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10, 1898; Laura Josephine b. Sept. 6, 1902. Family home

Married Emma Knight March 4, 1886, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Samuel Knight), who was born Dec. 26, 1863,
Santa Clara, Utah. Their child: Samuel b. May 2, 1889.
Family home Bunkerville.

Settled at Wilson, Weber county, 1866; moved to Ply-
mouth, Box Elder county, 1870, and to Bunkerville, Nev.,
1877. Member of school board and justice of the peace
many years. Lieutenant in Utah militia and spent the
winter of '57-58 in Echo canyon, guarding that pass against
Johnston's approach. Member U. S. Marshal Burton's
posse at Kingdon Fort, and one of the eight men who
took the rolling breastwork into the fort before its sur-
render, and was later one of Burton's chief witnesses at
his murder trial. Bishop's counselor 30 years. Died Sept.
3, 1907.

ABBOTT, MYRON ALMA (son of Myron Abbott and Laura
Josephine Allen). Born Feb. 15, 1862, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Matilda Leavitt April 14, 1881, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Lemuel Sturdifont Leavitt and Betsy
Mortinson; latter came to Utah 1862). She was born Nov.
6, 1864, Santa Clara, Utah. Their children: Stephen Perry

ABBOTT, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Abbott and Elizabeth
Jackson of Irchester, Northamptonshire, Eng). Born Feb.
22, 1808. Came to Utah Oct. 18, 1865, following Henry Chip-
man company, which arrived Sept. 15.

Married Charlotte Ellerbone Dec. 10. 1828, Irchester, Eng.
(daughter of Joseph Ellerbone and Elizabeth Frear of Irch-
ester). She was born Jan. 6, 1808. Their children: Two
girls, twins, d. infants; John, m. Esther Robinson; James, d.
aged 21; Ely, m. Emily Bowden; William, d. aged 17; Thomas
m. Ellen Routhen; Harriett, d. aged 16; Mary Ann Eliza-
beth b. Dec. 10, 1843, m. Thomas Cheshire Jan. 7, 1866;
Joseph, m. Mary Percival. Family home Irchester, Eng.

Elder; teacher. One of Heber C. Kimball's converts
(1840). For years his home was kept open to all in the
English mission field, and as a meeting place for converts.
Died June 22, 1889, Salt Lake City.

ABECGLEN, UL.RICH (son of Christian Abegglen, born No-
vember, 1790, at Gundlischvand, and Margaretha Gertsch,
born Feb. 3, 1799, at Lauterbrunnen, both of Canton Bern,
Switzerland; latter a pioneer Oct. 29, 1862, William H. Dame
company). He was born March 1, 1840, at Gundlischvand.
Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, a few days preceding arrival of
the main company of Sextus E. Johnson (Sept. 24), the last
immigrant train of that season.

Married Magdalena Galli 1863 (daughter of Peter Galli and
Magdalena Hasler, married at Gundlischvand pioneers Sep-
tember, 1861). She was born Aug. 23, 1837, and came to Utah
in 1860. Their children: John b. Oct. 29, 1864, d. same day;
Maria Anna Elizabeth b. June 29, 1866, m. David Robb Dec.
16, 1891; Maria Magdalena b. May 3, 1869, m. John P. Allen
Oct. 24, 1895; Alice Priscilla b. June 29, 1871, m. Frank Robb
Jan. 20, 1892; Emma Luella b. June 1, 1873, m. Thomas Math-
ews July 19, 1897; Ulrich Lorenz b. March 18, 1879. Family
home Midway, Wasatch county, Utah.

Pioneer Oct. 29, 1864, to Wasatch county. Missionary to
Switzerland 1901-04. Assisted in founding of town of Mid-
way 1865.

ABEL ISAAC (son of John Abel of Sheffield, Eng.). Born
May 14, 1829, Yorkshire, Eng. Came to Utah October, 1863.

Married Ann Methley Dec. 25, 1849, Yorkshire, Eng.
(daughter of Charles Methley and Rebecca Eaton of that
shire). She was born June 27, 1824. Their children: Ellen,
m. Thomas Steele; Mary Ann, m. Elijah Bourne; Emily, m.
William Paxman; Rosa, m. Elijah Bourne; Sarah Ann, and
Isaac Cynosur, died; George Edward, m. Mary Ellen Shel-
ley; Elizabeth, m. Stephen Baker. Family home American
Fork, Utah.

Secretary for high priest's quorum. Tax collector. Far-
mer. Died Dec. .7, 1907.

ABEL GEORGE EDWARD (son of Isaac Abel and Ann
Methley). Born Oct. 27, 1866, American Fork, Utah.

My ron"b.~ ApriT 15, 1899; Lemuel Brooks b. March 27, 1902; b . Slrch 1, 1889, m. Frances Brook; Charlotte Ann b. Dec.

Thomas Lay b. Aug. 8, 1905. Family home Annabella, Utah. 30 ig93; Isaac b. Sept. 4, 1896, died; Rosa b. Ap 1J, i<

He is the eighth generation from George and Hannah Meda Eml i y b. July 31, 1900; Frances Bray b. Nov. 12, 1!

Chandler Abbott, first settlers of Andover, Mass., 1643. Methley b. Jan. 20, 1905; Mary Ellen b. Jan. 24, 1!

Commissioner Sevier county 1894; justice of the peace 1898; . home American Fork, Utah.

sheriff three terms 1904-10. Engaged in farming, mining, "Vi-v, nr \ ea f missionary to Samoa 1890-03; bishop's coun-
and interested in good horse breeding and the upbuild of 5. w. ii

his native state. selor - Farlr




ABPLANALP, PETER (son of Johannes Abplanalp and
Katharina Schilt, both of Brienzwyler, Canton Bern, Swit-
zerland). He was born March 2, 1829, Brienzwyler. Came
to Utah 1861.

Married Margaretha Eggler in 1856, Brienzwyler, Swit-
zerland (daughter of Johannes Eggler and Margaretha
Schilt, immigrants Pikepond, Sullivan county, N. Y. from
Switzerland). She was born Feb. 22, 1835, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Peter, m. Mary Alder; Mar-
garetha b. April 4, 1859, m. Edward Watkins Oct. 28, 1880;
Elizabeth b. Aug. 27, 1858, m. Jedediah Wardle; George, m.
Amanda Wardle; John, m. Avey Wall; Joseph Sidney, m.
Hannah Jenkins; Emily, m. William Workman: Franklin, m.
Polly Howard; Heinrich, m. Lillie Ross; William, m. Bessie
Jenkins. Family resided Mound City, Midway and Vernal,

Lieutenant in territorial militia. High priest; bishop of
Vernal. Farmer and miner. Died May 28, 1900, Vernal,

ACORD, ABRAM (son of Zurr Acord and Martha Luster of
Germany, later of Ohio, Indiana, and Sidney, Iowa). Born
March 22, 1830, in Fremont county, Ohio. Came to Utah
1861, William K. McKissack company.

Married Nancy Frost March 24, 1855, in Atchison county,
Mo. (daughter of Samuel Buchanan Frost and Rebecca For-
man of the Carolinas, Tennessee and Iowa, pioneers 1861,
William K. McKissack company). She was born April 22,
1840, in Hancock county, 111. Their children: Oliver b. Jan.
29. 1858, m. Electa Webb; Frederick St. Clair b. May 29, 1858,
in. Olive Allred; Henry Luster b. May 23, 1861, m. Christina
Larsen; Mary Frances b. June 3, 1863, m. Henry Christopher
Strate; Jennie b. Dec. 12, 1865, m. Joseph Smith Hyde; Wil-
liam Anderson b. March 28, 1868, died; Elizabeth b. Oct. 15,
1870, m. Erastus Beck; Nora b. Feb. 14, 1872, died; Abram
Fletcher b. May 6, 1874, m. Millie Seegmiller; James Ernest.
b. March 23, 1876, m. Edith Judd; Nellie b. July 7, 1879, m.
Peter Christian Larsen; Jacob Alonzo b. March 22, 1882, m.
Viola Bushy.

Married Maud Mary Robinson March 23, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Robinson and Emma Lucas of Spring
City, Utah, formerly of England, pioneers October, 1856,
handcart company). She was born October, 1858. Their
children: Celia Jane b. July 3, 1875; Clara m. Levi Tenney;
Hetta Maud b. April 30, 1879, m. David Little; John b. July
9, 1881; Ethel m. Andrew Peterson; Ida, died; Minnie and
Cora, twins, b. 1892, died; Hugh. Family home Colonia Diaz,

ADAIR, SAMUEL,. Came to Utah in 1848. His children:
Jane, m. Charles Searle; Catherine, m. Fred Rugg; Newton,
m. Janett; George, m. Elily Tyler; John, m. Jane Hancock.
Family lived in "Dixie," Washington county, Utah. Farmer
and orchardist. He died in Arizona.

ADAMS, ARZA (son of Joshua Adams and Betsy Chipman
of Canada). Born Jan. 22, 1804. Came to Utah in 1848.

Married Sabina Clarke March 23, 1831, Augusta, Can.
(daughter of Nathan Clarke and Nancy McCathron of Can-
ada). She was born Sept. 1, 1812. Their children: Nathan
b. Feb. 2, 1832, m. Mary Plunkett; Joshua b. Sept. 26, 1833, m.
Lydia Thornton; George b. Feb. 16, 1835, died; Sabina Ann
b. Feb. 17, 1837, m. Alexander Nicoll; Sidney M. b. May 1,
1839, died; Elizabeth Nancy b. April 30, 1842, died; Theother
b. March 4, 1845; Joseph b. Dec. 17, 1846, m. Caroline Hansen;
Orpha b. Oct. 23. 1849, m. William S. Robinson.

Married Marrilla Olney in Canada (daughter of David
Olney of Canada). She was born June 18, 1833. Their chil-
dren: John O. m. Mattie Peterson, Alva Barnabas m. Edith
Summers; Alvin Francis m. Margaret Christenson; Adeline
died; Lucy Ann m. Martin Ambrose; Quincy and Moroni,
died. Family home American Fork, Utah.

Married Katherine Cunningham March 7, 1859, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Cunningham and Elizabeth Nichol-
son, of Fifeshire, Scotland, pioneers November, 1858, At-
wood and Willis company). She was born Aug. 17, 1838.
Their children: James Arza b. Oct. 19, 1858, died: Elizabeth
b. Nov. 26, 1859, m. William Robinson; Charles Franklin b.
April 10, 1861, died; Bulah b. June 22, 1862, m. Daniel Rhoades;
Agnes b. June 10, 1864, died; Alexander b. Jan. 10. 1866, m.
Mina Murdock; Margarette b. Jan. 21, 1868, m. Hiram Mul-
liner; Phoebe b. Sept. 17, 1870; Mary m. Carl Anderson;
Isabelle b. July 30, 1874, m. Joseph Householder; Daniel
Erwin b. Oct. 10, 1876, m. Annie Jensen. Family home
American Fork, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Canada; ward teacher. Justice
of peace. First miller in American Fork. Died April 15,
1889, American Fork, Utah.

ADAMS, DAVID BARCLAY (son of James Adams and Mar-
garet Barclay). Born May 4, 1814. Carron Ironworks, Stir-
lingshire, Scotland. Came to Utah 1862 from Pennsylvania.

Married Mary Cook in Scotland. She was born Oct. 10,
1811. Their children: James b. Nov. 16, 1835; Adam b. May 1,
1837; Ann b. Dec. 1. 1838; Margaret b. Jan. 1, 1840, m. Philo
T. Farnsworth; Mary b. Feb. 1, 1843; David Cook b. Aug.
25, 1845, m. Mary Eleanor Armstrong Oct. 12, 1867; Ellen b.
May 10, 1848, m. Urban Van Stewart. Family home Beaver,

Married Lydia Catherine Mann at Council Bluffs, Iowa
(daughter of George William Mann and Elizabeth Cook of

Beverly, Can.). She was born Jan. 5, 1830. Their children:
George William b. July 7. 1850; Gilbert Mann b. Oct. 27, 1852,
m. Armelia Allen; Elizabeth b. Sept. 19. 1854, m. John T.
Covington; Robert Nelson b. Nov. 19. 1856, m. Margaret Ann
Schurz; Alexander F. b. March 15, 1859, m. Martha Naizer;
Lydia C. b. April 11, 1861, m. Orson W. Allen, 1888; Lewis b.
May 26, 1863, m. Adelaide M. Lewis; Cynthia Jane b. Jan. 12,
1866, m. William H. Heaps; Christina b. April 3, 1868, m.
Earnest Griffin; Daniel Cook b. April 23. 1870, m. Almira
Larsen; Andrew Patterson b. June 28, 1873, m. Hattie Burr.
Family home Adamsville, Utah.

Settled at Beaver, Utah; moved to Adamsville; made bish-
op of Adamsville March, 1869. Justice of peace. Iron manu-
facturer. Died Aug. 4, 1891, Escalante, Utah.

ADAMS, DAVID COOK (son of David Barclay Adams and
Mary Cook). Born Aug. 25. 1845, near Penn Glendon Iron-
works, Southampton, Pa. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Mary Eleanor Armstrong Oct. 12, 1867. Salt Lake
City (daughter of John C. Armstrong and Mary Kirkbride
pioneers, A. O. Smoot company). She was born Oct. 22, 1848,
Salt Lake City. Their children: Mary Jane b. July 14, 1868,
m. Isaac Smith Goodwin; John David b. March 26, 1871. m.
Margaret C. Stewart Dec. 30, 1891; Rosa Eleanor b. June 1,
1873, m. William U. Stewart; Lydia Ann b. Aug. 21, 1875, m.
Martin Olsen; Ellen S. b. Nov. 20, 1877, m. Andrew Albertus
Morris; Josephine b. Oct. 19, 1879; William J. b. Aug. 1, 1882;
Joseph A. b. Nov. 29, 1884; Marcia b. March 21, 1886, m.
Chester L. Skinner, 1904; Clara Mabel b. Jan. 18, 1889; Leona
May b. Sept. 13, 1892, m. Leland W. Dean May 17, 1910.
Family home, Teasdale.

Elder; Sunday school superintendent 1883-86.

ADAMS, JOHN DAVID (son of David Cook Adams and
Mary Eleanor Armstrong). Born March 26, 1871, Adams-
ville, Utah.

Married Margaret Caroline Stewart Dec. 30, 1891 (daugh-
ter of Urban Van Stewart and Mary Ann Jones), who was
born Nov. 26, 1873, Beaver, Utah.

ADAMS, DANIEL C. (son of David Barclay Adams and Lydia
Catherine Mann). Born April 23, 1870, Adamsville, Utah.

Married Almira Larsen March 14, 1900, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Hans C. Larsen and Maria Sorenson), who was
born Oct. 27, 1877. Their children: Daniel Christial b. Dec
21, 1900; Violet Catherine b. Dec. 25, 1903; Maria Elizabeth b.
Dec. 7, 1906; Erma Almira b. Aug. 9, 1909. Family home
Teasdale, Utah.

Elder. Constable and school trustee. Farmer.

ADAMS, DAVID (son of John Adams, born 1792 In Lincoln-
shire, and Sarah Jovis, born in Oxfordshire, Eng.). He was
born July 14, 1828, in Buckinghamshire, Eng. Came to
Utah Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse B. Martin company.

Married Maria Thetford April 17, 1851 (daughter of
Charles Thetford and Fannie Mason), who was born Nov.
25, 1829, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
David Edward b. Nov. 27. 1851, m. Caroline H. Lind Jan. 24,
1876; William Orson b. Jan. 2, 1854. m. Dorothy R. Norton
February, 1877; George Mason b. Oct. 1, 1866. m. Martha De-
vey April 10, 1876; Fanny Maria b. June 2. 1860, m. William
T. Monk April 29, 1891; Louise Elizabeth b. Oct. 16. 1863;
Earnest Thetford b. Feb. 18, 1866; Albert John b. July 7, 1868,
m. Ada Jane Mellor June 2, 1898; Emily Catherine b. Jan. 21,
1871, m. Franklin F. Peay Jan. 15, 1890; Rose b. Oct. 28, 1873,
m. Joseph M. Lindsey June 24, 1896; Sarah Amelia b. Aug. 24,
1877. Family resided Salt Lake City and Alpine, Utah.

Seventy; high priest; first counselor in bishopric Alpine
ward 1877-93. School trustee 16 years; city councilman two
terms; alderman. Assisted in the erection of many public
buildings in Alpine stake. Lieutenant in Nauvoo Legion.
Died April 11, 1911.

ADAMS, KM AS (son of Job Adams and Sabra Otis of
Vermont). Born Feb. 18, 1792, in Vermont; later moved to
Illinois, where Adams county was named in his honor.
Came to Utah in 1850.

Married Elvira Curtis 1823. Their children: Mary Ann;
Rufus; John Quincy m. Ellen Dolan; Lizaetta; Selecta;
Annie M. m. Isaac Shepherd; George W. m. Mary Ann Pill-
ing. Two children died in infancy.

Married Belinda Railey 1837 (daughter of Joseph and
Catherine Railey). She was born 1816. Their children:
Catherine, m. Richard Pilling; Joseph Samuel, m. Belle
Smith; Ellas, m. Elizabeth R. Harris and Lettie M. Ben-
nett; Caroline, m. George P. Stoddard; Joshua, m. Sarah
Criddle; Malinda J., m. John W. Burton; Hyrum m. Rose
Higgs and Annie Penrod. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Of same distinguished lineage as John Adams, second
president of the United States. Served 5 years in the war
of 1812 and both his grandfathers were officers in the
revolution. Presiding elder of the branch at Mt. Pisgah,
Iowa; high priest. Pioneer reservoir builder, as he built the
Adams irrigation reservoir at Kaysville (now Layton) in
the early '50s. Lived on the old Indian trail crossing the
mountains near Kaysville, where the redmen often visited
him, prompted through the strong friendships he had
formed among them, in the inherent kindness he bestowed
upon all alike. Many a suffering traveler, hungry, cold
and almost helpless, has partaken of his unbounded hospi-
tality. His posterity number nearly 500. In January, 1886,
this rugged pioneer fell from the front porch and sustained
internal injuries from which he died Feb. 17 following,
being within one day of reaching the age of 94.



ADAMS, ELJAS, JR. (son of Ellas Adams and Belinda
Railey). Born Jan. 2, 1843, Adams county. 111. Came to
Utah 1850.

Married Elizabeth R. Harris Nov. 29, 1863, Kaysvllle,
Utah (daughter of Isaac and Esther Harris; latter a pioneer
1853, settling at Kaysville). She was born Aug. 10, 1845:
died May 7, 1888. Their children: Esther Ann b. Sept. 10,
1865, m. Robert Green; Elizabeth Belinda b. April 13, 1868,
m. T. W. Sandall; Dennis Elias b. Feb. 21, 1870, m. Priscilla
Harris; Ella Rose b. Oct. 29, 1871, m. William A. Dawson;
Joshua Isaac b. March 9, 1874, m. Elizabeth Evans; Rufus
William b. Jan. 18, 1877, m. Lizzie Dunn; John Hyrum b.
July 23, 1879, died; George Winfleld b. March 22, 1881;
Jabez Samuel b. April 16, 1884, m. Alice Ellison; Catherine
Mariah b. Jan. 31, 1887, m. Laurence E. Ellison. Family
home Layton, Utah.

Married Lettie May Bennett April 22, 1903 (daughter of
John Bennett, pioneer 1852, and Ellen Ellison, pioneer
1853). She was born July 23, 1876, Kaysville, Utah. Their
children: Clair John b. Feb. 21, 1904; Clyde Bennett b.
July 3, 1905; Ruth Ellen b. Aug. 23, 1908.

High priest; made trips to bring immigrants to Utah
1863 by ox train; chairman building committee Layton
meeting house. Sheepman and farmer. Died Aug. 27, 1912,
Layton, Utah.

ADAMS, DENNIS ELIAS (son of Ellas Adams, Jr., and
Elizabeth R. Harris. Born Feb. 21, 1870, at Kaysville,

Married Priscilla Harris (daughter of Thomas Harris and
Mary Anne Payne, both of Thatcher, Utah). Their children:
Basil Harris b. July 9, 1891; Earl Dennis b. May 18, 1893;
Thomas Elias b. Sept. 21, 1895; Norma b. Oct. 18, 1897; Claud
Harris b. Oct. 4, 1898; Ruby Juanita b. Jan. 4, 1901;
Therese Pearl b. Sept. 19, 1903; Mamie Priscilla b. Dec. 28,
1905; Lyle Jabez b. May 1, 1907; Wllma b. April 6, 1910;
Floyd W. b. Oct. 21, 1912.

Bishop's counselor; supervisor of parents' classwork and
member board of Sunday schools in Bear River stake. Box
Elder county commissioner six years. Vice president Rocky
Mountain States Good Roads Association. Manager Adams
Brothers Land Company. Farmer.

ADAMS, JOSHUA (son of Elias Adams and Belinda Railey).
Born Dec. 30, 1848, Mt. Plsgah, Iowa. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Sarah Criddle Dec. 29, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Criddle and Elizabeth Ann Taylor
Driggs of Kaysville, Utah). She was born Nov. 8, 1857.
Their children: Job b. Sept. 27, 1874, m. Amanda Woolf;
Sarah Matilda b. Oct. 4, 1876, m. Richard J. Smith; John
b. Oct. 7, 1878, m. Luvenia Bishop; Malinda May b. May 8,
1881, m. Leo Mecham; Amanda Sabra b. Nov. 24, 1884, m.
Elijah Clark; Mary Elizabeth b. Nov. 11, 1887, d. Sept. 11,
1890; Lillie Alice b. Oct. 5, 1889, m. Parley Howell; Kathe-
rine Olive b. Jan. 23, 1893, m. Thomas Shomaker; Laura
Bell b. Feb. 2, 1896, m. Leo Lewis; Eva Louise b. Nov. 8,
1905. Family home Clifton, Idaho.

High priest; president Y. M. M. I. A. Road overseer eight
years; president of Oneida irrigation district four years.

ADAMS, HUGH (son of George Adams and Margret Ya-
dem). Born June 4, 1829, Old Craighall, near Musselburgh,
Parish of Inveresk, Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1854,
Daniel Garn company.

Married Margret Webster July 23, 1855 (daughter of
James Webster and Margret Anderson), who was born
March 24, 1831, and came to Utah 1854, Wm. W. Brewerton
company. Their children; Hugh J. b. May 11, 1856, m. Ida
Clarkson; Orval W. b. June 19, 1858, m. Marion Nelson;
Margret Ann b. June 12, 1860, m. Brigham Benson; George
W. b. Sept. 21, 1862, m. Elizabeth Haws.

Married Mary Horlocher July, 1863, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Jacob Horlocher and Margret Ackerman), who was
born Mar. 17, 1831, Aarau, Canton Aargou, Switzerland.
Their children: Wm. Thomas b. June 11, 1864, d. July 15,
1880; Mary Ann b. Aug. 14, 1865, m. David E. Haws; John
Quincy b. Dec. 16, 1866, m. Sarah M. Cowley Dec. 16, 1891;
Annie B. b. Nov. 8, 1870, m. John M. Barry May, 1891; Albert
b. Oct. 9, 1876, d. July 20, 1878.

Married Alice Smith May 20, 1866 (daughter of Ralph P.
Smith and Marion Crookston, pioneers 1860, David Cannon
company). She was born April 6, 1848, Preston Links,
Scotland. Their children: Alice Louisa b. Jan. 8. 1868, d.
March 1, 1868; Joseph S. b. Jan. 27, 1869; Elizabeth b. Oct.
8, 1870, m. Joseph Jenson, d. Sept. 20, 1893; Peter b. Apr. 3,
1873, d. April 3, 1873; Agnes b. July 6, 1875, m. Frederick
Jacobs; Emma b. July 23, 1877, d. July 23, 1877; Walter S. b.
July 17, 1878, m. Carrie Hansen; Thomas S. b. April 29, 1881.
m. Luella Norr; James S. b. March 4, 1883, m. Patience
Smith: Ellen C. b. Feb. 19, 1885, m. George Maughan.

Settled at Logan, Utah, 1868.

ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY (son of Hugh Adams and Mary Hor-
locher). Born Dec. 16, 1866, Logan, Utah.

Married Sarah M. Cowley Dec. 16, 1891, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Nephi K. Cowley, pioneer 1850, and Unity H.
Apperley). She was born Feb. 4, 1870, Logan, Utah. Their
children: John Vernon b. Nov. 7, 1892; Sarah Unity b. Feb.
20, 1894, d. Feb. 28, 1894.

Married Armenia Julia Parry Jan. 2, 1895, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Parry and Harriet Roberts, pioneers
1856, Handcart company). She was born Nov. 14, 1862, Salt
Lake City. Their children: Armenia b. June 6, 1901; Verena
Julia b. Jan. 17, 1903; Harriet Marie b. Oct. 9, 1904.

Elder seventy and high priest; formerly second, then first,
' 3


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ADAMS, JAMES (son of James and Marv

Married Betsy Leavitt, who was born 1803 StanqteH
er Ca ada ' an d^d 1848, Council BlSffs lowf. Their"
A a K y T b ' M ? y 29 ' 182B ' m ' Wm - Sn Jan. 11, 1846"
Y b ' Jan ' U> 1833 ' m - Horace S. Eldredge Feb 2
5; John b March 5 1836, m. Flavllla Leavitt; Lucy b Feb
4, 1839, m. Elias Vanfleet May 10, 1860

Settled in Centerville, Utah, and died there Feb. 18, 1874.

ADAMS, JAMES (son of George Adams and Margret Ya-
dem) Born March 9, 1831, at Old Craighall, near Mussel-
b ur f,r' Invere sk parish, Scotland. Came to Utah 1852, John
M. Wood company.

Married Margret Japp Moffatt early in 1859 (daughter of
Joseph and Elizabeth Moffatt, former a pioneer 1853) She
was born Jan. 12, 1830. Their children: James H. b. Nov 17
1860, m. Agnes Izatt Adams; Joseph M. b. Nov. 11 1862 m
Carrie Goodsell; George L. b. May 9, 1865, m. Ellen Smith;
? am " el n b - Feb - 12 > 1867 - m - Minnie Goodsell; Isabell b. Sept!
23, 1869, m. George E. Crockett; Jessie Ann b. Aug. 26, 1871,
m. Karl Conrad Schaub March 29, 1893. Family home
Logan, Utah.

Assisted in building up the Cache valley In all the pioneer
activities. Watermaster of the Logan & Richmond Canal
Co. Superintendent Logan city waterworks several years.
High priest and all subordinate positions, and teacher in
Sunday schools many years.

ADAMS, JOHN (son of George Adams and Elizabeth Harriet
Winterbourn of Bucklebury, Berkshire, Eng.). Born Aug.
12, 1827, Bucklebury, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1862,
Homer Duncan company.

Married Jane Merritt July 7, 1850, in Berkshire, Eng.
(daughter of John Merritt and Alice Blackney of Cold Ash,
Berkshire). She was born Nov. 16, 1822. Their children:
Alice b. May 11, 1851, m. James Carter; Henry b. Aug. 22,
1853, m. Charlotte Hyder Evans; Harriet Jane b. June 20,
1868, m. Parley P. Christianson. Family home Nephi, Juab
county, Utah.

Married Sarah Albery Montague July 9, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Albery and Sarah Spiers of Hamp-
shire, Eng.). She was born Nov. 15, 1847, and came to Utah
1884. Their children: George b. May 31, 1885, d. Sept. 3,
1886; Mervin Isaac b. March 27, 1887, m. Luella Foote.
Family home Nephi.

High councilor and all minor offices. Carpenter assisted
in building many public and private buildings in Nephi.
Died Aug. 24, 1908.

ADAMS, HENRY (son of John Adams and Jane Merritt).
Born Aug. 22, 1853, Cold Ash, Eng. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Charlotte Hyder Evans Feb. 21, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William M. Evans and Charlotte Jarrold
Hyder of Nephi, pioneers 1850). She was born June 14,
1853. Their children: Henrietta Jane b. Feb. 13, 1877, m.
Alfred Orme; Charlotte b. Dec. 29, 1878, m. George E. How-
ard; Henry Merritt b. March 13, 1881, m. Letitia Cooper; John
Winford b. July 28. 1883, m. Ivy Lenoa Freeman; William
Lloyd b. April 25, 1885, m. Belva Bird; Alice b. June 4, 1887,
d. June 5, 1887; De Gratia b. Sept. 7, 1888, d. Dec. 23, 1901;
Walter Clarence b. Nov. 8, 1892, m. Mabel I. Waldram. Fam-
ily home Nephi, Utah.

Justice of peace, Juab county; coroner; deputy sheriff;
county attorney five terms. Lawyer.

ADAMS, ORSON BENNETT. Born March 9, 1815, New York.
Came to Utah July 29, 1847, in command of a detachment of
the Mormon Battalion, flrst sergeant Co. C.

Married Susan Smith (daughter of Anthony Smith and
Sarah Marman), who was born May 30, 1819, and came to
Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Priddy Meeks' section of Jedediah Grant
company. Their children: John S. b. May 11, 1844, m. Jane
Averet May 3, 1866, m. Mary E. Adair May 17, 1876; Susan,
m. William Hanes.

Married Margrct Jane Carter, May , Parowan, I
(daughter of Freddy Carter).

Married Dorothy Frost, at Parowan, Utah.

ADAMS, JOHN PAGE (son of Orson B. Adams and Susan
Smith). Born May 11, 1844, Macedonia, 111.

Married Jane Averet May 3, 1866, Washington, Utah
(daughter of Elisha Averet and Sarah Witt), who was born
In 1851 at Salt Lake City. Their children: Lucmda Jane b.
March 26, 1S67, m. Mitton Alexander; Sarah Jerusha b. 1869,

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