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Harold Ray b. Aug. 9, 1903. Family home Fremont county,

Settled In Snake River valley 1884. High priest; bishop's
counselor 1884-92; missionary to eastern states 1892-94;
president Y. M. M. I. A. 14 years; high councilor. Farmer;

BAKER, WILLIAM (son of William Baker and Lydia Stand-
ing of Sailhurst parish, Sussex, Eng.). Born Dec. 24, 1814,
in Sailhurst parish. Came to Utah 1858 in M. L. Shepherd

Married Frances Friend Nov. 16, 1844, in Sailhurst parish
(daughter of Jesse Friend and Mary Crittenden of that
parish). She was born April 15, 1826 (died May 23, 1906),
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Jesse W.
b. Aug. 31, 1845, m. Elenor Clark; Geo. b. Jan. 1, 1848, m.
Mary A. Evans; Alfred b. Aug. 14, 1851, m. Keturah Lewis;
Rhoda C. b. Nov. 1, 1855. m. Lewis Litzel Schwab; Lovina H.
b. Feb. 7, 1859; m. Geo. R. Reed; Mary A. F. b. Nov. 28, 1863,
m. Abram Wood; Henry F. b. Nov. 20, 1867, m. Amy Walker.

Pioneer. Died Dec. 1, 1898.

BAKER, HENRY F. (son of William Baker and Frances
Friend). Born Nov. 20, 1867, Minersville, Utah.

Married Amy Walker Dec. 13, 1893, St. George, Utah.
Their children: Cecil H. b. Dec. 2, 1895; Alvin b. Jan. 11,
1898; Jesse b. June 15, 1900; Lois M. b. Sept. 3, 1902; Thora
b. Oct. 7, 1904, died; Harold b. June 27, 1907; Joseph Delos
b. Dec. 23, 1909. Family home Minersville, Utah.

High priest; member of high council; missionary to Eng-
land 1902-1903; counselor to bishop; afterward bishop; Sun-
day school superintendent.

BAKER, WILLIAM GEORGE (son of Henry Baker and Jean
Rio Griffiths of London, Eng.). Born June 10, 1835, in Lon-
don. Came to Utah Sept. 28, 1851, John Brown company.

Married Hannah Hayward Nov. 25, 1855 (daughter of Wil-
liam Hayward and Ruth Hughes, pioneers Oct. 9, 1853, Ap-
pleton Harmon company). Their children: William George
b. Oct. 19, 1856, m. Amanda Jensen; Ruth Jean Rio b. April
17, 1859, m. James C. Peterson; Henry b. May 7, 1861, m.
Hannah B. Ramsey; William Hayward b. Aug. 17, 1863,
died; Frank Arnold b. Jan. 7, 1866, m. Nettie Spencer; Mc.ry
Hannah Hayward b. March 25, 1868, m. Victor E. Bean;
Walter b. Feb. 9, 1870, m. Anna Sophia Boyce; John Rich-
ard b. April 27, 1872, m. Annie Jensen; Charles Fredrick b.
June 21, 1874, died; Elizabeth b. Aug. 23, 1876, m. William
Thomas Ogden; Eugene Hayward, b. June 6, 1878, m. Rhoda
Cottam; Claude Vincent b. March 20, 1881, m. Lillie Liston;
Edward Lester b. Oct. 11, 1883. Family home Richfield,

Married Nlcolina Marie Bertelsen June 1, 1867, Nephi, Utah
(daughter of Niels and Marie Bertelsen), who was born Jan.
26, 1845, Aalborg, Denmark. Their children: Mary Otta-
minnie b. March 22, 1868, m. Leo A. Bean; William Louis b.
Jan. 14, 1870, m. Laura Jones; Nelson b. Oct. 9, 1871, m.
Natalia Borg; Lars Arthur b. Jan. 13, 1874, m. Caroline Jen-
sen; Annie Eliza b. Dec. 30, 1875, died; Ida Elizabeth b. March
24, 1878, died; Ralph b. May 12, 1879, m. Mary Ann Toller;
Ruth Henrietta b. Oct. 17, 18S1, m. Frank K. Seegmiller;
Albert James b. Jan. 16, 1883, died Oct. 12. 1887; Hazel
Adelia b. June 25, 1887.

School trustee Richfield school district; justice of the
peace; county treasurer. Attorney at law.

BAKER, NELSON (son of William George Baker and
Nicolina Marie Bertelsen). Born Oct. 9, 1871, Nephi, Utah.

Married Natalia Borg March 31, 1897, Richfield, Utah
(daughter of O. P. Borg and Brighamina Nielsen, pioneers
respectively of 1864 and 1866). She was born Oct. 6, 1874,
Richfield, Utah. Their children: Minnie Allene b. Jan. 1.
1898; Owen Nelson b. May 29, 1901; Evan William b. March
6, 1903; Elva Natalia b. Dec. 22, 1905; Edward Louts b. Jan.
16, 1908; Anna Marguerette b. March 21, 1911.

Mechanical engineer.

BALL, JOHN PRICE (son of James Ball and Isabel Price,
of Coalville, Eng.). Born Oct. 4, 1828, Coalville, Leicester-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1862, Isaac A. Canfield

Married Emma Henderson April 2, 1859 Loughborough,



Eng., who was born Jan. 10, 1828, Sheepshead, Leicestershire,
Eng. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Phoebe Birkenhead March 4, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Birkenhead and Mary Ann Wile of Bir-
mingham, Eng.), who was born Jan. 17, 1852. Their children:
Isabel b. Oct. 14, 1872, m. James W. Ure, Jr.; Amy A. b. Nov.
24, 1873, m. Edward H. Davis; John Price, Jr. b. Nov. 3,
1875, died; James H. b. Dec. 30, 1877, m. Sylvia Garff; Isaac
B. b. July 17, 1880, m. Rachel Hodgson; Thomas William b.
July 6, 1883, m. Rinda Hamlin. Family home Salt Lake

Merchant. Died Oct. 16, 1890.

BALL, JAMES H. (son of John Price Ball and Phoebe Birken-
head). Born Dec. 30, 1877, Salt Lake City.

Married Sylvia Garff June 15, 1905, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Christian Garff and Augusta Elizabeth Hansen, pio-
neers 1858), who was born April 30, 1879. Only child:
Dorothy b. Dec. 15, 19>08.

Lawyer. Served in U. S. army In Philippines during war
with Spain.

BALLANTYNE, RICHARD (son of David Ballantyne, born
1748 near Roxburgh, Scotland, and died Dec. 12, 1831, and
Ann Bannerman, born 1789 at Dundee, Scotland; married
Oct. 28, 1808). Born Aug. 26, 1817, at Earlston, Berwick,
Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young com-

Married Huldah Meriah Clark Feb. 18, 1847 (daughter of
Gardner Clark and Delecta Farrer who were married 1813 at
Geneseo, N. Y.; the former died 1847 at Winter Quarters,
Iowa, and the latter came to Utah 1848). She was born Oct.

26, 1823. and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Richard Alando b. June 1, 1848, m. Mary Ann Stewart Dec.

27. 1875; Delecta Annie Jane b. Nov. 22, 1849, m. Louis F.
Moench Feb. 15, 1874; David Henry b. Nov. 16, 1851, d. Aug.
31, 1863; Meriah Cedenia b. June 25, 1856, m. Austin C. Brown
Feb. 2, 1874; John Taylor b. Dec. 28, 1857, m. Mahala E. Wil-
son March 18, 1885; Annie b. July 15, 1860, m. Louis F.
Moench; Roseltha b. March 10, 1862, m. Jesse G. Stratford
Nov. 23. 1882; Isabella b. Aug. 3, 1864, m. Louis Alvin West
Nov. 23, 1882; Joseph b. Feb. 20, 1868, m. Rosannah A. Brown.
Family homes Salt Lake City, Nephi, Ogden and Eden, Utah.

Married Mary Pearce Nov. 27, 1855, Salt Lake City, Utah
(daughter of Edward Pearce and Elizabeth Bennett), who
was born Oct. 1, 1828, at Ratcliffe, London, Eng., and came
to Utah Sept. 25, 1855, with her husband's company. Their
children: Zachariah b. Oct. 31, 1856, m. Martha Ferrin; Mary
Elizabeth b. Sept. 7, 1858, m. Willard Farr; Jane Susannah b.
Feb. 10, 1861, m. Edward H. Anderson; James Edward b. Nov.
1, 1863, m. Sarah H. Critchlow; Eliza Jane b. June 8, 1866, m.
Henry J. Garner; Heber Charles b. Feb. 28. 1867, m. Ada
Belnap. Family resided at Salt Lake City, Nephl and Ogden,

Married Caroline Albertine Sanderson Nov. 7, 1856, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Kanute Alexander-son and Ingebor
Christina Larsen), who was born Sept. 19, 1837, at Roken,
Norway. Their children: Thomas Henry b. Dec. 12, 1858, m.
Martha Carstensen Sept. 6, 1883; Caroline Josephine b. Jan.
30, 1861, m. Marcus Farr; Matilda b. Dec. 30, 1862, d. Sept. 4,
1882; Catherine Mena b. Dec. 29, 1864, d. Nov. 18, 1866; Jede-
diah b. Nov. 18. 1867, m. Nettie Wilson; Brigham b. Feb. 18,
1871; Laura Elizabeth b. June 23, 1874. Family resided at
Salt Lake City, Nephi, Ogden and Eden.

Missionary to Hindoostan, India, 1852, laboring In Cal-
cutta and Madras, and publishing a paper there. Brought a
company of Immigrants to Utah Sept. 25, 1855. Pioneer to
the Salmon river 1857 and returning moved to Nephl, 1857,
and to Ogden 1860; located the town of Eden 1866, and there
served as bishop until 1871. High councilor 37 years and
superintendent Sunday schools of Weber stake. Organized
the first Sunday school in the dominant church December,
1849, and therefore is known as "father of the Sunday
schools." County commissioner of Weber county 12 years;
alderman of Ogden several terms; school trustee. Publishefl
and editor of "Ogden Junction" 1877. Merchant and farmer.

BALLANTYNE, RICHARD ALANDO (son of Richard Ballan-
tyne and Huldah Meriah Clark). Born June 1, 1848, on the
Elkhorn river, Nebraska.

Married Mary Ann Stewart Dec. 27, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Mitton Stewart and Elizabeth White),
who was born March 4, 1858, Draper, Utah. Their children:
Mary Delecta b. April 7, 1877, m. Heber Fielding Burton Dec.
14, 1898; Elizabeth Huldah b. Oct. 28, 1879, m. George D.
Cardon Sept. 10, 1902; Richard Stewart b. Dec. 25, 1881, m.
Ardella Romney Sept. 30, 1909; Alando Bannerman b. July
18, 1884; Leona Bertha b. Sept. 21, 1886, m. Kenneth R. Wool-
ley March 4, 1911; Geneva Alice b. Sept. 14, 1888; Isaac Stew-
art b. Sept. 21, 1890, d. June 14, 1892; Prescindia Stewart b.
Oct. 23, 1892, m. Herbert S. Woolley Sept. 6, 1911; Glenna
Marie b. Dec. 25, 1894; Zina Leanore b. June 8, 1897; William
Stewart b. Jan. 17, 1900, d. Aug-. 16, 1912; Mary Stewart b.
May 27, 1902; Ruth b. Nov. 22, 1905. Family homes Ogden,
Draper and Logan, Utah.

From 9 to 23 years of age he worked in a store, on the
farm and in the canyons for his father. Missionary to the
southern states 1879-80; home missionary in Salt Lake stake
over two years; high priest; Sunday school superintendent
and teacher 30 years; member Sunday school board of Weber
stake 6 years; bishop's counselor. School trustee at Draper
6 years; commissioner to locate university lands two
years; helped build Union and Central Pacific and O. S. L.
railroads, also to build the Davis & Weber county. East Jor-
dan & Draper and West Cache county canals. Farmer;

BALLANTYNE, JOHN T. (son of Richard Ballantyne and
Huldha Meriah Clark). Born Dec. 28, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Mahala E. Wilson March 18, 1885, Lehl, Utah
(daughter of David Wilson and Rachel P. Loveless of
Payson, Utah, pioneers 1850). She was born June 30 1863
Their children: Effle b. Dec. 21, 1885, m. Releigh Campbell;
Ivy b. Feb. 9, 1888, m. Harrison B. Child; John W. b. Jan 10
1890; LeRoy T. b. Nov. 16, 1892; David W. b. Dec. 2, 1894-
Ozro M. b. November, 1896, d. infant; Orin b. Feb. 12, 1898 d
??, d i 3 montn s: Leslie C. b. Jan. 6, 1899; Ezra b. June '29'
1901, d. aged 7 years; Cleone b. Sept. 16, 1904; Eugene and
Geneva b. Aug. 23, 1906, the former d. at 2 years of aee-
Hulda b. April 15, 1909.

Bishop; high priest. Farmer; bookkeeper. Died Dec 30
1910, Riverdale, Utah.

BALLANTYNE, THOMAS H. (son of Richard Ballantyne and
Caroline Albertine Sanderson). Born Dec. 12 1858 Neohi

Married Martha Carstensen Sept. 6, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter C. Carstensen and Karen Petersen)
Their children: Thomas C.; Leroy C.; Varsell; Lucille; Juan-
ita; Roy. Family home Ogden, Utah.

President 77th quorum seventies 16 years. Chief of police
four years at Ogden; chief deputy U. S. marshal 4 years.
Contractor and builder.

BALLANTYNE, JAMES EDWARD (son of Richard Ballan-
tyne and Mary Pearce). Born Nov. 1. 1863, at Ogden, Utah.

Married Sarah H. Critchlow March 3, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Benjamin C. Critchlow and Martha A. Garner
of Ogden, pioneers 1851, Henry Walton company. She was
born April 16, 1868. Their children: James Leodale b Jan
3, 1887; Benjamin Franklin b. July 23, 1888; William Ed-
ward b. April 17, 1890; Belva b. Jan. 30, 1897; Dorothy Beat-
rice b. June 8, 1904. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1892; Sunday school super-
intendent. Deputy city assessor and collector 2 years. En-
gaged in real estate, insurance, loans and investments.

BALLARD, WILLIAM (son of Barnett and Mary Ballard of
Berkshire, Eng.). Born 1790 in Berkshire, Eng. Came to
Utah Sept. 3, 1852, first P. E. fund company conducted by A.
O. Smoot.

Married Hannah Russell in England (daughter of George
Russell and Hannah Higgelton of Hannington, Hantshire,
Eng.). She was born April 9. 1799. Their children: Charles
b. Jan. 10, 1821, m. Rebecca Hatton; George b. Dec. 26, 1823;
John b. Aug. 18, 1826, m. Sarah Hawkins; Henry b. Jan. 27,
1832, m. Margaret McNeil, m. Emily McNeil. Family home
Logan, Utah.

After many years of active work was ordained patriarch.

BALLARD, HENRY (son of William Ballard and Hannah
Russell). Born Jan. 27, 1832, Thatcham, Berkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1852, Eli B. Kelsey company.

Married -Margaret McNeil May 5, 1861 (daughter of Thom-
as McNeil and Janet Reid of Tranent, Scotland, pioneers 1859,
Capt. Wright company). She was born April 14, 1846 Tra-
nent, Haddingtonshire. Their children: Margaret Hannah
b. Jan. 18, 1863, died; Henry William b. Sept. 20, 1864, m.
Elvira Davidson Oct. 2, 1884; Thomas McNeil b. July 8, 1866.
m. Phoebe Smith, April 2, 1890; Charles James and Janet M.,
twins, b. May 15, 1868 and George Albert b. April 9, 1870;
latter three died; Melvin Joseph b. Feb. 9, 1873, m. Mattie A.
Jones, June 17, 1896; Ellen Phoebe b. Sept. 19, 1875, died;
Rebecca Ann b. Feb. 8, 1878, m. Louis S. Gardon June 17,
1896; Lettie May b. Dec. 13, 1881, m. George W. Squires Feb.
22, 1899; Mary Myrtle b. Aug. 21, 1885, m. D. Ray Shurtllff
Sept. 3, 1908. Family home Logan, Utah.

Married Emily McNeil Oct. 4, 1867, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas McNeil and Janet Reid), who was born June
19, 1847, Tranent, Scotland. Their children: Emily Eliza-
beth b. Feb. 12, 1870, died; Willard Russell b. Nov. 26, 1872,
m. Bessie Griffin June 10, 1896; Franklin Hyrum b. Nov. 28,
1874. m. Sarah Stevens Jan. 8, 1902; Ernest Reid b. Oct. 20,
1876, m. Amanda Miller June 22, 1904; Lydia Jane b. Sept. 9,
1878, m. William H. Griffin June 9, 1897; Jennie Lulu b. Nov.
4, 1880, m. Franklin T. Griffin Dec. 6, 1899; Amy Eugenie b.
Jan. 13, 1885, died.

Drove herd of sheep across plains; Echo Canyon cam-
paigner under Porter Rockwell. Hauled first load of logs
for the old school house, first load of logs for the tabernacle
and first load of sand for the temple at Logan, Utah. Bishop
2d ward 39 years, then ordained patriarch; missionary to
England 1887-89 and presided over London conference. Died
Feb. 26, 1908.

BALLARD, HENRY WILLIAM (son of Henry Ballard and
Margaret McNeil). Born Sept. 20, 1864, Logan, Utah.

Married Elvira Davidson, Oct. 2, 1884, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Robert Davidson and Ada Hemingway), who was born
Jan 14 1866, Logan, Utah. Their children: Ada Elvira b.
March 14 1886, died; Henry William, Jr., b. Dec. 1, 1888, m.
Almeda Roundy July 12, 1911; Margaret Elvaretta b. Dec. 28,
1891 m. Edwin Roundy Oct. 18, 1911: Melvin Joseph b. Feb.
9, 1895; Robert Leroy b. Sept. 27, 1897; Leone b. Sept. 3, 1900.
F'amily home Logan and Benson, Utah.

Bishop Benson ward, Cache stake since 1891. Assisted hie
father! in his varied career as pioneer.



BALLE, JENS THOMPSON (son of Thomas Balle and Mary
C. Rod, both of Nibe, Denmark). Born Jan. 20, 1819, Nibe,
Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1864, Hans Peter Olsen com-

Married Ingrry Christine Peterson in Denmark (daughter
of Peter Peterson, of Basle, Denmark). She was born Aug.
27. 1816. Their children: Louis P., b. 1846, died; Marinus b.
Feb. 29, 1848, m. Dianthy Nelson; Christian Thompson b.
Nov. 22, 1849, m. Emma E. Thustrup; George P., b. Aug.
1851, m. Christine Anderson. Family resided >n Ephraim
and Mayfleld, Utah.

High priest; bishop fourth ward, Ephraim, Utah, ten
years. Died Aug. 1899.

Balle and Ingry Christine Peterson). Born Nov. 22, 1849,
Aalborg, Denmark.

Married Emma C. Thustrup June 6, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jens Christian Thustrup and Annie Marie
Nielsen, pioneers Sept. 1868). She was born Sept. 16, 1864.
Their children: Eugenie Maria b. April 26, 1877. m. James
Holt; James Christian b. Jan. 20, 1879, m. Edith Olson;
William Andrew b. April 20, 1881, died; Emma Rosalie b.
March 24, 1883, m. L. D. Young; Myrtle Eulalie b. April 7,
1885, m. Bertman Behunin; Homer Leroy b. March 14, 1887,
died; Evalena b. March 10, 1889, m. Earl Allruht; Leo Royal
b. Dec. 31, 1890; Pearl Ivy b. April 9, 1893; Flossie Bell b.
April 14. 1895; Lillian Odessa b. Aug. 22, 1898. Family
homes Mayfleld and Fremont, Utah.

High priest; bishop Fremont ward. Wayne stake, Utah;
elder; seventy; missionary to Denmark Sept. 1886.

BALLS, JOHN (son of William Coats and Betsy Balls, of
Chediston, Eng.). Born Oct. 13, 1826, at Chediston. Came to
Utah Sept. 2, 1868, Simpson M. Molen company.

Married Sarah Baxter (daughter of John Baxter and
Sarah Butcher), who was born Dec. 6, 1826, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: William b. Feb. 16,
1849, m. Mary E. Metcalf Nov. 21, 1870; Mary b. Aug. 9, 1851,
m. Chris Leyon, March 1869; John b. Oct. 11, 1853; Sarah b.
Sept. 6, 1855, m. Elijah Seamons Feb. 11, 1872; Hannah
Elizabeth b. Jan. 4, 1857, m. John Thomas Lyon; Ellen b.
Nov. 3, 1859, m. James S. Hancey Oct. 9, 1879; James b.
July 4, 1861, m. Lucy F. Thurston Jan. 24, 1884; Eliza b.
Sept. 5, 1863, m. Lorenzo Petersen Dec. 14, 1882; Dariel b.
April 12, 1865, m. Mary E. Davis; Heber b. Sept. 20, 1867, m.
Tomina Nielsen Dec. 16, 1898; Jabez Henry b. Oct. 5, 1871;
Charles Herbert b. Sept. 18, 1873. m. Bessie Elwood Jan. 29,
1897. Family home Hyde Park, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Hawks 1879, Salt Lake City.

High priest. Watermaster ten years; sawyer of first
frame sawmill In Hyde Park; farmer and stockraiser. Died
Oct. 30, 1902.

BALLS, WILLIAM (son of John Balls and Sarah Baxter).
Born Feb. 16, 1849, Suffolk, Eng.

Married Mary Ellen Metcalf Nov. 21, 1872, at Hyde Park
(daughter of Anthony Metcalf and Mary Reeder, pioneers
Oct. 14, 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock company). She was born
March 16, 1856, Hyde Park, Utah. Their children: William
Nathaniel b. April 1, 1873, and Sarah Elizabeth b. Nov. 27,
1874, both died; Mary Marietta b. April 28, 1876, m. Reuben
A. Perkins Feb. 3, 1897; George David b. May 24, 1878, m.
Julia Webber Dec. 19, 1900; Ida May b. May 28, 1880, m. Wil-
liam Hill July, 1S98; Florence b. March 31, 1882, m. Riley
Harris Dec. 3, 1903; John Alma b. Oct. 6, 1883, m. Ethel
Woolf June 7, 1905; Wilford b. Oct. 28, 1885. m. Modda Sea-
mons April 15, 1908; Mabel b. April 26, 1889; Charles Heber
b. Dec. 19, 1890; Clarence b. June 22, 1892, died; Maggie b.
Feb. 25, 1894; Lavaught and Levere, twins, b. Nov. 22, 1896,
former died; Lyman b. Nov. 4, 1898. Family home Hyde
Park, Utah.

High priest and many minor offices. Trustee Logan and
Richmond Canal Co. 14 years; trustee Logan, Hyde Park
and Smithfield Canal Co. five years. Farmer; stock and

I!'.K. JOHN (son of John Balser and Ann Barson of
Liverpool. Eng.). Born July 29, 1823, in Liverpool. Came
to Utah Sept. 3, 1852, Abraham O. Smoot company.

Married Emma Evans March 16, 1846, St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of John Evans and Mary Steed of Liverpool,
Eng., latter a pioneer Sept. 3, 1852, Capt. A. O. Smoot com-
pany). She was born April 18, 1824. Their children: William
and Annie died; Rhoda Amelia, m. John Watson; Edward, d.
aged 8; Frederick, died; Emma, m. Frank W. Tearnce; John
Lewis, m. Hattie Coon; Luella J., m. John N. Lees; Ellen G.
and Mary May, died. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seventy; block and Sunday school teacher. Manufacturer
of tents and awnings; carpenter. Died June 4, 1899, at
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Broomhead, born 1825. and Sarah Jarvis, born 1825, both of
Birmingham, Eng.). He was born June 14, 1851, St. Louis,
Mo. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Letitia A. Davis March 13, 1876 (daughter of
John T. Davis and Letitia A. George), who was born Nov.
23, 1856. Their children: William G. B. b. Jan. 17, 1878. m.
Nancy E. Tolman Oct. 8. 1895; Sarah Letitia b. Sept. 11, 1880,
died; J. Elmer b. Sept. 8, 1882, m. E. Mae Smith June 9,

1909; Albert J. b. Dec. 12, 1884, m. Ethel L. Humphreys
10, 1906; Ben F. b. Oct. 4, 1886, m. Hilva Johnson June 24,
1908; Lureta b. Oct. 24, 1888, m. Joseph H. Johnson Jan. 15
1908; Mary E. b. June 22, 1891, died; Eva Byrl b. April 22
1896; Barbara P. b. Sept. 6, 1898, died; Lewis D. b. March 3.
1901. Family homes Spanish Fork and Lake Shore, Utah
and Bancroft, Idaho.

Bishop's counselor 1886-93; assistant Sunday school super-
intendent, Utah stake; high councilor 1898-92, Bannock

Broomhead Banks and Letitia A. Davis). Born Jan. 17,
1878, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Nancy E. Tolman Oct. 8, 1895, Pocatello, Idaho
(daughter of Joseph H. Tolman and Adella Woods), who
was born Oct. 14, 1878, Ophir, Utah. Their children: Jennie
E. b. Oct. 24, 1896; Letitia A. b. Nov. 15, 1898; Elmer G.
b. Sept. 15, 1900; William J. b. Jan. 17, 1903. Family homo
Bancroft, Idaho.

Elder; ward teacher.

BARBER, JOHN (son of James Barber and Louisa Weeds,
of Norwich, Eng.). Born May 1821, Norwich, Eng. Came to
Utah Nov. 9, 1862, William Miller company.

Married Charlotte Kirby Sept. 22, 1861 (daughter of John
Kirby and Charlotte Wright), who was born Nov. 26, 1830,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: John R. b.
Dec. 12, 1862, m. Emily Anderson March 28, 1887; Laura b.
Feb. 21, 1865, m. Chas. A. Saury Sept. 17, 1886; Charlotte b.
May 20, 1867, m. Chas. F. Lutz Sept. 22, 1898; Thomas K. b.
May 14, 1890. Family home Logan, Utah.

Married Marie Peterson, July 2, 1885, Logan, Utah, who
was born Sept. 24. 1818, at Trunium, Norway. No issue.

Brlckmaker and bricklayer; farmer.

BARBER. JOHN R. (son of John Barber and Charlotte
Kirby). Born Dec. 12, 1862, Logan, Utah.

Married Emily Anderson March 28, 1887 (daughter of
Hogan Anderson, born March 28, 1826, and Cecelia Swenson,
born Feb. 23, 1841, married Nov. 2, 1863). She was born
Oct. 26, 1864, Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Their children: Emil Ar-
thur b. March 18, 1885, m. Marie Anna Ronnenkamp Oct. 4,
1911; Emily Lorinda b. Jan. 16, 1888, m. Nicholas N. Newby
Oct. 4, 1907; John W- b. Sept. 21, 1889; Ida Mae b. Dec. 24,
1891; Amelia Cecelia b. July 6, 1894; Ellen Vilate b. Sept.
25, 1896; Geo. Hogan b. Oct. 21, 1898; Joseph Wilding b.
March 19, 1901; Theodore b. June 19, 1903; Eva Charlotte b.
Sept. 6, 1908. Family home Herbert, Idaho.

Teacher, farmer and stockraiser.

BARENTSON, ANDREW MARCUS. Born Jan. 22, 1832, in
Denmark. Came to Utah 1861, oxteam company.

Married Mariah Erickson in Denmark. Their children:
Susannah, m. Samuel R. Jewkes; Eliza, m. James C. Wood-
ward. Family home Fountain Green, Utah.

Married Patria Yergersen in 1870, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Niels Yergersen of Fountain Green, Utah,
came to Utah 1863). Their children: Andrew M., m. Lottie
Johnson; Mariah, m. Joshua Coombs; Lena, m. Oliver John-
son; William; Matilda, m. William Sorenson. Family home
Fountain Green, Utah.

High priest; counselor in bishopric of Fountain Green.
Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer and stockraiser.

BARKER, BYRON (son of Frederick Barker). Born at
Watertown, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1842. Came to Utah Oct. 20, 1849,
David Moore company.

Married Julia C. Hubbard (daughter of Charles W. Hub-
bard and Mary Ann Bosworth, pioneers Sept. 24, 1848, Heber
C. Kimball company). She was born April 3, 1848. Their
children: George b. April 26, 1869; Stella b. Oct. 17, 1870;
Emma b. April 24, 1872; Mary Ann b. Oct. 25, 1873; Charles
b. Oct. 23, 1875; May b. March 25, 1878; Permelia b. Sept. 17,
1880; Violate b. April 30, 1883; Frederick C. b. Sept. 9, 1884;
Matilda b. Dec. 30, 1885; Ethel Laverne b. July 28, 1888; Leo
C. b. Jan. 16, 1892.

BARKER, GEORGE BYRON (son of Byron Barker and
Julia C. Hubbard). Born April 26, 1869.

Married Emma Stauffer. Their children: Clarence Leroy
b. Aug. 12, 1890. m. Ethel Beesley; Raymond b. Jan. 16,

BARKER, CHARLES. Born March 10, 1823, Birmingham,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 1861.

Married Fanny Kitchen (daughter of John Kitchen and
Betsie Lund), who was born March 10, 1833.

BARKER, CHARLES W. (son of Charles Barker and I'anny
Kitchen). Born Jan. 3, 1872, Taylorsville, Utah.

Married Lizzie Duncombe 1890, Ogden, Utah (daughter of
David Duncombe and Fanny M. Haynes, pioneers). She was
born Sept. 9, 1870. Their children: Frances L. b. Oct. 6,
1891; Gerald b. Jan. 12, 1894; Maude b. Dec. 18, 1896; Walter
b. Aug. 30, 1898; Ida b. Feb. 20, 1901; Marie b. Oct. 10. 1904;
Milton b. Feb. 2, 1909; Willard b. Dec. 20, 1912. Family home



BARKER, GEORGE (son of William Barker, who died Dec.
15, 1829, and Jane Barker, who died Dec. 4, 1825 both of
Shelfanger, Norfolk, Eng.). Born March 1793 at Shel-
fang-er. Came to Utah Oct. 20, 1849, Allen Taylor com-

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