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moved to Farmington, Utah in 1856.

BOURNE, CHARLES (son of Thomas B. Bourne and
Susannah Lane). Born Nov. 12, 1820, Ledbury, Eng.

Married Jane Alder in 1842, at Ledbury (daughter of Wil-
liam Alder and Elizabeth Bevan, the latter a pioneer Sept.
14, 1853, Claudius V. Spencer company). She was born
in 1825, at Ledbury. Their children: Lorenzo b. Nov. 30,
846 and Charles, died; Jane; Hannah Arvilla b. Sept. 24,
1854, m. Ernest Potter and Jacob M. Secrist; Jane E. b. Oct.

3, 1867, m. William H. Stevenson Dec. 12, 1878; Alice Ann
b. March 15, i860, m. John G. Petty 1891; Charles H. b. Feb.

4, 1863, m. Silvia Vanfleet Jan. 12, 1887; John A. b. Sept.

28, 1865, m. Emeline Hess June 1, 1892; Wil'iam b. Nov. 17,
1867; George A. b. Oct. 7, 1868, m. Annie Lovesy June 23,
1897; Margret b. March 1, 1871. Family home Farmington,

Contractor and builder. Prominent in church and civil

BOURNE, JOHN A. (son of Charles Bourne and Jane Alder)
Born Sept. 28, 1865, Farmington, Utah.

Married Emeline Hess June 1, 1892, Logan, Utah (daughter
of John W. Hess and Julia Peterson, pioneers July 29, 1847,
with part of Mormon Battalion). She was born July 22,
1868, at Farmington. No children.

BOWEN, CACEY POTTER (son of Elias Bowen of Vermont,
and Cynthia Harrington, of Canada). He was born Dec. 13,
1830, Bennington county, Vt. Came to Utah in 1849.

Married Eleanor McGarey (daughter of Charles M. Mc-
Garey and Charlotte Earl), who was born Oct. 19, 1836.
Their children: Charlotte Elizabeth b. Feb. 19, 1852, m
William Boatwright; Cynthia Ellen b. Sept. 1, 1854, m. Fred
Taylor; Sarah Z. b. Nov. 29, 1856, m. John Boldware; Cacey
Potter, Jr. b. Oct. 24, 1858, m. Susannah Avilla Boothe July
25, 1879; Malissa Jane b. Dec. 24, 1860, m. John Standing;
Charles McGarey b. Feb. 10, 1863, m. Florence A. Thorp;
Lilly May b. April 8, 1865, m. Edwin Barton; Rhoda Bell b.
Feb. 22, 1867, m. Dave James; Mary Ann b. Dec. 2, 1870-
Louisa b. May 22, 1873; William Orson b. Aug. 4, 1875, d.
Nov. 23, 1887; Nellie Myrtle b. March 10, 1877, m. Van Vellett-
Edith Ivey b. Sept. 22, 1879, m. Herschel Lyman. Family
resided Ogden and Beaver Dam, Utah.

Indian war veteran. Died Jan. 21, 1902.

BOWEN, CACET POTTER, JR. (son of Cacey Potter Bowen
and Eleanor McGarey). Born Oct. 24, 1858, Ogden, Utah.

Married Susannah Avilla Boothe July 25, 1879, Brigham
City, Utah (daughter of Lewis N. Boothe and Mary Jane
Reese). She was born Sept. 19, 1862, Santa Rosa, Cal. Their
children: Cacey Lavon b. July 31, 1880, m. Ethel L Earl
Jan. 1899; Cynthia Eleanor b. Aug. 30, 1882, m. Peter Crezee
Sept. 1902; Lewis b. Dec. 7, 1884, m. Mary Anderson Feb 7
1906; Avilla May b. Jan. 8, 1886, m. Jedediah Abbott May
7, 1909; Russell b. March 7, 1888, died; Mary Pearl b Feb
1, 1891, m. Wilford C. Anderson Sept. 16, 1909; Earl b. March
17, 1893; Clyde b. June 11, 1895; Melltrude b. June 6, 1897;
Grant Reese b. Oct. 6, 1899; McMeredith b. May 7, 1902.
Family resided at Beaver, Utah and Lyman, Idaho.

Sunday school superintendent 24 years in Beaver ward
Utah; bishop of Lyman ward, Idaho.

BOWEN, DAVID (son of William Bowen, born July 24 1784
and Jane Evans, born Oct. 3, 1784, both of Llanelly, Breck-
nockshire, South Wales). He was born Aug. 11, 1823 at
Llanelly, and came to Utah in December, 1856, with John A
Hunt company.

Married Jane Foster (daughter of George Foster and
Eleanor Parry), who was born June 19, 1820. Their chil-
dren: William Parry b. July B, 1845, m. Ruth Jones Feb.
9, 1869; George Foster b. March 20, 1849, m. Mary Elizabeth
Miller March 24, 1873; Eleanor Jane b. Dec 8 1852 m
William J. Thomas Oct. 3, 1874; John Evans b. July 12^
1855, m. Mary Ann Christmas, Sept. 15, 1879; Lucy Ann-
Julia Susannah b. Oct. 26, 1859; David Chalinder b. Jan 1
1863, m. Harriet Hopla Jan. 23, 1887.

Settled at Spanish Fork in 1856; blacksmith; farmer and
stockraiser; director Co-op. Mercantile company 1868-69.
Member city council. Missionary to Pennsylvania and Eng-
land 1878-80; high priest. Died Jan. 16, 1910.

BOWEN, GEORGE FOSTER (son of David Bowen and Jane
Foster). Born March 20, 1849, Llanelly, Wales.

Married Mary Elizabeth Miller March 24, 1873, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Miller and Margaret Anderson)
She was born Sept. 15, 1853, Salt Lake City. Their children-
Jane Foster b. Feb. 16, 1874, m. George S. Boyack Nov 17
1897; Margaret Ellen b. Aug. 26, 1876, m. John W. Bell
Dec. 10, 1902; David Miller b. Nov. 5, 1878, m. Elizabeth
Taylor Feb. 14, 1900; George Anderson b. Aug. 30, 1881,
m. Madie Warner, May 12, 1905; James Miller b. Oct. 17,
1883, m. Belva A. Gallup Jan. 3, 1905; William Wallace b.
March 12, 1886; Mary b. March 29, 1888; Charles Milton b.
Oct. 6, 1890; Arthur Washington b. Feb. 22, 1892; John
Chalinder b. Dec. 31, 1895.

Settled at Spanish Fork; moved to Lake Shore 1884- re-
turned to Spanish Fork 1890; also lived at Garland for five
years. Railroad freighter; director Lake Shore Water com-
pany 1885. Farmer and stockraiser. Constable at Spanish
Fork 1897-98.

BOWERS, ISAAC (son of James Bowers, born Jan. 27,
1811, and Maria Lay, born Nov. 5, 1811, both of Staffordshire,
Eng.). He was born Dec. 6, 1841. Came to Utah Sept. 26,
1856, Edmund Ellsworth company.

Married Elizabeth Toud Dec. 3, 1861, Liverpool, Eng.,
who was born Feb. 14, 1845. Their children: James I. b.
Oct. 6, 1862, m. Rachel E. Boyack; John and Elizabeth Jane
(twins) b. Nov. 13, 1864; Hezekiah b. June 10, 1867, m.
Emily Simpson Nov. 7, 1893; Jacob T. b. Oct. 26, 1869, m.
Sarah J. Roach, March 2, 1892; Emma M. b. Sept. 4, 1872, m.
Hyrum Waters Jan. 10, 1894; Mary E. b. March 30, 1875, m.
Charles Waters, Dec. 16, 1895; Alfred b. Sept. 4, 1877, m.



Manetta Nielsen, Dec. 16, 1908; Ephraim b. May 27, 1880;
Chloe b. April 14, 1883, m. Charles Hanks, July 5, 1905;
Charles Delbert b. June 3, 1886; Sarah Ellen b. April 1,
1891, m. Delbert Beckstead Dec. 5, 1911.

Assisted to bring immigrants to Utah; settled at Pleasant
Grove; moved to Nephl in 1858, to Monroe in 1865, and to
Spanish Fork in 1867. Veteran Black Hawk war; delegate
to the live stock convention held in St. Louis in 1885.

BOWERS, ISAIAH (son of James Bowers and Maria Lay).
Born April 21, 1846, in Staffordshire. Came to Utah Sept.
26, 1856.

Married Harriet A. Hoyt June 6, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Israel Hoyt and Clarissa A. Miller, pioneers
1847). She was born Oct. 16, 1850. Their children: Israel
H. b. March 10, 1869; Clarissa A. H. b. Oct. 8, 1871, m. Heber
J. Meeks, Dec. 31, 1889; Isaiah Lay b. March 25, 1874, m. Ma-
ria Heaton, Nov. 16, 1899; Maria H. b. Oct. 5, 1876, m. Edward
Carroll, Nov. 4, 1896; Ella H. b. Sept. 8, 1879, m. John L.
Covington Dec. 4, 1896; Jonathan b. Oct. 26, 1882; Lillian H.
b. June 5, 1886; Harriet H. b. May 20, 1889, m. B. H. Sorn-
son Oct. 3, 1912. Family home Orderville, Utah.

Married Philinda Amanda Sperry in October, 1884, St.
George, Utah (daughter of Charles Sperry and Emily Miller,
pioneers of 1847). She was born Nov. 16, 1849, at Salt Lake
City. Their children: William S. b. Aug. 13, 1886; Sarah E.
b. June 13, 1890; Joy S. b. Oct. 10, 1893. Family home Order-
ville, Utah.

BOWLDEN, .TAJIKS (son of Richard Bowlden and Mary
Rafe of Brixton Surrey, London, Eng.). He was born in
1849. Came to Utah Nov. 4, 1864, Warren S. Snow company.

Married Ophelia Leona Avery in 1872, Springvilie, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Avery and Lydia Harrington of Mills
county, Iowa, pioneers). She was born Jan. 3, 1856. Their
children: Lydia, m. C. M. Humphrey; Retta, m. E. S. Allred;
J. L., m. Martha Clark; Clara, m. J. L. Strang; Ossa, m. J.
B. Ferguson; T. Richard; Rulon A. Family home Spring-
vine, Utah.

Seventy. Farmer.

BOWLES, EDWARD (son of Isaac Bowles). Born Sept. 23,
1806, Wiltshire, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 9, 1856, James G.
Willie company.

Married Ann Bolton. Their children: Thomas b. Aug. 18,
1836, m. Susannah Washburn Jan. 29, 1859; Enoch b. Nov.
25, 1844, m. Amelia Webb March 27, 1864, m. Sifla Kendall
Dec. 14, 1887. Family home Nephi, Utah.

Married Amelia . Only child: William.


BOWLES. THOMAS (son of Edward Bowles and Ann Bol-
ton). He was born Aug. 18, 1836, Wiltshire, Eng.

Married Susannah Washburn Jan. 29, 1859, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Abraham and Tamar Washburn), who was born
June 4, 1843, Nauvoo, 111. Their children: Thomas Edward
b Dec. 5, 1860, m. Louisa Bale March 18, 1879; William Abra-
ham b. June 5, 1863, m. Viola Johnson Dec. 27, 1883; Martha
Ann b. Aug. 13, 1866, m. George Taylor. Family home Nephi,

High priest; counselor to David Cazair in the high
priest's quorum.

BOWLES, THOMAS EDWARD (son of Thomas Bowles and
Susannah Washburn). Born Dec. 5, 1860, Moroni, Utah.

Married Louisa Bale (daughter of Richard Bale and Sarah
Miller), who was born Sept. 28. 1864, Whitwick, Leicester-
shire, Eng. Their children: William Thomas b. May 16,
1882 m Elizabeth A. Pitman Nov. 13, 1902; Earnest Richard
b Sept. 15, 1891, m. Clarissa E. Hancock Feb. 19, 1907;
Samuel Clifford b. Sept. 15, 1891, m. Sarah Campbell, March
6, 1912; Alvin Roy b. Nov. 11, 1898; Arthur Lloyd b. Oct.
10, 1900; Retta Louisa b. June 21, 1904; Sarah Vivian b. Feb.
21, 1907. Family home Nephi, Utah.

BOWLES, SAMUEL CLIFFORD (son of Thomas Edward
Bowles and Louisa Bale). Born Sept. 15, 1891, Nephi, Utah.
Married Sarah Campbell March 6, 1912. Family resides
near Rigby, Idaho.

BOWTHORPE, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Bowthorpe and
Priscilla Pye of Norwich, Norfolkshire, Eng.). Born Sept.
30, 1806, Bruff. Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 13, 1853, Levl
Kendall and Cyrus Wheelock company.

Married Mary Ann Tuttle Dec. 22, 1835, Norwich, Eng.
She was born Dec. 18. 1810. Their children: Virtue Ann,
m. Preston Lewis; George, d. child; Hannah Charlotte b.
Nov. 4, 1840, m. George Finley Brooks Fob. 13. 1858; Maria
Mary Ann, m. George Baker, m. Benjamin Neff ; 2 William
d aged 12; Phoebe, m. William Taylor; 'William b. June
8, 1851. m. C. Elizabeth Reynolds; Nephi b. April 24, 1855,
m. Lynn Reynolds. Family home Cottonwood, Utah.

Seventy; high priest; ward teacher: missionary to Eng-
land three years. Silk weaver; farmer. Died April 5, 1878,
Cottonwood, Utah.

BOWTHORPE, WILLIAM. JR. (son of William Bowthorpe
and Mary Ann Tuttle). Born June 8, 1851, Norwich, Eng.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married C. Elizabeth Reynolds Feb. 13, 1877. Salt Lake
City (daughter of Warren F. Reynolds and Christena Mc-
Neal of South Cottonwood, pioneers 1853). She was born
April 11 1858. Their children: Glays C. b. Dec. 23, 1877,
m. William J. Baxter; 'William W. b. June 1, 1879, d. Infant;

Hanmer R. b. March 5, 1881, m. Zina Peterson; Pearl R. b.
?*?;, 7 ' J ^ 82 J m ' Hurst Thompson; Asa R. b. April 7, 1885;
Wilford R. b. May 21, 1887, m. Dean Fagg; Nellie E. b. July
10, 1889; Clarence G. b. Sept. 15, 1892; Hazel R. b. March
14, 1895; Ethel May b. July 30, 1897; Geneva R, b. June 28,
1900. Family home Cottonwood, Utah.

Member 128th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1900-02; president seventies; Sunday school teacher- home
missionary in Granite stake six years; special missionary in
East Mill Creek and Big Cottonwood three years. Road
supervisor in Salt Lake county four years. Farmer and

BOYACK, JAMES (son of William Boyack and Catherine
Moody of Mains, Forfarshire, Scotland). Born Aug. 25 1805
Came to Utah Oct. 24, 1855, Milo Andrus company.

Married Elizabeth Mealmaker 1827. Scotland (daughter
of William Mealmaker and Jenet Robertson, of Mains). She
was born April 30, 1805. Their children: James, Jr., b
Sept. 14, 1828, m. Margary Waterhouse; Ann b. April 1829,
m. James Ririe; Margret b. Sept. 24, 1831, m. Henry Cleve-
land; Hannah b. March 12, 1835, m. James McFarland' Eliza-
beth b. April 15, 1838, m. Robert McKell; Mary b. Feb. 23,
1840, m. John Robertson; William M. b. 1841, m. Susan Dun-
can; Joseph G. b. July 1, 1812, m. Jessie Archibald: Peter F.
b. July 1, 1844, m. Rachel Hicks; Robert M. b. March 21,
1847, m. Emily Jane Stoker; David D. (twin of Robert), m.
Orilla Brimhall.

Settled at Spanish Forks 1856. Died there Feb. 1, 1888.

BOTACK, JAMES, JR. (son of James Boyack and Elizabeth
Mealmaker). Born Sept. 14, 1828, at Mains.

Married Margary Waterhouse Nov. 23, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Waterhouse and Isabella Donaldson,
of Dundee, Scotland). She was born Dec. 10, 1833. Their
children: 3 James A. b. Sept. 9, 1856, m. Sarah M. Cox Will-
iams; Margary Ann b. June 23, 1858, m. Robert Kinder;
Elizabeth M. b. April 4, 1861, m. John D. Evans; Mary Jane
b. Sept. 3, 1863, m. William Howells; Jemia E. b. Aug. 21,
1865, m. Richard Smith; Dessa b. Dec. 8, 1867; Isabella b.
Dec. 22, 1869, m. Charles H. Peterson; George S. b. July 8.
1872, m. Jane T. Bowen; Ralph B. b. May 9, 1876, m. Sarah
E. Morgan. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Died Dec. 19, 1893.

BOTACK, JAMES A. (son of James Boyack and Margary
Waterhouse). Born Sept. 9, 1856, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Sarah M. Cox Williams April 7, 1881, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Samuel Cox and Mary Williams, of Eng-
land, pioneers Oct. 1864). She was born Feb. 1, 1861. Their
adopted children: Ethel b. Dec. 20. 1887; Rosalia b. March
28, 1894. Family home Spanish Fork. Utah.

Missionary 1907-09 to Ohio; superintendent Sunday schools
1893-07; president seventies since 1900.

BOYCE. JOHN (son of Benjamin Boyce and Margaret Hart-
ley of Fredertcksburg. Can.). Born Feb. 20, 1814, at Freder-
icksburg. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Jane Herns June 7, 1835 (daughter of Thomas
Herns and Margaret Crank), who was born in Barry, Pike
county. III. Their children: Thomas; Martha b. March 21,
1836; Benjamin b. Oct. 7, 1839. Family home Kirtland, Ohio.

Married Mary Ann Barzee 1841, at Kirtland (daughter of
James W. Barzee and Betsy Whiteham), who was born Nov.
4, 1819. Their children: Chester b. April 2, 1842: Martin Cal-
vin b. April 7, 1844, m. Louisa Marshall early in 1865; John
b. May 24, 1846, d. Feb. 23, 1865; David b. Feb. 18, 1848, m.
Eliza Handy; Betsy Ann b. Nov. 27, 1851, m. Albert W.
Clements; Albert M. b. March 16, 1854, m. Ida M. Herrick
Jan. 25. 1886; Joseph Y. b. Oct. 26, 1856, m. Eunice S. Mer-
rlck; Elijah b. June 15, 1860. m. Frien Henderson; Elisha
b. Feb. 11, 1863. Family resided Smithfield, Utah, and Ox-
ford, Idaho.

High priest; patriarch. Farmer. Died March 31, 1886,
at Oxford.

BOTCE, JOSEPH YOUNG (son of John Boyce and Mary Ann
Barzee). Born Oct. 26, 1856, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Eunice Sophia Merrick March 8, 1876. Richmond,
Utah (daughter of D. M. Merrick and Sophia Duffln, pioneers
1852). She was born March 18, 1857, Ogden, Utah. Their
children; Joseph Lorenzo b. Feb. 1, 1877, d. July 23, 1880;
Nellie Alnora b. Jan. 22, 1879, m. George Helmandollar Oct.
12 1900- Leander M. b. Sept. 11, 1882, m. Maud Davis Dec.
13, 1905; Ruby b. Sept. 24, 1888; Vesta b. Jan. 15, 1894; Eva
b. July 6, 1900, died. Family home Oxford, Idaho.

President Y. M. M. I. A. 1880-89; superintendent Sunday
schools 1895-99; president 88th quorum seventies. Farmer
and fruit grower.

BOYCE, JOHX (son of Benjamin Boyce, born Dec. 18, 1812,
and Susannah Judd, born Feb. 25, 1815. both of Leads
county Canada). He was born Feb. 22. 1842. Madison Island
(near Nauvoo), 111. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1850, William

Married Elizabeth Ann Keat Dec. 18, 1864, (daughter of
James Keat and Ann Prodger, former a pioneer 1857). She
was born Aug. 8, 1842, and came to Utah Sept. 20, 1861, Jo-
seph Young company. Their children: Lizzie Adell b. Aug.
21 1869 m O. N. Despain 1888; John, Jr. b. June 18. 1866,
died- Eliza Content b. March 11, 1872. m. John Quist 1898;
Ida Lurena b. April 2S, 1874, m. Cyrus Winters 1908; Ella



Mehitable b. May 18, 1878, m. George Butler 1896; James b.
Nov. 27, 1879, d. Nov. 29, 1879.

Married Ella Eugenia Despain Jan. 30, 1879, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Solomon Despain and Ruth Amelia New-
ell, pioneers 1861, David Cannon company). She was born
Aug. 27, 1858, Deans Island, Mississippi county, Ark. Their
children: Ira John b. June 16, 1880. m. Pearl Mitchell 1907;
Elunie Mildred b. Aug. 25, 1882, m. George Baugh 1905; Ben-
jamin b. March 15, 1884, m. Maud Brown 1905; Verna Maud
b. Feb. 6. 1886, m. Benjamin Judd 1902; Mabel Clare b. Feb.
28, 1888; Ella Jean b. April 3, 1890. m. Wallace Clark 1911;
Joel Luther b. July 7, 1894; Edith Dora b. June 14, 1896;
Daniel b. May 6, 1898; Leona Elizabeth b. Jan. 25, 1901; La-
ronzo b. June 9, 1903. Family resided Salt Lake City and
Granite, Utah.

Assisted to bring immigrants to Utah; bishop's coun-
selor 30 years in Granite ward. Justice of peace two years;
Salt Lake county fruit-tree inspector two years.

BOYD, GEORGE ALFRED (son of James B. Boyd and Anne
Adams). Born Aug. 1, 1841, Newbury, Berkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah 1863, William Godbe company.

Married Isabell Jane Roe in 1867, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Roe), who was born in 1847. Their
children: Eliza N.; Mamie, m. William Brigawan; Priscilla
A., m. Arthur Dixon: George A., m. Alice Miller; John W.;
Edward, m. Flora Ellis; Albert Levi; Susie, m. August
Steiner; James Butler, m. Louise Fitts. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Elder. Assisted Capt. Hyde to bring immigrants to Utah.
Farmer and fruit-grower.

BOYDEN, CHARLES. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1860, James D.
Ross company.

Married Sarah Korns at Stafford, Staffordshire. Eng. She
was born in 1819. Their children: William d. infant: John,
m. Jessie Mitchell; Fannie, m. James Whitehead; Mary Ann,
m. Josiah Lees; Louisa, m. Oliver R. Ostler.

High priest; missionary to Sandwich Islands four years;
Sunday school superintendent. Farmer and stockraiser.
Died in 1887, Peterson, Morgan county, Utah.

BOYLE, HE1VRY G. (son of John Boyle and Jane Taylor, of
Virginia). Born March 7, 1824, in Virginia. Came to Utah
June 5, 1848.

Married Keziah D. Holliday Sept. 6, 1849, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Holliday and Katherine Higgins, pioneers
1847). She was born in 1833. Their children: William H. b.
Feb. 19, 1851, m. Mary Jane Ewell; Sarah Louisa b. Feb. 28,
1853, m. William A. Carter. Family home Weber county,

Married Elizabeth Ballard Feb. 24, 1859, Payson, Utah.
Eight children.

Married Arabella McKinley Sept. 30, 1865, Salt Lake City.
Six children.

Married Martha Frances Taylor, Sept. 26, 1889, Salt Lake
City. Six children.

Filled 14 missions; first president southern states mis-
sion. Died November 19U8, In Arizona.

BOYLE, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Henry G. Boyle and Ke-
ziah D. Holliday). Born Feb. 19, 1851, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Jane Ewell Dec. 24, 1869, Santaquln, Utah
(daughter of William Thomas Ewell and Polly Lee). She
was born Feb. 5, 1849. Their children: Mary Keziah b. Dec.
13, 1870, m. B. D. Harper; Susah Louisa b. Jan. 30, 1873, m.
W. B. Thurman; William H. b. Oct. 19, 1874, m. Minnie
Wright; Lydia Ann b. Aug. 11, 1876, m. John F. Harris;
Emma Jane b. July 18. 1878, m. George H. Chatwin; James
Hollis b. April 15, 1881, m. Olive Fulmer; Zachariah Levl
b. March 5, 1883, d. April 15, 1883; Leona Pearl b. March 6,
1893. Family home Santaquin, Utah.

Member board of education nine years; member city

BOYLE, PETER ADAMS (son of John Boyle of Edinburgh,
Scotland). Born Nov. 20, 1827, at Edinburgh. Came to
Utah Sept. 3, 1855, John Hindley company.

Married Elizabeth Sinclair Jan. 1, 1846, at Edinburgh,
who was born Aug. 4. 1821. Their children: John A., m.
Mary Snow; James M.; Robert B.; William W.; A. Mc-
Laren. Family home, Ogden.

Member 60th quorum seventies. Engaged In furniture
business and lathe turning; cabinet maker. Died Aug.
12, 1880, at Ogden.

BOYNTON, ABRAHAM D. Born March 12, 1815, in Massa-
chusetts. Came to Utah late in 1S52.

Married Maria H. Burbank about 1844, Haverhill, Essex
county. Mass, (daughter of John Burbank of Haverhill).
She was born July 22, 1817. Their children: Charles, d.
Infant; Joseph H., m. Flora Burges, m. Millie Holbrook;
John, d. aged 24; Caroline, m. Benjamin Davis; George, d.
aged 6; Sholitta, m. John K. Crosby; Mary E., m. Heber J.
Burmingham; Augusta A., m. Nephi Dourdon. Family home
Bountiful, Utah.

Member of seventies; ward teacher. Merchant and
farmer. Said to have owned the first stove In Bountiful.
Died Oct. 1, 1866.

BOYNTON, JOSEPH H. (son of Abraham D. Boynton and
Maria H. Burbank). Born Dec. 27, 1850, Haverhill, Mass.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Flora Burges Oct. 10, 1875, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Bowers Burges and Elizabeth Brown of Maine who
came to Utah in 1872). She was born April 13, 1861 Their
children; Joseph H. b. July 16, 1878, m. Mary J. Brampton-
George T. b. April 27, 1880, d. infant; Charles W. b. Dec e'
1881, m. Lillie Agett; Hannah J. b. May 24, 1884 m Fred-
erick Moffltt; Wanda Rilla b. Sept. 18, 1887, m. Orson Agett
Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Millie Holbrook Dec. 18, 1890, Bountiful, Utah
(daughter of Jonathan Holbrook and Millie Smith of Bounti-
ful), who was born 1868. Their children: Jesse b Sept 18
1891; John R. b. Sept. 17, 1893; Sylvia b. March 8, 1896, m.
Henry Kirby; Martha b. March 8, 1898; Frederick b Dec 11
1900; Bessie b. Dec. 10, 1902: Emma b. Jan. 16, 1905.

Member 100th quorum seventies. Farmer and stockraiser.

BRACKEN, JAMES BENNETT (son of Levl Bracken). Born
In 1815. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Sarah Head (daughter of Anthony Head), who was
born Feb. 29, 1816, and died July 4. 1900. Their children:
Martha Ann, m. Cyrus Hancock; James Bennett, m. Marion
Whipple; William Albert, m. Clara Burgess; Narvil and Levi,
died; Orlando Henry, m. Martha Ann Mathews; Marcellus,
m. Jeanette McMurtry; Alzado, m. James Day. Family home
Pine Valley, Washington county, Utah.

Pioneer; died at Panguitch, Utah, 1899.

BRACKEN, ORLANDO HENRY (son of James Bennett
Bracken and Sarah Head). Born March 9, 1854, Payson,

Married Martha Ann Mathews Feb. 4, 1879, near Pan-
guitch, Utah (daughter of James Mathews, who died 1871.
and Clara Slade, pioneers 1849, Captain Thomas company)
She was born March 9, 1860. Their children: Orlando James
b. Nov. 13, 1879, m. Mary Ann Worthin; Daisy Ann, b. Jan
6, 1881; Clara, b. Aug. 12, 1882, m. Leroy W. Rust; Ethelind,
b. Feb. 21, 1884, m. Fred S. Carpenter; Eugene, b. Oct 5
1887; George, b. Aug. 8, 1889; Frank, b. June 4, 1890; Guv
b. Sept. 28, 1891; Alice, b. Sept. 8, 1894; Gaild, b. Oct. 6, 1897-
Leland H. b. Dec. 20. 1900.

Elder; ward teacher; assistant superintendent of Sunday
school. County commissioner 1908-12; deputy sheriff 1 term-
school trustee Pine Valley and Vernal, Utah. Engaged in
merchandising at Vernal and Roosevelt, Utah; farmer.

BRACKEN, WILLIAM (son of Joshua Bracken and Hannah
Bell, emigrants from Northumberlandshire, Eng.). He was
born Oct. 26, 1842, Lockport, N. Y. Came to Utah Oct. 11,
1852, James Snow company.

Married Minnie Ahlstrom Dec. 12, 1863 (daughter of Peter
Ahlstrom and Inger Godfrey), who was born Nov. 13, 1845
Their children: William, Jr., b. Nov. 13, 1864, m. Elizabeth
Russell; Watson A. b. Nov. 1, 1866, m. Jessie Lineback Nov
25, 1895; Henry b. Jan. 31, 1869; George b. March 3, 1871,
m. Agnes Crookston March 13, 1898; Charles b. Sept. 24,
1873, m. Laura Evans April 20, 1899; Minnie b. Aug. 24',
1871, m. William Burton April 6, 1897; Alice b. March 15,
1879; Edna b. April 16, 1881; Ernest b. Aug 18, 18S4, m.
Clara Nelson June 11, 1906; Myrtle, m. Clyde Abbott Dec.
21, 1907. Family home Stockton, Utah.

Married Calista Lee March 18, 1888, Toele, Utah (daugh-
ter of William Lee and Laverna Bates, married 1855).
She was born Nov. 29, 1857, at Tooele. Their children-
Estella M. b. Dec. 24, 1889; Ethel C. b. Oct. 15, 1891; Ross J.
b. August 26, 1893; Verne b. Oct. 29, 1895; Glen L. b. Dec.
14, 1897; Flora E. b. July 23, 1900. Family home Mercur.

BRACKEN, WILLIAM, JR. (son of William Bracken and
Minnie Ahlstrom). Born Nov. 13, 1864, Stockton, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Russell at Tooele (daughter of Wil-
liam G. Russell and Elizabeth Vlckery), who was born
March 18, 1862. Their children: Hazel b. Sept. 24, 1886;
Nelist b. Oct. 3, 1888; Henry b. Jan. 6, 1890; Alice b. Aug.
23, 1891; Arnold b. May 4, 1892; Lois b. Sept. 9, 1895; Theo-
dore b. June 10, 1897; Claud b. Nov. 16, 1899; Mabel b. Jan.
7, 1901. Family home Stockton.

BRADFORD, LARKIN H. (son of Larkin Bradford and
Jane Catherine James of Huntsvllle, Ala.). Born Jan. ,
1838, Huntsville. Ala. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Annie Davis Rex July 24. 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Rex and Clara White Davis of Bru-

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