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26, 1858; Henry b. Jan. 6, 1860; Samuel and Rosa Ann twins'
b. March 7, 1861; Henry Daniel b. June 5, 1863, m Sarah
Ellen Hibbert Dec. 13, 1888; Rosa Jabezina b. Sept 13 1866
m. W. H. Croft May, 1884. Family home Centerville, Utah

Shoemaker; farmer. Died Nov. 23, 1868.

AUGER, HENRY DANIEL (son of Jabez Auger and Sarah
Ann Cosgrove). Born June 5, 1863, Stratford, Eng.

Married Sarah Ellen Hibbert Dec. 13, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Benjamin Hibbert, handcart pioneer, and Mary
Mills). She was born Dec. 20, 1867, Peterson, Utah. Their
children: Jabez Earl b. Sept. 24, 1889; William Henry b. Jan.
1, 1891, m. Alta Jensen March 31, 1910; Ellen May b. May 5,
1893, m. Edward Hebdon Sept. 7, 1910; Leland Lorenzo b
Aug. 2, 1895; Hazel Ann b. Oct. 14, 1898; Cora Emma b Oct
3, 1900; Leslie George b. June 1, 1902; Alta Rosa b. Aug. 28.
1904; Thelma Lillian b. Oct. 16, 1911. Family home Glendale,
Oneida county, Idaho.

Bishop's counselor 1899-05; assistant Sunday school supt.
Glendale ward 12 years. Trustee district No. 38, Oneida
county, eight years. Farmer.

AUEH, UL.IUCH (son of Jacob Auer and Elizabeth Deitrich
of Senwald, Switzerland). Born July 22, 1840, Eichberg,
Switzerland. Came to Utah Aug. 28, 1860, Jessie E. Murphy

AUSTIN, JOHN (son of Joseph Austin, born 1798, and Ann
Mills, born 1800, married 1820. Both of Bedfordshire, Eng.).
Born Dec. 3, 1827, in Bedfordshire. Came to Utah Aug. 20,
1868, Joseph S. Rawlins company.

Married Emma Grace March 20, 1847, Studham, Bedford-
shire, Eng. (daughter of Thomas Grace and Mary Ann
Grace), who was born March 20, 1827, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Harriet b. in 1847, m. John
Jacobs: George O. b. Jan. 13, 1849, m. Elizabeth MacFar-
land; Joseph b. Aug. 8, 1850; Hyrum b. Aug. 8, 1850; Alfred
b. Nov. 3, 1851. latter three died; Parley Pratt b. May
28, 1853, m. Charlotte Butt; Heber Charles b. Dec. 20, 1855,
m. Deseret Taylor; William b. Aug. 28, 1857, m. Alice Scho-
fleld; Sarah b. Jan. 13, 1859, m. Charles Allen; Julia b. April
17, 1860, m. John Brown; Hector b. Sept. 9, 1861, died; Annie
Marie b. July 3, 1863, m. Charles Munns; Mark b. Oct. 3,
1864, m. Maria Vaughan; Thomas b. Dec. 27, 1866, m. Mary
Thomas; John Ezra b. Feb. 17, 1868, m. Sarah E. Thomas;
Luticia b. Nov. 14, 1869, m. Samuel Southwick; Franklin b.
Aug., 1871, died. Family home Lehi, Utah.

President high priests' quorum Lehi, Utah; block teacher.
Pioneer in irrigation systems.

AUSTIN, GEORGE O. (son of John Austin and Emma Grace).
Born Jan. 13, 1849, in England. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1866,
William Henry Chipman company.

Married Elizabeth MacFarland Feb. 26. 1872, Pleasant
Grove, Utah (daughter of Andrew MacFarland and Eliza-
beth Nichol of Scotland). She was born Oct. 16, 1850. Their
children: Andrew M. b. March 8, 1873, m. Ida Cox; Eliza-
beth b. Aug., 1875, m. F. E. McKeage; Emina b. March 20,
1878- Agnes b. Nov. 17, 1880, m. John M. Hayes; George b.
April, 1883, died; John M. b. July 23, 1884; Clarence b. March
6, 1887; Edwin N. b. Sept. 20, 1889, m. Vera Smith. Family
resided Salt Lake City and Lehi, Utah.

Elder; high councilor. Lehi city councilman; mayor of
Lehi two terms; member of legislature two terms. Stock
raiser; general agriculture supt. for the Utah-Idaho Sugar
Co 23 years; pres. Austin & Sons Live Stock Co., director
of Austin Bros. Association; pres. of Price River Irrigation

AUSTIN ANDREW M. (son of George O. Austin and Eliza-
beth MacFarland). Born March 8, 1873, Salt Lake City.

Married Ida Cox June 25, 1896, Lehi, Utah (daughter of
Edward Cox and Hannah Ashton of Illinois and England,
pioneers 1850). She was born March 6, 1876. Their chil-
dren: Ida; Sadie; George; Fern; Clarence Ray; Bessie.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Deacon. General manager Austin & Sons Livestock Co.

AUSTIN HEBER CHARLES (son of John Austin and Emma
Grace) Born Dec. 20, 1855, Studham, Bedfordshire, Eng.

Married Deseret Taylor Dec. 31, 1879, Lehi, Utah (daugh-
ter of James Whitehead Taylor and Ann Rogers). She was
born March 29, 1859, Lehi, Utah. Their children: Daisy
May b May 11, 1881. m. Eli Webb, April, 1903; Raymond b.
May 13 1884; Margaret Ann b. Sept. 12, 1887, m. Alexander
Robb Oct. 1906: Victor b. Oct. 30, 1889; Bernice Emma b.
Jan 25 1892; Mary Alice b. Nov. 27, 1896; Myrtle Ina b.
Jan. 27, 1897; Edith Rose b. Aug. 26, 1899; Agatha Bessie b.
June 21, 1904.

Farmer; railroad grader and freighter; assistant agricul-
turist at Utah sugar factory 1891; assisted in building Idaho



Falls sugar factory, agricultural supt. of same 1903; agri-
culturist for Blackfoot factory 1905; sheep owner; director
In Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Idaho Falls. Mission-
ary 1899; president Norwich conference; high councilor
Alpine stake 1901-03; bishop Lincoln ward, Bingham
(Idaho) stake 1905; president of Bingham stake 1908.

AUSTIN, MARK (son of John Austin and Emma Grace).
Born Oct. 3, 1864, Studham, Bedfordshire, Eng.

Married Maria Vaughan March 30, 1887, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Michael Vaughan and Jane Maria Brain of
Lehi), who was born Jan. 19, 1865. Their children: Hazel
b. Sept. 7, 1888; Emma Jane b. Jan. 2, 1891, died; Ruby b.
June 4, 1893; Francis Mark b. Feb. 3, 1896; Lillian Millard
b. May 5, 1899; Michael John b. May 22, 1901; Robert Roy b.
Jan. 25, 1904. Family resided Lehi, Utah, and Sugar City,

Bishop of Sugar ward; president of the Fremont stake of
Zlon. Farmer; sugar factory expert and beet agriculturist.

AUSTIN, THOMAS H. (son of John Austin and Emma
Grace). Born Dec. 27, 1866, in England. Came to Utah
with parents.

Married Mary E. Thomas Sept. 2, 1887, Lehi, Utah (daugh-
ter of Joseph A. Thomas and Mary Lawrence of Beaver,
Utah), who was born May 4, 1867. Their children: Reuben
b. Aug. 20, 1888; Joseph Lee b. Sept. 29, 1890, died; Flossie
b. Oct. 1893; Gilbert b. Oct. 1895; Bazle b. Sept. 1897, died;
Thomas Blain b. Feb. 20, 1899; Thalma b. July 6, 1901; Lula
b. Aug. 1903; Walden b. Nov. 1905, died; Ruth b. Jan. 6,
1907. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Engaged in sheep and livestock business.

AVERY, JOHN NELSON (son of Hezekiah Avery, born 1809,
and Henrietta Nelson, born Aug. 4, both of Pennsylvania).
He was born May 2, 1844, in Illinois. Came to Utah 1849,
Capt. Allred company.

Married Sarah Josephine Roberts May 26, 1866 (daughter
of Sidney Roberts and Sarah Ann Rowell; latter a pioneer
1852). She was born April 1, 1848. Their children:
Josephine Euphemia b. June 16, 1867, m. Andrew Hooper;
John Alonzo b. Jan. 18, 1869, m. Hattie Bybee; Sarah Amelia
(m. William R. Godfrey) and Henrietta Adelia, twins, b.
April 13, 1871; Clarence Heber b. Sept. 4, 1873, m. Dorothy
Higgins; David Oliver b. Dec. 17, 1875; Etta Lucinda b. May
21, 1877, m. James Francis; Effie b. Dec. 14, 1879, m. Joseph
Bell; Noah Elmer b. May 1, 1882; Jesse Eugene b. Oct. 15,
1886, m. Emma Bell; George Marion b. March 29, 1891.
Family home Dempsey, Idaho.

Sheriff Millard county 1869-70. Bishop's counselor 1877-
78. First lieutenant In Utah army 1867-68.

AYLETT, WILLIAM (son of William Aylett of Hockley,
Eng.). Born Jan. 28, 1828, Hockley, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 1, 1866, Joseph S. Rawlins company.

Married Hannah Argent 1855, Orsett, Essexshire, Eng.
(daughter of John Argent and Mary Gridley of Midvale,
Utah, pioneers Oct. 17, 1862, Henry W. Miller company).
She was born June 6, 1828. Their children: Mary Ann b.
March 19, 1856, m. Jasper N. Barr; William b. April 27,

1858, m. Mary Ann Brown July 30, 1887; Jesse b. Nov. 6,

1859, m. Martha Ann Beckstead Aug. 14, 1884; Walter;
Jedediah b. March 25, 1863, m. Mary E. Wardle; m. Alice
Penrose; Elizabeth; John Argent b. Sept. 28, 1867, m. Martha
Ann Egbert April 27, 1889; Heber C. b. April 22, 1870, m.
Lenora Sprattling Dec. 22, 1903; Hannah Maria b. July 18,
1875, m. David Egbert. Family home West Jordan.

Farmer. Died Nov. 21, 1902.

ATLETT, WILLIAM JR. (son of William Aylett and Hannah
Argent). Born April 27, 1858, Orsett, Eng:.

Married Mary Ann Brown July 30, 1887, West Jordan,
Utah (daughter of Samuel Brown and Catherine Wilbur,
Salt Lake City, pioneers Oct., 1858, Rosel Kind Homer com-
pany). She was born May 20, 1856. Family home Midvale,

Stockraiser; merchant; banker.

ATLETT, JOHN A. (son of William Aylett and Hannah
Argent). Born Sept. 28, 1867, West Jordan, Utah.

Married Martha Ann Egbert April 27, 1889, West Jordan
(daughter of John A. Egbert and Emma Crimmit of the
same place, pioneers Oct. 16, 1849, Allen Taylor company).
She was born March 17, 1869. Their children: Vera Aleta
b. April 21, 1890, m. Vincent W. Lawson; John Hollis b.
Oct. 28, 1896; Kelvin William b. Dec. 6, 1901; Mattle Lorene
b. August 7, 1908. Family home Midvale, Utah.

President Y. M. M. I. A. Jordan stake. Member of city
council Midvale. Manager West Jordan Mercantile Co.

AYLETT. HEBER C. (son of William Aylett and Hannah
Argent). Born April 22, 1870, West Jordan, Utah.

Married Lenora Sprattling Dec. 22, 1903, West Jordan
(daughter of Frank Sprattling and Ellen McClery of the
same place). She was born Dec. 3, 1885. Only child: Heber
Darrel b. Nov. 20, 1904. Family home Midvale, Utah.

Stockraiser, merchant and banker.

(daughter of David Davis and Grace Roberts of North
Wales); born Aug. 14, 1836. Only child was David James
Ayrton (adopted). Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.
Landscape gardener.

AYRTON, DAVID JAMES (son of Victor H. James and Annie
Thomas). Born Nov. 19, 1870, at San Francisco, Cal. Came
to Utah Nov. 20, 1873.


BABCOCK, ADOLPHITS (son of Daniel Babcock). Came to
Utah 1847, oxteam company.

Married Jerusha Jane Rowley in New York. Their chil-
dren: Lorenzo, m. Amy Ann Marble; Lucy, m. William Wood;
George, m. Molly Easton; Eliza, m. Brigham Young; M. John
Groves, m. Dominicus Carter; Parmelia, m. Branch Young;
Alburn, m. Mary Conover; m. Hannah King; John, m. Har-
riet McKee; William Henry b. July 15, 1848, m. Mary Jane
Parsons. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Farmer. Died March, 1872.

BABCOCK, LORENZO (son of Adolphus Babcock and Jerushc.
Jane Rowley). Came to Utah with part of Mormon Bat-
talion, Co. C.

Married Amy Ann Marble, at Nauvoo, 111. (daughter of
Nathaniel Marble and Mary King). She was born Feb. 14,
1826. Their children: George, d. infant; William, m. Louisa
Loveland; John, m. Augusta May Hansett; Amy Ann, d. in-
fant; Nathaniel, m. Lydia Simmons; Mary Ann, m. James
Dickens Fullmer; Joseph, m. Sarah Norton; Jerusha Jane,
m. James Bryner. Family resided Gunnison and Vernon,

Elder; ward teacher. Settlement guard In early In-
dian troubles. Died in 1906 or 1907, at Mona, Jaub county,

BABCOCK, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Adolphus Babcock
and Jerusha Jane R&wley). Born July 15, 1848, Salt Lake

Married Mary Jane Parsons, Dec. 20, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Parsons and Lydia Rebecca Fisher of
Missouri; and later of Spanish Fork, Utah, pioneers, 1854).
She was born May 10, 1854, in Missouri. Their children:
George Oliver b. April 25, 1870, d. aged 5; William Henry
b. Oct. 18, 1872, m. Alice Thompson; Alburn P. b. Nov. 24,
1874, m. Anna Haycock; Mary R. b. Dec. 31, 1876, m. William
Henry Davis; Benjamin Franklin b. Feb. 1, 1878, d. aged 23;
Lydia Jane b. April 26, 1880, m. Ray Cook; John b. Nov. 24.
1882, d. infant; Lucy Elvina b. Jan. 21, 1883, d. aged 9; Vardls
Andrew b. Aug. 1887; Ernest LeRoy Miller (adopted) b.
Feb. 11, 1902. Family home. Spring Glen, Utah.

Married Maggie Grove at Salt Lake City (daughter of John
Grove of Salt Lake City, a pioneer with oxteam company).
Only child born was William.

Elder. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer.


Married Annie Katherine . Their children: Lovica,

m. John Loveless; Rozilla A., m. Vardis Simmons; George
Henry, m. Sadie Reese; Rufus Daniel b. Feb. 20, 1875, m.
Marie Madsen. Family home, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Died 1874, at Spanish Fork, Utah.

BABCOCK, RUFUS DANIEL (son of George Babcock and

Annie Katherine ). Born Feb. 20, 1875, Spanish Fork.


Married Marie Madsen Jan. 1, 1898, at Lake View, Utah
(daughter of Peter Madsen and Lena Johnson of Lake View,
Utah, pioneers 1856). She was born Dec. 23, 1874. Their
children: Lena Katherine b. Sept. 1, 1898; Rufus Stanford b.
March 31, 1900; Lynn Sterling b. May 30, 1902; Vesper Ells-
worth b. Sept. 24, 1904; Kenneth Hyrum b. June 5, 1907; lola
b. Feb. 5, 1908. Family home, Vineyard, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer.

BABBITT, RICHARD (son of Henry William Babbitt and
Elizabeth Taylor). Born July 2, 1842. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Fidelia Chapman (daughter of Welcome Chapman
and Susan Amelia Rigley), who was born Oct. 11, 1846,
Winter Quarters, Neb.

Brought the first printing ink to Salt Lake City 1850.
Settled In Tooelo valley, and assisted in building forts;
moved to Cache valley and sawed his building lumber by
hand, enduring all the hardships of pioneering that country.
After moving near Brigham City, the call for the move
south came, and they went to San Pete valley; here they
endured many hardships on account of the hostility of the
Indians. Went to Manti, then to Spring City, and from
here went on a mission to The Muddy, where he stayed two
years, and returned to Brigham City; resided here seven
years, when he moved to Malad City, Idaho, where he now

AYRTON, WILLIAM (son of John Ayrton and Isabella Lam-
bert of Skipton, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Sept. 3, 1825, at
Skipton. Came to Utah 1856, Captain Stringham company.
Married Elizabeth Davis Aug. 22, 1868, Salt Lake City

BACHMAN, JACOB (son of Hans R. Bachman, born April
3, 1791, and Elizabeth Aerna, born April 10, 1791, both of
Switzerland: married Sept. 26, 1824). He was born April
15, 1830, Wiflisburg, Switzerland. Came to Utah Oct. 15,
1863, Samuel D. White company.

Married Elizabeth Sutter of Bozberg, Switzerland. Their
children: Mary b. Feb. 21, 1854, died; Frana b. Feb. 23,
1857, m. Henry A. Hill; Jacob b. Oct. 27, 1858; Elizabeth b.



March 14, 1860, m. W. H. Reeder; Emuel b. Aug. 17, 1862,
m. Mary Jane Henlnger; Rosilla b. Feb. 26, 1864, ra. Moroni
D. Ferrin March 6, 1889; Bertha b. April 19, 1865, m. A. J.
Stallings July 3, 1885; Alma b. Nov., 1866, d. Dec. 25, 1890.
Family resided at Lynn and Eden, Weber county, Utah.

Married Anna Hazel Sweiler April, 1867, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Anna Sweiler), who was born Sept. 29, 1847,
Ottenbach, Switzerland. Their children: Joseph b. Feb. 8,
1868, m. Maggie McBride Dec. 8, 1890; Annie b. Aug. 9, 1870,
m. William Ingles March 10, 1901; John R. b. Oct. 19, 1875,
m. Nellie Fordham Aug. 19, 1900; Emma Josephine b. Dec.
B, 1887. Family home Eden, Utah.

High priest. Farmer.

BACHMAN, EMUEL (son of Jacob Bachman and Elizabeth
Sutter). Born Aug. 17, 1862, Bern, Switzerland. Came to
Utah a child In arms.

Married Mary Jane Heninger Dec. 1884, at Eden (daughter
of Reese T. Heninger and Frances Lowthen), who was born
Oct. 3, 1855, and died Nov. 6, 1885. Only child: Emuel, Jr.,
b. Nov. 1, 1885, m. Esther Colman.

Married Mary Jane Taylor Dec. 1884, at Eden (daughter
Joseph Taylor and Jane Lake). No children.

Member Co. A of the Mormon Battalion. Pioneer of
Lewisville, Idaho, 1885. Now bishop of Harrisville ward.
North Weber stake.

BACHMAN, JOSEPH (son of Jacob Bachman and Anna
Hazel Sweiler). Born Feb. 8, 1869, Eden, Utah.

Married Margaret H. McBride, Dec. 8, 1890 (daughter of
Heber R. McBride, born May 13, 1843, Churchton, Eng., a
pioneer Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin handcart company,
and Elizabeth Ann Burns, born Feb. 17, 1851). She was born
March 30, 1871, Eden, Utah. Their children: J. Reel b. Oct.
19, 1895; Malva E. b. April 21, 1898; Comfort M. b. Sept. 2,
1900; Blaine b. Aug. 6, 1902; Velva b. June 30, 1906; Alta b.
Nov. 24, 1910.

Counselor 133d quorum seventies; Sunday school officer;
teacher Y. M. M. I. A.

BACKHOUSE, JAMES. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1861, Ira
Eldredge company.

Married Jane Williams. She was born in 1824, and died
July 24, 1898. Their children: Mary Alice, m. Edwin J.
Ward; Jennie; James, m. Charlotte Peterson; John; Eleanor,
m. John Slaugh; William. Family home Pleasant Grove,

High priest. Cotton spinner; farmer. Died June, 1909.

engaged in various enterprises and returned to Utah four
years later. Moved to Georgetown, Idaho, in 1876, and has
held many positions of honor and trust. Priest; teacher
and seventy; school trustee.

BACKMAN, SAMUEL C. (son of Sven Backman and Ingred
Dahlberg). Born Dec. 7, 1835, in Sweden. Came to Utah
In July 1878.

Married Anna J. Anderson March 1858, Goteborg. Sweden
(daughter of Anders Anderson and Martha Benson of
Sweden). She was born May 13, 1830. Their children: An-
drew S., m. Johanna Larson; Gustave H., m. Grace Pollard;
George S., m. Ophelia Allred; Wm. J., m. Edith Gill; Anna W.,
m. Zeke Billington. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member seventies; presiding elder of the 15th ward; high
priest. Plumber and coppersmith. Made copper towers in
temple. Died Jan. 20, 1913, Salt Lake City.

BACKMAN, GUSTAVE H. (son of Samuel C. Backman and
Anna J. Anderson). Born May 18, 1864, Goteborg, Sweden.
Came to Utah July 3, 1877.

Married Grace Pollard June 25, 1890, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Bishop Joseph Pollard and Mary Anne Bailey, of Salt
Lake City). She was born Nov. 27, 1867. Their children:
Gustave Pollard b. Nov. 11, 1891, m. Annie Davis; LeGrand
Pollard b. Dec. 18, 1893; Milton Vaughn b. Sept. 8, 1898;
Grace Lucille b. Dec. 31, 1899; Ralph Vernon b. May 4, 1904;
Harold Samuel b. June 16, 1907; Edna Louise b. Jan. 2, 1909.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Chorister 16th ward. City recorder. Attorney-at-law.

BADGER, ORSON P. (son of Ephraim Badger and Harriet
Farr; latter native of Vermont). He was born 1835, Water-
ford, Caledonia county, Vt. Came to Utah 1847.

Married Eliza Jane Gay in 1855. She was born Sept. 27,
1838, Rockingham, Richmond county, N. C. Their children:
Orson P. b. Oct. 29, 1857, m. Annis Shaw Sept. 25, 1879;
Amanda Jane, m. Thomas Farr: Harriet Ann; Eliza May,
m. William Taylor.

BADGER, ORSON P. JR. (son of Orson Badger and Eliza
Jane Gay). Born Oct. 29, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Annis Shaw, Sept. 25, 1879 (daughter of William
Shaw and Diana Chase, pioneers 1848). She was born at
Ogden, Utah.

BACON, CHANCY. Born Oct. 22, 1811, in Madison county,
N. Y. Came to Utah July 23, 1852, Robert Richie independent

Married Mary Glazier in April, 1831, who died at LaHarpe,
Hancock county, 111., in Feb. 1838. Her father was a pioneer,
settling at Provo. Only child: Francis, m. Jane Loader.

Lived at Pleasant Grove, Utah; died there Aug. 31, 1888.

BACON, FRANCIS (son of Chancy Bacon and Mary Glazier).
Born 1832 In Madison county, N. Y. Came to Utah 1852 with

Married Jane Loader Feb. 5, 1860. She was born In Eng-
land, Dec. 7, 1841. Their children: Eliza Jane b. Dec. 7, 1860.
m. William Hess. Aug. 10, 1878; Franklin R. b. June 4, 1862,
m. Sarah Hess 1885; Nelson Ames b. Feb. 6, 1864, d. March

Married Elizabeth Simpson April 10, 1864, Pleasant Grove,
Utah. She was born Oct. 6, 1842, In England. Their chil-
dren: Chancy b. May 17. 1865, m. Lettie Thompson 1889;
Elizabeth b. July 19, 1867, m. Allen Thompson 1888; Lorenzo
b. Nov. 26, 1869. m. Lucy Dunn, Nov. 19, 1899; Albert b. July
18, 1873, m. Lottie Smith Oct. 28. 1897; Lawrence b. July 17,
1876; Florence b. Jan. 30. 1881; Leroy b. June 19, 1886. Fam-
ily resided Pleasant Grove, Utah, and Georgetown, Idaho.

Went to Idaho in 1865. and operated probably the first
ferry-boat on Bear river; later moved to California, where he

BADGER, RODNEY (son of John Badger and Lydia Cham-
berlain). Born Feb. 4, 1824, Waterford, Vt. Came to Utah
July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Nancy Garr March 9, 1845, La Harpe, Hancock
county, 111. (daughter of Fielding Garr and Paulina Turner
of Richmond, Ind). She was born Oct. 17, 1822, and came to
Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant company. Their chil-
dren: Nancy Maria, m. William Hardin Ashby; Rodney Car-
los, m. Louisa Adeline Ashby Nobles; George William, m.
Mary Stevens; Charlotte Louisa. Family home Salt Lake
City, Utah.

Sheriff of Salt Lake county; lieutenant territorial militia.
He was drowned in the Weber river April 29, 1853, in at-
tempting to save the family of an immigrant whose wagon
had capsized in the stream.

BADGER, RODNEY CARLOS (son of Rodney Badger and
Nancy Garr). Born Sept. 6. 1848, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Louisa Adeline Ashby Nobles Dec. 27, 1877, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Joseph Bates Nobles and Susan
Hammond Ashby of Salt Lake City, pioneers respectively
1847 and 1848). She was born Nov. 9, 1849. Their children:
Carlos Ashby b. Oct. 31, 1878, m. Rosalia Jenkins; Ralph
Ashby b. April 8, 1880, m. Julia Peterson; Nancy Louisa Ash-
by b. Aug. 30, 1881, m. Edward M. Ashton; Elizabeth Ashby
b. July 17, 1883; Alice Ashby b. March 3, 1885; Edna Ashby b.
April 20, 1887, and Hammond Ashby b. Jan. 18, 1889, latter
three died.

Missionary to California 1877; member bishopric 15th
ward; Y. M. M. I. A. general board 1875 to 1912; president
high priests. Salt Lake stake, 1909 to date. Indian war vet-
eran; connected with Deseret national bank and Badger
Bros., brokers.

BADGER, CARLOS ASHBY (son of Rodney Badger and Lou-
isa Adeline Ashby Nobles), .born Oct. 31, 1878, at Salt Lake
City, Utah.

Married Rosalia Jenkins June 26, 1901, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Jenkins and Mahala Elmer of
Salt Lake City, Utah, pioneers the former of 1848, the lat-
ter of Oct. 1, 1870). She was born April 20, 1877. Their
children: Carlos Jenkins b. April 14, 1902; Ashby Jenkins, b.
Oct. 15, 1903; Rosalia b. Feb. 25, 1905; Alice b. March 23,
1907- Elizabeth b. Sept. 22, 1908; Thomas Jenkins b. May 21,
1910; Rodney Jenkins b. July 13, 1912. Family home Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Missionary to Colorado 1897-1900; high priest; M. I. A.
and stake president; Sunday school assistant superintendent
in 4th ward and in Liberty stake. State senator 1909-13;
secretary to U. S. Senator Reed Smoot 1904-07. Lawyer, be-
ing a graduate of George Washington university, Washing-
ton, D. C.

BAGLEY, DANIEL, (son of Eli Bagley, born Jan. 7, 1804, in
Ohio, and Nancy Ann Belt, born March 21, 1811, in Butler
Co., Ohio, married Jan. 15, 1825). He was born Feb. 24, 1829,
Decatur county, Ind., and came to Utah 1853, Daniel Miller

C Married Mary Wood 1845 (daughter of John Wood and
Rebecca Belt). She was born March 22, 1833. Came to
Utah with her husband. Their children: Margaret Melissa
b June 24, 1852, m. Thomas Flanigan; Cedenia b. Nov. II,
1854, m. Merrill E. Willis 1870.

Called by Brigham Young on mission to Southern Utah to
settle Dixie 1865, and to Arizona by Erastus Snow 18,7 As-
sisted in hauling rock for the foundat on of the Salt Lake
temple. Went to Echo canyon to resist Johnston s army.
Walker and Black Hawk Indian war veteran Lived
Arizona until 1895, then moved to Springville, Utah, where
he died. _

BAGNALI,, JOSEPH (son of George Bagnall, born Oct. 11.

Mrrieranner-Dec. 27. 1864 (daughter of
Thomas Frobisher and Ann Cookson). Their children: Jo-
seph Fh Nov. 22, 1870, m. Hannah Christensen; William H..
> Jan 22 1873, m. Lena Christensen.

Settled at Moroni. Utah, December, 1865: stone cutter on
St George temple: moved to Chester, San Pete county, 1876,
where he served as school trustee IB years; first counselor
lo Bishop Christensen 14 years, and assisted in erecting
many buildings for public use.



BAILEY, FRANCIS WILLIAM (son of Francis William Bai-
ley and Eliza Smith of Southampton, Eng.). Born Aug. 6,
1840, at Ferham, Hantshire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 17,
1862, Henry Miller company.

Married Annie Eliza Ingram April, 1862, at Southampton,
Eng. (daughter of George Ingram and Caroline Tapper of
Southampton). She was born Nov. 15, 1833. Their chil-
dren: Francis Tracy, m. Rachel Whittaker; Mary Harriet,
m. George Richmond; Owen A., m. Mary Strong; William
Esau, m. Esther Faust; Jacob Ralph, m. Delia McKnight; m.
Polly Paramore; Samuel Charles, m. Eliza A. Paramore.
Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elder. Formerly a sea captain. Followed various occu-
pations in Utah.

BAILEY, FRANCIS TRACT (son of Francis William Bailey
and Annie Eliza Ingram). Born April 16, 1863, Peterson,

Married Rachel Whittaker, Dec. 16. 1885, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Isaac Whittaker and Betsy Gallent of Man-
chester and Norwich, Eng.). She was born Sept. 23, 1866.

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