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pioneers 1860). She was born March 26, 1867, in Iowa.
Their children: Jane S., d. young; Mary; Martha E.; Samuel;
Josephine; Ida; John; Joseph; Leah; Rachel; Artimesia.
Family home Holden, Utah.

Worked on St. George temple; missionary to England
1902-04; bishop's counselor Holden ward. Treasurer and
one of first board of directors in founding town of Melville,
now Delta, Utah.

BENNETT, DAVID (son of Alma Bennett of Illinois). Came
to Utah 1847, captain of an oxteam company.

Married Jerlnie Lovell. Their children: Laura, m. Wil-
liam Young; Hettle Maud, m. William Beers; Alma, m. Polly
Wilcox; Martha Ellen, m. David F. Hamilton; Josephine, died
at the age of 3 years; Rodolphus, m. Hannah Allred; Emma,
m. James Parker. Family home Springville, Utah.

Seventy; elder. Indian war veteran. Farmer. Died at

BENNETT, RICHARD. Born Nov. 16, 1842, Birmingham,
Eng. Came to Utah 1868.

Married Maria Foster in 1864 (daughter of William and
Ann Foster, pioneers 1868). She was born 1844. Their chil-
dren- John F. b. July 1865, m. Rosetta Elizabeth Wallace
Nov. 1898; Jane, m. Joseph C. Sharp; Nellie; William, m.
Ethel Farr. Family home Salt Lake City.

Stationary engineer for Taylor Armstrong company 30

BENNETT, JOHN F. (son of Richard Bennett and Maria
Foster). Born July 11, 1865, Birmingham, Eng. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Rosetta Elizabeth Wallace Nov. 1897 (daughter
of Henry and Ellen Wallace of Salt Lake City, pioneers
Oct 6 1862, Ansel P. Harmon company). She was born at
Salt Lake City. Their children: Wallace b. Nov. 13, 1898;
Harold b. Sept. 20. 1900; Elizabeth b. June 24, 1903; Mary
b. May 29, 1906; Richard b. March 10, 1911. Family home
Salt Lake City.

High priest; member Deseret Sunday school board. Presi-
dent and manager Bennett Glass & Paint company; director
of Z. C. M. I., Zion's Savings bank, Utah State National bank,
Home Fire Insurance company, and Benefit Building society.



BENNION, JOHN (son of John Bennion and Elizabeth
Roberts of Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales). Born 1823 at
Hawarden. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1847, John Taylor com-

Married Esther Wainwright at Liverpool, Eng., in 1842
(daughter of Edward Wainwright and Mary Jones of Liver-
pool). She came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Samuel Roberts b. Nov. 10, 1842, m. Mary Panter and
Agnes Thompson; Mary, m. George Calder; Annie d. on the
plains; Angeline, m. George M. Spencer; Rachel, m. William
Spencer; John Edward, m. Marion Mclntyre; Moroni and
Elizabeth, died; Marie, m. Angus M. Cannon; Harriet, m.
Benjamin Barker and M. F. Cowley; Esther Ann, d. infant.

Married Esther Birch at Salt Lake City, Utah (daughter
of John Birch of England). Their children: Enoch, d.
aged 16 years; Israel, m. Jeannett Sharp; Harden, m. Vilate
K. Nebeker; David, m. Clara Pehrson; Justin, d. infant;
Owen b. March IB, 1869, m. Anna Sophia Elg; Willard, d.
aged 17 years; Ida, m. John H. Chase; Archie Birch, m.
Sadie Squires.

Married Mary Turpin. Their children: Heber, m. Susie
Winters; Alfred, m. Eliza Slade; William, m. Mary Wilson;
Marcus, m. Lucy Smith; Edwin, m. Mary E. Lindsay; Milton,
m. Cora Lindsay; Zina, m. John M. Cannon; John Angus,
d. infant. Families resided Taylorsville, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser. Died in September, 1877.

BENNION, SAMUEL ROBERTS (son of John Bennion and
Esther Wainwright). Born Nov. 10, 1842, Nauvoo, 111.
Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1847, John Taylor company.

Married Mary Panter Sept. 1866, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Panter and Lucy Lowe of Bedfordshire,
Eng.). She was born Nov. 6, 1846, and came to Utah Sept.
1, 1860, John Smith company. Their children: Enos b.
Jan. 26, 1868, m. Jane Mackay; Nora, m. Thomas W. Dimond;
Laura; Edith; Elizabeth; Hattie, died; Mary Esther, m. R.
W. Stringfellow; Ethel; Clyde H.

Married Agnes Thompson Aug. 16, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Thompson of Doncaster, and Ann
Grayson of Sheffield, Eng., pioneers 1852). She was born
Nov. 2, 1857. Their children: John b. Oct. 21, 1880, m.
Mary Goodman; Vilate b. Nov. 7, 1882; Samuel Roberts,
Jr. b. Aug. 16, 1884; Cora b. Aug. 17, 1887, died; Ashley b.
July 31, 1890. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Missionary to St. Louis and Illinois 1866-67, and to Eng-
land 1883-85; president Uinta stake 1887-1906; member 7th
quorum seventies. President bank of Vernal; president
Vernal Milling & Light company.

BENNION, DAVID (son of John Bennion and Esther Birch).
Born Feb. 1, 1865, Vernon, Utah.

Married Clara Pehrson Feb. 19, 1891, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Peter A. Pehrson and Christina Peterson of Vernon,
Utah, pioneers 1853). She was born Jan. 16, 1869. Their
children: Merrill b. July 7, 1894; Gladys b. Dec. 4, 1896;
Jenness b. May 3, 1899; Edna b. March 12, 1902; Carol b.
Aug. 10, 1905; Stanley b. March 10, 1907; Clara Ida b. Aug.

21, 1910.

Missionary to southern states 1887-89; president seventies
at Grantsville. Moved to Uinta county, Utah, 1901. Ward
clerk Vernal; stake superintendent T. M. M. I. A.; high
councilor; bishop Vernal 2d ward; counselor in presidency
of Uinta stake. Mayor of Vernal. Assistant cashier of
Vernal bank; president Ashley Lumber company.

BENNION, OWEN (son of John Bennion and Esther Birch).
Born March IB, 1869, Long Valley, Lincoln county, Nev.

Married Anna Sophia Elg at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Knute August Elg and Johanna Forsline of Vernon, Utah),
she was born Nov. 29, 1873, St. John, Utah. Their children:
Lois b. Aug. 9, 1893; Hazel b. Jan. 31, 1895; Verna b. Nov.

22, 1897; Birch Forrest b. Jan. 26, 1899; Evan Owen b. Nov.
29, 1901. Family resided Vernon, Taylorsville and Roose-
velt, Utah.

High priest; bishop's counselor; ward teacher; president
T. M. M. I. A. at Vernon, Utah. Justice of peace at Vernon.
President Dry Gulch Irrigation company; director Roosevelt
Mercantile and Roosevelt Realty company. Farmer and

BENSON, EZRA TAPT (son of John Benson and Chloe Taft
of Mendon, Worcester county. Mass). Born Feb. 22, 1811,
at Mendon, Mass. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, captain sec-
ond ten, Brigham Young first division, and on Aug. 2 with
Porter Rockwell, returned to meet the incoming immigrant
trains with mail, and a special letter from President Young.
Having performed their mission they returned and on the
Big Sandy met the memorable expedition east-bound for
Winter Quarters, headed by President Young, and returned
east with the caravan. The following year, May 7, 1848, with
part of his numerous family he joined the exodus for Utah
that left Winter Quarters practically uninhabited.

Married Pamelia Andrus Jan. 1, 1832 (daughter of Jona-
than Harvey Andrus and Luclna Parsons, married July 16,
1807). She was born Oct. 21, 1809, and came to Utah in 1848.
Their children: Chloe Jane; Adin Parsons; Jonathan; Har-
vey; Charles Taft; Emma Parsons b. Feb. 28, 1842, m. Boli-
var Roberts; Isabella b. March 9, 1846, m. William Goodwin;
Charlotte Taft b. July 4, 1851, m. W. S. Narcross.

Married Adeline Brooks Andrus April 27, 1844, Nauvoo,
111. (daughter of Jonathan Harvey Andrus and Lucina Par-
sons), who was born March 18, 1813, Windsor, Conn. Came
to Utah Oct. 2, 1847. Their children: George Taft b. May 1,
1846, m. Louisa Ballif Dec. 20, 1867; Florence Adeline b. Sept.

17, 1851, d. Dec. 24, 1852; Frank b. Oct. 13. 18J3, m. Amanda

Married Eliza Perry March 4, 1847, Council Bluffs, Iowa
(daughter of John Perry and Grace Ann W. Williams, pio-
neers July, 1849). She was born March 30, 1829, and came
to Utah 1848 with husband. Their children: Alice Eliza b.
Aug. 11, 1848, m. James Goodwin Dec. 20, 1867; John Perry b.
Sept. 24, 1849, m. Evalina Hales 1870; Malina A. b. Sept. 27,
1851, m. Frederick Goodwin 1874; Orion W. b. Oct. 4, 1853,
m. Harriet Williams Oct. 16, 1876; Carrie S. b. May 22,
1860, m. William J. J. Price 1890; Abbie Delia b. Oct. 16,
1862, m. Hyrum Thatcher 1884; Grace A. b. Jan. 31, 1867, m.
John E. Price 1893.

Married Mary Knight (daughter of James Knight and
Maria Wallace, pioneers 1852, Edward Hunter company).
She was born Jan. 29, 1829, Worcester, Eng. Their children:
Louise, m. Charles Bruce; Heber, died; Moroni b. Nov. B,
1861; Lorenzo T. b. Aug. 3, 1863, m. Margaret A. Morgan
March 29, 1884; Joseph b. July 13, 1865, m. Sigrid L. Larson
Sept. 24, 1890; Ida b. April 16, 1867, m. Edward Lewis Dec.
30, 1889; Don Carlos b. Sept 29, 1869, m. Lillian Hurst April
26, 1899.

Married Elizabeth Golliaher June B, 1852, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William C. Golliaher and Elizabeth Orton), who
was born Dec. 30, 1831. Their children: Fred Golliaher b.
Jan. 17, 1854, m. Clara J. Rice; Brigham Young b. Dec. 17,
3858, m. Margret Ann Adams; Luella b. Nov. 1860, m. Harvey
W. Curtis; William C. b. Nov. 1862, m. Ida M. Mason; Hyrum
Smith b. May 3, 1864, m. Nana Rice; Edith b. April 22, 1867,
m. William B. Parkinson; Lizzie b. July 9, 1869, m. Evan R.

Married Mary Larsen Sept. 3, 1866 (daughter of Magnus
and Mary Larsen), who was born Dec. 19, 1843. Their chil-
dren: Walter b. June 17, 1867; Henry T. b. March 19, 1869,
m. Selma Lundberg Oct. 4, 1906. Families resided in Salt
Lake City and Logan, Utah.

Ordained member high council of the twelve apostles July
16, 1846; president Boston conference 1844-45; missionary
in eastern states; missionary to England 1856, and presided
over the British mission. In 1864 he, with Apostle Lorenzo
Snow, Elders Joseph F. Smith, William W. Cluff and Alma
L. Smith were sent on a special mission to the Sandwich
Islands to set in order the affairs of the church, which they
successfully accomplished, returning in 1865. Took active
part in organization of provisional government of Deseret;
member house branch of legislature several sessions, 1859-
69. Contractor on Central Pacific. Pre-eminently connected
with the settlement of Cache valley. Died Sept. 3, 1869
Ogden, Utah.

BENSON, GEORGE TAFT (son of Ezra Taft Benson and
Adeline Brooks Andrus). Born May 1, 1846, Garden Grove.

Married Louisa Ballif Dec. 20, 1867, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Serge Louis Ballif and Elise Lecoultre, pioneers Oct.
28, 1854, Robt. L. Campbell company). She was born Feb.
25, 1850, Lausanne, Switzerland. Their children: Lulu b.
March 28, 1869, m. William C. Parkinson Feb. 11, 1887; Ezra
Taft b. Aug. 6, 1871, d. Aug. 28, 1871; Elise b. March 10, 1873,
m. G. Alfred Alder Oct. 9, 1896; George Taft b. June 24,
1875, m. Sarah Dunkley Oct. 19, 1898; Serge Ballif b. Oct.
2, 1877, m. Linda Nelson Oct. 2, 1893; Adeline b. July 31, 1879,
m. Leo Peck Dec. 20, 1900; Florence (twin to Adeline), m.
Stanley Jonasson Jan. 17, 1906; William Kennedy b. Feb.
9. 1882, d. Feb. 28, 1882; Frank Taft b. April 23. 1883, m.
Elizabeth Eames Jan. 27, 1909; Marie b. July 19, 1885. d.
March 6, 1890. Family resided Logan, Utah and Preston,

Sunday school superintendent; high councilor; counselor
bishopric in Preston and Whitney eight years; bishop of
Whitney 20 years. Assessor and collector at Logan nine
years. Farmer.

BENSON. BRIGHAM YOUNG (son of Ezra Taft Benson and
Elizabeth Golliaher). Born Dec. 17. 1858, Salt Lake City.

Married Margret Ann Adams Dec. 29, 1881, at Logan
(daughter of Hugh Adams and Margret Webster, pioneers
1854, Daniel Garn company). She was born June 12, 1860.
Their children: Ezra Taft b. Sept. 29, 1882, m. Cynthia Esther
Pingree; Afton b. April 7, 1885; Luella b. June 30, 1887; Vance
Hugh b. Jan. 18, 1891; Vernon Brigham b. Jan. 18, 1891.
Family home Trenton, Cache county, Utah.

Bishop's counselor; president Trenton Clarkson Milling
and Elevator company; director West Cache Canal company;
director Lewiston state bank; Director Cache county fair

BENSON, JEROME (son of Benjamin Benson and Kazia.
Messenger, former died 1852, in Pottawattamie county, Iowa,
latter came to Utah and died at Springville in 1858; they

were married Dec. 15, 1796). He was born Nov. 10,

in New York. Came to Utah 1862, Ezra T. Benson company.

Married Mary Rhodes Oct. 1830. Lafayette, Tippecanoe
county. Ind. (daughter of George and Susan Rhodes of La-
fayette, Ind., pioneers 1852, Ezra T. Benson company). She
was born 1811. Their children: George, died; Susannah, m.
James Vance; Eveline, m. Charles C. Olsen; Benjamin, died;
Mary, m. John Walton; Louisa, m. Samuel Brown; Amelia,
m. Henry Willis; Lovina, m. Paul Van Curen; Jerome Mes-
senger, m. Etta ; Alma and Alvey, died. Family resided

at Springville and Provo. Utah.

Elder. Went to California in 1853. Carpenter and farmer.
Died April 17, 1873, San Bernardino, Cal.



BENSON, NELS (son of Nils Benson, born Sept. 1. 1802, in
Tunnersja, and Johannah Johanson. born Feb. 18, 1813, Or-
Inge, Halland Lan, Sweden). He was born Aug. 23, 1846,
Oringe, Halland Lan, Weenga Sogn. Came to Utah Sept.
30, 1862, Joseph Home company.

Married Philindia Eldredge Kofford Dec. 18, 1870 (daugh-
ter of Paul E. Kofford and Fanny Merrick, pioneers 1853,
Capt. Forsgren company). She was born Feb. 18, 1854,
Manti, Sanpete county, Utah. Their children: Fanny Phil-
india b. Feb. 16, 1873, d. May 5, 1879; Johannah Icebindia b.
May 6, 1875, m. Karl M. Sorenson Aug. 28, 1895; Nels Ernest
b. Jan. 24, 1878, m. Annie Frederickson; John Irven b. Nov.
6. 1882, m. Marsha Strate Oct. 23, 1912.

Married Mary A. A. Works June 26, 1890, Manti, Utah
(daughter of James Marks Works, pioneer 1847, and Phoebe
Jones, pioneer 1854, David Jones company, married Sept. 22,
1858, Salt Lake City). She was born Sept. 22, 1865, Manti,
Utah. Their children: Merrill Lament b. March 27, 1892;
Elden Works b. Feb. 22, 1895, d. Aug. 5, 1895; Ezel Phebe b.
Jan 24 1897; Nels Rudger b. July 12, 1898; Edwin LeRoy b.
April 21, 1900; Ruth Miriam b. March 23, 1902; Ruby Rosilla
b. March 23, 1902; Elda Mary b. Nov. 5, 1903; Alma Nelden
b. Nov. 6, 1905.

Sunday school teacher 42 years; president T. M. M. I. A.
eight years; missionary to Sweden, departing- May 12, 1892;
honorably released May 3, arrived home May 28, 1894; one
of presidents 80th quorum seventies. Member Spring City
council ten years. Black Hawk war veteran. Assisted in
making first canals, wagon roads and telegraph lines around
Spring City. Miner and farmer.

BENSON, JOHN IRVEN (son of Nels Benson and Philindia
Eldredge Kofford). Born Nov. 6, 1882, Spring City, Utah.

Married Marsha Strate Oct. 23, 1912. Family home Clear
Creek, Utah.

Ward clerk; first counselor M. I. A; Sunday school teacher
and assistant superintendent; missionary to Sweden 1909-
11. Fireman Utah Fuel company three years.

BENSON, YEPPA. He was born in December, 1795. Came
to Utah Oct. 3, 1853.

Married Hannah Hansen. Their children: Minnie b. 1864,
m. Christ Lund; Yeppa b. April 1, 1866, m. Catherine Swivel
Sept. 25, 1889. Family home Lehi, Utah, where he died
Jan. 1, 1872.

BENSON, TEPPA, JR. (son of Yeppa Benson and Hannah
Hansen). Born April 1, 1866, Lehi, Utah.

Married Catherine Swivel Sept. 25, 1889, Logan Utah
(daughter of Jacob Swivel and Annie E. Marts), who was
born April 1, 1868, Providence, Utah. Their children: Edna
Catherine b. Dec. 11, 1890; Clarence Yeppa b. Aug. 27, 1892,
m. Nettie Bird Feb. 1, 1911; Aaron Conrad b. Dec. 13, 1894;
Yetta Elverna b. Feb. 18, 1897; Annie Elizabeth b. April 16,
1899; Florence Swivel b. July 6, 1901; Minnie Swivel b. May
19, 1903; Adelia Swivel b. April 27, 1906; Thelma Christian
b. June 15, 1908. Family home Weston, Idaho.

President 142d quorum seventies; missionary to northern
states; choir leader Chicago branch 1904-05; superintend-
ent Sunday schools, Weston, Idaho; bishop Weston ward.

BENZON, ANDREW BECK (son of Andrew Beck Benson of
Copenhagen, Denmark). Born 1835, Copenhagen. Came to
Utah Sept. 26, 1862, James Wareham company.

Married Catherine Wickel Feb. 11, 1862, St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of Harmon Wickel and Elizabeth Rickard of
Earl township, Lancaster county. Pa., pioneers 1862, James
Wareham company). She was born April 25, 1840. Their
children: Elenora K., m. Hyrum A. Silver; Andrew B., m.
Elizabeth Wilson; Edwin d. aged 4 years; Joseph, m. Guinn
Jones; Arthur d. aged 4 years; Minnie, m. William Afflick;
Owen, m. Lillian May Dunlap. Family home Salt Lake
City, Utah.

High priest; block teacher. Salesman. Died 1895, at
Salt Lake City.

BENZON, OWEN (son of Andrew Beck Benzon and Cath-
erine Wickel). Born- Jan. 2-, 1877, at Salt Lake City, Utah.
Married Lillian May Dunlap Feb. 27, 1911, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Eldom Dunlap and Lucy Scott of West Point,
Miss.), who was born Feb. 15, 1885.

BERG, OLE H. (son of Hendrik Anderson of Rod Skjeberg 1 ,
Smaalenene, Fredrikshald, Norway). Born Sept. 12, 184U,
at Anerod, Rokke Parish, Norway. Came to Utah Oct. 8,
1866, Andrew Scott company.

Married Anna J. Nielson Dec. 16, 1866 (daughter of Hans
Nielsen and Maren Jacobsen of Odense, Denmark, lat-
ter a pioneer Nov. 8, 1865, Capt. Atwood company). She
was born Sept. 10, 1847, in Odense. Came to Utah 1865,
Miner G. Atwood company. Their children: Oliva, in.
George A. Nuttall; Anna, m. Enoch Jorgensen; Mary, m.
Warren W. Beckstead; Elnora, m. James Prestwich; Chris-
tina d. 1894; Henry Ward d. 1900; Alma F. d. 1882; Flora,
m. Walter Jenkins; Edna, m. Oscar E. Groshell; Oscar Wy-
man, m. Josephine Thomas. Family home Provo, Utah.

President 34th quorum seventies; Sunday school teacher
24 years; missionary to Norway 1889-91; high councilor
10 years; bishop 1st ward, Provo, 11 years. City council-
man at Provo, and member board of education; Utah county
coroner. Contractor and builder 35 years; undertaker and

BERGLUND, CARL F. (son of John Berglund, born 1764.
and Anna Berglund, both of Calmar Lan, Sweden) He was
born May 17, 1825, in Calmar Lan. Came to Utah Oct. 2.
18b4, John Smith independent company

Married Lucia M. Beck (daughter of Jacob S. Beck ana
Dorthea Chrlstensen). Only child: Oscar B. b Nov 17
1858. Family home Gunnison, Utah

Farmer and merchant.

BERGLUND. OSCAR B. (son of Carl F. Berglund and Lucia
M. Beck). Born Nov. 17, 1858, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
Lives at Gunnison, Utah.

Farmer; stock merchant; manager Gunnison co-operative
mercantile store.

BERNHISEL, DR. JOHN MILTON (son of Samuel Bern-
hisel, born Nov. 26, 1769, Perry county, Pa., and Susan
Bower, born March 6, 1775). He was born July 23, 1799
Sandy Hill, Pa. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kim-
ball company.

Married Julia Ann Haight (Van Orden) In 1845 (daughter
of Caleb and Keturah Haight, pioneers 1848, Heber C. Kim-
ball company). She was born Oct. 6, 1805. Only child:
John Milton, Jr., m. Henrietta Harris. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Delegate to Washington in 1849 for admission of Utah as
the state of Deseret; Utah's first territorial representative
to U. S. congress 1851; first vice president of Z. C. M. 1.:
selected books for Utah's first library. Personal attache
of Joseph Smith, living in his house at the time of assas-

BERNHISEL, JOHN MILTON (son of John Milton Bern-
hlsel and Julia Ann Haight). Born Dec. 21, 1846, Winter
Quarters, Iowa (now Neb.).

Married Henrietta Harris Jan. 3, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert Harris and Hannah Maria EagTes.
pioneers 1850, Joseph Home company). She was born
Aug. 11, 1854, Kaysville, Davis county, Utah. Their chil-
dren: 3 John Milton b. March 2, 1878, m. Ruey Pond June
4, 1902; Estella Maria b. June 26, 1880, m. Milton Oliver
Bell June 7, 1906; Janetta b. Jan. 9, 1882, m. Joseph LeRoy
Pond June 28, 1905; Sarah Louisa b. Feb. 4, 1885; Everett
Clark b. March 29, 1899; Ralph b. July 10, 1891. m. Nellie
Hendrlcks Sept. 13, 1911; Harris Fay b. Oct. 1. 1893. Fam-
ily home Lewiston, Cache county, Utah.

Representative from Cache county to first Utah state leg-
islature. Veteran Black Hawk war. Justice of peace 1884-
90, Lewiston, where he drove the first stake for its perma-
nent settlement.

BERRETT, ALFRED (son of Thomas Berreit a>-d Mary
Ann Marks). Born Jan. 13, 1825, Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire,
Eng. Came to Utah 1852, Capt. Tidwell company.

Married Elizabeth Matthews Sept. 16, 1850 (daughter of
Robert and Sarah Matthews). Their children: Alfred A.:
Marlon; Mary Ann; Ellen; Sarah; Virtue; Victoria; Hamlet

Married Sarah Jane Ray July 20, , North Ogden, Utah.

Their children: Elizabeth; Bessie; Lena D.; Maud M.; Ro-

BERRETT, MARLON (son of Alfred Berrett and Elizabeth
Matthews). Born Dec. 12, 1855, North Ogden, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Ann Holmes Feb. 2, 1881 (daughter
of Henry and Ellen Holmes). Their children: Elizabeth
M.; Ellen V.; Alfred W.; Virtue P.; Marlon H.; Hazel M.;
Martha M.; Charles R.

BERRETT, ROBERT (son of Robert Berrett, born Nov. 11,
1768, and Eleanor Fryer, born Feb. 1769, both of Steeple
Ashton, Wiltshire, Eng., married Dec. 26, 1792). He was
born June 23, 1797, at Steeple Ashton. Came to Utah Oct.
28, 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Sarah Hyet Griffin Aug. 1825 (daughter of Silas
Griffin and Ann Perrott of Steeple Ashton, Eng., married
Feb. 4, 1803, and died in England). She was born April 30,
1807, and died May 1849. Their children: Rhoda Rebecca
b. Jan. 1829, d. 1849; Leonora d. aged 2; Robert Griffin b.
June 23, 1831, m. Sarah Ann Woodhead March 14, 1855; 'Leo-
nora b. April 12, 1833, d. aged 1 year; Anne b. May 27,
1835, m. Oliver C. Bess March 1854; Charles Henry b. Dec.
25, 1837, m. Melissa Campbell Dec. 25, 1861, m. Charlotte
Jones April 10, 1872; Richard Thomas b. Jan. 4, 1840. m.
Mary Ann Nunns Jan. 1, 1860, m. Annie Elizabeth Toone
Feb. 14, 1878; "Leonora Hyet b. Sept. 18, 1841, m. Joseph B.
Alvord April 1858; Albert Edward b. Feb. 2, 1845, d. May
1849- Samuel Franklin b. March 18, 1848, m. Elizabeth New-
by Feb. 10, 1867. Family resided North Ogden, Salt Lake
City and O&den, Utah.

BERRETT, ROBERT GRIFFIN (son of Robert and Sarah
Hyet Griffin). Born June 23, 1831, Steeple Ashton, Eng.
Came to Utah 1849 with parents.

Married Sarah Ann Woodhead March 14, 1855, North
Ogden, Utah (daughter of William Woodhead and Char-
lotte Spencely of Grlmsby, Yorkshire, Eng., pioneers Oct.
24, 1855. Milo Andrus company). She was born Aug. 1, 1835.
Their children: Rhoda, m. John Jones; Eleanor, m. Eam-
uel Robinson; Charlotte, m. John W. Gibson; Robert Wil-
liam d. June 15, 1877; Susan B., m. William M. Ellis: Diana
Berrett d. Aug. 17, 1867; Chas. Edward, m. Elizabeth Poll;
Melissa Berrett d. Jan. 6, 1873; Arthur G. Berrett, m. Ellen



Brown; Edmund R. Berrett, m. Hannah Chugg; Harriet
Amelia, m. William T. Spackman. Family home North
Ogrden, Utah.

Member of 38th quorum seventies; missionary to Eng-
land and eastern states; president of the 38th quorum
seventies; superintendent of North Ogden Sunday school.
Justice of the peace and town sexton. Died May 7, 1890.

BERRETT, RICHARD THOMAS (son of Robert Berrett and
Sarah Hyet Griffin). Born Jan. 4, 1840, Steeple Ashton,
Eng. Came to Utah 1849 with parents.

Married Mary Ann Nunns Jan. 1, 1860 (daughter of Fran-
cis and Mary Nunns), who was born Dec. 6, 1839, Leeds,
Yorkshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 1859, George Rowley
handcart company. Their children: Mary Ann b. Oct. 8,

1860, m. Bryan W. Orton Feb. 14, 1878; Susan b. Dec. 20,

1861, d. Jan. 2, 1862; Sarah b. Nov. 20, 1862, m. Joseph W.
Summerhays June 5, 1884; Rose Emily b. Nov. 18, 1864, m.
William H. Crandall Dec. 15, 1882; Richard Edward b. Aug.
23, 1867, m. Isabel C. Ford Dec. 22, 1887; George Albert b.
May 31, 1869, d. Nov. 16, 1869; Arthur Henry b. March 18,
1871, d. April 7, 1871; Alice b. March 6, 1872, m. Robert
Irwin March 10, 1892. Family home North Ogden, Utah.

Married Annie Elizabeth Toone Feb. 14, 1878, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Edward Toone and Caroline Jackson,
married Sept. 17, 1855, Cardiff, Wales). She was born Nov.
7, 1857, Lambeth, London, Eng. Their children: Emily
Louisa b. Dec. 28, 1878, m. John Q. Blaylock Oct. 10, 1899;
Albert Edward b. Oct. 28, 1880, d. Aug. 12, 1881; Thomas
Francis b. April 13, 1882, m. Harriet L. Brown May 7, 1902;
Walter Herbert b. April 6, 1884, m. Charlotte J. Gibson June
21, 1906; Orson Toone b. Aug. 12, 1887, m. Clara Dickson
Jan. 29, 1908; Earl Ray b. Aug. 28, 1898; Edna Caroline D.
June 1, 1895. Family home North Ogden, Utah.

Territorial militiaman 1855; served in the Echo Canyon
campaign. Constable 1873-78, North Ogden; trustee 1868-70.
Director Rice Creek Irrigation company four years; water-
master 30 years: assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.

BERRETT, SAMUEL F. (son of Robert Berrett and Sarah
H. Griffin). Born March 18, 1848, Steeple Ashton, Eng.

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