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Married Susan Parker, who was born 1850, in England.

Married Eliza Whytock Sept. 26, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of James Whytock and Jessie Larkie, who mar-
ried Dec. 29, 1853, Glasgow, Scotland). Their children:

Harold b. June 28, 1889, m. Ida Stacy Sept. 30, 1910- Grace
Vi S ?i I 4 .' I 891 ' Virginia b . Feb 21 _ 1894; Le R b June
19, 1896; Gordon b. Oct. 22, 1898; Jean b. Dec. 19, 1900: Ruth
b. May 3, 1903; Miriam b. Feb. 28, 1908

In British navy. 1856-60, where he assisted in laying the
first submarine cable in the Red Sea to Aden. Missionary
to The Muddy, Ariz.* called to Eagle Valley. 1872; returned

vJoo c. Vi, S f . Lake City; missionary to England 1880 to
1882. Settled in Canada in 1892.

on\ I> JI *- < son f William Wood and Elizabeth
Gentry). Born Nov. 10, 1863, at Salt Lake City.
(* Ma "' ed E1 , len , s - Goddard Aug. 9. 1893. at Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Goddard). Their children: Raphael
IL Sept. 20 1894; Don Carlos b. May 3, 1896; George G. b.
Dec. 5, 1897; Allan Gentry b. May 21, 1900; Myron Douglas
b. May 6, 1903; Mary b. Oct. 5, 1908

Bishop of 24th ward of Salt Lake City.

P I 1 ' CHARLES NORTHROP (son of Jededtah Stark
Woodard and Emily Northrop of Kirtland. Ohio, and Nau-
yoo, 1110. Born Sept. 15, 1827, Baneston, Franklin county
Ma .f S ' . Came to Utah 1847 ' Jedediah M. Grant company

Married Margaret Ann Malin 1857, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Elijah Malin and Sarah McGuckin, of Chester county
Pa.; former died on way to Utah, latter came In 1847). She
was born Feb. 14, 1835. Their children: Charles Northrop
Jr., m. Samantha Jane Russell; Margaret Ann. m. John
C. Lambert; John Franklin, m. Minerva McCornick; Jede-
diah, m. Evaline Vilate Russell; Sarah Emily, m. M. N
Pack; Catherine; Emma, m. Heber Garneld; Anna, m.
Kama's ^hSi^^'' James> m> May Tavlor - Family home

Member seventy Crossed plains five times for immi-
grants. Mail carrier in early days. Rancher and farmer.
Died Jan. 5, 1912, Salt Lake City.

, CHARLES NORTHROP (son of Charles North-
Sa?t Lk CM Margaret Ann Malin). Born Aug. 3, 1857,

Married Samantha Jane Russell July 5, 1877. Kamas
Utah (daughter of Charles L. Russell and Samantha Tane

SSSJ SSf-MSHg; r inT^t^S^nYha 7 -^ -


Member seventies. Farmer.

WOODARD, JEDEDIAH (son of Charles Northrop Wood-
ard and Margaret Ann Malin). Born Jan. 2, 1863, Salt Lake

Married Evaline Vilate Russell Feb. 9, 1880, Rockport
Summit Co Utah, and later in Salt Lake temple (daugh-
ter of Charles Russell and Samantha Jane Buckland of
Kamas, Utah, pioneers). She was born Sept. 6, 1863, Kamas.
Utah. Their children: Jedediah Jr. b. 1881 m Frantv Roip-
Calvin, m. Millie Swift; William W., m Millie Wnitl :
! OI 7 ; 4 U1 ,l e G? rtrude : E<J itl May; James Clifford; Perii
Summit^o Utah y: Charles A1 P har <J. Family home Kamas,

Missionary to southern states 1901-03; high priest; second
counselor to bishop of Park City ward; high councilor,
Summit stake. County commissioner, Summit county
Farmer. Merchant.

WOODBJIRY, JEREMIAH (son of John Woodbury and Marv
Ward of Massachusetts). Born March 9, 1791 Leverett
Mass. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1847, Abraham OSmoot

Married Elizabeth Bartlett June 20, 1815, Montague.
Franklin county, Mass, (daughter of Daniel Bartlett and
^o? na v, Wo0d ,'? u r5 r f Montague). who was born April 24,
1794. Their children: William Hamilton, m. Clarissa Howe-
Joseph Jeremy, m. Mary Lindsay; Thomas Robert m'
Katherine R Haskell; John Stillman, m. Martha Alice Par-
ker; Orin Nelson, m. Ann Cannon; Susan Elizabeth; Hannah
Maria, m. Thales Haskell. Family home New Salem Frank
lin county. Mass.

i: patriarch - Farmer ' Dled

WOODBURT, THOMAS ROBERT (son of Jeremiah Wood-
bury and Elizabeth Bartlett, of Massachusetts). Born July
4, 1822, in Massachusetts. Came to Utah Sept. 29 1847
George B. Wallace company.

Married Katherine R. Haskell May 8, 1842, New Salem
Mass, (daughter of Samuel Haskell and Elizabeth Rey-
nolds of New Salem), who was born July 6 1816 Their
children: Elizabeth b. 1843, d. infant; John H. b. Sept 'll 1845
Nauvoo, 111., m. Alexina Bray May 10, 1870; Catherine b'
June 1850, d. infant; Thomas H. b. June 3, 1852, m Marv
Alice Lambert June 10, 1872; Mary C. b. March 29 1857
m. Joseph H. Stay May 8, 1877. Family home, Salt Lake

Married Harriet Miller in 1850. Their children- Eliza-
beth b. May 30, 1852, died as result of accident is'66- Wil
liam J. b. Nov. 25, 1857, m. Louisa Stay Nov. 28 1878

Missionary to "Dixie" 1861; bishop's counselor- in charge
of deacons quorum. Postmaster at Grafton, Utah Presi
dent Horticultural Society several years. Nurseryman and
farmer. Died June 6, 1898, Salt Lake City.



WOODBURT, THOMAS H. (son of Thomas H. Woodbury
and Katherine R. Haskell). Born June 3, 1852, Salt Lake

Married Mary Alice Lambert June 10, 1872, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Lambert and Mary Alice Cannon
of Salt Lake City, pioneers 184U). She was born July 14,
1852. Their children: Thomas L. b. April 5, 1873, m. Maud
Bowring; Maria L. b. Nov. 9, 1874, m. Ed. J. Liddle, m.
Thomas W. Ross; Mary Alice b. Dec. 6, 1876, d. infant;
Charles b. Jan. 4, 1879, m. Sarah Peart; George b. Jan. 16,
1881, d. infant; Ella F. b. March 20. 1883, m. Richard
Osborne; Katherine b. July 31, 1885; Loretta b. April 25,
1887, m. Eli B. Rogers; Richard b. Feb. 22, 1889, d. infant;
Myrtle b. April 11, 1891, m. Reinhold Doelle; Irene b. Feb.
6, 1893, d. April 30, 1906; Annie b. March 22, 1895; Elias b.
April 3, 1898. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 123d quorum seventies; high priest and visiting
high priest. Farmer.

WOODBURT, JOHN STILLMAN (son of Jeremiah Wood-
bury and Elizabeth Bartlett). Born Nov. 20, 1825, New
Salem, Mass. Came to Utah with father.

Married Martha Alice Parker Dec. 27, 1864, Beaver, Utah
(daughter of Robert Parker and Ann Hartley of Beaver,
pioneers October, 1856, Daniel D. McArthur handcart com-
pany). She was born May 22, 1846. Their children: John
S. b. Nov. 16, 1865, m. May Higbee July 17, 1895; Martha
A. b. Aug. 16, 1867; Franklin J. b. Oct. 9, 1868, m. Vivien
M. Watson; Arthur H. b. Jan. 5, 1871, m. Harriet Pickett;
Robert P. b. Jan. 17, 1873, m. Penelope Thompson; Ada
E. b. April 21, 1875, m. George R. Scott; Max W. b. June
13, 1877, m. Kate Forsha; Nellie b. June 16, 1881, m. Lorenzo
Bringhurst; Charles T. b. Oct. 7, 1883; Ann R. b. Feb. 8,
1886, m. Rudger Amundson; S. Camilla b. Dec. 28, 1887, m.
John A. Judd. Family home St. George, Utah.

Joined Church of L. D. S. Aug. 27, 1841, at New Salem,
Mass. Went to Nauvoo, 111., summer of 1842, where he par-
ticipated in tribulations of his people. Ordained an elder
in the summer of 1844 and at October conference Oct. 8,
1844, was ordained a seventy. Left Nauvoo in spring of
18-46, journeying to Council Bluffs and thence across the
plains to Salt Lake City. Missionary to Hawaiian Islands,
1851-56, 1857-58, and 1877-79. Assisted in developing
southern Utah; settled near St. George, where he engaged
in farming, horticulture and fruit-tree nursery business.
Home missionary, St. George stake; high priest; member
high council, St. George stake; patriarch. Served in the
militia, standing guard during trouble with the Indians.

WOODFIELD, JOHN (son of Thomas Woodfield and Ann
Hasson of Warwickshire, Eng. ; former died in 1859, latter
in 1897). He was born near Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Eng. Drove oxteam to Utah 1862, Kimball and Lawrence

Married Rachel Roylance 1865 (daughter of William Roy-
lance and Mary Yarwood of Ogden). Their children: Mary
Ann, m. James Dudman; Jane, m. William A. Chadwick;
Rachel, d. aged 18; Charlotte, m. Albert Ward; Elizabeth;
John A., m. May Chadwick; Thomas A., d. aged 30; Isabel;
Emily, m. Ward Fisher; Rosene, m. William McEntire; Wil-
liam G. ; Harriet E., m. Norton Bowns. Family home North
Ogden, Utah.

Elder. Settled at North Ogden 1865. Watermaster for
the Cold Water Creek Irrigation Co.; director and presi-
dent North Ogden Irrigation Co. Breeder of thoroughbred
stock; farmer; holds many prizes for the excellence of
his wheat and barley; an exhibit of his seeds having re-
ceived honorable mention at the World's Columbian Expo-
sition 1893, in Chicago.

WOODHEAD, WILLIAM (son of Richard Woodhead and
Grace Wheater of Gowdle, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born May 19,
1805, at Gowdle. Came to Utah October, 1855, Milo Andrus

Married Charlotte Spencely 1819, Grlmsby, Lincoln, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Spencely and Ann Wright of
Grimsby), who was born June 13, 1803. Their children:
Grace b. July 1830, d. infant; George Thomas b. 1831, m.
Caroline Lane; Richard b. 1833, d. 1834; Sarah Ann b. 1835,
m. Robert G. Berrett; Charlotte E. b. Oct. 19, 1837, m.
James Lofthouse; Richard Spencely b. 1840, d. 1844. Family
home Paradise, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died Dec. 10, 1885.

M. Slaughter Aug. 22, 1890; Mary b. 1873, died; Emily Ger-
trude b. Sept. 20, 1876, m. Thomas W. Forrester. Family
home Beaver, Utah.

Elder. Veteran Indian war. Assisted in bringing Immi-
grants to Utah. Postmaster. Freighter. Merchant and

Chambers Woodhouse and Sophia Kershaw). Born Sept.
27, 1871.

Married Catherine M. Slaughter Aug. 22, 1890, Beaver,
Utah (daughter of Samuel N. Slaughter and Annie Huey,
pioneers 1860, Nephi Johnson company). She was born
April 10, 1871, Beaver, Utah. Their children: Katherine
Sophia b. Feb. 29, 1891; George Ambrose b. Aug. 21, 1894;
Anthony Forrester b. Oct. 19, 1899; Nathaniel Charles b.
Aug. 30, 1901; Ida Evangeline b. Sept. 30, 1904; Alden Le
Roy b. Nov. 28, 1907; Clara, b. June 3, 1911. .

President elders quorum; choir director. Leader Beaver
brass band; instructor of band and orchestra at Murdock
1904-1910. Proprietor of saddlery and implement business

WOODHOUSE, JOHN (son of Charles Woodhouse, born
Aug. 13, 1806, Adwick Lee Street, Mexborough, Yorkshire,
Eng., and Ann Long, born Oct. 6, 1807, Mexborough married
Oct. 6, 1829). He was born July 21, 1830, Adwick Lee
Street, Mexborough. Came to Utah Sept. 10, 1852, Hyrum
Jepson company.

Married Emma Smith Thomas (daughter of Daniel S.
Thomas and Martha P. Jones, pioneers 1849, Redick Allred
company married in Kentucky). She was born Oct. 21,
1836, and came to Utah with parents. Their children: Mor-
gan T. b. March 31, 1855, m. Matilda House Nov. 2, 1874;
John D. b. June 17, 1859, m. Rosabel Karren February
1882; Wilford b. March 14, 1861, m. Mary Jane Molan Jan.
1, 1881; Charles b. Jan. 19, 1864, m. Rosalie Carter Jan. 21,
1880; Isaac b. Aug. 5, 1868, m. Matilda Wines March 18,
1891; Arzie b. Sept. 7, 1870; Harden b. Oct. 14, 1874, m.
Iseline Bray Jan. 17, 1900.

Bishop's clerk Cedar City, Iron Co., Utah, 1854-56; or-
dained priest in England June 1, 1849; missionary to In-
dians, Iron county, Utah; ordained a seventy 1854; mis-
sionary to Las Vegas, N. M., 1856; called to White Mountain
mission; went to Missouri river with John R. Murdock
company 1862 as clerk, commissary and general assistant
to the captain; missionary to England Sept. 9, 1874; ap-
pointed to preside over the Leeds conference Sept. 15, 1875;
was then transferred to and made president of the Bristol
conference; appointed to take company of immigrants to
Utah May 24, 1876, arriving in Salt Lake City June 14,
1876. Went to Provo November, 1852; to Cedar City 1853;
and from there to Beaver, July 1858. Probate and county
clerk Beaver City, Beaver Co., Utah, 1858-62, also county
recorder of Beaver county; justice of peace at Lehl, Utah,
1865-69; city alderman at Lehi 1867-70; justice of peace at
Lehi 1891-92 and one more term; deputy assessor and col-
lector four years. Secretary and treasurer of Lehl Irri-
gation Co. 23 years. Saltpeter manufacturer 1859.

WOODLAND, JOHN (son of John Woodland and Mary
Brown of Virginia). Born March 27, 1772, Norfolk, Va.
Came to Utah October, 1850, Gardner Snow company.

Married Celia Steepleford in 1818 in Illinois (daughter
of Noah Steepleford and Molly Sanders of Barren county,
Ky.). Their children: Polly, m. John Wakley; Nancy, m.
James Whitaker; James; Elizabeth; John, Jr.; Noah; Wil-
liam W.; Celia; Henry H.; Solomon A.; Thomas; Lucinda;
Martha Jane; Daniel B. Family home WillaVd, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died Nov. 8, 1868.

WOODLAND, WILLIAM WEST (son of John Woodland).
Born 1830. Came to Utah in 1848.

Married Laura Peters, who came to Utah in 1848. Their
children: William W. ; Laura L., m. Henry S. Tanner; Celia,
m. Dimic Cooper; Dicey, m. B. W. Henderson; Thomas
M., m. Mamie Anderson; Lilian, m. James T. Henderson;
Polly, m. John Henderson; Mary; Daniel P.; Charlotte, m.
Jesse Reader; Pearl, m. C. Chadwick. Family home Oneida,

High priest. Farmer and stockraiser. Died at Salt Lake

Wopdhouse, born Aug. 13, 1806, and Ann Long, born Oct.
6, 1807, of England married Oct. 6, 1829). He was born
March 5, 1832, at Adwick Lee Street, Mexborough, York-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 10, 1852, Hyrum Jepson

Married Sophia Kershaw March 15, 1855 (daughter of
Abram Kershaw and Alice Buckley, married 1815, White-
fteld, Lancastershlre, Eng., pioneers Sept. 17, 1850, David
Evans company). She was born Aug. 24, 1834, and came
to Utah with parents. Their children: Alice Ann b. March
4, 1856, m. James R. Lindsay; Charles Chambers, Jr., b.
Feb. 14, 1858; Norman b. June 13, 1861, m. Belle Wiley; Ida
Sophia b. Feb. 4, 1863, m. John B. Gehr; Fredrick b. Aug.
27, 1865; Florence Nightingale b. July 1867, m. George
Cockett; George Washington b. Sept. 27, 1871, m. Catherine

WOODMAN SEE, CHARLES (son of James Woodmansee,
born Dec. 17, 1793, died March 8, 1849, Burlington, Iowa,
and Sarah Terrill, born April 4, 1804, died 1848, Burling-
ton). He was born March 4, 1828, Highland Co., Ohio.
Came to Utah in 1853, Joel Terrill company.

Married Harriet Eleanor Porter Sept. 4, 1864, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Abram Porter, born Feb. 3, 1807, Liv-
ingston county, N. Y., died June 19, 1885, Ogden, Utah, and
Marcia Maria Bisbee, born Oct. 24, 1805, Cumralngton,
Hampshire county, Mass., died Nov. 22, 1867, Ogden, Utah,
pioneers Oct. 7. 1863, Augustus Canfleld company). She
was born Oct. 16, 1848, Livingston county, N. Y., and came
to Utah with her parents. Their children: Minnie b. July
27, 1865, m. Lorenzo Farr March 3, 1882, m. S. S. Smith Nov.
7, 1900; Charles Henry b. June 4, 1867, m. Vilate Pincock
Oct. 26, 1887; Marcia Annis b. Nov. 10, 1869, d. April 5,



1883; Henrietta b. Dec. 11, 1871, m. John Douglass Watson
June 17, 1891; Samuel Porter b. June 6, 1874, m. Arminta
Little April 4, 1893, m. Alice Amelia Ashley May 30, 1897;
James Albert b. Aug. 19, 1876, m. Elizabeth Ann Moyes
Dec. 31, 1895; Joan Adelle b. Dec. 9, 1878, m. Walter Rollo
Emmett Oct. 10, 1900; Sarah Maria b. Nov. 24, 1881; Wini-
fred b. March 28, 1884, m. Walter John Poulton April 24.
1907; Belva b. Sept. 30, 1886, m. Merrill Nibley April 27,
1909. Family home, Ogden.

Settled at Salt Lake City, where he engaged in the
mercantile business with his brothers under the flrm name
of Woodmansee Bros.; in 1854 he moved to Ogden, where
he continued in the mercantile business. In 1870 he estab-
lished the Woodmansee theater at Ogden. After a suc-
cessful course of 11 years he closed the theater and remod-
eled the building into a business house. He then engaged
in agriculture, horticulture and improved his realty hold-
ings. Died March 24, 1894, Ogden, Utah.

mansee and Harriet Eleanor Porter). Born June 4, 1867,
Ogden, Utah.

Married Vilate Pincock Oct. 26, 1887, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of John Pincock, born July 27, 1830, Lancastershire,
Eng., died Dec. 15, 1905, Ogden, Utah, and Isabel Douglass,
born Nov. 1, 1833, Lancastershire married Feb. 5, 1856,
pioneers Aug. 27, 1852, John Parker company). She was
born Aug. 24, 1867, Ogden, Utah. Their children: Grace
b Dec. 29, 1888, m. Earner Beasley Dec. 22, 1912; Pearl b.
Sept. 11, 1890, d. Oct. 16, 1890; Charles Raymond b. Oct.
21. 1891, d. May 24, 1911; Clyde b. Oct. 25, 1893; Ethel b.
May 27, 1896. d. infant; Glenn Douglass b. May 1, 1897;
Henry and Harvey (twins) b. June 3, 1899; Marion b. Oct.
18, 1901; John b. Sept. 5, 1905. Family resided Ogden, Utah,
and Rexburg, Idaho.

Counselor to the stake president Thomas E. Bassett;
member academy board of directors. Commissioner Fre-
mont county, Idaho. One of the incorporators and presi-
dent First National Bank of Rexburg. Farmer.

mansee and Harriet Eleanor Porter). Born June 6, 1874.

^Married Arminta Little April 4, 1893, Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of William Henry Little, born 1843, Augusta. Ga.. and
Elizabeth Inglett, born 1844, Augusta, who came to Utah
1891). She was born April 3, 1870, Augusta. Their chil-
dren- Lucile b. April 20, 1894, m. Andrew P. Gallacher Sept.
18. 1912; Blanch b. Sept. 5, 1895; Ima b. March 15, 1897.
Family resided Ogden, Utah, and Rexburg, Idaho.

Married Alice Amelia Ashley May 30, 1897, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Albert Flower Ashley, born June 15, 1849,
Somersetshire, Eng., and Sarah Elizabeth Parker, born Feb.
7 1845 Redford, Nottinghamshire, died May 30, 1891, Work-
sop) She was born May 12, 1874, Worksop, Eng. Came
to Utah Oct. 25, 1889. Their children: Thelma b. Feb. 5.
1898- Ruth b. May 12, 1900. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Moved to Rexburg, Idaho, 1894, and engaged in farm-
ing and stockraising. He returned to Ogden, Utah, 1896,
where he engaged in the building and contracting business.

WOODMANSEE, JAMES ALBERT (son of Charles Wood-
mansee and Harriet Eleanor Porter). Born Aug. 19, 1876,

Carried Elizabeth Ann Moyes Dec. 31, 1895, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Robert Hutchison Moyes, born Jan. 1, 1844,
Paisley, Scotland, and Lucy Agnes Wilson, born Nov. 20,
1855, Wilson, Weber Co., Utah, died Oct. 28, 1889, Ogden,
Utah married Dec. 31, 1872. in Ogden, pioneers Sept. 22,
1868, Edward T. Mumford company). She was born May
5 1878 Ogden, Utah. Their children: James Albert b.
1896- Carl Moyes b. Nov. 15. 1898; Charles Thurman b.
April 2, 1901; Robert Irving b. May 20, 1903; LeRoy b.
Feb 5 1905; Lucy b. March 1. 1907; Alice b. Aug. 7, 1909;
Eleanor b. June 2, 1912. Family resided at Ogden, Utah,
and Rexburg, Idaho.

Moved to Rexburg, Idaho, 1900, where he is engaged
in farming.

WOODRUFF, APHEK (son of Eldad Woodruff and Dina
Woodford, both of Farmington, Hartford county, Conn.).

Married Beulah Thompson. Their child: Wilford, m.
Phoebe Whitmore Carter.

WOODRUFF, WILFORD (son of Aphek Woodruff and
Beulah Thompson). Born March 1, 1807, West Avon, Conn.
Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Phoebe Whittemore Carter April 13. 1837. Scar-
boro Me. (daughter of Ezra Carter and Sarah Fabyan of
Scarboro). She was born March 8, 1807. Their children:
Sara Emma. d. infant; Wilford, Jr., m. Emily Jane Smith
Oct. 12, 1867; Phoebe Amelia, m. Lorenzo Snow; Susan
Cornelia, m. Robert Scholes; Joseph, Ezra and Sarah Car-
ter, latter three d. infants; Beulah Augusta, m. H. S. Beatie;
Aphek d. infant. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Emma Smith March 13, 1852, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel Smith and Martishia Smoot of Salt
Lake City, pioneers Oct. 14, 1850, Wilford Woodruff com-
pany). She was born March 1, 1838. Their children:
Hyrum Smith b. Oct. 4, 1857, d. Nov. 24, 1858; Emma M.
b. July 4, 1860 (deceased), m. Henry Woodruff; Asahel
Hart b. Feb. 3, 1863, m. Naomi Abbott Butterworth; Ann
Thompson b. April 10, 1S67, d. April 11, 1867; Clara Mar-
tishia b. July 23, 1869, m. O. C. Beebe; Abraham Owen b.

Nov. 23, 1872 (deceased), m. Helen May Winters; Mary
Alice b. Jan. 1, 1879, m. William McEwan.

Married Sarah Brown March 13, 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Brown, killed at Lexington, Mo., April
9, 1852, on his way to Utah, and Rhoda North, who lived
near Cleveland, Ohio, latter a pioneer 1852). She was born
Jan. 1, 1834, and died at Salt Lake City. Their children:
David Patten b. April 4, 1854, m. Arabelle J. Hatch; Brig-
ham Young b. Jan. 18, 1857, drowned June 16, 1877; Phoebe
Arabella b. May 30, 1859, m. Jesse T. Moses; Sylvia Melvina
b. Jan. 14, 1862, m. Heber John Thompson; Newton b. Nov.
3, 1863, m. Millie Partington; Mary b. Oct. 26, 1867; Charles
Henry b. Dec. 5, 1870; Edward Randolph b. Feb. 2, 1873.
Family resided Salt Lake City and Randolph, Utah.

Married Sarah Delight Stocking July 31, 1857, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of John J. Stocking and Catherine
Ensign of Connecticut, pioneers 1848). She was born July
26, 1838, and died at Salt Lake City. Their children:
Marion, m. Bertha Christian Stephenson; Emeline, m. David
C. Burrows; Ensign, m. Isabell Shields; Jeremiah, died;
Rosanna; John J., m. Annie Neilson; Julia Delight S., m.
John Rubin Park. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Assisted in laying out Salt Lake City, in building the
"Old Fort," and in exploring the valley of the Great Salt
Lake; returned to the Missouri river autumn of 1848 with
President Brigham Young. Missionary to eastern states
1848-50. Agriculturist. First president Utah Horticultural
Society, which was organized in 1855; also president of
Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society. In 1881
succeeded Orson Pratt as church historian, holding this
position until he became president of the Mormon church.
Became president of the St. George temple at time of its
dedication 1877. Ordained an apostle April 26, 1839, and
in October, 1880, was sustained president of the quorum
of twelve apostles; and was sustained president of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints April 9,
1889. The famous "Manifesto" discontinuing the practice
of plural marriage in the church was issued by him Sept.
24, 1890, and was accepted by the church at the general
conference held at Salt Lake City the following October.
President Z. C. M. I., Utah Sugar Company and Zion's
Savings Bank and Trust Company. Died Sept. 2, 1898,

San Francisco, Cal.


WOODRUFF, WILFORD, JR. (son of Wilford Woodruff and
Phoebe Whittemore Carter). Born March 22, 1840, at
Montrose, Iowa. Came to Utah Oct. 14, 1850, Wilford Wood-
ruff company.

Married Emily Jane Smith Oct. 12, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ellas A. Smith and Lucy Brown of Salt Lake
City). She was born Oct. 28, 1850. Their children: Lucy
Emily b. Jan. 10, 1869, m. George Albert Smith; Wilford
Smith b. Sept. 25, 1871, m. Fannie M. Carrington; Ellas
S. b. Dec. 15, 1873, m. Nellie Davies; Asahel b. March 3,
1876, died. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1863-66; member presidency of
high priest Liberty stake. Worked in Salt Lake temple.
Farmer and general workman.

WOODRUFF, ASAHEL H. (son of Wilford Woodruff and
Emma Smith). Born Feb. 3, 1863, at Salt Lake City.

Married Naomi Abbott Butterworth Dec. 14, 1887, Salt
Lake City (daughter of William Butterworth and Mary
Rose of Mill Creek, Utah, pioneers 1873). She was born
March 21, 1864. Their children: Roxie Norma b. Oct. 26,
1888; Beulah b. Sept. 3, 1890, m. Lawrence G. Naylor;
Asahel Hart b. Feb. 13, 1893; Douglas Owen b. July 10,
1895; Emma Rose b. Oct. 6, 1899; Kenneth Claud b. Nov.
9. 1905. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Bishop Waterloo ward. Manager Z. C. M. I. wholesale
dry goods department 1893; director Zion's Savings Bank
1905; director Deseret Building Society.

WOODRUFF, DAVID PATTEN (son of Wilford Woodruff
and Sarah Brown). Born April 4, 1854, at Salt Lake City.

Married Arabelle Jane Hatch Feb. 19, 1877, Logan, Utak
(daughter of Jeremiah and Louisa Alexander Hatch of
Lehi, formerly of Nauvoo, 111., pioneers September, 1850).
She was born April 2, 1859. Their children: Sarah Amy
b. Dec. 10, 1877, m. John E. Bennion; Phoebe A. b. Sept.
20 1879, m. Peter E. Fleming; David Patten b. Aug. 24,
1881. m. Alice Hinman; Wilford L. b. Aug. 3, 1883, m. Ger-
trude Atkins; Willard C. b. Aug. 3. 1883. m. Martha Perry;
Jeremiah b. Oct. 23, 1885, m. Tura Newby; Louisa A. b.
Nov. 20, 1887, m. Olive H. Caldwell; Mary b. Sept. 14, 1889,
m Arthur Vickery; Erma A. b. May 7, 1891, m. Ellsworth
Bevans; Torrey B. N. b. Nov. 15, 1894; Beulah A. b. Oct.
1, 1896. Family reside Smithfield and Vernal, Utah, Bur-
lington, Wyo., Cardston and Alberta, Canada.

Bishop's counselor; high councilor Big Horn stake. As-
sessor and collector Uintah Co., Utah, 1891-92; treasurer
Big Horn county, Wyo.. 1896-1900.

WOODRUFF, ENSIGN (son of Wilford Woodruff and Sarah

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