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Married Charlotte Brazeworth May 13, 1813, at Shelfanger
who died July 27, 1813, aged 22 years.

Married Sarah Gerard Dec. 18, 1815, of Diss, Norfolk,
who died in 1830 en voyage to America. Their children-
Frederick 1 b. Nov. 24, 1816, d. March 3, 1817; Ellis 1 b. Dec.
6, 1818, d. Aug. 22, 1819; James b. June 7, 1820, m. Mary
Catherine Malan June 6, 1856; Frederick 2 b. 1822, m. Jane
L. Johnson 1852, who died Aug. 20, 1864; m. Mariette Wright
July 10, 1865; Ellis, 2 d. 1885; Simon b. Oct. 1826, m. Jemima
Newey Nov. 4, 1856. Family resided at Shelfanger, Eng.;
LeRayville, Jefferson county, N. Y.; Ogden, Utah.

Settled at Brown's Fort, now Ogden, Utah, Oct. 24, 1849,
after having lived In every town or camp established by
the migrating saints. Died Nov. 21, 1869.

BARKER, JAMES (son of George Barker and Sarah Gerard).
Born June 7, 1820, Shelfanger, Norfolk, Eng. Came to Utah
1849 with father.

Married Mary Catherine Malan June 6, 1856, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of John Daniel Malan, born Nov. 20, 1804, Pied-
mont, Italy, died May 6, 1886, Ogden, Utah, and Pauline
Combe, born Aug. 6, 1805, Angrogna, Italy, died June 23,
1864, Ogden; married April 28, 1825, In Italy; pioneers to
Utah in 1855). She was born July 10, 1829, at Piedmont,
Italy. Their children: James John b. July 20, 1858, m. Vincy
Rice Stone May 16, 1888; Sarah b. Nov. 4, 1860, m. Jefferson
C. Slade 1883; George Ellis b. Nov. 13, 1865, m. Dora Brown;
Elfrida Gay b. July 1, 1868. m. Julius A. Farley Nov. 11, 1886;
Olla May b. Feb. 20, 1873, m. Moroni H. Thomas Aug. 15,
1906. Family home Ogden.

Was active in the pioneer work of organizing Ogden.
Went to California and returned with immigrants 1850-54.

BARKER, JAMES JOHN (son of James Barker and Mary
Catherine Malan). Born July 20, 1858, at Ogden.

Married Vincy Rice Stone May 16, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Amos Pease Stone and Minerva Leantine
Jones, pioneers). She was born Jan. 16, 1864, Ogden, Utah.
Their children: Desmond James b. March 15, 1889; Amos
Howard b. Dec. 9, 1891; Minerva Leantine b. July 15, 1894;
Ruth Vincy b. Sept. 19, 1896, Ellis Webster b. Jan. 7, 1900;
Elwood Ives b. Aug. 13, 1902; Clarence Elliott b. Jan. 3,
1905. Family home Ogden.

Missionary to Tennessee 1896-99; president 98th quorum
seventies. Ogden city councilman 1910-11. Farmer, horti-
culturist and coal dealer.

BARKER, DESMOND JAMES (son of James John Barker and
Vincy Rice Stone). Born March 15, 1889, at Ogden.

Missionary to Budapest, Hungary, 1910, where he and his
associate, Samuel V. Spry, were pioneer missionaries; mem-
ber Sunday school board of Ogden stake.

BARKER, SIMON (son of George Barker and Sarah Gerard).
Born Oct. 1. 1826, Shelfanger, Eng. Came to Utah in 1849
with father's family.

Married Jemima Newey Nov. 4, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Newey, pioneer 1855, and Leah Welland,
who had died in England). Their children: George Simon,
m. Alice Whitney; Clarissa Ann, m. Walker Barlow; Fred-
erick Ellis, m. Cecelia Sharp; Leah May, d. infant; Eveline,
m. Charles Willard James. Family home Mound Fort,

Member 98th quorum seventies; high priest. Farmer.

BARKER, GEORGE SIMON (son of Simon Barker and
Jemima Newey). Born April 20, 1857, at Ogden.

Married Alice Whitney Nov. 3, 1881, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Whitney and Hannah Shingler, of Leek, Staf-
fordshire, Eng.). She was born Dec. 18, 1854. Their chil-
dren: George Simon, Jr., b. Aug. 27, 1882, m. Florence Emily
Dee; Joseph Frederick b. Jan. 19, 1885, m. Rosabella Cora
Dee; Alice Maud b. June 9, 1887; Henry Claud b. Nov. 26,
1889; William Whitney b. Oct. 6, 1892. Family home Ogden.

Member 9Sth quorum seventies; missionary to West Vir-
ginia 1892-95; acted as clerk for the 98th quorum seventies
several years. Stenographer and farmer. Died Sept. 2, 1895.

BARKER, GEORGE SIMON, JR. (son of George Simon Bar-
ker and Alice Whitney). Born Aug. 27, 1882, Ogden, Utah.

Married Florence Emily Dee June 17, 1908, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Duncombe Dee, of Llanelly, Caermar-
thenshire, South Wales, and Annie Taylor, of Lofcoegrlam,
Chestershire, Eng., pioneers 1860). She was born Feb. 12,
1886. Their children: Thomas George b. April 25, 1909;
Richard Dee b. Jan. 22, 1912. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Member 98th quorum seventies; missionary to Australia
1901-04; president Y. M. M. I. A. at Mound Fort ward 1904-
07; first counselor to Bishop Moroni S. Marriott of Ogden
10th ward. Lawyer.

F. Garner; Fredrick G. b. Dec. 23, 1855, d. Dec. 12 1864-
Newman Henry b. Jan. 27, 1858, m. Esther Caroline f'chad-
^ ! A ,? * an f, h July 13 ' 1860 ' m - Frederick W. Ellis;
Imni H W^ 1 , 1 20 ' 1863 ' m " Ch arles Edward Clark; Polly
b Oct ne 2?' I*fi7 - ' ^ 65> m ' Edward Jarae " Davis; Joseph
Tnn P 90 is ' m i Fran , ces Ali " Chadwick; Harriet L. b.
w?;i t 'i, ' mu , el Shaw; Lvm an b. March 15. 1872.
m '" arr ' et 1 Ellen Ward; Horace Alonzo b. April 1 1875
d. April 3 1875. Family home North Ogden, Utah.

President elders' quorum; president 76th and 38th quorums
ber e hUh S: supe ,j:intendent North Ogden Sunday schools" mem!
to Utah I'* o & d en; assisted in bringing immigrants


Married Harriet Ellen Ward Jan. 9, 1901. Their children-

Horace Lyman b. Nov. 11, 1901; Harriet Verna b. Dec. 4.

04; Louis Ward b. Sept. 8. 1907; Mildred b. Nov. 11, 191o!

n ' Enfr " and Annie Delnap of DubH>.

Came to utah

BARKER, JAMES (son of Fredrick Barker and Ann Blye,
both of Norfolk, Eng.). Born April 7. 1827, Diss, Nor-
folk. Came to Utah Oct. 20, 1849, Allen Taylor company.
Married Polly Emiline Blodgett March 2, 1851, Ogden,
Utah (daughter of Newman Greenleaf Blodgett and Sally
Mith Utley, pioneers 1850). She was born Dec. 1, 1832, Bath,
N. H. Their children: James Hyrum b. March 9, 1852,
d. Feb. 10, 1862; Mary Ann b. Dec. 24, 1853, m. William


Married Susan McDermott June 28, 1862 (daughter of

In lU 1S M T D , e T m0 ! t ,, a , nd Mary Klmber >- who was born May
20, 1843. Their children: John Henry b. Nov. 2, 1863 m
Emily Parson; Annie D. b. Sept. 19, 1865, m. Nahum Curtis-'
William J. b. Aug. 8. 1867, m. Frances Parson; Fredrick G
b. July 23, 1869, m. Lovina Weston; Eliza G b Nov 12 1871
m. Ira Bowen; Mary D. b. Feb. 21. 1874. m. William Arnn-'
Lucy D. b. March 25. 1876, m. G. H. Robinson; JenSe D b'
July 14 1878, m. William Jensen; Bessie b. March 3, 1881, m
J. H. Weston.

Married Christina M. Benson March 4, 1879, Salt Lake City
J da P, ghter of Peter Benson and Kersten Erickson, pioneers
1857). She was born Feb. 22, 1863. Their children- My-
rinda b. June 8, 1880. m. John Hansen; Irvin b. July 26
1885, m. Rena L. Richards; George b. Aug. 22, 1890. m Estua
Weston; Jessie b. Nov. 4, 1892; Susie b. Dec. 6, 1894- Maud
b- Aug. 14, 1899; Naomi b. Aug. 14, 1897; Waldo b. Dec. 3,

Married Johanna Yensen April 9, 1879, Salt Lake City
She was born Dec. 12, 1844. Their children: Henry Y b July
8, 1881; Davis Y. b. Jan. 7, 1884. Families lived at Newton
Cache county, Utah.

School teacher 1866-67. Died Feb. 27, 1910.

BARKER, JOHN HENRY (son of John Henry Humphrey
Barker and Susan McDermott). Born Nov. 2, 1863, Salt Lake

Married Emily Parson Sept. 21, 1887, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of James Parson and Mary Ann Catt), who was born
April 30, 1866, in England. Their children: John Henry b
July 14, 1888; Pearl S. b. May 20, 1891; Frank Harvey b
June 9, 1893; Levon b. Sept. 1, 1896; Rhoda b. March 4, 1899-
Stephen b. March 3, 1901; Grace b. May 13, 1903; James W.
b. May 15, 1906. Family home Cache Junction, Utah.

Merchant. Postmaster Cache Junction 1891; deputy sheriff
in Cache county, and was later elected sheriff.

BARLOW, EDWARD (son of John Barlow and Mary Ann
Crompton of Unsworth, Lancashire, Eng.). Born Aug. 14,
1801, at Unsworth. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph
Home company.

Married Betty Crompton, Prestwich, Eng. (daughter of
William Crompton). Their children: Thomas h. June 13.
1823, m. Ann Hulme; William b. March 13, 1826, m. Ann
Lees; Ann, m. Charles R. Dana; Sarah, m. Mark Eastwood.

Weaver by occupation. Died Nov. 9, 1877.

BARLOW, THOMAS (son of Edward Barlow and Betty
Crompton). Born June 13, 1823, Prestwich, Eng.

Married Ann Hulme Nov. 5, 1848, Oldham, Eng. (daughter
of George Hulme and Ann Barlow), who was born May 3,
1826. Their children: Walker b. June 9, 1851, m. Clarissa
A. Barker; Edward b. July 16, 1854, m. Lizzie Flowers;
Elizabeth A. b. Oct. 31. 1856. m. Tobias Furniss; George T.
b. July 6, 1858, m. Sarah Coop; Abraham b. May 23, 1861,
died. Family resided in England and in Pittsburg, Pa.

Married Eliza Cato 1862 (daughter of Charles Cato and
Ann Higbee), who was born Feb. 1, 1831, at Tringe, Eng.
Their children: Ann Priscilla b. Oct. 16, 1863, m. John Tll-
lotson; Sarah Emaline b. Dec. 10, 1865; Charles Cato b.
Sept. 18, 1867; Joseph Cato b. May 5, 1869; Eliza Alberta b.
Sept. 19, 1872, m. Leander Harris.

Weaver, building own looms and his own residences;
confectioner and baker. Ward secretary and treasurer

BARLOW, WALKER (son of Thomas Barlow and Ann
Hulme). Born June 9, 1851, Blakely Lane, Lancastershire,

Married Clarissa A. Barker Nov. 18, 1876, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Simon Barker and Jemima Newey, pioneers
1849). She was born April 13, 1859. Their children: Anna
J. b. Aug. 20, 1877, m. Levi J. Taylor, Jr.; Leah May b. Jan.
9, 1879, m. Christopher H. Burton; George W. b. Dec. 16,
1880; Simon b. Nov. 4, 1882; Alice b. April 20. 1885; John
Fredrick b. March 31, 1889; Joseph Willard b. Sept. 9, 1891;
Ezra Thomas b. June 4, 1895; Ellis Edward b. Aug. 15. 1899.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Carpenter, farmer and dairyman.



BARLOW, ISRAEL (son of Jonathan Barlow, born June 1,
1769, and Annis Gillett, born 1781, both at Granville, Hamp-
den county, Mass.). He was born Sept. 13, '1806, at Gran-
ville. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1848, Brlgham Young com-

Married Elizabeth Haven Feb. 23, 1840 (daughter of John
Haven, pioneer Sept. 23, 1848, Brigham Young company,
and Elizabeth Howe). She was born Dec. 28, 1811, Hollis-
ton, Middlesex county, Mass., and died Dec. 25, 1892, Boun-
tiful, Utah. Their children: James Nathaniel b. May 8,
1841, d. same day; Israel, Jr. b. Sept. 5, 1842, m. Annie Yeates
April 26, 1863; Pamela Elizabeth b. Sept. 6, 1844, m. David
W. Thompson Sept. 10, 1861; lanthius Haven, b. May 1, 1846,
m. Hannah Wintle Dec. 7, 1867; John Haven b. July 27, 1848.
m. Elizabeth Cook Oct. 24, 1868; Mary A. b. Nov. 15, 1850,
m. David O. Willey Dec. 7, 1868; Wilford b. Feb. 3, 1854,
m. Laura Ann Jackson Jan. 24, 1876; Willard Albert b. Feb.
3, 1854, d. Oct. 28, 1854. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Barton 1844, Nauvoo, 111. (daughter of
Nathan Barton), who was born Sept. 10, 1801, in Pennsyl-
vania, and died Oct. 21, 1874, at Bountiful, Utah.

Married Lucy Heap Dec. 3, 1855, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Heap, pioneer Oct. 24, 1855, Milo Andrus
company, and Sarah Waters). She was born Sept. 24, 1836,
Litchfield, Staffordshire, Eng., died July 4, 1901. Afton. Wyo.
Their children: Truman Heap b. June 12, 1857, d. Feb. 19,
1913, m. Fanny Call Nov. 28, 1878, m. Sarah Call June 29,
1887; Sarah Isabelle b. June 26, 1859, m. Joseph H. Call
June 26, 1879; Annis Janet b. Sept. 30, 1860, m. Chester Vin-
son Call Oct. 28, 1880; Emma Jane b. Aug. 19, 1862, m. Ira
Call Oct. 28, 1880; Hyrum Heap b. Aug. 30, 1864, m. Margaret
Burton Jan. 2, 1889; Minnie Rette b. Nov. 17, 1865, m. Ches-
ter Vinson Call Sept. 5, 1884; Granville b. July 31, 1867, m.
Eliza Ann Burningham Dec. 18, 1889; Nathan b. March 26,
1869, m. Dora Matilda Tolman June 24, 1891. Family home
Bountiful, Utah.

Married Cordelia Maria Dalrymple May 27, 1865, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Luther Dalrymple and Sally Hammond),
who was born Oct. 4, 1822, Warren county, N. Y., died March
1906, Lewiston, Utah. Family resided at Bountiful and
Logan, Utah.

Seventy; president 6th quorum seventies; patriarch 1882;
missionary to England 1853-55; president Birmingham con-
ference; bodyguard to Joseph Smith; member Zion and
Kirtland camps. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah;
pioneer of Bountiful 1849. Pioneer nurseryman and apiar-
ist; farmer and stockraiser. Died Nov. 1, 1883, Bountiful,

BARLOW, ISRAEL, JR. (son of Israel Barlow and Eliza-
beth Haven). Born Sept. 5, 1842, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Annie Yeates April 26, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Yeates and Mary Ann Ledbury), who
was born Aug 8, 1843, and died April 26, 1901. Their chil-
dren: Israel 3 b. May 17, 1864, m. Joan V. Hjorth Sept. 21,
1892; Annie L. b. Jan. 10, 1866, m. Lamoni Call April 5, 1883;
Mary Elizabeth b. Oct. 6, 1867, m. Ernest W. Smedley Nov.
28, 1888; Clara Ellen b. Oct. 10, 1869, died; Pamela b. June
9, 1872, m. James F. Jones Jan. 3, 1895; John Yeates b.
March 4, 1874, m. Ida May Critchlow Dec. 16, 1897, who died
July 1901, m. Susannah S. Taggart Sept. 24, 1902; Eva An-
toinette b. Feb. 28, 1876, m. Charles A. Jensen Dec. 19, 1894;
Edmund F. b. June 14, 1879, m. Lucy A. Garrett June 18,
1903; Alice Janet b. June 2, 1881, m. True B. Hatch March
22, 1900; lanthius Winford b. Jan. 3, 1883, m. Chloe C. Mc-
Mullin July 26, 1901; Rosa M. b. Nov. 21, 1885, m. Laurence
M. Watt March 30, 1903; Jennie Hazel b. Nov. 10, 1887, d.
May 12, 1891.

Missionary to Nevada 1870-79; seventy; high priest; patri-
arch March 19, 1900; president 70th quorum seventies; coun-
selor to Bishop J. H. Grant. Assisted to bring immigrants
to Utah. Member Utah militia. Farmer; fruitgrower and
stockraiser; pioneer dry farmer.

BARLOW, ISRAEL, III (son of Israel Barlow and Annie
Yeates). Born May 17, 1864, Bountiful, Utah.

Married Joan Vilate Hjorth Sept. 21, 1892 (daughter of
Peter H. Hjorth, pioneer Sept. 22, 1861, Capt. Samuel A.
Woolley company, and Anna Jensen, pioneer Sept. 29, 1866,
Peter Nebeker company, married Dec. 7, 1868, Salt Lake
City). She was born Dec. 12, 1869, Millville, Utah. Their
children: Israel Owen b. Aug. 18, 1906; Newel Hjorth b.
May 8, 1908. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

First counselor of 1st quorum elders Davis stake 1884-92;
president 74th quorum seventies 1896-1910; assistant Sunday
school superintendent of Davis stake 1897-1910; missionary
to southern states 1886-88; president Mississippi conference
1887-88; missionary to bureau of information Temple Block
1906-09. School trustee and justice of peace West Bounti-
ful 1892-96; assessor of Davis county 1896-1900. School
teacher; farmer and stockraiser.

BARLOW, TRUMAN H. (son of Israel Barlow* and Lucy
Heap). Born June 12, 1857, Bountiful, Utah.

Married Fanny Call Nov. 28, 1878 (daughter of Anson
Call, born May 13, 1810, Fletcher, Franklin county, Vt., and
Emma Summers, born Aug. 5, 1828, Worcestershire, Eng.).
She was born Aug. 11, 1860. Their children: Truman C. b.
Oct. 29, 1879, m. Nellie Rampton; Fanny Pearl b. March 18,
1882, m. Clarence Holbrook; Clarence Anson b. June 29,
1885; m. Silvia Hatch; Myron C. b. Sept. 18, 1887, m. Viola
Ford; Klmber C. b. Jan. 14, 1892; Loren C. b. April 8, 1895.

Married Sarah Call June 27, 1887, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Anson Call, pioneer July 24, 1847, Brigham Young
company, and Emma Summers, pioneer Nov. 9, 1856, James
G. Willie handcart company). She was born Dec. 8, 1870.

Their children: Israel Call b. Dec. 6, 1891; Emma b. July 7,
1895; Naomi b. May 23, 1900; Annie b. April 9, 1902; Elmer
b. Nov. 15, 1904; Eva b. April 26, 1907; Joel b. March 10.
1910; Woodrow b. Sept. 27, 1912. Family home Bountiful

Settler of Chesterfield, Idaho, 1883-92. High priest; mem-
ber Bountiful bishopric 1903-09; missionary and president
Indiana conference 1894. School trustee. Farmer and
stockraiser. Died Feb. 19, 1913, at Salt Lake City.

BARLOW, JOHN (son of James and Ann Barlow of Eng-
land). Born Aug. 3, 1838, Manchester, Eng. Came to Utah
1857, oxteam company.

Married Lunes Barlow July 26, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Oswald Barlow and Mary Jane Oliver of Eng-
land, pioneers 1852). She was born March 21, 1857. Their
children: John b. May 6, 1876, d. Nov. 15, 1891; James Ed-
ward b. Dec. 9, 1878, m. Kate Isabel; Mary Ann b. Oct. 8,
1879, d. infant; Emma Jane b. June 17, 1881, m. John R.
Jensen; Hyrum b. Jan. 18, 1883, m. Maud Miller; Ephraim
b. Sept. 3, 1885; Richard Oliver b. May 11, 1887; Lunes May
b. Nov. 4, 1889, m. Charles A. Hansen; Eva Belle b. Jan. 6,
1893. Family resided Cedar Valley and Richfield, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Early settler of Cedar Valley and
Sevier county. Farmer.

BARLOW, OSWALD (son of James Barlow and Ann Cromp-
ton, born Aug. 27, 1805, both of Manchester, Eng.). He was
born July 22, 1829, at Manchester. Came to Utah 1852, driv-
ing a merchant team overland.

Married Catherine Nightingale (daughter of John Night-
ingale and Jane Brown, the latter coming to Utah with last
handcart company of 1856). She was born March 17, 1S27.
Came to Utah Oct. 9, 1853, Appleton Harmon company.
Their children: James b. Oct. 22, 1849, m. Anne C. S. Carl-
son Feb. 13, 1878; Oswald F. b. Aug. 11, 1854, m. Dorothy
Heath 1877; Willard b. June 12, 1863, m. Elizabeth Luke
1888; Joseph b. 1865, m. Adelaide Angel 1889 (both dead);
Heber F. b. 1867, died. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Mary Jane Oliver (daughter of William Oliver),
who was born 1831. Their children: William H. b. Aug. 6,
1855; Lunes b. March 21, 1857, m. John Barlow Jan. 26, 1875;
David H. b. 1860; Albert George b. July 4, 1862; Heber
Franklin b. Sept. 6, 1866 (all deceased); Arthur b. Aug. 6.
1871, m. Clara Woodbury.

Settled at St. George, Utah. Mason by occupation.

BARLOW, JAMES (son of Oswald Barlow and Catherine
Nightingale). Born Oct. 22, 1849, Manchester, Eng.

Married Anne C. S. Carlson Feb. 13, 1878, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Andreas Carlson and Anne Marie Niel-
sen). She was born July 18, 1860, Asverge, Denmark.
Their children: James Oswald b. Jan. 25, 1881; Andrew b.
Jan. 31, 1883; Leo Nightingale b. July 6, 1884; Walter Edwin
b. April 11, 1886; Heber Chase b. Nov. 10, 1888; Ray b. March
15, 1904; all children now dead. Family home Richfield,

Farmer and stockraiser.

BARNAHD, JANES S. (parents lived at Clackmannan. Scot-
land). Born May 15, 1818, Black Row, Clackmannan
Scotland. Came to Utah 1853, David Wilkins company.

Married Jennette Snedden at Airdrle, Lanarkshire Scot-
land (daughter of J. Snedden,). Their children: Andrew S.;
Jennette S., m. John S. Gibson; John S., m. Belle Forsythe'
Johan S., m. William Gibson; James S.; Joseph S. ; Elizabeth
J., d. aged 2; Laura S., Isabelle S., Ellen S., all died except
Johan S. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mining operator. Died In 1856.

BARNES, ALBERT RAYMOND (son of Dr. Francis
Barnes, born Nov. 22, 1835, Vergennes, Vt., and Lucinda
Raymond, born April 19, 1835, Waverly, N. Y., married 1861).
He was born March 18, 1867, Attica, Ind. Came to Utah
Nov. 1899.

Married Josephine C. Naisbitt June 22, 1907 (daughter of
Henry W. Naisbitt and Elizabeth Irvine, married 1869, Salt
Lake City; former a pioneer 1854, the latter 1855). She
was born Aug. 4, 1878. Only child: Francis Raymond b.
Sept. 26, 1910. Family home Salt Lake City.

Deputy attorney general 1908-09; attorney general 1909-13.
Graduated from Ann Arbor law school June 1899.

BARNES, MARK (son of John Barnes and Hannah Wood-
ward of England). Born March 6, 1809, Manchester, Eng.
Came to Utah July, 1862.

Married Ann Armstrong in 1831, Edinburgh, Scotland
(daughter of Joseph and Elspeth Armstrong of Ireland).
She was born Dec. 2, 1811. Their children: Joseph b. Oct. 1,
1833, m. Mary Craig; Mark b. June 1836; Martha b. Dec. 29,
1838, m. William Dyet. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Maria Bidgood 1890. Salt Lake City (daughter
of Abraham Bidgood and Agnes Glllard of England, pio-
neers Aug. 19, 1868, John R. Murdock company). She was
born Feb. 15, 1832.

Missionary to Jersey Islands, England and Scotland 1858;
superintendent llth ward Sunday school 1875. Farmer and
expert gardener. Died Aug. 30, 1890.



BARNES, JOSEPH (son of Mark Barnes and Ann Arm-
strong:). Born Oct. 1, 1833, at Kelso, Roxburghshire,

Married Mary Craig Oct. 31, 1851, in Scotland (daughter
of John Craig and Unity McCune, who came to Utah in
1892). She was born April 8, 1835. Their children- Unity
b. Dec. 30, 1853, m. James Brown; Mark b. 1855; Hyrum b
Nov. 11, 186J; Ruth, m. Mr. Ellison; Joseph b. Jan 26 1859
m. Rose McDade; Martha b. Oct. 12, 1861, m. Peter Bird-
Mary b. June 1868, m. Robert Colman; Elspeth b July 1874
m. Daniel Kelly. Family home Salt Lake City.

High priest. Died July 12, 1905.

BARNES, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Barnes and Nancy
Boardman of Bolton, Lancashire, Eng.). Born June 22,
1853, at Bolton. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1866, Daniel Thomp-
son company.

Married Margaret Ellen Clegg Dec. 28, 1873, at Heber
City, Utah (daughter of Jonathan Clegg and Ellen Wombs-
ley of Heber City, pioneers Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin
"frozen" handcart company). She was born Nov. 21, 1855.
Their children: William Henry, m. Eliza Jordon; Robert
b. Sept. 11, 1875, killed at the ige of 19; Nancy Ellen b.
Nov. 18, 1877, m. William Thomson; Sarah Alice b. Nov
27, 1879, m. Urich Stribble; Ma' ,aret b. 1881, m. Charles
Ludlow; Elizabeth b. Oct. 20, 1883, m. George Burt; Sylvia
b. Feb. 22, 1885, m. John Owens; Rosella b. Sept. 16, 1887,
m.- John Phipps; Lenvra b. June 14, 1889, m. William H.
Park; Jonathan b. Feb. 26, 1819, drowned at the age of
14; Lillie b. Nov. 22, 1892, m. Frank Phipps; Richard T. b.
Aug. 8, 1894; Earl b. July 1, 1896; Charles Brigham b. July
1, 1899.

Elder. Located at Heber City 1866. Coal miner; farmer;

BAR1VETT, GEORGE (son of James Barnett and Ann Ber-
rett of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, Eng.). Born May 27, 1828,
at Steeple Ashton. Came to Utah Nov. 2. 1864, Warren S.
Snow train with part of John M. Kay's party of English

Married Mary Ann Mathews at Steeple Ashton (daughter
of Robert Mathews of above place, pioneers with George
Halliday company). Their children: Lorenzo Alma, m.
Mary Wade; Rosena S. E., d. March 3, 1862; Georgena, m.
James Roylance; Clara Virtue, m. Joseph Orton; Agnes
Sarah A., d. Aug. 6, 1864. Family home Pleasant View,

Presided over a branch of the church at Steeple Ashton,
Eng. 1861-64; elder. Died at Pleasant View, Utah.

BARNEY, CHARLES. Came to Utah Sept. 9, 1852, Bryant
Jolley company.

Married Mercy Yeoman. Their children: Luther; Lewis b.
1808, m. Elizabeth Turner; Lucian; Henry; Walter b. 1819,
m. Caroline Haws; John; Melinda.

Married Deborah Street. Their children: Emerine m. Ben-
jamin Leland; Betsy, m. Benjamin Leland; Benjamin T., m.
Caroline Beard-Tippets; Margaret, m. Joseph Gilbert;
Thomas Jefferson, m. Lucinda Box; William, m. Hannah
Stoddard; Sarah Jane, m. Joseph S. Black. Family home
Spring City, Utah.

Early settler at Spanish Fork, where he died Feb. 28,

BARNEY, LEWIS (son of Charles Barney and Mercy Yeo-
man). Born Sept. 18, 1808.

Married Elizabeth Turner (daughter of Walter and Lydia
Turner), who was born June 8, 1808. Their children: Wal-
ter b. 1836, m. Matilda Farr; Sarah, d. infant; James Henry
b. Jan. 30, 1840, m. Emily Tolton March 4, 1866; Alma, died;
Joseph S. b. 1846, m. Ormanda Oviatt; Orson b. 1852, died.
Family resided at Spanish Fork, Spring City and Circle Val-
ley, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Beard in 1852 at Salt Lake City, who
came to Utah 1852. Their children: Arthur, m. Miss Strong;
Margaret, d. child; Martha, m. Charles Robinson; m. Thomas
Briscoe; David; William, d. child; Emeline, m. Albert
Thompson. Family home Monroe, Utah.

Hunter in first pioneer company to cross plains; Indian
war veteran. Seventy. Died in Colorado.

BARNEY, JAMES HENRY (son of Lewis Barney and Eliza-
beth Turner). Born Jan. 30, 1840.

Married Emily Tolton (daughter of Edward Tolton and
Mary Ann Tomlinson), who was born Nov. 9, 1848, St. Louis,
Mo. Their children: Mary Elizabeth b. July 28, 1867, m.
John Rogers; Lewis Edward b. Feb. 1, 1869, m. Etta Watts;
Margaret b. July 29, 1870, m. Chris Erickson; Henry Victor,
m. Margaret Charlesworth; Lydia Ann, m. Alfred Black;
Clara Edith, m. Alonzo George; Frank Eugene b. Sept. 6,
1878, m. Mary Rappleye; Frances Emmeline, m. Frank
Westbrook; Esther Adeline, m. George Schuyler; Nellie May,
m. Will Gushing; Carrie, m. Sterling Hardy; Jennie; Archie.
Family resided Spanish Fork, Circle Valley and Kanosh,

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