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ASHTOW, WILLIAM (son of Robert Ashton and Maria Car-
lisle of Kentucky and Montgomery, Ala., respectively). Born
Feb. 9, 1837, in Alabama. Came to Utah 1862, independent

Married Ellen Elizabeth Croxford Feb. 6, 1865, of Pleasant
Grove, Utah (daughter of William Croxford and Ellen
Loader of Oxfordshire, Eng.). She was born Dec. 22, 1844,
and came to Utah Sept. 26, 1862, James Wareham independ-
ent company. Their children: Kate b. Jan. 6, 1867, m. Samuel
M. Brown; Leslie b. Feb. 27, 1869, m. Eva Hall; William Stan-
ley b. May 29, 1871, m. Hannah Elizabeth Odekirk; Lynn b.
Sept. 19, 1873, m. Annie Evans; m. Elizabeth Marshall; Reece
Llellyn b. April 13, 1876, died; Grace Ellen b. Dec. 3, 1878,
m. Daniel H. Hillman; Ethelyn b. Jan. 11, 1882; Clarence b.
1886, died; Hazel b. Feb. 3, 1887. Family home at Vernal,

Ran ferry at Green River, Wyo., 1858-59; carried U. S.
mail as pony express; came to and helped found town of
Vernal Sept. 1, 1878, and was its first tax assessor; school
trustee; studied law; secretary Ashley Co-Op. store for
twenty years. Was devout church member. Died Oct.
15, 1909, at Vernal.

ASHTON, WILLIAM STANLEY (son of William Ashton and
Ellen Elizabeth Croxford). Born May 29, 1871, Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Married Hannah Elizabeth Odekirk May 29, 1895, at
Vernal (daughter of Heber Odekirk and Hannah Brown of
Vernal), by James M. Shafer. Their children: Nellie Merle
b. June 10, 1896; Hilda b. Nov. 15, 1900.

Active in church matters. Went to Vernal Nov. 3, 1879;
has been with Ashley Co-op. Store Co. for 21 years as
buyer. Farmer and stockraiser.

ASHWORTH, BENJAMIN. Born in England. Came to
Utah 1847.

Married Eliza Dorsey in England. Their children: Sarah,
m. Isaac Chapman; Martha, m. Daniel Brian; Emma, m. John
Hill; Vilate, m. Charles O'Brien; Reuben; Thomas S., m.
Ruby Basset. Family home Salt Lake City.

Foundryman. Died 1883, at Salt Lake City.

ASHWORTH, THOMAS S. (son of Benjamin Ash worth and
Eliza Dorsey). Born Oct. 24, 1865, Mill Creek, Utah.

Married Ruby Basset Jan. 28, 1890, at Lake City
(daughter of Charles H. Basset and Mary Knight of Alle-
guny county, New York; former came to Utah 1852; latter
Sept. 8, 1850, Capt. Aaron Johnson company). She was
born May 13, 1871. Their children: Mellie Basset b. Aug.
3, 1891; T. Evan b. Sept. 4, 1894; Lola b. Nov. 11, 1897; Orpha
b. Dec. 4, 1900; Dorsey b. Jan. 24, 1904; Willes Bassett b.
Feb. 14, 1906. Family home Salt Lake City.

Elder. Piano-tuner.

ASPER, GEORGE E. (son of William Asper arid Mary
Alstrom of Salt Lake City, Utah, pioneers 1860). Born
Sept. 13, 1875, Salt Lake City.

Married Ellen M. Macduff June 29, 1906, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Malcolm Macduff and Jane Lord of Salt
Lake City, pioneers 1861). She was born May 15, 1873, Salt
Lake City, Utah. Family home Salt Lake City.

ASTILL,, ZACHARIAH. Born in 1834, at Birmingham, Eng.
Came to Utah 1854.

Married Rosanna Clark Dec. 24, 1869 (daughter of Alfred
Clark and Anna Waterfleld, pioneers Sept. 5, 1866, Samuel D.
White company married Jan. 1844, at Derbyshire, Eng.).
She was born July 5, 1846. Their children: Zachariah b.
Dec. 31, 1870; Rosanna b. Sept. 7, 1872; Lizzie b. Oct. 14,
1874, m. F. C. Ewing July 31, 1893; Wm. T. b. Dec. 18, 1877,
m. Anna Warren Dec. 28, 1898; Henry b. Sept. 13, 1880, m.
Martha Atkinson June 10, 1902. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Diana Bune June, 1884, Ogden, Utah (daughter of
James Bune), who was born May, 1847, In Holland. Only
child was James b. Sept. 1888.

Prominent in civic affairs in Ogden; was engineer of its
first volunteer fire department. Died Oct. 7, 1897.

ASTILL, WILLIAM T. (son of Zachariah Astill and Rosanna
Clark). Born Dec. 18, 1877.

Married Anna Warren Dec. 28, 1898, Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of Anton Warren and Frances Wonder), who was born
July 6, 1877. Their children: Rosa A. b. March 30, 1900;
Willa H. b. Jan. 6, 1902. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Produce, seed and commission merchant.

ASTLE, FRANCIS (son of James Astle, born Aug. 5, 1780,
and Rachel King, both of Celleston, Derbyshire, Eng.).
He was born Feb. 2, 1810, Diseworth, Leicestershire. Came
to Utah, Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home company.

Married Felica Raynor March 21, 1836, Derby, Derbyshire,
Eng. (daughter of William Raynor and Mary Roland of
Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, Eng., pioneers 1861,
Joseph Home company). She was born May 4, 1814. Their
children: Mary; James b. March 8, 1839, died; James b. Nov.
18, 1841; Joseph Charles; John; Francis Thomas. Family
home Hyrum, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died Dec. 13, 1884, Montpelier,

ASTLE, JOHN (son of Francis Astle and Felica Raynor).
Bom June 16, 1846, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham, Eng.
Came to Utah, Sept. 13, 1861, walking all the way.

Married Isabella Jane Bradshaw Dec. 9, 1866 (daughter
of Richard Bradshaw and Elizabeth Simpson, married
March, 1843, Manchester, Eng., pioneers Dec. 1, 1856, Martin
and Tyler handcart company). She was born March 14,
1846. Their children: Elizabeth F. b. Feb. 4, 1868, m. Alvin
S. McCombs Oct. 2, 1889; John F. b. Sept. 21, 1869, m. Lauretta
Hepworth Sept. 9, 1891; Richard T. b. Sept. 2, 1871, m.
Henrietta Jensen Oct. 24, 1895; Wm. W. b. Sept. 27, 1873, m.
Elizabeth A. Shaw Aug. 20, 1902; Rachel J. b. Aug. 30,
1875; Abraham A. b. Aug. 26, 1877; Sarah I. b. Sept. 20,
1879, m. Adolphus A. Call Aug. 9, 1899; Joseph H. b. Aug.
24, 1881, m. Elizabeth E. Price June 13, 1906; Violet E. b.
Dec. 17, 1883. Family resided Montpelier, Idaho, and Afton,

Married Melvina A. Banks April 3, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Wm. H. Banks, pioneer Aug. 29, 1863, John B,
Murdock company, and Margret Armitage). She was born
March 21, 1867, Tooele, Utah. Their children: Alma P. b.
Oct. 5, 1886, m. Martha C. Dutson Sept. 30, 1909; James R.
b. Aug. 28. 1888; John A. b. Jan. 17, 1891; Sylva J. b. Sept.
26, 1892; Ernest B. b. Sept. 22, 1894; Elwood W. b. Jan. 20,
1897; Mary M. b. Oct. 26, 1899; Lehi S. b. Jan. 4, 1903; Ruby
H. b. April 29, 1908. Family home Afton, Wyo.

Home missionary 20 years; missionary to England; high
councilor. Crossed plains three times by oxteam. Assisted
Capt. Nebeker, 1866, In bringing immigrants from Missouri
river points.

ASTLE, JOHN F. (son of John Astle and .Isabella Jane
Bradshaw). Born Sept. 21, 1869, Montpelier, Idaho.

Married Lauretta Hepworth Sept. 9, 1891, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Edmund Hepworth and Hannah Cowling),
who was born Sept. 26, 1874, Oxford, Idaho. Their children:
John F., Jr. b. July 13, 1892; Klea L. b. Sept. 9, 1894; Vernon
L. b. April 5, 1898; Austanie E. b. Oct. 19, 1899; Clara P.
b. March 12, 1901; David E. b. Aug. 12, 1902; Evelyn V. b.
Jan. 4, 1904; Doretta A. b. March 17, 1906; Agnes L. b. July 3,
1907; Elva M. b. May 23, 1909; Grace E. b. Feb. 19, 1912.
Family home Grover, Wyo.

Missionary to southern and eastern states. One of seven
presidents 103d quorum seventies. Bishop's counselor.

ATHAY, JAMES (son of Francis Athay and Jane Haines of
Shipham, Eng.). Born Sept. 1, 1830. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Ellen Morris (daughter of William and Mary
Morris, pioneers 1863). She was born April 12, 1832. Their
children: Henry b. June 25, 1858, m. Ellen Louisa Price.
Oct. 2, 1884; William b. Sept. 25, 1859, m. Emma Smith
Sept. 22, 1883; Marintha b. July 25, 1861, m. P. Lindsay Sept.
29, 1881; Alice b. Aug. 25, 1863, m. Arthur Budge Sept. 22,
1883. Family home Paris, Idaho.

Married Mary Lindsay Oct. 3, 1887, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Wm. Lindsay), who was born Oct. 1862, Kaysville. Only
child was a daughter, Agnes.

ATHAY, HENRY (son of James Athay and Ellen Morris).
Born June 25, 1858.

Married Ellen Louisa Price Oct. 2, 1884, Logan, Utah,
(daughter of Robert Price and Matilda Louisa Kelsey,
pioneers Sept. 12, 1861, Milo Andrus company). She was born
in Salt Lake City. Their children: Ellen Edna; Matilda
Louisa; Henry E.; James Russell. Family home Paris,

High priest. Councilman of Paris three terms.

ATKIN, THOMAS (son of John Atkin and Mary Ashley of
Barkworth, Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born Feb 10 1804, Legsby
Lincolnshire. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1849, Orson Spencer

Mar"ied Mary Morley Feb. 13. 1826^ Lincolnshire, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Morley and Mary Hole of Lincolnshire.)
She was born Feb. 24, 1800. Their children: Eliza b. Jan.
?5, IS, died: George b. Jan. 3, 1828. d. infant; Emily b. Oct.
17 1830 m Richard Warburton; Thomas Jr. b. July 7, 1844,
m Mary Ann Maughan May 20, 1856; George b March 12.
1836 m Sarah Matilda Utley May 20. 1856; Hannah, d. Infant.

F! F?r c h o u m n e seTo r 0e to e> BYsnS P Rowberry; missionary to Eng-
land 1860-63; high priest. Carpenter and builder; farmer
and stockraiser. Died Dec. 16, 1888, Tooele. Utah.

ATKIN THOMAS (son of Thomas Atkin and Mary Morley).
Born July 771833, Louth. Lincolnshire, Eng. Came to Utah

18 Married Mary Ann Maughan May 20, 1866 (daughter of



Peter Maughan and Ruth Harrison), who was born Jan. 16,
1839. Their children: Thomas M. b. June 7, 1868, m. Shettie
Rowberry Sept., 1880; Ruth Eveline b. Nov. 16, 1859, m. John
B. Gordon Sept. 10, 1878; Mary Ann b. Dec. 19, 1861, m.
Kdward Lougy Sept. 9, 1880; Edith b. Oct. 30, 1864, m. Peter
Cleg-gr Jan. 1886; Edward B. b. Oct. 30, 1864, m. Nettie
Smith; Peter b. May 3, 1872, died; Willard George b. Aug.
25, 1875, m. Clara Isgreen Nov. 16, 1910; William Franklin
b. Jan 14, 1878, m. Annie Maud Tate Dec. 9, 1908. Family
home Tooele, Utah.

Sunday school supt. Tooele six years; high priest; bishop
Tooele ward 24 years; now a patriarch. School trustee;
county delegate to Utah state constitutional convention.

ATKIN, GEORGE (son of Thomas Atkin and Mary Morley).
Born March 12, 1836, Louth, Lincolnshire, Eng. Came to
Utah 1849.

Marrkd Sarah Matilda Utley May 20. 1856, Tooele, Utah
(daughter of John Utley and Elizabeth Rutledge, pioneers
1849, Orson Spencer company). She was born Dec. 25, 1840.
Their children: George b. Jan. 3, 1858; Mary E. b. March 3,
1860; Emily b. Nov. 18, 1862; L. John b. July 16, 1864; Alice
b. April 4, 1866; Sarah M. b. Sept. 6, 1868; Thomas H. b.
Oct. 3. 1870; William T. b. June 8, 1872; Mildred b. Sept. 8,
1S78. Family home Tooele, Utah.

Married Emma Johnson. Their children: Rebecca; Effle.

Seventy; missionary to England 1876-79; supt. Sunday
schools 20 years. Marshal; city counselor. Mercantile man-
ager. Died Jan. 2, 1899, Tooele, Utah.

ATKIN, WILLIAM T. (son of George Atkin and Sarah
Matilda Utley). Born June 8, 1872, Tooele, Utah.

Married Ada E. Foulger Dec. 21, 1898, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Herbert J. Foulger and Eliza Hagel, pioneers
Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel D. McArthur company). She was born
Jan. 14, 1880. Their children; Wm. George b. Dec. 15, 1899;
Ruth b. May 29, 1901; Naomi b. May 10, 1903; Mary b. Jan.
7, 1905; Lois b. Aug. 12, 1907. Family home Salt Lake city.

High priest; pres. 4th quorum elders; supt. 27th ward
Sunday school 9 years, and of Ensign Stake Sunday schools.
Sales manager Colorado Fuel and Iron company 15 years;
manager National Real Estate and Investment company.

ATKIN, WILLIAM (son of William Atkin and Elizabeth
Warren of Empingham, Eng.). Born March 27, 1835, in Em-
pingham. Came to Utah Nov. 10, 1859, George Rowley hand-
cart company.

Married Rachael Thompson Dec. 18, 1854, Empingham,
Eng. (daughter of Joseph Thompson and Bridget Ann Phil-
lips, both born at Ballymote, County Sligo, Ireland, and lived
at Baridan, Eng.). She was born 1837. Their children:
Esther Ann. d. 1868; William; Rachael Violet, m. Swen O.
Nielson; Joseph Thompson; Henry Thomas; John Peter;
George Albert; Heber Charles; Mary; Hyrum; Nettie; Enoch,
d. infant.

Alternate high councilor in St. George stake and temple
worker. City marshal at St. George. Died May 22, 1890.
St. George.

ATKINSON, JAMES WILLIAM (son of William Plummer
Atkinson and Rebecca Clipson of Whlttlesey, Eng.). Bom
Jan. 3, 1811. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Horton D Haight
oxtrain, a division of Amasa M. Lyman company.

Married Louisa Crunkhorn Sept. 2, 1846, Newington,
London, Eng. (daughter of John Crunkhorn and Mary
Mitchell of Standground, Northamptonshire). She was born
June 9, 1821. Their children: James William b. July 26,
1848, m. Mary Handy: Frederick Henry b. Nov. 10, 1851,
m. Matilda Adelaide Sperry; Rosa Louisa b. June 23, 1854,
m. James J. Call; Jessie Ann b. July 13, 1856, m. James
Patton; Fanny Eliza b. Aug. 2, 1862, d. July 27, 1863. Family
resided Salt Lake City and Smithfleld, Utah, Weston and
Franklin, Idaho.

Atkinson and Louisa Crunkhorn). Born Nov. 10, 1851. Came
to Utah 1863.

Married Matilda Adelaide Sperry Jan. 1, 1874, Clifton,
Idaho (daughter of John C. Sperry and Matilda Van Luven
of Clifton, Idaho). She was born Feb. 18, 1856. Their
children: Frederick Henry b. Nov. 28, 1874, m. Amy Gertrude
Hendricks; William Charles b. Sept. 1, 1876, d. Nov. 19, 1888;
James Alvin b. April 11, 1878, m. Nellie Phillips; John
Richard b. Dec. 31, 1880, d. May 9, 1881; Samuel Hyrum b.
Feb. 13, 1882, m. Mattie Phillips; Dora Matilda b. Feb. 12.
1884 d. Feb. 23, 1901; Nora Ann b. Dec. 4, 1885; Frank
Walter b. May 4, 1890; Earl Joseph b. May 29. 1894; May
Alzina b. June 18, 1896; Pearl Eva b. Feb. 6, 1899. Family
home Dayton, Idaho. Died Sept. 21, 1901.

ATKINSON, FREDERICK HENRY, Jr. (son of Frederick
Henry Atkinson and Matilda Adelaide Sperry). Born Nov.
28, 1874, Clifton, Idaho.

Married Amy Gertrude Hendricks Feb. 20, 1901, Logan,
Utah (daughter of William S. Hendricks and Margaret M.
Rrxney of Richmond, Utah). She was born Sept. 4. 1881. Their
children: Fenton Frederick b. Nov. 26, 1901; Reed Hendricks
b. Jan. 23. 1904; Margaret b. Feb. 20, 1910. Family home
Baker City, Ore.

ATKINSON, ALFRED JOHN. Born Dec. 29, 1826, Southwork,
Surrey, London, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 29, 1855, C. A.
Harper company.

Married Ann Boting April 27, 1848, London, Eng. Their
children: Alfred H.; John William, died; Emily Jane; Emily
Ann; Joseph Charles, died; Eleanor; Brigham E.; Elizabeth
B. ; Miriam A.; Mary M.

Settled at Mendon, Cache county; moved to Clarkston,
thence to Newton. Farmer and merchant.

ATKINSON, ALFRED H. (son of Alfred John Atkinson and
Ann Boting). Born Feb. 4, 1849, London, Eng. Came to
Utah 1855.

Married J. Mathilda Petersen July 10, 1871 (daughter of
Johanas Petersen and Anna K. Olsen), who was born Nov.
19, 1852. Their children: Ann Mathilda b. May 13. 1873, m.
Lars S. Christensen Nov. 9, 1898; Alfred John b. Dec. 3, 1874,
m. Catherine Archibald Sept. 29, 1897; Charles Ezra b. June
30, 1876, m. Ellen Richeson Feb. 24, 1904; Joseph L. b. April
28, 1878, m. Barbara Godfrey Oct. 10, 1906; Lucy A. b. July
25, 1880, m. Isaac Benson Dec. 21, 1898; Clara A. b. July 26,
1882, m. John Larsen Nov., 1901; Lydia E. b. Oct. 7. 1884, m.
Harry Camper April 7, 1910; Rose V. b. April 21, 1888, m.
Wallace Young Dec. 23, 1910; Heber Delbert b. Jan. 12,
1890, m. Selma Christensen Nov. 15, 1911. Family home
Clarkston, Cache county, Utah.

Married Ada E. Pack Oct., 1886, Logan (daughter of Samuel
Pack and Maria Holten), who was born June 6, 1886, North-
ampton, Eng. Their children: Frances Ada b. July 5, 1889,
m. Nelse Stender June 1, 1911; Samuel Alfred b. Sept. 19,
1890; William Thomas b. May 29, 1893. Family home Clark-
ston, Utah.

ATKINSON, WILLIAM (son of Joseph Atkinson and Jane
Brown of Sackville, New Brunswick, Can.). Born Sept. 22,
1812, Sackville, St. John, N. B., Can. Came to Utah Sept, 11,
1853, captain in Jesse W. Crosby company.

Married Phebe Campbell (daughter of Isaac Campbell
and Ann Wry, pioneers Sept. 11, 1853). She was born Oct.
9, 1809, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Sariah A. b. Sept. 28, 1834, m. Marriner W. Merrill Nov. 11,
1853; Marriner; Frances E. b. March 11, 1836, m. Ransom
Hatch Dec. 18, 1854; Mary J. b. Sept. 23, 1838, m. Edwin
Pace May 2, 1855; William N. b. May 2, 1840, m. Selina
Knighton Dec. 18, 1861; James I. b. Nov. 28, 1841, m. Hannah
P. Brown March 7, 1870; Peter b. 1843, died; John b. 1843;
Thomas P. b. July 22. 1844, m. Elizabeth Simmons March 11,
1865; Amos S. b. Nov. 11, 1846, m. Alice Prescott Nov. 23,
1868; Arilla and Aqullla b. 1848, died; Phebe b. Jan. 22,
1849, m. Henry Hales Jan. 15, 1872; Proflnda b. 1851, died;
Rhoda b. May 3, 1856. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Sarah A. Tingey Nov. 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Tingey and Ann Young, pioneers 1852).
She was born March 1, 1847, Bedfordshire, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Henry b. April 10, 1864, m. Mary Ann Prescott Feb. 7,
1884; Olive b. Dec. 6, 1865, m. George H. Muir March 24,
1887; Charles H. b. July 10, 1867, m. Helen M. Ellis March
23, 1892; Mary A. b. June 27, 1869, m. William R. Deppie
March 19, 1890; John E. b. July 9, 1871; Charlotte E. b.
Feb. 22, 1873, m. Walter Hatch Nov. 9, 1892; Joseph H. b.
Dec. 8, 1875, m. Mary J. Hales Dec. 23, 1895; Clara b. March
7, 1879, m. William Argyle Dec. 21, 1899.

Missionary to St. John, N. B., Can; first counselor to
Bishop John Stoker, Bountiful. Assisted in the erection of
many public buildings.

ATKINSON. WILLIAM N. (son of William Atkinson and
Phebe Campbell). Born May 2, 1840, Sackville, St. John,
New Brunswick, Can. Came to Utah 1853.

Married Selina Knighton Dec. 18, 1861, at Bountiful
(daughter of George Knighton and Catherine Wrigley, lat-
ter a pioneer 1864), who was born Dec. 13, 1841, Derbyshire,
Eng. Their children: Sarah Jane b. Dec. 17, 1863, m.
Stephen C. Hatch Oct. 10, 1881; William Henry b. Sept. 17.
1865, m. Hannah Bennett Nov. 4, 1885; Selina b. Oct. 22,
1867; George N. b. Dec. 3, 1870, m. Linda Duncan Nov., 1890;
Mary b. Feb. 19, 1873; Melvina b. March 22, 1876; Melvin b.
April 24, 1879, m. Mary A. Sweeten Aug. 25, 1899; Oscar b.
Jan. 25, 1882, m. Ann Webb Nov. 4, 1903. Family home
South Bountiful, Utah.

Assisted immigration to Utah, 1861, with Ira Eldredge
company, completing third trip across the plains by oxteam.
President Y. M. M. I. A., Bountiful 1890: ward clerk.
Assisted In the erection of many public buildings.

ATKINSON, JAMES ISAAC (son of William Atkinson and
Phebe Campbell). Born Nov. 28, 1841, New Brunswick,
Can. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1853.

Married Hannah P. Brown March 7, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Brown, pioneer Sept. 19, 1847, and
Elizabeth Andrews). She was born April 10, 1853, Bounti-
ful, Utah. Their children: Minnie M. b. Aug. 27. 1871, m.
Henry Moss Dec. 20, 1893; Elizabeth E. b. April 24, 1873,
died Jan. 1, 1874; Hannah C. b. Oct. 7, 1875, m. Stephen L.
Moyle Oct. 10, 1896; Dora M. b. Dec. 16, 1877; James L. Jr.
b. April 22, 1880, m. Anna M. Rudy Oct. 11. 1900; Myrtle J.
b. July 14, 1882, m. Ira R. Rudy April 28, 1904; Lawrence
G. b. Sept. 10, 1886, m. Myrtle I. Rudy Nov. 16, 1905; Winnie
E. b. March 27, 1892. m. Harold M. Whitecar June 22. 1911;
Alice L. b. Aug. 22, 1897.

Hauled rock from Granite quarry for building Salt Lake
temple 1860-61. Served as lieutenant in Black Hawk war



in Andrew Bigler company from July 1, 1866, to Sept. 1,
1866; Oct. 9, 1911, joined the Grand Army of the Republic.
Member board of directors in Deseret Live Stock Co., Woods
Cross, Utah. High councilor Davis stake. Farmer; cattle

ATWOOD, DAN. Born 1788. Came to Utah Oct. 14, 1850,
with Wilford Woodruff company.

Married Polly Sawyer Jan. 16. 1812, in Connecticut (daugh-
ter of Arsel Sawyer), who was born June 12, 1790. Their
children: Warren, m. Harriett Baldwin; John, m. Julia Bar-
rows; Millen, m. Relief Cram, April 20, 1848; Emily, m.
William Branch; Miner Grant, m. Mary D. Guild; Samuel,
m. Mary Jane Cornwell; Mary, m. Orville Atwood; Fannie,
m. Edson Stohl. Family home Salt Lake City.

Teamster; lumberman and builder.

ATWOOD, MINER GRANT (son of Dan Atwood and Polly
Sawyer). Born March 18, 1823, Mansfield, Conn. Came to
Utah 1850.

Married Mary D. Guild Oct. 6, 1844, Lisbon, Conn, (daugh-
ter of William D. Guild and Hannah Morey of Plainfield,
Conn.). She was born March 14, 1824, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Isora, m. John A. Knight;
Otis M., died; Millen Dan, m. Sarah Wanlass; Jane, m. Harry
Burrows; Mary, m. Moroni Preece; Elnora, m. John Robert
Shaw; Alice, died.

Married Rosina Jennett. Their child: Edgar G. Atwood.

Farmer. Died May 10, 1887, Salt Lake City.

ATWOOD, MILLEN DAN (son of Miner Grant Atwood and
Mary D. Guild). Born May 16, 1853, Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Wanlass Oct. 8, 1877, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jackson Wanlass and Jane Bell of Cumber-
landshire, Eng., pioneers Oct. 1852. Oxteam company).
Their children: Millen William b. July 4, 1878, m. Jennie
Stewart; Francis Dan b. June 12, 1882; Lawrence Miner b.
March 4, 1886, m. Cora Warnick; John Leslie b. May 26, 1889,
m. Hazel Carlisle; Sarah Delilah b. March 15, 1893; Ardena
Jane b. March 5, 1897. Resided at Salt Lake City and
Pleasant Grove.

First counselor to Bishop C. P. Warnick of Manila ward;
high priest and trustee of public schools of Pleasant Grove;
marshal. Farmer and stock raiser.

ATWOOD. LAWRENCE MINER (son of Millen Dan Atwood
and Sarah Wanlass). Born March 4, 1886, Salt Lake City.

Married Cora Augusta Warnick Sept. 11, 1907, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Warnick and Christina Larson of
Pleasant Grove), who was born Sept. 14, 1885. Their chil-
dren: Cora Marval b. July 17, 1908; Grant Lawrence b. Aug.
16, 1912. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Missionary to Australia 1909-11; teacher in elders' quo-
rum, also Sunday school and Y. M. M. I. A. Farmer; deputy
treas. Utah county.

ATWOOD, SIMEON (son of Hezekiah Atwood, born 1786,
Hawbrook, Berkshire county, Mass., and Chloe Ann Rawley,
born 1790, West Stockbridge, Mass.). Born April 12, 1814,
Mendon, Monroe county, N. Y. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1862,
Capt. James S. Brown company.

Married Melissa Turrell Sept. 30, 1834. Pomford, Chautau-
qua county, N. Y. (daughter of Doctor C. Turrell). She was
born May 24, 1819. Their children: Alonzo T. b. Feb. 19,
1837, m. Mary Barber 1860; William b. Jan. 30, 1839, m.
Sara Wade; Walter H. b. Jan. 25, 1841, m. Deidamia Stickney,
1863; Charles B. b. Dec. 14, 1843, m. Louise Brown 1863;
Doctor T. b. July 28, 1851, m. Mary Palfreyman; Melissa A.
b. Nov. 21, 1853, m. Robert Pixton; George N. b. Sept. 16,
1854. Family home South Cottonwood, Utah.

ATWOOD, WALTER HENRY (son of Simeon Atwood and
Melissa Turrell). Born Jan. 25, 1841, in Crawford county,

Married Deidamia Stickney March 26, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Clark Stickney and Rachel Cram; for-
mer afterward married Elizabeth Steward, and they were
pioneers Oct. 16, 1862, Isaac A. Canfield company). She was
born Feb. 3, 1846, Peterborough, N. H. Their children:
Rachel E. b. June 16, 1864, m. Albert Shaw 1879; Abbie R.
b. March 27, 1868, m. William E. Bird 1886; Henry C. b.
March 31, 1871, m. Carrie E. Lyons 1893; Edward A. b. Dec.
6, 1873, m. Janie Murphy 1896; Alfred W. b. Aug. 2, 1876, m.
Emma Anderson 1898; Lucebia D. b. April 14, 1879, m.
William C. Wiechert 1900; Walter S. b. Jan. 2, 1882, m. A.
Elizabeth Newman 1907. Family home South Cottonwood,

Married Julia F. Dibble 1865, who was born Feb. 5. 1846.
Their children: John F. b. Aug. 12, 1866, m. Vinnie Harmon
1890; Ida A. b. Nov. 1, 1868, m. Fred D. Jaynes 1892.

Missionary to eastern states; conducted one of Brigham
Young's sawmills in Cottonwood canyon, supplying lumber
for the famous Salt Lake Tabernacle. Pioneer dry-farmer
and canal builder, brick manufacturer, conducting a large
brickyard for years, and said to have made first brick in
Utah; lumber and coal merchant. City councilman of Mur-
ray; has built a score of houses there to improve that city,
investing many thousands of dollars following that purpose.

Married Mary Jane Cutcliff February. 1873. Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Cutcliff and Elizabeth Jones of

? e iv ( T iiT& En ^ ; ^, at , ter came to utah 1870 >- She was born
July 5, 1835, and died June 29, 1908, Salt Lake City. Their
children: Mary Jane. m. Lewis Grossen; Louisa, d. 1878.
Family home, Pleasant Green.

Married Regula Bodiner Nov. 2, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Bodiner of Switzerland)

Seventy; missionary to Switzerland and Germany 1896-98-
icting teacher Pleasant Green ward; high priest. Farmer

AUGER, JABEZ. Born 1833, Saffron Waldron, Essex. Eng.
Came to Utah 1866.

Married Sarah Ann Cosgrove 1855 (daughter of Matthew
Cosgrove and Margaret Dutton), who was born Dec. 14 1831
Their children: Charles b. March 6. 1857; Elizabeth b' Sept

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