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Came to Utah 1849 with parents.

Married Elizabeth D. Newby Feb. 9, 1867, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Newby and Isabella Smurthwatte
of Sunderland, Eng.). She was born Dec. 28, 1849. Their
children: Samuel John b. Nov. 9, 1867; Edward R. b. Nov.
11, 1S69, d. Aug. 19, 1879; Thomas H. b. Feb. 16, 1872, d. Feb.
18, 1872; George Frederick b. June 11, 1873; Franklin C. b.
March 12, 1876; William S. b. Sept. 2, 1878; Robert E. b.
March 18, 1881; Lewis b. June 21, 1883; S. Isabella b. Oct.
1, 1885; George A. b. June 1888; Oliver T. b. Feb. 21, 1894.

Married Arrillia Minerva Rose May 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Rose and Minerva Peat of Canada, pio-
neers to Utah). Their children: Albert William b. Sept.
23, 1872; Juletta b. Feb. 27, 1874. Families resided Pleasant
View, Weber county, Utah.

High priest; second counselor to Bishop E. W. Wade and
president T. M. M. I. A., Pleasant View ward; chairman of
Old Folks committee twenty years. Justice of peace.
Farmer and stockraiser.

BERRY, JOHN WILLIAM (son of Jesse W. Berry, born Jan.
9, 1791, Louisville, Ky., and Armelia Shanks, born Jan. 24,
1804, Nashville, Tenn.). He was born Dec. 17, 1822, In Wil-
son county, Tenn. Came to Utah In Oct. 1849.

Married Nancy Jane Bass April 5, 1842, who was born June
19, 1828. She refused to come to Utah with him, and they
never met again. Only child: Jesse David b. Sept. 25, 1843,
d. Oct. 9, 1843.

Married Jane Elizabeth Thomas May 8, 1851, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Thomas and Mary Morrow, pio-
neers Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant company). She was
born Jan. 14, 1831, In Dallas county, Ala. Their children-
John M. b. Oct. 11, 1853, m. Maggie C. Condte Sept. 20, 1898;
Mary Jane b. Aug. 24, 1855, m. Joseph L. Hales Feb. 21 1875-
William W. b. July 19, 1857, m. Rachel E. Allen Jan. 22,
1879; Nancy A. b. May 8, 1859, m. George Ingram Oct. 8, 1880;
James T. b. March 22, 1861, m. Sarah J. Roundy Oct. 8, 1880;
Cynthia L. b. Sept. 25, 1862, m. John W. Brown March 12,
1880; Thurza E. b. April 1, 1865, m. John W. Brown April
18, 18S6; Robert A. b. May 16, 1867, m. Harriet Allred March
1, 1892; Joseph S. b. March 4, 1869, m. Samantha Parker
May 19, 1891; George A. b. June 12, 1873, m. Nora Davis Oct.
8, 1896. Family home Kanarraville, Iron county, Utah.

Married Julia Ardence Hales Dec. 28, 1858 (daughter of
Charles and Julia Hales), who was born July 17, 1842.

Bishop's counselor; captain of missionaries returning from
Europe 1858. Early settler In southern Utah. Carried ex-
press from San Pete to Salt Lake City July 24, 1853, and
while so engaged was ambushed and shot by an Indian, and
carried the bullet until his death at Kanarraville April 12,

BERRY, JOHN M. (son of John W. Berry and Jane Eliza-
beth Thomas). Born Oct. 11, 1853, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Maggie C. Condie Sept. 20, 1898, at St. George,
Utah (daughter of George Condie and Margaret Achinson),
who was born Jan. 7, 1872, Kanosh, Millard county, Utah.
Their children: Mary Jane b. March 24, 1900; George Lorin
b. Aug. 16, 1902; Margaret Myrtle b. March 29, 1904; Ivie
Grace b. Feb. 5. 1907; John Eldon b. July 30, 1911. Family
home Benson, Cache county, Utah.

BERRY, WILLIAM SHANKS (son of Jesse W. Berry and
Armelia Shanks). Born Feb. 3, 1838, in Weakley county.
Tenn. Came to Utah Oct. 1849, William Gully company,
with William Hyde fifty.

Married Rebecca R. Beck Nov. 22, 1860 (daughter of Joseph
E. Beck and Hannah Forsyth, married Dec. 17, 1835). She
was born Dec. 25, 1842. Their children: William Alfred b
Sept. 30, 1861; Armelia Rebecca b. April 17, 1863, m. William
W. Taylor Oct. 12, 1881; Hannah Margaret b. March 9 1865
m. George A. Williams Nov. 4, 1885; Harriet Louisa b. Nov
17, 1867, m. James S. Stapley Feb. 23, 1887; Lucilla Diantha
b. Nov. 4, 1870, m. Riley G. Williams Nov. 4, 1890; Rosena
Adaline b. Jan. 25, 1873; Mary Wilhelmina b. Aug 16 1874
m. John W. Platt Dec. 28, 1892; John William b. Jan 17 1877
m. Susanna Elizabeth Williams Jan. 14, 1902; Martha Elea-
nor b. June 13, 1879, m. William Henry Leigh April 28, 1903-
Minnie Melvina b. Feb. 21, 1883, m. Edward Rowe June 2
1908. Family home Kanarraville, Utah.

Married Lovina Nickelson Sylvester June 23, 1874, Salt
Lake City (daughter of James Sylvester and Rebecca Nickle-
son, former native-born). She was born June 25, 1854,
Springville, Utah. Their children: James Sylvester b. April
10, 1875, m. Rose Ellen Webster Dec. 29, 1904; Jesse Arthur
b. Aug. 25, 1877, m. Vllate Blackburn April 1902; Althea
Rebecca b. July 29, 1879, m. John A. Adams Nov. 30, 1909-
Emma Lovina b. Oct. 29, 1881, m. Ephraim Webb May 21.
1903; William Andrew b. May 14, 1884, m. Mary Ethel
Williams June 29, 1910. Family home Kanarraville, Utah.

Killed in Cane creek massacre of Gibbs and Berry Aug.
10, 1884, at Condor's farm in Lewis county, Tenn.

BERRY, JOHN WILLIAM (son of William Shanks Berry and
Rebecca Rosena Beck). Born Jan. 17, 1877, Kanarraville

Married Susanna Elizabeth Williams Jan. 14 1902 St
George, Utah (daughter of William R. Williams and Mary
Isabel Roundy of Utah). She was born March 31, 1879,
Kanarraville. Their children: Lloyd Beck b. Dec 7 1902-
Lela b. Dec. 4, 1904; Thelma b. May 22, 1907; Ethelyn b. May
20, 1909. Family home Kanarraville, Utah.

BERTOCH, DANIEL (son of John Bertoch and Marguerite
Bounous of Piedmont, Italy). Born May 25, 1835, in Pied-
mont. Came to Utah Oct. 28, 1854, Robert Campbell company.

Married Elva Hampton (daughter of Benjamin Hampton),
who was born Nov. 22, 1848. Their children: Daniel H. b.
Aug. 19, 1868, m. Marie Callap April 1906; Marguerite b.
Aug. 28, 1870; John b. Dec. 15, 1872; Elva b. Feb. 7, 1874, m.
Patrick Sheahan.

Married Sarah Ann Richards Dec. 7, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John T. Richards and Martha Pasco, married
April 27, 1850, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales). She was born Sept.
15, 1855, Ogden, Utah. Their children: Alma R. b. Sept. 10,
1875, m. Dorothy Peterson Oct. 3, 1907; Martha M. b. Feb.
28, 1878, m. Albert Giles June 9, 1897; Mary E. b. Feb. 26,
1880, m. Henry C. Johnson Feb. 7, 1900; James b. Feb. 20,
1883, m. Annie Gorder Oct. 23, 1902; Mildred P. b. July 17,
1885, m. Walter Gorder Sept. 21, 1904.

President 35th quorum seventies.

BERTOCH, JAMES (son of John Bertoch and Marguerite
Bounous). Born July 29, 1838, St. Germain, Piedmont, Italy.
Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1854.

Married Ann Cutcliffe May 19, 1866, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Cutcliffe and Elizabeth Jones of Devon-
shire, Eng., pioneers Nov. 27, 1865, Sidney Miller company.
She was born July 16, 1846. Their children: Ann Elizabeth,
m. Josiah D. Wallace; James C., m. Cora Jones; Margerite
E., d. infant; John C., m. Charlotte Ann Jones; George D.;
William J., m. Ethel Hemenway; Mary Elva, m. Isaac W.
Coon; Samuel, Philip, Franklin, all died infants; Vivian C.,
m. Hazel Hemenway; Lillian P., m. Ernest P. Henrickson;
Hyrum C., m. Burdette Parker. Family home Pleasant
Green, Utah.

With Joseph Toronto Bounous, cared for President Young's
flocks of sheep and herds of cattle on Antelope island in
early days. Member 14th quorum seventies; missionary to
Switzerland and Italy 1891-93; high priest; assistant Sunday
school superintendent. School trustee at Pleasant Green
six years. Farmer and stockraiser.

BEST, ALFRED (son of Richard Best and Dinah Peart).
Born June 17, 1829, Toddington, Eng. Came to Utah 1851.

Married Margaret Oakley at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Ezra Oakley and Elizabeth DeGroot, pioneers 1847). She
was born Aug. 13, 1836. Their children: Ezra O., m. Caro-
line Donaldson; Alfaretta O.; Elizabeth O.; William O.;
Herbert O., m. Elizabeth Bolto; Cerolyne O.; Edgar O., m.
Etta Strong; Henry. Family home Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England; high priest. Hardware merchant.
Died June 27. 1905.

BEST, EZRA O. (son of Alfred Best and Margaret Oak-
ley). Born Dec. 20, 1860, Salt Lake City.

Married Caroline Donaldson at Salt Lake City. Their
children: Ethyl, m. William Dawson Erma. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Carpenter and contractor.



BETTS, JAJMES (son of Peter Betts and Eliza Franklin of
Sheffield, Eng.)- Born Dec. 22, 1845, Sheffield, Eng. Came to
Utah 1862.

Married Margaret Powell in South Wales (daughter of
John Powell and Elizabeth Harris, pioneers Sept. 26, 1856,
Edmund Ellsworth handcart company). She was born
March 12, 1848. Their children: Margaret Eliza b. Dec. 28,
1860 m. William J. Taylor; James b. Feb. 7, 1870, d. infant;
Mary Elizabeth b. Jan. 4, 1872, m. Colin McMurphy; William
b. Jan. 7, 1874, m. Martha A. Bates; John A. b. March 3,
1876, m. Ellen A. Cushing; David S. b. March 2, 1878, m.
Iris Reed. Family home Payson, Utah.

Crossed plains for immigrants In 1866 and again in
1869- president of elders' quorum. City marshal Payson

BETTS WILLIAM (son of James Betts and Margaret
Powell). Born Jan. 7, 1874, Payson, Utah.

Married Martha A. Bates Nov. 6, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph W. Bates and Martha A. Mclntyre), who
was born Nov. 8, 1878, at Payson. Their children: Martha
Lucile b. May 15, 1904; Charles W. b. Dec. 2, 1906; Joseph
Byron b. March 17, 1908; Margaret Ida b. Nov. 16, 1910.

Secretary elders' quorum 1901-02.

BEtTS, MICHAEL,. Born 1811, Piedmont, Italy. Came to
Utah Sept 26 1856, Edmund Ellsworth handcart company.

Married Marianne Combe, Piedmont, Italy, who was born
1813 Their children: Ann, m. Moses Byrne; James, m.
Clarinda Hill; John, m. Margaret Justet; Michael, m. Eliza-
beth Ladrap; Paul, m. Catherine Combe; L. P., m. Mary
Terry; Mary, m. Edward Priest; Magdalene, m. Paul Cardon.

Farmer and stockraiser.

BEUS PAUL (son of Michael Beus and Marianne Combe).
Born March 19, 1847. Piedmont, Italy.

Married Catherine Combe Nov. 8, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter Combe and Susana Gill of Piedmont,
Italy) She was born April 13, 1864. Their children: Michael
b. Jan. 11, 1885; J. R. b. Dec. 13, 1886, m. Areta Steward;
Cora C. b. March 12, 1888, m. Job Kendall; Lida S. b. June 30,
1890- Edna M. b. Dec. 11, 1891; Zina M. b. Dec. 25, 1893;
Julia H. b. Jan. 26, 1896.

Ward teacher 18 years.

BEVAN, JAMES (son of John Bevan and Ann Balrfoot of
Herefordshire, Eng.). Born Oct. 19, 1821, in Herefordshire,
Eng. Came to Utah July 28, 1847.

Married Mary Shields May 9, 1850, Council Bluffs, Iowa
(daughter of John Shields and Primrose Cunningham), who
was born Oct. 29, 1827. Their children: John A. b. Feb. 4,
1851 m. Letitia Kelsey; Mary b. Nov. 17, 1852. m. Peter
Mahnkin; Primrose b. Jan. 8, 1855,' m. Alvin Walters; James
F b June 7, 1858, died; Heber J. b. March 31, 1860, m.
Mariah Little; Joseph b. Feb. 15, 1862, m. Emma Elkington;
Margaret b. Aug. 30, 1866, died; Eliza b. Dec. 29, 1864. m.
J P Skelton; Archibald b. Sept. 8, 1868, m. Cristeena Lund-
steen; Violet b. Oct. 8, 1872, m. Abia Johnson. Family home

Married Isabel! McPhearson Nov. 3, 1859, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hugh McPhearson and Isabell Sutherland),
who was born in Scotland. Their children: Isabell b. Oct.
16 1860 m. William Elkington; George b. Sept. 4, 1862;
Anna B. b. Dec. 11, 1864, m. Thomas Spiers; Hugh, died;
Martha b. Feb. 18, 1868, m. John England; Mary b. Feb.
18 1868 died- Charles, died; Sarah b. Oct. 18, 1872, m. George
Bates- Mariah Jane b. Nov. 13, 1876, m. Charles Balshweiler;
Amos b. July 13, 1879, m. Nellie Kirk. Family home Tooele.

Settled in Tooele 1852. Senior president 43d quorum of
seventies for many years; member Mormon Battalion and
captain of ten in Echo Canyon campaign against Gen. Albert
Sidney Johnston's hostile entrance to Utah. Father of 23
children, 71 grandchildren and about 20 great-grand-

BEVAN JOHN A. (son of James Bevan and Mary Shields).
Born Feb 4, 1851, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Married Letitia M. Kelsey Nov. 20, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Eli B. Kelsey and Mary Ann Mclntyre), who
was born Nov. 14, 1855, Tooele, Utah. Their children:
James Earnest b. Sept. 2, 1877, d. 1898; John Alexander b.
Nov 20 1878, m. Amy Icegreen 1902; Grace b. March 26,
1881- Mary b April 25, 1883, m. R. W. Brown 1906; Agnes b.
Aprii 16 1889, d. 1892; Eli Edson b. Oct. 26, 1892, m. Sarah
Shields 1910; Parley Woodruff b. Jan. 7, 1900, d. 1910.

Missionary to southern states 1883-86 and 1901-02; presi-
dent 43d quorum seventies ten years. County assessor and
commissioner. Member of high council of Tooele stake;
first counselor to president of high priests quorum, and
worker in the Sunday school for 55 years, and now a resi-
dent of Tooele for 62 years. The oldest survivor of a
posterity of 430.

BIDDLE, WILLIAM GANDER (son of Thomas Blddle and
Harriet Westley of Walsall, Staffordshire, Eng.). Born
Nov. 24, 1832, at Walsall. Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1862, Henry
W. Miller company.

Married Elizabeth Heath Oct. 19. 1856, Birmingham, Eng.
(daughter of John Egerton Heath and Mary Ann Vale of
Birmingham). She was born Feb. 2, 1835. Their children:
t ' K o^^or 7 n ' 18B7 ' m - Emmeline D. Pierce; William
A. b. Feb. 20, 1859, m. Ellen Sophrona Ohlson; Amanda b.
Nov. 24 1860, d. Oct. 2, 1862; Emma Jane b. May 11, 1864,

A'i^ U V y w' V 86 ^ : ^i: ce ,^- n b - March 13 ' 1867 - m - Hyrum Ohlson
Albert Hb. Oct. 6, 1869, m. Kate Vanderhoof; George E. b.

.Vir 1872 ' m - Marv Ann Greenwell; Elizabeth A. b. Dec.! 74 ' m ' , charles H - Blr d: "a May b. Dec. 7, 1876, m.
William A. Wilton. Family home Ogden. Utah.

BIDDLE, WILLIAM ALFRED (son of William Gander
Blddle and Elizabeth Heath). Born Feb. 20, 1859, Walsall

Married Ellen Sophrona Ohlson Jan. 4, 1884. Salt Lake
.-ity (daughter of Gustave- Adolph Ohlson and Lena Larson,
pioneers 1860 to Ogden, Utah). She was born March 2 1861
Their children: Ella Loretta b. Oct. 9, 1884, m. Warren s!
Williams; William Ohlson b. March 1, 1886; Ruby Elinor b
Nov. 16, 1887, m. Leland S. Williams.

Married Augusta Amelia Korth March 7, 1890, Salt Lake
City, who was born Oct. 15, 1879, Berlin, Germany, and came
to Utah Dec. 24, 1893. Their children: Esther Amanda
b. Nov. 29, 1902; Elmer Korth b. Nov. 27, 1904; Harold Fred-
erick b. Aug. 31, 1906; Alice Harriet b. March 13, 1910.

BID1VELL, ROBERT WILLIAMS (son of Mary Williams of
Cattaraugus county, N. Y.). Came to Utah Sept. 14, 1850,
William Foote company.

Married Elizabeth Roe, Farmersville, Cattaraugus county,
N. Y. (daughter of William Roe of western New York). She
was born Oct. 6, 1805. Their children: Sarah Ann b. July
12, 1830, m. John Mower; Elizabeth, d. infant; Lavern b.
July 3, 1833, m. Ransom Hatch; Joseph b. Feb. 2, 1837 m
Hannahette Mower; Emma C. b. March 11, 1839, m. George
Mower; William M. and Gazelum G. b. Oct. 10, 1841; Julia
b. Aug. 13, 1844. m. Calvin Wheeler. Family resided Bounti-
ful and North Ogden, Utah. Pioneer died Jan. 4, 1851.

BIDWELL, JOSEPH (son of Robert Williams Bidwell and
Elizabeth Roe). Born Feb. 2, 1837, in Caldwell county. Mo.
Came to Utah 1850 with parents.

Married Hannahette Mower, North Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of Henry Mower and Mary Amie of Pleasant View,
Weber county, Utah, pioneers Sept. 9, 1851, Abraham Day
company). She was born Oct. 10, 1841. Their children:
Sarah Elizabeth b. May 26, 1858, m. Charles F. Wade;
Joseph, Jr., b. Dec. 22, 1860, m. Susan M. Wheeler; George
Henry b. July 12, 1864, m. Mary A. Robertson; Amelia Jane
b. June 22, 1866, m. James O. Webster. Family home Pleas-
ant View, Utah.

Took active part in Echo canyon trouble. Farmer. De-

BIDWELL, JOSEPH, JR. (son of Joseph Bidwell and Han-
nahette Mower). Born Dec. 22, 1860, Pleasant View, Utah.

Married Susan Maria Wheeler March 8, 1889, Logan, Utah
(daughter of William Wheeler and Martha Leah Howell of
Slaterville, Utah, the former came to Utah Sept. 4, 1857.
William Walker company, the latter Sept. 13, 1861, Homer
Duncan company). She was born Dec. 27, 1862. Their chil-
dren: Andrew b. March 2, 1890; Nellie Josephine b. June 27,
1891; Babe b. April 28. 1895; Robert Stanley b. July 14, 1897.
Family home Pleasant View, Utah.

Missionary to eastern states two years; high priest;
bishop's counselor of Pleasant View ward. Justice of peace
several terms; school teacher 20 years. Farmer.

BICKFVGTON, WIL.LIAM. Born 1811, Maxstoke, Warwick-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah 1853.

Married Ann Reeder. Only child: Francis, who died
crossing plains. Settler of Marriott, Utah, 1855, where he
died November, 1869.

BIGELOW, NAHUM. Born in Vermont. Came to Utah Oct.
6, 1850, William Snow oxteam company.

Married Mary Gibbs. Their children: Mary Jane, m.
Brigham Young; Hyrum, m. Martha Mecham; Lucy, m. Brig-
ham Young; Asa, m. Julia Ann Cook; Lavina, m. John Witt;
Liola died; Sariah, m. Daniel Cook; Moroni, m. Elvira
Mecham; Daniel b. March 18, 1842, m. Parmelia Mecham
July 23, 1865; m. Emeline Augusta Stevens April 9, 1882;
m. Clara Ostensen May 9, 1887; Joseph, died.

Elder. Farmer, carpenter and joiner. Died Jan. 1851,
Farmington, Utah.

BIGELOW DANIEL (son of Nahum Bigelow and Mary
Gibbs) Born March 18, 1842, Camp Creek, Mercer county,
111. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1850, William Snow oxteam

C Married Parmelia Mecham July 23, 1865, Silver Creek,
Summit county, Utah (daughter of Ephraim Mecham and
Polly Derby of Nauvoo, 111., pioneers 1852, oxteam company).
She was born Sept. 11, 1832. Their children: Daniel Don
Louis b May 22, 1866, m. Annie Boren; Parmelia Emily b.
Sept 25 1867, m. Marques Batty; William Cecil b. Aug. 27,
1869,' d. infant; Polly Adora b. Feb. 18, 1871, m. Frank M.
Allred; Emma May b. July 30, 1873, d. aged five; Nephl
Boberg- (adopted) b. Feb. 10, 1887, m. Amanda Prestwich.
Married Emeline Augusta Stevens April 9, 1882, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of William Stevens and Emma Crowden
of Somersetshire, Eng., pioneers 1860, oxteam company).
She was born Feb. 27, 1856. Their children: Moroni b. Aug.



1, 1883, died; Mary Maria b. Feb. 1, 1884, m. Morgan H.
Edwards; Rhoda Rhoana b. Nov. 19, 1885; Parley Percival b.
Feb. 26, 1888; Ellen Charlotte b. Dec. 16, 1890, m. Joseph

Married Clara Ostensen May 9, 1887, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter Ostensen and Caroline Anderson of
Norway). She was born March 1, 1864. Their children:
Lafey Leroy b. May 27, 1888, d. May 15, 1911; Lucy Lavina
b. Jan. 21, 1890, m. Lewis Fausett; Hyrum Harold b. July 19,
1893 d. aged two; Clara Caroline b. Dec. 16, 1895; Daniel
Dewey b. July 17, 1898; Philip Eddie b. Feb. 26, 1901; Ada
Majora b. Jan. 11, 1903; Elza Emer b. Aug. 27, 1905. Family
home Wallsburg, Utah.

High priest; missionary to St. George, Utah; stake high
councilor; Sunday school superintendent. Justice of the
peace. Lumberman, farmer and stockralser. Resides at

BIGGS, JOHN (son of Joseph Biggs, born 1786, Klmpton,
Herefordshire, Eng., and Mary Shirwood). Born June 7,
1831, at Kimpton. Came to Utah Oct. 25, 1861, A. R. "Wright
freight train.

Married Martha Lovina Henson Nov. 10, 1861 (daughter
of James and Hetty Henson). Only child: Martha Hetty
b. Aug. 20, 1862, d. child. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Jane Theodora Wright June 21, 1869, Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Wright and Deborah Ann Haisley,
latter a pioneer Sept. 15, 1868, John Gillespie company).
She was born 1852, Busby, Scotland. Their children: John
W. b. Jan. 26, 1872, m. Bular Brawley; Lorenzo W. b. Feb. 26,
1874, m. Ella Peck; Joseph S. b. Nov. 18, 1876, m. Minerva
Olive Allen; Rebecca W. b. Nov. 5, 1877, m. John Oliverson;
Margrett W. b. Feb. 10, 1880, m. George Cornish; Delia b.
April 29, 1881, d. July 13, 1901; Eva W. b. Oct. 26, 1882, m.
William Oliverson: Ruby Pearl W. b. Sept. 3, 1884, m. John
Hampton; Alma W. b. Oct. 20, 1886; Sophia W. b. May 16,
1889, m. Albert Day Feb. 7, 1912; Phoebe W. b. Dec. 8, 1890,
m. Marion Aller April 7, 1909; Lucy W. b. April 15, 1902, m.
M. D. Waterson Oct. 9, 1912.

Married Jane R. Ramsbotham Nov. 22, 1870, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Henry Ramsbotham and Mather White-
head, pioneers Oct. 1869). She was born June 23, 1854. Their
children: Henry R. b. June 3, 1875, m. Minnie Oldham; Jane
Theodora b. Dec. 24, 1876, m. George Jolley; Elizabeth R.
b. Jan. 19, 1879, m. William Durant; Alice R. b. June 10,
1881, m. Albert W. Funk; Maud R. b. May 5, 1884, m. John L.
Adamson; Mary R. b. Jan. 3, 1890, m. Elmer Handy Oct. 16,
1912; William R. b. June 6, 1896.

BIGLER, ADAM C. (son of Jacob Bigler and Sarah Cunning-
ham of Farmington, Utah). Born Dec. 17, 1828, in Harrison
county, W. Va. Came to Utah Oct. 11, 1859, L. G. Rice and
J. L. Stoddard company.

Married Sarah Anne Compton (daughter of Allen Comp-
ton and Mary Burton, pioneers Oct. 11, 1859). Their chil-
dren: James Allen, b. June 18, 1855; Mary F. b. Jan. 4,
1857, m. Arthur A. Steed; Marion F. b. Oct. 22, 1859, m. John
W. Hess; John A. b. Sept. 14, 1862, m. Lydia Beveridge; Sarah
E. b. Aug. 20, 1863, and Mariah L. b. July 12, 1864, died;
Robert B. b. Dec. 25, 1866, m. Fannie M. Reed.

Married Isabelle C. Miller, Farmington, Utah (daughter
of Daniel A. Miller and Hannah Bigler). Their children:
James T. b. Jan. 22, 1868, m. Louisa M. Stevenson; Jacob
William b. Aug. 17, 1869; Edward b. Jan. 26, 1871, m. Bertha
Pierson; Hannah Isabelle b. Oct. 5, 1872, m. Nephi Wolverton;
Laura Elizabeth b. Oct. 19, 1873. m. Willard Archibald;
Adam, Jr. b. April 2, 1876, m. Annie Howell; Joseph Arnold
b. Nov. 14, 1878; Alvira b. Sept. 28, 1881, m. Fred Sylvester;
Stanley Miller b. Sept. 30, 1890. Family home Farmington,

Road supervisor at Farmington four years; lumber dealer;
farmer and stockraiser.

BIGLER, JOHN A. (son of Adam C. Bigler and Sarah Comp-
ton). Born Sept. 14, 1862, Farmington, Utah.

Married Lydia Beveridge May 27, 1906. Springville, Utah
(daughter of William Beveridge and Lydia Stevenson of
Evanston, Wyo.), who was born Sept. 2, 1883. Their chil-
dren: Lydia b. Aug. 4, 1907, d. infant; Florence C. b. Dec.
6, 1908. Family home Salt Lake City.

Construction foreman.

BIGLER, JACOB G. (son of Mark Bigler, born In Pennsyl-
vania, and Susannah Ogden, born in Maryland). He was
born April 4, 1813, Harrison county, W. Va. Came to Utah
1852, Lorenzo Johnson company.

Married Amy Lorett Chase June 18, 1844, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Abner Chase, born April 24, 1784, died March
21, 1829, and Amy Scott, born Oct. 5, 1789, died April 10, 1872,
both of Virginia). She was born Nov. 7, 1822. Their chil-
dren: Jacob, m. Elizabeth Harley; David, m. Eliza Betts;
Abner, m. Elizabeth Tranter; Mary Ann, m. Ebenezer Tan-
ner; Mark, m. Madaline Pyper; Amy Lorett. m. James Har-
vey Mangum; Charles Edwin, m. Mary T. Stephens; Susan-
nah, m. John Robert Goldsbrough; James, m. Maud Whit-
beck; Alice, m. Frederick Garrett.

Married Armella Caroline Mangum Feb. 12, 1852, Kanes-
vllle, Iowa (daughter of William Mangum, born Dec. 25,
1811, in St. Clair county, Ala., and Sarah Adair, born Dec.
27, 1813, in Pickens county, Ala, pioneers 1852, Lorenzo
Johnson company). Their children: Armelia b. July 17,

1857, m. Napoleon Grover; Eliza b. June 1861, m. Jededlah
Grover; Don Manzum b. Jan. 1, 1854, m. Mary Henrietta
Henriod. Family home at Nephi, Utah.

Bishop; patriarch; president Juab stake 1864-96. Probate
judge Juab county; mayor of Nephi 1861; member Terri-
torial Assembly six years. Indian war veteran. Farmer and
stockraiser. Died Feb. 23, 1907.

BIGLER, DON MANGUM (son of Jacob G. Bigler and Ar-
melia Caroline Mangum). Born Jan. 16, 1854, Nephi, Utah.

Married Mary Henrietta Henriod 1880, American Fork
Utah (daughter of Eugene A. Henriod and Mary Thorn Mal-
lett of American Fork, pioneers Oct. 14, 1853, Cyrus H.
Wheelock company). She was born May 12, 1859. Their
children: Don Alphonso b. Oct. 16, 1880, died; Leah Domitile
b. Aug. 31, 1882, m. John H. Robinson; Mary Henrietta b
Nov. 5, 1884, died; Nettie Beryl b. Nov. 24, 1887, m. Abraham
Bowers. Family home, American Fork, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher at Nephi. Worked on St. George and
Manti temples. Farmer; miner. Died Feb. 26, 1905 Ameri-
can Fork, Utah.

BILLINGS, ALFRED NELSON (son of Titus Billings and
Diantha Morley of Manti. Utah). Born Aug. 23, 1825 in
Geauga county, Ohio. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Deborah Patten Dec. 9, 1857, Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of John Patten and Hannah Ingersoll of Green county
Indiana, pioneers 1850). She was born April 11, 1830. Their
children: Alfred Nelson, m. Alice E. Orser; Diantha, m. John
H. Worsley; George Pierce, m. Lydia Ann Young; William
Wallace, m. Maggie Greenhalgh; Hannah, m. Joseph E
Daniels; Warren Frank, m. Rachel Malinda Rasmussen-
John Dwight, m. Florence Pyne; Elmyra Louisa, m. Robert

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