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Orange county, N. Y. Came to Utah March 4, 1874.

Married Mellicent A. Godbe Sept. 28, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Samuel Godbe and Mary Hampton of
Salt Lake City, pioneers July 5, 1851, independent company).
She died Sept. 27, 1889. Their children: Clara Godbe b.
Dec. 6, 1879, m. H. J. Pitts; Miriam b. April 24, 1885; Mar-
jorie b. Sept. 27, 1888, m. Lev! J. Riter.

Married Miriam Godbe Dec. 15, 1891 (sister of first wife).
No children. Family home Salt Lake City.

County surveyor 1891-92; member board of health 1890-93,
and member board of public works 1905-12; special engineer
for planning and constructing sewer systems of Salt Lake
City. Mining and civil engineer.

BROOKS, GEORGE FINLEY (son of Thomas Philip Brooks
and Elizabeth Harper of Ipswich, Eng.). Born Nov. 4, 1833,
at Harwich, Essex, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Ed-
ward Martin handcart company.

Married Hannah Charlotte Bowthorpe Feb. 13, 1858, at
Cottonwood, Utah (daughter of William Bowthorpe and
Mary Ann Tuttle of Norwich, Norfolk, Eng., pioneers Oct. 3,
1853, Kendall and Wheelock company). She was born Nov.
6, 1840. Their children: George Thomas b. Dec. 18, 1858, d.
Jan. 18, 1859; Julia Lucretia b. June 1, 1860, m. Andrew
Busby; Daniel Hanmer b. Aug. 21, 1862, d. Feb. 19, 1884;
Finly George b. Oct. 24, 1864, m. Annie R. Rumel; Hannah
Charlotte b. July 9, 1867; Edmund William b. March 8,1870,
d. Sept. 11, 1871; David Francis b. July 5, 1872, d. Dec. 6,
1876; Major Chandler b. Jan. 2, 1875, d. March 7, 1875; Fred-
erick Bowthorpe b. Feb. 6, 1876, m. Barbara Gurstner; Aus-
tin Bowthorpe b. Feb. 2, 1878, m. Charlotte Kellin; Henry
Bowthorpe b. July 20, 1880, m. Ada Yard. Family home
Salt Lake City, Utah.

One of the presidents of the 8th quorum seventies; high
priest; patriarch; member high council; Sunday school
teacher; member Nauvoo Legion. Grocer. Died Oct. 27.



BROOM, JOHN (son of John and Frances Broom of Bris-
tol, Eng.). Born March 22. 1823. Sheffield, Yorkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah October, 1851, Alfred Cardon company.

Married Elizabeth Heywood 1845. at Sheffield. Eng., who
died 1849 at St. Louis, Mo. Their children: Elizabeth,
m. Peter Mellon; Annie, m. Hans Madson.

Married Hester Dunsdon 1850, St. Louis, Mo., who came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Sarah Jane, m.
George Francis Brown; Emily, d. infant; twins, died.

Member 38th quorum seventies; withdrew from L. D. S.
church 1872. Settled at Ogden 1851. Located and named
Broom's Bench 1855; built Broom Hotel 1882. Capitalist.
Died at Og-den.

BHOUGH, GEORGE (son of William Brough and Alice Sokel
of New Molton, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born July 1, 1823, at New
Molton. Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1852, Joseph Outhouse com-

Married Elizabeth Hudson March 17, 1852 (daughter of
Gilbert and Rebecca Hudson), who was born Aug. 29, 1821,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: George
W. b. Feb. 8, 1854, m. Jane E. Crawforth Jan. 6, 1874; Moroni
b. March 12, 1856, m. Mary Crawforth Nov. 14, 1878; Robert
A. b. July 24, 1859, m. Caroline Buhanin Nov. 26, 1885;
Elizabeth Ann b. July 18, 1861, m. James A. Allred Nov. 14,
1878. Family home Spring City, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Mace Sept. 12, 1888, Manti, Utah
(daughter of George Mace and Elizabeth Frost). She was
born April 13, 1824, Stockport, near Manchester. Eng.

Missionary to England 1882; tithing clerk 1863-81. Post-
master 1865-83.

BROUGH. GEORGE W. (son of George Brough and Eliza-
beth Hudson). Born Feb. 8, 1854, Lehi, Utah.

Married Jane Elizabeth Crawforth Jan. 5, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Crawforth and Martha Moore),
who was born June 17, 1855, Mormon Grove, Mo. Their
children: Rozina A. b. Jan. 17, 1876. m. Joseph W. Majors
Dec. 19, 1894; George A. b. Oct. 3, 1878, m. Edith Anderson
Oct. 11, 1899; Raymond G. b. April 30, 1881, m. Edna Allred
Jan. 11, 1905; Charles William b. Dec. 2, 1883, m. Ella Wood-
ruff May 16, 1907; Owen L. b. Feb. 22, 1886; Eve D. b. Nov.
29, 1888, m. Amos P. Hansen Nov. 24. 1909; Vera b. June 8,
1893; Oral b. Jan. 12, 1906, died. Family home Spring City,

City councilman six years. Secretary elders' quorum.

BROWN. ABIA WILLIAM (son of Abla William Brown,
born Oct. 18. 1799. Mount Holly, N. J., and Abby Cadwalider,
born Jan. 31, 1797, Jefferson county, Ohio). He was born
May B, 1840, Harrisonville, Harrison county. Ohio. Came to
Utah Sept. 27, 1861, Sextus E. Johnson company.

Married Emma Susan Sibley Nov. 29, 1869 (daughter of
Thomas Henry Sibley and Mary Susan Bowman), who was
born May 10. 1851. Their children: Frank Scott b. Sept.
20, 1870, m. Sarah Ella Church; Eva Ann, m. James H. Hartt
Oct. 31, 1892; Abia William Lee b. Feb. 24, 1874. m. Rebecca
N. Judd May 22. 1896; Abby Emma b. Oct. 21, 1876; Mary
Cadwalider b. Oct. 10, 1877, m. William Potter; Thomas
Reese b. Jan. 18, 1880; Rex Roland b. March 24. 1882, m,
Arietta Esplin Dec. 8, 1910; Lily Lenore b. Feb. 16, 1884, m.
Asa W. Judd; Dora A. b. July 12, 1886, m. David E. Cameron
June 24, 1908; Macy b. June 30, 1888, m. Hyram C. Robinson;
Verne Orr b. May 3. 1889; Abby b. July 7, 1891; Elice b. Nov.
29. 1891; Marjorie b. Jan. 28, 1894: Jessiel b. May 17, 1896;
Benjamin Levi b. July 2, 1897. Family resided Fredonia,
Ariz., since 1884.

Married Lucinda A. Stewart Aug. 23, 1882, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Levi Stewart and Margery Wilkinson), who
was born Jan. 8, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England, and presided over Bristol confer-
ence 1867-69; president 65th quorum seventies; first coun-
selor to Bishop Thomas P. Jensen; high priest. School
teacher. Located present site of Fredonia, Ariz.

BROWN, ALBERT (son of James and Mary Brown of
Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn.). Born November, 1807. Came
to Utah Sept. 2, 1863, Captain Patterson company.

Married Sarah Campbell 1839, Kirtland, Ohio, who was
born in 1R20. Their children: Robert, d. infant; Don Carlos;
Samuel James, m. Elizabeth E. Solomon; Emma Sarah,
m. Alfred Solomon; Francis M., m. Ellen Wanless; Albert;
Ellen. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Seventy; high priest; missionary to eastern states two
years; patriarch; member "Zion's Camp"; doorkeeper of
Nauvoo temple at dedication; member Nauvoo Legion. Car-
penter. Died January, 1891, East Mill Creek, Utah.

BROWN, SAMUEL JAMES (son of Albert Brown and Sarah
Campbell). Born Feb. 16, 1846, Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah
Sept. 2, 1S63. with father.

Married Elizabeth E. Solomon Jan. 11, 186R, Salt Lake
Endowment House, Wilford Woodruff officiating (daugh-
ter of William H. Solomon and Elizabeth Drew of Truro,
Cornwall, Eng., pioneers Oct. 1860, Captain Murdock com-
pany). She was born May 7, 1852. Their children: Samuel
J. b. Oct. 23, 1868, d. infant; Albert b. Feb. 18, 1870. m.
F.mily Willey; Samuel H. b. April 7, 1871, d. aged 9; Eliza-
beth E. b. Sept. 28, 1873, m. John A. Eardley; Ernest b.
Nov. 28, 1874, m. Lucy Shaw; Mary L. b. Jan. 12. 1877. d.
aged 4; Amanda D. b. Sept. 9, 1878, m. William T. Edwards;

Ammon S. b. July 16, 1880. m. Francis Barnes; Minnie
B. b. Jan. 2, 1883, m. George J. Evans; Alma E. b. Aug.
24, 1886, m. Lucile Evans; Hilda M. b. Oct. 18, 1886; Stella
M. b. Dec. 3, 1888; Leonard b. June 8, 1891; Larue b. Sept.
16. 1895.

High priest; second counselor to Bishop Brimley of 6th
ward 10 years. Made two trips across the plains. School
trustee. Carpenter; contractor and smelter builder.

BROWTV, AUSTIN CRAVATH (son of Alfred Brown, born
Jan. 17, 1806, Hartland. Niagara county, N. Y., and Eliza
Doty, a direct descendant of Edward Doty, who came over
on the "Mayflower" 1620. She was born April 29, 1808, in
New York ; married in 1848). He was born April 30,
1850, near Council Bluffs, Iowa. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1850,
Jonathan Foote company.

Married Meriah C. Ballantyne, Feb. 2. 1874 (daughter of
Richard Ballantyne and Huldah M. Clark, pioneers 1848).
She was born June 25, 1856, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Austin A.; Meriah, m. Thomas C. Chatland: Inez R.; Eliza;
Richard; Helen; Annabel, m. Elbert F. Wilson; Laura De-
lecta, m. Zachariah Evans; Austin Joseph, m. May Shriver;
Leona Ballantyne; Mary Vilate, m. Claud R. Clark; Horace
Ballantyne; Zina Ballantyne. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Fairbanks, May 8, 1886, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John B. Fairbanks and Sarah Van Wagoner,
pioneers of 1847). She was born Feb. 18, 1858, Payson,
Utah. Only child: Eva May. Family home Payson, Utah.

BROWN, BARTLETT (son of Timothy Brown and Meredith
Ward of Westmoreland, N. H., who later were the first
settlers of Waterville, Vt., in 1797). Born Nov. 4, 1798. at
Waterville. Came to Utah 1849 on way to California, located
with family 1854.

Married Joanna Austin Leach (daughter of William B.
Leach and Susanna Stevens of Waterville, pioneers Aug. 4,
1854, Bartlett Brown company). She was born Nov. 11,
1812, at Waterville, Vt., and died Feb. 24, 1880, Centerville,
Utah. Their children: Joanna Ward, m. Jonathan Hemen-
way; Susannah Stevens, m. John Seaman; Harriet Josephine,
m. Christopher Kofoed; Mary Minerva, d. March, 1856;
Rhoda Asenath, m. Michael Spahn; Lucinda Potter, m. Phile-
mon A. Merrill; Sarah Amanada, m. Hyrum Smith; Timothy
Bartlett. m. Margaret Ann Smith. Family home Center-
ville, Utah.

Farmer; miner in California 1849. Died 1877, Clyde, Ohio.

BROWN, (AIJItAM) ABRAHAM (son of Abram Brown, the
miller, and Atta Austin, both of Londonderry, Vt.). Born
Aug. 31, 1808, Andover, Winsor county, Vt. Came to Utah
Oct. 1, 1862, Isaac Bullock company.

Married Harriet Sheldon March 26, 1834, Simmonsville,
Vt.) daughter of William Sheldon of Andover, Vt., and Han-
nah Barker of Langsgrove, N. H.; they died at Kirtland,
Ohio, and Rock Island, 111., respectively. She was born in
1805. Their children: Amanda, m. Oscar Tyler; Newel Abra-
ham, m. Martha Jane Thomas, m. Sarah P. Thomas, m. Annie
Swingewood, m. Rosanah Robinson (Mitchell); Byron Well-
man, m. Sarah Stoddard, m. Josephine Clark; Austin Milton,
m. Fannie Stephenson; Orin Clinton, m. Mary Thomas: Helen
Jeanet, m. Newton Adair: Leveret Wesley, m. Rachel Nagley.

High priest. Worked on St. George temple. Farmer.
Died 1891, Lehi, Utah.

BROWN, NEWEL ABRAHAM (son of Abraham (Abram)
Brown and Harriet Sheldon). Born Nov. 19, 1837, Kirtland,
Ohio. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1852, Isaac Bullock company.

Married Martha Jane Thomas Nov. 19, 1862, Lehi, Utah
(daughter of Daniel S. Thomas and Martha Jones of Tenn-
essee, pioneers 1849, Capt. Allred company). She was born
Jan. 1, 1844, in Hancock county. 111. (deceased). Their chil-
dren: Newel Thomas b. Sept. -20, 1863, died; Harriet Martha
b. June 11, , m. George E. Davis; Mary Louisa b. Oct.
13, 1868, m. David Roberts; Celestia b. April 6, 1871, m.
Charles Turner, m. Chase Featherstone; John Leveret b.
June 24. 1873; Leonora b. June 28, 1874; Agnes b. Nov. 1,
1876; Viola Emeret b. March 27, 1882, died; Virginia, m.
Joseph Keats; Margaret Emma, died. Family home Lehi,

Married Sarah P. Thomas (daughter of Daniel S. Thomas
and Martha P. Jones), who was born 1847, and is now
dead. Only child: Sarah Emma.

Married Annie Swingewood May 16, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Swingewood of Clay Cross, Derby-
shire, Eng.). She was born March 4, 1880, and came to
Utah May 8, 1902, (deceased). Their children: Timothy
Albert b. March 4, 1907; Myra b. Aug. 13, 1908. Family home
Lehi, Utah.

Married Rosanah Robinson (Mitchell) Jan. 31, 1912, Salt
Lake City (daughter of James Stephenson Robinson and
Martha Elizabeth Anderson of Pittsburg, Kan.)

Missionary to England 1891; high priest. Settled at Lehi,
1852. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Veteran
Black Hawk Indian war. Freighter, cattleman and mer-

BROWN, AUSTIN MILTON (son of Abram Brown and Har-
riett Shelden). Born Aug. 5, 1841, Kirtland, Ohio. Came
to Utah September, 1852, Isaac Bullock company.

Married Fanny Stevenson Oct. 28, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Stevenson and Mary Vickers of Preston,



Lancashire, En?., pioneers 1862, Joseph Home company).
She was born Sept. 1, 1848. Their children: John M. b.
Oct. 25, 1866. m. Annie E. Taylor; Fanny E. b. Oct. 23, 1871,
d. Infant; Irene E. b. April 5, 1874, m. James G. Smith;
Mary E. b. March 15. 1882, m. William E. Sheriff; Mable
V. b. April 15, 1884, m. James B. Cowen; Austin Ira b. Dec.
27, 1887, m. Ruby Fowler. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Treasurer and assistant Sunday school superintendent
of Pleasant Green ward; missionary to West Virginia 1896;
high priest; block teacher. Constable at Pleasant Green.
Crossed the plains nine times. Farmer and stockraiser.

BROWN, BENJAMIN (son of Asa Brown). Born Sept. 30,

1794, Queensbury, N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 20. 1848, Brig-
ham Young company.

Married Sarah Mumford Sept. 12, 1819 (daughter of Henry
Mumford and Sarah Thompson), who was born April 20,

1795. Their children: Lorenzo b. Feb. 2, 1823, m. Frances
Crosby. March 24. 1844; Homer b. Aug. 9, 1830, m. Sarah A.
Wolf, Oct. 20, 1852. Family home Salt Lake City.

Bishop 4th ward Salt Lake City; missionary to eastern
states and to Great Britain.

BROWN, LORENZO (son of Benjamin Brown and Sarah
Mumford). Born Feb. 2, 1823, Chautauqua, N. Y.

Married Frances Crosby March 24, 1844, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Joshua Crosby and Hannah Cann, pioneers
Sept. 10, 1853). She was born Oct. 21, 1817, in Nova Scotia.
Their children: Benjamin b. March 22, 1845; m. Jane Goheen,
1865; Edward Mumford b. Jan. 1, 1849, m. Ella J. Dodge, Oct.
14, 18o9; Sarah Hannah b. Aug. 18, 1851, m. George H. Crosby,
April 4, 1868; Lorenzo John b. May 20, 1854, m. Nina M.
Young, 1872. Family home Salt Lake City.

BROWN, BENJAMIN (son of Lorenzo Brown and Frances
Crosby). Born March 22, 1845, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Jane Goheen 1865. Their children: Jane; Frances;
Marian; Eliza; Hannah; Ella; Emma Belle; Benjamin; Cor-
delia. Family home Pine Valley, Utah.

Member high council St. John's stake; bishop of Nutrloso
ward, Arizona. Indian war veteran.

BROWN, EDWARD MUMFORD (son of Lorenzo Brown and
Frances Crosby). Born Jan. 1, 1849, Salt Lake City.

Married Ella J. Dodge, Oct. 20, 1869 (daughter of Walter
E. Dodge), who died Jan. 21, 1899.

Married Jane E. Lund May 21, 1901 (daughter of Robert
C. Lund.)

Mayor St. George two terms; chairman board of commis-
sioners Washington county two terms; first president Wash-
ington county Commercial club; member city council, St.
George. Indian war veteran.

BROWN, EBKXEZKR. Born Dec. 6, 1802, and came to Utah
July 29, 1847, with part of Mormon Battalion (second ser-
geant, Co. A).

Married Ann Weaver July 20, 1823, who was born Aug. 6,
1805. Their children: Joseph Guernsey b. Nov. 8, 1824, m.
Harriet M. Young Dec. 31, 1851; Harriet b. Feb. 6, 1827, m.
Albert Stratton; Norman b. Nov. 6, 1830, m. Annie Smith;
John W. b. June 17, 1837, m. Fanny Draper. Family home
Draper, Utah.

Married Samantha Pulsipher.

BROWN, JOSEPH GUERNSEY (son of Ebenezer Brown and
Ann Weaver). Born Nov. 8, 1824, New York state.

Married Harriet M. Young Dec. 31, 1851, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lorenzo Dow Young, pioneer 1847 and Persia
Goodall, pioneer Oct. 13, 1850, James Lake company). She
was born July 21, 1834, Kirtland. Ohio. Their children:
Homer Achilles b. Oct. 25, 1853; Persis Ann b. Dec. 23, 1855,
m. Howard O. Spencer March 22, 1875; Joseph Guernsey, Jr.,
b. April 17, 1857, m. Clara Little Jan. 10, 1884; Lucy Elizabeth
b. April 12, 1859, m. William D. Johnson Jr. March 27, 1877;
Angeline b. Jan. 6, 1861, m. W. J. F. McAllister Jan. 23, 1879;
Lorenzo Young b. Sept. 19, 1862, m. Elizabeth Haycock Jan.
27, 1885; Ebenezer b. Oct. 10, 1864, m. Clara Little Oct. 17,
1888; Juliatte L. b. Feb. 13, 1869; Feramorz Little b. Feb.
25, 1872; Jennie b. June 9, 1875, m. Lyman E. Stewart Sept.
22, 1895; Willamia b. Dec. 15. 1877.

Married Esther Brown Jan. 18, 1857, Salt Lake City, who
was born Nov. 1, 1834, Isle of Man. Their children: Martha
Selina b. Dec. 18, 1857; Celestia Ann b. Dec. 3, 1859, m. Joseph
L. Smith; Esther E. b. Sept. 16, 1861; Isaac O. b. Sept. 21,
1863, m. Nellie Robinson; Rosannah J. b. Aug. 28, 1865, m.
Francis M. Hamblin; Ella More b. Oct. 25, 1868; James Arthur
b. June 18, 1871, m. Emily Pugh; Harriet L. b. Aug. 17, 1874,
m. R. S. McAllister.

Married Lovina Manhart March 22, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Manhart, pioneer 1852, Orson Hyde
company). She was born Jan. 14, 1838, Canada. Their chil-
dren: John Franklin b. Oct. 11, 1858, m. Annie Elizabeth
Fuller Aug. 22, 1878; Edward M. b. Feb. 10, 1861; Edwin b.
July 17, 1862; Delia Jane b. July 25, 1868, m. Benj. Hamlin
July 10, 1891; William M. b. April 13, 1870; Alvin Harris b.
Jan. B, 1873; Nellie M. b. July 27, 1875. m. David Robinson
Dec. 22, 1893; David James b. Sept. 1, 1878. m. Barbara Mary
Houseman Oct. 25, 1908. Families resided Draper and Kanab,

Pioneers to The Muddy; bishop's counselor, Kanab, Utah.

BROWN, JOHN FRANKLIN (son of Joseph Guernsey Brown
and Lovina Manhart). Born Oct. 11, 1858, Draper, Utah.

Married Annie Elizabeth Fuller Aug. 22. 1878. St George,
Utah (daughter of Lucius Hubbard Fuller and Annie Lay),
who was born May 26, 1860, Santa Clara, Cal. Their chil-
dren Lucius Franklin b. Jan. 4, 1880, m. Rosena Kitchen
Nov. 23 1905; Annie Elizabeth b. Jan. 29, 1882; John Hyrurn b.
Sept. 30 1884, m. Josephine Finley Sept. 1, 1911; Lovina b.
oo"',oi n 1887 ro- Erastus Nielson Sept. 1, 1909; Ivy b. March
T' ^ 9 ', n h R <? ese R sers May 12, 1911; Stanley Horace b.

,?", Ii' c 18 ? 1: S l th b " March 16 ' 1894 = Harriet Maria b. Aug.
22, 1896; Joseph Guernsey b. April 12. 1899; Feramorz b.
Nov. 17, 1902. Family home Kanab, Utah.

Prosecuting attorney of Kane county 8 years, and sheriff-
mayor Kanab three terms; trustee two terms; road com-

BROWN, GEORGE WASHINGTON (son of Nathaniel Brown
and Avis Hill, of Newburg. Cuyahoga co.. Ohio). Born Jan.
25, 1827, Newburg, Ohio: Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brig-
ham Young company.

Married Amy Elizabeth Hancock Dec. 1851, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lev! W. and Clarissa Hancock of Ohio, pio-
neers July 28, 1847, escorted by Captain Brown's wing of
Mormon Battalion). She was born May 14, 1836, and died
July 28, 1862, Spring-vine, Utah. Their children: George
Washington b. Nov. 13, 1853, died; Isaac Nathaniel b. March
18, 1855, m. Eliza Rocksina Murdock; Brigham John b.
Sept. 7, 1859, m. Elizabeth Kelley; Sidney Hancock b. July
28, 1862, died. Family resided Salt Lake City and Spring-
ville, Utah.

Married Emma Barrows Aug. 16, 1858, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ethan and Lorena Barrows), who was born
Oct. 14, 1843, Nauvoo, 111., and died Dec. 8, 1897, Charleston,
Utah. Only child: Ethan Leonard b. June 12, 1859, m.
Sarah Elizabeth Hanks. Family home, Charleston, Utah.

High priest. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.
Indian war veteran. Helped to settle Springville, Kamas,
Payson. Wallsburg, Center Creek and Charleston, Utah.
Died Dec. 19, 1906.

BROWN, ISAAC NATHANIEL (son of George Washington
Brown and Amy Elizabeth Hancock). Born March -18, 1855,
Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Rocksina Murdock Oct. 14, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Stacy Murdock, of Hamilton, Madi-
son county, N. Y., pioneer 1847, and Elizabeth Clark of Eng-
land). She was born Oct. 30, 1857. Their children: Amy Eliza-
beth b. Nov. 10, 1877, m. Rudolph Korth; Eliza b. Nov. 18,
1879, and Isaac b. Sept. 18, 1881, died; Sarah b. Oct. 22, 1883,
m. Francis Cummings; Joseph Stacy b. Aug. 22, 1885, m.
Emily J. Gordon; Esther b. April 8, 1887, m. William E.
Horner; Ella Maria b. June 16, 1889, m. William Murray;
George Washington b. June 20, 1891, m. Mary D. Jones;
Avis b. Dec. 8, 1892; John Alma b. Sept. 22, 1901. Family
home Charleston, Utah.

Elder. Settled in Provo River Valley In 1860, where he
has assisted In making canals and wagon roads and develop-
ing the country. Secretary of Sunday schools. Farmer and

BROWN, JAMES (son of James Brown and Polly [Mary]
Williams of Roan county, N. C.). Born Sept. 30, 1801, in
Roan county, N. C. Came to Utah in charge of invalided
and discharged Mormon Battalion soldiers and Mississippi
Immigrants, arriving at Salt Lake City July, 29, 1847, es-
corted Into the city by the men of prominence, to the
Inspiring strains of martial music. He left Aug. 9 for Cali-
fornia to collect his soldiers' pay, and brought back the
first $10,000 in gold doubloons to the valley, which was the
first money put in circulation by the colonists. This was
but few months previous to the first discovery of gold in
California by members of the Mormon Battalion.

Married Martha Stephens 1823, in Roan county (daughter
of Alexander Stephens of same place), who was born (Oct.
12, 1806, and died Sept. 28. 1840. Their children: John
M. b. 1824, m. Ann Foutz; Alexander b. March 3, 1826, m.
Amanda McCurtrey; Jesse S. b. 1828, m. Caroline Stewart;
Nancy b. 1830, m. Eleazer Davis; Daniel b. 1832; James M.
b. Nov. 17, 1834, m. Adelaide Exervid; William b. Aug. 21,
1836, m. Mary Bybee; Benjamin F. b. May 9, 1838, m. Susan
A. Wright; Moroni b. Sept. 25, 1840, m. Evaline C. Connover.

Married Susan Foutz, Esther Rapier, Sally Wood and Mary
Black, who were the mothers of six boys and eleven girls,
many of whom have risen to prominence.

Married Cecilia Robella in 1851, while immigration agent
at St. Louis, Mo., who came to Utah with him Sept. 29, 1854.
Their children: Charles David b. Jan. 23. 1856, m. Sarah
Ellen Dixon June 26, 1879; James Frederick b. July 2, 1859,
m Ester Marriott 1884. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Justice of peace; member Ogrden city council from 1855
continuously until his death. Member Utah legislature sev-
eral terms. Founder of Ogden, as he purchased Miles Good-
year claim, a Mexican grant, comprising the land where
Offden Weber county, now stands, in January, 1 148, for
$3000 and planted first crops in Weber valley with seed
brought from California. Captain Company C, Mormon
Battalion. One of the illustrious citizen pioneers of Utah
history. Earliest missionary to southern states 1842; to
British Guiana 1852 but returned unsuccessful to St. Louis,
where he remained as immigration agent until 1854. First
counselor to President Lorin Farr, and an intimate adviser
to those high in authority. Died Sept. 30, 1863, from fatally
crushing his arm in a molasses mill, dying from gangrene.



BROWN, JAMES M. (son of James Brown and Martha
Stephens). Born Nov. 17, 1834, Brown county. 111.

Married Adelaide Exervid July 24, 1855, Fort Supply, near
Port Bridger, Wyo. (daughter of Battice and Sally Exervid
of Fort Laramie, Neb., pioneers 1847). She was born 1838,
at Fort Laramie. Their children: James "W. b. June 22,
1856; Moroni F. b. Sept. 23, 1857, m. Lizzie Weaver; Phoebe
Adelaide b. May 14, 1859, m. John Shanbutt; Nephi b. Sept.
23, 1866, m. Jane Stephens; Francis A. b. Feb. 26, 1862, m.
Emma Weber; Adelbert b. Feb. 27, 1864; Albert b. Nov. 17,
1865, m. Rachel Brown; Hubert b. Sept. 17, 1867; Lewis H.
b. Nov. 10, 1869; Martha Z, b. June 7, 1872; Nancy V. b. Jan.
10, 1876. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Matilda Hornsby Oct. 8, 1902, Salt Lake City,
who was born Nov. 26, 1865, in South Wales.

High councilor Weber stake; Indian missionary at Fort
Supply 1857, and Malad Valley.

BROWN, CHARLES DAVID (son of James Brown and
Cecilia Robella). Born Jan. 23, 1856, Ogden, Utah.

Married Sarah Ellen Dixon June 26, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William W. Dixon and Sabra Lake, pioneers
of 1850). She was born Oct. 1, 1861, Harrisville, Utah. Their
children: Cecilia Etta b. May 2, 1880, m. Leroy E. Cowles
Nov. 3, 1904; Sabra Alice b. May 21, 1882, m. Joseph E.
Storey Feb. 1, 1905; Phebe Pearl b. Jan. 25, 1885, m. Herbert
B. Foulger May 31, 1905; William Riley b. Nov. 5, 1888.

BROWN, JAMES POLLY (son of Robert Brown and Mar-
garet Polly of Shelby county, Ky., and Floyd county, Ind.).
Born April 22. 1803, In Shelby county, Ky. Came to Utah
July 29, 1847, Nelson Higgins company and Captain James
Brown's contingent of the Mormon Battalion.

Married Eunice Reesor (daughter of Frederick Reesor
and Sarah Castor), who was born in March, 1809, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: William Forguson,
and Frederick both died; Newman b. July 18, 1832, m. Sarah
Petty; m. Laura Ann Taylor; Robert m. Eunice Pectol; Sarah
Jane b. Oct. 27, 1834, m. John Lowry Nov. 27, 1851; Mary Ann
b. Oct. 2, 1841, m. Archie Buchanan; John b. April. 1847.

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