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to the form above written.

But If it Is thought to be difficult, four shall be appointed: and
if more difficult, six; but in no case shall more than six be
appointed to speak.

The accused, in all cases, has a right to one half of the Council,
to prevent Insult or Injustice;

And the counselors appointed to speak before the Council, are to
present the case after the evidence is examined, in its true light
before the Council, and every man Is to speak according to equity
and justice.

Those counselors who draw even numbers, that Is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,
and 12, are the Individuals who are to stand up In behalf of the
accused, and prevent insult or Injustice.

In all cases the accuser and the accused shall have a privilege
of speaking for themselves before the Council after the evidences
are heard, and the counselors who are appointed to speak on the
case, have finished their remarks.

After the evidences are heard, the counselors, accuser and accused
have spoken, the President shall give a decision according to the
understanding which he shall have of the case, and call upon the
twelve counselors to sanction the same by their vote.

But should the remaining counselors, who have not spoken, or
any one of them, after hearing the evidences and pleadings Im-
partially, discover an error in the decision of the President, they
can manifest it, and the case shall have a re-hearing;

And if. after a careful re-hearing, any additional light is shows
upon the case, the decision shall be altered accordingly;

But In case no additional light is given, the first decision shall
stand, the majority of the Council having power to determine the

In cases of difficulty, respecting doctrine or principle. (If there Is
not a sufficiency written to make the case clear to the minds of the
Council,) the I'resident may Inquire and obtain the mind of the
Lord by revelation.

The High Priests, when abroad, have power to call and organizi
a council after the manner of the foregoing to settle difficult!
when the parties, or either of them shall request It:

And the said council of High Priests shall have power to appoint
one of their own number, to preside over such council for the t

It shall be the duty of Bald council to transmit Immediately, a
copy of their proceedings, with a full statement of the testimony
accompanying their decision, to the High Council of the seat or
the First Presidency of the church.



Should the parties, or either of them be dissatisfied with the
decision of said council, they may appeal to the High Council of
the seat of the First Presidency of the church, and have a re-
hearing, which case shall there be conducted, according to the
former pattern written, as though no such decision had been made.

This council of High Priests abroad, is only to be called on the
most difficult cases of church matters; and no common or ordinary
case is to be sufficient to call such council.

The traveling or located High Priests abroad, have power to say
whether it Is necessary to call such a council or not.

There is a distinction between the High Council of traveling: High
Priests abroad, and the traveling High Council composed of the
Twelve apostles, in their decisions.

From the decision of the former there can be an appeal, but
from the decision of the latter there cannot.

The latter can only be called in question by the general authorities
of the church in case of transgression.

Resolved, that the President or Presidents of the seat of the First
Presidency of the church, shall have power to determine whether
any such case, as may be appealed, is justly entitled to a re-hearing,
after examining the appeal and the evidences and statements
accompanying it.

The twelve counselors then proceeded to cast lots or ballot, to
ascertain who should speak first, and the following was the result,







After prayer the conference adjourned.

OLIVERY COWDERY. 1 r ,, rlr ,

Doc. and Cov. Sec. 102.

Wed. 19. The first case brought before the High Council
was tried at Kirtland.

Thurs. 20. L/yman Leonard, who had returned from Van
Buren County, Mo., and Joseph Summer and Barnet Cole
were severely beaten with clubs by a mob in Jackson
County, Mo.

Mon. 24. A revelation concerning the redemption of Zion
was given through Joseph Smith, Jr., at Kirtland, Ohio. (Doc.
and Cov., Sec. 103.)

And let all the churches send up wise men with their moneys,
and purchase lands even as I have commanded them; * '

Let my servant Lyman "Wight journey with my servant Sidney

Let my servant Hyrum Smith journey with my servant Frederick
O. Williams.

Let my servant Orson Hyde journey with my servant Orson Pratt,
whithersoever my servant Joseph Smith Jr.. shall counsel them, in
obtaining the fulfillment of these commandments which I have
given unto you, and leave the residue in my hands. Doc. and Cov.
103:23. 38-40.

Wed. 26. Joseph Smith, Jr., commenced to obtain volun-
teers for the redemption of Zion, in obedience to the revela-
tion given on the 24th.

March. Fri. 28. Joseph Smith, Jr., returned to Kirtland
from his trip to the State of New York, whither he went to
get volunteers for the expedition to Missouri.

April. Wed. 9. Dr. P. Hurlburt, the apostate, who had
threatened the life of Joseph, the Prophet, was put under
$300 bonds in Chardon, Ohio.

Thurs. 10. The United Order at Kirtland was dissolved.

The Saints, who had been expelled from Jackson
County, Mo., wrote a petition to the President of the United
States, asking for redress.

Wed. 23. A revelation was given through Joseph Smith,
Jr.. concerning the order of Enoch. (Doc. and Cov., Sec.

The covenants being broken through transgression, by covetous-
ness and feigned words:

Therefore, you are dissolved as an United Order with your
brethren, that you are not hound only up to this hour unto them,
only on this wise, as I said, by loan as shall be agreed by this
order in council, as your circumstances will admit and the voice
of the council direct. Doc. and Cov. 104:52-53.

Thurs. 24. On this and the following six days the mob
burned about one hundred and fifty houses belonging to the
Saints in Jackson County, Mo.

May. Thurs. 1. Over twenty men with four baggage
wagons left Kirtland, Ohio, for Missouri and traveled to New
Portage, about fifty miles distant, where they waited for
the rest of the company from Kirtland.

Sat. 3. At a conference of Elders, held at Kirtland, the
Church was first named "The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints."

Mon. 5. Joseph Smith, Jr., left Kirtland with the re-
mainder of the company, which was being organized for the
relief of the suffering Saints in Missouri.

Wed. 7. The Prophet's company of volunteers, known In
the history of the Church as Zion's Camp, was partly organ-
ized, consisting of over one hundred and fifty men with
twenty baggage wagons.

Thurs. 8. The organization of Zion's Camp was com-
pleted, and it traveled twelve miles.

June. Wed. 4. On this and the following day Zion's
Camp crossed the Mississippi river into Missouri. Sylvester
Smith rebelled against the order of the company.

Sun. 8. Zion's Camp was strengthened by a company of
volunteers led by Hyrum Smith and Lyman Wight. It then
numbered two hundred and five men and twenty-five bag-
gage wagons.

Mon. 16. -A large meeting of the citizens of Clay County,
Mo., held at the Liberty court house, failed to adjust the
difficulties between the Saints and the Jackson County peo-
ple. From the meeting Samuel C. Owens. James Campbell
and about thirteen other mob-leaders started for Jackson
County to raise a mob, in which, however, they failed, as
Mr. Campbell and six others were drowned in attempting
to cross the Missouri River.

Thurs. 19. Notwithstanding the threats of enemies. Zion's
Camp passed through Richmond, Mo., and camped at night
between two branches of Fishing river. A mob, numbering
over three hundred men, who had arranged to concentrate

that night to attack them, were prevented from crossing the
river by a terrible storm.

Sun. 22. -An important revelation was given to Joseph
Smith, Jr., on Fishing river, in which the Lord told his
Saints that the time for the redemption of Zion had not yet
come. (Doc. and Cov., Sec 105.)

I speak not concerning those who are appointed to lead my
people, who are the first elders of my church, for they are not all
under this condemnation;

But I speak concerning my churches abroad there are many
who will say, Where is their God? Behold, he will deliver them
in time of trouble, otherwise we will not go up unto Zion, and will
keep our moneys.

Therefore, in consequence of the transgression of my people. It
is expedient in me that mine elders should wait for a little season
for the redemption of Zion. * * * Doc. and Cov. 105:7-9.

Mon. 23. Zion's Camp arrived at a point near Liberty,
Clay Co., Mo.

Tues. 24. The cholera, which during several preceding
days had attacked some of the brethren, broke out in its
most terrible form in Zion's Camp. It continued its ravages
about four days; sixty-eight of the Saints were attacked and
thirteen died, among whom was A. Sidney Gilbert, a promi-
nent man in the Church; he expired on the 26th.

July. Tues. 1. In company with a few friends, Joseph
Smith, Jr., visited Jackson County. Mo., secretly.

Thurs. 3. The High Priests of Zion assembled in Clay
County, Mo., and organized a High Council with David
Whitmer as president and Wm. W. Phelps and John Whit-
mer as counselors. The members of the council were:
Christian Whitmer. Newel Knight. Lyman Wight. Calvin
Bebee, Wm. E. McLellin, Solomon Hancock. Thos. B. Marsh.
Simeon Carter. Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, John Murdock
and Lev! Jackman.

Wed. 9. Joseph Smith, Jr., started on his return journey
to Kirtland, where he arrived in the latter part of the

October. The first number of the "Latter-day Saints' Mes-
senger and Advocate" was published at Kirtland, Ohio, taking
the place of the "Evening and Morning Star," suspended.

Thurs. 16. Joseph Smith, Jr., and other Elders left Kirt-
land to visit the Saints in Michigan, from which trip they
returned in the latter part of the month.

November. Tues. 25. Warren A. Cowdery was called by
revelation to preside over the Saints at Freedom, N. Y., and
the regions round about. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 106.)

Sat. 29. Joseph Smith, Jr., and Oliver Cowdery covenanted
with the Lord to pay their tithing.


February. "The Northern Times," a weekly newspaper
supporting democracy, was commenced by the Saints at
Kirtland, Ohio.

Sat. 14. At a special meeting held in Kirtland twelve
Apostles were chosen by the Three Witnesses to the Book
of Mormon according to revelation (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 18:37),
namely: Thos. B. Marsh, David W. Patten, Brigham Young,
Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde, Wm. E. McLellin. Parley P.
Pratt, Luke S. Johnson, Wm. Smith, Orson Pratt, John F.
Boynton and Lyman E. Johnson. Brigham Young and
Heber C. Kimball were ordained and blessed the same day.

And now. behold. I give unto you Oliver Cowdery, and also unto
David Whitmer, that you shall search out the Twelve, who shall
have the desires of which I have spoken;

And by their desires and their works you shall know them;
Doc. and Cov. 18:37-38.

Sun. 15. Orson Hyde, David W. Patten, Luke S. Johnson,
Wm. E. McLellin, John F. Boynton and Wm. Smith were
ordained Apostles.

Sat. 21. Parley P. Pratt was ordained to the Apostleship.
Thos. B. Marsh and Orson Pratt, who were absent on mis-
sions, were not ordained until their return in April.

Sat. 28. The organization of the First Quorum of Sev-
enty was commenced at Kirtland.

March. Sat. 28. An important revelation concerning the
order of the Priesthood was given to Joseph Smith, Jr., at
Kirtland. (Doc. and Cov., Sec 107.)

A Revelation through Joseph, the Prophet, given at Kirtland, Ohio,
on Priesthood: the fore part, or the flrst fifty-eight verses, being
given March 28th. 1835; the other Items were revealed at Hunilry

There are. in the church, two Priesthoods, namely, the Melchlse-
dek, and Aaronic, Including the Levitical priesthood.

Why the flrst Is called the Melchlsedek Priesthood. Is because
Melchisedek was such a great High Priest.

Before his day it was called the Holy Priesthood after the order
of the Son of God:

But out of respect or reverence to the name of the Supreme
Being, to avoid the too frequent repetition of his name, they, the
church, in ancient days, called that Priesthood after Melchisedek,
or the Melchlsedek Priesthood.

All other authorities or offices In the church are appendages to
this Priesthood;

But there are two divisions or grand heads one is the Melchlse-
dek Priesthood, and the other Is the Aaronic, or Levitical priest-

The office of an elder comes under the Priesthood of Melchisedek.

The Melchisedek Priesthood holds the right of Presidency, and
has power and authority over all the offices in the church In all
ages of the world, to administer In spiritual things.

The Presidency of the High Priesthood, after the order of
Melchisedek, have a right to officiate in all the offices In the church.

High Priests after the order of the Melchlsedek Priesthood, have
a right to officiate in their own standing, under the direction of the
Presidency. In administering spiritual things; and also In the office
of an elder, priest, (of the Levitical order,) teacher, deacon, and

An elder has a right to officiate In his stead when the High
Priest Is not present.

The High Priest and elder are to administer In spiritual things,
agreeable to the covenants and commandments of the church: and
they have a right to officiate in all these offices of the church
when there are no higher authorities present.

The second priesthood is called the priesthood of Aaron, because



It was conferred upon Aaron and his seed, throughout all their

Why it is called the lesser priesthood, is because it is an ap-
pendage to the greater or the Melchisedek Priesthood, and has
power in administering outward ordinances.

The bishopric is the presidency of this priesthood and holds the
keys or authority of the same.

No man has a legal right to this office, to hold the keys of this
priesthood, except he be a literal descendant of Aaron.

But as a High Priest of the Melchisedek Priesthood has authority
to officiate in all the lesser offices, he may officiate in the office of
bishop when no literal descendant of Aaron can be found, provided
he is called and set apart and ordained unto this power by the
bands of the Presidency of the Melchisedek Priesthood.

The power and authority of the Higher or Melchisedek Priesthood,
Is to hold the keys of all the spiritual blessings of the church

To have the privilege of receiving the mysteries of the kingdom
of heaven to have the heavens opened unto them to commune
with the general assembly and church of the 'first born, and to
enjoy the communion and presence of God the Father, and Jesus
the Mediator of the new covenant.

The power and authority of the lesser, or Aaronic priesthood, is
to hold the keys of the ministering of angels, and to administer in
outward ordinances, the letter of the gospel the baptism of
repentance for the remission of sins, agreeable to the covenants
and commandments.

Of necessity there are presidents, or presiding offices growing out
of, or appointed of or from among those who are ordained to the
several offices in these two priesthoods.

Of the Melchisedek Priesthood, three Presiding High Priests,
chosen by the body, appointed and ordained to that office, and
upheld by the confidence, faith, and prayer of the church, form
a quorum of the Presidency of the church.

The Twelve traveling counselors are called to be the Twelve
apostles, or special witnesses of the name of Christ in all the
world: thus differing from other officers in the church in the duties
of their calling.

And they form a quorum, equal in authority and power to the
three Presidents previously mentioned.

The seventy are also called to preach the gospel, and to be
especial witnesses unto the Gentiles and in all the world. Thus
differing from other officers in the church In the duties of their

And they form a quorum equal In authority to that of the
Twelve special witnesses or apostles just named.

And every decision made by either of these quorums, must be
by the unanimous voice of the same: that is. every member In each
quorum must be agreed to Its decisions, in order to make their
decisions of the same power or validity one with the other.

(A majority may form a quorum, when circumstances render It
Impossible to be otherwise.)

Unless this Is the case, their decisions are not entitled to the
same blessings which the decisions of a quorum of three Presidents
were anciently, who were ordained after the order of Melchisedek,
and were righteous and holy men.

The decisions of these quorums, or either of them, are to be made
In all righteousness, in holiness, and lowliness of heart, meekness
and long-suffering, and in faith, and virtue, and knowledge, tem-
perance, pailence, godliness, brotherly kindness and charity;

Because the promise is. if these things abound In them, they
shall not be unfruitful in the knowledge of the Lord.

And in case that any decision of these quorums Is made In
unrighteousness, it may be brought before a general assembly of
the several quorums, which constitute the spiritual authorities of
the church, otherwise there can be no anneal from their decision.

The Twelve are a traveling presiding High Council, to officiate in
the name of the Lord, under the direction of the Presidency of the
church, agreeable to the institution of heaven: to build up the
church, and regulate all the affairs of the same in all nations:
flrst unto the Gentiles, and secondly unto the Jews.

The seventy are to act In the name of the Lord, under the
direction of the Twelve or the traveling High Council. In building
up the church and regulating all the affairs of the same in all
nations first unto the Gentiles and then to the Jews:

The Twelve being sent out. holding the keys, to open the door
by the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and first unto
the Gentiles and then unto the Jews.

The standing High Councils, at the Stakes of Zlon. form a quorum
equal in authority, in the affairs of the church. In all their decisions,
to the ouorum of the Presidency, or to the traveling High Council.

The High Council in Zlon. form a quorum equal in authority.
In the affairs of the church. In nil their decisions, to the Councils
of the Twelve at the Stakes of Zion.

It Is the duty of the traveling High Council to call upon the
seventy, when they need assistance, to fill the several calls for
preaching and administering the gospel. Instead of any others.

It Is the duty of the Twelve, in all large branches of the church,
to ordain evangelical ministers, as they shall be designated unto
them by revelation. * * *

It Is the fluty of the Twelve, also, to ordain and set In order all
the other officers of the church, agreeable to the revelation which
says :

To the church of Christ In the land of Zion.- In addition to the
church laws respecting church business

Verily. I say unto you. says the Lord of hosts, there must needs
be presiding elders to preside over those who are of the office of
an elder:

And also priests to preside over those who are of the office of a

And also teachers to preside over those who are of the office of
a teacher: in like manner, and also the deacons:

Wherefore, from deacon to teacher, nnd from teacher to priest,
and from priest to elder, severally as they are appointed, according
to the covenants and commandments of the church.

Then comes the High Priesthood, which Is the greatest of all:

Wherefore It must needs be that one be appointed of the High
Priesthood to preside over the Priesthood, and he shall be called
President of the High Priesthood of the church:

Or. in other words, the Presiding High Priest over the High
Priesthood of the church.

From the same comes the administering of ordinances and bless-
ings upon the church, by the laving on of the hands.

Wherefore the office of a bishon Is not equal unto it; for the
office of a bishop Is In administering all temporal things:

Nevertheless a bishop roust he chosen from the High Priesthood,
unless he is a literal descendant of Aaron:

For unless he Is a literal descendant of Aaron he cannot hold the
kevs of that priesthood

Nevertheless, a High Priest that Is after the order of Melchisedek.
may be set apart unto the ministering of temporal things, having
a knowledge of them by the Snlrtt of truth.

And also to be a judge In Israel, to do the business of the church,
to sit In judgment upon transgressors upon testimony as It shall be
laid before him according to the laws, by the assistance of his

counselors, whom he has chosen, or will choose among th elders
of the church.

This is the duty of a bishop who Is not a literal descendant of
Aaron, but has been ordained to the High Priesthood after the
order of Melchisedek.

Thus shall he be a judge, even a common judge among the
inhabitants of Zion. or in a Stake of Zlon. or in any branch of the
church where he shall be set apart unto this ministry, until the
borders of Zion are enlarged, and it becomes necessary to have
other bishops or judges in Zlon, or elsewhere;

And inasmuch as there are other bishops appointed they shall
act in the same office.

But a literal descendant of Aaron has a legal right to the
presidency of this priesthood, to the keys of this ministry, to act
in the office of bishop independently, without counselors, except
in a case where a President of the High Priesthood, after the
order of Melchisedek, Is tried, to sit as a judge in Israel.

And the" decision of either of these councils, agreeable to the
commandment which says,

Again, verily, I say unto you. the most important business of
the church, and the most difficult cases of the church, inasmuch
as there is not satisfaction upon the decision of the bishop or
judges, it shall be handed over and carried up unto the Council
of the church, before the Presidency of the High Priesthood;

And the Presidency of the Council of the High Priesthood shall
have power to call other High Priests, even twelve, to assist as
counselors; and thus the Presidency of the High Priesthood and Its
counselors shall have power to decide upon testimony according
to the laws of the church.

And after this decision it shall be had In remembrance no more
before the Lord: for this is the highest Council of the church of
God. and a final decision upon controversies in spiritual matters.

There is not any person belonging to the church who is exempt
from this Council of the church.

And inasmuch as a President of the High Priesthood shall trans-
gress, he shall be had in remembrance before the common council
of the church, who shall be assisted by twelve counselors of the
High Priesthood:

And their decision upon his head shall be an end of controversy
concerning him.

Thus, none shall be exempted from the justice and the laws of
God. that all things may be done in order and in solemnity before
him, according to truth and righteousness.

And again, verily 1 say unto you. the duty of a president over
the office of a deacon is to preside over twelve deacons, to sit in
council with them, and to teach them their duty edifying one
another, as It is given according to the covenants.

And also the duty of the president over the office of the teachers
Is to preside over twenty-four of the teachers, and to sit in council
with them, teaching them the duties of their office, as given in th

Also the duty of the president over the priesthood of Aaron Is
to preside over forty-eight priests, and sit in council with them, to
teach them the duties of their office, as is given in the covenants.

This president is to be a bishop; for this is one of the duties of
this priesthood.

Again, the duty of the president over the office of elders la to
preside over ninety-six elders, and to sit in council with them, and
to teach them according to the covenants.

This presidency is a distinct one from that of the seventy, and Is

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