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George Noaks; Thomas, m. Fannie Boardman; Sarah, m.
Arthur Parker.

Home missionary; teacher In England. Tollgate keeper
in Parley's Canyon. Died Salt Lake City.



WINTERTON, WILLIAM M. (son of William Hubbard Wln-
terton and Sarah Marriott). Born May 6, 1846, Carlton,
Nottinghamshire, Eng. Came to Utah with father.

Married Ellen Widdison Feb. 21, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Widdison and Ellen Stafford, of Not-
tingham, Eng.), who was born Sept. 11, 1849. Came to
Utah 1869 and died March 8, 1889. Their children: Sarah
Ellen b. Dec. 10, 1870, m. John H. Price; Eliza Ann b. Oct.
9, 1872, m. John Thacker; William Heber b. Oct. 4, 1874, m.
Agnes Webster; John Joseph b. Aug. 31. 1876, d. Oct. 4, 1882;
Hyrum Shurtliff b. Aug. 16, 1878, m. Sarah Van Wagener;
Ralph Stafford b. Sept. 27, 1880, m. Louisa Ririe; Moroni
b. Sept. 28, 1882, m. Mabel Giles; Baby b. Oct. 26, 1884;
Thomas Frederick b. Aug. 14, 1886, m. Sheila Carlile; Alice
Malissa b. July 31, 1888, m. George Thomson.

Married Jane E. Steadman April 13, 1892, Manti, Utah
(daughter of George Steadman and Elizabeth Wilkins of
Sussex, Eng., pioneers 1860). She was born Feb. 16, 1864, Mill
Creek, Utah. Their children: Carrie Elizabeth b. May 5,
1893; Nettie Rachel b. May 7, 1895; Edward Marriott b.
Sept. 16, 1897; Valeo James b. Oct. 10, 1900. Family home
Mill Creek, Utah.

High priest; teacher in ward; president deacons quorum;
moved to Charleston, Wasatch county, 1865. He and John
C. Parcell named the town of Charleston. He with others
constructed the first irrigation canal, known as the Charles-
ton Canal. Worked on railroad in Echo Canyon and on
Provo Canyon wagon road. Member of the guard at Provo,
under the leadership of Edward Pea, to defend the com-
munity against Indian depredations. Farmer; stockman.

WINTLE, GEORGE (son of Jacob Wintle, born 1783, and
Elizabeth Lee, who after death of husband lived in London,
Eng.). He was born April 17, 1812, Isle of Helgoland, off
coast of Germany, near Hamburg. Came to Utah Sept. 2,
1861, Job Pingree company.

Married Elizabeth Sewell July 9, 1835, Yarmouth, Nor-
folk, Eng. (daughter of Joseph Sewell born Jan. 2, 1796,

died March 24, 1880, at Ogden, Utah, and Sarah born

April 16, 1793, died Oct. 16, 1881, at Ogden; pioneers 1857).
She was born June 13, 1814, at Yarmouth, and died April
15. 1882, Bountiful, Utah. Their children: George J. b.
March 9, 1837, m. Emily Dungee; Sarah b. March 28, 1839
(d. Sept. 27, 1907), m. John Bitton; Joseph Barney b. Feb.
29, 1840, m. Sarah Jane Evans, m. Mary Marinda Wilson;
Charlotte b. 1844; Hannah b. Jan. 29, 1846, m. lanthus Bar-
low; son, d. young; Elizabeth b. March 9, 1849, m. Carlos
L. Sessions. All born at Yarmouth.

Married Sarah Janette Ogden Aug. 6, 1884.

Sailor in Queen of England's service 27 years. Moved
to Bountiful, Utah, 1863. Died there Feb. 11, 1897.

WINTLE, JOSEPH BARNEY (son of George Wintle and
Elizabeth Sewell). Born Feb. 29, 1840, Yarmouth, Eng.
Came to Utah 1857, James Brown company.

Married Sarah Jane Evans in September, 1862, at West
Weber, Utah, who was born April 24, 1843, in England and
drowned in Weber River Feb. 12, 1863.

Married Mary Marinda Wilson April 2, 1863, at West
Weber (daughter of Bradley Barlow Wilson born Oct. 11,
1806, died Jan. 12, 1874, at Wilson, Utah, and -Agnes Hunter,
died Feb. 7, 1886, at Ogden, Utah; pioneers 1853, John W.
Cooley company). She was born May 15, 1842, Nauvoo, 111.;
died Nov. 11, 1911, Ogden, Utah. Their children: Agnes
b. May 9, 1864, m. A. T. Waldram Oct. 2, 1884; George B.
b. Oct. 6, 1865, m. Elizabeth Wilson Nov. 18, 1885; Elizabeth
b. July 5, 1867, d. March 15, 1869; Joseph C. b. Dec. 10, 1868,
m. Nora Rex March 16, 1892; John Wesley b. May 20, 1870,
m. Daisy Louella Stone Aug. 5, 1908; Adeline b. April 22,
1872, d. June 28, 1873; Mary A. b. Feb. 22, 1874, m. Charles
Malan May 27, 1891; Sarah b. Feb. 6, 1876, d. Aug. 23, 1876;
Ellen M. b. July 19, 1877, m. Orson Covlngton; Clarence
and Lawrence (twins) b. Oct. 17, 1879, d. Nov. 30, 1879;
Maud R. b. July 20, 1881, m. John Wykes Nov. 21, 1901;
Austin T. b. Oct. 17, 1883, m. Hazel Spiers July 31, 1909;
Grace b. July 29, 1886, m. Thomas R. Doran Nov. 6, 1909.

Assisted Immigrants to Utah from the Missouri River
1861. Pony express rider from Fort Carney on the South
Platte River to Cottonwood Springs, a distance of 110 miles,
being the first to carry west news of Abraham Lincoln's
election. Resided at Wilson 1863-70; at Hooper 15 years,
then returned to Wilson; thence In 1902 to Ogden.

WINTLE, JOHN WESLEY (son of Joseph Barney Wintle
and Mary Marinda Wilson). Born May 20, 1870, Wilson,
Weber Co., Utah.

Married Daisy Louella Stone Aug. 5. 1908, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Merlin J. Stone born Nov. 26, 1853, at Bounti-
ful, Utah, and Maria Baker born Nov. 8, 1860, Salt Lake
City married Jan. 17, 1878, Richmond, Utah). She was
born Dec. 9, 1878, at Ogden.

Missionary to Germany 1898. School teacher In public
schools of Weber county two years; teacher and principal
In Ogden city schools 11 years. Attended University of
Utah and graduated from Weber Academy at Ogden, Utah.

WINWARD, PETER (son of Thomas Winward and Betty
Sllcock of Warrington, Lancastershire, Eng.). Born Dec.
22, 1832, Warrington. Came to Utah 1847, Charles Shum-
way company.

Married Luclnda Bingham May 7, 1855, Payson, Utah
(daughter of Jeremiah Bingham and Abigail Harrington

of Lake Erie, Canada, pioneers 1848). She was born Sept
24, 1837. Their children: Lucinda Abigail, m. F. M. BaK
lard Sept. 17, 1878; Sarah Elizabeth, m. Heber Curtis May
10, 1881; Peter William, died; Lucretia Melvina, m. George
Cloward; Lola Ann, m. David Mitchell; John Albert, m.
Matilda Haskel; Charles Andrew, m. Florence Sargent;
Perry Augustus, died; Minnie Ines, m. William Frederick
Tanner Jan. 2, 1901; Mary Naomi, m. John C. Taylor June
24, 1903; Ella Melissa, m. Brigham Stone; Iva. Family home
Payson, Utah.

Member 46th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1884-85; elder; high priest. Water overseer. Policeman.
Farmer. Died May 30, 1909, Payson, Utah.

WIRTHLIJT, LEOPOLD (son of Stephen Wirthlin and
Teresia Soder of Mbhlln, Canton Aargau, Switzerland; the
former born Dec. 27, 1786; the latter in 1787, both at Mohlin
married June 6, 1814). He was born Dec. 3, 1832. Mohlin.
Came to Utah Nov. 28, 1864, Horton D. Halght company.

Married Anna Hirschl Jan. 8, 1865 (daughter of John
Hirschi and Magdalene Kernen married March 6, 1824,
Reutigen, Canton Bern, Switzerland). She was born July
8, 1842, and came to Utah- Nov. 28, 1864, Horton D. Haight
company. Their children: Josephine; Joseph; Paul; Leo-
pold, Jr.; William Henry; John Edward. Family resided
Salt Lake City, Payson and Eureka, Utah.

Elder; seventy. Called on mission April 10, 1876.

WIRTHLIN, JOSEPH (son of Leopold Wirthlin and Anna
Hirschi). Born Oct. 6, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Emma Hillstead July 25, 1892, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Hillstead and Charlotte Gray), who was
born April 19, 1868. Their children: Joseph L.; Emma;
Ellis; Verginia; LeRoy; Edith; Earl H. Family home, Salt
Lake City.


WISCOMBE, JAMES. Came to Utah by rail a number of
years after the arrival of his son, William Fleet Wlscombe.

Married Mary Ann Fleet (daughter, of William Fleet of
England). Their children: Elizabeth, m. William Bramhall;
Martha, m. John Sainsburyf Emma; William Fleet, m. Sarah
Newland; Laura, m. John Sainsbury, m. William Hunting;
Ellen, m. William Bringhurst. Family home Springville,

High priest. Gardener. Died in August, 1892.

WISCOMBE, WILLIAM FLEET (son of James Wlscombe
and Mary Ann Fleet). Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1864, Joseph
S. Rawlins company.

Married Sarah Newland at Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren: Emma, m. Albert H. Walsh; Mary Frances, m. L.
John Hansen; William Fleet, Jr. b. July 14, 1877, m. Louia
E. Whittaker; James, m. Nellie Weight; Amelia, d. child;
Sarah; George, d. young; John, m. Margaret E. Miller;
Leonard; Arthur; Lucile, d. aged 9. Family home Spring-
ville, Utah.

Sunday school superintendent; president priests quorum;
chorister. Made several trips across the plains for Immi-
grants. Horticulturist. Died Nov. 27, 1896.

WISCOMBE, WILLIAM FLEET (son of William Fleet Wis-
combe and Sarah Newland). Born July 14, 1877, Sprlng-
vllle. Utah.

Married Louia E. Whittaker June 15, 1904, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Nathaniel Whittaker and Mary Curl, of
Scotland), who was born May 19, 1881. Their children:
Loleta b. June 12, 1905; Ralph W. b. March 14, 1907; Myra
b. Feb. 13, 1909; William Morris b. Sept. 11, 1911. Family
home Roosevelt, Utah.

Missionary to California 1901-03; high priest; president
Y. M. M. I. A.; superintendent Sunday schools; chorister;
Sunday school teacher; ward superintendent religion class;
bishop's counselor. Member town board of Mapleton.
Farmer and stockralser.

WIXOM, SOLOMON (parents lived at Log Creek, Caldwell
county, Mo.). He came to Utah in 1850.

Married Miss Avery. Among their children were: Justin
C. b. Dec. 3, 1838, m. Annie Jackson; Joseph M.

WOOD, CHARLES (son of Samuel Wood and Sarah Stead-
well, of Berlin, Huron Co., Ohio). Born June 9, 1837, at
Berlin. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Alice Horrocks March 31, 1858, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Edward Horrocks and Alice Houghton, of
Macclesfield, Chestershlre, Eng., former pioneer 1857, Jesse
B. Martin company). She was born March 3, 1841. Their
children: Alice Ann, m. W. A. Moftett; Charles Samuel, m.
Emma E. Mortensen; Mary Elizabeth, m. James S. Carver;
Sarah Eliza, m. Marius Madsen; Joseph, m. Amelia Olsen;
Catherine Moiselle, m. Jessie Meisner; Frederick William,
m. Charlotte Durrant; Laura Pearl, m. Arthur McCarty;
Benjamin Franklin, m. Olevia Felt; Chloe Adel, m. George
R. Doxey; Edward Warren, Martha Emma, Minnie Mabel,
James Silvester, all died. Family home Huntsville, Utah.

Member 75th quorum seventies; missionary to Indians
at Fort Supply 1854-66. Settled at Lewiston 1876, where
he assisted in building up the country. Farmer. Died
August, 1905, Provo, Utah.



WOOD, CHARLES SAMUEL (son of Charles Wood and Alice
Horrocks). Born July 11, 1861, Ogden, Utah.

Married Emma Elizabeth Mortensen Dec. 11, 1884, Logap,
Utah (daughter of Niels Christian Mortensen and Mariana
Christensen of Denmark, pioneers 1864, John Smith inde-
pendent company). She was born Dec. 29, 1865. Their chil-
dren: Minnie Mabel b. Oct. 11, 1885, m. William J. Wood;
Mary Elizabeth b. March 14, 1888, m. Ezra Bingham;
Charles Warren b. March 31, 18!'l, m. Martha E. Andersen;
Viola Lucretia b. July 25, 1893, m. Lorin M. Grove; Elvira
Lillian b. July 25, 1893; Selma Amelia b. Nov. 2, 1895; Rulon
Samuel b. April 11, 1898; Ruth Elvina b. Sept. 1, 1900; Alice
Emma b. May 20, 1904; Mark Silvester b. Nov. 2, 1907.
Family home Huntsville, Utah.

President 75th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 188~8-90; bishop's counselor 1900 and 1905. Farmer.

WOOD, CHARLES (son of Benjamin Wood born April 11,
1778, London, Eng., and Ann Elizabeth Apps born Dec. 23,
1793, Kings-worth, Eng. married Aug. 14, 1814). Born
April 22, 1825, at London. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1860, Wil-
liam Budge oxteam company.

Married Ann Day June 11, 1848 (daughter of George
Day and Sarah Honeysett), who was born 1829 and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Charles b. Feb. 21,
1849, m. Sophia Dame March 31, 1872; William b. March 12,
1855, m. Eliza Stevens Feb. 18, 1881; Elizabeth b. Aug. 8,
1857, m. Edward Bennett March 2, 1887; Jesse b. April 3,
1860; Richard b. June, 1863; John b. April 8, 1866, m. Nina
Ashby Sept. 12, 1888; Edward b. Nov. 5, 1868, m. Ada Ashby
Nov. 8, 1893; Sarah Ann b. Aug. 16, 1871, m. David McKell
Jan. 18, 1899. Family home Holden, Utah.

Postmaster at Holden 25 years.

WOOD, CHARLES (son of Charles Wood and Ann Day).
Born Feb. 21, 1849.

Married Sophia Dame March 31, 1872 (daughter of Jan-
varin Hayes Dame). Their children: George C. b. Feb. 1,
1873, m. Julia Cazier Nov. 2, 1899; William b. May 27, 1875;
Lovina Ann b. Aug. 24, 1877, m. R. M. Cropper Sept. 10,
1903; Richard b. June 25, 1880, m. Pearl Duval May 8, 1903;
Benjamin b. March 1, 1883; Rebecca Ellen b. July 10, 1885,
m. Frank Shaw Dec. 27, 1907; Jane b. Feb. 21, 1888, m.
Thomas Hicks Jan. 29, 1909; Joseph Ezra b. July 3, 1890;
Rulon Wells b. Dec. 21, 1893; Gertrude Sophia b. Sept. 16,
1897; George Cazier b. Oct. 10, 1900; Charles b. April 5,
1902; John Vivian b. Jan. 18, 1904. Family home Holden,

WOOD, DANIEL. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham
Toung company.

Married Mary Snyder. Their children: Rebecca b. May
11, 1826, m. John Moss; Henry b. June 9, 1828, d. 1845; John
b. April 10, 1830; Harriet b. Dec. 21, 1834; Elizabeth b. Dec.
30, 1839; Cathrine and Mary b. Aug. 25, 1842.

Married Peninah S. Cotton. She was born March 12,
1824, Vienna, Johnson county. 111. Their child: Daniel C.
fc. Jan. 27, 1847, m. Elizabeth Waddoups. Family home
Bountiful, Utah.

WOOD, DANIEL C. (son of Daniel Wood and Peninah S.
Cotton). Born Jan. 27, 1847.

Married Elizabeth Waddoups Feb. 18, 1869, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Waddoups, former
pioneer 1868, Horton D. Maight company), who was born
June 28, 1853. in Warwickshire, Eng. Their children: Dan-
iel T. b. Oct. 8, 1870, m. May Walton; Joseph W. b. Oct. 4,
1874, m. Agnes Brion Oct. 13, 1898; William b. Oct. 29,
1876, m. Etta Merrill; Franklin D. b. April 14, 1879, m.
Martha Brion; Parley P. b. Aug. 20, 1881; Elizabeth May
b. May 27, 1883, m. George Parrish Nov. 6, 1902; Sylvia
Irene b. Sept. 29, 1885, m. Peter Hansen May, 1909; Vic-
toria Everline b. Oct. 24, 1887, m. Albert Hodson Jan. 26,
1909; Clarence Ray b. June 11, 1890; Florence Elvia b. Dec.
26, 1891, m. John Sorenson May 30, 1909.

Married Margaret Ann Edwards Oct. 30, 1895, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Ellis Edwards and Mary Roberts; came
to Utah Sept. 11, 1895). She was born March 26, 1876,
Pendleton, Lancastershire, Eng. Their children: Milton E.
b. Aug. 30, 1897; Mary Edna b. Nov. 11, 1898; Andrew E.
b. Nov. 13, 1900.

Missionary to England 1902-03. Helped settle Arizona
1873. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1868.

WOOD, DAVID (son of Jonah Wood of Osneburg, Canada).
Came to Utah 1851.

Married Catherine Crltis of Osneburg. Their children:
Benjamin; Margaret, m. Levi Empey; Sarah Catherine, m.
Hyrum Oakes; David, died; Catherine, d. Infant; Amanda,
m. Jessie McCarl; Delilah, d. child; William, m. Eliza
Kettle; Agnes, m. Mark Smith; Oscar Alexander, m. Mary
Jane Robinson and Linnah F. Harrison. Family home Osne-
burg, Canada.

Missionary to the Indians. High priest. Assisted In
building Nauvoo Temple. Carpenter and cabinetmaker.
Died, Midway, Utah.

WOOD, OSCAR ALEXANDER (son of David Wood and
Catherine Critis). Born Sept. 30, 1838, Osneburg, Canada.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Mary Jane Robinson Nov. 5, 1860, American

Fork, Utah (daughter of Edward Robinson and Mary
Smith, of Manchester, Eng., pioneers Oct. 9, 1849, Ezra T.
Benson company). She was born March 6, 1842.

Married Linnah F. Harrison Dec. 19, 1879, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Richard Harrison and Jane Fryer, of
Liverpool, Eng., pioneers 1849, Ezra T. Benson company).
She was born Dec. 19, 1860. Their children: David Hyrum
b. Dec. 10, 1880, m. Ada McElprang; Lena Maggie Jane
b. Feb. 22, 1883, m. William W. Smith. Family home Pinto.

Member high priests quorum; missionary to "Dixie" 1866;
member high council Emery stake. Commissioner Emery
county 1897-98. Farmer and carpenter. Died Oct. 9, 1901,
Huntington, Utah.

WOOD, DAVID HTRUM (son of Oscar Alexander Wood and
Linnah F. Harrison). Born Dec. 10, 1880, Pinto, Utah.

Married Ada McElprang June 7, 1905, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Samuel William McElprang of Cedar City,
Utah, and Adelia Terry, of Washington Co., Utah). She
was born Jan. 8, 1887. Their children: Oscar Neldon b.
April 14, 1906; Lina Neoma b. May 1, 1908; David Randal
b. Aug. 24, 1910. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Member 81st quorum seventies; missionary to New
Zealand 1901-04 and in 1912. Surveyor Emery county 1904-
12. Civil engineer.

WOOD, JAMES DAVID (son of Jeptha Wood, Sullivan
county, Mo. pioneer, and Marcia Cassandra Fowler of Vir-
ginia and Tennessee). Born Aug. 27, 1841, Sullivan county,
Mo. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Catherine E. Murphy (Hagenbarth) 1884, Challis,
Idaho (daughter of Wilhelm Veil), who was born in 1843,
Vienna, Austria. Their children: Hugh Charles (adopted);
Cassandra. Family resided in Salt Lake City and at their
ranch home in Idaho.

Engaged in livestock business between Missouri and Chi-
cago, and later in mining at Virginia City, Beartown and
Blackfoot, Mont. Moved to Leesburg, Idaho, 1866, re-
sided there until 1878; moved to Custer and later to Fre-
mont county, and again engaged in mining. Established
Wood Livestock Co., in Idaho, which is the largest in that
state, giving him renown as the "sheep king" of Idaho;
also principal owner of one of the largest ranches in the
world, near Chihuahua, Mex. Established Wood Grocery &
Produce Co., Salt Lake City; was president Inter-Mountain
Ice Co., and vice-president Daly-West Mine, Park City.
Took an active part in the early Indian and outlaw troubles.
Was accidently killed in the passenger depot yards in Salt
Lake City 1890.

Catherine E. Murphy first married (1863) Frank J. Hagen-
barth, who died in 1871; there were two sons, one of whom
was adopted by Mr. Wood, the eldest being Frank J. Hagen-
barth, a prominent business man of Salt Lake City. The
other son, Hugh, took the name of his adoption.

WOOD, JOHIV (son of Henry Wood of Wigan, Lancashire,
Eng.). Born 1819. Came to Utah 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock

Married Ellen Smith at Wigran, Eng., who came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Sarah Ann, m. Samuel
Winsbrow Western; Ellen, m. Isaac D. Brown; John W., m.
Sarah Gibson; George Henry, m. Emily Hastings; Emily,
m. George Gibson.

Farmer. Died May, 1911, Hurricane, Utah.

WOOD, JOHN (son of David Wood and Sarah Linghan, of
Eng.). Born March 14, 1811, Adlam, Sussex, Eng. Came to
Utah in October, 1855, Moses Thurston company.

Married Fannie Goble April 21, 1840, In England (daugh-
ter of William Goble and Harriet Johnson, of England).
She was born Oct. 9, 1815. Their children: Fannie b. Oct.
11, 1841, m. Michael Garn; Ellen b. Sept. 6, 1843, m. Edwin
Pierce; John William b. Oct. 30, 1845, died; Harriet Ann
b. June 11, 1847, m. William Hardy; Jonathan David b.
April 29, 1849, m. Cathleen Blanche Bird; m. Eliza Hess;
Edward Augustus b. Nov. 7, 1851, died; Oliver b. Oct. 26,
1853, m. Selena Rogers; Mary Magdalene b. April 15, 1857, m.
James Henry Wllcox; Phillip James b. April 10, 1860, died.
Family home Farmington, Ravis Co., Utah.

High priest; teacher. Merchant. Died Jan. 25, 1896.

WOOD, JONATHAN DAVID (son of John Wood and Fannie
Goble). Born April 29, 1849, in England.

Married Cathleen Blanche Bird Oct. 9, 1871, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Bird and Harriet Goble, of Nephi,
Utah, pioneers In November, 1864). She was born July 4,
1852. Their children: Lillian Blanche b. Nov. 9, 1872, m.
Thomas Edwin Secrist; Jonathan David b. June 20, 1875,
m. Phoebe Gleason; Phillip James b. March 13, 1878, m.
Elizabeth Johnson; Elizabeth Ann b. July 1, 1880, m. Edwin
Whitaker; Charles William b. Aug. 24, 1882, m. Clara
Leviatt; George Franklin b. Nov. 13, 1884, m. Maggie Rich-
ards; Willard Legrand b. Feb. 12, 1887, m. Electa Hall;
Allace Myrtle b. Jan. 21, 1889, m. John Wilkensen: Wallace
Harry b. July 18, 1891; Geneva Bird b. Sept. 23, 1894; Clifton
B. and Afton G. (twins) b. March 12. 1899.

Married Eliza Hess Oct. 26, 18S2 (daughter of John W.
Hess and Mary Ann Steed, of Farmington, Utah, pioneers),
who was born July 4, 1864. Their children: John Henry,



m. Agusta Gallop; Edward A., m. Millie Gallop; Lewis,
Clarence B. and Hyrum H., died; Kenneth J.; Gladys Ellca;
Dorah; Herman L. Families resided Farmington, Davis Co.,

Bishop's counselor; high councilor. Merchant.

WOOD, JONATHAN DAVID (son of Jonathan David Wood
and Cathleen Blanche Bird). Born June 20, 1875, Farming-
ton, Utah.

Married Phoebe Gleason Sept. 9, 1903, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Alvirus Horn Gleason and Meady Maria
Lane, of Farmington, Utah). She was born Sept. 12, 1878.
Their children: David G. b. July 27, 1904; Earn b. Aug. 16,
1905, died; Ross C. b. March 18. 1907; Roxie b. Dec. 4, 1909.
Family home PMelding, Box Elder Co., Utah.

Ward teacher; Sunday school teacher; member of sev-
enty. Farmer

WOOD, JOHN P. Born in 1817, in England. Came to Utah
in 1852.

Married Ann L. .

WOOD, JOSIAH (son of John P. and Ann L. Wood). Born
in 1846 at Galena, 111.

Married Clara A. Woodhead in 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Woodhead and Caroline Lane), who
was born In 1858, at North Ogden. Their children: Caro-
line Ann b. Dec. 8, 1876, m. Lev! C. Ward; George J. b.
June 25, 1878, m. Nancy Jane Woodland; Uriah b. Sept.
13, 1881; William J. b. Oct. 31, 1883, died; Charles E. b.
July 3, 1886, m. Syvella Brown; Jennie R. b. May 7, 1888,
m. Joseph Cutler; James C. b. June 9, 1891; Charlotte E.
b. Oct. 1, 1895.

Elder; high priest. Farmer; stockraiser.

WOOD, GEORGE J. (son of Josiah Wood and Clara Wood-
head). Born June 25, 1878.

Married Nancy Jane Woodland in 1899, Brigham, Utah
(daughter of Daniel Woodland and Sofronia Davis), who
was born Dec. 17, 1882. Their children: Rella b. Feb. 5,
1900; Lona b. Feb. 3, 1905; Merlan G. b. Dec. 5, 1906; Dallas
H. b. Sept. 18, 1911.

WOOD, WILLIAM (son of John Wood and Ann Lawrence,
both of Herefordshire, Eng.). Born 1823, in Herefordshire.
Came to Utah in 1848, independent company.

Married Lucy Babcock 1849 (daughter of Dolfus Bab-
cock and Jarusla Rowley, pioneers 1847, John Taylor com-
pany), who was born 1832. Came to Utah with parents.
Their children: Lucy Ann b. 1849, m. Benjamin Ayer Jan.
7, 1868; William B. b. 1851, m. Mary J. Clements; Mary G.
b. 1853, m. H. A. Walker; Eliza Frances b. 1855; John Albert
b. 1856; Alice S. b. 1858, m. Samuel Bradshaw; Abraham
b. 1860, m. Mary A. Baker; Frances Permelia b. 1862, m.
William Hamlen; Celestia Ann b. 1863. Family resided San
Bernardino, Cal., and Minersville, Utah.

Married Ann Eyre Banks March 7, 1865, Minersville, Utah
(daughter of Joseph and Charlotte Banks, pioneers, inde-
pendent company), who was born in Australia June 15,
1845. Their children: Joseph b. 1866, m. Susie Gillins; Milisia
b. 1867, m. John Turby; James W. b. 1868, m. Pearl Gris-
man; John L. b. 1870, and Ann L. b. 1872, died; Charlotte
N. b. 1874, m. Tom Gray; Emma C. b. 1875, m. William
Banks; Willard A. b. 1877, m. Eva Berd; Thomas H. b.
1879, m. Jennie Tanner; Bertha L. b. 1881, m. Vine Evans;
Nellie M. b. 1883, m. Edward Erickson; Hannah M. b. 1885;
David b. 1886; George F. b. 1888.

WOOD, WILLIAM B. (son of William Wood and Lucy Bab-
cock). Born May 18, 1851, Centerville, Utah.

Married Mary Jane Clements, 1872, Minersville, Utah
(daughter of Joseph Clements and Mary Donaldson, pio-
neers 1855, independent company). She was born 1854, in
Johnson county, Ind.

Missionary 1886-89; high priest; member high council;
Sunday school superintendent; bishop's counselor. Farmer
and stockraiser.

WOOD, WILLIAM (son of William Wood born May 12, 1811,
Mountnessing, Essex, Eng., and Elizabeth Gigseey born
Sept. 29, 1812, Ostend, Burnham, Essex, Eng. married 1836).
Born May 1, 1837, Ostend, Burnham. Came to Utah Oct.
18, 1862, D. P. Kimball freight train.

Married Elizabeth Gentry Nov. 7, 1862 (daughter of Sam-
uel Gentry and Elizabeth Davis, pioneers Oct. 3, 1867, W.
R. Smith company), who was born Oct. 18, 1845, and came
to Utah with James S. Brown independent company. Their
children: William b. Nov. 10, 1863, m. Ellen Goddard Aug.
9, 1893; Joseph b. June 13, 1865, m. Sarah Lees, Oct. 11,
1889; Edward James b. Oct. 27, 1866, m. Mary Ann Solomon
Sept.' 27, 1892; Arthur George b. Oct. 29, 1868; Barnabas
b. Aug. 1870; Elizabeth Mary b. Jan. 4, 1872, m. Charles
Trealease April 5, 1894; Henry Barnabas b. Aug. 1, 1874;
Mary Eva b. Sept. 11, 1876, m. Byard Smith Oct. 1902;
Albert Lorenzo b. June 21, 1878, m. Eva Probert May 24.
1904; Susan Rebecca b. Jan. 31, 1880, m. Frank A. Rose
April 8, 1901; Benjamin James b. Oct. 1, 1883, m. Fern
Bigelow Jan. 9, 1907; August John b. May 18, 1885; Freder-
ick John b. March 2, 1887.

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