Wilkina and
Elizabeth Durrah). Born Nov. 1, 1876, Peoa, Utah.

Married Zina F,stella Miles Jan. 30, 1901, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin Franklin Miles and Rachel Emily
Shippen of Peoa, Utah). She was born Sept. 2, 1878. Their
children: George Victor b. Oct. 22, 1902; Edgar Wesley b.
Aug. 10, 1906; Margaret Leon b. June 2, 1908; Grant b. May
29, 1912.

Member 22d quorum seventies; missionary to southwest-
ern states 1898-1900, to Great Britain 1903-05; high coun-
cilor; stake T. M. M. I. A. superintendent, Summit; Sun-
day school superintendent; bishop 2d ward, Vernal, 1911.
Moved from Peoa to Vernal 1909, where he is engaged in
farming, and is a pioneer to that place.

Married Sarah Ann Butterworth January, 1858 at Law-
rence, Mass, (daughter of James and Susan Butterworth,
both of Lawrence, Mass., the former came to Utah with
Henry W. Miller company). She was born Nov. 18, 1840.
Their children: Mary J. b. Nov. 21, 1859, m. Peter Midwed;
Etty H. b. Aug. 14, 1861, m. David Broadhurst; Emily b.
Jan. 12, 1864, m. Carl Lund; Lovenia b. Jan. 14, 1866, m.
Julius Jensen; Martha Ann b. Oct. 14, 1867, d. aged 11;
Roseatta b. Oct. 13, 1869, m. Nuten Brown; Moses b. Oct.
3, 1871, m. Alice Peck; Ella May b. June 14, 1873, d. aged
6; Laura Isabella b. March 28, 1875, m. Henry Lidyard;
James A. b. Sept. 30, 1876, m. Clyde Boyal; Ernest E. A.
b. March 28, 1879, m. Cora Midwed; Forest Butterworth b.
Nov. 8, 1880; Alvin M. b. Sept. 27, 1882. Family home East
Mill Creek, Utah.

Married Mary Ellen Bircumshaw Jan. 11, 1869, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Joseph Bircumshaw and Rosetta

Plackett, both of Taghill Ena, Derbyshire, Eng

pioneers August, 1865, Captain Atwood company). She was
born Aug. 13, 1851. Their children: Alma b. July 16, 1870,
m. Jennie M. Decker; Drucilla b. Feb. 21, 1873, died; John
Willard b. Aug. 12, 1875; Joseph Albert b. April 19, 1878, m.
Maggie Gilless; Rosa Hanna b. Sept. 5, 1880, m. Alma M.
Peck; Amelia May b. May 17, 1883, m. Thomas Reese;
Charles Henry b. Nov. 20, 1885; Samuel Bircumshaw b. Nov.

23, 1887, m. Olive Peck. Family home Mill Creek, Utah.
Seventy; chorister of East Mill Creek ward 30 years.

Farmer. Died Jan. 11, 1899, at East Mill Creek, Utah.

WILKINSON, ALMA (son of Moses Wilkinson and Mary E.
Bircumshaw). Born July 16, 1870, at Salt Lake City.

Married Jennie Maud Decker Dec. 24, 1894, at East Mill
Creek, Utah (daughter of Charles Frank Decker and Mar-
garet Jane Maxfield, both of Salt Lake City pioneers July

24, 1847, Brigham Young company). She was born Oct.
10, 1876. TJieir children: Henry Lawrence b. Sept. 17,
1895; Jay C. b. Feb. 9, 1898; Grace Marie b. March 26, 1900;
Elmo Rae b; Nov. 5, 1902; Alma LeRoy b. Oct 10, 1904;
Zelda May b. Nov. 5, 1906; Thomas Nolan b. May 10, 1908;
Russell K. b. Aug. 10, 1910. Family home Vineyard, Utah.

Deacon. Farmer and fruitraiser.

WILKINSON, ALLEN (son of Joseph Wilkinson). Born
Oct. 20, 1818, at Ondley, Yorkshire, Eng. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Mary A. Morris. She was born Nov. 16, 1818.
Their children: Fannie b. Sept. 1840; Francis b. Sept.
19, 1841, m. Isaac Morley; John b. Jan. 1, 1843, m. Johanna
Mortinson Jan. 28, 1866; Joseph- Smith, b. Dec. 15, 1844;
Mary Ann b. Dec. 1845, m. Orson Taylor; Sarah b. Dec. 12,
1848, m. John Buchanan. Family resided in England, at
Manti and Richfield, Utah.

Married Harriet Mackey Jan. 16, 1853, at Manti, Utah
(daughter of Samuel Mackey and Phebe Wilkinson pio-
neers Oct. 29, 1852, Isaac Stewart company). She was born
Nov. 22, 1836, Canistoga, Pa. Their children: Joseph b.
Dec. 12, 1853, m. Florence Jones; Allen b. Jan. 8, 1856, m.
Martene Nielson; Levi A. b. Jan. 16, 1858, m. Carrie Peter-
son; Phebe b. Oct. 16, 1859, m. Erastus Jensen; Hannah
b. Nov. 11, 1861, m. Andraes Jensen; Eleanor A. b. Oct.
28. 1863, m. Fred Bentler; Samuel b. May 17, 1866, m. Malissa
Winn; Walter b. July 29, 1868, m. Harriet Howath; Jared
b. April 24, 1870, m. Louise Farnsworth; Harriet b. March
8, 1872, m. Frank Winn; Benjamin b. Feb. 12, 1874, m. Erne
Knight; Ines b. April 16, 1876, m. Louis Gore; Eunice b.
Feb. 15, 1878, m. Hans Peterson.

Worked on Nauvoo Temple; member Nauvoo Legion.
Moved from Salt Lake City to Manti in 1850, where he
worked in stone quarry and assisted in building a fort for
protection against the Indians. Went to Richfield 1872,
where he engaged in farming. Veteran Indian wars.

WILKINSON, JOHN (son of Allen Wilkinson and Mary
Ann Morris). Born Jan. 1, 1843, in Chestershire, Eng.

Married Johanna Mortison Jan. 28, 1866, Richfield, Utah
(daughter of Dedrick Mortison and Mary Jensen pioneers
Sept. 13, 1857, Christian Christiansen handcart company).
She was born Oct. 18, 1844, in Jutland, Denmark. Their
children: Roxie J. b. March 28, 1867; Mary Ann b. Aug. 17,
1869, m. Joseph Jackson 1887; Emma C. b. Dec. 30, 1871, m.
Clifton Bunker; John b. Feb. 9, 1873; William H. b. Nov.
12, 1876; James M. b. March 30, 1879, m. Orilla Dickinson
Sept. 16, 1903; George W. b. Sept. 20, 1882. Family resided
Richfield and Annabella, Utah.

Ward teacher. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah
1863 and 1864. Veteran Black Hawk war. Settled at Rich-
field 1864, but was forced to leave and move to San Pete
county on account of the Indians. After moving several
times he finally settled at Annabella in 1885.

WILKINSON, CHARLES (of Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng.).
Came to Utah 1862, Henry W. Miller company.

Married Sarah Merser. Their children: William, m. Sarah
M. Brown; Moses b. Feb. 13. 1837, m. Mary E. Bircumshaw
Jan. 11, 1869; Sarah, m. Joseph E. Morris; Mary, m. Charlie
Smith; Martha, m. Samuel McKay; John, m. Lottie Moore;
Joseph, m. Martha Mills; Samuel, died. Family home,
Hoytsville, Utah.

Seventy; chorister of East Mill Greek ward thirty yeare.
Farmer. Deceased.

WILKINSON, MOSES (son of Charles Wilkinson and Sarah
Merser). Born Feb. 13, 1837, at Bradford, Eng. Came to
Utah 1862, Henry W. Miller company.

WILLCOX, JOHN HENRY (son of Hazzard Willcox and
Sarah Seely of Arkansas). Born Feb. 14, 1824, in Arkansas.
Came to Utah 1847.

Married Mary Young March 14, 1848, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Young and Elizabeth Seely of Canada,
pioneers 1847). She was born June 6, 1831. Their chil-
dren: Hazzard, m. Tilda Westwood; Elizabeth, m. Philip
Hurst; Sarah, m. Wesley Bills; James Henry, m. Harrett
Day; m. Ellis Staker; John Carlos, m. Violet Westwood;
Mary Mehitable, m. Hurbet Day; Clarissa Jane, m. Peter
Meiling; Ellen (Sabray), m. John Oliver; Hannah, m. Joseph
Corlson; Martha A., m. Richard D. Westwood; Justice Azel,
m. Selma Corlson. Family home Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Farmer. Died Nov. 21, 1909, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

WILLCOX, JAMES HENRY (son of John Henry Willcox
and Mary Young). Born Nov. 10, 1855, North Ogden, Utah.

Married Harrett Day Oct. 27, 1880, Mt. Pleasant, Utah
(daughter of Abraham Day and Chariot Broomhead, pioneers
September, 1847, contingent Mormon Battalion). She was
born Dec. 27, 1864. Their children: James b. Oct. 26, 1881;
died; Harrett b. Dec. 11, 1882, m. Charles Dorius; Ephraim
b. Feb. 15, 1884, m. Ann Smith; George b. Sept. 9, 1887, died;
Henry b. May 8, , m. Edna Beach; Edgar b. June 15.
1892; Hazzard b. Oct. 13, 1894; Quintin b. April 23, 1897;
Pearl and Ruby b. Jan. 28, 1901; Annie b. Sept. 29, 1C02.
Family home Castle Dale, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Ellis Staker April 7, 1904, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Nathan Staker and Eliza Cusworth of
Canada, pioneers September, 1847, Captain Hunter com-
pany). She was born Feb. 4, 1866. Their children: Tru-
man Ambrose b. Jan. 10, 1905; Arden James b. July 8,
1907; Olive Louine b. July 31, 1909. Family home Castle
Dale, Utah.

Member 91st quorum seventies; missionary to northern
states 1897-99. Town board member two terms. Farmer
and stockraiser.

WILLEY, JEREMIAH (son of Isaiah Willey, born 1760, and
Sarah Daniels, born 1762, both of Northfield, N. H.). He was
born Nov. 6, 1804, at Northfleld. Came to Utah Sept. 16,
1851, John G. Smith company.

Married Samantha Call April 28, 1839, Warsaw, 111. (daugh-
ter of Cyril Call and Sally Tiffany). Their children: Wil-
liam Wallace b. Oct. 20, 1841, m. Nancy Tolman, m. Martha
Jane Tuttle; Jeremiah Bussle b. Feb. 17, 1847, m. Annie
Roberts; David Orson b. Sept. 26, 1849, m. Mary A. Barlow;
Parley Pratt b. Dec. 17, 1854, m. Sarah Jane Pace; Willard
Cyril b. June 10. 1857. d. infant; Joseph b. May 17, 1859, m.
Amy Maude Thurgood; Armena Elizabeth; Samantha Ellen.
Family home Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah.

Married Sarah Ann Sanders. Their child: Alfonso.

Participated in exodus of Mormons from Kirtland, Ohio,
also from Missouri and Illinois. Member Mormon Battalion.
Company A; member escort of General S. F. Kearney from
California to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1847, having
Colonel John C. Fremont in custody, on his way to Wash-
ington to answer a charge of insubordination for refusing
to recognize Kearney's authority as military commandant
of California. President of seventies. Chaplain first Utah
territorial legislature, which convened Sept. 22, 1851.



WILLEY, WILLIAM WALLACE (son of Jeremiah Willey
and Samantha Call). Born Oct. 20, 1841, Warsaw, 111.

Married Nancy Tolman Dec. 23, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Judson Tolman and Sarah Lucretia Holbrook,
pioneers Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young company). She
was born in Pottawattamie county, Iowa, Feb. 4, 1848. Their
children: Nancy Samantha b. Nov. 3. 1863, d. infant; Sarah
Eldora b. Jan. 27, 1865, m. Charles Lyon; Effle b. Nov. 15,
1866, m. Walter Holt; Maraldia b. Feb. 26. 1868, m. Emanuel
Hanks; Ellen b. Feb. 28, 1870, d. Infant; Alice b. Aug. 9,
1871. m. Janthius H. Barlow; William Wallace, Jr. b. May
8, 1874, m. Melinda Adams; Catherine b. Nov. 29, 1876, m.
George W. Pearson; Vasco b. May 22, 1882, m. Millie Read-
ing; Rosco b. May 22, 1882, m. Jude Cheals; Archer b. Jan.
13, 1884, m. Fannie Tuttle; Rudger b. March 16, 1886, m. Bird
McClaren; Edna b. Nov. 18, 1889, m. Roy Tribe. Family home
Bountiful, Utah.

Married Martha Jane Tuttle Nov. 7. 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Norton Ray Tuttle and Elizabeth Utley), who
was born Jan. 15, 1854, at Tooele, Utah. Their children:
Gertrude Elizabeth b. Nov. 7, 1872, m. Robert Anderson;
Martha Emily b. Aug. 18, 1874, m. Albert Brown; Norton
Ray b. Feb. 26, 1877, m. Mrs. Brown; Theodore William b.
Sept. 23, 1891. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Missionary to England 1879; alternate high counselor.
Worked on Salt Lake Temple at different times for 40
years. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Veteran
Black Hawk war. Farmer.

WILLET, DAVID ORSON (son of Jeremiah Willey and
Samantha Call). Born Sept. 26, 1849, in Pottawattamie
Co., Iowa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Mary A. Barlow in 1868. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Israel Barlow and Elizabeth Haven, pioneers 1848,
Brigham Young company). She was born in 1850 at Bounti-
ful, Utah. Their children: David Orson, Jr.; Jeremiah;
Israel E. ; Mary P.; Flora E.; Clarence; Earl; Charles L.;
Silva; Willard H.; Thatcher H. Family home. Bountiful.

High counselor to Davis stake. Sheriff Davis county;
mayor of Bountiful.

Feb. 2, 1905. Their children: Jennie V. b. Sept. 22. 1899;
Thomas Odell b. April 26, 1901; Charles b. Jan. 12, 1903.

Married Rosa Belle Standflll Jan. 27, 1909. at Logan. Utah
(daughter of Partor Standflll and Florence McCleod, of
Card, Ark.), who was born Aug. 2, 1879. Their children:
Paul Eugene b. Dec. 14, 1909; Alice Rose b. April 16, 1911.

Elder. Constable. Farmer and stockraiser.

WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER. Born in Georgia. Came to Utah
in 1848, Brigham Young company.

Married Isabella Gill in Tennessee. Their children:
Francis, m. Martha Frazier; Thomas, m. Albina Merrill;
Cyntha, died; Epsey, m. Byrom Pace; Clinton, m. Martha
Porter; Nathaniel, m. Eliza Helen Wall; Alma, m. Sarah
Jane Applegate; Archibald, m. Eliza Armstrong; Alexander.
Jr. m. Vira Whipple; Seth; Joseph, died. Family home
Provo, Utah.

Counselor to Bishop Ellas Blackburn of Provo. Sheriff
of Utah county. Died at Independence, Mo.

WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL (son of Alexander Williams and
Isabella Gill). Born Feb. 26, 1835, Galland Point, near
Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant

Married Eliza Helen Wall Oct. 26, 1862, Provo, Utah
(daughter of William Madison Wall and Nancy Haws of
Provo, pioneers 1852). She was born Sept. 26, 1843. Their
children: Isabella b. Aug. 14, 1865, m. James G. Haws; Viola
b. Aug. 31, 1867, m. Charles Fausett; William Alvah b. Dec.
9, 1869, m. Elizabeth Choules; Dora Vilate b. March 13, 1871,
m. James Orlin Fausett; Don Carlos b. May 24, 1874, m.
Milessa Bunnell; George Albert b. Dec. 13, 1876, m. Wlnefred
Colman; Helen b. March 7, 1882, m. John Gulick. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Furnished much of the lumber for ties and bridges for
early railroads in Utah. Sawmill owner and lumberman.

WILLIAMS. WILLIAM ALVAH (son of Nathaniel Williams
and Eliza Helen Wall). Born Dec. 9, 1869, Provo, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Choules Sept. 30, 1891, Mantl, Utah
(daughter of George Choules, of Provo, who came to Utah
1882). She was born July 18, 1870. Family home, Provo.

Missionary to Sandwich Islands 1897-1901 and 1905-06;
second counselor to bishop of fifth ward Provo, 1908-12.
Plumber and contractor.

WILLIAMS, CHARLES (son of James Williams and Cath-
arine Price, of England). Born Sept. 1, 1831, Sutton. Here-
fordshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1857, William G.
Young company.

Married Margaret Sant in October, 1861 (daughter of John
Sant and Mary Shaw), who was born Feb. 20, 1844. Their
children: Charles, Jr. b. June 28, 1863, m. Elizabeth J.
Clements November, 1886; Mary Jane b. Aug. 4, 1865. m.
John P. Clifford 1884; Fannie E. b. March 1, 1868, m. William
H. Pasklns 1896; Margaret b. March 14, 1870, m. John F.
Morton 1886; Catherine b. March 13, 1872, m. Reuben Howell
1893; Elizabeth b. Feb. 6, 1874, m. Edward A. Ward 1891;
Thomas James b. April 12, 1876. m. Mary Alice Sant July
8, 1897, m. Rosa Belle Standflll Jan. 27, 1909; Martha E. b.
July 21, 1878, m. James W. Southwick 1899. Family resides
In Idaho.

High priest. Served In Echo Canyon trouble. Moved to
Smithfield and In 1864 to Bear Lake, Idaho.

WILLIAMS, THOMAS JAMES (son of Charles Williams
and Margaret Sant). Born April 12, 1876. Clifton, Idaho.

Married May Alice Sant July 8, 1897, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of George Sant and Ann Treasurer, of Treasure-
ton. Idaho, pioneers 1854). She was born Feb. 19, 1879, died

WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER (son of Ichabod Williams and
Sybil Clark, of Prattsville, N. Y.). Born March 7, 1789, at
Prattsville. Came to Utah 1848, Orson Pratt company.

Married Mellicent Vannostrand (daughter of James Van-
nostrand and Sarah Vannostrand), who was born Aug. 27,
1802, and died in Iowa. Their children: James V. b. Dec.
13, 1830, m. Eda Pearson July 8, 1866; Cornelius b. Dec. 11,
1832, m. Sarah George; Catharine b. June 6, 1836, m. Iver
N. Iverson Jan. 19, 1854. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Jacobina Wells Patton 1856. Salt Lake City, who
was born 1813, at Kilmarnock, Scotland. Their child: Melli-
cent Sophia b. Sept. 12, 1856, m. Joseph Golightly.

Bishop third ward, Salt Lake City. Carpenter; farmer.

WILLIAMS, JAMES V. (son of Christopher Williams and
Mellicent Vannostrand). Born Dec. 13, 1830, near Toronto,

Married Eda Pearson July 8, 1866, Richfield, Utah (daugh-
ter of Pere Knudsen and Hannah Swenson, both died in
Sweden). She was born Sept. 8, 1836, Onslunda, Sweden.
Their children: James Isaac b. April 15, 1867, m. Nicholena
Jensen Dec. 28, 1892; Christopher Peter b. May 29, 1869, d.
Feb. 14, 1870; Moses Ellas b. Dec. 11, 1871, m. Etta Hyatt

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