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m. Marion E. Parks: Lucy b. 1870, m. Fred Ward.

Married Mary E. Adair May 17, 1876 Washington Co Utah
(daughter of Thomas J. Adair and Mary Vancil, pioneers
1852 Captain Brown company). She was born April Ib,
1858! Washington, Utah. Their children: Ann b. March 1,
_, m. Henry Rose 1896; May b. Oct. 27, , m. Walter Elder



1897; Arminta b. July 23, , m. J. S. Hallavas 1901; Lilly b.
Dec. 23, , m. J. S. Barnhurst 1899; Ada b. May 25, , m.
Fred Wardrop 1903; Ida b. May 25, ; John Bennet b. Aug.
3, , m. May E. Tolbut 1905; Rebecca b. June 27, , m.
Comodore Myers 1903; Susannah b. June 7, , m. Ammon
Roberts 1909; Viola b. Feb. 3, , m. Ernest Lamb 1898;
William Alford b. Feb. 5, , died; James Augustus b. Aug.
3, 1896; Ezram b. Sept. 13, 1901.

ADAMS, SAMUEL (son of John Adams and Sarah Brandley
of Baddley Edge, Eng.). Born Aug. 1805. Came to Utah
about Sept. 20, 1861, Joseph Young company.

Married Bessie Mountford about 1833 (daughter of Wil-
liam and Hannah Mountford), who was born April 15, 1816.
Their children: Samuel b. April 16, 1835; Ann b. April 30,
1837; Thomas b. Dec. 22, 1840; Sarah b. May 12, 1853; Joseph
b. May 6, 1845; Hyrum b. Oct. 22, 1846; Emma b. Jan. 27,
1850; Eliza b. June 8, 1852; Lorenzo b. May 10, 1857.

ADAMS, S. P. (son of Samuel Adams, born March 1, 1810, and
Phoebe Ferry, born Nov. 11, 1815 both at Raunds, North-
amptonshire, Eng.). He was born May 16, 1834, Raunds,
Northamptonshire. Came to Utah Oct. 1853, Joseph A.
Young company.

Married Sarah Wicgens July, 1855 (daughter of Ebenezer
Wiggens and Ellen Wiggens, pioneers, 1852). She was born
September, 1836, and died Oct. 6, 1877. Their children: Sarah
E. b. May 15, 1856, m. George E. Brower December, 1880; Sam-
uel W. b. Feb. 8, 1858, d. October, 1858; David b. Oct. 8, 1860, d.
Aug. 30, 1873; William E. b. April 8, 1862, m. Jessie Scott De-
cember, 1895; May b. Aug. 30, 1864, m. M. S. Browning Decem-
ber, 1884; Phoebe b. March 22, 1867, m. Thomas Clark July 3,
1893; Eliza E. b. Sept. 16, 1869, d. March 23, 1895; Catherine b.
Nov. 20, 1871, m. John Slander Oct. 17, 1889; Martha R. b.
Sept. 27, 1873, m. Joseph Clark September, 1898; Herbert b.
Dec. 4, 1875; Robert b. Dec. 4, 1875, m. Eliza Gibson Sept. 12,
1900. Family resided in Ogden up to 1871, then Richmond,

Married Hannah Eskelson (Allsop) Nov. 28, 1879, Rich-
mond, Utah, (daughter of N. C. Eskelson and Mette Fransin,
pioneers 1863, Napika company). She was born Jan. 29,
1849, Urland, Denmark. Their children: Lottie Amettie b.
Nov. 15, 1880, d. Jan. 3, 1894; John Q. b. May 4, 1882, m. Jane
Clough Dec. 2, 1908; Nellie May b. July 6, 1886, d. Jan. 7, 1894;
Ferry Leroy b. Feb. 8, 1889, m. Cora Parsons Nov. 17, 1908;
Vertris I. b. Feb. 15, 1894.

Was in Echo Canyon campaign resisting Johnston's army.
From Richmond, in 1888, moved to Riverside, Idaho, near
Blackfont. Commissioner Bingham county, Idaho, 1892-94;
trustee Riverside school, 1892-98. Bishop's counselor, 1896-

ADAMS, WILLIAM (son of Charles Adams and Cathrine
Mills of Bagley Borough, County Cavan, Ireland. Born Jan.
8, 1822, at Hillsborough, County Down, Ireland. Came to
Utah Oct. 27, 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Mary Ann Leech, October, 1842, at Hillsborough
(daughter of Hugh Leech and Ann Jemeson of that place),
who was born Oct. 22, 1822. Their children: Charles m.
Sarah Ann Davenport; James J. ; Anna Cathrine m. Mr.
Ward; Hugh Leech m. Juliet Bayless; Margaret m. Morgan
Richards; William; Mary Emma m. James Ollerton; Thomas
m. Emily M. Caldwell. Family home Parowan, Iron Co.,

Seventy; missionary to Pennsylvania 1870-73; counselor
to president of San Juan stake, Utah. City councilman.
Farmer, merchant and stockraiser. Died at Bluff City, San
Juan county, Utah.

ADAMS, CHARLES (son of William Adams and Mary Ann
Leech). Born Sept. 16, 1843, Hillsborough, Ireland. Came
to Utah Oct. 27, 1849.

Married Sarah Ann Davenport, March 31, 1863, Parowan,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Davenport and Sarah Burrows,
of Newbold, Derbyshire, Eng., pioneers November, 1851).
She was born Feb. 14, 1847. Their children: Charles D.
b. Sept. 28, 1866; Sarah Francella b. Oct. 1,,1868; Thomas
D. b. Nov. 15, 1870; Minnie Miriam, b. Feb. 19, 1873; Mary
Ann, b. March 23, 1876; William Leech b. Jan. 26, 1879;
Joseph Burrows, b. Feb. 4, 1881; Laura Pearl, b. Nov. 20,
1884; Lawrence James b. Oct. 10, 1886. Family home

President 69th quorum seventies; bishop's counselor;
bishop 17 years; high councilor. Iron county assessor and
county commissioner; Parowan city councilman and mayor;
member of house of representatives 1892. Farmer, mer-
chant and stockraiser.

ADAMS, THOMAS (son of William Adams and Mary Ann
Leech). Born Nov. 4, 1860, at Parowan, Utah.

Married Emily M. Caldwell. June 28, 1899, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac J. Caldwell and Eliza Ann Russell of Salt
Lake City). She was born Dec. 23, 1869. Only child:
Thomas C. b. May 12, 1901. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Ireland 1895-97; president conference at Bel-
fast; Sunday school teacher; block teacher; home mission-
ary. Attorney. Died Oct. 11, 1905, at Salt Lake City.

ADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY (son of John Adams and Mary
Nash of Dover, Kent, Eng.). Born June 4, 1817, Dover,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1848, Willard Richards com-

Married Martha Jennings (daughter of Matthew and
Elva Jennings of Dover, Eng.), who was born July 24, 1808,
and died Aug. 17, 1852, Pleasant Grove. Their children:
Mary b. 1842; Martha b. 1843; William Henry b. June 26,
1845, m. Melissa J. Caldwell; Eliza b. Oct. 6, 1847, m. George
Higgins; John Alma b. Aug. 5, 1850, m. Mary Frampton.

Married Frances Ann Otten 1858, who came to Utah
September, 1853, Jacob Gates company. Their children: Alice
Maria b. 1859, m. Joseph Whiteley; Annie Jane b. 1861, m.
John Newman; Joseph H. b. 1865, m. Colinda Rogers. Fam-
ilies lived at Pleasant Grove, Utah.

One of three first settlers in Pleasant Grove July 19, 1850.
Assisted in the erection of the first stone and adobe build-
ings in Salt Lake City. Stonemason. Died Oct. 6, 1898,
Pleasant Grove.

ADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY (son of William Henry Adams
and Martha Jennings). Born June 26, 1845, Dover, Kent,
Eng. Came to Utah 1848, with parents.

Married Melissa J. Caldwell March 22, 1869, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Matthew Caldwell and Barzilla Guymon
of Fountain Green, Utah, pioneers Sept. 16, 1850, Aaron
Johnson company). She was born April 7, 1851, Spanish
Fork, Utah. Their children: Martha Barzilla b. June 13,
1870, m. Martin Lund; Alice Almira b. Oct. 18, 1872, m. Jas-
per H. Robertson; William Albert b. Dec. 19, 1874, m.
Virginia Brann; Delos E. b. Feb. 17, 1877, m. Hannah
Peterson; Melissa Jane b. Sept. 4, 1879, m. Orson Despain;
Elva Vilate b. March 28, 1882, m. D. W. West; John Matthew
b. Oct. 7, 1884, and Guy Wilford b. March 25, 1887, d. 1891;
Burton Henry b. May 27, 1889; Byron Lewis b. Aug. 25,
1891, m. Nora Adamson. Family home Fountain Green,

Personal guard Brigham Young and Orson Hyde. A
survivor of the vicissitudes of pioneer days, among which
was going for months without bread, subsisting on roots,
thistles and segos. Veteran of many Indian fights and
incipient Indian disturbances. Missionary to Southern
States 1880-81; home missionary three years; ward teacher
40 years; high priest; in superintendency of Fountain Green
Sunday school nineteen years. Farmer and brick mason.

ADAMSON, HENRY (son of Andrew Adamson and Margaret
Cunningham of Fifeshire, Scotland). Born in 1807, in Fife-
shire. Came to Utah in 1864.

Married Margaret Nicholson 1834, Dysart, Fifeshire,
(daughter of Alexander Nicholson and Nancy Allen of Sin-
clairtown and Dysart, Scotland). She was born Nov. 11,

1811. Their children: Andrew m. Lottie ; Alexander m.

Mary Hutchison; Peter m. Ann Cousins; Nancy Agnes, Ellen,
and Nancy Agnes, latter three d. infants; John m. Fanny

Fackender; Henry m. Mary , m. Martha ; David m.

Elizabeth Ann and Mary Jane Wilkinson; James m. Eliza-
beth .

Block teacher; miner and sheepman. Died January, 1890,
at Franklin, Idaho.

ADAMSON, ALEXANDER (son of Henry Adamson and Mar-
garet Nicholson). Born Jan. 27, 1837, at Bosland, Fifeshire,
Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861, John Murdock com-

Married Mary Hutchison April 12, 1861, in Fifeshire, Scot-
land, (daughter of David Hutchison and Jeanette Crookston
of Dysart, Scotland, pioneers Sept. 12, 1861). She was born
July 25, 1839. Their children: Jeanette b. Aug. 9, 1862, m.
James Brown; Margaret b. Feb. 25, 1864, m. E. W. Winn;
Henry b. Sept. 26, 1865, m. Minnie Hansen; Mary Jane b.
Sept. 7, 1867, m. Heber B. Sycks; Katherine b. May 17, 1869,
m. David Hutchison; Alexander b. Dec. 15, 1870, m. Louisa
Tillett; David b. Nov. 24, 1872, m. Jessie Myers; Elizabeth
Helen b. Nov. 15, 1874, m. Joseph Karren; Peter b. Nov. 9,
1876, m. Blanche Myers; Thomas b. Oct. 26, 1879, m. Pearl

High priest; block teacher. Black Hawk Indian war vet-
eran. Farmer. Pioneer of American Fork and helped make
the first canals, dams and wagon roads.

AFFLECK, JOHN (son of Andrew Affleck and Margaret Tru-
itt of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, Eng). Born
April 21, 1849, at Newcastle-on-Tyne. Came to Utah Sept.
4, 1866, Thomas E. Ricks company.

.AHLSTROM, JOHN G. (son of Ola Ahlstrom and Tngerborg
Bundenson of Malmo, Sweden). Born Dec. 12, 1850, Malmo,
Sweden. Came to Utah September, 1860.

Married Mary Ellen Arthur Nov. 20, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Evan Arthur and Cathrine James of St. John,
Utah, pioneers Oct. 13, 1863, Rosel Hyde company). She was
born Dec. 28, 1850. Their children: John A. m. Sara Evans;
Minnie E. m. Alvin Caldwell; Cathrine Ann, died: William
J.; Mary I., m. Charles H. Green; Edna, m. John Mclntosh;
Ernest E., m. Lena St. Jeor; Elmer H. Family home St.
John, Utah.

Bishop of St. John ward, 1898-04; Sunday school supt.,
1888-96; school trustee eight years. U. S. mail contractor
18 years. Farmer.


AINGE, GEORGE (son of James Ainge of Warwickshire.
Eng). Came to Utah in 1866 with Oxteam company

Married Elizabeth Hoffwood in England (daughter of John
and Annie Hoffwood of Worcestershire, Eng.) Their chil-
dren: George, m. Polly McKee; Elizabeth; Emma m John
Harris; Hilliary d. aged 15; Mehelia Teresia d. infant;
Jongh; Alfred, drowned at age of 8; William d. aged 22.
Family home Weisley, Warwickshire, Eng.

Elder. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer and
sheepman. Died at Spanish Fork, Utah.

AINGE, GEORGE (son of George Alnge and Elizabeth Hoff-
wood). Born Dec. 24, 1836, Worcestershire. Eng. Came to
Utah 1856, Benjamin Hodgett ox team company.

Married Polly McKee at Provo, Utah (daughter of Thomas
McKee and Percy Sweat of Spanish Fork, Utah; pioneers ox
team company). Their children: Polly and George Thomas,
d. infants; William; Percy, m. Erie Stewart; Alfred, m.
Sadie Arnold; Harriet Lavira, m. Joseph Arnold; John, m.
Miss Wilkins; Thomas, m. Amelia Teager; Joseph and James,
d. infants; Charles; Stella, m. William Taylor; Wilma, m.
Lloyd Gilroy; Ruby, m. H. Nielsen; Nile.

Elder; ward teacher. Indian war veteran; member ter-
ritorial militia. Farmer.


n. *, Mary
ngaged in threshing machine and saw mill business.

AINSWORTH, JAMES (son of Joseph Ainsworth and Mary
Huff of Staffordshire, Eng., latter with three children,
pioneer 1862). Born Aug. 9, 1851, West Bromwich, Stafford-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1862, Henry W. Miller

Married Emma M. Flygare Jan. 15, 1877, Brig-ham City,
Utah (daughter of Nels and Anna Flygare, pioneers 1862).
She was born July 25, 1856. Their children: Mary Ann b.
1878, m. Alden T. Ivie; Maude Ellen b. 1880, m. Ray Ivie;
James Albert b. 1885, d. Aug. 9, 1887. Family home Carey,

Married Clara Rosetta Johnson July 15, 1909, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Daniel Johnson and Catherine Jenson of Logan,
pioneers 1854, H. P. Jenson company). She was born 1872,
Logan, Utah. Family home Mt. Glenn, Oregon.

AINSWORTH, JOSEPH (son of Joseph Ainsworth and Mary
Huff of Staffordshire, Eng.). Born Jan. 22, 1848, Wood Green,
Staffordshire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1862, with mother
and family, Henry W. Miller company.

Married Hannah Maria Hamson May 15, 1877, Brigrham
City, Utah (daughter of George F. Hamson, pioneer July
18, 1851, and Belleta Mortenson of Brigham City). She waa
born Sept. 1, 1859. Their children: Joseph Leon b. May 20,
1878, m. Terressa Maud Howard; Rose Arleta b. Feb. 24. 1881,
m. Walter Pyrah; Ruby Melvina b. March 17, 1883; Paul Re-
vere b. June 18, 1887; James Alfred b. Feb. 6, 1891; Millie
Jane b. March 2, 1893; John Mellville b. July 1. 1894; Jennie
Viola b. Nov. 25, 1895; Roy Vernon b. Jan. 8, 1898; Gladys
Marion b. July 23, 1900; Effle Emma b. Oct. 28, 1902. Family
resided Blaine Ward, Cassia county, Idaho, and La Grande,
Oregon. Called to protect the people of San Pete county dur-
ing Black Hawk Indian war, and served through the trou-
ble; also member Salt Lake county militia.

Counselor to Bishop G. S. Harris, Blaine Ward, Cassia
stake, 1898-07; high councilor Union stake, Le Grande, Ore-
gon. Justice of peace fifteen years, Blaine county, Idaho.

AL.BISTON, JOHN (son of John Albiston, born June 3,
1783, Congleton, and Hannah Thacker, born July 10, 1783,
both in Chestershire, Eng.). He was born April 4, 1814,
at Stockport, Lancashire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 30,
1854, Darwin Richardson company.

Married Elizabeth Mellor May 6, 1833, at Saddleworth,
Yorkshire, Eng., who was born Feb. 27, 1812, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: James; Hannah;
Charles b. April 11, 1839; Martha b. Dec. 9, 1840; John b.
Feb. 7, 1842, m. Mary Ann Lee Dec. 3, 1863; Joseph b. July
7, 1844, m. Christina Scow; Elizabeth Ann b. May 11, 1847;
Mary Pamelia; Ruth Agnes b. Oct. 17, 1855, m. Joseph

President Ashton branch of Manchester conference, as
well as Sheffield and Bradford conferences; missionary to
England. Assisted in public works at Grantsville and
Ogden, Utah.

ALBISTON, JOHN, JR. (son of John Albiston and Elizabeth
Mellor). Born Feb. 7, 1842.

Married Mary Ann Lee Dec. 3, 1863, Richmond, Utah
(daughter of George Lee and Sarah Peaker, pioneers Sept.

16, 1859, Edward Stevenson company). She was born Jan.
24, 1846. Their children: Sarah Elizabeth b. Sept. 27, 1864,
m. Charles Peterson Dec. 21, 1887; Mary Ann b. Oct. 24,
1866; John William b. April 20, 1868; George Heber b.
Sept. 29, 1870, m. Anna Smith Oct. 16, 1895; Ruth Emma b.
Dec. 24, 1872, m. Gilbert Bright Nov. 16, 1892; Joseph
Henry b. Nov. 27, 1874, m. Zina Buckley Aug. 9, 1895;
Lorenzo b. May 4, 1877; Lilly May b. May 6, 1878, m. John
Gregory Nov. 20, 1895; Hyrum James b. Sept. 3, 1880; Samuel
b. Nov. 14, 1882; Nephi b. Aug. 17, 1884; Charles Lee b. May

17, 1886; Stephen m. March 20, 1889; Amy Pearl b. Aug. 19,
1891. Family resided Richmond, Utah, and Franklin, Idaho.

Clerk of teachers' and of high priests' quorums. Member
William Head's cavalry company of minutemen; captain
first martial band in Idaho.

- . 2, d. infant; William C. b Nov 8 iss- Edn

I'Q T V - V 896 ,: Earl K " b " Oct - 5 - ""I: Mary b Dec 10
City, ma. b " AUB - 26> 19 7 ' Family home Salt Lake

mJOSSfiZSPZ En ^ land 1896-98; member 109th quorum
tractor 1 . B PFieSt; bish P' s counselor. Drayman;"

' Wlltahlre '

' who was born Feb - 2 9. 1832, and

!=,,< husband - Their children: Eliza b. Nov

26 1849, d next day; Alfred W. b. March 13, 1851 (d. Jan 27
ifi2 )f A 8 ^? , Jensen Jan - 24 - 1884; John Field b. Oct. 13
1852, d. Sept. 5, 1855; Susan M. b. Feb. 31, 1855, died- Theo-

d r r ? D ' ^u 86 ?*' 17 ' 1857 ' m ' Allce Pau : C^ra J. b Dec 13
H 59 ;- Charlie Robins; Elizabeth J. b. May 14, 1862, d Nov
16. 1864; Margret A. b. Aug. 10, 1864, m. William Lamonti
A8 T S a U " b U Au|r - " 1866. "> Hyrum Jensen; Ella S. b. Nov.
|, 1868, m. Byron D. Wilcox; Edgar F. b. Feb. 24 1871 d
De 12 ' i 87 . 7: Jessle G " b " Se P t: 23 - !873. d. Dec. 30,' 1889

Married Marena Warr Aug., 1883, who was born in Eng-
land. Only child: Alice A. b. March 19, 1885.

One of first blacksmiths to come to Utah. High councilor
in Oneida stake.

,' ALPRED w - (son of Alfred Alder and Susan
Field). Born March 13, 1851, St. Louis, Mo.

Married Sarah Jensen Jan. 24, 1884, Salt Lake City who
was born 1864 at Lehi, Utah. Their children: Myrtle S
b. Oct. 26, 1884, m. Ernest E. Dixon Nov. 1, 1905- Reuel J b
March 17, 1886, m. Ella Zigham; Edgar J. b. Dec. 30 1888'
m. Azula Griffith; Priscilla J. b. Feb. 20, 1891; Alfreds. J b'
Nov. 20, 1892; Alfred J. b. Dec. 25, 1894; Susan b July 20
1897; Jesse b. May 8, 1899; Orin J. b. June 28, 1902; Alton
J. b. Nov. 28, 1904; Aldora J. b. May 25, 1908.

Missionary to Arizona. Blacksmith and farmer.

ALDER, CONRAD. Born July 15, 1824, Schonengrund
Appenzell, Switzerland. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1860, William
Budge handcart company.

Married Annie Elizabeth Merz in Switzerland (daughter
of Laurenz Merz and Anna Catharine Ramsauer), who was
born April 30, 1830. Their children: Elizabeth, m. Henry
Gassman 1887 at Logan; Conrad, m. Julia Annie Theurer

Died Sept., 1866, Providence, Utah.

ALDER, CONRAD (son of Conrad Alder and Annie E.
Merz). Born May 18, 1866, Providence, Utah.

Married Julia Annie Theurer Dec. 11, 1889. Logan, Utah
(daughter of Frederick Theurer and Christena Scheuler,
former a pioneer Aug. 30, 1860, Jesse E. Murphy company,
the latter Sept. 20, 1861, Joseph W. Young company). She
was born April 10, 1870, Providence, Utah. Their children:
Leon C. b. Sept. 21, 1890, m. Vesta Freelove Campbell March
6, 1912; Rachel Vilate b. Nov. 28, 1892; Frederick Theurer b.
March 31, 1895; Idell Christena b. July 11. 1897; May Eliza-
beth b. May 1, 1900; Preston Denton b. Dec. 18, 1905; Owen
Edwin b. May 12, 1909. Family home Providence, Utah.

Member 32d quorum seventies; missionary to Germany
1902-05; assistant Sunday school superintendent twenty
years. School trustee two terms; member town board.
Farmer and stockraiser.

ALDOUS, ROBERT (son of James Aldous and Mary Ann
Page of Huntingdonshire, Eng.). He was born July 17,
1811, Kelsale, Suffolk, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 14, 1853,
Claudius V. Spencer company.

Married Mary Ann Parkin Dec. 24, 1835 (daughter of
Luke and Nancy Parkin). She was born Nov. 9, 1814, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: George P. b.
Oct. 30, 1836, m. Christiane M. Thurston Dec. 24, 1865;
Georgiana M. b. April, 1838, m. Martin Harris: Charles b.
April 9, 1840, m. Lucy Drake Nov. 26, 1862; Frederick b.



Nov., 1841, m. Margaret Wilson; Angeline P. b. Dec. 27, 1843,
m. Brigham Bingham Dec. 24, 1862; Henry b. 1845, died.
Family home Huntsville, Utah.

Worked on some of the first public works in Salt Lake
City; also on Ogden tabernacle; superintended the build-
ing of three bridges in Ogden canyon when first opened.
Carpenter and builder; built first school in Huntsville and
was its first superintendent; also built first log house there.
Watermaster five years. Seventy; high priest.

ALDOUS, GEORGE P. (son of Robert Aldous and Mary Ann
Parkin of Huntingdonshire, Eng.). Born Oct. 30, 1836, Fen
Stanton, Eng.

Married Christiane M. Thurston Dec. 24, 1865, Huntsville,
Utah (daughter of Evan C. Thurston and Magdelina Chrls-
tenson). She was born Jan. 13, 1848, Logstor, Aalborg amt,
Denmark. Their children: Georgiana b. Nov., 1866, d.
Infant; Mary Ann b. March 17, 1868, m. William McFarland
July 18, 1894; Magdelina C. b. March 16, 1870, m. Hans-F.
Peterson June 19, 1895; George b. March 20, 1872, m. Ethel
Cowan Feb. 6, 1897; Martha E. b. April 22, 1874, m. Edward
S. Green June 13, 1900; Johanna b. May 5, 1876, m. Charles
C. Bihler Feb. 16, 1904; Robert T. b. April 10, 1878; Clara A.
b. June 12, 1880; Joseph H. b. July 23, 1883; Alfred E. b.
Nov. 18, 1884; Edward C. b. May, 1887; Mabel E. b. March
29, 1890, m. Philip Slater Oct. 5, 1908. Family home West
Weber, Utah.

ALDOUS, CHARLES (son of Robert Aldous and Mary Ann
Parkin). Born in Huntingdonshire, Eng., April 9, 1840.
Came to Utah 1853.

Married Lucy Drake Nov. 26, 1862, at Lynn, Weber county,
Utah (daughter of Daniel N. Drake and Lucinda Johnson
of Ohio, pioneers 1849). Their children: Charles N.; Fred-
erick Robert; John L.; Henry; George; Annie; Marie;
Therea; Alvin; Mary Ann.

Farmer and horticulturist.

ALEXANDER, ALVAH (son of Jabez Alexander, born Aug.
22, 1755, Marlborough. N. H., and Lois Pool, born Dec. 1, 1758,
and married in Acworth). He was born March 12, 1799,
Acworth. N. H. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1852, Capt. Harmon
Cutler company.

Married Phoebe Houston, May 9, 1822, who was born June
4, 1804, Acworth, N. H. Their children: Henry Samuel, b.
July 12, 1823, m. Mary Marsteller 1845; m. Jane Houston
1848: m. Sarah Miles July 23, 1850; Louisa Pool; Maria; Alvah
Jedethan, b. Sept. 21, 1831, m. Elizabeth Soule, March 13,
1854; Orpha Ann. Family home East Mill Creek, Utah.

Farmer. Died March 27, 1890.

ALEXANDER. HENRY SAMUEL (son of Alvah Alexander
and Phoebe Houston). Born July 12, 1823, in Washington
county, Vt. Came to Utah Sept. 1848, Livingston-Kimball

Married Mary Marsteller 1845 at Nauvoo, 111. (her parents
were from Virginia). Their children: Charles Marsteller,
m. Lovisa Comstock Snyder; Arthur, died. Family home
South Mill Creek, Utah.

Married Jane Houston 1848 at Council Bluffs, Iowa
(daughter of Samuel Houston of Iowa). Family home Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Married Sarah Miles July 23, 1850, Salt Lake City, Utah
(daughter of Samuel Miles and Sarah Prudence Marks
of Connecticut, pioneers Oct. 28, 1849, Ezra T. Benson
company). She was born Dec. 27, 1832. Their children:
Henry Miles m. Sarah Jane Ross; Sarah Henrietta m.
George Clift; Lelia Naomi m. William Van Wagoner; Wil-
liam, James Monroe and Lillie May, these three died;
Clara Prudence m. Edward D. Clyde; Katie Josephine m.
Robert Turner; Orpha Luella m. Robert Foreman; George
Snyder m. Jane Ann Taylor. Family resided in Heber and
Summit county, Utah.

Patriarch. Wasatch county commissioner. Sawmill and
lumberman. Died March 6, 1903.

Samuel Alexander and Mary Marsteller). Born Nov. 21,
1846, in Lee county, Iowa. Came to Utah with father.

Married Lovisa Comstock Snyder, Dec. 26, 1871, Salt Lake
City, Utah (daughter of George G. Snyder and Sarah Hatch,
pioneers 1849). She was born Feb. 25, 1854. Their children:
Mary Blanche b. Feb. 16, 1873, m. Brigham Murdock; Sarah
Luella b. Jan. 21, 1876; Caroline b. Oct. 4, 1879, m. William T.
Wooten; Charles Snyder b. June 5, 1881, died; Louis b.
July 2, 1883; Mabel b. March 28, 1886, m. Robert Price;
Guy Becker b. Oct. 13, 1888; Elaine Marsteller b. Aug. 25,
1895; Nellie b. March 1, 1898 Family home, Heber, Utah.

Elder. Lumberman.

ALEXANDER, ALVAH JEDETHAN (son of Alvah Alexander
and Phoebe Houston). Born Sept. 21, 1831, Northfleld, Vt.
Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1852, Capt. Harmon Cutler company.

Married Elizabeth Soule March 13, 1854 (daughter of Solo-
mon Soule and Lydia Bessee, pioneers Aug. 1863, Independent
company). She was born Feb. 6, 1834. Their children: Mary
Elizabeth b. Jan. 21, 1855, m. James O'Neil 1875; Phoebe An-
nette b. Jan. 3, 1857, m. George Bonner 1878; Alvah b. June
11, 1858. m. Dessie Bonner 1880; Adelbert b. July 7, 1860, m.
Viola D. Epperson 1885; Ella Gertrude b. Jan. 1, 1863, m.
Robert B. Ross 1881; Frederic Soule b. May 16, 1865, d. Jan.
23, 1869; Ada Deanna b. March 6, 1867, m. Thomas E. Bonner
1888; Charles Edwin b. May 4, 1870, m. Lala R. Springer 1891;
Henry LeRoy b. July 10, 1872, m. Susie Davis 1893; Florence

Mina b. April 15. 1875, d. March 25, 1878; Effle May b. April
6, 1879, m. Everice Bronson 1897. Family resided at Mill
Creek and Mid-ray, Utah.

Asst. and Sunday School Supt., 1873-1900; bishop's coun-
selor, Midway ward 1876-1903. With eldest brother, started
first shingle sawmill in Utah 1853; in lumber business 38
years. County selectman eight years; justice of peace two
terms; president of town board two terms; school trustee
several termd.

ALEXANDER, ALVAH (son of Alvah J. Alexander and Eliz-
abeth Soule). Born June 11, 1858, Lehi, Utah.

Married Dessie Bonner October, 1880, Midway, Utah
(daughter of George Bonner and Margaret Edmundston),
who was born Jan. 14, 1862, Midway, Utah. Only child:
Alvah b. Dec. 15, 1881.

Merchant, stockraiser and ranchman.

ALEXANDER, HORACE MARTIN (son of James Alexander
and Frances Ehart of Montgomery county, Va.). Born

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