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Anderson; Florence, d. child. Family resided Provo and
Manti, Utah.

Called to Elk mountain mission; missionary among the
Indians in 1855. Moved from Manti to Provo where he
assisted in developing the country. Tax collector Manti
four years. Farmer. Died March 12, 1881, at Provo.

BILLINGS, WARREN FRANK (son of Alfred Nelson Billings
and Deborah Patten). Born Jan. 20, 1864, Provo, Utah.

Married Rachel Malinda Rasmussen Dec. 25, 1889, Jensen
Utah (daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen and Elizabeth Ella-
son of Stavanger, Norway). She was born July 7, 1871
Their children: Revenna b. July 17, 1891, d. infant; Linda
b. June 10, 1891, d. at birth; Warren Leonard b. Sept 30
1893; Milton Marlow b. Dec. 12, 1895, d. July 15, 1911-
Buenna Elizabeth b. Feb. 16, 1898; Lavoni Josephine b Dec'
17. 1903, d. Aug. 25, 1912; Evelyn b. Aug. 6. 1908; Sharon
Wallace b. Feb. 5, 1912. Family home Jensen, Utah.

Elder; ward clerk 1893; Sunday school superintendent
12 years. Justice of the peace several years; county com-
missioner 1908-09; school trustee three terms. Schoolteacher
1886-88. Settled on Burns Bench (Jensen) 1886 and assisted
in pioneering that country. Secretary of Burns Bench Irri-
gation company 12 years.

BILLS, WESLEY (son of William Bills). Came to Utah


Married Sarah Wilcox (daughter of John Henry Wilcox
and Mary Toung, of Mt. Pleasant, Utah, pioneers 1847).

Their children: Wesley b. Nov. 23, , m. May Rigby;

Hazard, m. Martha Vance; John; Mary Elizabeth, m. John
Dick; James, m. Mary Hartley; Maud, d. child; Herbert, m.
Kate Houtz; Charles, m. Annie Carolson; Clarissa, m. Verna
Davidson; Janet, m. Stephen Day; Orange, d. infant.

Elder; ward teacher. Early settler at Milburn. Black
Hawk war veteran. Farmer.

BILLS, JAMES (son of Wesley Bills and Sarah Wilcox).
Born Nov. 17, 1876, Fairvlew, Utah.

Married Mary Christina Hartley Dec. 18, 1896, Manti.
Utah (daughter of Caleb Hartley and Christine Peterson of
Falrview, pioneers 1855, Parley Allred company). She was
born Dec. 26, 1874. Their children: Winston b. Sept. 22,
1897, d. child; Isbon Theophilus b. July 26, 1899; John Henry
b. Dec. 27, 1900; Vera Mae b. Jan. 1, 1909. Family home
Clear Creek, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer; engineer for Utah Fuel

BILLS, WILLIAM ANDREW (son of John Bills and Eliza-
beth Scott of Pittsburg, Pa.). Born Aug. 5, 1835, at Pitta-
burg. Came to Utah Sept. 1848.

Married Emeline Beckstead July 4, 1852 (daughter of
Alexander Beckstead and Catherine Llnce, pioneers 1849,
Redden Allred company). She was born April 4, 1837, In
Canada. Their children: Gordon Silas b. March 18, 1854, m.
Ellen G. Holt, m. Bertha L. Jensen; William Andrew b. Sept.
4, 1856. m. Etta Neel; Alexander b. Sept. 4, 1857, m. Emily
R. Beckstead, m. Rachel Riley; Catherine E. b. March 14,
1859, m. Nephi Orgill; Harriet E. b. Feb. 18, 1861, m. Louis
Peterson; John A. b. Jan. 26, 1863, d. Sept. 9, 1863; George
W. b. Aug. 9. 1864, m. Lucy E. Merrill; Mary E. b. June IB,
1867, m. Frank E. Seal; Martha Ann b. Jan. 27, 1869, died;
Henry b. July 25. 1870, m. Vina Clements; Daniel W. b. Dec.
1, 1872. died; David b. April 15. 1874, m. Lorena Smith.

Married Matilda Amundson March 1, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ole and Mary Amundson). Their children:
Parley b. Feb. 10, 1872, m. Myram Wright; Mary A. b. Aug.
8. 1874, d. Jan. 27, 1881; Luther M. b. Nov. 22, 1877, d. Dec.


12, 1877; Oley b. May 16, 1880, m. Birdie Staples; William
R. b. July 9, 1884. m. Ethel Post; Olive b. Dec. 12, 1886, d.
March 25, 1896; Norman S. b. April 10, 1889, m. Mary Miles;
Martha J. b. March 17, 1891; Iva Patrenia b. July 25, 1893,
d. May 15, 1895.

Married Patrenia Amundson March 1, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Oley and Mary Amundson). Their children:

Orson b. Nov. 1, 1874, m. Rosa ; Samuel b. Jan. 6, 1874, m.

Lottie Parry; Homer L. b. Oct. 25, 1876.

Married Annie Eastwood Feb. 6. 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John and Sarah Eastwood). Their children:
Annie B. b. Jan. 13, 1880, m. Richard Farmer; Sarah R. b.
Oct. 27, 1881, m. Lyman Butterfleld; William L. b. Aug. 21,
1883; Lorenzo E. b. March 26, 1886, m. Rosa Bills; Heber L.
b. May 22, 1888, d. April 1, 1896; Wilford L. b. Nov. 17, 1890;
Byron E. b. April 30, 1893, d. April 22, 1895.

Settled on the Little Cottonwood 1849; moved to Provo
1858, and later to Mountain Green. Veteran Echo Canyon
war. High priest; president South Jordan branch 1856-77;
bishop South Jordan ward 23 years. Taught school at West
Jordan two years.

BILLS, GORDON SILAS (son of William Andrew Bills and
Emeline Beckstead). Born March 18, 1854, West Jordan,

Married Ellen G. Holt Sept. 27, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Mathew Holt and Ann Harrison), who was
born March 10, 1859, in England. Their children: Ida A. b.
Nov. 14, 1876, m. Arthur Bate; Silas W. b. Sept. 25, 1878;
Rosa E. b. Dec. 28, 1881; Arthur b. July 14, 1883; Sadie E. b.
Aug. 25. 1886, m. Ether Stocking; Edna P. b. April 11, 1888,
Hazel b. Jan. 28, 1891, m. Mahonrl Butterfleld; Edward A. b.
June 16, 1893; Harriett L. b. July 6, 1896; Emma b. Oct. 13,

Married Bertha L. Jensen May 1, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lars and Maria Jensen). Their children: Ezra
b. Dec. 26, 1881, m. Ethel Walker; Raymond b. Jan. 24, 1883,
m. Delia Crane; Carrie M. b. Sept. 4, 1885, m. Joseph Green;
Edith N.; Bertie M. b. June 8, 1888; Elizabeth b. Jan. 24,
1891, m. Alvin Miller; Reynold b. July 9, 1895; Leslie M.

Seventy; president Y. M. M. I. A., South Jordan ward; mis-
sionary to southern states 1879-81; 2nd and later 1st coun-
selor to Bishop Orrin P. Miller; bishop of Riverton ward.
School trustee; assessor and collector at South Jordan


nv ' , ERA . STIJ S *n of Elisha Warner Bingham and

Sally Perry). Born March 12, 1798, Concord, Essex county.

M Cam . e r to .Utah Sept. 19, 1847, Daniel Spencer company.
r, Ma = If, Lucl " da Gates March 21, 1820 (daughter of Thomas
o ' T< eer n el ? t - 19 ' 1847) - She was born March 19, 1799,
Concord, Vt. Their children: Mary b. April 1. 1820 m Elijah
bZv% i e >T an> n J> Wi ' lard Snow, m. Lorin Farr; SanforS
b May 3, 1821, m. Martha Ann Lewis, m. Agnes Fife- Lu-
cinda, m. Loren Hastings; Erastus, Jr. b. Sept. 30 1824 m

Sinn, h V H y if!; eema ' m ' Susan Green; Thomas mKarn
Happuch Holladay; Maria m. Isaac Newton Goodale; Wll-
lard, m. Janet Gates; Edwin, m. Phoebe Jane Burke, m
Amanda Snow; Jacob d. child; Brigham Heber b. Dec ]
1841, m. Angeline Therisa Aldous, m. Mary Alice LonTax.

BINGHAM, SANFORD (son of Erastus Bingham and Lucin-

BING, WILLIAM SHERMAJT (son of William Bing of Mis-
souri). Born April 5, 1878, Kirksville, Mo. Came to Utah
April, 1894.

Married Bessie Claire Emeis May 11, 1899, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Harry T. Emeis and Mary Groshell of Cairo,
Iowa. Came to Utah Dec. 6, 1891). She was born Nov. 18,
1878. Their children: Harry Emeis; William Sherman, died;
Virginia. Family resided Salt Lake City, Utah, and Santiago,

Proprietor of Salt Lake Stamp company.

BIXGHAM, CALVIN (son of Lucius and Lucy Bingham).
Born Sept. 27, 1827, Fowler, N. T. Came to Utah 1854, OKteam

Married Elizabeth Thorne (daughter of Ashel Thome,
pioneer 1854). She was born March 25, 1832. Their children:
Clarinda b. Sept. 6, 1850, m. Hyrum S. Phelps; Calvin Perry
b. Jpn. 28, 1852, m. Olive E. Phelps; Mary Elizabeth b. Dec.
25, 1853, m. Hyrum S. Phelps; Lucy Jane b. May 29, 1856. m.
Robert Williams: Barbara Ann b. Aug. 26, 1858, m. Robert
Williams: Ann Mariah b. June 28, 1862, m. William L. Le
Seur; Ashel b. Nov. 20, 1864, d. Sept. 27, 1883; William
Augustine b. Aug. 16, 1867, m. Maud Holliday; Lydia Emeline
b. Feb. 26, 1870, m. Fred Wood; Orissa Vilate April 29, 1873,
d. infant; Alice b. Nov. 20, 1875, m. Rollin Walker.

High priest; bishop. Veteran Echo Canyon war. Black-
smith and farmer. Died May 27, 1883.

BINGHAM, CALVIN PERRY (son of Calvin Bingham and
Elizabeth Thorne). Born June 28, 1852, in Pottawattamle
county, Iowa. Came to Utah 1854 with parents.

Married Olive E. Phelps Oct. 9, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Morris Phelps and Sarah Thompson of Jack-
son county. Mo., pioneers 1849, cow and oxteam company).
She was born Nov. 24, 1856, Alpine, Utah. Their children:
Ina Teressa b. April 13, 1794, d. Oct. 7. 1876; Rhoda Alzina b.
Jan. 19, 1876, d. Dec. 27, 1882; Sarah Elizabeth b. July 9. 1879,
m. LeRoy Goodrich; Charles Perry b. March 26, 1882, m.
Mary Alice Gardner; Hyrum Carl b. Oct. 19, 1884. d. June 6,
1889; Ashel Calvin b. Aug. 7, 1887, m. Grace Casper; Maud
Ethel b. May 25, 1890, m. George Pearce; Mary Clarinda b.
July 25. 1893; Ralph b. Aug. 16, 1896, d. June 1910; Jedediah
G. b. May 16. 1899; Thornton P. b. May 13, 1906. Family
resided Montpelier, Idaho, Vernal, Utah, and Mesa City,

Sunday school superintendent: high priest; bishop's coun-
selor; bishop; ward teacher. Farmer and horse dealer.

BINGHAM, CHARLES PERRY (son of Calvin Perry Bing-
ham and Olive E. Phelps). Born March 26, 1882, Mesa City,

Married Mary Alice Gardner Jan. 3, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Alma Gardner and Martha Timothy,
of Wallsburg, Utah). She was born Nov. 2, 1884. Their chil-
dren: Merl b. Feb. 24, 1907: Charles Leland b. Sept. 13, 1908;
Ercil Calvin b. Aug. 14, 1910. Family home Roosevelt, Utah.

Elder; assistant Sunday school superintendent; ward
teacher; first assistant in presidency Y. M. M. I. A.; secretary
S. S. union board. Farmer.

Married Martha Ann Lewis July 18, 1847. while crossing
plains (daughter of Benjamin Franklin Lewis, massacred
at Haun's Mill Oct. 30, 1838, and Joannah Ryon. who died
in Nauvoo Jan. 16, 1846). She was born Feb. 20 1833 and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Sanford jr b
Sept. 1 1848, m. Julia Hall Sept. 19, 1872; Martha Ann b. Jan'
29, 1850, m. Joseph Fife Feb. 16, 1865; Benjamin Franklin
b. Sept. 25, 1851, m. Mary E. Jensen Jan. 8, 1885; John b
May 10, 1853, m. Mary Jane Hickenson Oct. 28 1872- Sophia
Cordelia b. Dec. 30, 1854, m. Robert H. Hopkins- William b
Oct. 16, 1856, m. Annie M. Peterson Aug. 9, 1885; Joannah b'
Aug. 28, 1858, m. John T. Bybee July 24, 1877; Joseph Smith
b. June 23, 1860, m. Annie Annie M. Hansen April 1 1880-
Elisha Erastus b. March 25, 1862, m. Elizabeth L Walker
Nov. 2, 1882; Rebecca Jane b. Nov. 7, 1864, m. Hans Christian
Hansen Dec. 21, 1882; Lorin Beason b. Sept. 16, 1866 m Rose
Jenkins June 6, 1894; Lucinda Elizabeth b. Nov. 27 1868 m
George A. Pincock Oct. 20, 1886. Family home Riverdale'

Married Agnes Fife Oct. 10, 1863, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Adam Fife, pioneer 1857, Capt. Wilkie company, and
Ellen Sharp). She was born May 14, 1846, Clackmannan
Scotland. Their children: Martha Agnes b. Aug. 25 1864 m
Wilson G. Wright March 16, 1888; Adam Aranthon b Nov'
14, 1865, m. Annie Stratton Nov. 14, 1889; Walter b April

29, 1867, m. Jessie McDonald Oct. 20, 1886; Ellen b. March

30, 1869, m. Joseph K. Wright Dec. 8, 1886; Mary b. Jan
5, 1871, m. James H. Cook June 1, 1898; Enoch b. Dec 12
1872, m. Alice Tracy July 21, 1893; Margaret b. Oct 22
1874; Sanford James b. March 2, 1877, m. Sophia Stratton
June 26, 1901; Andrew b. Jan. 19, 1879, m. Aclele Child
Dec. 7, 1898; Tracy b. Aug. 2, 1882, d. Dec. 26, 1893; Oscar
b. Aug. 18, 1884, drowned Dec. 26, 1S93; Norman b. Sept
18, 1886, m. Ellen Garner Jan. 20, 1909; Maria b. May 31
1895. Family home Riverdale, Utah.

President Riverdale branch Sept. 1868; bishop Riverdale
ward 1868-1902. Assessor and collector; town constable-
justice of peace; member town board of trustees; deputy
U. S. collector Weber and Box Elder counties 1868-69
Died Nov. 22, 1910.

BINGHAM, BENJAMIN F. (son of Sanford Bingham and
Martha Ann Lewis). Born Sept. 25, 1851, Bingham Fort

Married Elizabeth Jensen Jan. 8, 1885, Trenton, Utah
(daughter of Neils Jensen and Johana Sandberg of Logan,
Utah), who was born Nov. 6, 1863. Their children; Ben-
jamin F., Jr., b. Nov. 26, 1885, m. Adelia Lapray; R. E. b.
July 15, 1888, m. Hazel Cunningham; Murriel b. Oct. 14, 1892-
Gilbert b. May 14, 1896; Kenneth b. Feb. 5, 1901; Loyal b.
June 17, 1903; Carlton b. March 5, 1907. Family home
Trenton, Utah.

Bishop. County commissioner. Farmer and stockraiser.

BINGHAM, BENJAMIN F., JR. (son of Benjamin F. Bingham
and Mary Elizabeth Jensen). Born Nov. 26, 1885, Trenton

Married Adelia Lapray Sept. 26, 1907, Logan, Utah (daugn-
ter of David Lapray and Heneretta Hoffman), who was
born May 2, 1885. Their children: Wanda b. July 3, 1909-
Goldie b. April 11, 1910. Family home, Trenton, Utah.

Missionary to central states 1907-09. Farmer.

BINGHAM, ADAM ARANTHON (son of Sanford Bingham
and Agnes Fife). Born Nov. 14, 1865, Riverdale, Utah.

Married Annie Stratton Nov. 14, 1889, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Edward Stratton and Adele DeSaules, former a pio-
neer Sept. 29, 1853, the latter Sept. 15, 1859, Robert F.
Neslen company). She was born Jan. 5, 1873, Riverdale,
Utah. Their children: Annie Adele b. Jan. 5, 1891. m. Mo-
roni Shipley July 22, 1908; Aranthon Edward b. Frb. 28,
1893; Margaret Lottie b. March 18, 1895; Sophia Madeline b.
March 4, 1897; Doneta b. June 5, 1901; Harold Sanford
b. Dec. 9, 1903; Leonora b. March 15, 1906; Leland Joseph
b. March 31, 1909; George Morzette b. May 26, 1911. Fam-
ily home Riverdale, Utah.

President Y. M. M I. A. 1896-97; missionary to Colorado
1898-1900, and presided over West Colorado conference;
bishop Riverdale ward 1902-1912.

BINGHAM, ERASTUS (son of Erastus Bingham and Lu-
cinda Gates). Born Sept. 30, 1822, St. Johnsbury, Vt.

Married Olive Hovey Freeman (daughter of Isaac F. and
Lydia Freeman), who was born Jan. 8, 1820, Waterford,
Vt. Their children: Olive Louise b. Oct. 3. 1844, m. Wil-
liam Walker; Erastus Perry b. March 20, 1846, m. Emeline
Chastina Allen Feb. 21, 1870; Lucinda Marie b. June 1,



1848, m. William Foy; Lydia Roxania b. Jan. 6, 1850, m.
George Lish; Isaac Farwell b. Sept. 20, 1852, died; Mary
Ann b. Feb. 9, 1854, m. Peter C. Geetesen Aug. 1871; Lorenzo
b. Dec. 7, 1856, m. Rebecca Guthrie; Diana b. July 19, 1858,
m. William G. Smith Aug. 7, 1876; Ophalia b. Aug. 19, I860,
m. William Foy.

Married Susan Green (daughter of Benjamin P. Green and
Lucy Wisdom), who was born Aug. 6, 1839, Halifax, N.

5, Their children: Susan Melissa b. Nov. 23, 1856, m.
Winslow Farr; Nephi b. April 9, 1858; Lucy Ann b. March

6, 1860, m. Joseph Wheeler; Marintha b. May 26, 1861,
m. Stewart Eccles; Eda b. Jan. 21, 1863; Enoch b. March

7, 1864, m. Maria Slater 1883; Daniel (twin to Enoch),
m. Eliza Graham; Harriet Adelthe b. Nov. 2, 1865, m.
Joseph Wheeler; Erastus Alma b, Sept. 28, 1868, m. Annie
Lard Jan. 2, 1888; Violette May b. May 30, 1870, m. John
Holt; Benjamin Wisdom b. Jan. 11 1872; Myrtle Adel b.
Sept. 2, 1873; Clara Isabel b. Aug. 29, 1876, m. Joseph Woods
March 9, 1909; Rozina Diantha b. July 21, 1878, m. James R.
McGee; Jacob Moroni b. Nov. 4, 1881, m. Francis Harriet.

Member Company B, Mormon Battalion; major in Echo
Canyon campaign; president 38th quorum seventies, Ogden;
president 75th quorum seventies, Huntsville, Utah.

BINGHAM, ERASTUS PERRY (son of Erastus Bingham
and Olive Hovey Freeman^. Born March 20, 1846 La Harpe,
Hancock county, 111.

Married Emeline Chastina Allen Feb. 21, 1871, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Alanson David Allen, pioneer Oct. 27,

1849, and Chastina Hadlock, pioneer 1850, Capt. Everett
company). She was born Aug. 26, 1851, Ogrden, Utah.
Their children: Perry Alanson b. April 8, 1871, m. Alvelda
Olsen June 1, 1898; Emeline Chastina b. Oct. 14, 1872, m.
William A. McBride Jan. 23, 1895; Francis b. July 19, 1874,
m. Annie Sophia Hansen March 6, 1898; Albern Allen b.
April 14, 1876, m. Pitia J. Poulsen Feb. 1904; Joseph Franklin
b. Nov. 23, 1877, m. Harriet Ann Geeder Jan. 8, 1908; Olive
Rebecca b. Aug. 20, 1879, m. Alex Wrigley Aug. 15, 1909;
Louisa Marinda b. Dec. 10, 1880; William Henry b. April 13,
1882, m. Christiana Michelson Nov. 25, 1907; Mary Lucinda
b. Aug. 25, 1883; Thomas Lorenzo b. Feb. 18, 1885, m.
Lavina Munson Dec. 18, 1907; Ezra b. Sept. 6, 1886, m.
Mary Wood Jan. 8, 1908; Edward Erastus b. March 7, 1888;
Clarence b. Nov. 7, 1889; Wilford Lev! b. Aug. 14, 1891;
Lorin b. Oct. 6, 1893; Leonard b. Oct. 6, 1893; Ceduia b. Aug.
4, 1895; David Moroni b. Aug. 17, 1897; Arnold Hyrum b.
June 14, 1899. Family home Huntsville, Utah.

President 75th quorum seventies. School trustee, Hunts-
ville for two terms.

BINGHAM, PERRY ALANSON (son of Erastus Perry Bing-
ham and Emeline Chastina Allen). Born April 8, 1871,
Huntsville, Utah.

Married Avelda M. Olsen 1898, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Christian Olsen and Andrea M. C. Poulsen, came to Utah
1871). She was born Aug. 23, 1876, Plain City, Utah. Their
children: Harvey Perry b. May 4, 1899; Avelda Lucetta
b. Sept. 17, 1903; Myrtle Marie b. Aug. 24, 1906.

Counselor in presidency of 6th quorum elders, Weber
stake; superintendent Sunday schools, Middleton, Utah.

BINGHAM, THOMAS (son of Erastus Bingham and Lucinda
Gates). Born July 19, 1824, Grafton, N. H. Came to Utah
July 29, 1847, with contingent of Mormon Battalion, Co. B.

Married Karen Happuch Holladay Sept. 6, 1849, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Holladay and Katherine Hlggins
of Marion county, Ala., pioneers July 29, 1847, William
Crosby company.) She was born May 4, 1830. Their chil-
dren: Thomas, Jr., b. Aug. 12, 1850, m. Mary Elizabeth
Gfroerer; m. Margaret Louisa Gfroerer; Mary b. Sept. 18,
1852, m. Mark M. Hall; m. Phillip Stringham; Lucinda Kath-
erine b. Nov. 3, 1854, m. Charles A. Nye; David Holladay
b. Aug. 19, 1857, m. Harriet Perry; Charles C. R. b. June
12, 1860, m. Mary Holden; m. Mary Michelson; Phoebe
Karen b. June 4, 1862, m. George W. Hislop; Elzada b. April
21, 1864, d. child; Martha b. Oct 1, 1866, m. Don Carlos
Perry; Clara b. Oct. 25, 1868, d. child; Tracy Tyler b. Oct
24, 1871, d. infant. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Seventy; ordained bishop of Mountain Dell, Unita county,
Utah, Sept. 11, 1881; previously counselor to Bishop F. A.
Hammond of Huntsville for many years; Sunday school
worker since 1879; missionary to San Bernardino, Cal.,
March 4, 1861, to May 1855; missionary to Salmon River
Indians 1856-58. Selectman when Unita county was cre-
ated in 1880 and was elected probate judge at first election,
August 1881, and held that office five years. Bingham
Canyon was named for him and his brothers, who held
claims there 1848-50. Timberman and sawmillman, 1860-
77. Died Dec. 31, 1889, Maeser, Utah.

BINGHAM, THOMAS, JR. (son of Thomas Bingham and
Karen Happuch Holladay). Born Aug. 12, 1850, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Elizabeth Gfroerer June 1, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Frederick G. Gfroerer and Elizabeth
Sabin of Pennsylvania, pioneers 1847). She was born Dec.
20, 1854. Their children: Mary Lenora b. June 11, 1875;
David Thomas b. March 20, 1877, d. infants; Annie Eliza-
beth b. Feb. 17, 1879, m. Stephen M. Dudley; George San-
ford b. June 23, 1881, m. Janet A. Gerber; Francis Marion
b. Oct. 9, 1884, m. Leona Henderson; Mark Moroni b. Dec.
19, 1886; Edna b. June 22, 1889, m. J. Urbin Allred; Edwin
b. June 22, 1889, m. Mary M. Wilson; Roseltha b. June j.u,

Married Margaret Louisa Gfroerer Oct. 25, 1875, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Frederick G. Gfroerer and Elizabeth
Sabin), who was born Dec. 20, 1854. Their children: Clara

Louisa b. April 19, 1878, m. George H. Bartlett; Maggie
Maria b. Sept. 8, 1880, m. George Victor Billings; Frederick
F. b. Nov. 4, 1882, m. Sarah Bartlett; Lester b. Oct. 7, 1885,
m. Martha Mae Roberson; Karen b. Aug. 30, 1888, m. Wil-
liam Hacking; Helen Vilate b. May 13, 1891, m. Sanford
Dudley. Families resided Maeser, Utah.

ham and Margaret Louisa Gfroerer). Born Nov. 4, 1882,
Mountain Dell, Unita county, Utah.

Married Sarah Bartlett Sept. 19, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Claymore Bartlett and Annie Katrina
Jensen of Vernal, Utah, pioneers Oct. 10, 1866, Independent
company). She was born Jan. 6, 1887. Their children-
Elgia b. June 21, 1907; Merle b. Jan. 12, 1909; Zelda b. Dec.
4, 1910. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Member 77th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states Sept. 24, 1902, to Feb. 6, 1905; ordained high priest
Aug. 25, 1907; stake superintendent of Sunday schools
July 7, 1906 to Jan. 4, 1908; high councilor 1907-10; bishop of
2d ward, Vernal, Sept. 18, 1910, to Sept. 3, 1911; missionary
to Unita Indian reservation. Member of Winder & Bingham
Mercantile company, later incorporated as the Acorn Mer-
cantile company, which dealt in general merchandise and
machinery. Farmer and stockraiser.

BINGHAM, WILLARD (son of Erastus Bingham and Lu-
cinda Gates). Born Feb. 19, 1830.

Married Janet Gates (daughter of Samuel Gates and
Lydia Downer), who was born Jan. 12, 1836. Their chil-
dren: Flora Janet b. in May, m. Lev! J. Taylor; Willard b.

Oct. 30, , m. Cynthia Melissa Ann Shurtliff; Josephine

b. in May, m. Levi J. Taylor; Jedediah Grant b. in Oct., m.
Margaret Peterson; Parley Pratt b. Dec. 30, 1859, m. Marga-
ret McFarland; Ida b. Feb. 9, ; Elijah and Elisha Junius

b. June 2, ; Ezra; Erastus La Grand; Lydia; Mariah;

Lucinda b. March 13, ; Zilpha Isador; Nancy Jane; Em-

maretta. Family resided Huntsville and Wilson, Utah.

Married Amanda Melvina Snow (daughter of Willard
Snow). Their children: Willard Eugene; Melvina; Wilford;
Rosetta; Susan; Mary Ellen; Rebecca; Florence Adelaide-
Tyler; Isabel.

Married Clara Smith. Their children: Willard S.; Clara;
Leroy; Idella; Thomas; Uvada; Hyrum; Viola; Leah; Eldon.

BINGHAM, PARLEY PRATT (son of Willard Bingham and
Janet Gates). Born Dec. 30, 1859, Ogden, Utah.

Married Margaret McFarland at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James McFarland and Hannah Boyack), who was
born March 1, 1860, West Weber, Utah. Their children-
Parley Pratt; William M.; George Willard; Samuel Levi;
Maggie Mae; Ethel and Edith (twins); Eliza Ellen; Jeddie
Archibald; Rosabel; Howard Rulon; Lois Fontella. Family
resided Wilson and Smithfield, Utah.

Married Isabel McFarland. Their children: Percy Young;
Leone; Ralph M.; Annetta; Wallis James; Lawrence Pratt;
Wynona; Norman.

BINGHAM, BRIGHAM HEBER (son of Erastus Bingham
and Lucinda Gates). Born Dec. 15, 1841.

Married Angeline Therisia Aldous Dec. 24, 1861 (daughter
of Robert Aldous and Mary Ann Parkin, married Dec. 24,
1835, Huntingdon, Eng., pioneers Sept. 14, 1853, Claudius
V. Spencer company). She was born Dec. 27, 1844. Their
children: Brigham Heber, Jr. b. Dec. 15, 1862, m. Catherine
Rozilla Wilson Jan. 17, 1884; Edwin Aldous b. Aug. 31, 1864,
m. Genevra Martin Nov. 24, 1885; Angeline Maria b. Sept.
14, 1866, d. age 5 months; Robert b. Dec. 12, 1867, m. Marinda
Tracy April 17, 1889; Elijah b. Jan. 25, 1870, m. Mary Francis
Fife Oct. 1891; Edna b. March 11, 1872, m. Martin P. Brown
Jan. 17, 1894; Joseph b. Sept. 4, 1874, m. Martha C. Morten-
sen April 4, 1894; Georgianna b. March 8, 1877, m. James
Combe Oct. 5, 1905; Mary Ann b. July 15, 1879, m. Claude M.
Dee March 1, 1904; Lucinda b. Nov. 27, 1881, d. May, 1891;
Erastus A. b. March 17, 1884, m. Hilda Bonerude Feb. 15, 1905.

Married Mary Alice Lomax June 24, 1886, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Joseph Lomax and Matilda Wignal; former
came to Utah 1882). She was born Dec. 10, 1861, Darwin,
Lancastershire, Eng. Their children: Ethel Exile b. March
18, 1887, m. Stephen Farnsworth 1904; John Brigham b. Jan.
12, 1889, m. Pearl duff 1910; Minerva Alice b. March 14,
1891; Maude Ellen b. Feb. 24, 1894, m. Eddie Cluff 1910; Dora
Jane b. May 27, 1898; Mary Elizabeth b. Dec. 15, 1900. Fam-
ilies resided Wilson, Weber county, Utah.

Bishop of Wilson ward 1880-90; bishop Mormon colony at
Garcia, Mex. Assisted in building first school houses at
Lynn and Huntsville. Pioneer to Wilson, Utah, 1869. Di-
rector Wilson Irrigation company 14 years.

BINGHAM, BRIGHAM HEBER, JR. (son of Brigham Heber
Bingham and Angeline Therisia Aldous). Born Dec. 15,
1862, Lynn, Weber county, Utah.

Married Catherine Rozilla Wilson Jan. 17, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Louis Dunbar Wilson and Catherine Wig-
gins). She was born Oct. 15, 1863, Ogden, Utah. Their
children: Heber Raymond b. Nov. 20, 1884; Clara Rozilla b.
March 1, 1887, m. Hyrum Fletcher April 3, 1910; Brigham
Albert b. Nov. 2, 1888; Pearl Elva b. Jan. 26, 1891; Annis b.
Jan. 8, 1893; Martha May b. May 7, 1895; Verna Catharine b.
Dec. 9, 1897; Wallace Dunbar b. July 9, 1902; Hazel b. Nov.

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