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high priest. School trustee Provo, Utah, and city council-
man two years. Veteran Black Hawk, Timpanogas and
Walker Indian wars. Farmer and freighter; manager Utah
county stock association 11 years.

BEAN. JAMES WILLIAM (son of James Addison Bean and
Harriet Catherine Fausett). Born Nov. 19, 1853, Provo,

Married Olive Smoot Oct. 18, 1876, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Abraham O. Smoot and Diana Eldredge of Provo,
pioneers Sept. 1847). She was born Feb. 10, 1860, Salt
Lake City. Their children: Luella and Estella, twins, b. Oct.
8 1877. former d. Oct. 2, 1879; latter d. Oct. 11, 1879: Wil-
liam Cullen b. May 4, 1879, d. July 26, 1880; Diana b. Feb. 7,
1881 m. Roy D. Thatcher; Harriet Virginia b. Nov. 1, 1882;
Pauline b. Oct. 9, 1885, d. Aug. 23, 1891; Azua b. Aug. 22,
1887" Margaret b. Dec. 6, 1888; Ross Smoot b. March 17, 1890;
Lee Addison b. Aug. 12, 1891; Orea b. June 6, 1894; Ruth b.
June 8, 1896; Seth b. Oct. 8, 1897; George Elmer b. April 13,
1899; Joseph Wayne b. Oct. 26, 1900. Family home Provo,

Married Pauline Emelia Hardy Nov. 19, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Marcus Hardy and Mary Sophia
Doldi pioneers Sept. 26. 1861, Schuttler company). She was
born July 7, 1867. Their children: Josephine Olive b. July
22 1886 m William Udell Scofield; James Horace b. July 13,
1890- Elfie b. April 17, 1892; Charles Sterling b. April 15,
1897; Milo b. Dec. 10, 1898; Marcus Hardy b. Sept. 4, 1901.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to southern states; tithing clerk 26 years; high
priest; member of high council of Utah stake. Bookkeeper;
accountant; agriculturist.



BEAN, JOSEPH (son of George Bean, born Sept. 14, 1778,
and Mary Milner, born Oct. 23, 1777, both of Yorkshire.
Eng.). He was born April 18, 1814, at Ulleskelf, near
York, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1859, Edward Steven-
son company.

Married Sarah Beanland (daughter of John Beanland and
Elizabeth Crabtree), who was born Sept. 21, 1821, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: George b.
Aug. 22, 1842; Mary Elizabeth b. Feb. 16, 1845, m. William
C. Murphy; Sarah b. Feb. 11, 1847, m. Henry Coulam; Emma
b. Dec. 19, 1848; Eliza b. March 31, 1851, m. Joseph Smith
Jan. 18, 1859; Margaret b. June 7, 1853; Esther Siddons b.
April 9, 1855; Joseph Hyrum Parley b. March 28, 1857;
Joshua Beanland b. Oct. 9, 1858, m. Amy Hulbert Jan. 11, 1882;
William Samuel Milner b. Aug. 14, 1861, m. Elizabeth Arm-
strong; Annie Louisa b. July 28, 1864.

High priest; counselor to Bishop Alexander McRae of the
eleventh ward. Trustee of district school board. Black
Hawk war veteran.

BEARD, THOMAS (son of Thomas Beard and Ellen E.
Clark of Whaley Bridge, Eng.). Born Dec. 14, 1836, at
Whaley Bridge. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1862, Homer Dun-
can company.

Married Mary Ann Openshaw Simister June 5, 1859, at
Whaley Bridge (daughter of John and Amelia Openshaw of
New Mills, Eng.). She was born Oct. 1823. Their children:
Mary Hannah b. May 29, 1860, m. Thomas Birch; James
Thomas b. Nov. 24, 1863, m. Mary Goodworth; Ellen Amelia
b. Nov. 23, 1866, d. 1876. Family home Coalville, Summit
county, Utah.

Married Mahaleth Abiah Tanner June 27, 1884 (daughter
of John Tanner and June Chase of Cottonwood, Salt Lake
county). She was born March 30, 1868. Their children:
John b. Feb. 26, 1887; Lydia Jane b. July 8, 1890; Lilly Ann
b. Dec. 4, 1898; George Thomas b. April 26, 1899; Stephen,
died; Susan Ellen, died; Aaron b. July 15. 1902; Mary Ann
b. May 16. 1904; Edward Chancy b. Oct. 1, 1905. Family
home Coalville.

Opened Wasatch coal mine. Florist and gardener. Or-
ganized first Sunday school in Summit county 1863; mis-
sionary to England; high priest; president 27th quorum
seventies Coalville. City councilman two years; school

BEATIE, HAMPDEN SIDNEY (son of Josiah N. Beatie and
Eleanor Rogers of Virginia). Born Dec. 31, 1826, Washing-
ton county, Va. Came to Utah in September, 1849.

Married Marion T. Mumford Jan. 1, 1849, in Missouri
(daughter of Edward T. Mumford and Hannah T. Crosby,
pioneers Sept. 1849). She was born April 12, 1831, and died
Sept. 5, 1904. Their children: H. J., m. Phoebe S. Young;
Hannah Eleanor, m. C. B. Hawley, m. Edward Bartliff;
H. S., m. Ellen E. Richardson; Josephine E., m. Rulon S.
Wells; Mary E. (died), m. Heber M. Wells; Marion M., m.
H. G. Whitney; Edward F.; Frank L., m. Mary Clawson;
Florence B., m. Guy Thatcher. Family home Salt Lake

Seventy. County coroner. Pioneer Carsoji county, Nev.
Lieutenant-colonel in Utah militia. Manager Z. C. M. I.
Died Sept. 11, 1887.

BEATIE, W. J. (son of Hampden Sidney Beatie and Marion
T. Mumford). Born Jan. 1, 1850, at Salt Lake City.

Married Phoebe L. Young Jan. 7, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Brigham Young and Clarissa Ross of Salt
Lake City). She was born Aug. 1, 1854. Their children:
Clarissa Marion b. Oct. 21, 1872, died; Josephine Y. b. Sept.
2, 1874, m. Charles L. Burton; Walter J. b. Oct. 23, 1876, d.
Oct. 23, 1876: Hazel Y. b. Nov. 27, 1880, m. Edward P. Kim-
ball; Mary Y. b. Sept. 23, 1882, d. April 25, 1888; N. R. b. Oct.
26, 1886; Walter Sidney b. June 12, 1888, m Margaret Tay-
lor. Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 7th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1877-79; high priest. National bank examiner.

tensen Beauregard and Maren Nielsen of Viborg amt, Den-
mark). Born March 18, 1826, Randers, Denmark. Came to
Utah Sept. 27, 1862, John R. Murdock company.

Married Anna K. Sorensen April 1, 1848, in Denmark
(daughter of Soren Hansen and Sine Anderson), who was
born Nov. 25, 1825, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Peter b. 1848 and Jens b. 1849, d. infants; Jens
Peter b. July 9, 1850, m. Elizabeth Tarbuck June 28, 1869;
Marinus b. Feb. 5, 1852, m. Amelia Edwards Feb. 2, 1882;
Charles Christian b. Sept. 27, 1853, m. Ksire Nicholos May
21, 1874; Stine Westborg b. 1854, d. 1854; Neils b. 1855, d.
1857; Sigrard b. 1857, d. 1857; Neils Jacob b. July 13, 1858.
m. Stella McRae Jan. 11, 1883; Augusta Tomine b. Sept. 14,
1860, m. Ted Davis April 22, 1878; Frances Amelia b. May
30, 1862, m. Orson Huntsman Feb. 1, 1883; John b. July 27,
1866, d. Feb. 10, 1869; Christian b. April 6. 1868, d. April 29,

Married Martha Day Oct. 17, 1884, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Day), who was born
Jan. 3, 1858, in England. Their children: Richard Alonzo
b. Feb. 9, 1886, m. Mary Warner Dec. 8, 1910; Laura b.
March 29, 1887, m. Albert Dearden Dec. 1, 1910; Wilford b.
March 29, 1893. Families resided Fillmore. Utah.

Justice of peace 1875-79. President Fillmore Irrigation
company. Member high council of Millard stake; patriarch.

of Chrl tian Peter Beaure-

5 - 1852 - Mlrah -

Married Amelia Edwards Feb. 2 1882 Plllmore

b Sept. 10, 1898; Leah b Nov
sided Fillmore and Sterling, Utah

School trustee at Sterling four years. Promoter of Gun

Family re-

rH', DENNIS (son of Marinus Beaure-

gard and Amelia Edwards). Born Dec. 21, 1882, Fillmore.

Missionary to eastern states 1907-09; ward and Sundav
school teacher 1909-11; home missionary. City treasurer
an n President Gunnison Valley Power com-

BECK, JOSEPH ELLISON (son of Antram Beck of Penn-
sylvania). Came to Utah in 1849

n M n" - E 01 "!?" 1 - The l r cnil<J ren: Lucilda, m. John
Snell, Thomas Harrison, m. Mary Dennis; John, m. Polly
Jones; Margaret Fannie, m. Richard Murray; Albert, m
Maggie Thomas; Rebecca, m. John Berry. Family home
Spanish Fork, Utah.

Seventy. Farmer. Died at Spanish Fork. Utah.

BECKSTEAD, ALEXANDER (son of Francis and Margaret
Beckstead of Germany). Born March 16, 1802, Williamsburg
Canada. Came to Utah Sept. 1849, Redden Allred company.

Married Catherine Lince Jan. 25, 1823, Williamsburg,
Canada, who was born July 6, 1807. Their children: Mar-
garett Mariah b. Dec. 9, 1823, m. Samuel Egbert 1839; Gor-
dan Silas b. Nov. 25, 1825, m. Barbara Parks 1854, m. Eliza-
beth Hunsaker 1859; Henry b. Sept. 4, 1827, m. Luseen Bird
Bydee June 6, 1849; William b. Sept. 24, 1829, d. July 21
1830; Harriett V. b. June 17, 1831, m. Abraham Hunsaker;
Thomas Wesley b. April 27, 1833, m. Lydla Rose 1853, m
Sarah Easton 1866; Lucy Ann b. March 16, 1835, d. July 21,
1848; Emeline b. April 4, 1837, m. William Andrew Bills July
4, 1852; Sarah E. b. Dec. 31, 1838, m. John W. Winward 1856-
Samuel Alexander b. Dec. 25, 1840, m. Araminta C. Allen
1856, d. March 28, 1861; Amanda Jane b. Jan. 3, 1843, d.
Sept. 6, 1844; George Washington b. Dec. 3, 1845, d. Dec.
19, 1912, m. Araminta C. Allen; John Alma b. Aug. 9, 1848, m.
Sabina Harrison; Mary Ellen b. Aug. 9, 1848, d. same day;
Joseph Alonzo b. Dec. 27, 1850, m. Elizabeth Shields.

Married Kesiah Albina Petty Nov. 18, 1854 (daughter of
Robert C. and Margarett Petty of Benton county, Tenn.).
Their children: Hyrum b. Oct. 27, 1855, m. Byar Robins;
Moses W. b. Jan. 27, 1857, m. Lucrice Davis; Aaron b. May
12, 1858, m. Eva Pierce; Fanney Kesiah b. Dec. 5, 1859, m.
John J. Williams; Robert b. March 7, 1861, m. Sarah E. Nay-
lor; Margarett A. b. May 26, 1862, m. Joseph Hibbard; Martha
Ann b. Jan. 16, 1864, m. Jesse Aylett; Francis Albert b. Jan.
15, 1866, m. Miss Hansen; Ira b. Dec. 26, 1867, m. Jose Conry;
Alexander b. Feb. 17, 1870, m. Miss Jackson. Family home
West Jordan, Utah.

Married Clarissa Ann Brown Feb. 1856, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Eliza b. April 10, 1857, m. Orson Lee;
Catherine b. Feb. 16, 1859, m. Mr. Foisy; Viola J. b. 1860;
died; Clarissa Ann b. Feb. 1862, died: Heber Alexander b.
Aug. 11, 1864; Araminta b. July 4, 1867, died; Susan V. b.
Aug. 20, 1869, died.

Settled at West Jordan, 1850, assisted in bringing- immi-
grants to Utah. Veteran Black Hawk war.

BECKSTEAD, HENRY (son of Alexander Beckstead and
Catherine Lince). Born Dec. 4, 1827, Morrisburg, Canada.

Married Luseen Bird Bybee June 6, 1849, North Pljon, Mo.
(daughter of Byram Bybee and Betsey Bird Lane, pioneers
1852). She was born Feb. 7, 1831. Their children: Wil-
liam Alexander b. Sept. 1, 1852, m. Araminta E. Beckstead,
1872; Henry Byrum b. June 28, 1853, m. Catherine Egbert,
March, 1869; Gordon Silas b. July 13, 1854, m. Elzina J.
Beckstead Nov. 30, 1874; Betsy Luseen b. April 6, 1856, m.
John C. Egbert 1872; Dellah Jane b. April 22, 1858, m. Brig -
ham Sellers 1873. Family resided Uinta, Ogden and South
Jordan, Utah.

Married Emily Grace Williams 1857. Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Williams, pioneer 1856, handcart com-
pany and Bathsheba Burne, who came to Utah 1871). She
was born Dec. 23, 1838, Cornwall. Eng. Their children:
Emily Bathsheba b. Jan. 31, 1859, m. Alexander Bills;
Samuel Henry b. June 14, 1860, m. Mary Ann Howard 1882;
Catherine b. Dec. 26, 1862, m. Arthur John Holt; Joseph M.
b. Sept. 5, 1864, d. 1865; John Carlos b. Jan. 29. 1866, drowned
1868; Isaac Newton b. Sept. 17, 1868, m. Josephine Ehrn-
green (died), m. Florence Hutchings; Jesse Nlmrod b.
March 12, 1870, m. Mariah Wing, died.

Married Emma Marsden April, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William, pioneer 1864, oxteam company, and
Sarah M. Marsden, pioneer Sept. 12, 1861, John R. Murdock
company). She was born May, 1845, Yorkshire. Eng. Their
children: George Nelson b. Feb. 24, 1866. m. Birdie Palmer;
Charles and Alonzo, twins, b. Jan. 17, 1868, d. 1868; John
Walter and William Arthur, twins, b. Sept. 3, 1870, d. 1870.



Married Elizabeth Wood April, 1862, Salt Lake City (daug-
ter of James Wood and Mary Bates, pioneers 1856). She was
born March 20, 1846, in England. Their children: James
b. May 7, 1863. d. 1891; Mary Ann b. Jan. 17, 1867, m. Henry
W. Beckstead, 1883; Sarah E. b. Oct. 14, 1869, m. David
Shields 1886.

Married Mary Hannah Williams (daughter of Joseph J.
Williams and Johanna Tripp, pioneers Aug 20. 1868, Joseph
"W. Rawlins company). She was born April 2, 1854, in Eng-
land. Their children: Joseph E. b. Feb. 9, 1872, d. Feb. 22,
1872; John Tripp b. May 4, 1873, m. Miss Page.

Settled at Farmington 1850, Uinta 1851, and lived at Og-
den 1855-61. Sheriff Weber county 1855-58. Participated in
Echo Canyon campaign; Indian war veteran. Moved to
South Jordan and was a member of the bishopric of that
ward 20 years. Died 1888 West Jordan.

BECKSTEAD, HENRY BTRAM (son of Henry Beckstead
and Luseen Bird Bybee). Born June 28, 1850, Davis county,

Married Catherine Mariah Egbert March 1, 1869 (daugh-
ter of Samuel Egbert and Margaret M. Beckstead, pioneers

1849, Redden Allred company). She was born Sept. 27,

1850, West Jordan, Utah. Their children: By ram Henry
b. April 5, 1870, m. Annie J. Holt Nov. 20, 1889; Samuel
William b. June 25, 1872, d. aged 3; Margarett Geneva b.
April 2, 1874, m. Samuel E. Holt Aug. 16, 1893; Emanuel
Lafayette b. March 13, 1876, m. Nina Editha Beckstead
1897; Perry Wallace b. Oct. 26, 1877, m. Lenora Mackey
April 27, 1904; Birdie Luseen b. Oct. 16, 1879, m. Joseph Fred-
erick Palmer Dec. 29, 1898; Luella b. May 5, 1882, m. Thomas
A. Newbold Nov. 1901; Ivey Grace b. May 9, 1884, d. April
30, 1895; Rhoda Mariah b. Aug 8, 1887; Daniel Mortimer b.
Oct. 10, 1889, d. April 23, 1895; Polly b. May 21, 1891, d. 3
days old; Rosamond b. Dec. 8, 1893, d. June 14, 1901. Family
home South Jordan, Utah.

Married Amanda Jane Egbert March 14, 1878 (daughter of
Samuel Egbert and Margaret M. Beckstead), who was born
Jan. 5, 1857, West Jordan. Their children: Angus Z. b.
Dec. 30, 1878, m. Matilda Peterson Aug. 1900; Walter Edgar
b. Feb. 28, 1881, m. Geneva Beckstead 1902; Alfred Ray b.
March 26, 1884, m. Sarah \Veeb April 12, 1905; Ernest D. b.
July 11, 1886, d. Feb. 19, 1888; Maurice S. b. Aug. 8, 1888 (d.
June 27, 1909), m. Alice Blake Oct. 30, 1907; Lulu Mariah b.
May 29, 1891, m. John Weeb Nov. 10, 1909; Elmer Byram
b. Aug. 24, 1895.

President 95th quorum seventies for 25 years; missionary
to southern states 1882-83; Sunday school superintendent
eight years; sexton 30 years. Veteran Black Hawk Indian
war. Superintendent of South Jordan Canal company 12
years. Home missionary six years; ward missionary 40

BECKSTEAD, GORDON SILAS (son of Henry Beckstead and
Luseen Bird Bybee). Born July 13, 1854, East Weber,

Married Elzina J. Beckstead Nov. 30, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel Alexander Beckstead and Araminta
Allen, pioneers Sept. 20, 1849, Allen Taylor division of Brig-
ham Young company). She was born March 7, 1860. Their
children: Silas A. b. May 28, 1876, d. Nov. 24, 1879; Alfred
E. b. Oct. 25, 1878, died Sept. 12, 1876; Etta F. b. Jan. 20,
1880, m. N. H. Henderson; Gordon O. b. Aug. 7, 1881, m.
Hannah Ericksen; Henry A. b. June 16, 1883, m. Sarah M.
Bowlden; Eliza O. b. Jan. 10, 1886, m. Hyram Stocking;
Araminta L. b. Aug 4, 1889, m. Hyram A. Nordberg; Clar-
ence M. b. April 11, 1892, m, Martha P. Newbold; Lee Allen
b. Aug. 5, 1897. Family home South Jordan, Utah.

High priest; president 16th quorum elders Salt Lake
Stake 1896; secretary-treasurer and president 95th quorum
seventies. Constable 18 years and school trustee 17 years,
South Jordan, Utah; member B. Y. university South Ameri-
can exploring expedition 1900, serving as captain. Helped
build both South Jordan and Salt Lake canals.

BEDDO, JAMES (son of George Beddo and Jane Meredith
of Victoria, South Wales). He was born Jan. 27, 1847, at
Victoria. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1852, Abraham O. Smoot

Married Romania Deseret Neel Dec. 6, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Neel and Clemency Lytton Casper
of Ogden, Utah, pioneers Sept. 3, 1855, John Hindley com-
pany). She was born March 1, 1857. Their children: James
William, m. Jennie Elizabeth Allen; George Raymond, m.
Sadie Alice Pearce; Wriley Guy; Dan Meredith; Ira Wash-
ington; Romania Alvira; Harvey Neel; Bryan Earl. Family
resided Shelton ward, Bingham county, Idaho, and Vernal,

Member elders' quorum; home missionary Fremont
county, Idaho, three months. School trustee in Bingham
county, Idaho, 1882-88. Manager Harrison and Great Feeder
Canal companies, Bingham county, Idaho, 1890-97. Worked
on Salt Lake temple 1867.

liKi'.li. BENJAMIN JAMES (son of Benjamin James Beer
of London, Eng.). Born Sept. 21, 1812, London, Eng. Came
to Utah Sept. 26, 1856, Edmund Ellsworth and Daniel D.
McArthur company, the first to cross the plains with hand-

Married Mary Ann Livesey 1863, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John Livesey, accidentally killed in St. Louis, Mo., and
Mary Elizabeth Gill of Manchester, Eng., pioneer Nov. 21,

1862). She was born Sept. 25, 1846, and came to Utah with
mother. Their children: Benjamin John b. Jan. 31, 1865,
m. Mary Elizabeth Taylor; William Francis b. Nov. 7, 1866,
m. Josephine Luella Taylor. Family home Salt Lake City.
Painter and paperhanger. Died 1906.

BEER, WILLIAM FRANCIS (son of Benjamin James Beer
and Mary Ann Livesey). Born Nov. 7, 1866, Salt Lake City

Married Josephine Luella Taylor Sept. 20, 1889 (daughter
of Joseph E. Taylor and Louise R. Capener of Salt Lake
City). She was born May 31, 1869. Their children: Wil-
liam Francis, Jr., b. March 25, 1896; Vivian Luella b. Dec.
4, 1898; Kenneth Verender b. Dec. 9, 1903. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Graduate of medicine in Columbian University, Wash-
ington. D. C., 1892; assistant surgeon-general of the state of
Utah 1896-1904; associate gynecologist L. D. S. hospital since
its organization In 1905; member state and county medical
societies, also of American medical association.

BEESLEY, EBENEZER (son of William Sheppard Beesley
and Susannah Edwards of England). Born Dec. 14, 1840,
Bicester, Oxfordshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 4, 1859,
George Rowley handcart company.

Married Sarah Hancock March 26, 1859, Woburn, Bucking-
hamshire, Eng. (daughter of Henry Hancock and Sarah
Ayres, of England, pioneers Sept. 4, 1859, George Rowley
company). She was born Jan. 14, 1840. Their children; Eb-
enezer, m. Emily Jane Cooper; William Henry d. June 18,
1863; Frederick, m. Elizabeth Ellen Solomon; Adelbert, m.
Adelaide Pugsley; Ella, m. Ernest E. Ridges; Lorenzo, m.
Josephine Hopwood; Alvin Augustus, m. Ruby Pratt; Frank-
lin, m. Mamie Sullivan; Amy Susannah, m. Edwin Lee; Sarah
Emily, m. William F. Everett. Family home Salt Lake

Married Annie F. Buckeridge April 19, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Buckeridge and Caroline Brunswick of
Theil, Buckinghamshire). She was born Aug. 8, 1845. Their
children: Truman John, died; Willard George; Frances Caro-
line, died; Clarissa Alice; Alma Frewin, died; Wilford Angus,
m. Emma Frewin. Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 30th quorum seventies; high priest; leader of
ward and tabernacle choirs. First president of Beesley
Music Company. Shoemaker. Died March 21, 1906, Salt
Lake City.

BEESLEY, FREDERICK (son of Ebenezer Beesley and
Sarah Hancock). Born Jan. 13, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Ellen Solomon Nov. 27, 1885, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Alfred Solomon and Ellen Gyde of Salt
Lake City, pioneers 1857). She was born May 27, 1864.
Their children: Frederick Alfred b. Dec. 25, 1888, m. Mary
Hazel Bowman; Elmer Ebenezer b. Feb. 6, 1889; James Gyde
b. July 18, 1890, died; Ethel Elizabeth b. June 16, 1892; Mabel
Ellen b. June 12, 1894; Blanche b. June 14, 1900; William
Noall b. Sept. 18, 1904. Family home Salt Lake City.

President 109th quorum seventies; missionary to Sandwich
Islands 1885-89; and 1890-91; assistant Sunday school sup-
erintendent 22d ward; president Y. M. M. I. A. Secretary
and treasurer Beesley Music Company.

BEESLEY, ADELBERT (son of Ebenezer Beesley and Sarah
Hancock). Born Jan. 3, 1866, Salt Lake City.

Married Adelaide Pugsley July 20, 1892, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Philip Pugsley and Martha Roach), who was
born Jan. 23, 1866, at Salt Lake City. Utah. Their children:
Stella b. May 18. 1893; Adelaide, b. May 10, 1894, d. aged 5;
Mary b. Sept. 11, 1896, d. infant; Albert P. b. Feb. 11, 1898;
Philipp G. b. July 17, 1900, d. aged 14; Lucile b. Sept. 10,
1902; Howard R. b. Nov. 28, 1904; Ardelle b. May 30, 1910.
Lived at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Member 30th and 161st and secretary of 109th quorum sev-
enties; missionary to Samoa 1888-91. Theatrical musician
many years.

BEESLEY, JOSEPH S. (son of John Beesley, born Nov. 6,
1799, and Mary Miller, born Feb. 13, 1808, both of Lancashire,
Eng.). He was born Feb. 23, 1844, near Cedar Grove, Frank-
lin county, Ind. Came to Utah in 1862.

Married Eliza Ann Andrews, 1874 (daughter of John An-
drews and Elizabeth Wise, pioneers October, 1852, Isaac
Bullock company). She was born Nov. 26, 1852, Nephi,
Utah. Their children: John A. b. Nov. 19, 1875. m. Cloe
Thayne. July 22, 1909; Joseph S.. Jr. b. Feb. 22, 1878; Mary
E b. Feb. 2, 1880, m. John J. Hunt, July 7, 1908; Emily b.
July 20, 1882; Eliza Ann b. Oct. 12, 1883; Sarah Naomi b.
Oct. 7, 1885, m. John P. Bowers Feb. 20. 1906; Emer A. b.
Nov. 4, 1887; Hannah R. b. Oct. 15, 1889; Charles A. b. Feb. 9,
1891; Margaret Ann b. Dec. 4, 1893; Seymour A. b. Feb. 6,
1895; Arthur A. b. Dec. 2, 1897. Family resided Provo, Utah,
and Idaho towns.

Drove oxteams to transport worthy poor from Utah to
the Missouri river and back 1864; assisted with his own
means to finish the Provo temple; moved from Provo to
Idaho in 1898, and there assisted to build the first meeting
house at Driggs. Was ordained a high priest and member
of the high council when the Teton stake was organized.
Moved to Rexburg, Idaho in 1903.



BBHITNIIV, ISAAC. Came to Utah 1847, second oxteam

Married Almina Tyler. Their children: Andrew; Almina,
m. Amos Stevens; Nancy, m. Nelson Higgins; Mosiah, m.
Carolina Hill; Cutler, m. Jane Nay; Hyrum, died. Family re-
sided Richfleld and Manti, Utah.

Married (name of second wife unknown). Their children:
William, died; Morton; Alma, died.

Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer and sheepraiser. Died
at Ferron, Utah.

BEHIJNIN, MOSIAH (son of Isaac Behunin and Almina
Tyler). Born 1844, in Illinois. Came to Utah 1847 with

Married Carolina Hill 1867, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Isaac Hill and Martha Blazzard), who was born Jan. 16,
1854. Their children: Isaac S. b. Nov. 12, 1870, m. Olive
Mintchie; Joseph Henry b. March 24, 1872, m. Mary ZwaMen;
Brigham Daniel b. Sept. 13, 1874, m. Mary Jane Biddlecome;
David b. Nov. 18, 1876, m. Cornelia Larsen; John b. April
2, 1879, m. Dorcus Ann Biddlecome; Caroline, m. Robert D.
Redford; Elizor, m. Hazel Westwood; George A. b. April

2, , m. Mary Jane Biddlecome; Mary Jane, m. Elbert Wil-

cox; Cynthia b. Jan. 1, , m. Charles Blackburn; Robert
Peary. Family home Ferron, Utah.

Seventy. Sent to Rabbit valley in 1872, to make peace
with the Indians. Farmer and horticulturist. Died April
6, 1908, Ferron, Utah.

BEHUNIN, JOSEPH HENRY (son of Mosiah Behunin and
Carolina Hill). Born March 24, 1872, Rockville, Utah.

Married Mary Zwahlen Dec. 31, 1895, Ferron, Utah (daugh-
ter of John Zwahlen and Mary Shultiess, of Bern, Switzer-
land, who came to Utah in 1874). She was born July 31,
1872. Their children: Ida May b. Oct. 22, 1896; Vera b.
April 11, 1898; Blanche b. Dec. 29, 1899; Leland b. March
22, 1901; Cecil b. April 12, 1903. Family home Ferron,

Member 97th quorum seventies; Pres. T. M. M. I. A.;
Sunday school teacher. County horticultural inspector.

BEHUNIN, DAVID (son of Mosiah Behunin and Carolina
Hill) Born Nov. 18, 1876, Richfleld, Utah.

Married Cornelia Larsen March 9, 1909, Castle Dale, Utah
(daughter of Hans Larsen and Anna Maria Christensen of
Helsingor, Denmark). She was born Oct. 20, 1888. Only
child: David Wendel b. May 12, 1912. Family home Ferron,

Priest. Moved to Rabbit valley with his father in 1872.
Farmer and stockraiser; bookkeeper.

BELCHER, EDWARD EVERETT (son of Joseph Belcher
of St. Louis, Mo.). Born July 4, 1835, Boston, Mass. Came
to Utah 1852.

Married Elizabeth Jane Perkins Dec. 1863, in Washoe
valley, near Nevada City, Nev. (daughter of Wilson Gardner
Perkins and Diana Anderson of Grundy county, Mo., pioneers
1848, John D. Lee company). She was born Feb. 11, 1837.
Their children: Mary Ida b. Sept. 16, 1864, m. Marriott
Lutz- m. Sandy Brown; Luella V. b. Jan. 29, 1869, m. John D.
Fackrell; Laura b. July 29, 1871, d. aged 18; Elizabeth S.
b. Oct. 7, 1875, m. Carl Bartholomew; Edward Harvey b.
Dec. 10, 1877, m. Cora Myrtle Johnson; Clarence Leroy
b. Dec. 4, 1882, m. Rozell Halladay.

Elder. First located at Bountiful; went to Randolph,
1870, and to Vernal 1885. Farmer and cattleraiser; paper-
hanger and painter. Discoverer of Belcher mine in Nevada.

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