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Married Mary Ann Burnham (widow) 1846, at Nauvoo,
111. Their children: Elmyra, m. Robert Russell Clarentine,
m. Jasper Conrad.

Married Sarah Jane Kinsman (widow) 1868, at Salt Lake
City Endowment house (daughter of James Snow of Provo,
Utah). Their children: Edward; Sarah Kinsman, died.

Senior president all quorums of seventies. Church of J.
C. of L. D. S. ; missionary to eastern states 1844; minister
of Gospel. Died July 16, 1881.

YOUNG, SEYMOUR B. (son of Joseph Young and Jane
Adeline Bicknell). Born Oct. 3, 1837, Kirtland, Ohio. Came
to Utah 1850, Wilford Woodruff company.

Married Elizabeth Ann Riter, April, 1867, at Salt Lake
City Endowment house (daughter of Levt E. Riter and
Rebecca Dalworth, of Chester county. Pa., pioneers Oct.
2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant company). She was born 1847,
at Winter Quarters, in Nebraska. Came to Utah with
parents. Their children: Seymour B., m. Loulne Clawson;
Lillie, m. Melvin D. Wells; Florence Pearl; Joseph B., died;
Ada L., m. Thomas J. Lambert; Louis C., died; Elma; Levl
Edgar, m. Valina Brinton; Clifford Earl, m. Edith Grant;
Bernice, m. Orson Rogers; Irene; Hortense C.

Married Abbie C. Wells April, 1884, at Salt Lake City
Endowment house (daughter of Daniel H. Wells and Han-
nah C. Free, of Salt Lake City, pioneers in 1848. Daniel H.
Wells company). She was born in September, 1852. Their
children: Hannah L., m. Allen Clark; Alice, died.

Senior president first council of seventies; missionary to
Great Britain 1857 and in 1870. City health officer Salt Lake
City four years; veteran Union army 1862; corporal, Lot
Smith company, in Black Hawk war, and at Western Tooele
and Cedar Mountains. Physician and surgeon.

YOUNG, LORENZO DOW (son of John Young of New
Hampshire). He was born Oct. 9. 1807, Hillsboro. N. H.
Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Persis Goodall (daughter of Noel Goodall and
Mary Swain, of England). She was born March 15, 1806.
Their children: William Goodall, m. Delia Clark; Joseph

Watson, m. Katy , m. Loretta Eldredge, m. Julia T.

Adams; Harriet Maria, m. Joseph Gurnsey Brown; John R.;
Perry Le Grand, m. Abbina Terry, m. Tamar Jane Black;

Franklin Wheeler, m. Nancy Leonard Green, m. Anna ;

Lorenzo Sabisky, m. Sarah Amelia Black. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

High priest; bishop 18th ward, Salt Lake City, 1850.
Farmer; stock and wool grower. Died October, 1895.

YOUNG, LORENZO SABISKY (son of Lorenzo Dow Young
and Persis Goodall). He was born March 9, 1841, Win-
chester, 111. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Sarah Amelia Black July 15, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Black and Emma Jane Washburn,
of Illinois, pioneers in 1849). She was born July 13, 1854.
Their children: Joseph Watson b. Jan. 22, 1873, m. Delight
McConnel; Persis Amy b. Oct. 15, 1874, m. Orville Claud
Roberts; Lorenzo Dow b. May 18, 1877, m. Rose Bassell;
Howard William b. Feb. 2, 1880, m. Lucy Thomas; Sabisky
Grant b. April 16, 1882, d. aged 19; Gurnsey Brown b. Jan.
3. 1884; Charles Ray b. Sept. 1. 1886, m. Christina Gilbert;
Benjamin Franklin b. May 17, 1889; Angus b. April 14, 1891;
Tamar b. Dec. 1, 1893; Chillas b. Aug. 18, 1897; Orville Harry
b. Jan. 26. 1900. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Early settler In "Dixie" country. High priest. Farmer.

YOUNG, PERRY LE GRAND (son of Lorenzo Dow Young
and Hannah Hewitt). Born Nov. 1, 1858, Salt Lake City.

Married Elinor Telle Young Feb. 1, 1883, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Phineas Young and Elinor Maria James,
of Salt Lake City, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young
company). She was born Oct. 4, 1858. Their children:
Lorenzo Clifford b. Jan. 20, 1884, m. Susie Colton; Lyle
Le Grand b. Feb. 16, 1886; Brigham Willard b. Nov. 5,
1888; Dallas Huber b. Jan. 6, 1S92. Family home Vernal,

High priest. Deputy marshal Vernal, Utah; postmaster
at Vernal three years. Farmer; stockraiser; contractor.

YOUNG, H. PHINEAS (son of John Young and Abigail Howe,
Hopkinton, Middlesex county, Mass.). Born Feb. 16, 1799,
Hopkinton. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Clarissa Hamilton Sept. 28, 1818, at Auburn,
N. Y. Their children: Brigham H., m. Cedenia Clark;
Abigail. Family home Auburn, N. Y.

Married Lucy Cowdery. Their children: Harriet, m.
Edwin C. Williamson; Adelaide, m. Abner Bevan; Phineas
and Sarah, d. young. Family home Nauvoo, 111.

Married Phoeba Clark. Their children: Cedenia, d. in-
fant; Celeste, m. James Pack; Virgin!, m. James Carrl-
gan; Seraph, m. Henry White; Julia, m. Frederick Chand-
ler; Phineas, m. Helena ; Seymour, d. young; William,

m. Margret Stanley.

Married Elinor Maria James 1856, at Salt Lake City



(daughter of William James and Mary Williams, of Lug-
wardine, Herefordshire, Eng., latter pioneer). She was born
Nov. 27. 1827. Their children: Elinor Tlllle, m. Perry La
Grande Young; Marian Ross, m. Alonzo Mitchell; Emellne
Free, m. Leon Pack; May Isobel, m. Dan Lambert. Last
two families resided Salt Lake City.

Bishop of 2nd ward at Salt Lake City; missionary to
England and Canada. Early printer In Salt Lake City;
mall contractor and saddler. Died Oct. 10, 1876.

YOUNG, ROBERT D. (son of Archibald M. Young of Klr-
kintolloch, born 1822, and Mary Graham of Glasgow, Scot-
land, born 1832, at Glasgow). Born July 24, 1867, at Kir-
ktntolloch. Came to Utah 1872.

Married Mary S. Parker Oct. 28, 1891 (daughter of Joseph
E. Parker and Mary Ross, former pioneer 1851, latter 1852).
She was born Aug. 18, 1872, at Kanosh, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Robert Orval b. Oct. 30, .1892; Rodney Dixon b. June
6, 1894; Mary Velma b. March 25, 1896; Archibald Bryant
b. Feb. 26, 1899; Lauretta b. Feb. 16, 1901; Beatrice Sonoma
b. Sept. 28, 1906; Huldah Isabell b. July 27. 1908; Joseph
Llewellyn b. Nov. 21, 1910.

Missionary to Australia 1901-03; counselor to stake pres-
ident: stake president. City councilman three terms.
Superintendent Western Construction Co.; manager Rlch-
neld Implement Co.

and Catherine Cunningham of Renfrew, Scotland). Born
Oct. 31, 1825, at Renfrew. Came to Utah August, 1852, Cap-
tain Jepson company.

Married Mary Hay Oct 8, 1856, Salt Lake City (daughter
of William Hay and Margaret Frazer of Paisley, Scotland),
who was born April 21, 1821. Their children: Thomas
b. Sept. 14, 1857, m. Emma Susannah Bowen; William Hay
b. Dec. 31, 1858; Margaret b. Nov. 22, 1860, m. D. J. Bowen;
Catherine b. March 9, 1862; Robert Cunningham b. July

25, 1863 (d. Nov. 10, 1901), m. Bianca Osborne, m. Selma
Danfelson; Isabella Mary b. Feb. 25, 1865 (d. Nov. 10, 1901),
m. Myron John Richards. Family home Perry, Utah.

Elder. Died May 6, 1868.

ningham Young and Mary Hay). Born Sept. 14, 1857, Perry,

Married Emma Susannah Bowen July 10, 1884, Logan,
Utah (daughter of David Bowen and Annie Shackleton,
of Salt Lake City, Utah. Father came to Utah Sept.

26, 1856, Edmund Ellsworth handcart company). Their
children: Ernest Thomas b. May 11, 1885; Le Roy Bowen
b. April 19, 1887; Annie b. Feb. 25, 1892, d. infant; Mary
b. Feb. 22, 1894; Stella b. Feb. 12. 1897; Ora Ellen b. Aug.
23, 1899, d. Infant; David Bowen b. Dec. 11, 1903, d. infant.
Family home Perry, Utah.

Elder; seventy; missionary to New Zealand May 26, 1888-
91; president Hourakl district of that mission.

YOUNG, WILLIAM LOWE (son of Benjamin and Sarah
Lowe Young, of England). Born Feb. 4, 1830. Came to
Utah, Sept. 1, 1860, John Smith company.

Married Helen Bunting Sept. 30, 1850 (daughter of James
and Ann Bunting, former died in England, latter pioneer
1860, John Smith company). She was born Sept. 6, 1827.
Family resided Spanish Fork, Salt Lake City, Kaysville
and Preston, Utah.

Married Julia Widdisen Reeves Aug. 8, 1870, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Abraham Reeves and Bessie Widdisen,
pioneers 1868). Their children: William Francis Lowe b.
July 23, 1871, d. April 10, 1878; Eunice Elizabeth b. Nov.
23, 1872, m. James D. Dawson Oct. 1900 (d. Jan. 15,
1910); George b. March 10, 1874, m. Rosetta Barf us May
15, 1901; Urban b. Oct. 17, 1876, m. Annie Mlchelson Dec.
31, 1908; Ernest b. May 17, 1877 (d. In Windsor, Can.), m.
Mary Draper; Nathan b. June 4, 1879, d. Sept. 14, 1880; Julia
b March 28, 1881, d. Aug. 16, 1881; William Henry b. Feb.
4, 1883. Family resided Kaysville, Utah, and Preston, Idaho.

Veteran Black Hawk war. Helped survey townslte of
Preston, Idaho. Helped build first railroad in Utah.

ZABRISKIE, LEWIS (son of Christian Zabrlskle and Eliza-
beth Morgan, of Hackensack, N. J.). Born March 8, 1796,
in New York. Came to Utah in 1849.

Married Amelia Burton Sept. 9, 1822. Their children:
William b. June 29, 1823, died; Alva b. March 26, 1825, m.
Susan Roberts; Elizabeth b. Sept. 9, 1827, died; Sarah b.
Jan. 19, 1830, m. Dr. Dennis; Susanna b. Nov. 29, 1832; Amy
b. May 5, 1835, died.

Married Jane Porter Reed Sept. 3, 1835. Their children:
Julian and Cynthia Ann (twins) b. Feb. 24, 1843; Phoebe
b. Feb. 2, 1846; Arvllla b. April 14, 1848; Luctnda Jane b.
Feb. 19, 1850; Lewis John b. July 2. 1852; Emily b. March
12, 1855; Oran b. Nov. 27, 1867; Charles William b. Aug.
1, 1860.

Married Elizabeth Wise Oct. 26, 1872. Families resided
Provo, Utah.

Farmer. Died April 7, 1884, McCloud, Kan.

ZABRISKIE, ALVA (son of Lewis Zabriskie and Amelia
Burton). Born March 25, 1825. Came to Utah In 1849.

Married Susan Roberts June 25, 1854, Provo, Utah (daugh-
ter of Horace Roberts and Harriet McEvers, of Provo, pio-
neers 1851, Gordon Grove company). She was born Feb.
16, 1834. Their children: Alva Marcellus b. Feb. 17, 1855,
m. Emma Hooper; George Albert b. Nov. 15, 1856, m. Annie
Christina Jensen; Horace Ephraim b. May 15, 1858, m.
Delia Snow. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 70th quorum seventies. Early settler In Provo.
Veteran Black Hawk Indian war. Farmer. Died Jan. 8,

ZABRISKIE, ALVA MARCELLUS (son of Alva Zabriskie
and Susan Roberts). Born Feb. 17, 1855, Provo, Utah.

Married Emma Brain, at Provo, Utah (daughter of John
Brain and Susan Sinctom, of Bath, Eng.), who was born
June 16, 1857. Their children: Alva Marcellus, Jr.; May,
m. William Martin Roylance; George; Irwin, m. Maud
Daniels; Emma; Walter; Arnold. Family home, Provo.


ZABRISKIE, GEORGE ALBERT (son of Alva Zabriskie and
Susan Roberts). Born Nov. 15, 1856, Provo, Utah.

Married Annie Christina Jensen April 12, 1882, Falrview,
Utah (daughter of Peter Christian Jensen, of Milburn,
Utah, pioneer 1853). She was born Nov. 6, 1865. Their
children: George Alva b. Feb. 1, 1883, m. Mary Brecken-
rldge; Mary Christine b. Nov. 1, 1884, m. Henry W. Sander-
son, Jr.; Susan Cecelia b. Sept. 19, 1886, died; Maud b. Oct.
4, 1888, m. Thomas H. Robinson; John Peter b. Oct. 24,
1890, m. Violet Harding; Sytha Mabel b. Sept. 12, 1892, died;
Claudius b. June 24, 1894; Arvllla Cerena b. Nov. 13, 1896;
Albert Morley b. Oct. 3, 1898; Olive b. Sept. 2, 1900; Zella
Monetah b. Jan. 4, 1903; Coral Ruby b. Feb. 25, 1905. Family
home Vineyard, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher; ward clerk; home missionary;
2d counselor in bishopric of Vineyard ward; superintendent
of Sunday schools, Milburn, Utah, 1885-98. Justice of peace,
Milburn; school trustee. Farmer and fruitgrower.

July 23, 1781, Wurtemberg, Germany. Came to Utah in

Married Julia Ann Hoke, who was born Nov. 27, 1798,
at Wurtemberg. Their children: Jacob b. Dec. 24, 1816,
d. Dec. 14, 1864; Chrestena, m. Abraham Stevens, m. Ezekiel
Hopkins; John, m. Harriet Laura Lamb; Mary; Emanuel;
Catherine; Julia Ann, m. Charles Horatio Drury, m. Wil-
liam Clark; Elizabeth, m. Suel Lamb; Fredricca, m. John
Brown; Rosannah, m. John C. Naegle; Susan, m. John
Naegle, m. William A. Terry. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Superintendent Sunday school, Lehl. First keeper of
toll bridge over Jordan river; school teacher; shoemaker.
Died June 17, 1866.

ZIMMERMAN, JOHN (son of George Gottlab Zimmerman
and Julia Ann Hoke of Franklin, Pa.). Born Oct. 3, 1820,
in Washington county, Md. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Harriet Laura Lamb Sept. 21, 1850, Garden Grove,
Iowa (daughter of Erastus Lamb and Abigail Jackson, of
Wayne county, N. Y.), who was born Dec. 2, 1830, and died
Feb. 22, 1899. Their children: George Erastus, m. Mary
Ann Clark; Harriet Abigail, m. Henry Moroni Royle; Louisa
Emeline, m. Abel John Evans; Margaret, m. Albert Bush-
man; Polly Ann, m. David Lossie; Elizabeth, m. Isaac Fox;
Jullann, m. George Southwick; Saul, m. Flora Bushman;
John,, Jr.; Jacob Henry, and Robert Wilson, died.

Member 68th quorum seventies; high priest; block
teacher. Major In Nauvoo legion; veteran Indian wars;
city councilman. Farmer and sheepraiser. Died November.
1908, Lehl, Utah.

man and Harriet Laura Lamb). Born June 22, 1851, Garden
Grove, Iowa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Mary Ann Clark Aug. 31, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Clark of England, and Jane Stephens
of Newark, N. J., pioneers 1853). She was born March 8,
1859. Their children: Mary Abigail b. June 16, 1875. m.
Charles A. Turner; George Erastus, Jr. b. Dec. 8, 1877, died;
John William b. Jan. 26, 1881. m. Christena Soleborg;
Laura Jane b. Dec. 9, 1883, died; James Erie b. Aug. 22,
1885; Viola b. Aug. 7, 1887, m. Ervin Henry; Valarious b.
Oct. 18, 1890; Saul Stephen b. Oct. 13, 1892; Lester b. Jan.
28, 1895; Zeltha May b. May 8, 1899; Warren Clark b.
Sept. 4, 1904.

Member 127th quorum seventies; high priest; block
teacher 25 years; president deacons quorum second ward;
city councilman Lehi, 1898-99. Member of Nauvoo Legion,
in company of Capt. Joseph Thomas. Pioneer road builder.
Farmer and stockman.

ZOLLINGER, JOHN (son of Helnrlch Zollinger, born Jan.
4, 1750, and Barbara Bram b. April 30, 1752, of Urdorf,
Canton Zurich, Switzerland). He was born June 4, 1795,
at Urdorf. With his family, left his home in Switzerland
in April, 1862, spent nine weeks on the ocean. Came to
Utah Nov. 2, 1862. William H. Dame company.

Married Elizabeth Usteri in 1829 (daughter of Usteri
and Catherine Irmlnger), who was born July 4, 1809. Zurich.
Switzerland, and came to Utah with husband. Their chll-



dren: Ferdinand Johann b. Oct. 18, 1829, m. Louisa Meyer;
Anna b. Nov. 11, 1831, m. John N. Haderli; Johannes b. Oct.
25, 1833, died; Anna Barbara b. Jan. 27, 1835, m. Conrad
Meyer; Elizabetha b. Oct. 18, 1837, m. Jacob Neser; Dorothea
b. Feb. 3, 1841, m. Daniel Law; Jacob b. July 3, 1845, m.
Rosetta Loosli May 9, 1870. Family home Zurich, Switzer-

Settled at Providence, Utah, where he resided until his
death Feb. 18, 1875.

linger and Elizabeth Usteri). Born Oct. 18, 1829, Flunten,
Switzerland. Came to Utah in same company with father.
Married Louisa Meier May 12, 1862 (daughter of Jacob
Meier and Barbara Knecht), who was born Oct. 18, 1829,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Louisa
b. Jan. 24, 1864, m. John Nuffer October, 1886; Ferdinand
b. Jan. 24, 1866, m. Emma Fuhriman Oct. 7, 1892; Bertha
b. Aug. 3, 1867, m. William John Chugg Jan. 9, 1889; Mary
Elizabeth b. March 3. 1870, m. James Bullock Dec. 31, 1890;
Sarah b. July 26, 1875, m. Lorenzo McAllister March 29,

ZOLLINGER, JACOB (son of John Zolllnger and Elizabeth
Usteri). Born July 3. 1845, Urdorf, Switzerland.

Married Rosetta Loosli May 9, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ulrich Loosli and Magdalena Aashimann, pio-
neers Sept. 3, 1860, James D. Ross company). She was
born June 16, 1851, Durrenroth, Switzerland. Their chil-
dren: Jacob Ezra b. May 30, 1871, m. Bertha Aikell Feb.
27, 1901; William Richard b. May 4, 1873, m. Bertha Rosa
Furrer June 3, 1903; John David b. Jan. 17, 1875, m. Jenny
Pearce Dec. 24, 1901; Joseph Hyrum b. Sept. 27, 1877, m.
Laura Aikell Feb. 14, 1905; Rosetta Amelia b. Oct. 17, 1879,
m. John Stauffer Feb. 26, 1908; Henry Moroni b. Oct. 6,
1881, m. Eliza Stirland Feb. 24, 1910; Aaron Arthur b. Oct.
8, 1883, m. Hannah Pearl Nedda Nov. 24. 1909; Mary Magda-
lena b. Nov. 27. 1885; Elizabeth b. May 3, 1888, d. Nov. 1892;
Oliver Herman b. Oct. 15, 1892; Anna Gertrude Geneva b.
Aug. 12, 1895; Daniel Lawrence b. May 20, 1898; Evelyn
Zina Otilla b. Nov. 21, 1900. Family home Providence, Utah.

Went to Missouri River for immigrants 1866; railroad
builder 1868-1869; built meeting- houses. Missionary to
Switzerland 1889-1891; active church worker. Farmer;

ZOLLINGER, WILLIAM RICHARD (son of Jacob Zollinger
and Rosetta Loosli). Born May 4, 1873, Providence, Utah.

Married Bertha Rosa Furrer June 3, 1903, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Christian Furrer and Elizabeth Konig), who
was born Aug. 1, 1878, Klesen canton, Bern, Switzerland.
Their children: Homer William b. June 9, 1904; Ruth Eliza-
beth b. Dec. 31, 1905: Rachel Rosetta b. May 3. 1908; Jessie
Jacob b. Oct. 26, 1911.

Officer in Y. M. M. I. A. 1884-1897; missionary to Switzer-
land 1897-1900; ward clerk 1901-1909; secretary 32d quorum
seventies 1907-1909; high priest; bishop's counselor. Mem-
ber town board; town clerk. Director In several corpora-

Filled a mission to Salmon River in 1855; bishop's coun-
selor to Bishop George Ward and George Facer, of Wlllard
ward 20 years; bishop of Willard Ward for fo.ur years; first
counselor to President Hockins of Malad stake, four years;
Indian missionary eight years. State senator from Box
Elder and Tooele counties, first Utah legislature; mayor
of Willard 'City two years; justice of peace, Willard three
terms. Carried mail from Utah Salmon River 1855-57, sum-
mer and winter.

del and Sarah Forstner). Born Nov. 17, 1840, Nauvoo, 111.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Elizabeth Jane Harding Sept. 30, 1865, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Dwlght Harding and Phoebe Holbrook,
pioneers in September, 1851, John Smith company). She
was born Oct. 23, 1840, at Quincy, 111. Came to Utah with
parents. Their children: Phoebe M. b. Aug. 12, 1866.
m. Moronia Ward Sept. 25, 1884; Isaac David b. Sept. 18,

1868, m. Julia B. Hall April 11, 1889; Jacob Eberhart b.
Dec. 19, 1871, m. Uphana Welker Sept. 19, 1895; Dwight
Harding b, Sept. 3, 1873, d. May 13, 1874; Elizabeth Sarah
b. April 9, 1876, m. William H. Gibbs Dec. 16, 1896; Moses
Abraham b. Sept. 28, 187S, m. Lena Walner Oct. 23, 1907;
Joseph b. Aug. 22, 1881, d. Aug. 25, 1881; George Alma b.
March 11, 1883, m. Irene Morris June 1, 1911. Family re-
sided Plymouth, Utah, and Woodruff, Idaho.

Married Philene Hall July 14. 1881, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of David Hall and Jane Hale married July 23, 1850,
near Franklin, Iowa, pioneers Aug. 2, 1862, Captain Brun-
son company). She was born Aug. 26, 1863, Little Cotton-
wood, Utah. Their children: Philene Jane b. Nov. 30, 1882,
died; Leona b. Oct. 26, 1884.

Married Almira Hall.

Married Iduma Hunsaker.

Missionary among Indians 14 years; acting bishop
Washakie ward; bishop of Thatcher, Ariz, ward three years;
now high councilor of Lagrand stake, Oregon; first bishop
in Mormon Church ordained to preside over an Indian

ZUNDEL, ISAAC DAVID (son of Isaac David Eberhart
Zundel and Elizabeth Jane Harding). Born Sept. 18, 1868,
Willard, Utah.

Married Julia B. Hall April 11, 1889, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of David Hall and Jane Hale), who was born Oct. 16,

1869, Crescent, Iowa. Their children: David Leo b. Jan.
29, 1890, d. March 12, 1891; William Sylvester b. Sept. 3,
1891; Sarah Bell b. June 18, 1893; Dwlght Hall b. Feb. 27,
186; Jane Hall b. Nov. 20, 1897; Vera Harding b. April 22,
1901; Verga Hale b. April 22, 1901; Afton b. Feb. 18, 1903;
Reed b. March 14, 1905; Leona b. April 20, 1907, d. Nov.
6, 1907; Verlum b. Aug. 31, 1908; Gladys b. Feb. 21, 1911.
Family home Woodruff, Idaho.

Missionary to northern states In 1897; released August,
1900; bishop of Woodruff ward June 25, 1905.

ZITNDEL,, JACOB (son of Eberhart Zundel and Julia Ann
Pfluger, of Germany). Born Aug. 28, 1796, Werthelm, Wur-
temberg, Germany. Came to Utah In October, 1852, David
Wood company.

Married Sarah Forstner (daughter of George Forstner
and Mariah Zoll), who was born Jan. 8, 1809, Old Harmony,
Pa. Their children: Melena b. Nov. 1833, m. Noah Brlmhall,
m. John Miller; Abraham b. Jan. 25, 1836, m. Abigail Ab-
bott, m. Mary Elenor Ingram; Emma Mariah b. Aug. 28,
1838, m. Ell Harvey Pierce, m. Elisha Mallroy, m. Elihu Pet-
tinglll; Isaac David Eberhart b. Nov. 17, 1840. m. Elizabeth
Jane Harding, m. Philene Hall, m. Almira Hall, m. Iduma
Hunsaker; Jacob, Jr. b. Feb. 10, 1843, d. Oct. 10, 1843;
Matilda Josephine b. Jan. 16, 1845, m. Charles Harding;
Daniel b. July 25, 1849, m. Betsy Hill.

ZUNDEL, ABRAHAM (son of Jacob Zundel and Sarah
Forstner). Born Jan. 25, 1836, Philllpsburg, Pa. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Abigail Abbott Feb. 13, 1857, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Stephen Abbott and Abigail Smith; former
died at Nauvoo, 111., latter pioneer Oct. 27, 1849, George A.
Smith company). She was born Feb. 3, 1842, Perry, Pike
county, 111. Their children: Abigail Luclna b. Jan. 9, 1859,
m. Fred O. Beecher Jan. 9, 1879; Cyntha Matilda b. Jan.

1, 1861, m. David H. Ward Feb. 5, 1880; Abraham Eber-
hart b. March 20, 1864, m. Sarah Elizabeth Welling Jan. 9,
1895; Sarah Emily b. Feb. 21, 1867, m. Joseph Josephsen May

2, 1888; Mariah Estelle b. Nov. 8. 1869; Limhi Forstner
b. Sept. 24, 1872, m. Evelyn Gibbs. Aug. 9, 1892; Jacob
Abbott b. March 3, 1875, m. Minnie Hockins Nov. 15, 1896;
Stephen Louis b. Oct. 3, 1877; Joseph M. b. Dec. 23, 1881, m.
Kate Bench Dec. 23, 1903; John Henry b. Jan. 8, 1885, m.
Clarissa Mariah Pettingill Feb. 8, 1904 (latter died Dec. 12,
1909), m. Ida Christena Dagmer Sorensen Sept. 4, 1912.

Married Mary Elenor Ingram Sept. 3, 1884, Logan, Utah
(daughter of James Ingram and Charlotte Holland), who
was born Jan. 21, 1866, at Three Mile Creek (now Perry),
Box Elder county, Utah. Their children: George Lorenzo
b. Dec. 23, 1885, m. Rose Mae Bell Sept. 14. 1910, Logan,
Utah; Fanny Louise b. March 10, 1890, d. Sept. 27. 1901;
Ruth b. April 16, 1893, d. Sept. 22, 1894; Mary Ellenor b.
Dec. 21, 1894; Asenath b. Jan. 21. 1897, d. April 2, 1906; Oliver
b. Feb. 21, 1900, d. Feb. 23, 1900; Theodore Roosevelt b.
March 31, 1901, d. May 5,- 1901.

ZCNDL.E, JOHN (son of John Zundle of Nauvoo, 111.). Born
in 1791, Wurtemberg, Prussia. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1852,
David D. Wood company.

Married Chrestina Lauttenslager In 1832 (daughter of
John Lauttenslager of Rheibach, Darmstadt, Germany), who
was born July 31, 1811, at Darmstadt, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: John, Jr., m. Fannie Fry;
Thomas, m. Josephine Hartly; Gideon, Henry, Margaret,
and Justina, latter four died; Julia Ann, m. John Couch;
Joseph, m. Julia Copland; Amelia, m. John Wesley Keele;
Christina, m. Joseph Crook; Mary Ann, m. Mr. Cocahanse;

High priest. Wheelwright. Dead.

ZUNDLE, THOMAS (son of John Zundle and Chrestina
Lauttenslager). Born March 16, 1836, Allegheny county,
Pa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Josephine (Lucy Smith) Hartly May 25, 1862,
Mona, Utah (daughter of Samuel Hartly and Eliza Gill, of
Sheffield. Yorkshire. Eng.), who was born April 11, 1846.
and came to Utah In 1856.

High priest. Settled at Grantsville 1852; moved to Ogden
1855, to Payson 1857, and to Salem 1867; thence to Leaming-
ton and Rabbit Valley; returned to Salem and finally set-
tled at Wellington in 1882. Assisted in digging canals and
building wagon roads; also In bringing immigrants to
Utah. Farmer and freighter.

ZWAHLEN, JOHN. Born Aug. 14, 1851, in Switzerland.
Came to Utah 1874.

Married Mary Shultless October, 1874, Richfield, Utah,
who was born April 6, 1850. Their children: Mary, m.
Joseph Henry Behunin; John, died; Joseph, m. Viola Peter-
sen; Hyrum, m. Emma Rapley; Frederick; Samuel; Emma;
David, d. aged 17 months. Family home Ferron, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Germany 1895-97. Farmer and

ZWEIFEL, JACOB (son of John Zweifel and Barbara Martin
of Linthal, Canton Glarus, Switzerland). Born in 1840, In
Canton Glarus. Came to Utah 1861, independent company.
Married Elizabeth Smid in 1882, Salt Lake City (daughter



of Davit Smid of Switzerland), who was born in 1851. Their
children: Jacob Josef, died; John Hyrum b. 1885, m. Her-
mina Feligs 1902; Cathrina Emma; Lisie Sarah. Family

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