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Feb. 15, 1812, Montgomery county. Came to Utah Oct. 16,
1847, with part of Mormon Battalion from California.

Married Nancy Reader Walker Sept. 14, 1834, Clay county
Mo., who was born Dec. 8, 1817. Their children: Frances
Evelyn b. Sept. 1, 1836, m. Jesse P. Steele; Nancy Maria b.
March 24, 1839, died; Sarah Malinda b. March 6, 1841, m.
John Green, later Hans Mortensen; Dionetia Emily b. Oct.
18, 1843, m. Hans Mortensen; Horace Martin b. Jan. 1, 1847..
died. Family resided Clay county. Mo., and Nauvoo, 111.

Married Martha Burwell Feb. 15, 1849, Salt Lake City,
who was born March 31, 1830. Their children: James Thorn-
ton b. June 24, 1850, m. Emily Johnson and Rebecca Noah;
Henry R. b. Nov. 17, 1851; Elizabeth; Masis; Margaret; Ella
Amelia, latter five died; Alice Geraldine b. April 26, 1856,
m. Joseph Blackett; John Wesley b. Nov. 1858, died; Flora
Adelaide b. 1859, m. Thomas Bryon; Jedediah M. b. Nov.,
1862, died; Charlotte Almira b. May 11, 1863, m. Frank
Gamble; Celestia b. Nov. 27, 1866, m. William Sumption
and Max Kless; Celestine m. William Humphries; Hubert
and George, died; Mildred m. A. G. Peterson. Family home,
Springville, Utah.

Married Catherine Houston Feb. 16, 1849, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Houston), who was born March 12,
1831. Their children: William Denton b. Dec. 4, 1851, m.
Helena Coray, and Prudella Allman; Mary Helen b. Jan. 16.
1864, m. Jonathan Harvey; Eliza Fredonia b. March 4, 1855,
m. Samuel P. Richards; Franklin D. b. Oct. 31, 1858, m.
Naoma Wilson; Heber M. b. Dec. 13, 1860, died; Susan Amelia
b. March 27, 1861 (deceased), m. Isaac Roberts; Ophelia
Leona b. July 18, 1864, m. John F. Clark; Lucy Jane b. Oct.

29, 1866 (deceased), m. John Collett; Blanch J. b. March

30, 1870, died; Maud b. May 16, 1876, m. E. M. West.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Julia Owens 1854, Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren; Albert b. March 8, 1855; Amasa B. b. May 21, 1856,
m. Agness Henry; Frances b. 1858 and Amelia b. 1860, both
died. Family home Parowan, Utah.

High priest; missionary to southern states 1875. Capt.
Silver Grays, Springville, Utah, 1869; member police force,
Salt Lake City 1850-63; Corporal Co. B Mormon Bat-
talion. Contractor and builder; farmer. Died Sept. 18, 1881,
Provo, Utah.

Alexander and Catharine Houston). Born Dec. 4, 1851, Salt
Lake City.

Married Helena Coray Oct. 10, 1878, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Howard Coray and Martha Jane Knowlton), who was
born Feb. 1, 1852. Their children: Helena Cora b. July 23,
1879, m. D. Foster Cluff; Maud May b. Dec. 20, 1880, m.
Horace Secrest; Ethel b. April 27, 1882, died: William Denton
b. June 26, 1884; Don Horace b. April 13, 1887, died; Howard
b. March 12, 1892, died; George Louis b. Jan. 1, 1896.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Prudella Allman May 16, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Allman and Elmira Phillips, pioneers
1850 and 1861 respectively). She was born Dec. 12. 1865.
Their children: Ralph Houston b. April 9, 1907. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to Hawaiian Islands 1878-81. Justice of peace
1888-91; alderman 1888-89; member school board 1904-08.
Contractor and builder; horticulturist.

ALEXANDER, ROBERT (son of Alexander and Mary

McFarland of Lurgan, Ireland). Born 1826, County Tyrone,
Ireland. Came to Utah 1852, Captain McGaw company.

Married Mary Melville 1846, Lurgan, Ireland (daughter of
Henry Melville and Elizabeth Gregg, pioneers 1852, Captain
McGaw company). She was born Aug. 13, 1822. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth, d. aged 2; Mary, m. Samuel Mclntyre;
Anna, m. Frank E. Cook. Family home St. Louis, Mo.

Seventy; home missionary. Painter. Died Feb. 20, 1887,
twelfth ward, Salt Lake City.

ALPORD, JOHN (son of William Alford and Miss Golds-
brough of Dorsetshire, Eng.). Born July 3, 1826, in Dorset-
shire. Came to Utah fall of 1865, with an oxteam company.
Married Margaret Russell Anderson (Ripley) June 10,
1872, Salt Lake City, by Daniel H. Wells (daughter of John
Anderson and Jane Russell of Leith, near Edinburgh, Scot-
land, pioneers 1862). She was born May 26, 1850. Their



children: John W. b. July 2, 1873, m. Ruby Venice Pike-
Jeanne Russell b. Sept. 30, 1875, m. Ray F. Brandon; Frances
Elizabeth, d. aged 8; William George, d. aged 6' Robert
G. Family home Salt Lake City.

Seventy at Salt Lake City; missionary to England 1870-
71; high priest. He, with George Goddard, was in the mer-
cantile business; they sold out and he became associated
with the Z. C. M. I., where he remained almost to the time
of his death, April 11, 1901, Salt Lake City.

Margaret Russell Anderson was the widow of Robert
Ripley, whom she married in Scotland. He was lost at sea.
Their children: Robert Ripley d. infant; Helene Ripley m.
George Noble.

ALFORD, JOHN W. (son of John Alford and Margaret
Russell Anderson Ripley). Born July 2, 1873, Salt Lake

Married Ruby Venice Pike June 12, 1900, Salt Lake City,
by Judge Morrell (daughter of John W. Pike and Amy
Tuckfield of England; they came to Utah 1870). She was
born Dec. 16, 1876. Only child; Robert Pike b. April 21,

Was associated for a time with the A. H. Crabbe Company
as secretary and director. President, manager and senior
member Alford Bros. Company, haberdashers.

ALLE1MAN, JOHN (son of John Christopher Alleman and
Catherine Heppick of Dauphin Co., Pa.). Born June 28 1808,
Middleton, Dauphin county, Pa. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Christean Stentz Dec. 11, 1832, Dauphin Co.
(daughter of Michael Stentz and Maria Catharine Winagle
pioneers 1852). She was born Nov. 28, 1811. Their children:
Anna Catharine, m. Joseph W. Bissell; Benjamin Jordan, m.
Sariah Jane Starr; Susanna, m. Benjamin T. Blanchard; John
Henry, m. Zebina Starr; Christean Mary, m. William Sum-
sion; Daniel Joseph, m. Amanda Elizabeth Starr; Sarah Jane,
m. Alma Spafford; Martha Elizabeth, m. Edward L. Whit-
ing; James Hyrum; William David, m. Martha Jane Rey-
nolds. Family home Springville, Utah.

Bishop's counselor. Farmer.

Married Winifred Oldham Sept. 12, 1906 (daughter

Elder. School teacher.

w!fl P rn ^ ar SV 7 ' 1856 ' Merth y Tydfil, Glamorganshire
Wales, and died March 10, 1890, at Ogden, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Thomas Evans b. Nov. 23, 1882 m Fern Tarkma,
June 14 1911; Albern Morris b. Sep 29, 1885 m Blanche
Lansing Nov., 1906; Edward Nelson b. Nov. 18, 1887- Law-
rence and Ruby. b. Jan. 23, 1899, both d. same day
* Mar ed Annie Catherine Hansen Feb. 19, 1891 Loean

? and^PhH ? me \ 3 HanSen> born May 23 1845- P ioneer
S. and Christina Jorgensen, born May, 1836 both of
Sjelland, Denmark, died Nov. 14, 1885, at Huntsviile Utah)
She was born Aug. 11, 1870, Huntsviile, Utah Their chil-
?Q? : H DaVid Chester b - March 14, 1892; Marie b. Dec? 10
1893, d. same day; Merrill b. Aug. 20, 1895, d same dav :
Laura and Pearl b. July 7. 1897, both d. sanfe da Ruth
b. Dec. 4, 1899, d. Jan. 24, 1900. Family home Ogden Utah

ALLEN, ALBERT (son of Daniel and Clarissa Allen). Born
May 22, 1802, Cornwall, Litchfield county, Conn. Came to
Utah Oct. 16, 1847, with Mormon Battalion from California.

Married Marcia Allen 1826, Hartwick, N. Y. (daughter of
Gideon Allen, born Nov. 2, 1774, Washington, Conn., d. Jan.
10, 1861, at Ogden, Utah, and Rachel Hand, deceased pio-
neers Sept; 20, 1848, Brigham Young company). She was
born Nov. 6, 1804, Litchfield, Conn., and died Dec. 25, 1866,
at Kanarraville, Utah. Their children: Rufus Chester b.
Oct. 22, 1827, m. Lavenia H. Yearsley; Alanson David b. May
2, 1829 (d. March 3, 1887), m. Chastina Hadlock; Clarissa
Abbie b. June 3, 1831 (d. March 17, 1905), m. Moses S. Clark;
Marshall Frederick b. 1834, m. Emma Holmes; Rachel b.
1836, d. 1846; Rebecca b. 1838, d. 1868 Summit county, Utah;
Sarah b. 1840, d. 1842 at Nauvoo, 111.; Sarah Ann b. 1843, d.
1846; Mary Ellen b. Jan. 14, 1850, at Ogden, m. Charles W.

Married Mary Ann Hoops (Yearsley) (daughter of George
and Albina Hoops). She was born Jan. 4, 1811, West Chester,
Pa., and died 1905 at Salt Lake City; came to Utah Sept. 25,
1848, with Heber C. Kimball company. Their child: Mar-
cia b. Nov. 21, 1854, at Ogden, m. Charles B. Layne Feb. 9,

Married Mary Jane Morris (McCarty) (daughter of Jacob
Morris, a pioneer). She was born April 11, 1818, Circleville,
Ohio, and died Dec. 4, 1893, at Ogden, Utah. Their children:
Albern b. Dec. 2, 1854, at Ogden, m. Elizabeth Evans.

Married Elizabeth Hill (deceased). Their children: Sa-
riah, m. James Wright; Martha, died; a daughter died at
Huntsviile, Utah; Isada, died; Elizabeth b. July, 1867, m.
Harry Kosminski. Families lived at Ogden, Utah.

Missionary; president 33d quorum seventies at Nauvoo,
1846; member Company A Mormon Battalion; settled at Ogden
1849; member high council. Assisted in bringing Immi-
grants to Utah 1857; chosen to preside over the little set-
tlement, Genoa, about 100 miles west of Florence, a supply
depot and assembling station for mountain-bound immi-
grants and future Utah pioneers.

ALLEN, ALANSON DAVID (son of Albern Allen and Marcia
Allen). Born May 2, 1829, Delaware county, N. Y. Came to
Utah Oct. 27, 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Chastina Hadlock Nov. 10, 1850, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Stephen A. Hadlock and Sally Aulton; latter a
pioneer of Sept., 1850, Capt. Everett company). She was
born April 2, 1828, and died March 20, 1913. Their children:
Emeline Clarissa b. Aug. 26, 1851, m. Erastus Perry Bing-
ham; Albern Alanson b. Dec. 28, 1852, m. Louisa Stowell
Dec. 27, 1883; Orin Daniel b. March 18, 1854, m. Anna C.
Bendrup; Emily Chastina b. Nov. 30, 1855, m. John Newy;
Marinda b. Feb. 15, 1857, m. John Ingles; Esther b. Sept. 27,
1858, m. John Tangreen; Ammon b. April 23, 1860, m. Isa-
bella Hyslop; Hyrum b. Feb. 20, 1862, m. Nancy A. Wilson;
Samuel b. Sept. 15, 1863, m. Louisa C. Danielson; Sarah Ann
b. Dec. 9, 1865, m. William G. Moyes; Emma Rozina b. Jan.
18, 1868, m. John H. Jorgenson; Mary Vileta b. Jan. 29, 1870,
d. Aug. 6, 1901; David Orlo b. April 21, 1872, m. Emma Louisa
Berlin; Andrew Stephen b. Feb. 23, 1874, m. Mary Elizabeth
Hyslop. Family home Huntsviile, Weber county, Utah.

Seventy. Captain Utah militia 1861-66; captain of ten
Echo Canyon war. Farmer.

,9 > ,,:c A H MA (son of Ezra Heela A en, born

July 28, 1814 Madrid St. Lawrence county, N. Y., and Sarah
B. Fiske of Potsdam, N. Y. married Dec. 25, 1837) He was
born Sept. 28. 1845, Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah Sept. 14, lT 5 2
Married Maria E. Cowley April 5, 1869 (daughter of
Sfl? le * fowley and Ann Kellef), who was born Oct. 24
A -, ^^n" 16 t ^ U ^ h o 1850 - Their children: Eveline b
AP "} a 6 ' }? m ' D , avld Brown Nov. 28, 1893; Ezra James b.
J )> 1 l 8 ,I 1: iu An . nie ,. E - b " Sept ' 9 - 1873 ' m - Chris Poulsen
*' 1 A 891: Mana b " June 27 ' 1874 ' m - John A - Larsen Dec.
, 6 *'', Amaretta b - A P ri l 21, 1876, m. Wm. Fifleld Nov. 29
: n A e , Xander C " b ' Jan ' 27 ' 188 - - R achel Chapman Feb

. .

Married Elizabeth Clarke April 11, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John H. Clarke and Elizabeth Herier of En/-
land). She was born March 18, 1858, Ogden, Utah. Their
children: Oliver A. b. Jan. 9, 1879. m. Zena Erickson; Ethan
J. b. Oct. 9, 1880, m. Anne Fifield; Ellen E. b March 4 1883
m. Wm. Willisen; Royal b. July 13, 1885; Nettie b Nov 12'
1887; Iven b. June 24, 1889; Orin Wm. b. Oct. 11 1892- Lu'ella
E. b. Jan. 11, 1896. Family home Weston, Idaho

High Priest; Bishop; Missionary to Southern states; Sun-
day school officer and teacher. Policeman; justice of peace.

ALLEN, ANDREW LEE (son of Elijah Allen, born 1763 and
Mehitable Hall, both of New Hampshire). He was born
Nov. 24, 1791, Limeric Parsonfield, N. H. Came to Utah Aug
12, 1852, John M. Higbee company.

Married Clarinda Knapp 1825, who was born Aug 10
1802, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Elijah b. Feb. 7, 1826, m. Eliza Ann Bickmore; Lydia b.
June 5, 1827; Sophronia b. Nov. 6, 1828, m. Abram Foster;
Charles b. Oct. 16, 1830, m. Adelaide Hoops; Andrew b. Aug.
16, 1832, m. Manerva Whittle; James b. Oct. 12, 1833, m.
Mary Mathews; Sidney b. Aug. 12, 1835, m. Ann Cooper;
Susan b. Dec. 31, 1837, m. John Goaslind; Lev! b. April 1,
1842, m. Lavinia Henson; Julia b. June 8, 1844. Family
home Provo, Utah.

ALLEN, ELIJAH (son of Andrew Lee Allen and Clarinda
Knapp). Born Feb. 7, 1826, Burton, N. Y.

Married Eliza Ann Bickmore (daughter of William and
Christina Bickmore), who was born Jan. 29, 1830. Their
children: Elijah b. Feb. 24, 1860; William b. April 17,
1854; Eliza Ann b. June 1, 1866, m. Manassah Barnes; James
Carson b. March 21, 1858, m. Betsy Lowe March 1, 1883;
Andrew b. Dec. 23, 1869, m. Susie Preece; Henry Heber b.
March 11, 1862, m. Algena Poulsen; Joseph Smith b. Oct.
20, 1863, m. Phoebe Andersen Dec. 9, 1885. Family home
Fort Herriman, Utah.

Served in Co. B, Mormon Battalion.

Ann Bickmore).

Married Phoebe
pioneer 1850, and
Utah). She was
Their children:
Mavil b. July 11.
Smith b. Nov. 26,

SMITH (son of Elijah Allen and Eliza

Born Oct. 20, 1863, Ft. Herriman, Utah.

Andersen (daughter of George Andersen,
Mary Ann Davis, Aug. 19, 1860, Bountiful,

born March 5, 1859, Richmond, Utah.
Joseph Merle b. Nov. 10, 1886; Phoebe

1889; George Q. b. March 6, 1892; Elmo
1893; Elijah Grover b. Feb. 6, 1896; Alice



Erma b. July 11, 1897; Lucile b. July 27, 1900; Grant Ander-
sen b. Feb. 4, 1904; Mary Ina b. Oct. 20, 1909. Family home
Coveville, Utah.

Missionary to southern states and at bureau of informa-
tion, Salt Lake City; first counselor In the bishopric of
Coveville, Utah. Justice of the peace; county commissioner,
Cache county, Utah.

ALLEN, LEVI (son of Andrew L. Allen and Clarinda Knapp).
Born April 1, 1842, at Virginia, 111.

Married Lavinia S. Henson Dec. 12, 1888, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Alfred Henson and Mary Ann Sewell, both of
whom came to Utah by oxteam in 1868). She was born
July 23, 1871, at Franklin, Idaho. Their children: Clarinda
H. b. Nov. 3, 1889, m. Louis H. Johnson June 19, 1907; Lev!
H. b. June 15, 1891; Elijah H. b. May 6, 1893; Jas. H. b. April
1, 1896; Lydia H. b. Sept. 11, 1897; Luren H. b. Aug. 6, 1900;
Mary H. b. Oct. 9, 1902; Verona H. b. Feb. 10, 1905; Alfred
H. b. Dec. 6, 1907; Olive H. b. March 11, 1910. Family home
Cove, Utah.

Assisted in building of St. George temple; assistant super-
intendent of Sunday school; high priest.

AM,i:\, DANIEL (son of Daniel Allen and Nancy Stewart
of Chautauqua county, N. Y.). Born Dec. 9, 1804, Whites-
town, Oneida county, N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1849.

Married Mary Ann Morris Oct. 6, 1828, Cayuga county,
N. Y. Their children: LeRoy, d. child; Alma, d. aged 14;
Mary Ann, m. John Lowry; Diantha, m. William Berry;
Eliza, m. George Baum; Daniel, d. infant.

Married Louisa Jane Berry June 22, 1847, Winter Quar-
ters, Neb. (daughter of Jesse Berry and Amelia Shanks of
Tennessee and Illinois, pioneers 1849, Samuel Gulley oxteam
company). Their children: Cynthia; Orson; Robert; Jo-
seph; Millie; Lydia; Samuel; Artimicia; John. Family home
Salt Lake City.

. Married Sarah Whitely 1854, Salt Lake Endowment House.
Their children: Isaac; David; Harriet; Hyrum; Fred;
James; Anna.

Seventy; missionary to "Dixie" 1862. Black Hawk Indian
war veteran. Worked on Nauvoo Temple. Tanned first
leather in Utah. Shoemaker and tanner; merchant. Died
Jan. 15, 1892, Escalante, Utah.

ALLEN, ELIHtT M. (son of Elihu M. Allen and Lola Ann
Clauson of New York). Born Oct. 5, 1835, Dryden, N. Y.
Came to Utah Aug. 8, 1847, John Scott company.

Married Mary Elizabeth Graham 1854 (daughter of James
and Mary Graham, of Pennsylvania), who was born Oct.
8, 1836. Came to Utah 1858, Jedediah Grant company.

Their children: Charles M. b. May 29, 1855; Elihu b. Nov.
8, 1857, m. Mary A. Byard Oct. 18, 1880; Mary L. b. Aug.
23, 1860, m. Hyrum B. Pidcock; P. Isadora b. June 21, 1862,
m. P. Edward Chatelain 1882; John F. b. Aug. 11, 1864, m.
Mary Harmon 1886; George A. b. June 1, 1866, m. Musett
Gribbel 1894; Lola B. b. July 1, 1868, m. Alexander Chatelain
1886; Joseph W. b. March 7, 1870, m. Helen Hatten 1894;
Eliza E. b. Dec. 24, 1872, m. Thomas Wright 1891; David
b. Aug. 14, 1874, m. Pearl Jensen 1893; Thomas J. b. Sept.
3, 1876. Family home Huntsville, Utah.

Farmer. Elder. Died Nov. 25, 1912, Pocatello, Idaho.

M.i.r.v IRA (son of Simeon Allen of Franklin, Mass., born
March 11, 1779, and Elizabeth Leavens, born July 4, 1774).
He was born April 27, 1814, Thompson, Windham county.
Conn. Came to Utah Sept., 1850.

Married Calista Bass Nov. 23, 1834 (daughter of Luther
Bass). Their children: John Bass b. April 18, 1835, d.
same day; Andrew Augustus b. Oct. 1, 1836, m. Sarah A.
Cartwright June 14, 1857; Simeon Franklin b. April 3,
1839, m. Boletta Johnson Dec. 5, 1863; Charles Francis b.
May 7, 1841, d. May 7, 1841; Elizabeth Marie b. June 6, 1842,
m. Thomas Williams March 8, 1860; Emily Louise b. March
15, 1844, m. Thos. Williams Dec. 24, 1864; Joseph Smith
b. Oct. 13, 1846, m. Ellen Israelsen May 23, 1868. Families
resided Cedar City and Hyrum, Utah.

Married Keziah Bensen Dec. 1, 1852 (daughter of Alva
Bensen and Cynthia Vail), who was born March 10, 1825,
Hendricks, Ind. Their children: George Clark b. Dec. 11,
1853, m. Martha Hansen May 28, 1877; Albert J. b. April 26.
1855, m. Phenette Williams Feb. 5, 1877; Ethan Ira b. May
13. 1857, d. 1867; David Bensen b. Feb. 20, 1859, m. Walbor
Nielsen Jan. 26, 1887; Hyrum Cache b. Oct. 22, 1861, d. 1863;
Doctor Jasper b. Feb. 4, 1864, d. 1864; Fredric Ferransen
b. Jan. 10, 1866, d. 1870; John Vernon b. May 7, 1868, d.

Married Cynthia Elizabeth Bensen (daughter of Alva
Bensen and Cynthia Vail). Their children: Cynthia Angela
b. June 17, 1859, d. 1863; Elam b. Jan. 22, 1862, m. Anna M.
Nielsen March 26, 1891; Laura Ann b. May 11, 1864, m. Albert
Savage Oct. 8, 1883; Julia Elizabeth b. June 19, 1866, m.
Welby Hufaker March 26, 1896; James Cyrus b. Jan. 29,
1869, m. Ellen Nielsen Jan. 6. 1904; Eliza Jane b. June 3.
1871. m. John Rigby Oct. 7, 1889; Charlotte Temple b. Nov.
3, 1873. m. David Nielsen: Lucy Keziah b. May 28, 1876, m.
Isaac Quinney Feb. 14, 1907; Thomas Edwin b. May 31, 1879,
m. Minie Petersen June 11, 1902.

Pioneer of Hyrum 1860. Ward clerk; ward teacher. Post-
master. Pioneer canal and road builder. Died Dec. 21,

ALLEN, ANDREW AUGUSTUS (son of Ira Allen and Calista
Bass). Born Oct. 1, 1836, Woodstock, Windham county,

Married Sarah Ann Cartwright, June 14, 1857, Cedar City,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Cartwright and Sarah Yates),
who was born Jan. 12, 1840, in Lancashire, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Andrew Augustus b. Aug. 26, 1858, m. Lovisa Ham-
mond April 4, 1889; Calista Ann b. April 23, 1861, d. May 19,
1878; Thomas Ira b. Oct. 1, 1863, m. Minnie Hammond Jan. 6
1879; George Q. b. Feb. 16, 1866, d. 1872; Sarah Ellen b. May
30, 1868, m. Ezra Peterson Dec. 22, 1887.

Married Rebecca Christine Nielsen April 14, 1887, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Hans Enoch Nielsen, pioneer Sept. 29,
1854, James Brown company, and Nancy Margaret Osborn,
pioneer 1852). She was born Jan. 24, 1864, Hyrum, Utah.
Their children: Lauretta Jane b. June 27, 1888, m. Reuben
Hansen June 1, 1911; Margaret Vilate b. Sept. 11, 1890; Glen
Nielsen b. July 15, 1892; Esther b. March 18, 1895; Elva Mae
b. Aug. 25, 1898; Bessie b. May 13, 1901; Hollis Verne b. July
19, 1905. Family resided Hyrum, Utah.

Sunday school superintendent; high councilor.

ALLEN, ANDREW AUGUSTUS, JR. (son of Andrew Augus-
tus Allen and Sarah Ann Cartwright). Born Aug. 25, 1858,
Cedar City.

Married Lovisa Hammond April 4, 1889, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Milton Dates Hammond and Lovisa Miller),
who was born July 15, 1866, Providence, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Hazel Lovisa b. Feb. 3, 1891; Sarah Mabel b. May 15,
1894; Milton Andrew b. April 8, 1897; Ethel Morene b. Nov.
25, 1899; Helen Lenore b. Jan. 27, 1904; Lucile b. March 4,
1907. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

Sunday school and ward teacher; pres. Y. M. M. I. A.;
missionary to northern states; bishop 2d ward, Hyrum. Has
been school trustee, city councilman and mayor of Hyrum.

ALLEN, JOHN R. (son of James Allen, born 1808, Somer-
set, Pulaski county, Ky., and Nancy Allen, born 1812, same
place). He was born Jan. 29, 1841, Wadsborough, Ky.
Came to Utah Sept., 1862, Independent company.

Married Sarah Janett Leavitt Nov. 2, 1875, who was born
April 17, 1855, Centerville, Utah. Their children: Mahala
b. Aug. 9, 1876, m. Allen Green Marler Nov. 13, 1895; John
Rial b. April 2, 1878, m. Elsie Elizabeth Bright, Sept. 20,
1899; Annie Mabel b. Aug. 22, 1879, m. James Barjeson;
Jesse Leavitt b. Nov. 13, 1881; Hyrum b. June 24, 1883, m.
Bell Naylor; Sallie Janette b. March 27, 1885, m. Alma
Donaldson Nov. 1, 1907; Jennie b. Oct. 8, 1887, m. Bianca
Johnston; Delia b. Nov. 28. 1890, m. William Henry Ellis-
Glen b. Sept. 17, 1892; Netta b. Oct. 23, 1894, m. Alma Harris-
Dovey Dean b. Aug. 22, 1896; Roasel Lou b. Jan. 11, 1903;
Emma Jean. Family home Lewiston, Utah.

ALLEN, JOSEPH S. Came to Utah in 1848, oxteam company.

Married Lucy Morley. Their children: Mary, m. Orvllle
S. Cox; Lucy, m. Frederick W. Cox, Jr.; Caroline, m. Isaac
Jones; Isaac, m. Harriet Squires; Albert, m. Harriet Fowler;
Harriet, m. John Esplin; Simeon, m. Miss Walker; Clara d
in childhood. Family home North Bend (near Thistle)

Elder in Zion's camp. Frontiersman of the typical old
school. Cooper by trade and followed farming. Died April
25, 1889, at Huntington, Utah.

ALLEN LEWIS (son of Rial Allen of Andrew county. Mo.).
Born June 11, 1813, in Kentucky. Came to Utah Aug.,
1862, independent oxteam company.

Married Elizabeth Alexander, 1836, in Jackson county.
Mo. (daughter of Jonathan Alexander, pioneer Washington
county, Utah, 1862). She was born March 2, 1819. Their
children: Tabitha Jane b. Oct. 7, 1838, m. Woodruff Free-
man; Beulah Ann b. May 24, 1840, m. Willis Webb- William
b. Sept. 12, 1842, d. infant; Rial b. Feb. 27. 1844, 'm. Susan
Collins; Jonathan Alexander b. Jan. 30, 1846, m. Jane
Nelson; Samuel b. Jan. 17, 1848, d. infant; James'B b Aug
16, 1850, m. Maria West; Margaret E. b. Jan. 20, 1852 m
Brigham Y. Baird; Sarah Melissa b. May 30, 1854, m. Da'niel
V. Leroy; Andrew Jackson b. Dec. 20, 1856, m. Sariah E
Pulsipher; Martha Permelia b. May 23, 1858, m William
Marshall; Nancy Esther b. Dec. 9, 1861, m. Isaac E Black-
Mary Ellen b. April 11, 1866, m. Albert Allen. Family re-
sided Washington, and Moccasin spring ranch, near Kanab,

Ward teacher; seventy; high priest; missionary to
Nevada. Farmer. Died Dec., 1883, Orderville, Utah.

ALLEN,' ORVILLE MORGAN. Born June 9, 1805, Pike
county. Mo. Came to Utah December, 1852, captain of one
of the large companies of immigrants to Utah.

Married Jane Wilson 1825. Among their children was
Laura Josephine b. April 4, 1846, m. Myron Abbott April
25, 1861, Ogden, Utah.

He was a lineal descendant of Ethan Allen of Revolu-
tionary fame. Joined the L. D. S. church 1838, for which
he was disinherited by his father. Once a member of body-
guard of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo. On arrival in Utah,



settled at Springville, later at Spanish Fork, Toquerville,
and Kanab, and at latter place he served as probate judge
of Kane county. Finally settled at Pima, Ariz., 1880; there
he died 1893, aged 88 years. He was the father of fifteen

ALLEN, PETER (son of John Allen and Hannah Willis of
Cold Ash, Berkshire, Eng.). Born Jan. 5, 1849, Cold Ash,
Eng Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1861, Ira Eldredge company.

Married Ellen Thomas Oct. 10, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin and Ellen Thomas of Pembroke-
shire, South Wales). She was born May 14, 1849. Their
children: John David b. Aug. 14, 1869; Mary Ellen b. Dec.
10, 1870, m. John T. Price; Parley Peter b. Jan. 11, 1872, m.
Rhoda Ann Beveridge; Anna b. March 11, 1873, m. Howard
Mesenger; Joseph Franklin b. April 14, 1875, m. Ella Nelson;
Hyrum b. March 30, 1877, m. Rose Wright; Moroni b. Nov.
4, 1878, m. Maud Steers Broadbent; Hannah b. May 15, 1882,
m. Peter Neil; Benjamin Thomas b. Nov. 25, 1884; Martha
Jane b. Aug. 2, 1886. Family resided Laketown, Utah, Star
Valley, Wyo., Alberta, Can., La Grande, Ore.

Married Louisa Fisher Nov. 6, 1884, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Ulrich and Elizabeth Fisher of Paris, Bear Lake
county, Idaho). She was born Oct. 14, 1868. Their chil-
dren: Louise Elizabeth b. Feb. 28, 1886, m. Dan B. Locke;

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