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Only child: Hazel L. b. June 6, 1890, m. George Anderson.
Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to England 1899 and 1901; president
T. M. M. I. A. of 15th and 24th wards; Sunday school teacher
in 16th ward. Special policeman; notary public. Formerly
a sailor; railroad brakeman; yardmaster and conductor on
all railr'oads operating in Utah. Later practiced medicine.

BAILEY, JAMES WATSON (son of James Bailey and Mary
Ann Tucker of Kanesville, 111.). He was born Aug. 2, 1850.
Came to Utah July, 1861.

Married Nancy Ann Borrson Sept. 19, 1874 (daughter of
Niels Henry Borrson and Johanna Nielson). She was born
Jan. 7, 1857, at Spanish Fork, Utah. Their children: James
Henry b. Dec. 9, 1875, died; Nettie Ann b. June 25, 1877, m.
Ferdinand Oleson; Elonora b. May 28, 1879, d. 1892; Elmira
b. May 16, 1882, m. Albert Johnson; John Volney b. Sept. 4,
1896. Family home Spring- City, Utah, and Basalt, Idaho.

Settled at Fillmore, Millard county; Indian war veteran;
moved to San Pete county 1874; ward teacher there 6 years
In Spring City; moved to Basalt, Idaho. Farmer.

BAILEY, JOHN (son of William F. Bailey, born 1779, and
Sarah Hackett, born 1779, both at Sheepshead, Leicester-
shire, Eng.). He was born April 28, 1807. Came to Utah
Nov. 30, 1856, with Edward Martin handcart company.

Married Jane Allgood, 1837 (daughter of Lang-ley Allgood
and Elizabeth Wakefield). She was born July 4, 1810, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Langley All-
good b. March 27, 1838. m. Sarah Andrews Nov. 17, 1861; John
b. Nov. 21, 1840, m. Charlotte Shephard; Thomas b. July 1,
1844, d. Sept. 6, 1858; David b. Jan. 11, 1851, m. Elizabeth

BAILEY, LANGLEY ALLGOOD (son of John Bailey and Jane
Allgood). Born March 27, 1838, Whitwick, Leicestershire,

Married Sarah Andrews, Nov. 17, 1861, Nephi, Utah (daugh-
ter of William Andrews and Ann Wright, pioneers, July,
1860). She was born Jan. 12, 1845, Packington, Eng. Their
children: John Wright Andrews b. Sept. 11, 1862, died; Wil-
liam b. Jan. 29, 1864, m. Kate E. Udall Dec. 10, 1902; Langley
Allgood b. April 5. 1866, m. Elva Bigler 1900; Elizabeth Ann
b. April 5, 1868. died; Thomas b. Nov. 7, 1869, m. Mary Elea-
nor Chapman May 31, 1900; Sarah Ann, b. Jan. 15, 1872, m.
George A. Allen July 12, 1893: Mary Jane b. April 7, 1874, m.
Fred M. Beck, Jan. 17, 1900; Rosey Alice b. July 17, 1876, m.
H. Lee Boyer, June 18. 1902: Catherine b. May 7, 1879, m.
William Alvin Bowles, Nov. 17, 1910; Henry Andrews b. July
2, 1881, died; George Ernest b. Oct. 4, 1884, died; Bertha b.
Oct. 17, 1886.

Married Sarah Emma Warner, April 5, 1883, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William H. Warner and Elizabeth An-
drews). She was born April 25, 1864, Nephi, Utah, and died
Aug. 1, 1904. Their children: William Henry b. Feb. 13,
1888, m. Maggie May Peacock, Aug. 27, 1910; Elizabeth b.
April 5, 1892, died; Wilford b. Aug. 20, 1893; Reed Warner b.
Jan. 29. 1896; Pearl b. Dec. 8, 1899.

High priest; missionary to England; tithing clerk 21 years;
superintendent Sunday schools of Nephi 11 years; superin-
tendent Juab stake Sunday schools 7 years: seventy in 49th
quorum; high councilor; school trustee 1877-1879.

BAILEY, JOHN (son of John Bailey and Mary Noon of Mill
Lane, Leicestershire, Eng.). Born Jan. 10, 1830, in Leices-
tershire. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1852, Abraham O. Smoot

Married Elizabeth Milnes June 16, 1849, Bradford, York-
shire, Eng. (daughter of Edward and Betsey Milnes of
Bradford, pioneers 1852, Abraham O. Smoot company). She
was born Feb. 11, 1830, and came to Utah with husband.
Their children: John H., m. Sophia Ann Needham; Mary
Elizabeth, m. Fred Taylor; Martha, m. Heber C. Caine; Sarah
Ann, m. Joseph Arthur; William Edward, Charles Albert,
and Alfred Milnes latter three died. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Teacher; home missionary; worked on building of Salt
Lake Temple. Took part in Echo canyon trouble. Assisted
in taking out provisions to belated handcart companies.
Settled at Sprlngville 1858 and conducted co-op, store. Died
March 24, 1887, Salt Lake City.

BAILEY, JOHN HENRY (son of John Bailey and Elizabeth
Milnes). Born Nov. 22, 1850, Bradford, Eng. Came to Utah
with parents.

Married Sophia Ann Needham Dec. 9, 1872, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Needham and Sarah Ann Booth of
Nauvoo, 111., pioneers 1850). She was born Nov. 24, 1852.
Their children: John Henry b. Jan. 10, 1874, m. Marie Ed-
wards; Arthur N. b. Aug. 23, 1877; Burt N. b. Jan. 19, 1880;
Seymour N. b. May 29, 1882, m. Emma Watson; Pearl Sophia
b. May 10, 1889, m. H. B. Clawson. Family home Salt Lake

Member 124th quorum seventies. Teacher. Helped in
building Salt Lake Temple 1865. Merchant since 1865.

BAILEY, JOHN HENRY, JR. (son of John Henry Bailey and
Sophia Ann Needham). Born Jan. 10, 1874, Salt Lake City.

Married Marie Edwards at Salt Lake City (daughter of
George Edwards and Caffy M. Gardy of England, California,
and Kansas). She was born Oct. 29, 1876. Their children:
Russel b. July 10, 1902; Harold b. July 20, 1906; Virginia
Dorothy b. Aug. 2, 1908. Family home Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1898-1900.

BAILEY, JOSEPH M. (son of Henry Bailey and Emelia
Read of England). Born Dec. 16, 1842, Buckinghamshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 2, 1864, Warren S. Snow company.
Married Ann M. Folker Dec. 21. 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John and Mary Folker, pioneers Sept., 1854,
Cummings and Dunn company). She was born July 12,
1849. Their children: Joseph William, b. Feb. 17, 1870, m.
Mary Orilla Shaw; Matilda E. b. April 11, 1872, m. Gilbert
George Wright. Family home Ogden, Utah. Died there
March 7, 1875.

BAILEY, JOSEPH WILLIAM (son of Joseph M. Bailey and
Ann M. Folker). He was born Feb. 17, 1870, Plain City,
Weber county, Utah.

Married Mary Orilla Shaw March 25, 1891, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of John Shaw, born Feb. 17, 1850, in Salt Lake
City, and Julia Barker of Ogden, Utah). She was born Aug.
27, 1870. Only child: Ruth Ann b. Nov. 27, 1897. Family
home Ogden, where he died Sept. 7, 1912.

BAINBRIDGE, FRED NANCE, came to Utah in 1847.

Married Elizabeth Hendricks in 1847 at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jas. Hendricks and Elizabeth Doris, pioneers
1847). Only child: James Wesley, m. Sarah J. Lewis,

BAINBRIDGE. JAMES WESLEY (son of Fred Nance Bain-
bridge and Elizabeth Hendricks). Born Oct. 21, 1848, Salt
Lake City.

Married Sarah J. Lewis Sept. 7, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Wm. Crawford Lewis and Sarah J. Veach, of
Richmond, Lewiston and Bear Lake, Utah). She was born
April 9, 1854. Their children; James Wesley b. Oct. 15, 1875,
m. Eugenia Strong; Jennie b. Sept. 23, 1877, m. Arthur Gif-
ford; Libbie b. Ang. 2, 1879, m. Fred B. Sommers; Wm. C.
b. Jan. 23, 1881, m. Rachel Patterson; Leonard L. b. Nov. 4,
1883; Vesta C. b. May 3, 1891, m. Orrin Robinson; Nettie b.
Jan. 3, 1898.

BAIR, JOHN (son of Adam Bair, born March 12, 1785,
and Catherine Bowermaster, born Feb. 5. 1785, both of Penn-
sylvania). He was born Nov. 26, 1810, Somerset, Pa. Came
to Utah 1850, oxteam company.

Married Lucinda Owen (Tyler), in Ohio (daughter of Abel
and Betsy Owen, latter a pioneer). She was born in New
York. Their children: Elizabeth, m. William King; Be-
linda Jane, m. Robert Wall; Amanda, m. George Sharp;
Delos, m. Nancy Jane Kent; Dolores, d. infant; Emma b.
Feb. 14, 1854, m. Dennis A. Winn; Marion, d. infant; Meriam,
m. Jeff Sharp; m. Robert Tartar; m. Jeff Edmundson; m.
Jack Doran. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Married Jerusha Ann Richardson (Card), (daughter of
Samuel Richardson). She was born in Massachusetts, and
died March 11, 1861. Their children: Joseph b. Oct. 25, 1848,
died; Hyrum b. Nov. 16, 1850, m. Mary E. Van Orden Nov.
26, 1871; Francis Adam b. Feb. 28, 1853, m. Marie Brower
Feb. 17, 1873; Samuel John b. Dec. 20, 1856, died; George
Orton b. Jan. 17, 1858, m. Valeria Richardson 1882. Family
home Farmington, Utah.

Built and operated the first ferryboat in Utah on the Bear
river, he also built the first saw mill in Davis county. Set-
tled at Richmond 1859. Took part in Echo canyon war.
High priest. Indian war veteran. Shoemaker; lawyer;
farmer, and stockraiser. Died Oct. 11, 1884.

Lucinda Owen (first wife) was widow of Lumus Tyler.
Their children: Lola, m. John Richardson; Louisa, m.
Thomas Tidwell.

BAIR, HYRUM (son of John Bair and Jerusha Ann Rich-
ardson). Born Nov. 16, 1850, Farmington, Utah.

Married Mary E. Van Orden Nov. 26, 1871, Richmond,
Utah (daughter of Peter Edmund Van Orden and Martha
Ann Knight), who was born Oct. 30, 1852, Kaysville, Utah.
Their children: Hyrum Lester b. Sept. 29, 1872, m. Harriet A.
Skidmore June 9, 1897; John Francis b. July 15, 1875, m.
Annie Spackman Dec. 6, 1900; George Edmund b. Aug. 29,
1877. m. Maud Hill Jan. 4. 1905; Amelia A. b. Nov. 10, 1879.
m. William Sorensen March 4, 1908; Charles Henry b. July
23, 1881, d. Aug. 11, 1881; Mary Ellen b. July 8, 1882, d.



April 20, 1888; Julian Alvin b. March 9. 1885, m. Ida K. Wai- m. Margaret Field Nov 10 IRQQ. -c-ro^vii K

ters Oct. 10, 1906; Clara May b. June 24, 1888, m. Alvin John- m. Zinl McBride 1895 JoseDWno h ^ ,,iv ****&,!

son Nov. 23, 1910; Mattie Maria b. April 14, 1890, m. Ray C. Families resided Lynne Ward WPhor' V t T'T ^' 4 '

D.-nv, a^^t on 1011. Miir,n TT>OI K r\ n t oc ion . T..I._ ^r_ T. .-.:_. ^r fcwuuo wara, weber county. Xltah.

, , . .

Rich Sept. 20, 1911; Milton Earl b. Oct. 25, 1892; Julia Va-
leria b. Oct. 15, 1895. Family home Richmond, Utah.

"-.dent "rd

BAIRU, ALEXANDER (son of Robert Baird and Agnes
Bell of Glasgow, Scotland). Born Jan. 10, 1832, Paisley,
Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Thomas E. Ricks com-

Married Sarah DeLacey April 10, 1860, in Boston (daugh-
ter of Felix DeLacey of Dublin, Ireland). She was born
May 18, 1839. Their children: Agnes and Alexander, died;
"William DeLacey m. Charlotte M. Keller July 23, 1884;
Sarah Theresa, m. Felix Smout; Mary Ellen b. Oct. 28, 1867,
m. J. M. KolhT, Jr., 1883; Peter, m. Hannah Peterson 1890;
Martha, m. Albert Bailey. Family home Brigham City,

Sheriff and deputy sheriff for twenty years; watchman.

BAIRD, BRIGHAM YOUNG (son of Samuel Baird and Ma-
tilda Rutledge of St. Joseph, Mo.). Born Feb. 6, 1846, in
Alabama. Came to Utah 1863.

Married Margaret Elizabeth Allen Sept. 26, 1872, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Lewis Allen and Elizabeth Alexander
of Andrew county, Mo., pioneers Aug. 3, 1862, independent ox-
team company). She was born Jan. 20, 1852. Their chil-
dren: Matilda Elizabeth, m. John R. Harris; Brigham Young,
Jr., m. Malvina Parker; Louis; Nellie, m. Charles R. Pugh;
Lois, m. Ira Heaton; Samuel; Alma, died; Effa; William
Junior. Family home Kanab, Utah.

Bishop's counselor, member high council. Kanab city
councilman. Farmer and sheepraiser. Died Nov. 6, 1889.

BAIRD, JAMES HYRUM (son of Samuel Baird and Matilda
Rutledge of St. Joseph, Mo.). Born Feb. 6, 1848, Quincy,
111. Came to Utah 1864, with an oxteam company.

Married Fanny Sessions March 7, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Perrigrine Sessions and Emmerette Loveland,
pioneers 1847 and 1850, respectively). She was born Oct.
25, 1855. Their children: Sylvia b. May 4, 1871, died; Hyrum
b. April 4, 1873; Perry b. Aug. 6, 1874, died; Minnie b. Feb. 9,
1876, m. Daniel H. Walker; Chloe b. Aug. 10, 1877, m. James
A. Lee; Zina b. Jan. 10, 1879, m. John Reed; Asa b. May 24,
1880, m. Winnie Kirkman; Eliza Jane b. Aug. 17, 1881; Wal-
ter b. March 10, 1883, m. Amelia Tree; Emmerette b. June
15, 1885, died; Chester b. Nov. 14, 1887, died; Chancy b. Jan.
31, 1890; Clarence b. Jan. 6, 1892; Amelia b. May 21, 1893;
Samuel b. Nov. 25, 1894; James Sessions b. June 27, 1897;
Joseph Reese b'. Aug. 4, 1899.

Married Margaret Ellen Randall July 8, 1880, Salt Lake
City, Utah (daughter of Alfred Jason Randall and Mar-
garet Harley of Ohio, pioneers with an oxteam company).
She was born March 31, 1858. Their children: Alice b.
July 31, 1881, died; Wilford b. Oct. 17, 1882, m. Gertrude E.
Luck; Margaret b. Dec. 6, 1884, m. George Henry Evans;
Myron b. Nov. 27, 1886, died; Orrin Randall b. Sept. 27,
1888; Edwin b. Jan. 8, 1892; Matilda b. Oct. 8, 1894, died;
Abner Harley b. Sept. 17, 1897; Chestina b. Nov. 14, 1899;
Ruby b. March 4, 1902. Families resided at Syracuse, Davis
county, Utah.

Seventy; high priest. Crossed plains three times for Im-
migrants. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. School trustee
at Centerville, Utah. Blacksmith and farmer. Died Feb.
8, 1910.

BAIRD (BYARD), ROBERT E. (son of James Baird and Eliz-
abeth Erwing of Londonderry, Ireland). Born May 15, 1817,
In Londonderry. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company.

Married Hannah McCullough July 23, 1840 (daughter of
John McCullough and Sarah Rogers), who was born Dec.
10, 1817, and came to Utah Sept. 1847. Their children:
John b. May 2, 1841, m. Mary Ann Heath 1867; Joseph b.
Dec. 1, 1846, died; Ellen b. June 1, 1848, m. William Bishop
1864; Robert b. Dec. 27, 1850, m. Emma J. Taylor, 1875; Han-
nah b. Sept. 5, 1854, m. Conrad Lyman April 11, 1891. Fam-
ily home Salt Lake City and Weber county, Utah.

Married Jane Hadley 1857, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Richard Hadley and Mary Shooter, pioneers respectively
Oct. 3 and Sept. 25, 1855, Richard Ballantyne company).
She was born April 8, 1835, in Herefordshire, Eng. Their
children: James b. April 25, 1858, m. Charlotte Lund Nov.
4, 1882; Eliza b. May 7, 1860, m. Heber Taylor Jan. 5, 1883;
Jane b. March 28, 1862, m. Edward Perkins Oct. 5, 1884; John
b. Feb. 17, 1864; Hannah b. Aug. 1, 1866, d. 1868; Hannah
Mary b. Nov. 22, 1868, m. Samuel Merrill 1895; Mary b. Feb.
9, 1871, m. Delbert Merrill March 13, 1901; Caroline b. Oct.
23, 1874, m. William Layman April 7, 1894.

Married Mary Hadley 1858, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Richard Hadley and Mary Shooter), who was born April
20, 1837, in Herefordshire, Eng. Their children: Mary
Ann b. June 2, 1859, m. Elijah Allen 1879; Elizabeth b. Sept.
27, 1860, m. Isaac Wilson 1880; William b. April 7, 1862, m.
Sarah E. Hadley 1885; Ellen b. April 20, 1864, m. Cyrus Ken-
fledy 1885; Jannett b. April 16, 1866, m. Isaac Allred Dec.
27, 1886; Robert b. Sept. 27, 1867; Joseph b. May 19, 1869.

Elder; seventy.

BAKER, BENJAMIN (son of Thomas Potter Baker and
Polly (or Mary) Tanner of Charleston, Montgomery county

m T'n t B 1 n i^| rc J l 26> 1796 ' Charle "tn. N. T. Came to
Utah Oct. 19, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman company.

Married Abigail Kruzen Taylor Feb. 1821, Albion, Oswego
county, N. Y (daughter of Thomas Taylor and Mary Rosina
Shoulder of that place). She was born March 28, 1801, and
died June 19, 1847. Their children: William Taylor- Mary
Rosina, m. Nathan Tanner; Susan Eliza; Edward Orlando-
Zarilda Jane, m. Emery Barrus; Chancy Leroy. Family
home Montrose, Lee county, wa, and Grantsville, Utah.

BAKER, BENJAMIN WALTER, He was born Aug. 30 1830
London, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 28, 1851, John Brown com-

Married Sarah Ann Woodford 1861 (daughter of Charles
Woodford), who was born 1845 In England. Their chil-
dren: Benjamin Charles, b. Nov. 5, 1862, m. Lucy Evans-
Sarah Elizabeth b. Sept. 6, 1864, m. Henry Checketts; James
Edward b. Sept. 4, 1866. Family home Slaterville, Utah, and
Franklin, Idaho.

BAKER, BENJAMIN CHARLES (son of Benjamin Walter
Baker and Sarah Ann Woodford). Born Nov. 5, 1862, Slater-
ville, Utah.

Married Lucy Evans June 2, 1881, Eagle Rock, Idaho
(daughter of John D. Evans and Margaret Haries. who
came to Utah 1878). She was born June 13, 1865, in Wales.
Their children: Elizabeth Ann b. Oct. 17, 1882, m. J. R. Du-
rant Dec. 17, 1902; Margaret Lucy b. March 20, 1885, m.
Charles Lund March 20, 1903; Charles Walter b. Jan. 15,
1887; Zelma b. Jan. 28, 1889, m. James Naylor Oct. 1906;
Lucilla b. Jan. 2, 1892, m. Alma Hancock Sept. 2, 1909; Har-
old E. b. April 20, 1896; John Raynold b. April 7, 1898.
Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Second counselor to the president of the Y. M. M. I. A.

BAKER, GEORGE (son of John Baker and Mary Hayes of
England). Born 1819 In England. Came to Utah Aug. 27,
1860, Daniel Robinson company.

Married Mary Baker 1840, in England (daughter of
Thomas Baker), who was born 1819 and died 1847. Their
children: Thomas b. Jan. 21, 1841, m. Martha Ann Larson;
Ann b. 1843, m. William Lang; Harriet b. 1845, died.

Married Mary Ann Randall 1848, who was born 1819 in
England. Came to Utah 1860. Their children: George b.
1849, died; Merrilda, died; Eliza Jane b. 1855, m. Frederick
W. Jones; Mary E. b. 1857, m. William Terry; William Ben-
jamin b. 1862, m. Elizabeth Larson (deceased) and Delia

First counselor to President Bristol (Eng.) branch;
president Chanceville (N. J.) branch 1858. Settled at St.
George. Died there in 1887.

BAKER, THOMAS (son of George Baker and Mary Baker).
Born Jan. 21, 1841. Came to Utah Sept. 7, 1859, Horton D.
Haight company.

Married Martha Ann Larson 1866, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Lars Larson and Mary Bellows), who was born 1849
at Council Bluffs. Their children: Thomas Henry b. 1866,
m. Fedonia Lloyd; George b. 1869, died; Benjamin b. 1872,
m. Samantha Mangum; Mary b. 1874 and William b. 1876,
died; Alfred b. 1879, m. Mary Chidester; Frederick W. b.
1882, m. Lida Combs; Philip b. 1884, m. Maud Stringham;
Martin Alfonzo b. 1886; Reuben b. 1888, died.

Farmer. Settled at St. George 1862; moved to Pine Val-
ley 1867 and to Thurber, Wayne county, 1889. High priest.

BAKER, SIMON (son of Benjamin Baker, born Oct. 26, 1780,
Leyden Mass., and Rebecca Thorn, born May 12, 1786).
Born Oct 18, 1811, at West Winfleld. Herkimer county,
N. Y. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant com-

Pa Marrled Mercy Young Dec. 21, 1829 (daughter of Ablathar
Young and Lydia French of Winfleld, N. Y.). She was born
Jan 27 1807. Their children: Jarvis Young b. Nov. 13,
1830 m. Rachel Richards Dec. 25, 1864; Amenzo White b.
June 9 1832, m. Agnes Steele Nov. 19, 1864; Albert Mowry
b Oct. 3, 1833, m. Jane Maria Curtis and Jane Coon; Betsie
b Jan. 24, 1835, m. John Topham; George Washington b.
Sept 9, 1837, m. Agnes Richards Jan. 18. 1861; Joseph b.
Aug 15, 1839, m. Lucy A. Pack; Rebecca b. June 9, 1841, m.



Suellen Marlon Johnson July 26, 1862; Mary b. July 3, 1843;
Sarah b. July 3, 1843, m. William C. Farnsworth. Family
hom Salt Lake City.

Married Charlotte Leavitt April 8, 1845 (daughter of Wire
Leavitt and Abigail Cole). She was born Dec. 5, 1818. Their
children: Abigail b. Jan. 7, 1846, m. Thomas Matthews June
17, 1865; Benjamin b. July 6, 1847, m. Margaret A. Rowe;
Charlotte b. April 5, 1849, m. William Longstroth; Simon b.
Nov. 20, 1850, died; Phoebe b. Aug. 27, 1852, died; Wiear b.
July 20, 1854, m. Electa Haws; Samuel Leavitt b. June 26,
1856, m. Annie Leavitt; Hannah b. Dec. 28, 1857, m. William
Willie; Jeremiah b. June 18, 1860, m. Mary T. Lemmon.
Families resided Salt Lake and Mendon, Cache county,

Married Elizabeth Staples March 18, 1853 (daughter of
James Staples and Sarah Limerick, who were married April
12, 1831, in England). She was born Jan. 8, 1838. Their
children: Sarah Ann b. Aug 19, 1854; James Staples b.
Aug. 25, 1856, m. Louisa Staples and Elizabeth Cunningham;
Elizabeth b. July 8, 1858, m. Spencer D. Shumway Oct. 23.
1877; Maria b. Nov. 8, 1860, m. Merlin T. Stone Jan. 17, 1878;
Mercy b. July 15, 1863, died.

Married Ann Staples Feb. 10, 1857, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James Staples and Sarah Limerick), who was born
April 3, 1832, Cheltenham, Eng. Only child: Henry b. Jan.

2, 1858, m. Isabel Dennet.

Married Amy Walker May 20, 1853 (daughter of David
Walker and Ann Bennett); no children.

Said to have made first molasses in Utah. Colonist to
Carson Valley, Nev.; served in Echo Canyon war. Died
Oct. 22, 1863.

BAKER, ALBERT MOWRT (son of Simon Baker and Mercy
Young). Born Oct. 3, 1833, Pomfort, N. T. Came to Utah
1847 with parents.

Married Jane Maria Curtis Dec. 25, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Curtis and Sarah Wright), who was
born Nov. 14, 1835.

Married Jane Coon April 11, 1865, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Abraham Coon and Elizabeth Wilson). Their chil-
dren: Jane Maria, m. Samuel G. Spencer; Albert Mowry,
m. Alice Barnes; Sarah Elizabeth; Charles Henry, m. Char-
lotte L. Ladle; Abraham Coon, m. Lolo Pratt; Laura, m.
James P. Jensen; Jesse Simon; Edna.

President 28th quorum seventies; ward teacher; home
missionary. Made two trips to Florence, Neb., for Immi-
grants. Went to Carson, Nev., to assist in settling that
country. Captain in Utah militia. Justice of peace. Farmer
and stockraiser. Died Sept. 3, 1909, Mendon, Utah.

BAKER, GEORGE WASHINGTON (son of Simon Baker and
Mercy Young). Born Sept. 9, 1837, Pomfort, N. Y. Came to
Utah 1847.

Married Agnes Richards Jan. 18, 1861, Mendon, Cache
county, Utah (daughter of John Richards and Agnes Hill,
pioneers 1851, Luman Shurtliff company). She was born
Nov. 1, 1843, Nauvoo, 111. Their children: George Washing-
ton, Jr. b. Oct. 9, 1862, m. Oralie M. Atwood; Mary Emma
b. July 30, 1864, m. Jens Jenson Dec. 18, 1885; Julia b. Aug.

3, 1866, m. F. R. Christensen Aug. 24, 1887; Joseph Albert b.
March 30, 1869, m. Alice H. Hinckley July 18, 1904; Lucy
Agnes b. June 2, 1871, m. Charles A. Johnson April 27, 1891;
John Simon b. June 9, 1873, d. Aug. 10, 1908; Willard b. June
26, 1876, m. Lena E. Foster Feb. 16, 1907; Lyman b. May 17,
1878, m. Edith Lant April 23, 1901; Celestia b. Sept. 1, 1881,
m. William Howell Nov. 12, 1903; Olive b. July 18, 1885, m.
H. Sumner Hatch June 30, 1909; Seth b. Aug-. 11, 1887.

Missionary to Snake Indians 1853-54; served in Echo
Canyon war. Went from Salt Lake City to Mendon, Utah.
1860. First mayor of Mendon 1870; also justice of peace.

BAKER, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR. (son of George Wash-
ington Baker and Agnes Richards). Born Oct. 9, 1862, Men-
don, Utah.

Married Oralie Melissa Atwood June 24, 1897 (daughter of
William Atwood and Sarah Jane Wade), who was born Oct.
7, 1869, Salt Lake City. Their children: George Lowell b.
June 3, 1899; Oralie Virginia b. Oct. 9, 1901; Dorothy Aileen
b. Sept. 7, 1907.

Physician; president State Medical Society 1902-04; sani-
tary inspector 1900; graduate Rush Medical College, Chi-

BAKER, JOSEPH (son of Simon Baker and Mercy Young).
Born Aug. 15, 1839, Montrose, Lee county, Iowa.

Married Lucy A. Pack July 10, 1859, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Pack and Lucy Ives, pioneers 1847). She was
born June 22, 1837, and died April 16, 1874, Mendon, Utah.
Their children: Joseph Linden b. March 22, 1860, d. Jan. 10,
1880; Jesse Merrit b. Nov. 11, 1861, m. Sarah Ann Dowdle;
Simon Pack b. Jan. 3, 1864, d. July 9, 1888, m. Sarah J. Bas-
sett- John Rupert b. Nov. 29, 1865, m. Sarah J. Bassett; Lucy
Amelia b. Oct. 22, 1867, m. Albert W. Raybould; Charlotte
Eleanor b. June 16, 1869, m. David T. Owens; Tamzon Louella
b. Feb. 22, 1871, m. Ernest Jennings; Ward Eaton b. Jan. 15,
1873, d. Aug. 10, 1873; George C. b. April 10, 1874, d. same

Married Mary Alice Morgan (daughter of Thomas Morgan
and Ann Roberts), who was born March 6, 1855, Merthyr
Tydfil, South Wales. Their children: Mary Elizabeth b.
April 28, 1876, d. Feb. 22, 1877; Thomas Morgan b. March
27, 1877; Albert Marvin b. June 20, 1879; Richard Morgan b.
Dec. 24, 1880; Annie Maria b. Oct. 30, 1882; Alice b. March
20, 1884, m. Ferris E. Jones; David M. b. Nov. 2, 1885, m.
Gladys B. Crompton July 17. 1911; William Melvin b. March
12, 1887; Alma b. June 12, 1889; Florence Geneva b. March

22, 1891, d. April 16, 1896; Hazel May b. May 30, 1893; Mar-
garet Edna b. Oct. 7, 1895, d. Nov. 25, 1909; Mary Geneva
Morris (adopted) b. Sept. 23, 1901. Family home Brigham,

Settled in Iron county, Utah, 1850; moved to Carson Val-
ley, Nev., shortly afterward, and to Cache valley in 1855.
President of elders' quorum. Coroner of Cache county, 1894;
justice of peace 16 years.

BAKER, JESSE MERRIT (son of Joseph Baker and Lucy
A. Pack). Born Nov. 11, 1861, Mendon, Utah.

Married Sarah Ann Dowdle Oct. 22, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Robert Hughes Dowdle and Henrietta Mes-
servy, of Franklin, Oneida county, Idaho). She was born
June 15, 1863, at Franklin. Their children: Jesse Alvin b.
Oct. 18, 1886, d. June 11, 1893; Lucy Ada b. Nov. 29, 1887, m.
Henry M. Hodgson Oct. 12, 1910; Laura Henrietta b. Dec. 15,
1889. m. Samuel J. Orin Aug. 16, 1911; Louise May b. Aug. 30,
1891; Mary Lovier b. June 16, 1895; Lorin M. b. March 13,
1897; Doris b. April 5, 1899; Sarah Grace b. April 21, 1901;

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