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Eng.). Born 1832 in Lancashire. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Hannah Thompson at Salt Lake City. Their
children: John, m. Mary Wesley; William T., m. May Done;
George O., m. Annie M. Gallon; Walter E., m. Ophelia Bod-
den; Sarah J., m. Earnest Hamer. Family home Salt Lake

Elder; block teacher. Carpenter and builder. Died 1911,
6th ward, Salt Lake City.

BURTON, GEORGE O. (son of John Burton and Hannah
Thompson). Born Sept. 23, 1869, 6th ward, Salt Lake City.

Married Annie M. Gallon Jan. 25, 1899, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Gallon and Maria Gutteridge of Salt
Lake City, pioneers Oct. 15, 1863, Samuel D. White company).
She was born Nov. 26, 1871. Their children: LaVon b. March
2 1900- George Alva b. Sept. 10, 1901, d. aged 1 year; Flor-
ence Lona b. March 27, 1905; Nellie b. April 4, 1908, d. aged
1 year; Lester LaMar b. Jan. 25, 1911. Family home Liberty
ward. Salt Lake City.

Police officer; motorman; carpenter.

BURTON, JOSEPH P. (son of Joseph Burton and Eliza Cuss-
worth). Born June 1, 1849. Came to Utah November, 1856.

Married Nancy Brooks May 30, 1877, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Alexander and Mary Brooks of Marion, Smythe
county, Va.). Their children: Joseph, d. infant; John, m.
Maybell Lundgreen; William., m. Marian Belle Allred; Mary,
m. Frederick Larsen; James, m. Almira Allred; Eliza; Mar-
tha, m. Moroni Johansen; Susan; Clarence and Nancy, d. in-
fants; Henry; Coleman; Ellis and Ella, d. infants. Family
home Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher. Served in Black Hawk war,
One of the earliest settlers of Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Farmer.

BURTON, WILLIAM L. (son of Joseph F. Burton and Nancy
Brooks). Born March 2, 1878, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Married Marian Belle Allred Oct. 10, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Milford A. Allred and Elizabeth Johnson of
Salt Lake City). She was born May 8, 1883. Their children;
Virginia Belle b. July 18, 1907; Milford L. b. Oct. 30, 1909;
Joseph William b. Sept. 30, 1911. Family home Mt. Pleasant.

Missionary to southern states 1906-08; elder; ward
teacher; home missionary; assistant Sunday school super-

BURTON, ROBERT TAYLOR (son of Samuel Burton of
Yorkshire and Hannah Shipley of Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born
Oct. 25, 1821, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada. Came to Utah
Sept. 23, 1848, Capt. Allen's division of Brigham Toung com-

Married Maria S. Haven Dec. 18, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of John Haven and Judith Temple of Holliston, Mass,
pioneers 1848, Capl. Allen company). She was born April
10, 1826. Their children: Theresa, m. Louis S. Hills; William
Shipley, m. Julia M. Home, m. Eloise Crismon; Robt. Taylor,
m. Roselia M. Salisbury; Charles Samuel, m. Julia Young, m.
Josephine Beatty; John Haven, m. Catherine Ferguson; La-
fayette Grant, m. Ella Mitchel; Albert Temple, died; Flor-
ence May, m. Edwin E. Wilcox; Mary Amelia, m. Ezra Stev-
enson; Heber Kimball, m. Clara Herman.

Married Sarah A. Garr Feb. 6, 1856, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Fielding Garr and Pauline Turner of Indiana, pio-
neers 1847). She was born Sept. 24, 1833. Their children:
Henry Fielding, m. Anna Gibbs; Franklin Garr, died; Al-
fred Jones, m. Elizabeth Pearl; Alice Maria, died; Lyman
Wells, m. Ella Cummings; Elbert Turner, m. Ida Larson;
Edward Leon, m. Isabella Armstrong; Theodore Taylor, m.
Florence Moyle; Ada May; Virginia Louisa, m. Ralph Cutler;
Austin Garr, m. Leonora McMillen; Hardy Garr, m. Flor-
ence Self.

Married Susan E. McBride Feb. 6, 1856, Salt Lake Cits
(daughter of William McBride and Ellen Borum of Penn-
sylvania, pioneers 1848). Their children: Willard Gush-
ing, m. Mary Jane Gardener; Hosea McBride; George; Wal-
ter James, m. Lucy Brown; Sarah Elizabeth, m. Robert Fen-
ton. Families resided Salt Lake City.

Bugler in 1st company of cavalry of Nauvoo Legion. Once
a member of Nauvoo brass band. Constable of Salt Lake
City 1852; TJ. S. deputy marshal 1853 and many years after-
ward: sheriff, assessor and collector Salt Lake county 1854-
74. Went to meet belated handcart companies, 1856. Served
in Echo canyon war. Territorial deputy marshal 1861.
Commanded posse sent againsl seceding Morrisiles June 12,
1862. U. S. inlernal revenue collector for Utah, by appoint-
ment of President Lincoln 1862-69. Missionary to Illinois,
Michigan and Ohio; counselor to Bishop Andrew Cunning-
ham of 15th ward, Salt Lake City, and in 1867 became
bishop of that ward; missionary to eastern states 1869
and to Europe 1873; president London conference; second
counselor to Edward Hunter, and after his death became
first counselor to William B. Preston (presiding bishops).
Took an active part in early Indian troubles; first a captain
Company A, then commissioned major, and afterward

major-general Utah militia by Governor Durkee in 1868.
Assessor of Salt Lake county 1880; member city council
1856-73; and member legislative council (territorial senate)
1855-87. While serving in Ihe legislalure in 1876, he, Abra-
ham O. Smoot, and Silas S. Smith, were appointed a com-
mittee to arrange, compile and publish all the laws of the
Territory of Utah then in force. Member board of regents
University of Deseret 1880-84. Died Nov. 11, 1907, Salt Lake

BURTON. WILLIAM SHIPLEY (son of Robert Taylor Bur-
ton and Maria Haven). Born Sept. 27, 1850, Salt Lake City.

Married Julia Marion Home March 6, 1872, Salt Lake Cily
(daughter of Joseph Home and Mary I. Hale of Nauvoo,
pioneers 1847). She was born Aug. 12, 1851. Only child:
Julia Home b. Ocl. 24, 1873, died. Family home Salt Lake

Married Eloise Crismon June 11. 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Crismon a.nd Mary L. Tanner of Nau-
voo, pioneers 1847). She was born Sept. 26, 1857. Their
children: Evaline b. Aug. 14, 1880, m. James W. Burt; Leone
b. June 27, 1882; Theresa b. Sept. 28, 1883, m. Charles W.
Brown; Eloise b. Sept. 30, 1885, m. John N. Scoville; Vernico
b. Sept. 15, 1887, m. Edwin D. Hatch; Florence and Ralph
Shipley b. Nov. 17, 1893; Helen Crismon b. Sept. 28, 1896;
George Crismon b. Aug. 7, 1898, died. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Member 2d quorum seventies; missionary to Great Britain
1877-79; counselor in bishopric of 14th ward 1909. County
assessor; county sheriff. Mining man.

BURTON, ROBERT WAI/TON (son of James Burton and Isa-
belle Walton). Born April 29, 1826, Arsgail, Yorkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah September, 1861.

Married Mary Ann Malhews May 9, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jeremiah Mathews and Ann Martin), who was
born Sept. 2, 1851, North Hill Parish, Eng. Their children:
Mary Ann b. March 12, 1871, m. Michael Clark 1893; Charles
H. b. Dec. 9, 1872, m. Sophia Loynd March 28, 1900; Chris-
topher M. b. June 12, 1874, m. Emeline Hill April 14, 1897;
Robert b. May 12, 1876. m. Mary A. Card September, 1901;
Sarah E. b. Aug. 11, 1878, m. Joseph Mortenson June, 1904;
Rachel b. April 24, 1881, m. George Hinkle Oct. 14. 1908;
Thomas A. b. May 16, 1883; James A. b. April 10, 1885; Ro-
sella b. March 9, 1887, m. Earl Tribe Dec. 23, 1909; Chancy
W. b. April 30, 1891; Lillian M. b. May 6, 1897. Family home
Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah.

A pioneer of Bear Lake valley, Utah. Veteran Black Hawk
war. Sheriff 17 years.

BURTON, CHARLES H. (son of Robert Walton Burton and
Mary Ann Mathews). Born Dec. 9. 1872, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Sophia Loynd March 28. 1900, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Loynd, pioneer Nov. 30, 1866, Edward
Martin handcart company, and Mary Earney, pioneer Sept.
15, 1866, William Henry Chipman company). She was born
May 12, 1878, Farmington, Utah. Their children: Charles
Kenneth b. Sept. 12, 1902; Russell L. b. March 18, 1904; Sher-
man L. b. Nov. 28, 1906; Mildred b. July 10, 1908; Ralph Wal-
ton b. Oct. 11, 1910.

BURTON, WILLIAM WALTON (son of James Burton, born
July 7. 1800, Arsgail, Yorkshire, Eng., and Isabelle Walton,
born April, 1802). He was born March 23, 1833, Bradford,
Yorkshire. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1864, Job Smith company.

Married Rachel Fielding March 28, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Fielding and Hannah Greenwood, mar-
ried June 11, 1838, Preston, Eng., pioneers 1848, Capt. Lott
company). She was born June 27, 1839. Their children:
Isabelle b. Dec. 26, 1856, m. Fred Foulger Dec. 21, 1874; Han-
nah b. Jan. 14, 1859, m. Moroni S. Poulter Sept. 6, 1878; Jo-
seph Fielding- b. March 3, 1861, m. Mary A. E. Driver March
31, 1886; William Fielding b. Nov. 10, 1862, m. Marian Trese-
der Aug. 1, 1888; Rachel b. Feb. 14, 1865, m. Zachariah Bal-
lantyne 1886; Sarah Ellen b. Dec. 14, 1866, m. Fred Foulger
1886; James Fielding b. May 18, 1868; Mary Eliza b. July 4,
1870, died; Martha b. Oct. 11, 1872, m. Isaac M. Cooley Sept.
12, 1900; Christopher Fielding b. June 4, 1875, m. Miriam Van
Orden April 19, 1906; Robert Ibbotson b. Feb. 9, 1879, m.
Letilia Jane Richards Dec. 2, 1903; Vilate Pearl b. June 20.
1881; Julina May b. Oct. 21, 1884, d. child. Family resided
Kaysville, Mill Crek and Ogden, Utah.

Married Ellen Fielding Nov. 2, 1861, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Joseph Fielding and Hannah Greenwood), who was
born Feb. 9, 1841, Preston, Eng. Their children: Mercy Ra-
chel b. July 29. 1863, m. T. J. Stevens 1885; Margaret b. Sept.
11, 1866, m. Hyrum Barlow Jan. 2, 1889; Heber Fielding b.
March 6, 1868, m. Delecta Ballantyne Dec. 14, 1898; Hyrum
Fielding b. 1870, d. child; John Fielding b. June 26. 1873, m.
Muselta Porter April, 1897; Lucy died; Mabel b. May 19, 1877,
died; Reuben Fielding b. March 10, 1880, m. Caroline C. Call.

Married Sarah Ann Fielding May 23, 1870 (daughter of
Joseph Fielding and Hannah Greenwood), who was born May
19, 1851, Salt Lake City. Their children: Thomas Fielding b.
May 12, 1871, m. Alice Maud Call June 22, 1898; Arthur Field-
ing b. June 30, 1873, m. Kittle C. Dixon Oct. 10, 1894; Alice
Ann b. Sept. 2, 1875, m. Clarence Gardener Oct. 8, 1897; Parley
Parson b. July 10, 1878, died; Wilford Fielding b. May 17,
1882, m. Ivie Irene Rainey Dec. 22, 1910; Emma b. Aug. 10,
1884, died; Ephraim Fielding b. April 3, 1886; George Field-
ing b. April 27, 1888, m. Mary Frances Poulter June 14, 1911;
Josephine b. Dec. 23, 1890.

Missionary to England 1851-63. Settled at Kaysville, 1854;



moved to Ogden 1860 and taught school 12 years; Weber
county superintendent of schools. Member 17th quorum sev-
enties; first counselor to Bishops Joseph Parry (Ogden) and
George Osmond, president Star Valley stake; high councilor
Weber stake. Ogden city councilman three terms; President
William W. Burton & Sons company. Burton Mercantile asso-
ciation; Burton Creamery association, Afton, Wyo.

BURTON, JOSEPH FIELDING (son of William Walton Bur-
ton and Rachel Fielding). Born March 3, 1861, in Weber
county, Utah.

Married Mary A. E. Driver March 31, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of William Driver and Charlotte E. Boulter of
Ogden, Utah). She was born Aug. 28, 1866, Wandsworth,
Surrey, Eng. Their children: Rachel Emblem b. July 4, 1889;
Joseph Howard b. May 18, 1891; Lee Driver b. Feb. 19. 1893;
Ida May b. Sept. 20, 1894; Vilate Pearl b. July 12, 1896; Char-
lotte b. Jan. 6, 1898; Mary Ellen b. July 8, 1899; Margaret b.
Sept. 4, 1902. Family resided Ogden and Salt Lake City,

Member Ogden board of education 1894-96; vice president
W. W. Burton & Sons company, Burton Mercantile company,
and Burton Creamery association; manager, secretary-treas-
urer Utah Implement and Vehicle company.

BURTON, WILLIAM FIELDING (son of William Walton
Burton and Rachel Fielding). Born Nov. 10, 1862, Kays-
ville, Utah.

Married Marian Treseder Aug. 1, 1888, Logan, Utah, who
was born Oct. 18, 1862.

BURTON, JAMES F. (son of William Walton Burton and
Rachel Fielding). Born May 18, 1868.

Assistant cashier First National Bank of Ogden.

BURTON, ROBERT IBBOTSON (son of William Walton Bur-
ton and Rachel Fielding). Born Feb. 9, 1879, Ogden, Utah.

Married Letitia Jane Richards Dec. 2, 1903, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles C. Richards and Letitia L. Peery), who
was born Feb. 2, 1879, at Ogrden. Their children: Robert
Richards b. April 24, 1906; Charles Richards b. Jan. 1, 1909.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Assistant stake superintendent Sunday schools Weber
stake 2 years; 2d president 77th quorum seventies. Secre-
tary Wm. W. Burton & Sons company, Burton Mercantile
company, and Burton Creamery association.

BURTON, HEBER FIELDING (son of William Walton Bur-
ton and Ellen Fielding). Born March 6, 1868, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Delecta Ballantyne Dec. 14, 1898, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Richard A. Ballantyne and Mary Ann Stew-
art), who was born April 7, 1877, at Ogden. Their children:
Esther b. Aug. 7, 1900; Winfleld Ballantyne b. May 26, 1902;
Stewart Ballantyne b. Sept. 2, 1904; Richard Ballantyne b.
Oct. 30, 1906; Margaret b. June 10, 1908; Katherlne b. Jan. 6,
1910; Minerva b. Feb. 6, 1912. Family resided Ogden, Utah
and Afton, Wyo.

Superintendent Sunday schools Star valley stake. Book-
keeper Z. C. M. I., Ogden, Utah, 1890-93, and for Shurtliff
& Co., joint agent for R. G. W. and U. P. coal department,
Ogden. Secretary Utah commission to Trans-Mississippi
exposition 1898.

BURTON, REUBEN FIELDING (son of William Walton Bur-
ton and Ellen Fielding). Born March 10, 1880, Ogden, Utah.

Married Caroline Charlotte Call Feb. 22, 1908, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Anson Vasco Call, Jr., and Alice Jeanette
Farmham), who was born April 22, 1888, Afton, Wyo. Fam-
ily resided Ogden, Utah, Afton and Freedom, Wyo.

Stake secretary Y. M. M. I. A. 1907-08; secretary Califor-
nia mission 1908-10; member Sunday school stake board.
City treasurer, Afton, 1904-05.

BURTON, THOMAS FIELDING (son of William Walton Bur-
ton and Sarah Ann Fielding). Born May 12, 1871, Ogden,

Married Alice Maud Call June 22, 1898, Salt Lake temple
(daughter of Anson Vasco Call, Jr., and Alice Jeanette
Farnham), who was born July 12, 1881, Bountiful, Utah.
Their children: Sarah Alice b. Oct. 13, 1899; Lila Maud b.
July 3, 1901; Cumorah b. Aug. 12, 1903; Belva b. April 18,
1905; Ellen b. Oct. 28, 1906; Fielding b. July 18, 1908; Rachel
b. May 29, 1910; Louise b. Jan. 18, 1912. Family home Afton,

Ordained a high priest Aug. 14, 1892, by President Joseph
F. Smith; served as counselor in bishopric of Afton ward up
to Aug. 13, 1899; alternate high councilor 1899-1901; member
high council Star valley stake from 1901 to present time;
home missionary since 1899; member Sunday school and
T. M. M. I. A stake boards, also stake organist of same or-
ganizations, and of the latter since 1892; officer in Afton
ward Sunday school since 1888. President Star Valley high
school since its organization in 1910, and of Afton brass band.
Manager William W. Burton ranch until October, 1908. Di-
rector and bookkeeper Burton Creamery association and
Burton Mercantile company since 1908.

BURTON, WILFORD FIELDING (son of William Walton
Burton and Sarah Ann Fielding). Born May 17, 1882, Ogden

Married Ivie Irene Rainey Dec. 22, 1910, Salt Lake City
(daughter of David William Rainey and Mary Marie Olsen),
who was born Feb. 22, 1884, Richmond, Utah.

BURTON, EPHRAIM FIELDING (son of William Walton
Burton and Sarah Ann Fielding). Born April 3, 1886.

li charge of Burton Creamery association; graduate of
Agricultural college of Utah.

U r RT n N> f* *^ FIELDING (son of William Walton
ton W Sara -h Ann Fielding). Born April 27, 1888, Af-

Married Mary Frances Poulter June 14, 1911, Salt Lake
.ity (daughter of George Poulter and Mary Elizabeth Jack-
son), who was born Aug. 17, 1888, Ogden, Utah.

BUSBY, JOHN. Born March 10, 1833. Came to Utah with
an oxteam company.

Married Harriet Emma Killian at Salt Lake City Their
children: John K., m. Eliza Knight; Andrew Edward m
Julia Brooks; Ellen M., m. William Andrew Luke- Marv
Emma, m. William Watkins; Lucy Alice, m. James Kelly-
Latitia, died; Samuel George, m. Anna Dangerfleld; Martha
Jane, m. Ernest Harmon. Family home Salt Lake City

Elder. Tanner. Conductor and driver of first mule street-
cars in Salt Lake City.

BUSENBARK, ISAAC. Born in Niagara county, New Tork.
Came to Utah 1849.

Married Abigail Manning, of New Jersey. She died on
the plains en route to Utah. Among their children was
Sarah Jane, who married Newton Daniel Hall In 1843. They
came to Utah Sept. 28, 1847, with Vincent Shurtleffi company.

BUSH, JAMES. Born Aug. 7, 1811. Came to Utah 1865.
Cyrus H. Wheelock company.

Married Sophia Humphries of Newport, Monmouthshire,
South Wales, Eng., who was born Nov. 16, 1814. Their chil-
dren: William James, m. Angeline Luddington; Sophia, m.
William Stradlingr; Henry Isaac b. April 17, 1846, m. Eve-
line Virginia Noe, Feb. 14, 1878; James Humphries b. Novem-
ber, 1848; Joseph b. 1854. Family home Pleasant Grove,

High priest and choir leader. Basket maker and farmer.
Died March 10, 1879.

BUSH, HENRY ISAAC (son of James Bush and Sophia Hum-
phries. Born April 17, 1846, Newport, Wales. Came to
Utah 1865 with parents.

Married Eveline Virginia Noe Feb. 14, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Abram Noe and Mary Jane Winslow of Cin-
cinnati, Ohio). She was born Nov. 27, 1852. Their chil-
dren: Mary Eveline b. Dec. 30, 1878; Henry Isaac b. Nov. 9,
1879; Joseph Edward b. Nov. 16, 1881, m. Rachel Harriet
Easier; Emily Jane b. April 15, 1883; James Abraham b.
June 14, 1885; Harmon Winslow b. Dec. 3, 1889; Benjamin
Ray b. May 10, 1893. Family home Pleasant Grove.

High priest. Worked on Salt Lake temple. Farmer.

BUSH, JAMES HUMPHRIES (son of James Bush and Sophia
Humphries). Born Nov. 28, 1848, Monmouthshire. Wales.
Came to Utah 1855 with parents.

Elder. Veteran of Black Hawk war. Farmer.

BUSHMAX, MARTIN (son of Abraham Bushman, born April
12, 1767, Lancaster county, Pa., and Esther Franks, born Oct.
6, 1764 married Jan. 12, 1788). He was born April 1, 1802,
Lascaster county. Pa., came to Utah October, 1861, Capt. Kel-
sey company.

Married Elizabeth Degren (daughter of John Casper Degen
and Maria Graff). She was born Sept. 12, 1802. Their chil-
dren: Henry b. Dec. 11, 1827, and Maria b. Jan. 31, 1829, died;
Jacob b. July 27, 1830, m. Charlotte Turley March 2, 1858;
Sarah A. b. Jan. 9, 1833, m. Alonzo D. Rhodes; Abraham b.
July 19, 1835. and Elizabeth b. Nov. 9, 1837, died; Martin B.
b. Feb. 6, 1841, m. Lucinda Goodwin; John b. June 7, 1843, m.
Lois A. Smith Feb. 11, 1865; Hetty A. B. b. Nov. 28, 1845,
died; Elias A. b. Dec. 6, 1849, m. Margaret Zimmerman.
Family home Lehi, Utah.

High priest. Died Oct. 18, 1870.

BUSHMAN, JACOB (son of Martin Bushman and Elizabeth
Degen). Born July 27, 1830, In Lancaster county. Pa. Came
to Utah October, 1861.

Married Charlotte Turley March 2, 1857, San Bernardino,
Cal. (daughter of Theodore Turley and Frances Kimberley
of San Bernardino pioneers Oct. 19, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman
company). She was born April 15, 1840. Their children:
Priscilla Elizabeth, d. infant; Charlotte Amanda, m. John
Sabey; Theodore Martin, m. Marilla Lambson; Frances Ann,
d. child; Sarah Erminie, m. Henry Fowles; Mary E., d. in-
fant; Grace Honor, m. Emanuel R. Lundquist; Jacob Isaac,
m. Effie Bills; Ida Roxanna, m. A. R. Anderson; Ella Isa-
dora, m. Rufus O. Backer.

Missionary to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana 1872; bish-
op's counselor. Farmer and stockraiser. Pioneer to St.
Johns, Ariz., four years. Resides Fairview, Utah.

BUSHMAN, MARTIN BENJAMIN (son of Martin Bushman
and Elizabeth Degen). Born Feb. 6, 1841, Lancaster county,
Pa. Came to Utah September, 1851, James Allred company.
Married Lucinda Ludelia Goodwin March 21, 1863, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Isaac Goodwin and Laura Hotchkiss),
who was born April 4, 1843. Their children: Mary Elizabeth



b. Sept. 29, 1864; Martin Isaac b. Oct. 9, 1865, m. Rule Holden
June 4, 1890; Laura Ellen b. Oct. 9, 1865, m. William F. Butt
Nov. 11, 1885; Nancy Lucinda b. Oct. 3, 1868; Sarah b. June
17, 1870; Lewis Jacob b. July 16, 1872, m. Martha Spencer
Nov. 1, 1895; Edith b. March 3, 1875; Rhoda b. Sept. 5, 1877,
m. William Oborn Aug. 14, 1902; Esther, twin of Rhoda;
Emerett b. June 26, 1884. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Married Martha Worlton March 2, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Worlton and Elizabeth Borne, pioneers
September, 1855 married Dec. 3, 1848, Somersetshire, Eng.).
She was born Sept. 14, 1849, at Bath, Somersetshire. Their
children: James Albert b. June 4, 1868, m. Emma Gurney
Jan. 20, 1896; John Benjamin b. Nov. 16, 1870; Alva Alonzo b.
Dec. 28, 1872; Flora Elizabeth b. Aug. 15, 1874, m. Suel Zim-
merman Jan. 28, 1902; Eugene W. b. Dec. 14, 1876, m. Leah
Christoferson March 27, 1901; Annie Lois b. April 27, 1880,
m. Alma Miller Oct. 22, 1902; Martha Emma b. Sept. 3, 1882,
m. William F. Gurney May 20, 1903; Cyrus William b. Sept.
23, 1884; Drucilla Jane b. Nov. 24, 1886; Vera b. June 22, 1891.

President 68th quorum seventies; high priest; Sunday
school teacher 30 years. Assisted In bringing In Immi-
grants to Utah. Lehl city councilman. Territorial mllll-
tiaman. Farmer.

BUSHMAN, JOHN (son of Martin Bushman and Elizabeth
Degen). Born June 7, 1843, Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah 1851.
Married Lois A. Smith Feb. 11, 1865, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Smith and Maria Foscue, pioneers Sept. 16, 1850,
James Pace company). She was born Jan. 25, 1844, In Ar-
kansas. Their children: John Albert b. May 28, 1866, died;
Homer Frederick b. Aug. 6, 1868, m. Sariah A. Smith Nov.
19, 1890; Maria Elizabeth b. Dec. 17, 1869, m. Silas D. Smith
Nov. 21, 1888; Martin Lester b. April 6, 1871, died; Lois Eve-
lyn b. June 28, 1872, m. John W. Smith Nov. 2, 1892; Wick-
liff B. b. Feb. 10. 1874. died; Preston Ammaron b. Dec. 11,

1875, m. Anna Smith Oct. 1, 1902; June Augusta b. June 26,
1879, m. Hyrum Smith June 10, 1908; Jesse Smith b. June 10,
1881, m. Elva Porter; Florence C. b. Oct. 4, 1884, died; Alon-
zo Ewing b. Dec. 21, 1885; Jacob Virgil b. Jan. 4, 1889, m.
Ruth Fuller Aug. 18, 1909. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Peterson March 2, 1877, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Jens Peterson and Maren Frost, pioneers
1861). She was born May 24, 1857, Denmark. Their chil-
dren: Elsie May b. Feb. 14, 1878, died; Lillian Ann b. Oct.
31, 1879, m. Wesley Palmer; Maren Adele b. Aug. 18, 1881, m.
John L. Westover Oct. 1, 1902; John Lehl b. Sept. 14, 1883, m.
Etna Cooper.

Bishop St. Joseph ward 1887; second counselor to President
Lot Smith; high priest; called to settle in northern Arizona

1876. Veteran Black Hawk war. Member Snownake stake
board of education 23 years. Farmer and stockraiser.

and Lois A. Smith). Born Aug. 6, 1868, Lehi, Utah.

Married Sariah A. Smith Nov. 19, 1890, Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Jesse N. Smith and Janett M. Johnson married Oct. 9,
1866, Salt Lake City; former a pioneer 1847, latter born In
Utah). She was born Feb. 21, 1873, Parowan, Utah. Their
children: Homer Frederick, Jr., b. Oct. 30, 1891; Silas Aiken
b. May 15. 1893; Florence b. July 5, 1894; Martin Degen b.
April 29, 1898; Curtis Johnson b. Dec. 9, 1899: Karl Maeser b.
July 20. 1901; Mary b. Nov. 4, 1903; Lyman Smith b. Nov. 23,
1905: Marguerite b. July 1, 1908; Joel H. J. b. July 7, 1910.

Missionary to Germany and Switzerland 1894-97; super-
intendent religion classes Snowflake stake. Farmer.

BUTCHER, GEORGE (son of George Butcher and Barbara
Hulme of Suffolk, Eng.). Born there 1799. Came to Utah
Sept. 14, 1853, Claudius Spencer company.

Married Sophia Sayers 1826, Norwich, Eng. (daughter of
John Sayers of London, Eng.). She was born in August,
1813. Their children: Harriet, m. Frederick Heath; Virtue,
m. Daniel F. Clift; Charlotte, m. Jabez Taylor and after-
ward Watson S. Pierce; Elizabeth, m. Mr. Hyler. Family
home London, Eng.

Landscape gardener. Died July 24, 1876, Salt Lake City.

BUTLER, CHARLES FRANKLIN. Born in 'Virginia. Came
to Utah in 1850.

Married Louvisa Heron (Robinson) 1820, in Illinois. She
was born in New York. Their children: Charles, died; Eliza-
beth, m. Daniel Dody; Major, died; Rebecca, m. Harrison
Oliver; Thomas; Nancy, m. Matthew Caldwell; Sarah B., m.
Hyrum W. Mikesell; George and Julia Ann, died; Louvisa
Jane, m. George Chandler.

BUTLER, EDWIN (son of William Butler and Ann Dodd of
Shropshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 11, 1846. Came to Utah in

Married Louisa S. Young, Aug. 12, 1867 (daughter of
Josiah Young and Elizabeth Conava), who was born March
11, 1849, and came to Utah Oct. 29, 1855, Charles A. Harper
company. Their children: Edwin William b. April 26, 1868,
m. Jane Humble; Josiah Abraham b. Jan. 15. 1870, m. Eliza

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