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City (daughter of Albert Knapp and Rozina Shepard of
Richmond. Utah). She was born April 4, 1851. Only child:
Lorenzo H. b. May 9. 1869. Family home Richmond. They
were divorced Dec. 27, 1869.

Married Emma Boston Gibbs, Feb. 8, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George D. Gitfbs and Eleanor Griffiths of
Paradise, Utah, pioneers 1866). She was born Aug. 14, 1851,
and died Oct. 1, 1873. Their children: Herschel, Jr. b. Nov.
13, 1870, m. Mary Hendricks; Nellie b. Feb. 22, 1872, m. Wil-
lard Langton.

Married Mary Josephine Whittle Dec. 20, 1876, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of John Casper Whittle and Mary Ann
Harris of Richmond, pioneers 1848). She was born July
19, 1857. Their children: Roy b. Dec. 12, 1877, m. Annie Nib-
ley; Pearl b. Dec. 20, 1879, m. A. B. Harrison; Cyrus b. Feb.
19. 1882, m. Maud Peart; Emma b. Nov. 28, 1884, d. Feb. 14,
1891; Asa b. Sept, 6, 1886; Bryant b. Feb. 24, 1890; Edith b.
Dec. 9, 1892, m. D. Earle Robinson. Families resided Rich-
mond, Utah.

Seventy. Directed construction of R. G. W. railroad be-
tween Price and Salt Lake City; directed construction of
O. S. L. railroad between Salt Lake City and Weston, Idaho,
Member state board of land commissioners 1900-04. Farmer
Died June 27, 1911.

BULLEN, LORENZO H. (son of Herschel Bullen and Lyflia
Malinda Knapp). Born May 9, 1869, Richmond, Utah.

Married Sarah Maud Johnson Nov. 19, 1903, Logan, Utah
(daughter of William Leamon Johnson and Katie Wick-
ham, pioneers October, 1860). She was born Oct. 27, 1882.
Their children: Lorenzo Johnson b. Sept. 7, 1904; Dean John-
son b. April 12, 1908. Family home Richmond.

BULLEN, HERSCHEL, JR. (son of Herschel Bullen and
Emma Boston Gibbs). Born Nov. 13, 1870, Richmond, Utah.

Married Mary Hendricks April 11, 1894, at Logan (daugn-
ter of William Doris Hendricks and Alvira Lavona Smith at
Richmond). She was born Jan. 4, 1875. Their children:
Herschel Keith b. July 17, 1898; Lavona b. April 1, 1902, d.
Jan. 14, 1903; Helen b. Nov. 29, 1904; Reed b. Nov. 17, 1906;
Thurlow b. Jan. 9, 1912. Family home Logan.

Seventy; missionary to England 1894-96. Member board
of education Logan City 1900-04; member state senate 1907
and 1909.

BULLEN, NEWELL, JR. (son of Newell Bullen and Clarissa
Judkins Atkinson). Born Nov. 8, 1852, at Salt Lake City.

Married Marian Drusilla Pew Feb. 21, 1878, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Hyrum Pew and Henrietta Drusilla Wey-
mouth, the former came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C.
Kimball company, the latter Sept. 25, 1850, Thomas John-
son company). She was born April 6, 1856, Farmington,
Utah. Their children: Mabel b. Nov. 23, 1878, m. Wilford
Van Cott Young June 3, 1903; Ethel b. Oct. 17, 1880, m.
George Oliver Webb Dec. 9, 1903; Newell Francis b. Sept. 1,
1884, m. Anna Lenore Stoddard May 17. 1904; Russell Pew b.
Aug. 29, 1887, m. Ethel Josephine Spackman Dec. 29, 1909;
Milton Hyrum b. Feb. 25, 1892. Family home Richmond,

C TTLE (son of David Bulloch and
ri H n? )- ? rn July 10 - 1872 ' Cedar City. Utah.
terof Chfri a / a r ram Jan " 3> 1893 ' St ' George, Utah (daugh-
Sfo 21 ^XK! , C T a ? a ^ d Maggie Smith), who was born
Clara Fa milt * Lake C' ty - Their children: Delia; Charles;
Clara. Family home Cedar City, Utah.
Stock and sheepraiser.

BULLOCK, BENJAMIN KIMBALL, (son of Benlamln Bullrwlt
and Dorothy Kimball of Grafton, Grafton *


Married Martha Elizabeth Hart Jan. 26, 1851. Bullock's
of r OxforTM daugh , te t 1 ; of Thomas T. Hart and Mary Riggs
of Oxford, Conn. latter a pioneer Sept. 20 1852) She
was born Oct. 4, 1837, Oxford, Conn. Their chl dren: Benja?
mln Kimball, Jr. b. June 11, 1852, d. Oct. 16 1855- ThomVq
Henry b. Oct. 3. 1854 d. Feb. 11, 1889; Martha Melissa bTan

h r B t. A ift P an ' e ' s Dec - 2 , 4 - 1874 : Joseph Isaac b. March
12 1859 m Maria Anderson March 12, 1892; John Kimball
A'IK . i?'o 861> m - Addie Arnold Burton June 16. 1900; George
lb< t j^ S< ; pt - 25, 1863, m. Mary Jane Dugdale Nov. 27, 1886:
David Charles b. April 19, 1866, d. Oct. 20, 1867; Seth Hart b

5 eP ' M- d ' Oct 27 ' 1868 = Gideon Riggs b. Nov. l" 1869
d. Feb. 25, 1877; Frank Orin b. Jan 12 1873 d Aue- 12

K&3R.SP& 1 . b " ? Ct " 9 ' 1"5, m. Annie L d ' A A nd!rson
March 20 1900; Benjamin Hart b. Oct. 27, 1878. m. Nora Alice
Broadbent April 20, 1904; Jared Asa b. Nov. 14, 1882, d. Feb

-, 1884.

Married Ann Sykes Feb. 20, 1S56, Prove, Utah (daughter

?=o^ al S es Sykes and Sarah H111 >- who was born Oct. 17
1827 Brampton Eng Their children: James Alonzo b.'
M ' 85;ErneSt Kimball b. Nov. 5, 1860; Amasa Sykes

8 ' Familles

> *, A Th ?. M , uddy 1868 ' Mayor of Prov o three
terms, 1855-61. Assisted in erection of public buildings at

BULLOCK, BENJAMIN HART (son of Benjamin Kimball
Bullock and Martha Elizabeth Hart). Born Oct 27 1878
Provo, Utah.

Married Nora Alice Broadfcent April 20. 1904. Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Broadbent and Ghana Ellen
Spainhower of Provo, pioneers Sept. 1862). She was
born July 22, 1882. Their children: Grace Hart b. April 2
1905; Benjamin Vern b. Feb. 25, 1908; Alice b. June 21 1911*
Family home Provo.

Missionary to England 1899-02; secretary 123d and mem-
ber 34th quorums seventies; 2d counselor and later presi-
dent 3d ward Y. M. M. I. A. of Provo; 2d assistant Sunday
school superintendent, 1st ward; set apart bishop of Bonne-
ville ward, Provo, Feb. 16. 1913. Miner; farmer.

BULLOCK, ISAAC (son of Benjamin Bullock and Dorothy
Kimball, both of Grafton, Grafton county. N H ) Born
Oct. 23, 1825. Came to Utah Sept. 21, 1852.

Married Electa Wood Dec. 14, 1856. She was born July
15, 1834. Their children: Isaac, Jr., b. Sept. 19, 1857; Electa
b. March 6, 1859; Hanna Christina b. Dec. 25, 1861- Frances
Eva b. June 7, 1867; Ada Elizabeth b. May 12, 1869- Nettle
May b. June 13, 1872; Gideon Owen b. Dec. 3, 1875; Abraham
b. July 24, 1878. Family home Provo. Utah.

Married Emma Stoot April 6, 1857, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Stoot and Sarah Lees of England). She
was born June 27, 1840. Their children: William b. Aug 30
1859; Edwin James b. Oct. 8, 1861, died; Allison b. 1864 died-
Lyman b. 1867, died; Emma. Jane b. July 24, 1870, died-
Hezekiah b. 1873, died; Sarah b. Jan. 9, 1878; Celia Ann
b. 1881, died; John b. 1884 and Jared b. 1887, died. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to England 1863-66; president high priests'
quorum. Mayor of Provo 1863; member Utah legislature-
U. S. marshal 1867. Fanner. Died March 16. 1891. Provo,

BULLOCK, DAVID (son of James Bulloch, born Jan. 8, 1808,
and Isabella Dunn, born Dec. 1813, both of Glasgow, Scot-
land). He was born Sept. 10, 1844 at Glasgow. Came to
Utah September, 1851, Scotch Independent company.

Married Alice Bladen April 5, 1869 (daughter of Thomas
Bladen and Mary Cottle), who was born July 1849. Their
children: David C. b. July 18, 1872, m. Clara Cram; Robert
William b. July 29, 1875, m. Arminta McConnell; John Tay-
lor b. May 28, 1878, m. Mary Jane Arthur; Mary Isabell b.
Aug. 25, 1880, m. Henry Mackelprang; Thomas b. April 13,
1884, m. Rebecca Walker; Angus b. April 7, 1889.

Married Sarah Ann Higbee Jan. 5, 1890, Juarez, Mexico
(daughter of John M. Higbee and Eunice Bladen, pioneers
1847 and 1851 respectively). She was born Nov. 27, 1861,
Cedar City, Utah. Their children: Warren b. June 7, 1894;
Norine b. Jan. 15, 1897. Families resided at Cedar City.

First white boy on site of Cedar City; early freighter to
Nevada mining camps; in early days had charge of Co-op
cattle and horse herds. Assisted in bringing immigrants to
Utah. Member Cedar City council. Missionary to Scotland

BULLOCK, JAMES (son of Thomas Bullock and Jeanett
Boyle, of Canada). Born 1805, in Scotland. Came to Utah
Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young company.

Married Mary Hill In Canada (daughter of Alexander and
Elizabeth Hill, pioneers 1850, independent company). Their
children: Alexander b. 1838, m. Emily Harris; Elizabeth b.
1842, m. Donald D. McArthur 1857; Mary E. b. 1846, m. E.
Farns; James O. b. 1849, m. Martha Brown. Family home
Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Seventy; counselor to Bishops Brown and Thome. City
councilman. Pleasant Grove, four years. Farmer.

BULLOCK, ALEXANDER (son of James Bullock and Mary
Hill). Born Sept. 22, 1838, In Canada. Came to Utah with

Married Emily Caroline Harris Nov. 9, 1861, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of McGee Harris and Mary Givens, pioneers
Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young company). She was .born
Feb. 14, 1844. Their children: Emily Ellen b. Oct. 18, 1862,
m. Thomas Admonson; William A. b. June 25. 1865, m. Clara
E. Marrott; Newel H. b. Oct. 22, 1867, m. Mary Skillings;
Effle D. b. April 22, 1871. m. William H. Marrott; Dessle b.
June 6, 1874, died; McGee H. b. Nov. 6. 1876, m. Octavie
Poulson; Florence H. b. Feb. 5. 1882, m. John P. Madsen.

Married Clarissa Melissa Herron Dec. 7, 1875, Pleasant
Grove (daughter of Orlando F. Herron, pioneer 1847. and
Hannah J. Driggs, pioneer April 1849, Aaron Farr company).



She was born April 1858. Their children: Jeanet C. b. 1877.
m. Henry Johnson; Lamont b. April 19, 1879; Gertrude b.
1881. m. Lafayette G. Blackmont; Hannah b. 1884, ra. O.
Halladay. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Missionary to New Zealand 1887-89; hig-h priest. City
marshal Pleasant Grove 12 years. Farmer and stockraiser.

BULLOCK, THOMAS (son of Thomas Bullock and Mary Hall
of Leek, Staffordshire, Eng.). Born Dec. 23, 1816 at Leek.
Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Henrietta Rushton at Leek, who was born Feb.
13, 1817. Their children: Thomas Honri, m. Mary Ann Wag-
staff; Charles Richard, m. Susan Marinda Johnson; m. Wil-
helmina Iverson: Pamela, m. James B. Mason; Willard
Richard died; Mary Elizabeth, m. Walter Scott Halbrook;
Brigham Maroni died; Henrietta Rushton, m. George Gar-
retson Griffith; Francis Alonzo, m. Margaret Priscilla Smith;
David Parley died. Family home 14th ward, Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to England 1855-57; clerk for first
pioneer company, and in office of church historian. Once
a press corrector on Deseret News. First recorder Salt Lake
City and county. Died Feb. 10, 1885, Coalville, Utah.

BULLOCK, FRANCIS ALONZO (son of Thomas Bullock and
Henrietta Rushton). Born Aug. 5. 1855, Salt Lake City.

Married Margaret Priscilla Smith Nov. 7, 1882 (daughter
of William Simmons Smith and Margaret Rebecca Bird of
Salt Lake City, pioneers 1853). She was born Nov. 8, 1860.
Their children: Alonzo Eugene b. May 27, 1883, m. Edna
Elizabeth Rawlings; William Owen b. Aug. 4, 1886; Myrtle
b. Sept. 19, 1888: Lester Rowland b. April 11, 1894; Margaret
Arlene b. July 26, 1901. Family home Salt Lake City.

Elder. Yard-checker for Harriman railroads.

BITLT, ROBERT (son of Robert S. Bult and Jane Coats,
former of England, latter of Scotland, pioneers 1862). Born
Dec. 7, 1865. Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Jane Haslam June 15, 1888, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John R. Haslam and Margerite Howarth, pio-
neers Oct. 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock company). She was born
Aug. 6, 1868, Salt Lake City. Their children: Lester R. b.
Dec. 18, 1889, m. Ethel Ball; Margerite J. b. Feb. 9, 1891,
d. aged 20; Sarah A. b. Oct. 14, 1892, m. Thomas Seddon;
Robert A. b. June 15, 1893; Lottie I. b. March 29, 1895; Carl
H. b. Feb. 22, 1896; Ethel L.'b. July 14, 1899; William E. b.
April 2, 1903: Ralph b. June 1, 1908; Myrtle D. b. Jan. 16,
1911. Family home Salt Lake City.

Locomotive engineer and railroad switchman.

BUNCE, LEWIS DE MOTT. Born Sept. 29. 1827, Walcott,
Wayne county, N. Y. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Elmira Vorhees Oct. 2S. 1852, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Elisha Vorhees and Nancy Ann Leak, of Manti,
Utah, pioneers 1851, Ezra T. Benson company). She was
born June 30. 1834. Their children. Esther Ann b. Sept.
20, 1853, m. Jasper Larson; Louis Avery b. Oct. 5, 1854, m.
Betsey Jeffs: Mary Elizabeth b. Nov. 8. 1S55, m. William
Dixon; Warren Alonzo b. Jan. 14, 1857, died; Austin Moroni
b. April 18, 1858, m. Ella Burns; Elmira Matilda b. April 6,
I860, m. Niels C. Christensen; Joseph Delaney b. Sept. 16,
1862, m. Retta Johnson; William Franklin b. Oct. 4, 1863, m.
Mamie Pollock; Diantha Adaline b. Sept. 8, 1865; Jane b.
Jan. 23. 1867; Rosabell b. March 30, 1868, and Arabell b.
March 30, 1868, latter four died; Laura Luella b. Sept. 8,
1870, m. Peter Christensen; Urbin Ross b. June 14, 1875, m.
Ethel Warnick; John Homer b. Aug, 25, 1880. Family home
Parowan, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to England 1877-79. Lived at Mantl,
Springdale, and Parowan; moved to Sterling 1875. Veteran
Black Hawk Indian and Mexican wars. Mason and farmer.
Died Sept. 16, 1894, Price, Utah.

BUBTIVELL, DAVID EDWIN (son of Ithamar Bunnell). Born
June 25, 1809, Newark, Essex county, N. J. Came to Utah
Oct. B, 1852, captain of ten in James C. Snow company.

Married Sallie Heller Conrad April 15. 1830, Elmira. N. Y.,
who was born Sept. 19, 1810. Their children: Daniel Kim-
ball, m. Abigail Miller (Martin); m. Mary Muir (Hughes);
Stephen Ithamar, m. Percia Cornelia Grover; Samuel Gard-
ner, m. Ellen K. Zabriskie; George Henry, m. Margarette
Sulzer; Phoebe Elizabeth, m. Joseph Cluff: Mary Armstrong,
m. Sidney T. Horsley: Martha, died: Alfareda, m. Lorln S.
Glazier: Rosetta, m. Vernie Lorenzo Halladay. Family home
Provo, Utah.

Member 34th quorum seventies: high priest; missionary to
eastern states 1849. Sent by Brigham Young to colonize the
White Mountain section of Arizona. Provo city councilman
and one of its first fruitgrowers. Carpenter and farmer.
Died July 3, 1866.

BUNNELL, DANIEL KIMBALL (son of David Edwin Bun-
nell and Sallie Heller Conrad). Born Oct. 23, 1831, Browns-
town, Wayne county. Mich. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1852.

Married Abigail Miller (Martin) Nov. 28, 1856, Indian-
town, Iowa (daughter of Branch Miller and Abigail Wil-
liams of Scotland county. Mo.). She was born June 15, 1840.
Their children: Alphretta Jane b. Sept. 28, 18B7, m. John Lee;
Mary Ellen b. Sept. 28, 1859, m. Chill Brown; Daniel Edwin b.

Jan. 13, 1863, m. Levermia Sweet; Martha Heller b. Feb. 6,
1866, m. Alford Glazier; Mass b. Feb. 14, 1869, m. Dollie
Showells. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Mary Muir (Hughes) Nov. 1, 1875, Heber City,
Utah (daughter of George Muir and Margarette Hanna of
Heber City, pioneers Sept. 26, 1856, Daniel Ellsworth hand-
cart company). She was born April 15, 1853. Their chil-
dren: Margarette Hughes, m. Hirsha J. Davis; Elenor Ro-
seltha, m. Eugene Prestwich; Romaina, m. Hosea L. Davis;
Pearl, m. Eugene Newell; Ross Kimball, m. Pearl J. Wil-
liams; Burdell David. Family home Provo Bench, Utah.

High priest; worked on Nauvoo temple last seven months
till completion. Walker Indian war veteran. Farmer and

BUNNELL. STEPHEN ITHAMAR (son of David Edwin Bun-
nell and Sallie Heller Conrad). Born Feb. 1, 1834, Browns-
town, Mich. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1862.

Married Percia Cornelia Grover Sept. 19, 1854, Provo, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Grover and Eliza Nickerson of Provo,
pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company). She was
born Dec. 27, 1842. Their children: Stephen Ithamar b.
April, 1868, m. Mary Elizabeth Gammon; David Conrad b.
September, 1860, died; Thomas William b. Nov.. 1862; Sam-
uel Emery b. March, 1864, m. Julia Madsen; Percia Emma b.
June, 1866; Charles Albert b. August, 1868; Leslie Lamond
b. August, 1870, m. Ellen D. Johnson; Frederick Edwin b.
June, 1872, m. Elizabeth Holland; Parley b. Feb. 1876; Caro-
line Melissa b. Aug. 1876. m. Don C. Williams; Wilford Ar-
thur b. July, 1879; Vernie Lorenzo b. February, 1882, m.
Edith Dilworth. Family home Lake View, Utah.

Married Ann Cable 1864, Salt Lake City (whose parents
came to Utah 1850). She was born 1852. Family home Lake

High priest; ward teacher. Assisted in bringing Immi-
grants to Utah 1857. Farmer and stockraiser.

BUNNELL, GEORGE HENRY (son of David Edwin Bunnell
and Sallie Heller Conrad). Born Dec. 21, 1837, Brownstown,
Mich. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1852.

Married Margarette Sulzer Oct. 11, 1867, Big Cottonwood
Canyon, Utah (daughter of Casper Sulzer and Kathryn
Stiedler of Mehringen, Bern, Switzerland, pioneers Sept. 22,

1861, Joseph W. Young company). She was born Sept. 6,
1851. Their children: Sallie Heller b. May 30, 1869, d. June
13, 1869; Margarette Eve b. Aug. 31, 1870, m. George Van
Wagoner: Kathryne b. Oct. 1. 1872, m. Henry Epperson;
George Henry b. Sept. 25, 1876, m. Leona Campbell; Susan
Elizabeth b. April 13, 1878, m. John Alva Baum; David Ed-
win b. April 20, 1881, m. Stella Peters; Rosetta Laverna b.
Sept. 27, 1885. d. Feb. 3. 1891; Lillian Florence b. Oct. 7.
1888, d. Feb. 1, 1891; Iva b. June 14. 1890, m. E. J. Adams;
Don Golden b. March 6, 1895, d. Aug. 8, 1903. Family home
Midway, Utah.

Seventy. Assisted to bring immigrants to Utah. Stock-
raiser and farmer. Died April 1, 1908.

BUNNELL, SAMUEL GARDNER (son of David Edwin Bun-
nell and Sallie Heller Conrad). Born In New Jersey. Came
to Utah Oct. 6, 1852.

Married Ellen K. Zabriskie (daughter of Louis Zabriskie
and Miss Higby). Their children: Mary Kezia, m. J. F. All-
red; Sarah Ellen, m. J. F. Allred; Samuel David b. Oct. 26,

1862, m. Maryetta Moore; Steven Louis, m. Lena Reese;
Joseph and Hiram (twins) d. infants; Charlotta Minerva, m.
John Schofleld; Amanda Rosetta, m. N. P. Nelson; John
Gardner, m. Mary Baker; Emma, m. James Nielson; Percia,
m. Hyrum Perry; Nellie d. Infant; Jephtha. Family home
Spring City, Utah.

BUNNELL, SAMUEL DAVID (son of Samuel Gardner Bun-
nell and Ellen K. Zabriskie). Born Oct. 26, 1862, at Provo,

Married Maryetta Moore May 26, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Calvin White Moore and Catherine Elizabeth
Allred of Massachusetts, pioneers 1848, with part of Mor-
mon Battalion). Their children: Maude b. Oct. 18, 1883, m.
Alexander Petty; Samuel Burton b. Aug. 6, 1886, m. Louise
Kofford; Calvin Leroy b. March 25, 1889; Lulu Maryetta b.
Aug. 24, 1891, m. Montrose Killpatrlck; Lee b. Aug. 25, 1889;
Steven Louis b. Aug. 4, 1893: Nellie Blanche b. Dec. 13, 1901.
Family home Castle Dale, Utah.

Elder. Deputy sheriff; farmer and stockraiser.

BUNOT, JOSEPH AIME ATTGCST (son of Gabriel Toussaln
Bunot, born Oct. 22, 1783. Snargent, Haute Soane, France,
and Mary Rose RosaliS Morel Mottet, born November, 1792,
Morbier, France). He was born Feb. 4, 1828, at Musinens,
Department de 1'Aln, France. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861,
John R. Murdock company.

Married Adelaide Perrenoud 1866 in Switzerland (daugh-
ter of Jules Frederick and Chariot Benolt Perrenoud), who
was born Sept. 1, 1832, and died Dec. 26, 1866, Salt Lake City.
Only child: SidoniJ Eliza Constance b. Jan. 6, 1856, m. Thomas
H. Roberts 1871. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Louise Richard 1862, at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Fannie and John Louis Richards, pioneers). She was born
Nov. 12, 1834, Mont le Grand, Canton Vaud, Switzerland.
Their children: Joseph. Jr., m. April 1863, d. January, 1869:
Franck (adopted) b. 1863: Walter b. April. 1869, m. Sarah
Ralphs Aug. 19, 1894; Aline VirgriniS b. Sept. 27, 1866. d.
March 21, 1891; Augustus George b. April 4, 1871, d. April 19,
1895; Aime Josephine Adeline, b. Jan. 1, 1874, d. Dec. 21, 1889;


John Henry b. Oct. 20, 1876, d. July 22, 1908. Family home
Henefer, Utah.

Married Annie Hunt (Price) Februar - , 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John and Ann Hunt (Price), pioneers 1869).
She was born Sept. 1, 1852, Deptford, Eng. Their children:
Edward b. 1870, d. 1872; Felix Leonard b. November, 1874, m.
Mary Elizabeth Dearden, 1897; Charles and Charlotte
(twins), both died; Myrah Adelaide Annie b. September, 1877;
Lydia May b. May 17, 1880; Frederic Ludovic b. May 2, 1889;
John Alma b. Nov. 18, 1886, married Nov. 7, 1906; Samuel
Arthur b. May 17, 1899. Family home Henefer, Utah.

His grandfather was a captain-general, and his father
receiver-principal, in the custom-houses of the French gov-
ernment. He fought in the French army, was In the cam-
paign of Rome, 1848, and after leaving the army, located In
Geneva, where he first married. Missionary from Utah to
France, Switzerland and Italy 1882; president 27th quorum
seventies; high priest; patriarch. Was arrested June 6, 1889,
at Ogden, and again July 6, 1890, at Henefer, for following
his religious beliefs. Watchmaker; civil engineer for Union
Pacific Railroad company. Justice of the peace; elected sur-
veyor of Summit county 1872. Retired farmer, stockraiser
and sheepman.

BUNOT, WALTER (son of Joseph Aime August Bunot and
Louise Richard). Born in April, 1869, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Married Sarah Ralphs Aug. 19, 1894. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Fred Ralphs), who was born May 24, 1874, Plain City,
Utah. They had five children, all girls.

BURBA3TK, DANIEL, M. Born Dec. 3, 1814, In New York
state. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1852, captain independent com-

Married Abigail Bloglt, who died en route to Utah. Among
their children was: Mary L. b. Jan. 30, 1844, m. Henry L,.

Married Sarah S. Burbank, who was born Feb. 10, 1835,
Boston, Leeds Co., Canada, and came to Utah with hus-
band. Among their children was: Sarah S. b. July 12
1866, m. George Roland Williams Oct. 25, 1883.

BURBIDGE, JAMES RHOADES. Born Dec. 22. 1814, Bed-
ford, Eng. Started for Utah in 1854, with ten-pound com-
pany and died en route.

Married Mary Brown (daughter of John Brown and Edith
Atterton of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, Eng.). She was
born Dec. 16, 1816. Their children: James William b. Feb.
25, 1837, m. Sarah J. Humphery; Catharine Emma b. Nov.
17, 1839, m. Samuel P. Hoyt; Jesse Rhoades b. March 1, 1844,
m. Catherine D. Pack; Mary Ann b. Jan. 11, 1851; Jane
E. b. Oct. 31, 1848, m. John K. Lemon; Lucy, m. James

Died May 15, 1854, Florence, Neb.

BURBIDGE, JESSE RHOADES (son of James Rhoades Bur-
bidge and Mary Brown). Born March 1, 1844, Bedfordshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1854, Darwin Richardson com-

Married Catherine Devalla Pack Aug. 14, 1871, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Pack and Ruth Mosher of Kings-
ton, Canada, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young com-
pany). She was born June 8, 1853. Their children: Ruth
Devalla b. Aug. 24, 1872, m. Robert Dee King April 28, 1896;
Jesse EHas b. Jan. 28, 1874, m. Sarah Vivian Simpson Sept.
1898; Ward Parley b. May 4, 1876, m. Orinda Park Dec. 1901;
Mary Ann b. Dec. 15, 1877; Emma Ursula b. Oct. 24, 1879,
m. Samuel Turnbow June 28, 1899; Catherine Emily b. Oct.
4, 1881, m. Spencer Williams Jan. 15, 1902; James Rhoades
b. Aug. 8, 1883, m. Florence J. Wilkinson Sept. 10, 1912; Wil-
liam Allen b. Nov. 28, 1885; Henry Eugene b. Sept. 8, 1887,
m. Myrtle Woolstenhulme Oct. 4, 1910; John Ashahel b.
Jan. 4, 1890, d. June 5, 1890; Lucy Celestia b. March 16, 1891,
d. Oct. 20, 1906; Zoa Sarah b. June 6, 1893, m. George Wil-
liams Nov. 22, 1911; Anton Lemon b. Feb. 3, 1897; Laura b
July 30, 1898, died. Family resided Salt Lake City and
Kamas, Utah.

BURCH, DANIEL, (son of Daniel Burch and Rebecca
Dumford). Born Nov. 5, 1803, Boone county, Ky. Came to
Utah Sept. 20, 1848, Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Ann Wilson McClellen Nov. 11, 1829 (daughter of
James McClellen and Ann Giffln), who was born Nov. 1, 1807,
Hamilton county, Ohio. Their children: John Milton b.
Oct. 1830; William b. July 4, 1832, m. Ida Hazleton; James b.
Dec. 10, 1835, m. Nancy L. Stewart Dec. 18, 1861; Robert Mc-
Clellen b. April 21, 1838, m. Catherine J. Jenkins, 1865;
Belinda b. March 21, 1840, m. John Matthew Clark Jan. 24,
1858; Angeline b. 1842; Emma b. Dec. 22, 1844, m. John West-
ley Shoup 1870; Joseph b. Dec. 22, 1844; Elizabeth Nancy b.
Jan. 31, 1849, m. George Richard Hill Dec. 18, 1872. Family
resided Nauvoo, 111.; Cincinnati, Ohio, and Ogden, Utah.

Built first sawmill and grist mill In Weber county, and
first ferry boat on Weber river.

BURCH, JAMES (son of Daniel Burch and Ann Wilson
McClellen). Born Dec. 10, 1835, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Married Nancy Lorena Stewart Dec. 18, 1861, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of George Stewart and Ruth Baker, latter a pio-
neer Sept. 24, 1847, Abraham O. Smoot company). She was
born Nov. 6, 1841, in Alabama Their children: Ruth Ann
b. May 13, 1863, m David Stowell April 17, 1884; Nancy Jane


WM?Ah A \lH'' E - mm S Lorena b - May 30. 1868, m. Joseph B.
W Nnv A w$ Kva Belinda *> April 10. 1871; Cynthia Ella
F^h^th'h ^, n \ Luc 1 ' us ^ Humphrey June 30, 1898; Mary
S!m^*iM U n> 1875> m - Ja mes Brown July 6. 1904*
?2 W<)^ a T* b pP eC ' 2 9 t 1877 ' m ' Th mas H. Clifford Nov.

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