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Oct. 1, 1890; Daniel W. b. Jan. 9, 1870, m. Susan P. Eastman
Dec. 10, 1890; Harriet E. b. Oct. 12, 1873, m. George W.
Cantrell 1890; Hyrum b. Aug. 2, 1876, m. Nancy J. Hunt
Oct. 11, 1896; James T. b. Oct. 22, 1878, d. Nov. 2, 1896; Jan-
ette b. Sept. 16, 1880, m. Wm. E. Stoddard May 10, 1899;
Mary Jane b. May 4, 1882, d. Oct., 1885; Josephine b. Nov. 27,
1885, m. John W. Armour Oct. 11, 1905; Nelson b. Dec. 20,
1891, d. Dec. 27, 1891; Parley Gilbert b. June 30, 1893; Arthur
Leroy b. April 5, 1896. Family resided Morgan, Hooper and
Ogden, Utah; Taylor and Basalt, Idaho.

Ward teacher. Died July 6, 1906.

ARAVE, DAVID E. (son of Nelson Arave and Aroline Wads-
worth). Born Dec. 23, 1861, Uinta, Weber county, Utah.

Married Mary A. Fowles Sept. 22, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Joseph Fowles and Mary A. Jones of Hooper,
Utah, who came to Utah In 1869). She was born Sept. 20,
1871. Their children: Joseph C. b. Sept. 14, 1891; David
E. b. Feb. 2, 1894; Vernal L. b. Nov. 26, 1895; Herschel b.
Dec. 6, 1897; Cecil b. Oct. 20, 1901, died; Elgin b. Nov. 3, 1903;
Orland b. March 23, 1906; Ellis G. b. March 21, 1909, died;
Ariel b. Sept. 29, 1911, died; Zelma (adopted) b. March 29,
1909. Family home, Taylor, Idaho.

Sunday school superintendent; elder; high priest; bishop;
ward teacher.

bald and Elizabeth Russell, of Harthill, Scotland). He
was born March 16, 1840, in Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 4,
1863, Thomas E. Ricks company.

Married Elizabeth Halliday 1857, Harthill, Scotland
(daughter of Thomas Halliday and Agnes Fuere of Croft-
head, Scotland). She was born April 12, 1840. Their chil-
dren: Thomas H. b. Jan. 24, 1858, m. Amice V. Tims; Mar-
garet H.; James H.; William R.; Robert; John; Alexander;
Andrew; Joseph; Hyrum; Agnes; Christtney; Elizabeth;
Mary. Family resided Wellsville and Clarkston, Utah.
Pioneer. Died April 7, 1903, at latter place.

sell Archibald and Elizabeth Halliday). He was born Jan.
24, 1858, Crofthead, Scotland. Came to Utah 1863, with par-

Married Amice V. Tims 1884 (daughter of John Tims and
Charlotte Marshall of England pioneers 1854, Lev! Richards
company). She was born Aug. 20, 1864. Their children-
Charlotte b. April 23, 1885, m. Thomas Udy; William R. b.
Oct. 1, 1886, m. Kate Moore; Thomas Edward b. July 10,
1888, died; John Frankland b. May 30, 1890, m. Agnes Rudd;
Cora b. April 15, 1892, m. Alvin Smith; May b. May 1 1894-
Evan b. Feb. 2, 1897, died; Elizabeth b. April 24, 1898 died-
Lavetha b. Sept. 22, 1899; Locius Elwin b. Feb. 12, 1901;
Earl b. March 3, 1905. Family home, Plymouth, Utah.

Settled in Wellsville; moved to Clarkston 1876, and to
Plymouth 1885.

Bishop Plymouth ward 1891-1912.

ARGENT, JOHN (son of Thomas Argent and Ann Middle-
ditch, both born in 1760, at Glensford, Suffolk, Eng.). He
was born March 12, 1804, Foxearth, Essex, Eng. Came to
Utah Oct. 17, 1862, Henry W. Miller company.

Married Mary Gridley 1823 (daughter of Daniel Gridley
and Elizabeth Sparks), who was born Aug. 8, 1803. Their
children: Rosetta b. Aug. 28, 1823, m. Edward Reeves;
Hannah b. June 6, 1828, m. William Aylett; Maria b. Oct.
14, 1831, m. William Goodwin; Adelaide b. May 28, 1834, m.
Joseph Bannister; Emily b. Feb. 4, 1837, m. James Bateman;
Jesse b. March 13, 1840; Seebrey b. Feb. 11, 1843, m. James
Jarvis. Family home Orsett, Essex, England.

ARGYLE, JOSEPH (son of Joseph Argyle and Frances
Smith of Market, Bosworth, Leicestershire, Eng.). Born
Sept. 12, 1818, at Market, Bosworth. Came to Utah Nov.
31, 1856, Capt. Edmund Ellsworth "frozen" handcart com-

Married Jane Finch Dec. 24, 1840 (daughter of William
and Rebecca Finch), who was born Feb. 29, 1824, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Joseph b. Feb. 25,
1842, m. Ellen Taylor Holroyd Sept. 28, 1867; Benjamin, m.
Jane Robinson; William; Mary and Fannie, m. John Stani-
ford; Lorenzo, m. Emily E. Manwill Dec. 25, 1876; Priscilla,
m. Orlando Warner; Hyrum, m. Aurelia Thomas; Eliza, m.
Wilbur Burnham; Ann, m. Jos. M. Thomas; Frank, m. Agnes
Cowen; Maria, m. Ely Robinson.

Veteran of many Indian skirmishes. Pulled a handcart
from Iowa City to Salt Lake City.



ARGYLE, JOSEPH Jr. (son of Joseph Argyle and Jane
Finch). Born Feb. 25,. 1842, Birmingham, Bng-. Came to
Utah in 1856 with father.

Married Ellen Taylor Holroyd Sept. 28, 1867, Salt Lake
City, Utah (daughter of Thomas Edward Holroyd and Dinah
Williams, pioneers Oct. 1, 1861, Joseph Home company)
She was born March 27, 1851, at Birkenhead, Chestershlre,
Eng. Their children: Joseph H. b. July 5, 1868, m. Eliza-
beth Kynaston Nov. 3, 1892; Thomas H. b. Sept. 6, 1870, m.
Levania Mann Nov. 17, 1892; Ben. H. b. Dec. 6, 1872, m. Ida
May Hogan Dec. 7, 1892; Robert H. b. May 15, 1875, m.
Lois Helen Coltrin Nov. 6, 1895; 'William H. b. Nov. 8, 1877,
m. Clara Atkinson Dec. 21, 1899; Jesse H. b. Jan 13, 1880,
m. Vida E. McKean June 26, 1907; Mary Ellen b. Sept. 8,
1882, m. John C. Stocks March 23, 1904; Delpha b. April 2,
1885; Adelbert b. April 2, 1885, m. Alta Jolley Jan. 23, 1907;
Dinah May b. Oct. 25, 1887, m. Ernest Hansen March 1,
1913; Hazel b. April 17, 1891; Emeline b. March 15, 1893,
m. Thomas Roberts Jr. March 5, 1913. Family home Woods
Cross, Davis County, Utah.

Black Hawk Indian war veteran, and performed much
military service. Was one of the famous "rojllng battery"
of ten In the Morrislte trouble 1868. Early settler at
Bountiful, Utah.

ARGTLE, LORENZO (son of Joseph Argyle and Jane
Finch). Born Oct. 26, 1852, at Birmingham, Eng.

Married Emily E. Manwill Dec. 25, 1876, Bountiful, Utah
(daughter of John F. Manwill and Emily Brown), who was
born April 19, 1856, Payson, Utah. Their children: Rebecca
Jane; Eliza E.; Joseph L.; Fannie M.; Alma M.; Melissa;
Benjamin; Mary; Olive Ann; Florence; James Leon; Etta
Viola; Vergie Izetta, Claud Viron. Family home Lake
Shore, Utah county.

Bishop 33 years; Sunday school superintendent four

ARMATAGE, SAMUEL (son of Joseph Armatage of Roth-
well. Yorkshire, Eng., born Oct. 25, 1811, and Sarah Ann
Kitchen, born Dec. 9, 1817, both of Barnsley in Leeds, York-
shire, Eng). He was born Feb. 6, 1848, Barnsley In Leeds.
Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel D. McArthur company.

Married Mary Ann Kennington Nov. 18, 1873, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Richard Kennington and Mary Ann Da-
vison, pioneers Sept. 26, 1856, Edmund Ellsworth and Daniel
D. McArthur handcart company). She was born May 20,
1864. Their children: Mary Ann b. Oct. 16, 1877; Samuel
Richard b. Jan. 28, 1882, m. Zina R. Hayes June 25, 1902.

Sheepman, Rush Valley, Utah; moved to Bear Lake
Co., Idaho, 1876. President Y. M. M. I. A.; president dea-
cons' quorum; member 114th quorum of seventy; missionary
to England 1902-04.

ARMATAGE, SAMUEL RICHARD (son of Samuel Armatage
and Mary Ann Kennington). He was born Jan. 28, 1882,
Bennington, Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

Married Zina Ruth Hayes June 25, 1902, Paris, Idaho
(daughter of Alma Hayes and Louise Sheffield), who was
born July 16, 1883, Georgetown, Idaho. Their children:
George Lester b. Jan. 10, 1903; lola Louise b. July 20, 1905;
Wilford Richard b. Nov. 24, 1907; Mary Ruth b. June 1, 1910.
Family resided Bennington and Georgetown, Idaho.

Elder and seventy. Lumberman and timberman, assist-
ing in forest reclamation service. Farmer and stockralser.

ARMSTRONG, JAMES (son of William Armstrong, who died
Sept., 1849, St. Louis, Mo., and Agnes Smith Parker). He
was born Nov. 24, 1844, Carlisle, Cumberlandshire, Eng.
Came to Utah with his mother Oct. 3, 1854, Horace S. Eld-
redge and Orson Pratt company.

Married Anna K. Olsen Aug. 7, 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter K. and Anna K. Olsen), who was born
Sept. 26, 1852, in Denmark. Their children: William James
b. May 11, 1872, d. Jan. 6, 1877; Agness Ann b. June 19, 1874,
d. Feb. 22, 1876; Joseph Andrew b. Nov. 1, 1876; Mary Kirs-
tena b. Nov. 12, 1878, d. Dec. 6, 1881; Sarah Virginia b. March
10, 1881; James Arthur b. April 13, 1883; Nancy Helen b.
March 9, 1886; Effle Olivia b. April 1, 1887; Anna Grace b. Dec.
20, 1889; Horace Adrain b. Nov. 14, 1891, d. May 16, 1892; Je-
diah Alif b. Sept. 26, 1893, d. Sept. 19, 1907.

Settled at Ephraim. Black Hawk war veteran. Member
city council four terms. Seventy and clerk of 47th quorum
of seventies. Furniture dealer; farmer and woolgrower.

bus Armstrong of London, Eng.). Born in London, Eng.

Married Annie Rebecca Curtlss at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Joseph Curtiss and Sarah Morrell of London pioneers
1861, Capt. Harmon company). She was born June, 1842.
Their children: Lizzie, m. Henry Robson; Annie, m. Joseph
Canton; William and Thomas, died; Nellie, m. Steven Can-
ton; James, m. Mabel Powell; Joseph C., m. Millie T. Chris-
tensen; Lula, m. Frank Strickley; Truman. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Grain merchant. Died April 27, 1893, Salt Lake City.

bus Armstrong and Annie Rebecca Curtiss). Born Sept. 17,
1877, Salt Lake City.

Married Millie T. Chrlstensen Nov. 10, 1907, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nels Christensen and Mary Sorenson of Copen-


1886 ' Thelr

ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM B. (son of John Armstrong of the
border between Scotland and England and Elizabeth TaN
lentyre). He was born March 19. 1841. at Carlisle, Cumber-

28 fsfif'an,?^ Wa ? b r a ,? t L Zed in the L " D ' S " faith June
28, 1863, and came to Utah June 14, 1876, with the John
Woodhouse company of 131 Immigrants

Married Patience Dawson Feb. 22, 1862 Hull Yorkshire

Dla?e/ daU ^ hter f ^ nu ^ DaWS n and Ane Du Jn of that
w a m R S b J n in Au S"st, 1837. Their children:

^ M Tn?" l S, M * r 5 r ^emp; John J.. m. Ruth Draper; Robert,
m. Matilda Olson; Orson E., m. Angeline Neilsen; Arthur
'/i .^*S? 3; Albert B - m- Priscilla J. Jordan; m. Mary
E. Gold; Truman Henry, m. Eliza T. Sessions.
TT, Ma "' ed S*rah Foster April 19, 1883, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Christopher Foster and Frances Hazel-
grove of Leeds, Eng., who came to Utah in 1881). She was
born Aug. 23, 1859. Only child: Christopher F., died In
infancy. Family home Salt Lake City

Missionary to England 1899-1901; high priest; block
teacher; seventy. Master mechanic Utah Central R. R and
Utah Southern R. R. 1876-1883. General mechanic. Died

ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM B. (son of William B. Armstrong
and Patience Dawson). Born Sept. 24, 1863. Came to Utah
June, 1876, with his parents.

Married Mary Kemp Jan. 2, 1888. Manti, Utah (daughter

of Charles Kemp and Sarah Blackham of Moroni, Utah

pioneers 1855). She was born April 14, 1867, Moroni Utah
Their children: William B. b. March 1. 1889; Sarah b. Jan.
15, 1891, m. James Mathison; Donna J. b. July 23 1897-
Charles L. b. April 6, 1901; Martha H. b. Aug. 12, 1906.
Family home 17th ward. Salt Lake City.

ARMSTRONG, ORSON E. (son of William B. Armstrong and
Patience Dawson). Born May 18, 1870; came to Utah with

Married Angeline Neilsen April 16. 1908, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Neils C. Neilsen and Annie M. Sorenson),
who was born April 6, 1872, at Moroni, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Orson E. b. Feb. 1, 1909; Angeline b. March 4, 1910.
Family home Salt Lake City.

ARNOLD, HENRY (son of Henry Arnold and Elizabeth
Monk of Hereford, Herefordshire, Eng). Born Feb. 15,
1822, Hereford, Herefordshire. Came to Utah Aug. 28, 1852.

Married Cynthia M. Wilcox Jan. 1, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Walter E. Wilcox and Maria W. Richards of
Massachusetts pioneers October, 1852). She was born July
26, 1846. Their children: Alice Maria, m. Joseph W. Smith;
Henrietta Cynthia, m. Samuel Doyle Walker; Walter Ma-
honri, m. Sarah Ann Potts; Vernon Harcourt d. Infancy;
Amelia Adelaide, m. Robert Jones; Ethyln, m. Walter G.
Savllle; Le Roy Albert d. aged 2; Grace Ella d. Infant; Edna
W. d. aged 1 year; Sydney C. d. infant; Ellen, m. Elmer E.
Erickson. Family home Salt Lake City.

Counselor to Bishops Raleigh, Morris and Watson. Tai-
lor; proprietor Globe bakery. Died in September, 1888, Salt
Lake City.

ARTHUR, CHRISTOPHER ABEL (son of Robert Arthur and
Mary Abel). Born Sept. 25, 1796, Dorking, Surrey, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1853, Claudius V. Spencer company,
12 days later than main company arrived.

Married Ann Jones 1826, who was born 1796. Their chil-
dren: Joshua b. July 19, 1828, m. Charlotte Evans 1852;
Christopher Jones b. March 9, 1832, m. Caroline E. S. Haight
Dec. 30, 1854; m. Ann E. Perry Feb. 17, 1875; m. Marlon
Brown Nov. 22, 1875; m. Jane Condie Jan. 18, 1877; Benjamin
Abel b. April 26, 1834, m. Jannet Easton Feb. 12, 1863; Mary
Ann b. Sept. 26, 1836, m. James Whittaker March 12, 1856.
Family resided Cedar City and Beaver, Utah.

Married Maria Groves 1855, Cedar City, Utah.

Followed farming and stock raising.

ARTHUR, CHRISTOPHER JONES (son of Christopher Abel
Arthur and Ann Jones). Born March 9, 1832, Abersychan,
Monmouthshire, S. W. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1853. Clau-
dius V. Spencer company.

Married Caroline E. S. Haight Dec. 30, 1854 (daughter of
Isaac Chauncey Haight and Ann Eliza Snyder), who waa
born Dec. 5, 1837. Their children: Eliza Ann H. b. July 7,
1857; Christopher H. b. July 23, 1859; Caroline K. H. b. Aug.
11, 1861, m. William T. Jones Jan. 27, 1882; Joshua H. b. May
27, 1864; Benjamin F. H. b. Sept. 9, 1866; Mary H. b. Oct. 21,
1868; Sarah H. b. Feb. 11, 1871, m. Isaac A. Nelson Jan. 19,
1896. Family home Cedar City, Utah.

Married Ann Elizabeth Perry Feb. 17, 1875, Cedar City,
Utah (daughter of George Perry and Susannah Ward, pio-
neers 1852, Joseph Jepson company). She was born Dec. 1,
1851, St. Louis, Mo.

Married Marion Brown Nov. 22, 1875 (daughter of Robert
Brown and Elizabeth Beveridge), who was born July 2,
1844. Family home Cedar City.

Married Jane Condie Jan. 18, 1877, St. George, Utah



(daughter of George Condie and Mary Hunter), who was
born Aug. 10, 1868, Stonerig, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Their
children: Sarah Mary Jane C. b. May 13, 1878, m. John T.
Bullock Sept. 18, 1900; Caroline E. C. b. Nov. 8, 1880, m.
James C. Parry Nov. 9, 1904; Robert Abel C. b. May 12, 1883,
m. Florence Sawyer; Jacob C. b. Nov. 21, 1886; Janet C. b.
Aug. 8, 1888; Norman Chester b. April 8, 1897. Family home
Cedar City.

Drove oxteam from Council Bluffs to Salt Lake City. First
settled in Big Cottonwood on the James Huntsman farm.
Went to Cedar City 1854. Director of Deseret Iron Com-
pany, one of the early infant Industries succumbed 1860.
Bishop's counselor 15 years; tithing clerk 42 years; of the
stake 20 years; ward recorder 20 years; president 63d quo-
rum high priests; bishop seven years; patriarch since 1893.
City councilman 20 years; mayor two years. Aide to Col.
W. H. Dame of the Nauvoo legion. Missionary to Sheffield,
Eng., conference five months; with "Millennial Star" office 20
months. Successful in all his pursuits. Surveyor.

ARTHUR, BENJAMIN ABEL (son of Christopher Abel
Arthur and Ann Jones). Born April 26, 1834, Abersychan,
Monmouthshire, South Wales. Came to Utah Sept. 14,
1863, Claudius V. Spencer company.

Married Janet Easton Feb. 12, 1863 (daughter of Robert
Easton), who was born Dec. 7, 1842. Their children: Mar-
garet Ann b. Nov. 12, 1863, m. George Harmon; Mary Jannet
b. Sept. 25, 1866, d. May 7, 1866; Benjamin E. b. April 16,
1867, d. Dec. 26, 1906; Elizabeth b. July 2, 1869, d. same day;
Laura Jane b. July 25, 1870; Caroline Agnes b. July 7, 1873;
Sarah Ellen b. Dec. 21, 1876; Ida b. March 28, 1878; Christ-
opher Robert b. Aug. 16, 1882. Family home Greenville,
Beaver county, Utah. He died Feb. 23, 1883; his wife died
in December, 1911.

ARTHUR, EVAN (son of John Arthur and Margaret Row-
lands of Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, North Wales).
Born Oct. 4, 1806, In Machynlleth. Came to Utah Oct. 13,
1863, Rosel Hyde company.

Married Catherine James (daughter of John James), who
was born March 30, 1807. Their children: John; Evan, m.
Maria b. Oct. 2, 1868, m. John Wood Sept. 12, 1888; Ada Jane
Ellen Walter; Catherine, m. John T. Davis; Margaret, m.
Bennett May 15, 1868; Mary Ellen, m. John G. Ahlstrom.
Family home St. John, Tooele county, Utah.
19, 1863, Horton W. Haight company). She was born Jan.
vens March 16, 1888; m. Melissa Leviens Aug. 28, 1895; Nina

ARTHUR, EDWARD JAMES (son of Evan Arthur and Cath-
erine James). Born Jan. 1, 1845, Machynlleth, N. W.

Married Catherine Bennett May 16, 1868, Deseret, Utah
(daughter of John Bennett and Jane Roberts, pioneers Oct.
Mathew Orr; Edward James b. Jan. 1, 1846, m. Catherine
Evan G. Morgan; Ann, m. John A. Davis; Elizabeth, m.
16, 1850, Connasky, Flintshire, N. W. Their children: Ed-
ward B. b. Aug. 16, 1869, m. Myrtle Eldrige; Catherine E. b.
Jan. 22, 1871, m. James Caldwell; Jane E. b. Oct. 15, 1872, m.
Walter S. Orr; John B. b. Aug. 29, 1874, m. Hattie Paul;
Evan B. b. Aug. 16, 1876, m. Azelia Evan; m. lantha Rich-
ards; Mary Ann b. June 6, 1879, m. M. M. Bush; Margaret b.
June 25, 1881, m. Lehi Heneffier; Eleanor b. June 23, 1883;
Gwladys May b. Oct. 14, 1885; Emily b. Dec. 27, 1887, m.
Williard Bullock; Benjamin Harden b. Dec. 26, 1889. Family
home St. John, Utah.

Married Sadie Thomas Benedict Oct. 8, 1907, Salt Lake

Justice of peace; Tooele county commissioner; school trus-
tee. Farmer and wool grower.

ASHBY, W1I-.L.IAM IIAKDIN (son of Nathaniel Ashby, born
April 15, 1805, at Salem, and Susan Hammond, born Aug. 28,
1808, Marblehead, Mass.). He was born July 16, 1839, Salem,
Mass. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young com-

Married Nancy Maria Badger Jan. 14, 1865 (daughter of
Rodney Badger and Nancy Garr, married March 9, 1845,
Hancock county, 111.; pioneers Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M.
Grant company). She was born Feb. 27, 1846. Their chil-
dren: William Hardin b. April 7, 1867, m. Martha Ann Ste-
b. Nov. 9, 1870, m. Edward A. Wood Nov. 8, 1893; Rodney
Badger b. Oct. 26, 1872, m. Jane Marinda Stephenson Sept.
29, 1898; Nathaniel b. Sept. 20, 1874, m. Jean Johnson Nov.,
1901; Emma Louisa b. Oct. 9, 1876, m. Simeon T. Stephenson
Dec. 15, 1897; Susan b. Dec. 14, 1878, m. John Charles Bennett
Sept. 18, 1901; Robert b. Dec. 29, 1880, m. Hannah Cropper
June 3, 1903; Mary Edith b. March 23, 1883, m. John B.
Stephenson June 13, 1906; Martha Ellen b. Feb. 26, 1885, m.
Marion R. Stevens June 2, 1909; Florence b. Jan. 18, 1887;
Austin Garr b. Jan. 9, 1889; Clinton b. Oct. 14, 1891. Family
home Holden, Utah.

ASHBT, RODNEY BADGER (son of William Hardin Ashby
and Nancy Maria Badger). Born Oct. 26, 1872, Holden, Utah.

Married Jane Marinda Stephenson Sept. 29, 1898, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Anthony Stephenson, pioneer 1861,
and Mary Ann Bennett, pioneer 1860). Their children:
Eleanor Jane b. July 16, 1899; Mary Lottie b. Nov. 29, 1901;
Ray Badger b. Oct. 18, 1903; Rodney Anthony b. Jan. 20,
1905; Emily Maria b. March 11, 1907; Orrin Thomas b. Aug.
24, 1909; George Marion b. June 30, 1911. Family resided
Holden and Leamington, Utah.

Bishop of Leamington ward.

ASHTON, EDWARD (son of Richard Ashton and Elizabeth
Savage of Montgomeryshire, North Wales). Born A-ig. 22,
1821, in Montgomeryshire. Came to Utah July, 1852, Daniel
Jones company.

Married Jane Treharne Feb. 6, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Treharne and Ann Richards of Salt
Lake City, pioneers July, 1852, Daniel Jones company).
She was born April 2, 1828. Their children: Edward T.,
m. Effie W. Morris; Jedediah William, m. Mary Eliza Salis-
bury; Brigham Wlllard, m. Mary Alice Pettit; Elizabeth
Ann; Sarah Jane, m. Joseph E. Price; Emily Treharne, m.
Albert Richards; George S., m. Leah Fidkin. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Member 2d quorum seventies; teacher and choir leader
20 years at 16th ward Salt Lake City. Connected with the
O. S. L. R. R. 25 years. Died Feb. 7, 1904, at Salt Lake City.

ASHTON, EDWARD T. (son of Edward Ashton and Jane
Treharne). Born July 14, 1855, Salt Lake City.

Married Effle Walker Morris April 4, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Elias Morris and Mary L. Walker of Salt Lake
City). She Was born Jan. 10, 1859. Their children: Edward
M. b. Jan. 12, 1879, m. Nancy Louise Ashby Badger; Elias
C. b. Feb. 16, 1880, m. Rosabell Hall; Marvin O. b. April 8,
1883, m. Rachel Jeremy; Raymond J. b. Jan. 23, 1886; Effie
b. Jan. 9, 1889, m. Joseph Kjar; Jane b. March 24, 1896.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Cora Lindsay Dec., 1883, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Henry Lindsay of South Carolina, who came to Utah
Aug., 1881). She was born Nov. 7, 1864. Their children:
Cora Lindsay; Ina Jane, m. Le Grande Richards; Henry;
Amy; Clifford Ashton; Elmer; Jed; Eva; Minnie; Elizabeth;
Norma. Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 2d quorum seventies; missionary to Wales 1891-
93; bishop of 24th ward of Salt Lake City; counselor in Salt
Lake stake. Contractor and builder.

ASHTON, EDWARD M. (son of Edward Treharne Ashton
and Effie Walker Morris). Born Jan. 12, 1879, Salt Lake

Married Nancy Louise Ashby Badger Oct. 15, 1902, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Rodney C. Badger and Louise A.
Ashby of Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah). She was born
Aug. 30, 1881. Their children: Morris Badger b. Sept. 13,
1903; Virginia Louise b. Sept. 14, 1905; Beatrice b. Dec. 31,
1908; Richard Edward b. Jan. 10, 1912.

President T. M. M. I. A., Liberty stake and Sugar ward;
bishop 31st ecclesiastical ward. Employed when 13 years
of age in Zion's Savings Bank & Trust Co., attaining posi-
tion of chief clerk to George M. Cannon, cashier, and
remaining there until 19 years of age, when he was called
on a mission to Germany, serving 38 months. Embarked
In business for himself as a real estate and stock broker in
1902. Later he formed a partnership with Edw. E. Jenkins,
which partnership has been incorporated under the firm
name of Ashton-Jenkins Company, one of the largest real
estate concerns in Salt Lake City. .

ASHTON, GEORGE S. (son of Edward Ashton and Jane Tre-
harne). Born July 27, 1870, at Salt Lake City.

Married Leah Fidkin Sept. 27, 1893, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Fidkin and Alice Crowton of Birming-
ham, Eng., who came to Utah 1873). She was born Feb. 27,
1872. Their children: Leah b. June 19, 1894; George W. b.
Nov. 1, 1896; Lucile F. b. April 20, 1898; Aliene b. May 29,
1900; Emma b. Dec. 16, 1902; William F. b. Feb. 27, 1905;
Melvin A. b. May 8, 1908; Reed b. Sept. 16, 1912. Family
home Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary among the Indians 1893-94; 1st
counselor In bishopric of 15th ward. Contractor.

ASHTON, ROBERT (son of Robert Ashton, born 1794, Bill-
inge, Lancashire, and Maria Heaton, born 1802, Highton,
Lancashire, Eng.). He was born March 16, 1827, Upholland,
Lancashire. Came to Utah Aug. 1855.

Married Sarah Liptrot 1848, who was born in 1832 and
died 1856. Their children: Sarah Ann b. Aug. 1849, m.
William John. Family home West Portage, Box Elder
county, Utah.

Married Jane Cornish July 2, 1855 (daughter of William
and Elizabeth Cornish of the Isle of Man). She was born
Oct. 11, 1831. Their children: Robert Nephi b. May 1,
1856; Joseph b. Dec. 6, 1857; Maria Elizabeth b. Sept. 2, 1860,
m. Chas. Landon; John William b. Nov. 23, 1862; Hyrum b.
April 2, 1865, m. Emma Elias Aug. 18, 1884; Brigham b.
March 21, 1868; Heber b. Sept. 4, 1870; Thomas Francis b.
Jan. 13, 1873. Family home Wellsville and West Portage,

Settled at Calls Fort; moved to Cache valley 1857; was in
"the move" south in 1858; water master; high priest; presi-
dent of elders' quorum two years in absence of regular
president; moved to Malad valley 1877; home missionary
there three years; supt. of Samaria irrigation project. Has
several great-great-grandchildren.

ASHTON, THOMAS. Born Nov. 7, 1813, Parr, Lancashire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1851, Morris Phelps company.
Married Mary Howard Nov. 20, 1836, who died Aug. 2,
1849. Five children were born.



Married Sarah E. Mills Sept 25, 1849, who died 1850.
They had one child.

Married Arminta Lawrence Feb. 18, 1851, Council Bluffs,
Iowa. Eleven children were born.

High priest. Took a very active part in the planning
and making of Lehi's first water ditch and one of its
water-masters. Active in planning and making the first
bridge across Jordan river and in building Lehi's first
meeting house. Elected a member of the Lehl city council
six times. Wheelwright and carriage builder. Died Jan.
22, 1903, Lehi, Utah.

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